How I Met Your Mother Recap: Locket Up

How I Met Your Mother Recap Barney Robin Marry“Love’s the best thing we do.”

That was the running theme on Monday’s How I Met Your Mother, in which Barney and Robin finally tie the knot – but not before some serious locket drama.

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The episode begins with the bride having a full-on panic attack as she calls for Ted. “I still think it’s a bad sign I never found that locket,” she confesses to him. “Some part of me thought Barney would magically find it… I want to be with a guy who comes through for me. The guy who, somehow, against all odds, finds my locket.”

Ted was going to surprise her with it as a wedding gift, but instead gives it to his pal Barney. “She needs it to come from you,” he tells him.

Unfortunately, Robin sees through the whole charade, and it only makes her more nervous about getting married. “All of Barney’s gestures are based on lies,” she points out to Ted, noting that “legendary” is just another word for not real and that Barney’s initials are B.S. Meanwhile, Ted found the locket and stole a blue French horn for her. “You always go big for me.”

“Maybe I made a mistake,” she continues. “Maybe I should be marrying you. Ted, I should be with you.” (Code red!)

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She even suggests they run away together to Chicago. But after much pining for his ex, Ted realizes something when he hears those words. “I am not your future. Barney is,” he replies, trying to reassure her that she’s just scared. “I’m not that guy anymore. The truth is, I don’t love you like that anymore, and you don’t love me.”

But Robin just can’t shake the feeling that she and Barney don’t make sense, to which Ted responds, “Love doesn’t make sense” — but it’s the best thing we do.

And, no surprise here, she and Ted don’t ride off into the sunset together. Instead, Robin runs away on her own – and, literally, into The Mother. Although they got to second base during The Incident, The Mother doesn’t know Robin well enough to talk her out of anything. She just advises her to close her eyes and take three deep breaths. After the second, Barney appears.

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He’s been trying to write his vows. After recalling all the ways in which Marshall and Lily have broken theirs, he realized they’re still the greatest couple he knows. The problem was that Marshall lied. So Barney is going to make just one vow to Robin: “From this day forward, I’m always going to be honest with you, because I love you.” And then he tells her the truth about the locket, which gets him a big kiss from Robin.

Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall take a sweet and funny moment at the empty altar to make some new vows that are more realistic. For example, he promises to stop shouting at her when she’s dropping a deuce, while Lily says that she’ll try – and promptly fails — to cry less during this pregnancy. Her hubby finishes by vowing to keep updating them as they continue their lives together and as he falls more and more in love with her every day.

Then, at last, Robin walks down the aisle to strains of an instrumental version of “Sandcastles in the Sand,” and she and Barney locket up their future get hitched. And for the sake of honesty, he reveals they really do have a ring bear.

HIMYM fans, what did you think of the big wedding day? Did you like how simply the last slap was thrown in there when Barney was freaking out about his tie and Marshall just smacked him? 

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  1. Mike R. says:

    I agree this was very soft, but sweet penultimate episode, and it hit the right notes, and I loved the ring bear. While I think we thought we’ve seen it a million times before, I truly get how this was Ted finally letting go of Robin, because even though he had a chance, he didn’t want to be with Robin after another wedding freak out. It was a good penultimate episode, even if wasn’t the funniest, and for the second to last episode there was not nearly enough of the mother. I could of done with a little less of Barney writing his vows, and Marshall/Lily reminiscing, but the conclusions of those stories were satisfying. I don’t know how I will be after the finale, but I’m certainly looking forward to the end.

    • Stacie says:

      I think given that this is the second to last episode, having the 5 be at the fore front was appropriate. I know what the title of the show is, I’ve watched every episode for 9 years, but I liked how they handled everything themselves, until the last minute when The Mother got involved, and at the perfect time. We saw a lot of the Mother last week, and have seen her a good deal(although I’m sure we could have seen more of her earlier in the season). I am glad they didn’t blast off to the future like they have done this whole series run. They stayed in the moment, or went back in time when they needed to. I thought it was a pretty perfect penultimate episode and as much as I know it’s the shows time to go, and was complaining about it for years that they stretched the show too much, it’s still sad. 9 years is a long time. It’s the show that helped me move on or at least bridge the gap from FRIENDS, which was and still is my favorite show. So I’ll miss HIMYM no matter what.

      • Mike R. says:

        Same here, I think this was a great conclusion for the other 4, sure they’ll be here next week, but I think it is safe to assume the Mother and Ted will be the focus next week. I loved this episode, and yes no matter the ups and downs, I can safely say HIMYM has been one of my favorite shows for the last 9 years.

    • Jonathan says:

      How many times has Ted “finally” let go of Robin at this point? At least they delivered on the ring bear!

      • N tTVf says:

        Hopefully you and I were watching the same episode – Ted ‘finally’ let go of Robin in ‘Sunrise’. Last night’s ‘End of Isle’ episode was Robin ‘finally’ letting go of Ted. Just wanted to make that note so that we’re all on the same page as we get ready for ‘Last Forever’.

        But perhaps we are both a bit right on this one – we’ll see how ‘Last Forever’ plays out. “Letting go” of someone may take on a whole new meaning after that final episode airs next Monday night.

        • Teri says:

          Robin let go of Ted when they broke up at the end of Season 2. Ted was the sad sack who took 9 seasons to finally let go.

          • N tTVf says:

            Okay, I understand, you don’t agree with me – that’s okay. I think Robin definitely ‘let go’ of Ted from a romantic standpoint at the end of season 2 (I agree – she never came back). We agree there 100%. And Ted just couldn’t let go completely.

            What I was referring to is ‘letting go’ of someone whom you ‘need’, not whom you ‘love.’ I still believe Robin *needs* Ted, and I think that realization was shown at the end of ‘Daisy’ and last night in the Robin-Ted summit. Yes, Ted loves Robin [and not vice-versa], but Robin needs Ted far more than I think either realizes.

            I want you to do something for me – I want you to promise me that you will watch ‘Last Forever’ next Monday night. Then we’ll all get back here post finale and see how we feel at that point.
            I have a feeling ‘Last Forever’ is going to change the way many of us perceive the notion of ‘letting go’ of someone, particularly relating to Barney-Robin-Ted-Mother, and the perception of how much ‘love’ versus ‘need’ can play into a relationship.

        • Jonathan says:

          I went into it with an open mind, and I hated it. They did exactly what I feared they were going to do and they did it sloppily.

  2. Larry says:

    I liked it

  3. Kaylee says:

    Don’t forget! It’s the end of the Slap Bet!

    • Mike R. says:

      I honestly loved the last slap, yes it was much more subtle than the other, It really didn’t register it was the final slap at first, and besides the first slapsgiving those slaps have been my favorite, perfect final slap to know Barney out of his last minute wedding jitters.

  4. Liz says:

    I was really worried about the Robin freak-out because, unlike his other exes, Ted has never rejected Robin. I didn’t think he could resist her vulnerability. But this relationship ran on far too long and, luckily, Ted realized their moment had passed. Thank God! Now that cloud has passed and he can move on.

    I wish I had noticed them playing Sandcastles in the Sand! The slap was a nice touch, it came out of the blue but totally made sense. It also made sense that the Mother didn’t try for some big moment with Robin but was just empathetic and gave some heartfelt advice.

    I thought the wedding was too quick…7 months of build-up and the wedding itself lasted 90 seconds. But at least, it is done and the finale can be about Ted and the Mother.

    • Chris says:

      The 7 month build up wasn’t for the wedding. It was for Ted meeting the mother

    • bebop says:

      uh, remember the name of the show….this isn’t Barney and Robin’s Wedding, it’s How I Met Your Mother, this is Ted’s story. Other stories are peripheral. Unless of course, Barney and the Mother die and Ted and Robin get together in 15 years…

  5. C says:

    I really hope next week gives us a hint at the friendships the Mother forms with the rest of the gang. I’ve loved the brief interactions they’ve all had with her, tonight’s with Robin included.

  6. Jen says:

    I loved it. Marshall & Lily were perfect, Barney calming Robin’s biggest fear without really knowing it was perfect, the slap was perfect. I equally don’t want it to end but can’t wait until next week.

  7. Bill says:

    Great episode, can’t wait for the finale

  8. Jess says:

    No mention of how the episode ended with Barney and Robin promising to love each other – “and it was legendary.” Is that a clue they’re heading for divorce next week?

    • emw says:

      I think with barney telling robin that he will always be honest with her, the definition of legendary for her changed, it was no longer BS but truly legendary. This is my hope anyways. I have been doing a marathon from the first episode to the last trying to figure out the endingbut I cant, I just hope if they are no longer together it is because Barney dies since he is the only one that we havent seen past 2016.

    • Benjamin says:

      This was exactly my thought. They wouldn’t leave clues like these out, if they didn’t have a purpose. We’ll just have to wait and see in the next episode..

  9. emw says:

    I loved it. If being honest I was never really a Ted fan & definitely not a Ted & Robin fan but this last season really changed the Ted feelings.. i have always been a barney & Robin fan, I think the wedding was perfect his vows to her were perfect because the truth is all we ever really want. I’m going to miss this show when it’s gone and I know I am going to cry next week because Ted finally gets the love he has been searching for and deserves… He is the best bro in the world…

  10. DT says:

    The episode was lame. What a huge disappointment for the penultimate. I usually love the softer side of HIMYM, but this episode felt forced and didnt connect…just like that slap. I mean c’mon they couldn’t even do a second take to make it look more real? That phantom slap summed up the episode for me…it missed.

  11. Garrett B says:

    I hope Robin does not pull a Kepner and runs off with Ted.

  12. Jerry says:

    So how about those wedding guests CG’ed into the church pews? That was, not the best

  13. Goodbye Universe Guy says:

    I’m out here on the west coast, and am just about to watch this episode [a minute to 8pm pdst], but I just couldn’t wait, so I checked into TVLine.

    I’ve been so-ooo wrong on so many aspects of this series and what would happen, but I finally got one right – as did ‘Kristen’. Here is a cut-paste of what we wrote back on March 10th here at TVLine regarding what we thought would happen.

    Kristen wrote back on 3/10, and my response to her –
    I definitely expected them to revisit the Robin/Ted relationship with Robin being the one who needs to let go. I read a synopsis of the Cheers finale, which the creators have referenced as sort of an inspiration for the HIMYM finale. In Cheers, Diane and Sam decide to give it another go and run away together, only to have them call it off and Sam return to the bar. My theory is that when Robin calls Ted into her room and says she can’t go through the wedding, she’s going to ask him to run away with her. He’ll consider – how could he not – but ultimately he’ll decide against the idea and tell Robin that she loves Barney and while Ted will always be there for her as a friend, Barney is the one she should marry. Ted realizes he has accepted their relationship and has let go the idea of ending up with Robin, This doesn’t address The Mother or why Ted is telling the story now, of course, but that’s my theory on how they finally wrap up the Robin/Ted storyline.
    Comment by Kristen – March 11, 2014 11:59 AM PDT Reply To This Post

    This^ I think you are very close to what will happen with Ted/Robin. Robin must go through with this wedding – must. She can’t do this to Barney, and everyone get’s some ‘cold feet’ prior to weddings – it’s perfectly natural. Ironically, Ted is the perfect person to help orchestrate the logistics of the wedding to ensure it goes off as best it can – he’s been there before himself (both w/Stella, and in part, with Victoria). He knows better than anyone what it would feel like to be left at the alter, and what it feels like to try to run off with the bride. He’s done both, and he knows the consequence, the damage it does.

    Ted will convince Robin to go forward with Barney – not only for the sake of his two friends, but perhaps because it will help reinforce Ted’s definition of ‘love’ – the ultimate sacrifice of one’s own happiness for someone else’s chance at happiness.

    A final point – I do wonder if somehow, someway, Ted did get that locket from ‘crazy Jeanette’ either before it hit the water, or after (by diving in). If Ted could give that locket to Robin, and convince her that Barney had found it and wanted her to have it, that would do the trick. A happy for bride, and groom. And, the best man finally gets to truly be ‘the best man.’
    Comment by Goodbye Universe Guy – March 11, 2014 01:06 PM PDT Reply To This Post

    • iDont says:

      are you a court stenographer?

    • emw says:

      Wow.. you hit everything on the head, please tell me your thoughts on the finale… i just have to know so I can be prepared..

      • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

        I just finished watching the ‘End of Isle’ episode. A really fine episode [solid ‘A’ grade]. As others have noted, the actual wedding portion was a bit ‘short n sweet’, but still very nice (and I loved the quick shot of Gary Blauman’s approval in the wedding audience – very appropriate and a nice little ‘insider’ for TK!). Boy, those Barney-Robin-Ted scenes were pretty strong stuff – even better than I had imagined. Barney telling Robin it was Ted who found the locket – very classy move. That was really good stuff – very dramatic- CS at her very, very best. How about it….Emmy nomination for this episode (and I suspect for the finale) for CS?

        HIMYM is on the cover of TV Guide this week (NPH on cover, with NPH and CS on the ‘flip-side’ cover – very nice collectable magazine with a great cover-story article with nice photos of ‘the big six’. In that TV Guide, CB/CT are interviewed regarding the end of the series and how the finale will play out, and Craig Thomas said: “It’s a happy ending. It’s all about hope.”

        So, that’s good – perhaps a happy ending – we have that to go on. I honestly don’t know how the finale will play out – CT/CB have a great many ways to take this series to the end state. I really thought Robin’s mom would play a key role (I was wrong on this one) in the finale – I thought she’d be the “mother who missed her daughter’s wedding.” So, without that option now, we’re all left with that mystery – who is ‘the mother who misses/missed her daughter’s wedding?”

        The answer to that question will undoubtedly impact what happens to Ted and ‘the Mother’. I still get the feeling someone (of the big six) is going to end up ‘alone’ in 2030+. I guess that’s my prediction – hopefully no one dies, but perhaps the shocker/the jolt will be that one of the six ‘ends up alone’. At the recent Paley Fest, AH mentioned that the end-story for Robin was the story that most surprised her/AH. So, maybe it will be Robin who ends up ‘alone’, but I do recall that Ted said (in ‘Symphony of Illumination’) that Robin was never ‘alone’ in her life, so short of Robin becoming ill in 2030 (and she certainly looked fine in 2027 w/Lily in ‘Bad Crazy’), something regarding that Ted-Mother-Robin-Barney storyline will probably be the jolt, with a hopeful, happy ending as Craig Thomas mentioned in this week’s TV Guide.

        HIMYM is simply a wonderful series; the writing is just amazing- it makes the actors and director (PF) just shine. Television at its best.

        • liberty says:

          It could also mean that Robin adopts a child, or perhaps raises her sister’s child.

          • Erica Wms says:

            I have just watched symphony of Illumination again and I must admit, Ted does talk about Robin in the past tense, “she never became a polevaulter but she was never alone” I think something definately happens with/to her. Maybe that is why in the pictures from the Last Forever episode we see Barney with the Playbook II & looking so sad. I don’t know I could drive myself crazy thinking of different scenerios, but I won’t. I will just patiently wait for Monday to get here. LOL only HIMYM makes me WANT MONDAY to come on a Tuesday.

          • Mary says:

            Re: Symphony of Illumination. I always wonder why Ted told his kids Robin never became a pole vaulter instead of saying she “never had any kids”. I wonder (and I guess we’ll know by next week) if Ted said it that way because she did end up a parent but didn’t want his kids to know she never wanted/couldn’t birth kids.

        • Sallie says:

          Great post. Though the last season may have been the weakest – the show has been at times brilliant for the most part, so who cares? I am going to miss these characters and some of the best television writing around. I have begun recording old episodes (again) for when I need a laugh. Seriously….. I’m going to miss it! HIMYM was, in a word….. legen…….

  14. iDont says:

    what — no mention of Pearl Jam’s song over the I do’s!?

  15. terence says:

    This episode magnifies the problem with the mother. Ted and Robin have authentic chemistry. that was built over multiple seasons together. All Ted has with the mother is a forced, freaky sameness ( he marries himself). It just feels false and contrived. Barney and Robin … ewwww.

    • Larry says:

      Barney and Robin have authentic chemistry, so did Ted and Robin but not as much. I think Ted also has chemistry with the mother.

    • Teri says:

      Barney and Robin have the best chemistry and make the most sense. The proof of this is the episode a few years back where Robin questions if she is too independent and take charge–Ted says yes and wishes she could be more vulnerable, while Barney says yes and points out that is what makes her so awesome. Ted could never accept every part of her personality while Barney could.

      • N tTVf says:

        The episode you are remembering (good memory) is ‘Baby Talk’ [S6.6/Oct 25, 2010]. A quick synopsis –

        (source – HIMYM wiki) Robin finds out that Ted finds dependent girls attractive and found Robin’s own independence and assertiveness during their relationship off-putting. Taken aback by this revelation, Robin goes to Barney to ask his opinion on whether he felt that he was needed by Robin during their relationship, to which he responds that he had loved Robin’s independence and thought it was awesome. Robin, is gratified by this.

        A really good episode – I love the line Barney gives in responding to Robin when she asks him about how he felt about her independence… I can’t remember it word-for-word, but it went something like this-
        “Robin, you don’t need a daddy or a mommy – you are your own daddy and mommy, and that’s what makes you the most awesome, strong independent woman I’ve ever banged.” Barney at his best. I love that line. I know Robin did! ;)

        I guess here’s my counterpoint to this – yes, I agree with you 100%, Barney is a much better fit for Robin than Ted, but (I think) only because Barney wouldn’t change a thing about Robin, and Ted probably would want to – fair enough. But that’s looking at it from Ted and Barney’s perspective – in that case, Barney is a better fit for Robin. Barney *needs* Robin more than Ted does (IMHO). Barney won’t ask Robin to change, but [BUT] will Robin ask Barney to change?

        If you look at it from Robin’s perspective, who does Robin need? Robin has stated many, many times, the kind of guy she really needs in her life is someone where she can get his sound advice, is rock solid dependable, whose advice she trusts, someone who will listen to her, bounce ideas. She has struggled with this over and over again for nine years. And that man is not Barney [although, to his credit, he’ll try his best to become that man], nor Gael, nor Mike, nor Don nor Nick, and on and on – AND ON. It has taken Robin nine years and two hundred six episodes to figure this out, to figure out what type of man she really needs. But, to her credit, she’s figured it out – she knows who that man’s name is. She knows…. Ted knows [now], and I suspect, so does Barney.

        Bring on ‘Last Forever.’

  16. Zed says:

    Someone refresh my memory…did we actually see Ted jump in after the locket in the episode with Jeanette? I know we did tonight.

    • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

      No, he didn’t jump in; the scene was in ‘Sunrise’. But if that locket was to come back into this episode (and I think it had to), that was the only way Ted was going to be able to retrieve it – he had to jump in after it, muddy, deep, dark water and all.

      What do you know? Dependable Ted came through – again.

  17. Christine says:

    I didn’t like the “was” in the “it was legendary” comment. Barney is one of my favorite characters, and has had the most growth. I would be more devastated if he dies than The Mother.

  18. Phil says:

    Did anyone else catch Ted say Barney and Robins marriage was “legendary” at the end of the episode?

    • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

      Yep – I did too. Not sure what that means. But one thing is certain – the writers of this show (especially CB/CT who are running these last couple of episodes) do not make mistakes. They don’t mention something (that’s what gave me the clue that the locket would come back into play) and then just forget about it. They don’t do that – these guys know what they are doing – precision writing – the best kind.

      So, if they used the term ‘was legendary’ with future Ted talking to the kids in 2030, we may have a clue where this is all headed. Ouch. That, along with ‘what mother misses her daughter’s wedding?’

      Again, as I mentioned up-thread, CT said in TV Guide that – “It’s a happy ending. It’s all about hope.” So, I still think things will work out okay for the gang, but that said, we may need to brace ourselves for a possible jolt – and if so, it will involve Ted-Mother-Robin-Barney.

    • Amy says:

      I didn’t read that much in to it. Literally, it was an event that he is talking about in the past tense. The wedding happened in Narrator Ted’s past. That means he would say “was.” It already happened for Narrator Ted. He wouldn’t say the “Wedding IS legendary” because it is done…its a past event.

    • Sam says:

      Thought was talking about the wedding

  19. alex says:

    Amazing episode but im so sure that the legendary part was the catch sure robin and barney love each other now but after a few years we really dont know.
    God im just waiting for the finale its been 9 damn years waiting for the end.

  20. Lola says:

    maybe it’s just coz i came home drunk and watched this episode but it def made me tear up and i couldn’t think of a more perfect way to end the slap bet or for robin to meet the mom. that is all

  21. Tk says:

    What if the mother needs a transplant, hence the possibility of missing her daughters wedding and Barney is the one who donates? He may die during the procedure. This could explain the awkward Ted/Robin photo that was released earlier.

  22. Pat says:

    I am happy that the wedding finally took place. It has been a very long season building up to this and I am just glad that Barney and Robin got married, which I knew they would. So I am just waiting for next weeks conclusion and I do not care about any theories.

  23. Andy says:

    Probably one of the stronger episodes of the season, but the majority of this season hasn’t been up to HIMYM standard. Can’t wait for next weeks finale though, should be worth the wait! Gonna weigh in with what I think the finale holds.

    I think that the Mother is probably dead, but it wouldn’t explain why the kids don’t seem too interested in hearing the story of how their parents met, which would mean that they are either very cold people, or the mother has just died and future Ted doesn’t know how to tell his kids, so instead he tells a 9 year long story. My guess is that the Mother has a terminal illness, hence why Ted broke down in ‘Versuvus’ but she died suddenly in 2030, and that’s why the kids don’t know.

    Also, it could be the Mothers’ mother who misses her daughters wedding, because she doesn’t like Ted or Ted accidentally killed her so he feels guilty and cries about it. The reasons are A long shot I know, but wouldn’t see it coming, and we don’t know anything about the Mothers family. Maybe the mothers’ mother died just before Teds wedding?
    It can’t be Teds mother as he tells the kids ‘you know how happy your Grandad Cliff makes your Grandma’ in season 5 when he buys the house.

    My other theory is that it will be a happy ending, and Future Ted is telling the kids the story as it’s Teds and the Mothers Anniversary, and he wants them to hear how they met, and that the Mother is in the next room painting robots with Lily or something.

    Of course, us fans can’t really know what the finale holds, so it’s all just a guessing game! So hurry up and air the finale already!

  24. Bark Star says:

    The stupid, childish potty humor ruined most of the episode but the last minute was moving.

  25. Anon says:

    All that matters is that Ted and Robin WILL end up together at the end of next week. They are the TRUE OTP of HIMYM.
    It’s obvious that the mother ends up dead, so the only question is how does Barney end up out of the picture? I say that he ends up dead too [dying a legendary death ;)] although divorce is the more predictable route

  26. joefromwb says:

    I liked the episode but for 2 things in the last few minutes that left a bitter taste in my mouth:

    The fakey-fake inserted audience shots at the end of each guest star from earlier episodes surrounded by smiling extras…so awkward! Particularly disappointing after the great tracking shot of past guest stars from last week’s episode. That’s more a technical issue though. I think more disappointing was the poor writing decision below.

    Did it bother anyone else that after making Barney’s honesty issues such a main focus of the episode, they turned right around and had him lie DURING THE CEREMONY about the flower gorilla? Not only did they basically throw away the growth they’d built the episode around, but it wasn’t even for a great joke. Did we really need the pun/almost sight gag if it meant Barney again lying to Robin that he was kidding about the gorilla, when he actually had hired one and was only covering his behind when he saw that Robin didn’t like the idea?

  27. Taylor says:

    Or Robin dies and now Barney’s going to be getting married again–to Ted’s daughter. And Ted and the Mother are so upset by the impending union that they’re refusing to go. Explains Ted’s crying about ‘what mother wouldn’t go to her daughter’s wedding.’
    I do wonder though if maybe we’ll see a wedding shot of Marvin and Penny?

  28. S. says:

    Any chance Beckett could borrow Robin’s wedding dress? I mean no reason two legendary marriages couldn’t result from wearing it, plus we wouldn’t have to look at that thing Kate wore before.

  29. the episode was awesome. And I am glad that Barney and Robin got married they are meant for each other and are meant to be/

  30. nina says:

    i hate this ending I taught this was supposed to be how I met your mother

  31. shepdog17 says:

    Thank you producers and CBS for allowing pictures of Jesus’ life to be displayed on the Far Hampton walls.

  32. Mikael says:

    I would love to see a flashforward of all them, including the mother, at MacLaren’s. I want to see them all hanging out as a group. Of course, if one of them dies like everyone thinks, they won’t be able to do that.

  33. Leslie says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Robin dies? First, I really just need to say that the fact that some people are still clinging to the hope that Robin and Ted end up together is ridiculous . . . Come on, guys, know when to let go! But, returning to the point, I really do think that Robin is the one to die. And here’s why: In a promo pic for the final episode there is a picture of Barmey holding the playbook and looking rather sad. Also, while the “and it was lengendary” comment is technically correct (it wouldn’t make sense for future Ted to talk about a wedding that happened in the past in future tense) it was far too prominemt if a comment to be ignored. I don’t think Barney and Robin get divorced as they centered a whole season on the days leading up to their wedding, but I think it is very plausible that Robin dies. Also, in an interview with Colbie Smulders, she stated that after the initial Table Read for the final episode she confronted the writers and demanded to know “what it was all about” and when told she begain crying and actually had to excuse herself from the room because she couldn’t stop. Furthermore, perhaps Robin dies during childbirth. I know its been stated that she can’t have kids, but I know many people who have been told that and wind up being able to have kids anyways, its just far more difficult for them to get pregnant and give birth. Therefore, Robin may get pregnant and die during childbirth which explains why Ted gets upset when The Mother says “what mother wouldn’t come to her daughters wedding?” And, lastly, there is another promo pic of Barney without a suit and we all know that the one occasion Barney never wears a suit to is a funeral . . .

    There you have it, my theory. Ted and The Mother are happily married. Lily and Marshall obviously stay together. And Barney and Robin have a happy, legendary marriage until she dies.

    • mom says:

      “Lying is second nature to Barney. Everything is ‘legendary.’ You know what ‘legendary’ means? Not real….Maybe I should be marrying you.”
      was Ted telling his kids the wedding was legendary (not real)?

    • emw says:

      I agree with you 99.9%. The .01% is that when it said “and it was legendary” I assumed he was referring to Barney and Robin’s love not their wedding. I know that in Symphony of illumination at the need he stated she “was” never alone. You don’t speak about a person in the future in the past tense if they are still alive. And remember in one of NPHS final scenes he had on pink.

      • mom says:

        there sure is a lot of passion on this subject so let me toss out another thought I had … on the subject of what mother would miss her daughter’s wedding … Robin has had a few secrets in her past, perhaps at some point earlier in her life did she have a child? before she met the others or during? (was she ever away from their lives long enough?) the child she gave away was the only one she would have …

        • emw says:

          Mom…yes there is a lot of passion but that just shows how much we love the characters… passion is good. In my previous remarks I was agreeing with Leslie. I honestly feel when barney vowed to never lie to her that changed Robin’s definition of legendary. .As far as your second theory it’s an interesting one but I don’t know that will change the entire basis of Robin’s character. . We will just have to wait until Monday to see how it all plays out..

  34. BC says:

    I’m hoping no one dies….and we actually have a happy ending. I’m an optimist!