CSI's Paul Guilfoyle to Exit at End of This Season

CSI Paul Guilfoyle ExitHere’s an ending CSI fans didn’t see coming: Original cast member Paul Guilfoyle will leave the CBS procedural at the end of its current season.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, which first broke the departure, Guilfoyle’s Capt. Jim Brass will be written out in the series’ May 7 season finale.

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Guilfoyle’s exit, which was reportedly decided by producers wanting to wrap the character’s storyline, means that George Eads will be the only original series regular left on the Eye Network staple.


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  1. Jorja Fox is still there…

  2. webly3 says:

    He has been there for 13 seasons (an original!) and the producers decide to write him out of the show and wrap up his storyline? That’s terrible. I don’t watch the show but still, I feel bad.

  3. John says:

    Eric recured in S1 so but not since ep 1

  4. kmayne says:

    this sucks I liked Bass. Although the show has passed its prime it is still better than some of the shows that are on the air………

  5. Andrew Hass says:

    I just hope his character gets a fitting ending after 13 seasons.

  6. Anna says:

    CSI just needs to end. Too many changes, most not good.
    I wish Paul the best; this is a huge loss to the show.

  7. SN says:

    Eric Szmanda was in the pilot episode and even though he recurring he has been there since the beginning.

  8. Dominique says:

    that is just the stupidest thing. if paul wanted t leave, i’d be okay with it cause it owuld be his decision. but reading that this was the producers’ choice? they do realize they’ve only got one original left after this, right? so many already decided to leave on their own, why aren’t the producers doing everything they can to keep the ones they still have? if this turns out to be about contract negotiations for any of the other castmembers, i’m gonna be really upset.

    • michael n. catalano says:

      I totally agree. STUPID DECISION, BY OBVIOUSLY STUPID YUPPIES. Paul G. is a rock, an anchor….. and a damn fine actor too !

    • redneckgenius says:

      I just ran across this story and am bummed about it! With Ellie Brass’s arrest for multiple murder(including Jim’s ex-wife) I was looking forward to a meatier storyline for Guilfoyle! Whether the producers realize it or not Jim Brass has a faithful fan following and with all the other character departures we have seen, this one will make a difference. I’ve watched the original (and still the best) CSI for 14 yrs but this may be the time to say goodbye.

  9. Kate says:

    Kill this show already. Hasn’t been the same since William Petersen left.

    • Brian says:

      I think it’s gotten much better since the addition of Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue. Still not as good as the old days, but I watch it every week.

  10. I’m not surprised, after that storyline with his daughter killing his ex wife, which was a masterful bit of acting on everyone’s part btw. I thought it strange that he just kept on going, perhaps it gets all a bit much finally. I shall miss the character.

    • Kendall says:

      Yeah, Brass has had it rough, to say the least, lately. And besides, Guilfoyle regularly skips episodes already. It will suck never having him around, but sometimes I barely even notice when he’s missing.

  11. Julia says:

    Carol Mendelidiot, I mean Mendelsohn, needs to step down or be fired. She is destroying this show.

    I am so going to miss Paul and snarky Brass. :(

  12. Michelle says:

    Paul leaving isn’t that big of a shock, Brass has had a tough few years so if this was reality I’m sure he would be thinking of retirement about now.

    Paul Guilfoyle will be missed though, as will his character Jim Brass.

  13. Pat says:

    I hope that his character will be retiring on the May 7 finale. I am not sure I like how this was stated in your storyline, that the Hollywood Reporter said that the Jim Brass character will be written out in the finale. Written out could me a lot of things, but I truly hope that they are going to give him a beautiful retirement send off. His character will be missed by me.

  14. Joseph S Boscoe says:

    I think that they should do an episode that will show all the cast that has been on the series when they finally end the show. Its been a great procedural show and has been sad and serious as well as fun to watch. Good luck to the entire cast. You been a great show for me. Take care God bless

  15. daleton says:

    hopefully Alimi Ballard gets promoted, he’s already recurring on the show. so instead of five episodes it will be a whole season run.

  16. Columbus says:

    I feel badly about this. I have always enjoyed seeing the Jim Brass character and to know that Paul was forced out sucks.

  17. Aryn says:

    Time to ride off into the sunset for everyone…retire this show in style before it really burns out.

  18. DMac says:

    I guess that’s about it for me with this show, if Brass goes. I don’t watch it much lately since William Peterson and Marg Helgenberger left. I like George Eads/Nick, but have never been able to click with Sarah, and none of the new people they have brought on. It used to be one of my favorites.

    • redneckgenius says:

      I know what you mean. I never got into “Sarah” and the storyline of her long distance marriage to Grissom was a bit hard to swallow. I do like Eric’s role on CSI and of course George Eads.

  19. Judy says:

    Sure hope they let him retire or move on to some sunny location where he can work days!

  20. Will says:

    How can fans still tune into a show when 95% of the original cast is gone… I just don’t understand it.. to me, it’s not the same show anymore.

  21. pat says:

    I love this show. Will miss Jim Brass, but it is still one of the best on TV. Much better since Ted Danson came on the scene, although no one can beat William Peterson. Keep CSI going and if he must leave give Jim Brass a nice fitting exit.

  22. Linda says:

    Brass had a story line???? Really???? None of them ‘have’ story lines per se! He’s probably the highest paid on the show since he’s an original, and they wanted to get rid of him. I think the show’s okay, even with all the changes. I do like Ted Danson better than the other guy….after Grissom.

  23. Tyler Volz says:

    I guess they couldn’t afford Danson, Shue, and Guilfoyle.

  24. Raechel says:

    I’m sad to see Brass go but I’ve definitely think the show is much better now. I did quite watching it for a couple season and just picked it up this season and I watch every episode. I do enjoy the new characters they have brought in, just wish they would finally say goodbye to Sara Sidle. I’ve never liked her character and wasn’t sad when she left before. Its not weird for a show on this long not to have alot of original characters left. Look at ER that didn’t have hardly any original characters left. Sometimes you have to get rid of the old to bring in new life for a show. I liked William Peterson and was sad for him to leave but wasn’t at all upset when Marg left.

    • redneckgenius says:

      It seems Sara Sidle doesn’t have a lot of fans out there. Personally I don’t know why they brought her back. I guess they thought bringing one of the originals back was a good enough reason, it didn’t matter that nobody likes her character to begin with lol.

  25. Jules says:

    Omg we British fans are completely gutted!big big fan of paul show will not b the same without him.bad form producers!! Pleeze let brass ride out in a blaze of glory, on a Harley, drinking a bottle of single malt singing along to frank on his way back to jersey to be reunited with Annie , the only woman who could b a good match for him after all the no good floozies he’s had to put up with!!!! They’ll retire to philli and grow huge tomatoes in their back yard and reminisce about the good old days back at the precinct, too much?

  26. I will miss Paul Guilfoyle. My dad was a sheriff for many years, and watching Brass in action reminds me of the demeanor of the real live cops. Lots of understatement and weird humor. The show will not be the same. Kudos to him.

  27. JJLIV says:

    Black humor of Jim Brass in CSI, not anymore.