Exclusive Bones Sneak Peek: Booth and Brennan Bicker Over Bouncy Houses, Childhood Trauma

For the past nine seasons, we’ve all referred to Temperance Brennan as “Bones,” but maybe “Buzzkill” would be a more appropriate nickname moving forward.

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TVLine has an exclusive first look at tonight’s episode of Bones (Fox, 8/7c) in which Booth and Brennan go into party planning mode for Christine’s birthday. Unfortunately, Brennan kind of forgets the part where birthdays are supposed to be fun.

“A recent study showed that over the past 10 years, approximately 65,000 children were treated for injuries received on bouncy houses,” she notes in the clip.

To be fair, Brennan’s anti-party philosophy stems from her own hot mess of a childhood — families running from the FBI don’t do bouncy houses — which we have a hunch Booth will rectify by the end of the hour.

Hit PLAY on the video below to watch Booth and Brennan bicker over party plans, then drop a comment with your thoughts.


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  1. J says:

    All I can say is thank goodness Christine has Booth as a dad. This clip is not winning Brennan any mother of the year awards. Lighten up woman!

  2. madhatter360 says:

    I feel like a birthday party isn’t going to attract the FBI’s attention. Not having birthday parties will make you seem weird to your neighbors though. Which will make them suspicious. And then they will do things like call the FBI.

    • Anon says:

      Plus Brennan winning a science fair…her and her mom had their photo in a newspaper and Max being a science teacher is hardly hiding under the FBI radar either…I just dont get Brennan in this clip she really is being selfish & unlikeable just because she didn’t get a bday party doesn’t mean she should deprive Christine of one.

      • Letty says:

        I dont get it either, the foremost anthropologist in the world, at least in her mind, doesnt understand the significance of celebration in cultures? Sounds like another pouty Brennan, poor Booth is raising 3 children, since when dont you want your children to have a better childhood than you had. Thank you writers for bringing the focus back to B & B and the core group, tho…..

        • J says:

          Thinking on it more, perhaps Brennan is being a brat due to the fact that she actually has unresolved issues with Max and the way he raised her. That the FBI under the radar is a lame excuse. The non Bday is a tipping point to this… And when she sees how Booth is so excited in organizing Christine’s bday that perhaps it maker her confront Max on this….I heard Booth throws Brennan a belated bday party too, maybe a joint one with Christine?

  3. Jess says:

    REALLY looking forward to this ep. Back to focusing on B&B their family and their lives, just how it should…….Please tune in and watch Bones LIVE! on 8/7c Fox.

  4. One thing I really love about this show is that they do show that not everyone had a perfect childhood. Things that happen to us as children do impact our lives in a million ways everyday. The fact that Brennan still has “little things” come up all the time is both real & interesting to watch. The fact that nice years into a show & the writers are still able to do this is fun. And refreshing. Having a child & getting married may have softened her some… but the character is still true to the original character us long time fans have fallen in love with.

  5. Badpenny says:

    The show is not always good at remembering its back-continuity, but most long-running shows aren’t. For example, Max was, supposedly, a much-loved science teacher while Bones was young. He was obviously around people quite frequently and clearly drawing attention to himself. Plus you have the Christmas stories – such as Bones thinking her brother’s toolbox was for her.
    The above clip is really just what has become too common in Bones over the last season: they have a small disagreement about something at the beginning of the episode and then kiss and clear all the air at the end.

    • J says:

      Maybe not as B&B are organizing Christine’s bday throughout the ep and during the ep Brennan & Max have issues due to certain things that are brought to the surface due to this.

      • catherine says:

        Seriously, one more ep with unresolved issues between Max and Brennan, what about Booth’s mum who left him with an abusive father and went on to raise another family and didnt think to reconnect with him until he was 40. What about them?

  6. Jeff says:

    What season is this show in now? And the writers still refuse to show any growth in Bones’ character? She doesn’t understand why a child would want a birthday party, at least on an intellectual level? Just poor writers who need to use the original premise of the show as a crutch, never mind any intervening episodes where the character does seem to show some emotional growth.
    And FWIW, if her parents were really afraid of drawing attention to themselves, why not have a party amongst themselves at their own house? Another really lame premise for an episode..

    • Stormy says:

      To me. Brennan has become an insufferable egomaniac [read female Sheldon Cooper]. Her need to be regarded as superior in all things [including her clumsy dancing]and acknowledged as such is disgusting. I love the show and am invested in all of the other characters, but this is in spite of Brennan. Initially she came off as an autistic savant with few emotions and a clinical view of the world. But in recent seasons she has turned into an insatiable egotist.

      • SK says:

        Totally agree with you. It seems throughout the years, she has regressed. She was more “emotional” in the past seasons. She is getting to be annoying because of the reasons you mentioned.

      • Faye says:

        Stormy, I have been saying this for the last couple of years. She has neutered Booth and her arrogance has progressed into insanity. What about the 15 years that she had a family. In the beginning smart but loveable now just hate.

  7. geraghtyvl says:

    This is just a small snippet of the episode.. I’m waiting to see how it plays out, and hoping it’s not another “teach Brennan a lesson” episode.

  8. RCH says:

    Um, pretty sure back in one of the earliest seasons there were pictures of Brennan and her family at a backyard birthday party for HER….

    Continuity much, show?

  9. Rita Sioros says:

    Brennan does have her good moments but I agree her attitude sucks. The writers do not think we remember anything. The comments show we are faithful fans. I do watch because more of Booth and the other cast members. I really do not like the fact that Brennan’s Heart is not into it until towards the end. Her voice has gotten high pitched like Daisy’s.

  10. Pat says:

    I love Bones and have watched it since the beginning. Now with that said, my question is this, when will Temperance get counseling, for being so traumatized by her childhood? I know that her character would not go for this, but I think it is about time that Booth and her Father talk to her about seeing one, especially for her daughters sake.Will this be in the cards down the road for this show?

  11. I’m having mixed feelings about Brennan. Having grown up in a home of “Aspies”, never having had a birthday party myself, among other things, and now being married to an Aspie, I am painfully aware of the difficulties involved with being in relationship with someone who is always right, and always operates from the intellect and rarely from the heart. At times I feel loathing towards Brennan, but now that I understand the nature of the beast better, I realize that it is sad but very true that Aspies cannot change. They can learn to adapt and learn more tempered behavior towards others, but they will always be limited. I know it is not confirmed Brennan has Asperger’s Syndrome, but Emily is on record as saying Brennan “almost has Asperger’s”, which I find to be ridiculous because either you have it or you don’t.

  12. Callie says:

    You know Brennan is going to give in during the episode, because that’s what the show always does. They regress her character and make her OOC just so she can be taught a lesson into how to be a human like everyone else. Even though she was fine before the show started doing that a few seasons ago. So I’m not going to judge her to harshly like say other commenter’s in this thread, or call her heartless, etc.

  13. SuchAJoke says:

    The problem is that the writers continue to try to portray Brennan as the most socially retarded/inept/ignorant person on the planet. This is just not plausible (and frankly hasn’t been for years). They keep doing the same tired “let’s make Brennan more like regular humans” lesson — lessons which, despite her “brilliance”, Brennan is COMPLETELY unable to retain. At this point, they’re pretty much just written her as a woman who really shouldn’t be raising a hamster, let alone another human being.

  14. Lois says:

    Lots of judgmental comments! lol
    I’m looking forward to seeing what these two agree upon for Christine! Not to mention meeting the new Christine!

    Sounds like a fun episode. :)

  15. Rita Sioros says:

    I didn’t mean Brennan was heartless. They do show that she is thinking of ours. Bones is my favorite show. I will continue to watch.

  16. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    I love the show dearly and love B & B, I do agree the writers have Brennan mad, sad, upset, or always negative, I loved episode 17- Repo man in septic tank, it was funny, upbeat and had Brennan giggling, and loving with Booth.
    It’s really not Emily/Brennan’s fault for her actions, because the script is written by writers, I know they have her character as being very intelligent, but that doesn’t mean they have to
    portray her with no common sense.
    Emily does a great job as Brennan and I want her to continue to be smart, strong, solving cases with Booth, also more romantic, but please writers let her be happy, smiling, and funny little bit more, rather than mad, sad, and negative.
    Love the show B & B my favorite.

    • I agree with you Ruth Ann Walker. The last couple of episodes have turned me off of Brennan because of the “Superior” attitude she has had with the interns. Yes, this is the writers….shame on them. A dream scene or accidental Spiritual Enlightenment could do her a world of good. As a fantastic actress she could carry it off beautifully. (& wouldn’t Booth be a happy hubby!!!)

      • Ruth Ann Walker says:

        Thanks Cheryl for your comment, looks like you are a fan forever like myself, will continue to watch show and I do like Bones and Booth’s back and forward pandering, it’s funny and still gets the message across. Bones, Booth, and cast do a great job every week, always excited for next episode.

  17. Debby Frey says:

    I think the differences between the characters of bones and booth are one of the things that makes this show interesting to me. If they agreed on everything their relationship would not only be unreal but BORING. As far as not having a party, well there are always two sides to that Tedder todder too!

  18. Peggy Price says:

    Should have Temperance jumping in the jump house with Booth at conclusion of the show,,that’s what happened at my granddaughter’s b-day party.

    She does have issues when it comes to having fun.

  19. UM88 says:

    I thought it had been mentioned that she had a normal childhood until she was 15, then her parents left? Love this show, but continuity is a problem. I also agree that it gets a little tiresome that she has all of the issues considering Booth was abused and left by his dad long before he wa 15, at least she had somewhat of a normal life for awhile. I think the writers unfortunately have a favorite character, and that’s who they’re going to write for. It’s a shame really, DB is being so wasted.

    • Faye says:

      Brennan’s voice is nasally and deep and whomever keeps trying to push this holier than thou superior, you can not kiss my feet persona on us has failed. I will no longer subject myself to such lunacy.

  20. michael griffith says:

    bones has become such a b….,getting to the point that it not a good show to watch,time to drop brennen, she makes the show unwatchable.,she’s so rude to everyone and so self righteous , it makes me just want to turn off the show.

    • Faye says:

      Apparently the writers think we are stupid, remember the professor she had affair with in college… She had relationships before and they were not this hard to watch, In the beginning she allowed Boothe to be a man now he is a doormat.

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