Walking Dead Recap: The Tracks of Their Tears

The Walking Dead RecapIn “Us,” the season’s penultimate episode of The Walking Dead, not only do we get a hard-won moment of happiness (especially after the trauma of last week!), we also get our first glimpse of Terminus. How’s the view?

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SWEET | Although we only briefly see Rick, Michonne and Carl on the path to Terminus, they’re doing great. (Compared to the other problems you could have on this show – and the one the trio seem destined to have next week – a shortage of drinking water is nothing, after all!) Michonne and Carl are laughing and using their last Big Cat bar as the prize in a “Who can balance on the train rails longest?” contest, and we even get a smile out of Rick. THAT’S how great they’re doing.

THUG LIFE | On the other hand, Daryl… well, he’s doing considerably less great. After he gets into it with a hooligan named Len over a rabbit they both shoot at the same time (poor bunny), head hooligan Joe explains that, once one of them says, “Claimed,” whatever they’ve claimed is theirs. Since Daryl didn’t know the rule, rather than penalize him, Joe goes all King Solomon on the cottontail and gives one half to the newbie and the other half to Len. In spite of this show of wisdom (?), Daryl remains reluctant to consider himself an official part of their group. “There ain’t no us,” he growls at Joe. But, since Daryl isn’t leaving them, “it sure seems like there’s an us,” Joe replies. (Maybe he IS wise?) Later, unsatisfied with his half a rabbit, Len frames Daryl for stealing it. Unfortunately for the schemer, Joe saw him plant the dead animal (his half of it, anyway) in Daryl’s bag, so he orders the liar beaten to a pulp. Fatally, it turns out. Finding the body the morning after, Daryl considers affording Len the dignity of covering his carcass, but – perhaps recalling the way the jerk had hinted that he was messed up not just over a girl but over a very young girl – decides against it. On the move again, the gang is just passing over Carl’s candy bar wrapper as Joe tells Daryl that one of them was recently strangled by a stranger they found hiding in a house – Rick!

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SEPARATE WAYS | Nearby, Glenn and Tara separate from Abraham, Rosita and Eugene at the mouth of what Abraham quite rightly calls a “long, dark tunnel full of reanimated corpses.” No way is he gonna risk Eugene’s safety going in there when they could simply walk AROUND the deathtrap. It would take an extra day, sure. But it would be safer. So it’s goodbyes all around. Or rather, everyone says goodbye except for Eugene. Instead of goodbye, the Sheldon Cooper of The Walking Dead says, “You are seriously hot, Tara.” To which she replies awkwardly, “Yeah, I like girls.” Inside, Glenn and Tara happen upon a horrible scene – the roof has collapsed on a whole mess of walkers, creating a dusty, disgusting piece of living (or at least not entirely dead) art. Going over it – and into an even LARGER group of walkers – Tara’s leg becomes pinned between a rock and a hard place. She screams at Glenn to leave her, but he refuses. And just when it’s looking grim for the duo…

AGAINST ALL ODDS | … headlights illuminate the tunnel, and shots ring out. It’s Maggie! She, Bob and Sasha apparently hooked up with Abraham, Rosita and Eugene (who cleverly directed an unwitting Rosita drive them to the opposite side of the tunnel while Abraham was napping) just in time to ride to the rescue. As you’d expect, Glenn and Maggie are beside themselves over being, you know, beside each other once again. Rather than introduce Tara as a member of the group behind the prison siege that killed Maggie’s father, Glenn fibs that they met on the road. Which is where Abraham wants to be ASAP. Eugene doesn’t want to go to D.C., however. Since they no longer have a military vehicle for protection, he wants to go to Terminus first. And since Abraham always defers to Eugene, he gets what he wants. Quickly, too. The very next day, they arrive at the promised land. The building itself is fairly nondescript. But inside its gates, there’s peace and quiet, potted plants and a nice lady named Mary who looks like she’s getting ready to do some grilling. In other words, it looks too good to be true.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you afraid, after Maggie told Glenn that he wouldn’t need her photograph anymore – AND burned it! – she was a goner? Hit the comments!

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  1. Elle says:


    • monique scott says:

      I was thinking the same thing

    • Es Verdad says:

      Yup…they don’t even ponder why the gate was unlocked, what about walkers traipsing in? After all their previous experience them being tricked and they’re not veterans yet?
      Mary who greets them at Terminus seems friendly enough, she’s probably imagining which marinade to use on each one of them. An ambush possibly?

      • charlibear says:

        When Tyreese saw those guys on the railroad tracks and they said go to the end of the tracks because it was great and you could take the kids there, my first thought was if it’s so great why are you on the tracks becoming Zombie dinner? Terminus is bad…RUN!!!!!

    • Jack says:

      Pretty much everyone has been thinking that its canniballs.

    • charlid6179 says:

      Mary was the woman in the painting whose eye was crossed out that Michonne found in the house where the family was dead.

      • Sophia B. says:

        How do you know? Did you see the painting again to compare? She was very scary. As soon as she turned around, Glen should of screamed RUNNNNNNNNN! I think maybe Rich, Carl and Michonne got there first. Rick was taken and Carl and Michonne got away. Just something about the preview made me feel that way. Probably wrong.

        • jessie says:

          something is definately gonna go very badly for rick michonne and carl and i got the feeling that its gonna be the group daryl is with since they were tracking rick 4 revenge, although they figured rick was headed to terminus so thats the way they were heading so u never know

  2. Wyatt Clough says:

    Welcome to Terminus – I am your Father figure – JIM JONES.

  3. Teag says:

    As a comic reader, very much looking forward to the finale and season 5.

  4. topoopon says:

    Why is everyone assuming Eugene Porter actually knows what caused the outbreak? I feel like they’ll get him to DC and he’ll spit out the plot of a video game he once played.

    • Murph says:

      everyone is NOT assuming this.

    • partisan says:

      If he knew the tuth he would be telling anyone who would listen. Therefore he’s lying, the only questions are how long before the survivors realize this and how many die before they do.

      • RUCookie says:

        everytime we hear that Eugene knows how to save the world, I want to yell – Tell us something. It is beyond weird that they didnt tell Glenn and the other woman (name?)about it when they ended up grouped together…

    • Sophia B. says:

      Yep, he knows nothing. Read his bio for the comics. It is very funny who he really is. As for Terminus, it was very weird they just went right in, all the gates where chained but not locked. I would really check it out before just running in there. But I guess they just want a place and they are not thinking about what the heck could be in there. If that Mary lady has the last name of St. John they better run. For them being so smart they are so dang dumb. Why can’t they learn from their past?

  5. Luli says:

    Terminus and Mary look to good to be true… something bad is going to happen!

  6. Teeny Bikini says:

    Oh, anything called “Terminus” – can’t be a good thing! It’s creepy. Nice gardens though…

  7. Anon says:

    The burning of that pic of Maggie and her saying “You won’t need it ever again.” was as ominous as the darkened tunnel of zombies.

  8. Nina says:


  9. jessie says:

    liked this episode, so glad glenn and maggie found each other and they finally made it to terminus with sasha bob abraham eugene tara and the other girl, cant remember her name at the moment, anyway at the rate they r going and since glenn and everyone with him already made it to terminus im guessing carol and tyreese should already b there with judith since they were the first ones headed there, they should at least be very close and now we know daryls headed that way with that group who is tracking rick wanting revenge. i hope daryl kills em all and gets back with his group his family in a way. things dont look like they r gonna be very good 4 rick michonne and carl in next weeks season finale but i sure hope we dont lose any of the characters we love. i love the way carl and michonne connect at least they have fun 2gether and make each other smile i dont want them to lose that. i have a feeling that we are not going to find out what happened to beth til next season and i think terminus is gonna be a bad place to be

  10. Gaara says:

    “But inside its gates, there’s peace and quiet, potted plants and a nice lady named Mary who looks like she’s getting ready to do some grilling.”

    Oh yes, grilling indeed…

    • jessie says:

      i’ve heard talk there is going to be cannibals and i was kinda thinking that if there are then they r at terminus and all the signs to bring people there is just there way of having there dinner come to them

    • Sophia B. says:

      I saw the grill and thought run the heck away. But I would of never went in the first place. BTW how is Naruto doing, Gaara? Looks like he woke up.

  11. Phil Holmes says:

    It’s fun to realize how emotionally vested you actually can get in the plots of a great tv show or movie sometimes. Case in point, I found myself getting veeery angry at Glenn during tonight’s episode. The fact that he was willing to allow Tara to risk her life in that tunnel instead of simply taking the long way around just did NOT sit well with me. Did his flat out obsession with catching up to Maggie erase his empathy and compassion for anyone other than his “beloved “? He knew there was no way Tara was going to abandon him, and he seemed to be taking advantage of that in that instance. Not cool! In the moments before Maggie and the others saved them, I was so sure that Tara was about to be sacrificed for Glenn’s cause, and I wondered if the writers were about to lay that burden of guilt around Glenn’s neck going forward. With this show, you never know!

    • jessie says:

      i get really emotionally vested in this show also it draws me in like i’m right there and its so easy to get sad mad happy disapointed or just start crying

    • He is totally allowed to “use” Tara if she’s willing to be used, considering her role in his father in law’s demise. Besides, he’d redeemed himself if that selfishness before the end of the hour.

  12. wrstlgirl says:

    Fabulous episode!! It was so great to see Rick smile, that almost never happens :-) I’m dreading the finale next week.

  13. Kristin says:

    I’ve never read the comic but I think those of you that have said Terminus is a cannibalistic cult are spot on! I think we are going to have another big death!

  14. omar says:

    I’m praying that the one who kidnapped Beth is not from Terminus! Please :( Love her character! Mary has written CANNIBALS all over her face and she was grilling something :S

    • scott says:

      the person that took beth is negan you can tell that because in the back window of the car there was a blue and white cross and negan and his men are called the saviors

      • Teag says:

        Nope. Andrew J West’s character Gareth most likely did.

        • EJ386 says:

          Wow I’m so bad with names… Who’s Gareth and who’s Negan?

          • Stormie says:

            Gareth is suppose to be a combination of a couple of people in the comics and Negan and his sweet Lucille make the tv version of the governor look like Big Bird on skates Negan is no frickin joke spoiler he killed Glenn by beating his head in with his bat Lucille I mean he has conversations with his bat and is just plain mean but unlike the govenor he has a certain code and rules to keep his men in check

          • EJ386 says:

            Well if they are comic people it isn’t that strange that I didn’t recognize the names as I haven’t been able to read them yet.

          • Can’t believe stormie didn’t even wait to hear if you wanted to be spoiled by continuing their sentence without pause. What a brat! Sorry if you had no idea of the comics and didn’t want to know…

          • EJ386 says:

            That is so nice of you to say sorry for someone else. It’s a bummer, but still it could turn out differently on the show. I will want to read the comics. I haven’t got the money though, so must try to find them digitally. Haven’t taken the time yet though. I only started watching TWD two weeks ago, so I’m a brand new fan. [And was also astonished that there were people who’s name I didn’t recognize, but the comic thing explains so much.]

          • You can learn a lot about the comic series, and the similarities and differences in the storyline, without reading it from the Walking Dead wikia site. :)

      • Not Negan. Not yet. It was Gareth.

  15. Stormie says:

    Eugene is a sham artist and when Rick meets up with the group he can tell everyone what Dr Jenner told him are we to believe that Eugene was able to find a cure when every nations scientists were unable to do it I think he has been playing too many video games n just wants protection from the zombies Tara n Beth are on the comic book Dales death watch list Marys firing the grill up for somebodies leg I hope Tyrese Carol n Judith are ok glad Gleggie were reunited n Richonne n Carl were awesome as usual even if it was a small tease before the finale theres gonna be major cliffhangers ahead

    • EJ386 says:

      Didn’t they say he was a legit scientist himself in contact with scientists on the other side of the nation, but as they lost contact he needed to go there to share his findings?

      • Stormie says:

        Dr Jenner said he was the last scientist left that was almost two years ago then the CDC self destructed and him and Jackie stayed and died in there while the others ran out In the comics Eugene was a high school science teacher but not a real scientist if I remember correctly I dont know who hes talking to on the radio but I doubt its any people in power for all we know he could of been having conversations with Morgan or Big Foot lol

      • jessie says:

        yeah in the episode we first met eugene they did say he was a legit scientist who had been communicating with others in washington but they’d lost contact so they were trying to get there. something seems off though with eugene , i think he doesnt really know any answers bout the outbreak

        • Sophia B. says:

          Hey Jessie so true, he does have a back ground in science but that is as far as it goes, unless they change him from the comic. But I don’t see that happening.

        • EJ386 says:

          Maybe but his credentials are legit. So the people he is travelling with think he is the real deal. And aren’t stupid to think so, as the first poster seemed to imply.

    • LOVETWD says:

      Extremely. I would love Abraham to punch him in the face for lying!

    • Pretty sure Tara is sticking around a while. The producers probably wanted a gay character, and she’s cool anyway, even if her character exists to fill a stereotype. Death becomes Bob Stookey and possibly/probably Beth, I think. And/or Sasha and maybe Daryl. He won’t ever get away from Joe’s men without some sort of help, but its Daryl so he’ll probably get that help!

  16. Es Verdad says:

    Come join us for out BBQ said the spider to the fly…I think we’re in for another gross & creepy episode. Peeps eating peeps.

  17. Grind Time says:

    Its weird how Taras leg got injured twice this episode and Beths leg got injured in the Alone episode they are both hopping around like Dale makes me think they are gonna get eaten but thats proberly just a smoke sreen and maybe it will be a major charecter the finales are always brutal I like the way Michonnes antics make Rick and Carl smile its really sweet luv those guys

  18. Spencer says:

    Right when I saw that humongous, human-sized grill, I knew Terminus was no good. Didn’t they recognize how bizarre it is that a giant compound like that, with as much advertising as it did, and yet there wasn’t a single other person around? Surely, if the place is so quaint and lovely, other survivors would be milling about in the courtyard. Mary, and the whole place, is absolutely terrifying!

    • Shannon M. says:

      I agree Spencer. My first thought was “Solent Green is people”. Where are the guards, the people, why weren’t the gates locked? Creepy, clean, well feed woman at a grill during an apocalypse? Yep.

  19. Es Verdad says:

    “Terminus” ain’t exactly a happy Shangri-La kindof name…Terminal as in: The final point; the end.

  20. Relaxxx says:

    SO Glenn didnt tell Maggie about Tara and Sasha Maggie and Bob do not remember or saw Tara at the prison it will be interesting when Michonne and Rick reunites with the group cuz I am sure they both remember Tara Maggie is gonna be pissed with Glenn then the next confrontation will be between Rick and Carol then Rick and Joes group So basically Rick Michonne and Carl will be the fuse to the fireworks thats gonna go down next week cannot wait for sunday

  21. mars says:

    Mary looks like she has a bit to much of a belly for the apocalypse. Gonna have to go with cannibalism on this one.

  22. Just remember nobody is sacred. As much as we would hate to see someone we love go am sure it will probably happen. Just remember the red wedding from game of thrones. I think walking dead is heading that way too.

    • EJ386 says:

      More power to them. But GoT has the added advantage that I’ve read the books and know what to expect… Anyways hoping for Carl, Darryl [and for his sake Beth] and Michonne to survive, and if I get one more Rick. The others would be tragic, but I could loose them.

  23. ivy says:

    maggie + glenn = who cares anymore seriously one of them need to die prob maggie
    and why isn’t maggie more worried about her sister rather than the guy she sleeps with

  24. The Carpooler says:

    Soylent Green is people!!!

  25. RickG says:

    Its so funny really. Daryl is supposed to be this expert tracker and outdoorsman, yet couldn’t tell there was a person 6 inches behind him about to shoot the same rabbit. All for the sake of setting up staged drama for the rest of the episode so Daryl can become one with the group. Good thing it wasn’t Daryl’s turn to die, otherwise it would have been one of those stealthy ninja zombies that snuck up on him.

    As for this “claimed” business, when this group ended up in Rick’s house, does anyone remember if the first guy yelled “CLAIMED!!!” when he took the bed? Or did this “rule” come about because two idiots almost fought to the death over one bed in one house when there are 30 other houses in the vicinity where they each could’ve yelled “CLAIMED!!!” and taken as their own in what seemed to be a pretty safe area.
    I missed the guy who liked to bounce the tennis ball around as loudly as possible. Wonder if someone else “CLAIMED!!!” the ball and then threw it as far as possible.

    Tracking Rick over asphalt is pretty freaking badass but losing him on railroad tracks and in grass is pretty lame. But knowing he went one way on the tracks and not the other or even just crossed over them is pretty savvy despite losing him. And knowing that he would stay on the tracks forever and ever is intuition at work. Funny how not one of those trackers saw the candy wrapper to realize that it belonged to the guy who was under the bed and feel assured that they were on the right path to beating him down.

    When they were in the tunnel, did Tara say all those people were freshly dead because the tunnel recently collapsed? Was it before or after or during when Maggie, Sasha, Bob went thru? They had to have been alive when Maggie’s group went thru, otherwise if they were zombies, you’d think there’d be at least a few dead carcasses around. Thats a whole lot of people who were that close to Terminus either living there in the tunnel or dying so close to their destination. Darn the luck!

    Good thing a herd or even 10-20 walkers didn’t come thru Terminus with it being as wide open as it is. Maybe they have an army of people hiding in there picking off any walkers that happen to stray there so it can stay as wide open as it looks.

    • EJ386 says:

      OMG what a load of Bull$#!t.
      – They never state Daryl didn’t hear him. Just that he didn’t want to share. If he had heard him he wouldn’t have said anything because he was hunting and making noise scares pray away, also he was focussed on something else.
      – The rule existed they fought because the first one took the bed without claiming it and wouldn’t leave when the second did. Which is breaking the rules and grounds for a beating, however severe they feel like handing out at that given time. They literally had this conversation in the bedroom.
      – A guy bouncing a ball at a given point in time doesn’t mean he does so all the time everywhere.
      – They never said they tracked Rick all the way, only some of it and the first part of Ricks track was trough a field not over asphalt. They did say that they found these signs and thought that Terminus would be his destination. Also tracking over asphalt is stupid and assuming a random candy wrapper found on the the ground is your targets is completely legit??
      – Maggie stated they encountered the walkers in the tunnel and that there were to many to fight so she shot at the ceiling, causing a partial collapse trapping the walkers. And not everywhere the walkers are, there are recent dead bodies to eat. Also walkers walk and therefore were not necessarily killed at the exact same point they are in at any given moment.
      – Terminus being weird is the whole set-up for a storyline to come, and you can bitch about it, but these people obviously have some sort of system we will uncover in either or both the finale and next season. Give these people a little time before you call plot hole on every unanswered question.

    • Miliak says:

      I was thinking the same thing about Joe’s group and the “claimed” rule when it came to the fight over the bed. Seems silly to think that rule wasn’t already in place so why was the guy able to choke the guy out for the bed without catching a beat down for breaking Joe’s rules to live by?

      • jessie says:

        its been a few weeks since i saw that episode but if i remember correctly the guys was hollerin claimed and fighting which woke rick up and in the bedroom the guy that was in the bed just said it was already taken and the other guy said he claimed it so the guy in the bed put up an argument which got him strangled with the cord

        • jessie says:

          i was wrong the dude in the bed had claimed it and even told it to the guy wantin his bed but he said he didnt hear it but the dude in the bed still had the rite to it because he told the one taking it it was claimed. that guy just didnt follow the rules hes the same one they all beat and killed in this weeks episode

  26. AnnieM says:

    I think Kirkman & Co have finally decided for Rick and his hand to part company. I’m guessing it will be by Jeff Kober’s Joe rather than Terminus Mary. Which could explain whyAndrew Lincoln is FINALLY an in-studio guest on Talking Dead. Rick is not being killed off – just his hand. =-O

  27. Pati says:

    the episode was a little boring but I can’t wait for the finale. Daryl needs to leave those guys I kept waiting for him to just ditch them. Maggie and Glenn were sweet but the burning of the picture was not a good thing I really hope they both survive. Eugene is mysterious and he probably doesn’t know anything. If he knows what caused it why is he not telling anyone. I want to know what his secret is. Terminus looks suspicious.

    • EJ386 says:

      Daryl won’t ditch them, he will still be with him when they catch up to Rick, Carl and Michonne. I’m hoping he will side with his true friends.

  28. Auntie Ralph says:

    Oh Good, Tasha Yar’s in charge of Terminus. I’m sure they’re safe now…

  29. AC9898 says:

    Here’s my theory…Back when Beth and Daryl were in that church, everything seemed way too good to be true. The entire time I thought it was a trap. Wouldn’t it be crazy if Terminus really is a community of cannibals? Crazier still, what if the meal that the group eats is Beth?

  30. LOVETWD says:

    This was a very interesting episode and I am glad they cut the individual group times smaller (leaving room for more). My thoughts are that Darryl will choose his true friends over his “gangsta” friends LOL. I’m sure there will be a showdown of some sort once one of the members attack Rick and someone mentioned it before, and I will shadow in saying that I do believe Joe will be the one to cut off Rick’s hand. As for Beth, we probably won’t know what is going on until the fifth season because they seem very focused on terminus and lets face it….it is cannibals and they need to develop something more interesting prior to them leaving to DC. This show seems like its going to go on for a very long time. :)

  31. msnyder1985 says:

    I agree with a previous commenter that Gareth probably took Beth. We know from promo articles from the start of season 4B that they were going to introduce Gareth this season, and there’s only one episode left. We’ll see if he takes her to Terminus though. I don’t think it’s Neagan, Gimple has said repeatedly that they won’t be doing Gareth’s storyline anytime soon, which makes me think not even next season but the one after that. I’m also a little concerned for Rick. With all the speculation about if they’ll kill him off, Kirkman saying that no character is “safe”, and with him appearing on Talking Dead next week. It just seems like all these are pretty bad omens.

  32. CountryQueen says:

    I want Daryl to yell, “Claimed!” when he sees his friends again. Then they can’t be hurt ‘cuz he “claimed” them, right? LOL I have no doubt that Daryl will side with them when the time is right. I do love Jeff Kober, so I hope they can keep him around. He seemed like a good bad guy, one who sorta had a few morals. lol

    Seriously, they couldn’t just go around the tunnel? Seems so stupid to not take the time, no matter who you are. Why go through a dark tunnel that could be filled with death? It’s not like in The Stand, where Larry and Nadine had no other real choice.

    I was really starting to dislike Eugene, until he led Rosie to the other side of the tunnel. He seems like a clueless douche. I am not happy that the others are not demanding to know what he knows. If you want me to protect you, you better explain to me why, I don’t know you, I’m not just taking your word for it. I did like his little dino theory though, as it is funny to imagine zombie dino’s attacking each other.

    • jessie says:

      it would be funny if daryl yelled claimed when they run into rick michonne and carl. i think daryl will try his best and do whatever he can to help his real friends when it comes to it

      • Fonzie says:

        I really think he might, they wouldn’t make such a big deal out of it if it wasn’t going to play a big part later. They named a whole episode “Claimed” and then this last one dealt so heavily with it, I think that’s how he’s gonna save Rick’s group

  33. Relaax says:

    Thenamestation your talking about Stormie when he or she put spoiler in their post what are u the spacebar police and your giving up spoilers also Negan and Gareth r not on the show yet this whole comments section is filled with spoilers if u want to get tecnical

  34. jessie says:

    well however it turns out we cant change eventhough we’d like 2 sometimes. i am just happy we have such a good and entertaining show on tv to watch i’m excited for the finale and all the seasons yet to come

  35. gabby says:

    What if Beth got kidnapped by terminus and they feed her to there new arrivers? That would be sick…. I hope that’s not what happens 😨

  36. Liana Ahmed says:

    Hey just realised, remember in the episode before, Carol and them so tons of smoke in the distance? Then a bunch on burnt zombies showed up? I’m not too sure what happened, but I have a feeling it’s connected with terminus and the grill somehow

    • Sophia B. says:

      I think it was the shack that Daryl and Beth burned down with the moonshine.

      • jessie says:

        yeah i agree with u sophia i think it was from the moonshine shack 2, as daryl and beth were leaving we could see all those walkers headed to the fire and i figured thats how they got burnt

  37. jessie says:

    i’d hope that they’d keep her instead of eat her at least that way she’d have a chance of her dad and brother finding her and i really hope they do poor carl is torn up thinking judith is dead but with twd u never know whats gonna happen

    • jessie says:

      hey es verdad i dont know why my comment to yours bout baby judith and terminus posted down here with my last one but it is my comment back to you

  38. sierra says:

    Yes I was scared I want to see them hug and kiss each other again because they had been apart for a long time and plus the baby I just hope glenn and Maggie stay alive

  39. Val says:

    I thought maggie was telling glen he won’t need her picture because she will never separate with glen anymore.