The Good Wife Exclusive: Robert and Michelle King Talk Sunday's Devastating Cliffhanger ('There Was No Joy In This'), Preview What's Next

The Good Wife Will's DeathIf this week’s episode of The Good Wife is still sitting, unwatched on your DVR, hit the nearest exit. Everyone else, read on…

Robert and Michelle King witnessed Will’s death firsthand. The Good Wife‘s L.A.-based co-creators flew to New York in mid-January to be present for the taping of Josh Charles’ swan song as the ill-fated attorney. They had to — everything had to be just right.

On the closed set (except for yours truly), the couple worked closely with in-house director Brooke Kennedy on the sequence of events leading up to Hunter Parrish’s Jeffrey Grant opening fire in the courtroom. And, in a way, it was probably a blessing that they were kept busy. The staging of the complicated shots left them little time to mourn the fact that an original character was about to draw his last breath.

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“My expectations were that it was going to be more emotionally fraught than it was, because it was such a technical scene to film,” concedes Michelle. “At some point, it’s just Josh being dragged around the floor and people painting blood next to him. It didn’t have that weird, cathartic energy that it could have.” (Ironically, much of the splatter ended up on the cutting room floor, as the Kings opted to cut to outside the courtroom when the shots rang out.)

It probably also helped the duo’s state of mind to know that the episode wasn’t Charles’ goodbye. He would return the following week to shoot additional scenes (flashbacks from grieving Alicia’s POV) to air in next week’s episode, and he was due back again in early March to direct another episode. “And that’s a distinction worth making,” Michelle says. “Josh remains part of the Good Wife family, even if Will Gardner is dead.”

And make no mistake — Will is dead.

Below, in an exclusive Q&A, the Kings reveal why the character had to be killed off (it involves Alicia, natch), they explain why they couldn’t give Will and Alicia a happier ending, and they preview next week’s heartbreaking aftermath episode — and beyond.

TVLINE | What was your reaction when Josh informed you that he was leaving the show?
MICHELLE: It was a combination of sadness at not having Will Gardner in the law firm anymore, and then some excitement at the opportunity of telling a really exciting story for our characters.
ROBERT: The good news about our show is that we try not to retain the status quo. It’s about showing how the world changes, but, more particularly, how Alicia changes based on what happens to her. And this felt like a perfect way to charge her into both a new world but also challenge her by a world she’s leaving.

TVLINE | Was Alicia and Cary’s exit from Lockhart Gardner earlier this season the first piece of Will’s exit story?
ROBERT: It wasn’t. Coming out of “Red Team/Blue Team” last season, we knew we wanted Alicia to head in the direction of being more and more independent. But it did make it easier. The idea of two firms came first, and [Josh’s departure] was a good way to aggravate that situation. It allowed us to go to some really interesting places with Will and Alicia that we might not have gone if we didn’t know there was an end date [for Will].

TVLINE | Will and Alicia have been bitter rivals most of the season – was there any trepidation about ending their story on such an antagonistic note?
MICHELLE: There was a lot of time spent in the writers room talking about exactly this issue. And what we were always trying to lean into was the reality of life. You don’t get to choose the moment when something ends.

TVLINE | Did you ever think, “We only have Josh for six more months, let’s see what a real Alicia-Will relationship looks like while we still can… ?”
ROBERT: We didn’t, mostly because the beginning of Season 3 [depicted] the happier version of them, and it sort of ran out of steam. The only question was how much happiness we would bring to that relationship in their last episode before [Will died]. On what terms would they leave it? The worry is you don’t want to bore the audience with some direction they already took. I know [fans] treat them like real people, and we’re thrilled with that. We sometimes find ourselves treating them like real people. And on Josh’s last days, we were like, “This really is like a death.” On the other hand, it really needs to follow the logic of drama. And drama, especially with Alicia, is about challenges. There is happiness and there is joy in her. But on the Will front, this was always a relationship that was about bad timing. So this seemed like the dramatically correct way to take it.

TVLINE | Speaking of last week’s episode, was it important for you to have Will and Alicia start to move past the animosity before he died?
ROBERT: Oh, yes. Completely. When you’re a writer, you’re always looking for the honest moment that allows you to find a new prism to look at the relationship through. And it was very important for us to do that, even if it wasn’t, like, they slept with each other. We wanted the relationship [to have] some closure. Also, we didn’t want Alicia to be devastated by the loss of someone she didn’t have any kind words for. We really wanted to find a place, without giving away where we were going, where there was a comfort level about the new terms of their relationship. It wasn’t forgiveness, but there was a total shift in their relationship.
MICHELLE: There was no way to bring them back to the kind of warmth they once shared without it being false; that was the last thing we wanted to do. We wanted to bring them to a place that felt true.

TVLINE | Will had some nice moments with many characters in this episode, particularly Kalinda, but his final scene with Alicia wasn’t nearly as weighty. Was that intentional?
ROBERT: Yes, and there is a point to that which is played out [in next week’s episode]. We wanted something that was not as emotionally heartfelt or even on the passionate side or the loving side, because a lot of [next week’s episode] is about Alicia dealing with the irredeemability of death. Can you find closure in your memory if life doesn’t give you closure?

TVLINE | Does next week’s episode pick up right where this week’s left off?
ROBERT: We rewind just a little bit, like a minute. And then the next eight hours are compressed into one episode.

TVLINE | What else can you say about the episode?
ROBERT: I will only say that some of it involves flashbacks. We asked Josh to work in that episode, too. The episode really puts us quite a bit in Alicia’s mind. There has been the accusation – and even we felt it – that sometimes Alicia feels like a character who closes herself down emotionally. And we always think of her as a passionate character, so this year we’ve been moving more and more into her thoughts – and Wills thoughts too, as with “The Decision Tree.”

TVLINE | What does Alicia’s life look like beyond next week’s episode?
MICHELLE: Our efforts are to play this like life. If someone you care about dies suddenly and violently, it isn’t just going to impact you for a week. It will probably reverberate the rest of your life. And certainly the next few months.
ROBERT: One of the reasons we wanted to have this incident [to take place] two-thirds into the season and not at the end of the season is so that you really could see the outcome of all of this on all levels in Alicia’s life. What impact does this have on Peter and Alicia? What impact does this have on Alicia and her kids, especially with her daughter who believes in God? And what about Cary, who has never had the best relationship with Will? And, obviously Diane, where it’s been almost like a marriage. And Michael J. Fox, who comes back into this [as attorney Louis Canning]. There are two earthquakes in this season — one was the split up of the two firms, and the other is [Will’s death], and you will see how it plays out over the next seven episodes.

TVLINE | How does this affect Alicia and Peter?
ROBERT: Having something end like this in her life doesn’t just make her question her love life, it makes her question all of her choices in her life. Did she make the right choices in her life and career? And it’s complicated by the fact that Will was not the [most] ethical guy, either. It’s a little bit of a mix of whether she’s doing the right thing with her life on five or six levels.

TVLINE | What was the experience like writing this episode?
ROBERT: It wasn’t pleasurable. It wasn’t a pleasurable tragedy. I’m sure when some great playwrights write tragedies they feel good afterwards — like, “Wow, that cleansed my spirit.” That wasn’t this. It really was the loss of an actor who we so much enjoyed writing for. And it’s also a character who won’t come back, and that didn’t make it happy. There was no joy in this at all, unfortunately. There was this tension in the air over what we were doing.

TVLINE | Was there a Plan B that had Will go to jail or leave town?
ROBERT: We didn’t have a Plan B because we knew in some way that Will-Alicia love wasn’t the George Clooney-Julianna Margulies love like on ER. It was a relationship that would always be there in the background for Alicia, even if Will went to Amsterdam or something to work. You’d always have this sense that, “That’s the real relationship.” So it didn’t seem like the best way to keep making Alicia an underdog — an underdog emotionally, an underdog in her career. The better way was to pull the Band-Aid off and make Alicia face, “OK what is my life about? Is it about Peter? Work? Power?” It felt like that jolted Alicia into the better place.

TVLINE | It would seem like this event would give you the perfect opportunity to bring the two firms back together.
ROBERT: Within the next two episodes a lot of those questions get raised and are answered, either affirmatively or negatively.

TVLINE | How does Matthew Goode’s Finn figure into all of this?
ROBERT: He’s Alicia’s connection to Will’s last moments, because he was there [in the courtroom]. He was with Will. And it turns out he was fairly heroic in covering Will. And Finn was hit a few times with gunfire because of that. So Alicia feels a connection there. The problem is, the State’s Attorney’s office needs someone to scapegoat for the events because it becomes evident that Jeffrey Grant [played by Hunter Parrish] did not commit the crime he was accused of. So it becomes a little bit of a black eye for the S.A. office, and Finn is kind of caught in the political crossfire, for lack of better words, over the events that were a real crossfire.

TVLINE | Was Matthew brought in specifically to fill the Will void?
ROBERT: Yes. Josh created a great jolt of male energy in the show. We wanted an equivalent jolt once we knew Josh was leaving. So no matter what way Josh was leaving the show, we knew we needed to get more male energy.

TVLINE | Is there anything you wanted to do with Will that you didn’t get a chance to do?
ROBERT: I wanted to see him with his dad. There was a really good setup there, but [we worry about the personal stories] pulling us too far off the main track. And yet I love the story about a son who became a little more pragmatic financially because the dad was so profligate. That actually felt really ripe for Will and for a relationship.

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  1. Rob R says:

    Incredibly well kept secret. Wow.

    • Sara says:

      Sorry to hijack the first post, but I’m curious about the case. Wasn’t the suspect’s brother suspicious? How come they didn’t mention him?

    • Ro says:

      And with such a dynamic, mind-blowing ending that effing CBS STILL let Amazing Race run over and a lot of people missed it if they recorded it. Since they’ve done it so often (had to be damaging TGW’s rating in the process, I automatically dvr Mentalist and the news afterwards to catch the bleed over – no pun intended)

      • Dee Libretti says:

        ………………………………………………..this will be it for me, since it is my favorite show, ihave been so frustated with the amazing race running into its time, that i almost stopped watching it altogether. Last night as I eagerly waited for it to come on, It was too late, and I fell asleep just before the horrific end. I had to be inconvienced to watch it this morning on my demand, good thing I have it. I will not be an avid follower of The Good Wife anymore.

        • KeithH says:

          Sports runs long and pushes the schedule back… and if you follow CBS on twitter or facebook – they announce the start times for shows when they are pushed back so people can properly set a DVR to record or allow someone to tune in at the right time…

        • Lulu says:

          that’s just silly

      • Sally says:

        It isn’t an issue of CBS letting the Amazing Race run over. The NCAA game ran 41 minutes into 60 Minutes’ time slot, which then pushed 60 Minutes, The Amazing Race, The Good Wife, and The Mentalist all out 41 minutes. You can sign up for a CBS EyeAlert to let you know what time your Sunday shows come on in case of a sports runover.

        • Marc says:

          In this day and age, DVRs should be capable of dynamically adjusting for overruns. Perhaps, in five or ten years, technology will catch up. For now, I am stuck with a two tuner Time Warner Cable DVR with very limited ability to manually adjust the start and end time forward and back.

          • Candi says:

            OR just record The Mentalist afterwards which is what i do just to make sure I don’t miss it

      • Karen C. says:

        As bad as it sounds, we actually gave up watching TGW because of all the sports bleed on Sundays. In order to record the CBS Sunday shows we want to see, we have to record until about 1:30 or 2:00 a.m. That’s ridiculous! We are sports fans, too, but someone in the PTB MUST see how disruptive this is to people who don’t have TiVO or Dish Network! Seems like they only see the $$$, not the viewers exiting and going to other channels!

      • Eveline Grimes says:

        again I will say please, please, please get The Good Wife away from that Race show or at least put the Race show after the Wife show

    • MJ says:

      I can’t imagine the Good Wife without Will Gardner. I never did like Michael J Fox’s character in the Good Wife and hope he doesn’t have a permanent role on the show. I feel he looks foolish rather than sly. Hope a strong Will-like character will replace Josh’stalented role and hope Kalinda maintains her loyalty to Lockhart Gardiner based on her deep friendship with Will. Kudos for bringing in Matthew Goode.

      Josh Charles — PLEASE have another show in the works so your fans can continue to adore you!

      • PattyLouWho says:

        I agree on Michael J Fox. We need another Studley man to replace Will. It just might affect my viewing. Sorry MJF.

      • K J says:

        I so agree, this was such a shocking episode and I can’t imagine watching the show knowing we’ll never see Will Gardner again. I loved the character he played on the show and wish him we’ll as he moves on with his life and career. I sincerely hope Josh Charles finds something that works for him and allows his fans to keep enjoying him for years to come!

    • Pattie Voss says:

      How on earth could you RUIN the “The Good Wife” show with the death of Will Gardner; to me this secret love made the whole show.

    • ME Madzel says:


  2. Salimah says:

    Still so angry and devastated right now. I need time to process what I just read.

    • kaemicha says:

      I could not be more shocked. I want this undone!

      • KeithH says:

        Did you miss this in the article: “And make no mistake — Will is dead.” ?? It’s done. You can want it undone till cows come home and beyond – it ain’t happenin’.

      • firstroyal says:

        But that’s not why people watch TV. Clever things make people feel stupid, and unexpected things make them feel scared You see? TV audiences don’t want anything original. They wanna see the same thing they’ve seen a thousand times before.- Phillip J Fry 2099

        • My wifey says:

          This is so beautiful Simon. U are the most amazing person I have ever met. Im so lucky to have you. You Have A Beautiful Mind,Body, and Spirit. This is the best gift anyone has ever gave me. Thank U For Showing Me U.

  3. Britt says:

    I’m still not happy, but hopefully Kalinda and Alicia can repair their relationship. I don’t even know if I can watch this show after this. This literally like the 5th character to be killed off of 1 of my shows this season alone!!!!!!!

    • Tav says:

      Now would be the perfect time for Alicia and Kalinda to reconnect but it’s not gonna happen. How convenient that their phone call at the end of the ep was the cliffhanger, and we probably won’t even get to see Kalinda break the news to Alicia next week. The Kings have a 1+ year streak of keeping them apart and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to ruin it now just because Will’s dead!
      Moreover, the Kings don’t even mention Kalinda in their ruminating about the “outcome of all of this on all levels in Alicia’s life.” I guess his death will have zero impact on their relationship. Makes perfect sense and is totally ~believable and ~realistic.
      And it’s SO great that Matthew Goode will function as Alicia’s connection to Will in his last moments, I mean it’s not like Kalinda could serve that purpose, she only busted in there after the fact and saw him briefly. I’m sure Goode’s character will provide a lot of comfort and insight about Will at the end of his life. Granted they were basically strangers and Kalinda is/was actually WILL’S FRIEND and colleague, but it totally makes sense that Alicia would latch on to this new person. A++ writing and logic, get those accolades.

      • Chris Reeves says:

        I realize you mean this sarcastically, but frankly it IS great writing. I think Alicia and Kalinda may work to repair their relationship at some point.. but let’s cover the bases.. Alicia was disappointed to find out that Kalinda slept with Peter, she was basically betrayed by her when she and Carrey left the firm. Alicia would want to talk to the person who was there, at the scene, when it happened. That’s not Kalinda.

        I think if they made this the thing where Alicia ran to Kalinda, it would feel forced and contrived.. just too convenient. I think it’s much better – infinitely better – to have an event occur where the people around him were mostly strangers. Because in a situation like this, I tend to think that’s how it would likely happen.

        This season of TGW has been Mad Men Season 1 level good.

        • Tav says:

          What’s forced and contrived is the ever-growing list of instances where the two characters are kept apart. And not because it makes sense but because the Kings bend over backwards to ensure they never even cross paths or have any kind of interaction–for over a year–even when they were both still at LG.
          Alicia doesn’t have to “run to” Kalinda in the wake of Will’s death, but at least touch base and grieve; they both knew and cared for Will. But we won’t get that, from the new promo we see Alicia running to Diane and (per old spoilers) we know that THEY will rekindle their bond. But of course there will be no such catharsis for Kalinda and Alicia; Alicia will have to settle for crying on Diane and the new guy’s shoulder.
          As for him, it’s one thing to “want talk to the person who was there” (and have Goode’s character serve in a one-off role), and it’s quite another to make him an instant regular character (the new “male energy” on the show) and someone Alicia will instantly have dealings with. THAT is what’s convenient.
          At this point I wouldn’t be surprised in the Kings get rid of Kalinda too by the end of the season, since there’s so little she’s allowed to partake it. They already planted the seed of her wanting to leave LG in that conversation with Will, so now we’re just one “exploding” storyline away from her being disposed of as well.

          • ultimate troll says:

            And maybe Kalinda will “touch base and grieve” with Alicia but that can’t really happen until the next episode can it? Also, for whatever reasons (iykwim), they writers established that the Kalinda/Peter thing was just too much for Alicia to incorporate into her friendship with Kalinda.

            But hey, you’re post seems like a lot of venting and pre-hating so enjoy that.

      • xx says:

        Tav- the preview for the next episode shows more of the phone call from Kalinda.

        • Tav says:

          Thanks for the heads up, though I already saw… Alicia doesn’t say a word beyond “hello” and then hangs up on her. So even when they finally “talk” the Kings have managed to avoid an actual conversation taking place. They’re nothing if not consistent (in that regard); it’s almost comical.
          Also with Kalinda being the bearer of bad news they probably have another ~reason for Alicia to be angry with her (shooting the messenger and all). Gotta admire that determination.

  4. Aaron says:

    Kudos to the Kings for making such a bold and exciting choice. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • I Agree! It really propels the show in another direction….

    • The execution of his death was brilliant. I was almost unsure as to what had just happened, even after the credits rolled. When he was laying on the floor in the courtroom and the audience could see his shoeless foot, I thought, “has to be Matthew Goode’s character”. Even in the hospital, I thought the same thing even though all logic pointed to his death. I loved the character, but…wow!

    • Natatat says:

      I think I would have been upset if this was done in an earlier season. Since this is Season 5, we’ve already had a nice long time to enjoy Will’s character. Plus the creators hands were a bit tied with Josh Charles deciding to leave. I was happy with the episode and what it means for the future direction of the show.

      I thought the show did a great job with the actual shooting scene and at the hospital afterwards. It kind of made me feel like how it might have been if I was there. Likely you don’t see the actual shooting, but maybe you hear it. And then you witness and experience the confusion/disbelief of the characters right along with them. I liked that we didn’t actually see Will get shot…that would have felt a bit over the top. Focusing on the confusion rather than the gore was a good call. And the scene at the hospital, where they are confused about where Will is and how he is doing, and then they discover he is already dead….that seemed very realistic to me. In a big trauma incident like that, I would think there would be a lot of confusion in the early minutes/hours.

  5. JJM says:

    And to think I was going to write in a question to AskAusiello next week as to whether Josh Charles would be renewing his contract for next season.

  6. Walter Freeman says:

    I’m conflicted, but given how much respect that The Good Wife crew has earned in the last five years, I have faith, for now, that tonight will not mark the beginning of the end. I trust there’s plenty of good storytelling left to be told. Time will tell.

  7. rachelle says:

    I’m so depressed. I can’t stop crying!

  8. Kristin says:

    I am so pissed! Will was a key, main character of this show and his absence will be too hard to look past! Why do shows do this? Mark and Lexie? Several main characters on the Walking Dead? Mrs. Landingham? Lady Sybil? Seriously, killing off beloved and important main characters for shock value is absolutely ridiculous. I hate every part of this. I don’t know how to watch The Good Wife anymore.

    • Big Mike says:

      Josh Charles was leaving the show. He was so integral to the universe of the show, that having him just move away would leave a shadow over the show forever. He needed to be GONE, period.

    • Kristin, did you READ the interview? Josh Charles was leaving the show. The writers considered their options and decided that the best story for them to tell would be for Will to die… that way they tell the fallout of how it affects different characters, Alicia specifically. And, since the show is ABOUT Alicia, that makes perfect sense. If you don’t understand THAT, then you probably shouldn’t continue to watch The Good Wife. It’s not the show for you.

    • Joann says:

      I totally agree, show will not be the same with the loss of one of the main characters. I know Josh was leaving the show but the writers could have given Will & Alicia one last moment together to say their piece. They loved each other and it would have been nice for them to each have 1 last moment to express how much they really did love each other, at Will’s death. The base of the show was always about Will & Alicia’s relationship….watched each week to see them interact together, whether on good or bad terms. That was the only reason I watched each week. Always thought they would end up together….sad that they will not & sad that they never told each other that they loved each other.

    • You know that the actress who played Mrs. Landingham died and that’s why her character was killed of The West Wing, right?

      • Bill says:

        Wow. You could not be more wrong. She continued to appear in flashbacks on The West Wing long after she was killed off near the end of Season 2. And she appeared years later for several seasons in Desperate Housewives. The irony is that her character died in the finale of DH, and then the actress died a short time later in real life. She had lung cancer in real life, and the show folded that in.

        • EJ386 says:

          Weird for some reason I also thought she died… And I’ve seen both Joan of Arcardia and Desperate Housewives. Never for a moment I caught on to the fact that she obviously was still alive. I feel stupid now.

      • John says:

        The actress did not die. She played God sometimes on Joan of Arcadia. She even showed up once or twice on West Wing after the character died in Bartlett’s imagination.

    • Pattie Voss says:

      I agree. To me the show is ruined!!!!!!

    • Celina says:

      I agree! I don’t care if he is leaving the show, I don’t want Will dead! I would prefer if he decided to move to another city or country. Ok, I get it that the writers thought this way the love would continue to be there, without closure. But THAT’S life.

  9. TaMara says:

    The writing on this show never disappoints. Kudos.

  10. Big Mike says:

    I guess I don’t understand why Grant targeted Will. He was obviously working hard to free him. It’d make more sense for him to target the prosecutor, the judge, the lying witness on the stand, etc. Maybe he did and Will was just hit unintentionally. I hope that is clarified.

    • rowan77 says:

      We don’t know that he did target Will or just started shooting out of a sense of fear, panic and extreme stress. If you remember, the opening of the show with the rock soundtrack was his POV. He was not completely in his right mind. He gets beat up in holding, repeatedly, and is afraid of solitary – although that’s where he’s headed. He wasn’t in his right mind and he snapped.

      I though Will was a fantastic character. So flawed, yet strong and righteous most of the time. Josh Charles played him with such swagger and fun, but also intensity and heartfelt. I’m very sad to see him go and while I feel, at this moment, that this could be the start of a decline in the show, I am willing to see how the show handles the change of male leads. Josh Charles was a real presence on the show. I will miss seeing him on my TV every Sunday night.

    • EJ386 says:

      To me it looked like him getting paranoid and thinking they [judge, Will and hot-new-guy] were laughing at him. Could be unintentional, but also frustration against the one person he believed was helping him, letting him down [at least in his warped mind]. I’m curious to get an answer too.

      • tatiana says:

        Hot new guy?! Lol I only saw that goofy prosecuter who has ted bundy eyes! You must be gay. The hot guy was murdered. Will was shot in the neck he was the only hot guy in that scene.


  11. abz says:

    Never have I had as much confidence with the writers, cast, and crew of a show than I have with this show, and while I’m still devastated that Will is gone, I will continue to watch TGW religiously till the end because it is one of my favourite shows and can’t wait to see what direction they take..
    I really appreciated the fact that they wanted to stick so close to reality and I enjoyed the interview. You never control when these terrible things happen or when you get the phone call that someone dear and close to you has died. I hope we can see more of Will in future flashbacks beyond next week’s episode.

    • James Butler says:

      I like most of your comment b ut I disagree about more of Will in flashbacks. ‘WILL IS DEAD’; Let the show move forward with Alicia trying to get her bearings, Will was “one” character in the show about a WIFE trying to find her place in life. A lot of you will miss Will, good (I am not one of them) but I am sure TGW will still be one of the best shows on TV.

      • abz says:

        I’m not saying he has to be in flashbacks every week multiple times a season, but it would be nice once in a while or at least once next season if they brought Will back kind of like the way they did the flashbacks with John Noble. TGW reuses a lot of their clients and often reopens cases and while I get that you won’t miss the character, he still was a significant part of the show, so if they give him the opportunity to guest star again, I think it would be great.
        I agree with you about TGW being one of the best shows on TV. The writers have rarely ever let this show down and I can’t wait to see what direction they take next.

  12. Lynn says:

    You can explain it all you like, but I still don’t like it.

    • Liza says:

      Ditto to Lynn’s comment…I re-watched the episode to see again each character’s last interaction with Will…..No matter how you explain it, I don’t like it
      I will continue to wear my “TEAM GARDNER” tshirt!

  13. TV Gord says:

    Only a show as good as this one can devastate viewers with a character’s death. This is no time to quit watching. As much as I will miss Will and Josh, watching everyone cope with what happens next will certainly be compelling television. I’m grateful that this wasn’t kept until the season finale. That would have been hard to bear.

    • Guest says:

      The people who always whine about characters being killed off and vowing never to watch again are such a small unstable minority anyway.

      • neha says:

        That’s not true. A lot of shows have lost a significant part of their audience (and have thus been cancelled, or at the very least verge on cancellation) because of a death of a main character. Many of them have lost critical acclaim, as well. Prison Break (after Sarah), Downton Abbey, and Dexter come to mind. I *hope* that doesn’t happen with TGW, but it’s certainly not unprecedented.

      • Pattie Voss says:

        In response the the so called Comment by Guest about the people that always whine about characters being killed off are such a small unstable minority anyway is so unstaple that the person would not even put their name on the post. We are not unstable, it is just a few good shows left that interest me, and “The Good Wife” was my favorite. To me it acted out real life and the death of Will Gardner ruined it for me. The writers should have done ANYTHING to keep Will on the show.

        • Amy says:

          “ANYTHING?” Care to go into detail on the things the writers could have done to force Josh Charles to stay on the show?

  14. Tina B. says:

    The Kings can talk about being real with Willicia all they want but, this is a big F-U to all Willicia fans, thanks for treating us all like garbage for your idea of creative art.

    • Big Mike says:

      The actor chose to leave. What would you have them do, have Will move to Maui or something? Giving you some sort if false hope that they’ll get back together, which can’t happen….because the actor CHOSE to leave.

    • abz says:

      This show is so much more than just about shipping Willicia.

      • Christy says:

        Exactly. Plus, they’re right. They’re not real people, and the writing does follow a dramatic structure. I thought they’d set it up REALLY clearly that Will and Alicia were not going to end up together in the end. Their passion didn’t really seem like it would translate into an every day relationship. Will as step-dad never seemed like an actual possibility.

        • James Butler says:

          So many people focused on the Will/Alicia aspect of the show that they completely missed the CORE aspect of the events. The show is about a married woman and mother having to decide how to move forward after being humiliated by her husbands behavior and how she can get her life back on track. The affair was just a small part of the whole recuperative life changes. If the show was all about Alicia and Will it would not have been titled TGW.

        • suzi says:

          The ultimate problem with Will leaving is that Alecia as a character is actually extremely boring and one dimensional without Will [ who was her shadow side] Her saving grace was the fact that boring and fundamentally spineless Alecia was tempted by the incongruous Will Gardener who could lead her into temptation and thereby offer her some liberation from being a well educated but boring and sexually repressed housewife who never really had the guts to tell her creepy husband that sleeping around is not really okay.The most effective dynamic has always been the sexual tension,the underlying potential between will and Alecia.Peter is a creep.We knew that from day one.The fact that she is loyal to a creep reinforces her weakness as a character who acts unconsciously – driven by traditional values rather than truth and honesty.Her shadow side is completely repressed;her agendas are always played out in subversive ways.True – she openly drinks too much.The minute she walks into her front door she dashes for a bottle of wine.But she is ultimately a woman without true opinion.And she can’t keep her liquor.

          Will as a character was sexy.The physical reality of the two of them together didn’t work however.The chemistry did not match up to expectation.as a matter of fact,watching Alecia iron a shirt would have been more fun than watching her trying to be passionate in an on screen sex scene with Will.Also – she looked like his mother.

          • abz says:

            Luckily not everyone shares your opinion. I have no idea what has kept you watching this far with all this hatred you seem to have towards her character. She is far from boring. “One dimensional”? LOL are you serious?
            ” who never really had the guts to tell her creepy husband that sleeping around is not really okay” –> If that’s true, then why did she slap him after the speech? Why did she kick him out when she found? Also, what kind of idiot needs to be told the cheating is not okay?
            And as I much as I want her to move on from Peter, the truth is that the man has done his best to make up for his mistakes in the amount of time this show has been on the air. He has changed and become better and tried to love Alicia even though deep down he probably always knew that no matter how hard he tried to make up for the things he did, Alicia didn’t really feel the same way he did anymore.

      • Dot says:

        Totally agree. In a way, I’m glad that the “Willicia” train has left the station never to return.

    • 'A' is Alive says:

      I’m really getting tired of all these shippers! Glee, Teen Wolf, Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, and so many more have a LOT of shippers who get so angry at the writers/producers for throwing in suspense in their favorite ships and want to go on the defense. Like, come on now! What else could they have done?! Moved him away which would have left fans hoping he would come back and when he didn’t, more complaints. Now they know he’s not coming back and its for the best. Some good storytelling will come from this. And if you shipping fans can’t understand the point of view of everyone behind TGW, then this show is not for you or any show that has relationships for that matter. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, folks.

      • I think that many viewers were invested in the Will/Alicia dynamic. It was interesting and sexy. Although I am very excited to see where this tragedy will take all of these characters, I can understand why some viewers might react passionately to his death and the death of the relationship. Passionate viewers are a good thing for a show.

    • EJ386 says:

      I actually applaud them for a clean break. The actor wanted to leave and they wrote to accommodate that and still give a good story. There is a German soap [Verboten Liebe] with a hugely popular couple and one of the actors wanted to leave. They decided to not break them up but give them a long distance relationship. It made the person who stayed literally one of the most boring characters on TV. I still watch because I need to keep up my German language skills and soaps are so much easier to follow, and I’m not that good. Although they were my favourite way back when I’m desperately wishing for them to break up now. So now I’m an avid fan of a clean break.

    • Natatat says:

      This show is so much more than Will+Alicia. This show is clearly written to reflect real people and their experiences. In the real world, just because two people have great chemistry doesn’t necessarily mean they end up together. Like Alicia, there is family and obligations to consider that get in the way. The fact that Will and Alicia never did get to really be together in the end seems pretty realistic to me…even though it would have been nice to see that.

    • LureeL says:

      OMG people grow up, really!! Willicia fans?? It’s a TV show people, not real life, characters die on these shows, they get replaced, the show goes on. If you don’t want to watch it anymore so be it, you choice, but stop crying and bellyaching over what happened. Josh Charles wanted to leave he was written out of the show, however the writers handled it it’s over and done with, stop being crybabies over it.

    • Lonestar262 says:

      They may just be characters , and it may just be a show….but people get invested into it. it is a nice getaway from real life. and why all the hate for shippers? so what if someone enjoys wishing 2 characters were together. we all enjoy shows in different ways. so absolutely bummed at this plot twist. at least we know what us willicia fans have known all along “he loved her”….according to the promos from “the last call” :)

  15. MP says:

    Their relationship ran out of steam? I felt like it barely got started and I’ve been waiting for them to be together again ever since.

    • Dot says:

      The relationship DID run out of steam. It was almost non-existent.

      • dana says:

        It did not. Alicia tearfully and unwillingly ended it after she realized how it was consuming her life and negatively affecting her relationship with her kids. The characters were revisiting sweet memories and having flashbacks of passion-filled encounters all the way upto the end. As recently as their chance meeting in the cafe, Will told her that she couldn’t be sure it wouldn’t have worked out between them, as personal and professional were separate things.

    • James Butler says:

      Sorry you were disappointed in the relationship not turning out as you hoped but let’s see how Alicia handles the tragedy.

  16. Shaun says:

    So Matthew Goode’s character is now a permanent(or recurring)? I know a lot of ladies fancy him, but too soon, too soon.

    • EJ386 says:

      Never too soon for Matthew Goode to be on our screens. Reading the interview it sounds like the character will be fired and be either hired or represented by Alicia.

      • tatiana says:

        Are you a pr rep with, the show? I just saw this episode as I am an ex-pat and I can tell you definitively that unless you are a lesbian mathew goode WILL not do it for you- pun intended. I am a sensible and sensitive individual and feel it was extremely selfish and irresponsible for the writers to have will murdered. I tuned into this show on netflix because I could count on it not being csi; I.e, being an intelligent non-grizzly form of entertainment that I could watch with my daughter.
        I have changed my mind after this family show chooses a horrible death for its most beloved character. Is mathew goode gay or is he just goofy and weird. His eyes are strange, he is not goodlooking and he is irritatingly effeminate. “Male energy”. The kings are tactless no-talent hacks.
        Josh charles has humour and a beautiful tender masculine soul conveyed through beautiful puppy dog eyes this weirdo mathew goode has ted bundy eyes. Period!
        My daughter was extremely upset by the unnecessarily violent episode. I turned it off and consoled her. I was also actually shocked and upset after investing four years of my life in what I thought was a decent show- rare for america.
        But now I see as with anything else in my former homeland this was a hateful decision made to ensure josh charles could nnever return if he decided he might want to in the future. Who is responsible for will’s replacement? She is a moron who doesn’t know what the word hot means. I will not be watching.

  17. fanagain says:

    I’m glad Josh Charles didn’t renew his contract. Finally, we’re done with the stupid love triangle and the back-and-forth. His character was played out, there was nowhere interesting to go anymore. Finally, a chance to get excited again!

    BTW: Glad that Cary suggested/reaffirmed that Kalinda is bisexual. We need a lot more diversity when it comes to women and bisexual characters are way, way underrepresented!

    • Christy says:

      Yes!! Loved that Kalinda bit.

    • bradinca says:

      Was there any doubt that Kalinda was bi-sexual ? No — there was zero doubt. But it was still an interesting arc to hear HIM say they had a “relationship”. And Alicia knew too, c’mon … and it is part of what has always made Kalinda such an interesting story. Simply not enough bi-sexuals on network TV :-). Especially one who can be so HOT when with either sex. I’m really glad the ex- is out of the picture. Next week will surely be a tear-jerker episode. I’d like to see Will’s DAD now at least.

  18. Debra says:

    As sad as I am that Will was killed off, Josh Charles wanted to leave the show and I, as a viewer, have to respect that choice. A year ago, I would have been one of the first freaking out but after the real life deaths of some of my favorite actors from movies and TV, it has put things into prospective for me that at least we have the ability to watch whatever TV Show or movie Josh Charles works on next.

  19. Cyberologist says:

    It sucks!

    To be blindsided like this, after hoping for so long.. Will is my favorite character; so I’m thoroughly disappointed they didn’t take another route for his exit; I didn’t like him being killed off; No longer a loyal viewer; I’m sure there will be great performances coming up so I’ll watch the aftermath.

    They can explain all they want do their damage control but I am pretty much done. Alicia and Will was why I watched for the most part. The show’s pulse is gone for me. I get Joss wanted out and only stayed per request. I wish the show I watched for five years well and and the best of luck to Josh new endeavors but I’m out after this season.

  20. karamunting says:

    This The Good Wife sucksss!!! They kill Will. Well, five years, five seasons I’ve followed, and now I’m done. I’m angry, disappointed, and DONE. No chance I watch that F show again.

    No Will, no show!!!

    Sorry Kings, I’m one of millions TGW fans who leave your show today!

    • Dot says:

      I highly doubt the show is going to lose millions of fans because of Will’s death. BUT….millions of viewers would have left IF the show put Will and Alicia together!

    • You’ll be back next Sunday, no matter what you might say on these boards.

    • Chris Reeves says:

      It has already been renewed for next season. So, I don’t think they are worried. In fact, I think the fact it was renewed gave them the guts to go for a decision like this one

    • D says:

      I completely agree. I’m done with the show now. I gave it a try and watched the 6 episodes after, but it just sucks. Looks like they are scrambling to try and find a story to give us but it’s rotten. I watched the show for the main story line of Alicia and Will meeting up again. That WAS THE ENTIRE SHOW. Now it’s done. It’s crap since then. No offence to the other actors left, but it’s true.

      • abz says:

        LOL that was most definitely NOT THE ENTIRE SHOW. If you think that, then you clearly have not understood the entire show. It’s so much more complex than that. And They are far from scrambling to find a story given that they’ve been planning this out for some time now and they have planned ahead for the next season. This show is so much more than Willicia!!

  21. modwild says:

    The need a jolt of male energy? How about they utilize Cary Czuchry who has been standing by waiting for his time in the spotlight. He’s a partner in one of the main firms now. Can’t he be a leading male? Czuchry first, Goode second. Other than that, I’m happy to say I pretty much hit all of their points in my review so it’s nice to know I understood their aim.

    • Lucy says:

      Poor Czuchry. He’s doomed to wait for ever for his time in the spotlight. It will never happen.

      • EJ386 says:

        Too bad… he was awesome as Logan on Gilmore Girls [Still would have taken Jess over him any day, but he made a decent second choice], but gets so little room to shine here.

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    I’m having some minor security problems with my latest site and I’d like to find something more secure.

    Do you have any recommendations?

  23. themainfan says:

    So who cares josh is leaving? You hear of recasting?

    • abz says:

      I can’t tell if your joking or if you’re actually suggesting this.

      • themainfan says:

        I really don’t believe josh Charles is will Gardner. Will Gardner is will Gardner and any actor could play will Gardner. Josh Charles was the vehicle for will not will.

        • abz says:

          That may have been true BEFORE the show started and they hadn’t already cast the role of Will Gardner. It makes no sense whatsoever to even suggest recasting an established character played by a specific actor FIVE SEASONS INTO A SHOW.

        • 'A' is Alive says:

          Okay, seriously? You make no sense at all. That’s is seriously one of the stupidest things I’ve come across on these comment sections of late. Recast him? That’s an insult to him, the cast, crew, and all of the views of this show. Josh Charles WAS Will Gardner. Point blank. From the beginning when he first appeared on our screens, he was Will Gardner. That’s just how it is. Josh chose to leave and his character was killed off where fans won’t linger on thinking he would return if the character had moved somewhere else. Get over it and move on.

          • themainfan says:

            To the above comments. I know recasting is not really an acceptable practice anymore and I don’t even think I would really buy someone else as will but it was done in the past and game of thrones has a recast coming up. So anyway I know its not really acceptable anymore. Like when I said fin should continue to be on glee played by another actor – same reaction!

  24. Hattie says:

    I think the writers are writing a different show than I’ve been watching the past few years. Alicia as the “underdog”? What? I’ve seen her that way since season one. In fact, for the past year, I’ve viewed her as a bully, which is just about the opposite of an underdog. I view Will as more of an underdog than Alicia. The biggest problem with killing Will is that the writers effectively killed any hope for me that the show will have a happy ending. No reason for me to watch anymore.

  25. G_ashley23 says:

    I understand josh wanting to leave but man, this show just lost its heart. Alicia and Will have been the heart of this show since day one. I will always continue to watch, but I don’t know how the show will continue on. My heart is honestly broken today. I always thought Alicia would be with Will in the end, wherever the show was heading I had faith in their intense connection and wonderfully nuanced and complicated relationship to be endgame. I loved watching them together. I absolutely despise Peter and don’t see any chemistry between he and Alicia. Again, heartbroken.

  26. Keia says:

    I can’t believe it…I know it’s not real but I don’t think I’ll continue watching #whatthewhat?!?!

  27. bradinca says:

    Wow, what a shocker ! Not since the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones, or the end of the first season of Game of Thrones have I felt like this. And yes, it was a well kept secret for sure ! The fact that they shot more blood and gore for the scene, then chose to mostly have just audio from an adjacent courtroom was an interesting choice. Josh Charles will be greatly missed, but good for him that he could leave on his terms and move on to other projects as he wishes. And with the good graces and understanding of the other actors and creators. It gives new things to explore on The Good Wife, so, I hope the writing remains as strong as it has been. I won’t leave the fold, but I have to admit that the Will / Alicia relationship and arc was what made the show for me, so it WILL be an adjustment. I don’t know where they will go with the story for sure, but I’m just guessing that the two firms will merge, and that Cary and Alicia will be managing partners as well. Nice shocking episode !

  28. Christy says:

    I hated Will/Alicia together, but I loved Will as a character. I understand why he had to go but I’ll really miss him.

    • Sdr says:

      I feel the same, mostly. I found Will a character that I struggled to like at times. He was morally loose in terms of what he was willing to do to be a successful defense attorney. I didn’t like Will and Alicia as a couple. It came across as a rebellion for Alicia to have this fling – which was ‘forbidden’ on so many levels. It never seemed that it was a workable relationship as much as a way for Alicia to fully breakout of the timid, good wife role she played. It was a vehicle to move the character completely to the risk taker and the selective rebel. I don’t like Alicia-Peter either. But having the character try to hold together a marriage seems more realistic than this woman who tries to find a balance between doing her job as a defense attorney while retaining her morals (vs Will’s willingness to let things go a little fuzzy to get his client off a charge) than throwing it all away for something that always seemed more a physical connection than an emotional one.

  29. Robin says:

    Wow! SOOOO shocked! I agree with others that ya’ll BARELY touched on the steam between Alicia and Will!! I fear this will be used to clear Peter and that thought sickens me. I never expected a storybook ending but I did expect that maybe they’d ban together to destroy Peter. That she would walk away from that a**h*** for good and be intimate & passionate ” f-buddies”. Let Alicia be in power to call on him at whim. I know that there will be spiraling emotions and maybe some self destruction. I will continue to watch but if they’re trying to fill Will’s shoes with Michael J
    Fox’s character (whom I have loved for decades!) well.. good luck with that…

  30. APPB says:

    I will NEVER watch another episode of The Good Wife. Killing off Will for the sake of “drama” as mentioned above was a horrible decision. One of the biggest reasons I loved the show was for Will and Alicia’s relationship. I would be surprised if they keep as many viewers. I hope the actors get to continue however for me as a fan, no more. That was a crappy thing to do to your fans!!

    • abz says:

      You do realize that regardless of the method they killed Will off, there was no future for their relationship and Will would be gone anyways since Josh made the decision to leave the show.

      • Dot says:

        @abz: Good comment. It was JOSH’S decision to leave the show, not the writers. He probably realized that putting “Will” together with “Alicia” was a dead end and it was time to move on.

  31. Robin says:

    Wow! I am SOOOO shocked! I agree with others that ya’ll BARELY touched on the steam between Alicia and Will!! I fear this will be used to clear Peter and that thought sickens me. I never expected a storybook ending but I did expect that maybe they’d ban together to destroy Peter. That she would walk away from that a**h*** for good. And for Alicia & Will to be intimate & passionate ”f-buddies”. Let Alicia be in power to call on him at whim. I know that there will be spiraling emotions and maybe some self destruction. I will continue to watch but if they’re trying to fill Will’s shoes with Michael J Fox’s character (whom I have loved for decades!) well.. good luck with that…

  32. deb says:

    I think they could easily bring his chatacter back. they could say he had been in protective custody over the governor issue with the ballots or with the that guy he always represented that was into drugs and stuff

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      yeah…next week’s episode could start out with Alicia and Will taking a shower together and talking about this funny dream she had about being the governor’s wife and defense attorney when Willicia both know she’s a cunning little homemaker who always has dinner, a martini and designer lingerie waiting for Will after a hard day at the office…or Will could miraculously start breathing but in the post-surgery his face gets infected and they bring on a new Will actor with way-sexy facial scars (and hot new voice)…personally I commend how the writers handled this and that everyone involved took some high-stake risks…and I’m very invested in how subsequent shows rally round this

  33. deb says:

    I have not liked the episodes with Michael J Fox yet so I hope they don’t plan on using him as a permanent fixture

    • EJ386 says:

      This has me so much more upset than killing of Will. It’s a shame, but part of TV reality, sometimes actors just want something different and there is no other choice to be made, but why let Michael J Fox back on. He is so annoying [nothing against the actor, this really is the character.] He was written so we would hate him, and I do, so much so that watching him isn’t fun.

      • Chris Reeves says:

        I think that’s why this is a good move. The audience is programmed to hate him. So, when the firm wants to shore up their business after Will is gone, turning to Canning creates dissent – we’ve already seen some of it in the previews – and it gives us a whole list of new storylines. :)

        • EJ386 says:

          More people quitting and coming to Florrick Argos, that might be a thing. I must say without Will LG probably needs some new blood to keep being interesting. I just can’t stand the guy.

  34. greysfan says:

    I did NOT see that coming at all. WOW.

  35. Amber Lantz says:

    This was a good episode. Sad to see Will go and NOT happy that they’ll be bringing in Michael J Fox again. I have not liked him as an actor on this show at all.

  36. ivy says:

    i can’ t even
    i’m just so shocked
    and of all people to kill of will
    huge mistake for the show

  37. ScorpionGlow says:

    This was incredibly well kept for any show. Normally things slip, but I was stunned beyond words. I knew there would be an ugly ending, I just didn’t expect it the way it played out. Very sad to see Josh leave the show.

  38. Viv says:

    I want never ever to hear again that it is impossible to keep such spoilers in these days! Totally blindsided by this. When the Season 6 renewal came up I wondered if Josh Charles would renew it´s contract… and a few days after that (no kidding) I asked myself (I think because of Teen Wolf) if Good Wife would dare to kill off one its characters. The Good Wife, I applaud you… for suprising me and for making me truly sad about the death of a fictional character. So excited to see how this will play out over the rest of the season. That´s not a good way to start the week… not at all!

  39. fudgefase says:

    Was this the big death you’ve been talking about for ages? Has Josh got a new series lined up?

    • Francine says:

      No, he admitted that death was Ron Perlman on Sons of Anarchy. Though to be honest, I don’t know that anyone found his characters death to be very shocking while Will’s definitely was.

  40. Brock says:

    I was FLOORED! So didn’t see it coming!

  41. Sdr says:

    I think it says something about the writing and character that people are so passionate about his death.

    Seriously though, the appeal to shows (granted, it’s actually the books) like Game of Thrones is there is no formula …nothing is predictable. Anything can happen. Having Will die is more realistic to me than what happened on the Mentalist an hour later. I mean that? Please….

    • EJ386 says:

      The mentalist thing was with both of the actors leaving it was either both dead or both alive, otherwise there would be story left to tell with the one that did live. As they have a little girl and how she ends up wouldn’t make for an interesting storyline, but also couldn’t be left open, they would both live. That makes it predictable. Stupid to have him be shot twice however.

      • mrsdp says:

        Yeah, I knew the actors had both signed for a shortened season. I just thought the multiple shots to the chest, yet he gets up and saves the day piece was a bit stupid. :)

  42. MGL says:

    I was shocked and saddened. It felt like a family member had died. Life does have death. We have all experienced it, but this is TV, and television is not real life. Television is escapism and entertainment. I did not find this entertaining or necessary. The actor wanted to leave the show. Will Gardner could have been totally dissatisfied with the trial or Alicia and left for Los Angeles or NY to work in one of their other expansion law firms that were mentioned this season. Why kill the character? Will and Alicia were great together; had chemistry, which I don’t think the writers really knew how to handle. This show is not Homeland, or Breaking Bad or the Following, where you expect death. I was expecting a happy ending for Will and Alicia, as naïve as that was. Now Will can never return for an arc or to take her away at the end. There will be no happy ending. I will not be watching any more. I was not intrigued by the future episodes. They just looked sad to me. The Good Wife needed new writers not new characters.

    • wonderwall says:

      I think that your response is exactly why they killed him off. People weren’t expecting it, just like how people don’t expect the death of their loved ones in real life (unless they’re terminally ill). Also because of the naivety of fans, especially willicia fans who think that if Will just went away he could come back in at one point and sweep her off her feet. This is not what the writers would’ve ever really done based on this interview and past interviews, so the best way for them was to kill Will off the show so fans won’t be disappointed in the end when Will doesn’t come back (mostly due to the fact that Josh Charles won’t want to reprise his role).

      I for one am SUPER intrigued as to how this will change the characters and the dynamics between certain characters (Alicia/Peter, Alicia/Diane, Alicia/Kalinda to name a few). I guess it’s to each their own…

    • tatiana says:

      Here here. Read what I wrote above. I reside outside the us and we jst saw this violent piece of sh sensationalism two nights ago. No longer a fan miss wills sexy lips and puppy dog eyes. Mathew goode has eyes like ted bundy- total weirdo ha!

  43. christine says:

    It is clear that leaving was Josh Charles’ desire. He chose to go. I applaud the writers for making a tough choice which will propel the stories into new and interesting directions. I look forward to Matthew Goode and MJF.

    • ultimate troll says:

      The thing is it’s almost always presented to viewers as the actor’s choice. Usually so they don’t look like jerks for turning down a contract or so the show doesn’t look like cheapskates for not paying up. I agree, the Josh Charles interview really made me almost believe that he decided to leave. Almost. My best guess would be the show had to cut costs and they offered up reduced episode contracts and Josh said, “how about I just split?” and they said okay.

  44. Andrew Hass says:

    Because of the promos the last few weeks i had a feeling that someone on The Good Wife was going to die.However i’m shocked that it was Will.However having him die affects most of the characters on the shows and realizing it could have been any of them.Now i understand it was Josh Charles’s decision to leave and at least his character went out with a bang so to speak.Plus he could come back when Alicia has flashbacks of her past with Will.So even though Will is dead it doesn’t mean we won’t still see the character from time to time.

  45. Amy says:

    I can’t believe they kept this a secret as well as they did. Kudos!

    I get the anger and sadness. I was sobbing last night. But I don’t understand the threat to boycott the show. Especially because characters died on other shows recently? Josh wanted to leave the show, which means Will needed to leave the show or be recast. The latter would not have happened, and Will dying is really the only way to stay true to the character. He gets disbarred and totally abandons LG to move to Idaho? That’s not Will.

    I was glad Alicia and Will had slight closer. And that there was so much Kalinda/Will. My only complaint was that Will and Diane didn’t get a better one last moment together. Their friendship was my favourite part of the show.

  46. Lee says:

    Viewers understand that actors leave shows. However, the writers of The Good Wife not only chose a tragic and senseless ending to Will’s young, vibrant life (his own innocent client brutally kills him; they could have at least had Will die in an act of love dodging a bullet to protect another main character), but they also chose to not give viewers the space to mourn Will’s death by letting us immediately see scenes from upcoming episodes where everything appears to be back to normal as they attempt to replace Will’s position with the character played by Michael J. Fox. (No offense to MJF, but the writers did not set his new role up for success by showing us this immediately). This writers’ approach was extremely insensitive for the viewers, and it is understandable why the reactions from those who regularly watch the show (including myself) are extremely negative. This insensitivity to viewers’ needs might lead to the demise of this show.

    • Chris Reeves says:

      I don’t think that’s what is going to happen. They say in the interview above that a big part of the next episode. and from the preview before many episodes, are going to deal with the aftermath of Will’s death. I think that’s a very fitting tribute

  47. Kim R says:

    I did not realize that Josh Charles was leaving the show. Best kept secret ever! The episode was so well done. I am very glad for the light hearted exchange between Alicia and Will outside the courtroom. The fact that we were with Diane when the shots rang out was riveting television. It all was just so well done. I said to my husband that it would be like killing Gibbs on NCIS. I am going to miss Will’s character so much but The Good Wife has never let me down yet (except for the unfortunate Kalinda’s husband storyline :D ) so I have no worries about where they are going to take us next.

  48. kimpie says:

    I knew something was up with the show because CBS wasn’t releasing any episode descriptions of upcoming episodes as evidence on The Futon Critic. At one point, CBS had let it slipped that Will would suffer a heart attack during court. But, I’m happy as a clam that they killed his character off. He was nothing but a heel for Alicia.

  49. mich says:

    incredibly upset and angry. the eps leading up to this led me to believe that willicia was endgame. To hell with bad timing, I mean they didnt even had a proper conversation for their so unresolved feelings for FIVE freaking years. and i wished they had explored kalinda-will friendship so much more than they did after season 2.

    it’s been a journey but i’m done.