Once Upon a Time Recap: 'If I Only Had the Nerve'

Once Upon a Time RecapThis week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, your Easter egg hunt came a few weeks early, with more Wizard of Oz nods than you can shake a broomstick at. Meanwhile in the Enchanted Forest, Charming dealt with a hairy situation.

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IN FAIRYTALE LAND OF THE PAST YEAR…. | Now making camp in the Evil Queen’s castle, Charming dreams of Emma’s old nursery — and then gets a visit from adult Emma in a ball gown. As he helps her practice dancing for her first ball (and perhaps launches somewhere an entirely inappropriate ‘ship), Emma brings him back to reality by noting that this is the life she never got “because you failed me.” As she is sucked away into a portal, Emma tells her dad, “Don’t fail the next one!” — and then, just as David awakes, Snow delivers the news that she is expecting again.

When Charming can’t shake his anxiety over his new chance at fatherhood, Robin Hood suggests he seek out “night root,” to soothe his fears. After finding the root, Charming hears a cry for help from a tall tower. Scaling its wall (even thought there seemed to be a doorway to the side…?), Charming meets Rapunzel, who has been trapped there for years by a witch. When a hooded figure begins scaling the wall itself, Charming vows to save Rapunzel, but he is bested (and tangled) by the mystery person. The figure reveals herself to Rapunzel, and it’s… Rapunzel. (Some mystical hooey about “facing your greatest fear,” in this case the princess’ doubts about being a queen, dead brother guilt, etc.). Rapunzel decides to “let it go” (let it gooooo), chops her tresses and the figure perishes. She then is reunited with her folks.

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IN STORYBROOKE, Once Upon a Time RecapNINE MONTHS LATER…. | Locked up in Zelena’s storm cellar, Rumple is obviously mad — the “straw” man lost his brain, did he? — but can’t gain the upper hand on his captor because she has the Dark One’s Dagger. Which she then shaves him with, a truly magical feat since it has that wavy edge. And while she grooms him, she notes what they have in common, having had their outside appearances betray them in FTL. But here in Storybrooke, being not green and all, Zelena has a new opportunity. Later, she visits Gold’s shop, makes nice with Belle (before zapping her frozen) and then uses a drop of Rumple’s blood to open his safe and fish out some night root.

When a clue sends Emma and Hook to search the woods near the troll bridge, David and Snow meet with Zelena, who crushes the night root into David’s tea. (Anyone catch her saying to them, “Speaking of which…”? Tease!) He then sets out to join Emma and Hook…. Meanwhile, Regina and Henry have their ice cream date, during which he tells her about Walsh/the proposal and how it would have been nice to have an extra place setting at the holidays. “i think one day you’ll have more family than you know what to do with,” Regina tells the lad with a hopeful smile.

Back in the woods, Hook is evasive about his year preceding the journey to find Emma. And then he asks about Walsh and whether she had considered his proposal (pre-monkey business, of course). “Does it matter?” she replies. “Humor me,” he asks. Emma says yes, she did think about it, being in love as she was. But then as usual, the guy wasn’t who he said he was and her heart got broke. “If it can be broken,” Hook says, inching closer, “it means it still works.” They then spy a farmhouse (“You have to appreciate the irony,” Emma quips), take a look around (bicycle!), but stop short of opening the storm cellar, suspecting they’d need Regina’s hocus pocus to deal with any monkeys. David meanwhile has a sword fight with a hooded figure like Rapunzel’s, ‘cept this one is him. Long story short: Regina surmises the Wicked Witch used that ruse to “steal” David’s courage, by way of his broken sword hilt. With Regina now on hand, the group broaches the cellar, and inside all they find is a spinning wheel and samples of its golden product. “Rumplestitslkin!”

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What did you think of “The Tower”? Fun Oz nods aside, a bit filler-y on the FTL side?

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  1. Elle says:

    Anyone else really disgusted by how happy Hook was that Emma got her heartbroken. If you love someone you don’t want to see them in pain like that. Don’t know what the writers were thinking throwing that line in there.

    • abz says:

      I wasn’t and I don’t think Emma was either. Emma told him about how once again she was fooled by someone she thought she loved and it was pretty clear she was tired of being fooled over and over. He clearly loves her and I don’t think he’s happy that she got her heartbroken. Just happy that she hasn’t given up and closed herself off completely to the idea of being with someone once again when she’s ready.

      • Freddy says:

        That line wasnt meant to be taken in a negative way. Hook said her heart is working yes its broken but its working and will heal. Jeez do ppl not see what he waa saying coz this is Hook who is in love with Emma. Emma kinda got what he was saying. It reminded me of what Tin man said in Wizard of the Oz

      • Mary says:

        If he loves her as he claims, he should have been happy for her to have found love, not happy she had her heart broken. Makes him sound like a jerk.

        • abz says:

          Why you expect Hook to act like Charming or a regular normal kind man is beyond me. The man is a pirate. It’s a part of who is and it’s how he talks.
          Maybe in real life, a man saying that to a woman might not be received well by most women, but then again most woman won’t have a pirate talking to them and also, Emma is not most women. She’s complicated and it’s pretty clear from that scene that even though he came across a bit inappropriate or “like a jerk” as you put it, Emma understands him and understood what he was trying to say. She didn’t react all outraged like some people on this comment board.

          • janet says:

            amen. the man’s a pirate and has never claimed to be anything else. i’d like to see these same people get upset when Emma doesn’t act like a perfect “princess”.

      • Jenn says:

        You nailed it! Hook wasn’t taking any glee or joy in Emma getting her heart broken, he was just happy that she has one and as you said she hasn’t given up being in love. I personally love these 2 and their chemistry jumps right off the screen.. But not everyone likes it and that’s their choice, just like it’s our choice to love the 2 of them and want them together.

        • Svenja says:

          Exactly. The point of the scene was that he is glad she still lets people in. Of course he is “happy” she didn’t marry the monkey-monster. I mean he loves her… which man would want the person he loves marry some fake monster? Nobody. But really everyone who complains that he was “joyful” about her getting her heart broken, really didn’t get the point of the scene. It was about him seeing she hasn’t given up. And it gives him hope, too. They have great chemistry. Can’t wait to see more of that. I like that he isn’t perfect and makes mistakes. I think Hook is a “baddie” with a very bright side and big heart and Emma is a hero with a darker side. These two are complementary. It’s so interesting.

    • jenferner8 says:

      That was one of my favorite scenes! And Hook had a point, I’m not saying it was appropriate but at least we know Zelena doesn’t have Emma’s heart…yet. Besides given the look on her face it gave Emma something to ponder.

      • Mary says:

        We already knew that Zelena doesn’t have Emma’s heart. Why would you think that she’s going to get Emma’s? If Cora couldn’t take Emma’s heart, then Zelena wouldn’t be able to either. No one can take Emma’s heart out. Maybe not even Emma.

        • jenferner8 says:

          I meant in terms of Wizard of Oz theme, not necessarly literally. In context of the Emma/Hook scene it seemed half the point was to show that Emma still had her heart. I think it would be fun and interesting if she were the Tin Man, no heart, it could open some Regina/Henry doors.

      • janet says:

        i thought it was a great ship scene too. they’re not laying it on too thick like they’re doing with robin hood (who i still like) but i wasn’t expecting anything between them this episode so when the scene started I was like “EEK they’re having a DTR” yay!
        Coming from a totally biased shipper- can hook not get some credit for being one heck of a guy this season? all through the neverland plot he was riding backseat to Emma’s quest to save Henry and now he’s an errand boy for the new mission to save storybrooke- he really seems to be putting himself second maybe even third- with emma and her family as no. 1 that’s some major growth from a PIRATE who as been consumed with his selfish revenge vendetta for hundreds of years. his ongoing transformation is as compelling as regina’s which i also love watching
        this david-centric episode was really good, the show is really thriving. i hope they figure out who the witch is soon. it’s agonizing watching snow gush over zelina when we all know she’s an evil witch.

    • Joey says:

      I think they’re just continuing to show Hook how he normally is, the way I think the general public has seen him for awhile.

    • Lauren says:

      I thought it was strange that he was so disbelieving when it came to her loving Walsh. I think his ego makes it hard for him to see that she has feelings for other people that don’t revolve around him.

    • Danielle says:

      Okay, you’re being way too nitpicky. 1. He’s a pirate so yes, his people skills are a little lacking and 2. No, he wasn’t happy she was heartbroken, he was happy she didn’t marry the guy. Calm down, hater.

      • Ellie says:

        Please don’t call me a hater. I do infact ship CS and that’s why I was disappointed the writers chose to frame the scene that way because it makes Hook’s feeling look quite petty. Just because someone has a differing opinion from you doesn’t make them a hater :)

        • Meredith says:

          First, let me say that was a really calm, reasonable response. Slow claps for you; you actually seem Like a decent person on the internets, Ellie. But I do think his reaction had less to do with his reveling in her pain as it did relief that she didm;’t emotionally dissociate after she had to leave everyone but Henry behind at the midseason finale. She has so many abandonment issues, I half expected them to go that way with Emma myself.

    • Lauryn E. Nosek says:

      I saw the wording as a callback to The Wizard of Oz and the Tin Man. “Now I know I have a heart cause it’s breaking.” I think they’re doing a wonderful job of working those callbacks into this half of the season while still putting their own spin on the story.

      • Alex says:

        Yes! I was just going to say this. What were the writers thinking putting this line in there? Probably about the Tin Man. Clearly David’s the “lion” in the Oz story they’re creating, Rumple may be the “scarecrow,” and with that line, all signs are pointing toward Emma being the “tin man.” That line is a definite call back to the line in the film about how hearts can never be made perfect until they can’t be broken and the Tin Man’s recognition of having one. Very, very subtle and well done.

  2. So with the Wicked Witch having stolen David’s courage and Rumplestiltskin’s brain (sanity), whose heart will she be taking? Regina’s/Emma’s in the form of Henry? Snow’s in the form of the new baby? Or one of Storybrooke’s citizens actual hearts? Since those can be ripped out.

    More importantly, why was it only snowing at the Witch’s farm house and not anywhere else in Storybrooke?

    • Me says:

      I’m going with Neal’s heart being actually ripped out.

    • Meg says:

      Unless she already has Regina’s heart from FTL. Regina was attacked by a flying monkey right after she buried her heart. Maybe she has it, but it just hasn’t been revealed yet.

      • Cabenson says:

        We saw her put her heart back in and the rush of emotions she felt from that action. Then the flying monkey attacked.

    • Name This Tune says:

      Yup, we have The Cowardly Lion, The Scarecrow, and The Tin Man.
      Emma = Dorothy.

    • Laur says:

      It’s going to be the character with the most heart. Gold is the most cunning, David is the valiant knight. Maybe Snow, although I’m pretty sure she’s going to have the baby taken…

      • will says:

        Yeah, the baby is definitely the most clear-cut symbol of her “heart” and would explain why she wanted to get close to Snow and set up the most potential for future conflict.

        • Name This Tune says:

          Well there’s a theory out there that The Baby is born with a darkened heart because Snow has a darkened heart. So Wicked wants the baby, not Snow’s heart.

  3. abz says:

    It was an okay episode. Not as good as last week though,
    Rapunzel was boring and could have done with a little less Charming, but I did like the Emma/Charming moment at the beginning, although it got a little awkward when he picked her up and held her.
    Loved Regina’s smile when she found out Rumple was still alive and I liked her moments with Henry. Still loving the Wicked Witch. Rebecca Mader is so great in this role.
    Next week’s promo looks really good.

    • Mary says:

      Um. It was a Charming centric episode, so no they couldn’t do with a “little less Charming.”

      • abz says:

        Well Charming-centric episodes are the most boring to me, so I don’t have to like them. It’s just my opinion. He’s an ok character but far from my favourite.

        • Joey says:

          It’s actually kind of the same for me. I mean, take Hook for instance. I just don’t like his character at all, but I still like his centric episodes more than Charming’s because I just find Charming to be so boring.

          • abz says:

            Yeah, Hook’s few centric episodes have been more interesting than the majority of Charming-centric one’s put together. I think Charming only works well when he is incorporated into other character’s stories rather than his own story. Even most of the Disney movies/stories that OUAT uses (e.g., Snow White, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, etc.) typically don’t even care much about the Prince Charming and have him show up at the end of the movie for true love kiss/happy ending.

          • Mary says:

            I didn’t like Hook’s centric episode. It was terrible.

          • Joey says:

            @Mary: Agreed. It’s just that I think Charming’s are even worse, sadly.

  4. 777 says:

    This is the problem with this show, for every great 2 episodes there is a really boring one. Let’s hope next week’s will be a better one, the promo is looking promising

  5. Stormy says:

    This was a filler episode to me. Highlights were the head spinning doll a la Exorcist, Miss Gulch’s bicycle on the porch and how much Zelena reminds me of Bones. The CGI in the tower scenes was pretty bad, but Emma looked beautiful in her ball gown dancing with David. I give it a C.

    • Name This Tune says:

      Not a filler. They’re laying the foundation for a big payoff in May.

      • Stormy says:

        To each etc. The Rapunzel storyline was a waste of time IMO. The scene in Gold’s shop didn’t make sense because how would she know the crystals were there? David should have been suspicious enough not to drink the tea. And Emma knows better than to bring a gun to a magic fight [Maleficent/dragon]. Maybe they are setting things up, but it was pretty dull.

        • Name This Tune says:

          If you dismiss things, then you are not open to the possibilities. Just why does Zeeland know what’s in Rumple’s shop? Because she’s his daughter? Because she stole his mind? It sounds like you are one of the viewers who won’t like any thing they do, so why do you watch?

          • Stormy says:

            She’s Cora’s daughter according to her. I’m more inclined to believe Regina is his child. Stealing his mind doesn’t give her access to it. That would make him redundant. I needn’t defend my reason for watching to you. Apparently you don’t like anyone to voice an opinion that doesn’t agree with yours. Do us both a favor. In future just skip posts with my name.

        • Mary says:

          Who says guns won’t work on the flying monkeys though? They are people transformed into them, so she should be able to at least wound them if they came flying out.

        • janet says:

          she has the dagger all she has to do is ask him where stuff is. duh. i agree some people just want to hate.

  6. Aleana says:

    Love the episode Charming and Emma scene was so cute it confirm to me that Rumple isn’t Zelena father love Regina and Henry scene could careless about Emma and Hook scene even though I think Hook knows more then he letting on love the smirk on Regina face at the end when they realize Rumple is alive

  7. Kelsey says:

    Charming= Cowardly Lion
    Rumple= Scarecrow
    Neil= Tin Man?

    Loving the Wizard of Oz references!

    • Name This Tune says:

      Neal is definitely the Tin Man. Wasn’t it Dorothy who helped him get his heart back?

    • Claudia says:

      Actually in this episode Emma was the Tin Man. She is the one talking about having the broken heart is a direct reference to the line from the Wizard of Oz when the Tin Man says that he knew had a heart because it was breaking.

      • Name This Tune says:

        She’s looking for home.

        Regina told us the witch is stealing. She stole Rumple’s mind. Then she stole Charming’s courage. We know that Neal was pining for Henry and Emma. Stealing his heart makes sense.

      • robinepowell says:

        I think you’re right. Especially since we haven’t seen Neal since everyone went back to Storybrooke. I’m guessing he’s a flying monkey.

        • Joey says:

          Although it looks like he was shown in Storybrooke in next week’s promo. Any guess is valid at this point, I suppose. :P

        • Andy says:

          The only reason I think you’re wrong is I don’t see why producers would promote Michael Raymond-James to series regular if they only planned on using him for half a season. Although I don’t know for a fact, I think it’s probably safe to assume that once you cross the town line and become a flying monkey under Zelena’s curse, you don’t turn back; the same way that if you crossed the town line under Regina’s curse, you reverted and remained in your Storybrooke persona.

          • Mary says:

            It’s not crossing the town line that transforms you into a flying monkey, but a bite from one. Little John only got close to the line and was picked up. Later he had a bite to his shoulder.

          • Andy says:

            You’re right, my apologies. But the point stands otherwise.

    • Andy says:

      I’m actually thinking Neal is going to be The Wizard and that he orchestrated the whole thing with Zelena to get back to Emma and Henry, but she double crossed him.

      My guess for the Tin Man is going to be Hook. In a way, somebody else (i.e. Emma) already has his heart.

  8. Dan says:

    Props for them trying different camera techniques and overall cinematography. The close-ups on Zelena and Rumple’s eyes were beautiful, although they were used too much in that one short scene. Also, the movement of “Fear” was well-done!

    The scene where Zelena was making tea could’ve been very boring if not for the overhead shots, close-ups on the steam, and the shrieking noise that added to the intensity. It kind of reminded me of Lost.

    • janet says:

      i noticed that too! i really think they’ve been working on a new tone for this half of the season. they’re branching out, i like it!

  9. david says:

    Scared that i wil jinx it but so far this show is picking up again. def better then last year. (season 2 not neverland)

  10. Dave says:

    Too much Hook, writers keep shoving him down our throats to please the stupid CaptainSwan shippers. Also what if Neal took over Hook’s body?

    • Joey says:

      Don’t think so given Hook’s personality now matches how it’s always been, petty. Neal’s never really been shown to act that way, except when Hook kept trying to bait him in Dark Hollow.

    • Jeff says:

      Rather see Hook any day over grungy Neal.

      • Joey says:

        Waitaminute, Neal is grungy? Who is the character who hasn’t changed clothing since he first appeared on the show?

  11. Ian says:

    I just wonder what all the Oz stuff Zelena is doing now has got to do with her endgame revenge plans against Regina…

    Not much else tomsay about the episode though. The Charming father/daughter dream was weird, and the racial controversy regarding Rapunzel just seems all the sillier now considering how filler-y and short-lived her role was. And I really need this show to do more with Hook. Colin O’Donoghue is SO handsome and sexually magnetic (I just want to kiss that bit of chest and press our faces together and feel him whisper against my lips that he loves me all Irish-sounding and I’m not ashamed), but I find the Emma obsession so off-putting. I can’t enjoy the Hook character like this.

    • Joey says:

      I’d agree definitely about Hook. When he first appeared on the show, I was really intrigued with his character. I think after he and Cora arrived in Storybrooke, his single-minded obsession with revenge on Rumpelstiltskin was wearing a little thin. I know I wasn’t the only one complaining about it here. So I think the writers took that and thought, “Well, we have to end this revenge thing. Oh, I know, we’ll have him become obsessed with Emma instead!” and now we have the Hook we have now, who is so far and away from who he was when we met him, although not for any real discernible reason, yet he keeps showing these shady, creeper aspects of his character from before, and it’s just…not a good thing at all.

      • abz says:

        Don’t you think after X amount of years of seeking vengeance, it made sense and it was time for him to give it up? Remember that scene with Regina near the end of last season where he realized revenge really wouldn’t give him the satisfaction he craved all those years.
        I don’t think it’s odd that he is “far and away from who he was”. Characters change over time. He stopped seeking vengeance and fell in love with Emma. Of course he’ll be a little different this season than last season when he first came on, but they’re not just gonna get rid of his pirate personality all together. It will show itself every now and then.

        • Joey says:

          Well, see, I don’t think the show has done a good job of showing his change of character then. It doesn’t read as believable to me. To me, it came across as, “Hook’s revenge plotline isn’t working all that well, and he’s really popular…who do we incorporate him with?…what to do….oh, here’s an idea! Let’s pair him with Emma!” I’ve rewatched S2 several times and rewatched S3a, and I honestly see no buildup to him having feelings for Emma whatsoever.

          • Andy says:

            She’s a challenge for him. She keeps him on his toes.

          • Joey says:

            @Andy: Even if that is true, it wasn’t written well enough to be believable.

          • missvci says:

            please from their first episode their was flirtation. He was eyeing her as they climbed up the beanstalk. Hook switches allegiances to suit his needs, but that doesn’t mean he switches his feelings. He’s had an instant attraction to Emma, that developed into feelings of love. And he did act out of his vengeance by hurting rumples girlfriend and stabbing him, even though it didn’t work. And perhaps the reason he hasn’t tried again is because he found a new love.

          • Joey says:

            @missvci: Even if there was an attraction for Emma in that episode, it still doesn’t mean it blossomed into full-blown love so quickly. It’s unbelievable. In addition, you said it yourself. Hook switches allegiances to suit his needs. Assuming he wants Emma right now, what makes you think that if he had a chance to get Emma, and it meant screwing over everyone in Storybrooke, do you think he’d do it? Do you think that makes him good for Emma? Do you think Emma would even want to have anything to do with someone who would do that? I’m all for redemptions for villains, but Hook’s not even looking to be redeemed. He doesn’t see anything wrong with anything he’s done, no matter how troubling the audience may find it.

          • janet says:

            I disagree with there being “no build up”. In “Tallahassee” concrete things were laid down between them that are still playing out. Remember when he handed her a dead bean and told her he was done with her? Only to give her back a fresh bean at the end of s2? How much more symbolism does an average tv viewer need? He instantly liked her and was able to see through her- calling her a “lost girl” within 2hrs of knowing her- a revelation she spent an entire episode discovering s3a. I agree that as he continues to pine after Emma things can get lame, it would be better to see him doing his own thing. Hopefully we will in some upcoming episodes.

        • Mary says:

          Change over time, but not within a few days as they had him doing in Neverland. That was ridiculously fast. And like Regina they’re giving him pathetic reasons for change, not for a true change.

          • janet says:

            i think wanting to be there for her son is a good reason to change. she’s made it clear that’s her motivation.

    • Leslie says:

      I agree with you Ian about all the racial controversy regarding Rapunzel. It does seem silly now given how small and seemingly insignificant the story was. As I was watching the episode all I was thinking was that this Rapunzel fallout was much ado about nothing. It was actually disappointing given all the hoopla surrounding it. Oh well…at least it is over

  12. robinepowell says:

    Saw the bicycle with its Toto sized basket and thought, cute! The Oz references are really popping up.

    Now I can’t wait to find out what Zelena wants with everyone. ;)

  13. Deena says:

    Have to say I didn’t pick up on most of these clues so it makes the episode better than I initially thought. Still a bit of a filler. Rapunzel seemed pointless. And all I kept thinking of when she & David were facing the fear of themselves was the episode of Charmed when Phoebe is in a nightmare being chased & it winds up being herself. Practically the same premise. Good old Barbas.

  14. Andy says:

    I’m mildly surprised nobody’s tossed this theory around: Henry as Dorothy. Dorothy’s whole endgame, if you wanna call it that, in The Wizard of Oz is to discover there’s no place like home, which is perfect for memory-less Henry. Also, Dorothy chasing Toto down the yellow brick road, the same way Henry followed Emma back to Storybrooke, is what led her into the adventure in the first place. Once Upon a Time clearly is liberal with its take on fairy tales, so who’s to say Dorothy can’t be a guy in their take.

    I’m also still irritated I didn’t see the Walsh thing coming, even if it was two weeks ago. Pat Walshe played Nikko, the head flying monkey, in the original Wizard of Oz.

    • Derik says:

      Um, really? “Uncle” Henry and “Auntie” Em(ma) aren’t Dorothy. They’re her caretakers, until she goes to Oz and later takes them with her.

      • Andy says:

        What does this have to do with what I said? The characters in The Wizard of Oz have nothing to do with how Once Upon a Time tells their story.

      • Stormy says:

        It seems to me that Snow’s baby is Dorothy. making Emma “Auntie Em”. That would make Henry a cousin, but owing to the age gap maybe more of an uncle.

  15. Carol says:

    Loved Hook and Emma – so sweet the way he was so happy she didn’t marry the monkey man! Glad Rumpel’s alive! Loved Regina, don’t care about Belle!

    • Joey says:

      Wait a minute…. you thought it was sweet that Hook was happy about Emma being heartbroken?

      • Andy says:

        “If it’s broken, it still works.” That’s why he was glad. Emma has a nasty habit of closing herself off and turning off her heart to protect herself. He was happy she didn’t do that, in this case.

      • John NYC says:

        “the way he was so happy she didn’t marry ”

        In not the same thing.

        • Joey says:

          You can believe what you want. He was still happy to see that she was heartbroken.

          • Me says:

            I think you are trying too hard to make Hook into an a-hole. Look we can all argue about if it was the best way of brining it up, but yes Hook got her to admit that she could open her heart to someone. Before Emma told both Hook and Neal that she didn’t do relationships and that she would choose Henry. This moment gives hope to both ships since Emma now sees that she can love.

          • Joey says:

            Couple that with whatever Hook is lying about to Emma, and that could spell doom for his potential relationship with Emma. I guess we’ll find out.

          • janet says:

            oh my gosh- i’m tired of you guys hating on that comment. emma understood what he meant and was not hurt. hook shows how much he cares by his ACTIONS- the list of things he’s done to help Emma are too numerous for me to list here. he wasn’t being vicious or mean-spirited he was leveling with her and trying to get her to open up. the same people who hate on hook for being mean hate on charming for being boring, why can’t people respect characters for who they are and who they’re becoming. if you want a show where everyone’s the same go watch the CW. (not trying to hate i watch the CW too :)

          • Joey says:

            @janet: Yeah, Hook was really helping Emma out when he locked her in that jail cell to die. Even more helpful when he tried to kill her and Snow when they confronted him and Cora at Lake Nostos.

  16. BTM says:

    Since Ruby the werewolf is back, does that make her Toto?

  17. Jase says:

    Nice little ‘Lost’ reunion with Rebecca Mader & Emilie De Ravin. Too bad Jorge Garcia wasn’t in this episode.

  18. Pat says:

    One thing I just do not get, was when David, Hook, Emma and Regina,I cannot remember if Mary Margaret was there, but they mentioned that they have to look for someone who is now in Storybrooke who does not belong there. Amazing, how dumb is David sitting across from Zelena not even thinking about this let alone mentioning this to the others that, hey she is new in our town and where did she really come from? Also, Mary Margaret doesn’t seem to question it. Did the witch take her brains,already? Some questions need to be answered.

    • Rachel says:

      Zelena told Mary Margaret that she missed the first curse and wasn’t in Storybrooke. And before that, it’s entirely possible there are a lot of people who live in the Enchanted Forest that Snow and Charming haven’t met. Zelena appears perfectly normal to them.

      • Andy says:

        Not to mention everybody but Zelena has had the last year zapped from their memories. For all Snow and Charming know, they did meet and befriend Zelena in that missing time.

  19. Zachary Flye says:

    I thought it was a good episode, it did seem a bit filler-y at times and I did have higher hopes for the Rupunzel episode, I liked Rapunzel the little we got to see of her but her whole storyline was a bit lacking, I mean she didn’t even really confront her fear, she was told her fear and then cut her hair, whereas Charming/David actually admits his own fear and kills his fear. It just didn’t parallel well for me. My two cents on the Hook thing: While I’m not a CS shipper I didn’t really see anything wrong with his being glad that her heart still works, I mean even Emma pointed out how rude it was to say before he explained, and yeah I wish the writers could have found a better way to incorporate that bit of development, but I’m gonna let it pass. As for the Oz-some references coming up, I’m not too sure about WWW having Rumple’s brain, I’m not ruling it out but Regina called David’s hilt a symbol of his courage, meaning his courage is still in tact unlike Rumple’s brain/sanity, but then again whatever spell she’s making could use both the physical and symbolic.Oh, side note, anyone else make the connection with Zelena saying that she’s going to get something that Rumple’s been trying to get for a very long time and what daes she get, “courage” I thought that was a nice little touch As for the heart my money’s on Neal, maybe Emma but even Cora couldn’t extract her heart so doubtful, also in the promo it show Neal twice in present day SB once when he shown to be in intense pain (heart crushing torture?) and one where he’s breaking into Gold’s shop (possibly under the witch’s control?). Just my thoughts…

  20. Rachel says:

    I thought this was a solid episode, but not as good as the last 2. There were moments I liked (Belle in Gold’s shop, seeing more of Rumple, Regina with Henry) but for the most part it felt filler-y. Next week looks promising though. :D

  21. RumpleG says:

    Does the wicked witch want everyone to think/know Rumple is alive? If yes, it makes sense she left the straw to gold contraption there. But if no, why take everything from the house and cellar except the contraption which leads everyone to believe Rumple is alive?

  22. janet says:

    I have a feeling that whatever Hook is keeping from Emma it’s for her own good. I’d love to see something where Emma keeps pestering him for information only to be surprised- a’la ross and rachel prom video style. ;)

  23. Amanda says:

    I loved last night’s episode. I didn’t feel like it was a filler ep at all. So many of us always thought since season 1 that Emma was Rapunzel as her story is so much like the “Tangled” version, so it was nice to see the show and Charming finally make that connection. I loved that scene with Emma & Killian as it was about Killian being glad that she was able to open up her heart and fall in love again, not that it was broken. Emma has always had so many walls from everything that happened to her. Now she was able to move on from that and it gives Killian hope that she will do it again and fall in love with him as he is already in love with her. Plus from that scene you can totally tell Emma has feelings for him and it scares her. I’m excited to see how that plays out. Loved all the “Wizard of Oz” shoutouts and Rebecca is amazing as Zelena. I can’t wait for next week though I have a feeling it’s going to be so sad if this is when the death happens as the trailer totally gave me those vibes.

  24. Ana says:

    Loved the episode!! It was very well written and executed by the amazing cast. From David facing his worst fears of failing as a father, to Hook facing his fear of rejection yet again and courageously telling Emma how he feels for her never backing down, to Emma herself opening up to Hook about her broken heart and Regina soending time with no-memory Henry it was PERFECT!
    And how in awe am I over the boundless love that Hook has for Emma!! Bless him and his courageous, unwavering heart.
    Of course “If it can be broken, it means it still works” was an überromantic line – and such a nice reference to Oz – the Tin Man said after all that he knew he had a heart because it was broken. Emma has been so guarded with hers and Hook has been so true to his promise of fighting for her that it comes as a definite relief to him – and us – that she is still capable of falling in love in spite of all the crap that has befallen her in her troubled life.
    Whoever does not get that this line was one of the truly grand epic romantic lines on TV just doesn’t get it. Kudos to Adam and Eddy for never failing to up the game and to Colin for never failing to making us feel Killian’s relief and heartache.

  25. Cory says:

    I loved the look on Regina’s face when they realized that Rumple is still alive. Before that moment, she was the most powerful person in Storybrooke on the side of the good guys, but with Rumple there, I’m guessing she considers it a major shift in her favor, plus a guy who always seems to have an answer for everything, could help her get Henry’s memories back.

    I wonder what she…and the others will do when they realize that Zelena has The Dark One’s dagger and is controlling him.

  26. Steph says:

    Food for thought: Anyone going to address the fact that Hook was trekking through snow bare-chested with a rugged up Emma? Or the ‘9 months later’ following snow’s pregnancy announcement?

  27. Wanderer says:

    What the hell? Rapunzel and her parents are all black?? That is incredibly ridiculous ! The people must be so insecure about racism that they changed the actual Rapunzel into a new, black one, which is in no original fairy tale, just to have a different race as a fairy tale character? Why don’t you just make the Snow a hispanic lady as well? The second you recognize there is a difference between people with different skin colors and try to force people of different ethnicities into roles they should not be in, according to the originial stories, just to spite the racial differences, you just become a racist yourself. Its ridiculous.

    • Lola says:

      ok whitey mcwhiterson let’s take a pause and dial back the crazy for a second.

      • Wanderer says:

        Hey watch what you say little girl. What I said has nothing to with supporting white people. I simply say that the original character of that story is not black. So its completely ridiculous to change that character into a black one. Just the same, a white blonde guy would be ridiculous to play Alaaddin.

      • Joey says:

        Best response to a racist I’ve seen in a long time.

        • Lauren says:

          Whats wrong with you people? You are just dying to go ahead and label people a racist. Get over your insecurity. He might have overreacted a little bit, but I dont see any racism here. He simply says that a white fairy tale character should be played by a white actress. İf the character was black in the tale, then the actress should be black. There is nothing wrong and racist about that

          • Lena says:

            Keep telling yourself that.

          • Wanderer says:

            sure honey, sure. just keep talking…

          • Joey says:

            There is nothing in the Rapunzel tale that says that for the tale to work properly, she needs to be white. All she needs is to have long hair. What I find funny is that this person complains about this, yet I never saw complaining that Cinderella’s fairy godmother was black, that Jack of Jack and the Beanstalk was actually Jacqueline, that Rumpelstiltskin was also a “Beast” and a “Crocodile”, that the Magic Mirror was secretly a Genie who made a bad wish (and was black)… The show will take dramatic license with fairytales. Get over it.

          • Lauren says:

            Sure, but everything has a weird point you should get over that.

    • murley says:

      It isn’t racist to recognize the differences between people of different races and ethnicities, it’s racist to devalue and discriminate against people because of those differences.

  28. Mikael says:

    I thought that Emma/David dance at the beginning of the episode when he picked her up and spun her around was borderline inappropriate. I get what the writers were going for, but the actors did not play it as father/daughter. And I’m also predicting that Henry learns the truth and hates Emma for lying to him and goes back to Regina. Basically the opposite of season 1.

  29. shaee says:

    Fairytales are like a religion every culture starts from the same one and branches on into their own version. And African culture had fairytales othe cultures stolen and converted so…And I love black Rapunzel. I’m a black girl with naturally long hair that people would assume fake and people don’t know how to respond to that so they either lash out or move on when they notice all of it is mine. So finally yes Black Rapunzel who is pretty! And ignorant world there are blacks out there who live in the shade of gray. Get over it we are not aliens.

  30. Nikki says:

    I have to say I’m black and I am quite upset that they made Rapunzel black. I under the twist they’re trying to put on the fairy tales but jeez Rapunzel is suppose to be a fair skinned ( WHITE) girl with blonde hair.

  31. slim14 says:

    Lancelot was said to have coal black hair, tanned skin and a handsome face. L’Ancelot, the name may have been an invention by Chretien de Troyes. Ancelot means servant. And the character Lancelot is first introduced by writer Chrétien de Troyes in the 12th century.