Veronica Mars Boss, Cast Tackle Burning Qs About Logan's Career, 'LoVe's' Future and More

By now, surely you’ve seen the Veronica Mars movie, and you’ve probably got questions. Like, how did Logan wind up in that striking Navy uniform? What does the future hold for reunited lovers Logan and Veronica? And does the end of the film suggest that Mac has partnered up with her P.I. pal?

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Below, creator Rob Thomas and the cast weigh in on those burning Qs and more. So get clicking through the gallery for answers about the fates of Neptune’s finest. And if you really want to know what comes after the movie, don’t forget to pick up the first Veronica Mars novel, coming out March 25.

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  1. DJ Doena says:

    Logan is with JAG? Huh.

    I thought he had to appear before JAG (hence the dress whites) because of this whole murder business and the video.

    • Jim says:

      Give Enrico a break. Logan couldn’t have been in JAG, because you have to at least taken the LSAT or be in law school. He meet with the JAG corps because he was in legal trouble.

  2. SB says:

    The CW, Netflix, or someone needs to revive this series! It would likely do just as well as, if not better than, a lot of the current CW shows. The movie results prove there’s still a healthy audience. Please please please!

    • alistaircrane says:

      I agree! I want another tv series rather than a movie, but I would take another movie as well!

    • David4 says:

      A series is not possible because Bell has a baby and already has one TV show. More movies are the way to go.

      • niizuma says:

        a short mini series is the best way to go with vm moving forward imo because the movie proved one thing in my mind being the style of mystery rob thomas wants to tell requires more time to develop than can be achieved in an under 2hr movie format however given his comments and the direction of season 3 it also appears that rob prefers to write mystery stories without concerning himself all that much with the interpersonal relationships of the characters and as a result has resigned himself to the notion of continually breaking up his two leads instead of having them develop an adult relationship wherein they work through their issues and reach a compromise which interestingly enough actually happened at points in season 3 until their RIDICULOUS REASON FOR BREAKING UP gd vm had no right to be pissed at him for that considering what she did with duncan his best friend after they brokeup the first time

        in reality the two characters who changed the most during the series and beyond into the movie as a result of their relationships with vm where logan and weevil who both started out as the worst characters eg:
        logan was a total asshole to vm early in the series and weevil was a gang member who continually caused issues
        i have re-watched the series and logan is the reason weevil was able to graduate from neptune high oddly enough he actually shares a similar understanding of justice to veronica and mentions it on a number of occasions throughout the series they are both broken people however theyre broken in different ways the “original veronica”died with lilly in her place rose the new cold angry determined brilliant distrustful adrenaline junkie veronica similar to sherlock holmes i would label veronicas 9yrs away from neptune as equivalent to sherlock using heroin while he wasnt involved in a case so in essence she replaced one addiction with another

        one of the ways the movie posits this notion is with the fact veronica acquired a psych degree and then decided to also get a law degree which tells me she was unsure what she wanted to do with her professional life almost as though she was waiting for something
        she also kept the same phone number for 9yrs and still had logans number in her phone like she had been waiting 9yrs for the call to adventure this is confirmed by the conversation on her fathers porch and the fact she knew all these things about logans life despite having not spoken or heard from him in 9yrs veronica was never the type of girl who would be concerned with reading gossip rags unless it allowed her to keep a connection to the one guy she loved
        eg:veronica has only ever cried after 2 breakups in the series duncan-which was an act and logan

  3. Ashley says:

    Hmm… It worries me that Rob Thomas has admitted to having Logan enlist in the Navy primarily as a way to keep Logan and Veronica apart. I’m all for angsty, long-journey relationships because they make true love stories all the more complex and interesting. However, it undermines the fact that Logan has finally gotten his life together and is a WORTHY leading man deserving of Veronica’s heart. If Logan’s career is simply going to be the catalyst for another one of Logan and Veronica’s big break-ups, then I’m not happy. Plenty of couples have long-distance relationships whereby the male is serving his duty and the female simultaneously lives her own life and waits for him to come home.

    I don’t think that Rob Thomas understands that being far away from the person you love doesn’t have to become a difficult situation. Logan and Veronica are two strong-willed personalities who deeply love each other and have been through so much together. I’m all for drama because it’s part of TV entertainment, but to keep seeing couples who belong together make up and break up, it just gets annoying after a while. Especially in this situation, where Logan and Veronica spent 9 YEARS apart. They deserve to be happy as much as anyone. Veronica would neither be weak nor wasting her life by waiting 6 months for Logan to return to Neptune.

    I’m happy that Enrico pointed out how Logan heroically saved Keith’s life. Too many people talk about Piz being the good guy, whilst failing to see that Logan’s dark history doesn’t stop him from doing truly good things.

    • DL says:

      I don’t think that was what Thomas was saying; I think he just wanted to avoid having a rosy, unrealistic ending. VM has always had a dark edge to it, and so Logan’s enlistment provides a bittersweet capper to the rekindling of the romance. But I also think that the main reason is for Logan’s development as a character, taking him into being a more mature person, more disciplined, a better human being with a sense of duty and responsibility. I get the sense that was probably the most important reason of all.

    • Alichat says:

      Yes, I have to agree with everything you said. His answer to the ‘together for good’ question worries me. I’d rather see them have the ups and downs that any military couple, with their history, has, instead of a contrived, planned break up just for the purpose of story angst. It reads like he is planning to split them if there is a sequel.

    • smoothaise says:

      I love everything about this post and couldn’t agree more. Getting a couple together only to break them up with contrivances is LAZY WRITING (see Gilmore Girls/Felicity). Individually, Veronica and Logan are fascinating characters, together they are on another level. Write them as the dynamic characters they are and allow them to work through problems like adults. UGH. Rob, seriously, don’t harsh my movie mellow.

      • niizuma says:

        i think in some cases fans know the characters better than the creator heres why i believe this to be the true rob made a HUGE MISTAKE IN SEASON 3 ep 4 veronica tells parker about her rape however she gives parker the incorrect date veronica tells parker her rape occurred in summer of 2004 when in fact her the date of her rape was dec 8th 2003 as shown in season 1 ep 20 titled m.a.d.
        thats a massive error

    • Tookie Clothespin says:

      But, he hasn’t gotten his life together. He just has a new job. He still gets into fights with random people (the people at the reunion that he had no idea whether or not had anything to do with showing the sextape), he still treats his girlfriend poorly (the videos where he was talking down to her and the way that he argued with her), his girlfriend was a complete dumpster fire (she’s a junkie which the military would not let an officer have as a girlfriend). The big changes in his life are just window dressing. He’s still the same damaged, dysfunctional person that he always was. Which is why the Navy job is perfect for the story. It keeps them apart which in essence is the only thing that can keep them together. Veronica is an unhappy person. Logan is an unhappy person. And they make each other unhappy when they are together. If they are around each other all of the time they will reach a level of unhappiness that will force them to breakup which is what happened in the show. To keep them together they have to see each other a minimal amount so that they can be excited to see each other and not have to worry about being their normal unhappy selves. Remember this is a relationship founded on murder and suicide not some normal “guy meets girl and they go on a date” scenario.

      • Winston says:

        I read the EW faux story on Bonnie Deville. It fills in the missing piece and gives a whole new meaning to the scene we saw where Logan yells at her. He helped her get clean and turn her life around. Sounds pretty mature to me. I suggest all fans read it. It’s on EW’s site.

        • Tookie Clothespin says:

          I have read it. It doesn’t justify the way that he spoke to her while they were arguing. If he was an adult and mature like you suggest he would not waste his time arguing with what basically amounts to a child. I do believe that the character is trying to grow, is trying to be an adult, is trying to get away from his past. The problem is that the actions don’t match the words.

      • Alichat says:

        I gotta disagree with you that Logan hasn’t gotten his life together. We don’t know what started the fight at the reunion. For all we know, he told Sherry….or whatever that girl’s name was with the tablet….to turn off the video, and when she didn’t, words were exchanged, and the douchey ‘vapid tool’ dudes started the fight. Remember Weevil, Piz, Wallace, and Dick jumped into the fray. Are we going to say they haven’t changed or gotten their life together? (Well maybe Dick….we can probably say Dick hasn’t changed.) We don’t know if he treated Bonnie/Carrie badly. There was just the one video where he was telling her that she needed to get the leeches and enablers out of her life, or she’ll be dead soon. We don’t know if that’s how he always talked to her. That could have been one terribly frustrating day. The other tablet videos show him as affectionate. Plus, he did state that the last year of his relationship with Carrie, he was more of a sponsor than a boyfriend. He was the stabilizing influence. He didn’t attack the paparazzi when they yelled ‘are you going to kill this one too Lieutenant?’ when outside the 09ER with Ruby. Old Logan would have done that. He didn’t wail on Sean when he discovered the Carrie pictures uploaded to his Instagram. Old Logan would have done that. Old Logan would not have been so calm or charming when he had to go on the fake date with Ruby. I imagine old Logan would not have spent the last year of his relationship with Carrie being more like a sponsor and less like a boyfriend. This is a calmer, more mature Logan. Yes, he’s still damaged, but so is Veronica. I did not find them to be unhappy people. And while their love relationship started after a murder and suicide, I don’t agree that their relationship was founded on just that. They’ve known each other since they were 12 years old. There was a friendship long before the tragedies.

        • Tookie Clothespin says:

          He ran straight into the room and started swinging on random people. He had no way to know if any of those people had anything to do with it because he never asked any of them if they did. He just started swinging. Piz jumped in because he was trying to prove something to Veronica. The only person that acted like an adult and didn’t start fighting was Wallace. He went and turned the tape off. He found an actual solution. And judging from the way that Weevil jumped right back to the biker gang I would say that he hasn’t changed either. These “changes” in Logan are in the infancy stages at best and superficial at worst. And they are completely unhappy people. They sabotage themselves whenever they get the chance. Whether it is relationships or professionally or just for self preservation. They constantly make the choices that are worst for themselves. And the friendship that Logan and Veronica had had long been destroyed by the way that Logan treated her after Lily’s murder. They only reconnected originally because of the Lily murder investigation and the suicide of Logan’s mom and the reconnected this time because off another murder. If Logan’s mom doesn’t off herself and Logan isn’t accused of murder this time they never would have been together in the first place.

          • Connie says:

            You clearly missed the part where Wallace did jump in the fight. All of Veronica’s guys were in the fight.

            And there was nothing wrong with how Logan talked to Carrie/Bonnie in the video. He said himself he was pretty much her sponsor in the end, trying to keep her clean. The guy he shoved was the guy she was *cheating* on him with. Logan had every right to be upset and frustrated with her and wasn’t obligated to extend politeness to Sean or any of her other enablers. A raised voice isn’t a sign that someone hasn’t grown, it’s the sign of someone who is upset.

          • Lecholls says:

            I disagree with you on all points about Logan. He has clearly changed, and Veronica clearly trusts him. She doesn’t trust lightly.

      • niizuma says:

        logan has changed significantly the movie outlines this with the talk veronica and logan have on her fathers porch where he explains the nature of his and bonnies relationship it actually mirrors his and veronicas relationship however in the bonnie relationship logan is the stabilizing influence
        eg:”the first year was great and then her self loathing and terrible friends ruined it” this mirrors what happened with logan and veronica during the break between season 1/season 2
        “during the last year i wasnt a boyfriend not really i was more of a sponsor” ditto for portions of season 3 however the roles where slightly different
        imo the two characters who changed the most throughout the series where logan and weevil partially because veronica suffers from protagonist syndrome

      • niizuma says:

        I have an idea for a distant future sequel series to veronica mars please tell me what you think
        season 1 is set 20yrs post movie veronica wakes up to find logan lying dead in the bed next to her she is accused of his murder because veronica and her daughter inherit 200 million dollars this way all of veronicas history as a pi can be used against her in the trial Ive always felt veronica needs a moriarty so ill create one for her
        i also love the idea of veronica and logan having a teenage daughter who restarts the cycle again at neptune high remember what clemons says at her graduation”what do i do if i ever get another one like you’ this keeps the tragedy element of noir while also allowing for a continuation of the story in a really interesting way I want to see a series where veronica starts to develop an understanding of what her father went through during her early pi days the mother daughter relationship could be a great dynamic to add to the new generation with sprinkled in elements of grandpa keith i love the idea of keith turning to veronica and saying something along the lines of” you finally understand what is like to be on the other side of those conversations”

    • Ace says:

      “I don’t think that Rob Thomas understands that being far away from the person you love doesn’t have to become a difficult situation.”

      I disagree; I would bet that if you asked, he would say that he DOES understand this. But we’re not talking in general, we’re talking specifics: These two people, Veronica and Logan, who have had dark, messed up lives. Even if they’re good people underneath it all and they’re working towards being healthier people, part of noir is that people often fall back into old ways and take up old vices.

      “Logan and Veronica are two strong-willed personalities who deeply love each other and have been through so much together.”

      I totally agree with this, but I think their personalities are the reason that they probably wouldn’t be happy in their relationship, especially early on. They remind me of some real couples I’ve met, where when disagreements happen, neither is willing to back down, and neither really wants to drop it either until they’ve changed the other’s mind.

      I am still totally 100% behind Veronica and Logan being together. I just think that, both for the sake of realism and for the sake of keeping it noirish, they should split up from time to time. Preferably in a semi-regular mini-series that starts airing Spring 2015, but beggars can’t be choosers.

    • niizuma says:

      i personally dont believe veronica wouldve been happy representing fortune 500 companies against law suits to begin with her inherent nature is to help those who need her the most not some large corporations on logan he has literally saved veronicas life 6 times during the series and her fathers in the movie the guy is willing to sacrifice his own life for her and those she cares about in reality veronica is the emotionally closed off character who has a difficult time expressing her feelings and allows her distrustful nature to destroy relationships
      piz isnt the good guy hes actually very devious as evidenced by his behavior in season 3
      eg:he knows veronica has a boyfriend in ep 1 and yet he stills pursues her piz invites her out on a bowling date flirts with her and the worst thing he did was the episode 7 flatout lie about wallace and his study retreat theres no way wallace didnt tell him veronica was staying in their dorm room what actually happened was wallace told him and he made a dash straight back to the dorm to get closer to veronica thats a cold and calculated move
      piz is the rebound guy who lasted longer than most

    • oldlace says:

      EXACTLY. I hate unnecessary drama on their part, especially now that they both have matured so much, and it looks like they’ve learned their lessons, relationship-wise. They know, Rob Thomas knows, everyone knows they’re going to be together. I’d hate for roadblocks to be there just for the sake of being there. As much as they are an angsty couple, they’re as interesting couple to watch together (as a team, doing stakeouts) as when they are chasing and falling for each other. 9 years, RT! 9 years, one dead bestfriend, one runaway ex-boyfriend, 2 sex tapes, 3 murder charges later, and they still won’t be happy together? Give them a break, for pete’s sake.

  4. Jade says:

    “Drawn to like an alcoholic in a bottle” No, just no. Neptune is much more special to Veronica than meets the eye. That’s what she realized and that’s why she returned in the end. It’s her true home, it’s not just a place to be fixed.

    Kind of disappointing that even the creator of the show narrows Veronica’s identity down to an addiction. The moral of the movie is the main character understanding her true path in life, and New York was simply a façade. She was running away from what has always been in her heart. The ending of the VM movie is satisfying, because she finally stops running away.

    • Quinn Mallory says:

      Just like the end of the series, Veronica is NOT supposed to have a happy ending to keep the show “noir”. I actually thought this movie ending is even sadder than the end of the series with how Veronica, Weevil, and possibly Mac all throwing away the “normal” life for the danger that is the PI game (or leading a motorcycle gang). Yet I still love it.

    • Dick Whitman says:

      LOL @ you telling Rob how the character he wrote/created thinks.

      • n8ball78 says:

        Don’t you get a kick out of that, when people try to? Its nothing new and it certainly won’t be stopping anytime soon. Some fans will do what ever it takes to convince themselves the ending fits what they want. It doesn’t matter if the creator if it told them in person they’re still going to shrug it off and say he doesn’t get his own characters. Lost has been off the air for over 6 years and people still want to fight about what the ending ment. They can’t come to grips with the fact it did make sense so they rag on it instead.

    • Alichat says:

      I think it was both your explanation and the addiction explanation. I believe the alcoholic metaphor was concerning her attraction/need to dig into dangerous situations and ignoring her safety. She has a strong sense for justice, fairness, and truth, which are all things she could satiate as a defense lawyer. While it may be her love of Neptune, her friends, and concern for the corruption in that town that makes her stay, you can’t discount that being a PI feeds her need/desire to put herself in harm’s way when investigating situations. Big example is her heading over to Gia’s without Logan, or anyone for that matter, as backup. She has a need, a drive, an addiction to immediately get into a situation and confront the ‘bad guy’ even though she knows her life might be in danger.

  5. Liz says:

    Loved everything about the movie. All the places the characters were in (and ended up in) made sense and it was just perfect. The show *is* noir and I loved having Logan in the military; such drama!
    As a fan who contributed to the kickstarter, I was 100% satisfied with the movie. It was everything I wanted and more. I do hope we get another one (or a mini series) and I’ll happily fork over more money to get it.
    Well done Thomas and Co

  6. SMS says:

    Thank You Rob Thomas, finally a happy ending. I understand some horrible event (I’ve lived through so many tragic endings) is way more artistic but to have your hopes visualized was wonderful. I’m buying the DVD as soon as it comes out and when life gives me a kick, I’ll pull it out. Thanks again cast, crew, kickstarter donors, and Rob Thomas. XXOO

  7. lilu says:

    the movie was awesome I mean for the fans it had everything we wished for! though the piz breakup was a bit over the edge: “You didn’t show up, I’m breaking up with you” really?!?! at least it gave us LoVe back :D
    first comment after the movie by my friend: “where’s the dog? they forgot backup!” dude! 9 years?! the dog is DEAAAAAD!!!!” *lol*

    • Nicole says:

      Piz didn’t break up with Veronica because she “didn’t show up,” he did it because she purposely chose to stay in Neptune more than once when she should have gone back to New York. She made her decision, and he saw that, so he ended it. I personally didn’t blame him.

    • Lecholls says:

      Piz broke up with Veronica because he knew that she cared more about Neptune/investigating/Logan than she did about him or his parents. The writing was on the wall. I felt for Piz because he was hurt by Veronica, but their relationship never would have worked, and she made the right choice by staying in Neptune. As she said in the movie, she was completely bored by her life in NYC.

      • Fido says:

        They should have let Piz punch out Logan during the fight. Without that his whole arc felt painful and unncessary. They could have done without him in the movie and the story would have been better served, but it felt like the ptb love Piz so crowbarred him into the story just to be the person “not right for Veronica cos he was too bland and boring and safe”

        • Lecholls says:

          But why would Piz have punched Logan out at that point in the movie? Piz knew that Veronica came to Neptune to help Logan with the murder charge, and he knew that Logan just started punching some jerks because of the sex tape (on Veronica’s behalf). He may have guessed that Veronica was still into Logan, but is that a reason to punch him? Unless you mean that Piz should have punched him in retribution for the fight in the Hearst radio station nine years before. I don’t really see that, though. He seemed more annoyed by Logan than majorly angry with him.

  8. nateddog says:

    No Wallace scoop

    • Alichat says:

      Yes….this! I wanted to know why Wallace wasn’t a mechanical engineer as he had said he wanted to be in season 3. Why doesn’t Mac have her own software or computer company? Or why wasn’t it that she was tied to Kane Software because she had designed a piece of software that they paid a ridiculous amount of money to purchase.

  9. Allison P says:

    I’m glad the ending for Weevil was addressed. That may be my biggest issue with the movie and I wish there was a better understanding of what was going on there. It made me happy to see him with a family and I don’t like the possibilities of what going back to the gang means for said family…

    • Liz says:

      i think it’s a parallel narrative for what Veronica did; she chose to stay in Neptune – her life was there and she had work to do. Weevil was the same, he tried living the “straight and narrow” but there are problems with his city that he can’t stand by and ignore any longer. The PCHers are out of control and he felt he had a duty to go back to them to make the world better for his family (the same reasons he joined them in the first place). He’s like Veronica – tied to the city and their sense of duty. Hopefully with Keith maybe becoming sheriff again Weevil’s job will be easier.

  10. Dominique says:

    i’m glad we got some info on several characters than just logan and veronica, because i’m just gonna come out and say it; i feel like there’s been too much focus on them. during press tours, the movie. and i was a little disappointed about that because veronica mars is not just about LoVe; it’s about veronica mars and her life with friends, family and lovers.

  11. Jill says:

    I loved the movie. Grinned from ear to ear the entire time. Was it all that I wanted it to be? Eh. But what ever is?

  12. Sarah says:

    I disagree with Robs comment about veronica A’s loan being Barbie and Ken. I think they have been through so much that they need a happy ending! I mean sure their relationship is going to be hard but I think the teen angst is gone.. I mean they are both mature adults now. I do think though that Logan let veronica of the hook to easy in the movie for treating him the way she did at the end of season 3! I mean who cares who logan slept with when they weren’t even together, it’s not like he cheated on her. I feel like she broke up with him for a stupid reason. She was acting as if she never made any mistakes in her life. She never once apologized to him or told him she loved him when he said it to her many times. And he forgave her so easily. And what is the c point of them having an epic love story if they are just going to break up again?

    • chacha says:

      damn right.She was horrible to him.Logan never asked her what she did and who she did while they’ve broken up.Even after he found out Veronica was staying in the same room with Piz,he never mentioned it unlike V who started digging the moment they got back together.Whatever he did while they were not together is not her business.But one thing though,she apologized to him in the libraryfor being suspicious and not
      trusting him and he forgave her right away.