Has Arrow Hit the Bulls-Eye? Shouldn't Hannibal Feed More? Is Closure > Length? And More TV Qs

HannibalWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Pretty Little Liars, Person of Interest, Chicago Fire and Arrow!

1 | Is Hannibal the best show on TV that nobody’s watching? Or to put it another way: What is wrong with this country? And how come Dr. Lecter could cozy right up to the bars of Will’s cell when, just last week, Dr. Du Maurier was scolded and physically removed for doing same?

2 | Anyone care to offer a theory on Grimm‘s Adalind’s-baby-is-really-twins idea? (Honestly, we’re stumped.)

3 | Faced with exactly the same lose/lose situation in which The Walking Dead put Carol, what would you have done? Could you have killed Lizzie? Or would it have been just a heartbreaking no-brainer after she murdered her sister in cold blood?

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4 | Was it jarring to see The Good Wife‘s Will and Alicia on such warm/friendly terms in the latest flashbacks? Did it make you miss the good ‘ol days? And is there any way Julianna Margulies again gets snubbed by Emmy, after nailing the heartbreaking flashbacks, moral ambiguity and inebriated power-brokering in “A Few Words”? Also, any last guesses on what the imminent Good Wife shocker is?

5 | Is there any sadder sight than Revenge‘s Patrick and Aiden leaving town in the same episode? And did the fact that Stevie’s sobriety story didn’t jibe with David Clarke’s 1997 diary entry mean she’s lying… or that the show isn’t so good with math?

How I Met Your Mother6 | Anyone else praying that How I Met Your Mother‘s Season 9 DVD set includes a bonus feature that shows us how producers were able to pull off this week’s epic, single-shot, alumni-packed sequence? Which HIMYM vet were you most excited/surprised to see?

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7 | Show of hands, Mom viewers: Does your attention start to drift any time there’s a scene with Christy’s kids?

8 | Once you accept The Following for what it has become — a mindless and often laughable guilty pleasure — isn’t it more fun to watch? And how in the world did Mendez survive the brutal gutting that her unhinged ex Jana gave her?

9 | Didn’t you think The Blacklist‘s Jolene would last way more than three episodes?!

The Tomorrow People10 | Wasn’t The Tomorrow People‘s sexy opening scene with John and Cara way more scandalous than Reign‘s uncensored episode?

11 | On The Fosters, was anyone else kind of impressed with the level of student body coordination in setting up Callie? And how is it possible that Wyatt’s hair is even more out of control? Speaking of long locks…

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12 | What’s it going to take to get Glee‘s Sam to cut his hair? A Change.org petition?

13 | Quick poll: Cougar Town revealing Chick’s worsening Alzheimer’s at the end of Tuesday’s otherwise totally ridiculous episode was A) jarring, B) heartbreaking or C) a little bit of both?

14 | Just because Pretty Little Liars‘ Ezra took a (literal) bullet for Aria, are we supposed to instantly forget everything he’s put her through? He’s been stalking her for years!

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15 | Does The Originals now feel weird without Rebekah? Did your mind keep wandering, thinking about what she’s up to?

Person of Interest16 | Any Person of Interest fans getting an Emperor Palpatine vibe from Greer? But more importantly: Almost three full seasons into the show, shouldn’t we spy the occasional victim of a past kneecap shooting limping in the background of a NYC scene?

17 | On Justified, prior to that most unfortunate mishap with the knife, where was Danny Crowe ranking amongst TV’s Most Annoying Characters?

18 | Do you agree with Chicago Fire‘s Shay that Chicago P.D. Detective Lindsay would make a good match for Severide?

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Arrow19 | Is there any argument against deeming Arrow the best comic-book series ever put on television? But one question: While we appreciate its haunting effect, where did Slade Wilson get those videos of a frolicking Shado?

20 | Sweet as it was for her to bring back former American Idol standouts Allison Iraheta, Pia Toscano and Jessica Sanchez as her backup singers, we must ask: Is it possible that Jennifer Lopez wasn’t even the slightest bit embarrassed to perform a song as abysmal as “I Luh Ya Papi” on Thursday’s results show? And next season, can we scrap the “Judges as Tastemakers” series of performances and bring back under-the-radar alumni who are making great music?

21 | Wouldn’t you totally start playing D&D again if Community‘s Abed was your dungeon master? And was Hickey’s interrogation of the two trolls one of this TV season’s great comedy moments?

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22 | Scandal debate: Was it sweet of Jake to lay with his dying victim, or cruel? And speaking of the B613 boss, TVLine reader Cheyenne asks:Did anyone catch that Jake actually threatened Olivia?”

White Collar Cancelled23 | White Collar‘s “renewal” raises the age-old question: Which fans are surlier, those whose show is abruptly cancelled with zero closure, or those who get an officially final — yet shortened — season?

24 | On Parenthood, how badly did you want to reach through the screen and drag Sydney to her bedroom after she blew up at Victor? And which scene broke your heart more: Max’s backseat confession about being a freak, or Drew and Amber’s sweet duet?

25 | While we can admit that Jimmy Fallon does a spot-on impression of Vladimir Putin, perhaps he can go one night without using it in his Tonight Show monologue?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ram510 says:

    13) C. Very hearbreaking and jarring. That 1 moment made watching a otherwise silly and not-so-great episode all worth it.
    Do we know if Cougar Town has a chance of coming back for another season?
    22) Yes, the threat was quite blatant and I’m surprised some people didn’t catch it.
    And that was one of the best (if not the best) episodes of Arrow. Still has to give me a little bit more development for me to consider the series the best comic based ever.

  2. Is the Mark of Cain storyline one of the best things to happen to the character of Dean Winchester in awhile? And how amazing was Ackles this week?

  3. scorpo says:

    No, Hannibal is not the best show. It has become dull and overwrought. It is suffering from a second season slump.

  4. Carla Krae says:

    Max in the backseat just killed me. I cried for that scene. Max should be nominated for playing Max all over the place. He’s been fantastic in that role from day 1. I understand why Sydney said what she did to Victor, but I’d have removed her from the table, too.

  5. MB says:

    Lindsay and Severide? OH HELL YEAH!

  6. Britta Unfiltered says:

    17. I dunno about annoying. I thought he was kind of creepy and scary, and on rare occasion, funny in a “what an idiot” kind of way.
    21. Yeah, I liked the interrogation. It got a giggle. Did anyone notice Joe Russo was back with the show and directed that episode?
    24. You gotta hand it to that actress who plays Sydney, she is extremely good at playing a bratty kid. I hate the character, but I think that’s just because the actress does such a good job with the part. She plays it very true to life.

  7. Jj says:

    5. Yea, they be bad at the maths!
    14. I sure hope not, because what a cop-out that would be.
    15. Yes. It double sucks.

  8. Rich Abey says:

    #16. Greer does exude a Palpatine-sort-of vibe. The guy’s evil motivations were obtuse until he was revealed to have stolen Samaritan. Still he is probably the most mysterious character on PoI after 3 seasons (we now even know a whole lot about Control)…which is not a bad thing at all as it only goes to add extra spice to this already juicy, spicy & awesome show. Also, while PoI is not in the same shoes as Hannibal (in averaging 12 mil live viewers vs 4 mil), how come it doesn’t have even more viewers? It is arguably the best scripted TV show in both network & cable…along with maybe GoT, Mad Men & Hannibal. For example, while NCIS:LA is a decent show it is certainly not even in the same league as PoI. So how come it has 15 mil viewers (while being part of a popular franchise is understandable..still!). Same goes with the Walking Dead..

  9. Rich Abey says:

    #1. Parent’s worried their children will get nightmares by the dark nature of the show? Certainly victims cut open to resemble Angels (with wings included) gave me the jibbers! Sill more than 16 mill watch the Walking Dead which has plenty of gore..so I’m stumped for a valid reason.

    #6. Sandy Rivers & Zoey.

    #19. Spot on. Arrow is by far the best comic book series ever on TV..then again I haven’t watched a whole lot of such series to be a proper judge but at least it’s the champ for the past 2 decades.

    #21. Adeb is an awesome Dungeon master, but Howard from BBT is still my No.1. Community did have some cool sound effects & Hickey’s interrogation was hilarious!

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  11. Jooshua says:

    What’s crazy is after all the complaining of networks not caring about the fans.. they have finally started giving us final seasons even on lower rated shows.. and fans are STILL complaining.

    Why don’t you guys go watch Reaper, Jericho, Sliders, The Dead Zone, Tru Calling, Carnivale, Kyle XY, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Pushing Daisies, Stargate Universe, FlashForward, The 4400, Reunion, Day Break, Quantum Leap, Drive, and Deadwood.

    Followed by being extremely grateful your favorite shows are getting endings!!

  12. JM says:

    1) Yes it is, and it’s a mystery given the ‘Walking Dead’ popularity. I think it’s masterful, and I wish it would be recognized by critics and award shows–then maybe people would tune in.

    8) I don’t find ‘The Following’ nearly as laughable as the first season, but I admit I don’t put much thought into it!

    9) I agree with the other poster that I thought ‘The Cowboy’ would be around longer. Glad the mystery surrounding Tom has been answered though.

    16) LOL on the kneecap comment.

    17) Top five for sure. I definitely won’t miss him. Honestly, the Crowe family, with the exception of Dewey, really hasn’t been that interesting.

    18) Given that neither one takes relationships seriously, yes I do.

  13. kath says:

    #19 If you’d asked me last fall whether Arrow was the best comic book show on TV, I would have given a loud “Yes!”.

    But since Christmas, they seem to have lost the magic. On paper, it’s all there, Slade’s revenge, Sara as Black Canary, Roy getting superpowers, but on screen, it’s dismal and angsty. Team Arrow, the best part of the show, is gone, it’s Oliver&Sara giving orders to Diggle and barely there Roy and Felicity And even though Oliver/Sara hits all the right beats, it’s boring, like a badly written Harlequin romance. Hardly any Thea or Sin and although Susanna Thompson is great with even one line, the show is too much Oliver/Sara/Slade/Laurel, in the present and the flashbacks. The Suicide Squad was a welcome break but next episode it’s back to Oliver&Sara&Laurel again. My finger is on the fast forward button.

    What I really miss is the humor of the season 1 and the first par of season 2. Now it’s all either fights scenes or Oliver’s man-pain and Lance sister angst. Interacting with Diggle and Felicity make Oliver a more interesting person and I wish the show would go back to that before I check out. I’ve been really disappointed lately.

  14. kirads09 says:

    RE: Question #1 – Yes. Absolutely. Hannibal is the perfect package of quality. The writing, the storylines, the performances and acting. Even the artistry of the presentation – so incredibly creepy yet beautiful at once. Hannibal is THE BEST show on TV – at least of it’s genre. I would put it at the top no question.. Hope the Emmy’s recognize both Mads and Hugh’s awesomeness come time for nominations. Also hoping for a S3. Don’t understand the ratings struggle – never have. BTW – how incredible was Gina Torres ? Floored by her. Not sure I can emotionally recover from that episode.

  15. Alice says:

    Hannibal? Meh- I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people who are uninterested by a show about two white men in a bromance, one of whom eats people. I can watch the Walking Dead and at least I get some female characters with equal screen time to go with the monsters.