Has Arrow Hit the Bulls-Eye? Shouldn't Hannibal Feed More? Is Closure > Length? And More TV Qs

HannibalWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Pretty Little Liars, Person of Interest, Chicago Fire and Arrow!

1 | Is Hannibal the best show on TV that nobody’s watching? Or to put it another way: What is wrong with this country? And how come Dr. Lecter could cozy right up to the bars of Will’s cell when, just last week, Dr. Du Maurier was scolded and physically removed for doing same?

2 | Anyone care to offer a theory on Grimm‘s Adalind’s-baby-is-really-twins idea? (Honestly, we’re stumped.)

3 | Faced with exactly the same lose/lose situation in which The Walking Dead put Carol, what would you have done? Could you have killed Lizzie? Or would it have been just a heartbreaking no-brainer after she murdered her sister in cold blood?

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4 | Was it jarring to see The Good Wife‘s Will and Alicia on such warm/friendly terms in the latest flashbacks? Did it make you miss the good ‘ol days? And is there any way Julianna Margulies again gets snubbed by Emmy, after nailing the heartbreaking flashbacks, moral ambiguity and inebriated power-brokering in “A Few Words”? Also, any last guesses on what the imminent Good Wife shocker is?

5 | Is there any sadder sight than Revenge‘s Patrick and Aiden leaving town in the same episode? And did the fact that Stevie’s sobriety story didn’t jibe with David Clarke’s 1997 diary entry mean she’s lying… or that the show isn’t so good with math?

How I Met Your Mother6 | Anyone else praying that How I Met Your Mother‘s Season 9 DVD set includes a bonus feature that shows us how producers were able to pull off this week’s epic, single-shot, alumni-packed sequence? Which HIMYM vet were you most excited/surprised to see?

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7 | Show of hands, Mom viewers: Does your attention start to drift any time there’s a scene with Christy’s kids?

8 | Once you accept The Following for what it has become — a mindless and often laughable guilty pleasure — isn’t it more fun to watch? And how in the world did Mendez survive the brutal gutting that her unhinged ex Jana gave her?

9 | Didn’t you think The Blacklist‘s Jolene would last way more than three episodes?!

The Tomorrow People10 | Wasn’t The Tomorrow People‘s sexy opening scene with John and Cara way more scandalous than Reign‘s uncensored episode?

11 | On The Fosters, was anyone else kind of impressed with the level of student body coordination in setting up Callie? And how is it possible that Wyatt’s hair is even more out of control? Speaking of long locks…

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12 | What’s it going to take to get Glee‘s Sam to cut his hair? A Change.org petition?

13 | Quick poll: Cougar Town revealing Chick’s worsening Alzheimer’s at the end of Tuesday’s otherwise totally ridiculous episode was A) jarring, B) heartbreaking or C) a little bit of both?

14 | Just because Pretty Little Liars‘ Ezra took a (literal) bullet for Aria, are we supposed to instantly forget everything he’s put her through? He’s been stalking her for years!

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15 | Does The Originals now feel weird without Rebekah? Did your mind keep wandering, thinking about what she’s up to?

Person of Interest16 | Any Person of Interest fans getting an Emperor Palpatine vibe from Greer? But more importantly: Almost three full seasons into the show, shouldn’t we spy the occasional victim of a past kneecap shooting limping in the background of a NYC scene?

17 | On Justified, prior to that most unfortunate mishap with the knife, where was Danny Crowe ranking amongst TV’s Most Annoying Characters?

18 | Do you agree with Chicago Fire‘s Shay that Chicago P.D. Detective Lindsay would make a good match for Severide?

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Arrow19 | Is there any argument against deeming Arrow the best comic-book series ever put on television? But one question: While we appreciate its haunting effect, where did Slade Wilson get those videos of a frolicking Shado?

20 | Sweet as it was for her to bring back former American Idol standouts Allison Iraheta, Pia Toscano and Jessica Sanchez as her backup singers, we must ask: Is it possible that Jennifer Lopez wasn’t even the slightest bit embarrassed to perform a song as abysmal as “I Luh Ya Papi” on Thursday’s results show? And next season, can we scrap the “Judges as Tastemakers” series of performances and bring back under-the-radar alumni who are making great music?

21 | Wouldn’t you totally start playing D&D again if Community‘s Abed was your dungeon master? And was Hickey’s interrogation of the two trolls one of this TV season’s great comedy moments?

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22 | Scandal debate: Was it sweet of Jake to lay with his dying victim, or cruel? And speaking of the B613 boss, TVLine reader Cheyenne asks:Did anyone catch that Jake actually threatened Olivia?”

White Collar Cancelled23 | White Collar‘s “renewal” raises the age-old question: Which fans are surlier, those whose show is abruptly cancelled with zero closure, or those who get an officially final — yet shortened — season?

24 | On Parenthood, how badly did you want to reach through the screen and drag Sydney to her bedroom after she blew up at Victor? And which scene broke your heart more: Max’s backseat confession about being a freak, or Drew and Amber’s sweet duet?

25 | While we can admit that Jimmy Fallon does a spot-on impression of Vladimir Putin, perhaps he can go one night without using it in his Tonight Show monologue?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Joel says:

    Not only do I love Arrow, but I would watch an entire series based around “The Suicide Squad” I bet it would be better than “Agents of Shield”. Loved the Harley Quinn tease.

    • wordsmith says:

      The Harley tease was a hilarious little throwaway moment. It probably won’t ever go anywhere, but it was totally worth it.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      Why would it be better than SHIELD? Because they would throw mindless references at you every minute?

      • Bryce says:

        Well it really doesn’t take much to be better than SHIELD so

        • Patrick Maloney says:

          And now how is SHIELD bad? Because they don’t go for the cheap thrill by dropping a name of a character or concept from the comics? So that the non-comic book fans can say “Haha, I know all about comics because I know a name!”?

          • Boston2AZ says:

            You know, I agree with you about the obsession that some fans have with the correlation between the show and the comic. I mean I’ve gotten killed on here more than once by suggesting that the Laurel Lance character needs to go. But c’mon – is there ever an episode of SHIELD where Thor doesn’t get mentioned?? I finally gave up on it because of that.

          • Sara says:

            SHIELD is bad because the writing is terrible and many of the characters are boring. Coulson would rather spend his time COMPLAINING about the fact that they brought him back from the dead and arguing with people in his own organization than actually chasing bad guys and the actor who plays Ward is so wooden they could replace him with a log and get the same result. (hey, might save the show some money.)

          • Dominator of destruction says:

            Crap writing,boring cast, unlikeable characters i could go on

          • Pikafool says:

            Dude, the show has been nothing but “Battle of New York”, “Battle of New York”, “Battle of New York” and “Battle of New York”….

      • mainecane says:

        i agree i like sheild. I think the reason people are against it is its not about superhero’s but more about people like agent colson.. although i like its easy going nature and stuff alot of people don’t i think arrow is a better show but i don’t know if suicide squad would be better and my fav superhero show of all time is smallville, not arrow although arrow is a close second.

  2. Eric7740 says:

    22. Oh, I caught that threat to Olivia Pope!!!
    24. It was a tie between the car scene with Max, Adam, and Kristina and the scene with Joel and Victor at the end!!! And yes, I would’ve put the hurt to that little Sydney for that little outburst!!! She’s needed a busting for years now!!!

  3. Amy says:

    The video of Shado looked pre-island. Slade probably found someone who knew her from home and got the video from them.

    • CourtTV says:

      I agree but I did pause to wonder about where he got it.

    • Christina says:

      Im just so happy they questioned it. The whole time Oliver was watching that video, I was just wondering how Slade got it.

    • Lysh says:

      That’s my theory as well. I hope (but doubt) they’ll bring that up again. I’ve seen some hilarious posts on Tumblr about it though, so bless Arrow for that.

    • Playhouse says:

      I think that’s exactly what he did, which demonstrates the lengths Slade has gone and will go to get back at Oliver.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      Um yeah I’m totally sure that’s what the writers had in mind, and they did not just blindly wrote that scene without thinking it through.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Slade knew her father, so he just had to snag some family footage.

  4. CourtTV says:

    Regarding White Collar’s renewal, I much prefer closure than abrupt end. I was just bingeing Deadwood this past weekend and I would love a few more episodes to wrap something like that up.

  5. sarah says:

    9)Yes I was not expecting her to be gone so soon.
    15)I do miss Rebekah but I tried to not let it interfere with the episode
    18)Personally I want Erin and Jay to get together, even though Severide needs a woman in his life, and I will be the first to audition for that role! LOL
    19)Considering Arrow is the only comic book based show I watch YES it is the best. :)
    23)Interesting question. I am happy to get 6 episodes to wrap the series BUT I do love me some Neal Caffrey/Matt Bomer and would love a full season but I will be happy with 6.
    24)Yes Sydney was out of line saying what she said to Victor but in her mind, her parents separating happened not long after they adopted Victor so she thinks he is the issue. By far Max in the back seat, I felt so bad for him when he said that a kid peed in his canteen.

  6. Amber says:

    I was embarassed for JLo.

    Sam does get a haircut.

    And someone should have thrown that kid to a walker for food ages ago. Its not like she would have objected

  7. Curly Girly says:

    #19-Arrow: Totally agree, Arrow is THE best show ever based on a comic book, as well as one of THE best shows on the air right now, and I’m not even a comic book fan. I, too, was wondering how they found that video camera on the island?? Huh?? Well, with this show, you really have to suspend your beliefs (um…Arrow’s “disguise”?)

    • l says:

      Well Oliver at least has the hood thing.. how Laurel doesn’t recognize Sarah as the Canary though is beyond me.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      How can you say it’s the best show based on a comic book if you don’t read the comic? And that’s a pretty big suspension of disbelief for something that could’ve just as easily not been used. The footage didn’t really add anything to the dead body Oliver found. In fact, it took away from the reveal dead body because it made me question how they got the footage.

      • Jaden says:

        The show is based on a comic book. There are other shows based on a comic book. You watch you watch each of those shows and decide which you like best. See, you don’t have to read the comics at all.

  8. Jen says:

    #11 – I was so happy to see Wyatt again although I kind of wish they had saved that story for next season. Honestly, there is so much going on with The Fosters right now I can’t focus on Wyatt and his homelessness problems. I don’t understand why they are trying so hard to cram so much stuff into this year. Save something for later! (P.S. – Loved it when Wyatt made the comment about Callie finally having more hair than him. Dude needs some serious conditioning though.)

  9. Bruce_F says:

    3) As difficult as it would be, I would have done the same thing as Carol. That little girl was scary-crazy.
    15) The Originals have lost the family element and that has left the show feeling cold. They used to have both Rebekah and Hayley living with Klaus and Elijah (even Davina was there for an episode) but now it all feels a bit empty with just the two brothers.
    21) Hickey’s interrogation was fantastic. There were also a few good bits to come out of Annie playing the well-endowed D&D character.

  10. Patrick Maloney says:

    1. Amen to Hannibal being the best show nobody’s watching! And I ask myself what is wrong with people who don’t watch it!
    8. Am I the only one who thought that it was Mendez’s sister who gutted her?
    9. I thought Cowboy (Lance Reddick) would last longer than three episodes.
    10. That statement made me smile. Reign is such an overrated show that I wouldn’t even call it soapy, it’s just badly written and not bold enough.
    19. Even though I loved the newest episode, I would most certainly not say its the best Comic show on air. I will not forget how the show royally messed up The Count and Deadshot in the past. You can’t just expect to name drop a character or concept from the comics and have fanboys going wild because of it without justifying why it was there in the first place! P.S. They need to decide whether Felicity is Oliver’s Gal Friday or his Girl…. I would prefer if she remained his Gal Friday.

  11. wordsmith says:

    17) Not so high anymore, now that he stabbed himself through the head in a freak knife-in-a-gunfight accident. But he definitely ranked pretty high on the list of people deserving to go out like in such a violent yet humiliating fashion.

  12. kimpie says:

    Nobody trusts NBC anymore. They habitually interfere with the production of their TV shows (remember how execs interfered with SMASH and fired the show’s creator?) or notoriously cancelling shows that should have been given a new season renewal (farscape, Invisible Man, The Event, Surface, to name just a few.

    I simply don’t watch any shows produced by NBC anymore. I haven’t, ever since Smash Season 1 ended. NBC should not be in the business of producing TV shows or movies.

  13. Ashley says:

    2. Maybe something to do with a doppelganger? Or astral projection?

    23. Closure is always best. I’m glad USA respects the fans enough to give them some final episodes rather than just abruptly cancel a show people love.

  14. TVFan says:

    2. I do not believe that the baby is twins. The baby has already displayed that she has “abilities.” She just projected herself to the forest to get his attention and to get him back to the cabin.

  15. Coal says:

    Let’s tackle TWD first, personally I would have let her go play with her precious Walkers and see how she likes been eaten alive. (This is just in jest, I don’t take mental illness likely). In reference to White Caller, I believe if a show gets 5 seasons its more than enough time to tell your story, they could have wrapped it up easily with Peter moving to Washington and Neal having completed his sentence during his work with Peter. As for Jake talking to James ? Scandal seems to thrive on giving its characters these monologues, on this occasion it was creepy “Huck-like” scene.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      I totally agree with you about White Collar. Instead of going for a cliched cliffhanger, they could have tied up the show in a satisfactory way.

  16. Dav says:

    #9 – I was a little surprised that Jolene didn’t last longer but I’m fine with them killing her off early if it means we finally get some movement in the Tom storyline. Assassin Tom is Waaaaaay more interesting and last weeks episode was one of the best so far. I was actually more interested in the Tom part of the story than anything the FBI people were doing.

  17. Chablis says:

    I thought it was empathy with Jake and James. It’s the conflict between good and evil IMHO.

    Not that you asked but wish a question would be what storyline would you like to end? Answer: Quinn. Please end it and get character.

  18. CAN says:

    24. I’ve been mad at Joel for weeks but honestly would it have killed Julia to let him talk for two minutes!
    Sidney has always been a spoiled brat.

  19. Chablis says:

    -^ her.

    Wish there was an edit button and an oldest> newest sort function for comments. :-(

  20. l says:

    On the Revenge thing… I’m glad to see Patrick and Aiden gone.. the show has too many extraneous characters… time to refocus on Emily’s mission.

    As to Arrow… I still don’t get Slade’s obsession with Shado.. they were never a couple on the island… and his sudden “I loved her” declarations just seem nutty.

  21. Mary says:

    I liked all the little cameos in that How I Met Your Mother’s, but think I liked Zoey’s the best. Once fans have been having fun with it since it came up after Emma finding out Walsh was a flying monkey. Also seeing Blitz again was good and poor Blah Blah finally getting a name.

  22. Ashley says:

    8: Next to under the dome The following is the most ridiculous show on TV..it takes a lot of suspension of disbelief.

  23. Boiler says:

    #8: I think that position needs to be taken on a lot of shows. People get so picky they don’t just enjoy!!

  24. People!! WAAtCH HANNIBAL!!! top 5 for writing, directing, acting, execution of all things amazing, on tv right now!! BRILLIANCE IN ABUNDANCE!

  25. R.O.B. says:

    Yes – more people should be watching Hannibal! Maybe the gore is a turnoff – definitely pushes the limit. I know my wife won’t watch because of it, which is a shame because the acting and cinematography are incredible. The scene with Will fly fishing and the bodies floating under the surface was masterful.

    Love Person of Interest, too, but after the last episode I feel like I need a cheat sheet now to follow what is going on and who all these groups are. It is getting too crowded. I think the showrunners would do well to develop a catch-up episode or at least some on demand mini-eps explaining who each person and group is.

  26. Carly says:

    I tried watching Hannibal but I found it boring after a few episodes. I couldn’t keep watching it even though I tried to forced myself to. It reminds me of a gifset on tumblr. Sure, its pretty, but has no substance. And you are disappointed when you actually watch it.

    • clearhaven says:

      I know how you feel. I remember binge-watching season 1 and I felt it sort of dragged a bit in the beginning. In the middle, however, things started getting really interesting. I realised Hannibal is not the sort of show you can watch while doing the dishes or something else . It requires full concentration. It really is that deep

    • JM says:

      Yes, I almost stopped watching after the first few episodes of Season 1, too. They focused too much on the brutal serial killers for shock value, I think, and less on the main characters. The actor who plays Will was the only reason why I didn’t quit. Then they started to focus more on the main characters and their relationships, and it got so much better. I am so glad I stuck with it. Now it’s just brilliant!

  27. Sharon says:

    Sure, ARROW’s the best super hero TV show ever! That is, if you like bad acting and hackneyed writing. I abandoned ship about three episodes into the second season. Despite all the pretty, pretty people, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I get that many people love it, but it’s just not for me.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      Agreed! About the writing being hackneyed sometimes…

    • clearhaven says:

      Yeah I get where you’re coming from. Stephen sometimes acts like he memorized his lines and sometimes comes off as stiff. Other times however, he is a complete joy to watch. The lady acting as Sarah(keep forgetting her name) acts funny sometimes. Most of the time, I hate how she speaks and sets her face while talking like she’s in pain or something :-S. Also absolutely freaking hate how they keep Diggle in the background and don’t give him enough lines.

      Despite all these however, the show(or rather the idea behind the show), is pretty awesome :)

  28. Kim R says:

    Parenthood…the scene that really got to me what the one with Max. That kid should win award after award. It was heart wrenching. The scene with Julie and Sydney was so well done. I could just feel Julia’s anger/anquish as she hauled her daughter out of the room. Such a great show. :)

  29. Brandy says:

    23 I think fans of shows with no closure are surlier than fans of a show that gets a short final season to wrap things up.
    15 I defiintley miss Rebekah.She and Elijah are my favorites.
    11.Yes.I feel bad for Callie that other than Wyatt,Daphne,Brandon,Jude,Marianna she has no one or no friends.I feel sad for her that people that barley know her would set her up.
    14.Ikr? but the showll will paint him stalking her as romantic “cause he wants to protect her”& “he wants to save Ali to win Aria back”.

  30. Alex says:

    24. i totally started crying during max’s backseat confession. amber and drew have been acting a little too close for comfort in the past couple weeks (not that parenthood would EVER go there). joel and sidney are both being a**holes.

    • knd says:

      Omg I completely agree about Drew and Amber. For some reason they’ve been creeping me out. There was a weird scene a few weeks ago where she was playing with his hair. Ever since then their relationship has been overly close.

  31. DarkDefender says:

    6) The Blitz (oh man!). But I was also looking at Zoey and wishing they slipped in a OUAT reference.
    8) Not that surprising that she didn’t die (like Joe and the reveal at the end of this week’s episode).. Does anybody actually die on this show?
    19) Yes! ARROW, is currently the best comic book adaption on TV. But it looks like S.H.I.E.L.D. is taking notes and working towards at least equaling it.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      No I feel like Arrow should be taking notes on how SHIELD builds up the characters they introduce instead of just dropping them into the show and saying “Hey isn’t it cool that these characters have years of history that we’re not really acknowledging.”

      • Thomas Powell says:

        Well, I hope they never start taking notes from SHEILD, I gave up on that show four months into it. They spent so much time explaining every character, it lost the show’s momentum. Different strokes for different folks. I’m still enjoying Arrow.

        • Patrick Maloney says:

          Yeah because making sure people understand each character is such a terrible quality. SHIELD should go the Arrow route and introduce an awesome villain in the comics and turn him into a rip off of the poor Man’s version of the Joker, like they did with the Count.

          • Thomas Powell says:

            As I said, different strokes for different folks. Judging from similar comments made above, I’m not the only one not loving SHIELD–I’m not watching something I don’t care for.

  32. Brandon says:

    While Arrow has been solid all season, we can’t forget the rough majority of the first season. When it can hold up for a few more years, then we can talk about whether or not it’s the best comic show ever. Not after one OK season and one good one.

  33. Tav says:

    The Good Wife shocker is they’re killing off Kalinda.
    It’s been over a year since the moratorium on Kalinda/Alicia scenes was instated, which has left Kalinda removed from the main action of the show and relegated to just sleeping around with various characters. Since Kalinda ~can’t even be in the same room with Alicia her future/potential plots are severely limited. I’m sure the Kings will say this was just the ~natural conclusion/resolution for her character, but her imperial condescension Julianna Margulies probably came up with that too.

  34. CJ says:

    23) As a White Collar fan, I am nothing but grateful for a six-episode final season. While I understand some fans may feel short-changed, I am always happy when shows – even those I don’t watch – are given the chance to provide fans with closure. When done right, six episodes can be a truly thrilling ride, like the final six episodes of Nikita. Shortened final seasons, especially in cases where those extra episodes aren’t needed for syndication purposes, are like a gift from the network/studio to the fans, and I for one am very grateful for that.

    • Merissa W. says:

      Agreed! I was surprised how Nikita was able to provide such closure in only 6 eps so I’m hopeful for these 6 for White Collar :)

  35. ... says:

    11. Yeah, how many students were complicit in the scheme took me out of the storyline. I could buy that they were all Vico’s friends or that he’s a big enough deal at the school for people to want to be close to him, even if it means messing with someone like Callie, but they haven’t shown any of that. Also, Wyatt’s out of control hair > Brandon’s flower pot shirts.

    15. The show was already so underpopulated anyway that taking out a central piece just highlights A) what a sausage fest this show has become and B) how the remaining female characters are very weak.

    20. I really like the IDEA of bringing on unknown bands to showcase the fabric of music of this country and to keep the results show from becoming a typical pop music promoting vehicle. However, the judges shouldn’t be anywhere near making the decision re: who gets to come on the show.

  36. Johnny English says:

    Number 16! Thought it was just me! Yeah Arrow is probably the best comic book hero TV show. Way less filler than Smallville

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      How was the first half of this season (1st episode to the episode Oliver kills the Count) anything but filler?

  37. 19. I was wondering how Slade got the Shado pics but then chalked it up to being the same as David “getting” the footage of Kelly and Brenda sky diving (that was shown during senior breakfast on BH 90210)

    24. That scene in the car with Max was heartbreaking however I was more shocked to hear the word a**hole said in that scene. NBC allows curses? lol

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      19. I think the question is more when is the footage taking place? During her time on the island or before? Both is impossible but the former is more insane.

  38. Angela says:

    #12: …I kinda like the longer hair on Sam, personally.
    #21: Pretty much all my proper knowledge of D&D has come from “Community”. And I’ve loved both episodes featuring the game, and would gladly play it with this particular group of people.
    LOVED Hickey’s interrogation of the trolls. I particularly liked how you could see Annie standing behind Hickey and trying very hard to keep from laughing :).

  39. JC says:

    Why is it so hard to understand that people might not want to watch a show about a CANNIBAL? If you enjoy the show, fine, but I’m getting tired of this “why aren’t more people watching – what is wrong with people?” chorus. For some of us there’s not much grosser than the whole “eating people” thing. I still get completely creeped out thinking about the Lost Girl “Baba Yaga” episode. *shudders* I wouldn’t watch Hannibal if someone paid me to.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      Because it isn’t like Walking Dead where we see Hannibal chomp into a body, it’s him basically eating a meal that looks normal but is this monstrous symbol of his insanity, which is the brilliance of this show.

      • JC says:

        And? So? Therefore? You completely missed my point. It doesn’t matter how gory or not it is – it’s the idea that’s the gross part. I’m not saying people shouldn’t watch it – if you like it, fine. I’m just getting tired of people acting like there’s something wrong with you if you don’t want to watch a show about a guy that EATS. PEOPLE. Regardless of whether or not that’s shown on screen.

        • Patrick Maloney says:

          If that’s your problem, you’re missing the entire part of the show because we rarely see him kill a person let alone eat them. The show isn’t about Hannibal and his dietary habits, which are none of your concern, but about Will Graham and his relationship.

          • JC says:

            *headdesk* Why is this so hard to understand? Cannibals creep me out massively!!! The whole idea of the show creeps me out!!! Even seeing a picture of the character creeps me out!!! Why is it so difficult for fans of this show to grasp the concept that other people might find it deeply profoundly disturbing? I’m not trying to tell you not to watch it. I’m just saying this. STOP SAYING THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH PEOPLE NOT WANTING TO WATCH THIS SHOW. The end. I’m done with this conversation.

  40. Mandy says:

    #18 yes!! Severide and Lindsay must end up together!! They would make the prettiest couple!

  41. Sara says:

    #18 – YES. I really dig the vibe between Severide and Lindsay. Which sucks because Lindsey & Jay would also be super super cute.

  42. Daisy says:

    24. That song did nothing for me. Joel trying to convince his son that he was family, however broke my heart into pieces. And the Max in the back seat thing got to me as well.

  43. Emily says:

    2. I think the writers were inspired by one of the other Filipino mythical creatures that Reggie Lee told them about. There is one that is called “Tiyanak” that is a baby that dies in the womb and becomes a demon. It will take the form of a normal baby and cries to get it’s prey to come to it.

    3. I would have locked Lizzie in a room with her zombified sister. If she was right that the zombies are just misunderstood, then she would be prove them wrong. If wrong, problem solved.

  44. katedfw says:

    #13 was jarring to me. When you have had a parent die from Alzheimer’s, you really don’t expect to see that in a comedy. It broke my heart.

    #8 Yes The Following is just a guilty (sometimes creepy) pleasure. But still fun to watch.

  45. Casto says:

    Best comic book based series: The Walking Dead. Haven’t been a fan of the second half of this season (to me breaking them apart and doing standalone episodes was a bad move) but overall it is the best. Arrow is good but season 2 hasn’t lived up to season 1. I’m enjoying S.H.I.E.L.D., of course it is apples and oranges when compared to Arrow.

    Honorable mentions: The Tick, Human Target, Smallville.

    Here’s hoping the Netflix Marvel series can surpass them all.

  46. kate says:

    1, Well, I’m watching it (disturbingly gleefully every week), I feel like people need to start realizing this show really should be on FXX and I think its the NBC of it all that is turning people off. but it holds onto a good chunk of its Grimm audience and that is sufficient for the network (I suppose the real test will be next week with no Grimm for any good reason other than I assume they build a cliff hangar into tonight’s episode)

    2. Unclear on the twins thing unless it is similar to Pru’s secondary power that she developed before she died on Charmed?

    3. I think I might have made the same choice.

    6. What I was most baffled by was that apparently Once Upon A Time let Jennifer Morrison, the lead in that show, go for a bit or that Alexis Denisof’s was totally pretaped even though he is like married to one of the stars of the show.

    19. That was my only question out of that episode too, I mean, she was kidnapped to the island as a hostage for her father it is unlikely she packed. Maybe her apartment or whatever was in tact. I guess I also was saying, Diggle, its nice and all but don’t call unnecessary attention to Felicity, I suspect she might be Oliver’s ace in the hole (though at the time, did not suspect he had any A.R.G.U.S. connections).

  47. PFitzDC says:

    #22–Was there anyone who DIDN’T catch the threat Jake made to Olivia????
    (And while I don’t think Jake was cruel to sit with James–I’m not sure James found any comfort in it….)

  48. dude says:

    12. From the looks of his Instagram, he already has.
    15. YES! It’s about 80% less interesting.

  49. sara says:

    18. Nope I want her and Halstead to hook up, their longing glances and chemistry are crazy good!

  50. jenferner8 says:

    I’m glad Tom did Jolene in, didn’t like her, I’ve been waiting for her to die, I’ve also been waiting since first episode for Blacklist writers to catch up with my theories about Tom. I’ve liked him from the beginning but I knew something wasn’t quite right. That episode confirmed several of my theories about Tom, especially when Tom said he’d talked to Red outside the hospital when Liz’s dad was a patient. I KNEW something was off and it occurred to me Tom had to have known who Red was.
    As for Grimm, that monster has alot of scrambled up DNA not to mention the rituals Adalind went through all season. Is it wrong that her “midwife” is looking hotter lately?