Vampire Diaries Recap: Spring Breakdown

Vampire Diaries RecapElena finally snapped out of her Katherine-induced bender in this week’s Vampire Diaries — and she had a hell of a hangover to nurse. 

Between her mind-bending hallucinations, intense bouts of paranoia and occasional impulses to stab curly blonde witches (I actually didn’t mind that part so much), Elena spent Spring Break pretty much falling apart at the seams. She was also convinced she had killed Aaron and was surprisingly bent out of shape about it. (Did I miss something? Were they really that close?)

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When Damon eventually buckled down and told Elena the truth about who killed Aaron, he gave her a big dramatic speech about how he only murked him to prove to Elena that he could be bad — which only further showed how ridiculous his latest downward spiral really was. It’s like Damon only has two potential statuses: “In a relationship” and “Single, bloodthirsty monster.”

This led to a massive fight, in which Damon and Elena decided — for the millionth time — that they’re no good for one another. And then, also for the millionth time, they threw caution and logic to the wind and tore each other’s clothes off. It’s frustrating that these two still can’t get their feelings in order after five seasons, but at least they’ll give us a heck of a show while they sort it all out.

STEFAN 3.0 | It turns out Enzo and his Traveler buddies had the antidote for Elena’s super-virus all along, but like most things in the supernatural world, there was a big fat catch involved: Before handing it over, they needed Stefan to help them track down his other doppelganger — that’s right, there’s another one! — as part of their master plan. A locator spell revealed the new doppelganger to be an EMT in Atlanta (convenient!) and now Caroline has the joyous task of having to, uh, ‘take care’ of him. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that this won’t go as planned?

Vampire Diaries 516ELENA’S ‘NEW’ FRIEND | During one of her hazy spells, Elena met a handsome young chap named Luke… or at least she thought she was meeting him. He had apparently gotten to know her pretty well during her Katherine days, but there’s one thing she doesn’t know about him: He’s Liv’s brother — and he and his sister are up to no good! I knew I didn’t like Liv for some reason; after five seasons, I should really learn to trust my gut.

CAROLINE’S ‘THING FOR ACCENTS’ | Question for the group: How do we feel about Caroline and Enzo? Because I’m pretty sure, despite all my personal objections, this show is going to do everything it can to push them together. After all Caroline has been through lately, I’m hoping she opts to pump the breaks on her love life altogether. That girl needs a break.

Browse pics from tonight’s episode below, then drop a comment: Were you surprised by the Luke/Liv twist? What’s to become of Stefan’s new doppelganger? And where do you stand on the potential issue of ‘Carolenzo’?


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  1. Riana says:

    At least they didn’t kill EMT Stefan while he was saving that woman’s life

  2. Robert says:

    I wonder what Luke and Liv. are up to? I do not think they are part of the Travelers, Liv. seem more powerful then a Traveler who, seem to need to be in a group in order to be effective. I like the idea of a gay witch, I hope he do not end up dead by his second appearance.

  3. Lara says:

    BIG NO! to Caroline/Denzo. Give Caroline a break, this character needs a good storyline and development and not yet another love interest

  4. Josh says:

    A female character on TVD not connected to a man? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. CocoVills says:

    so are Damon and Elena back? Or was that just a lusty moment?

  6. xxx says:

    Damon and Elena relationship is like those relationships in when the guy hits at the girl, gave her flowers for apologize and tells her it was her fault, the girl believe at what the guy said and accepts his apology because she love him.

    I feel sorry for those girls who think that that is love

    Is to bad that our heros are gonna kill the innocent doppelganger which is technically intended for Elena. I hope we could see a litter more about this guy before they kill him.

    sorry for my bad English

    • iLoveDamonSalvatore says:

      actually that doppelgänger was intended for Katherine, Stephen’s is Elena’s Doppelgänger, I am a huge Damon fan, but Delena is so far from being real love, they’re toxic for each other, this show has gone downhill since they have made it the Damon & Elena diaries, Damon is supposed to be an antagonist but because he’s hot people forget

      • C. says:

        I’m so sick of Damon threatening to kill his close friends (Matt this episode, Jeremy a few weeks back) and then he totally gets away with it. What the hell is up with that? It’s kind of starting to make Elena look pathetic for always excusing his behavior.

        • Lena says:

          The interesting thing is Damon OWNS up to what he is doing. If you saw the episode last night and listened to his words, he didn’t want Elena to make excuses for his actions. You, as the viewer, are entitled to hate the character, but Damon is not being a hypocrite about it. He even told Elena their relationship was toxic. At this point, Stefan/Stelena fans just hate Damon just to hate him, especially because of their ship. But if I wanted to see a sweet guy with a sweet girl, I can watch tons of other shows on television. This is a show about vampires. I’m not interested in a vampire who wants to act like a human.Vampires are murderers period and it borders on ridiculous for people to complain about vampires murdering people on the show.

          • Anj says:

            Very well said. I agree completely. It is a vampire show, if people didn’t die what kind of Vampire show would it be?

          • sara says:

            Bulls#@!% he owns his actions! It’s always because Elena either didn’t let him kiss her or broke up with him why he does the crap he does, that is not owning it! He is pathetic and what they have is LUST not love

          • Francine says:

            I’m not upset because vampires are killing people- I think we all know vampires do that, but TVD has always made a point of showing that its vampires aren’t murderers just for the sake of being murderers. There is usually a method or reason to the madness. That is what I find (or used to find) interesting about this show.

          • Lena says:

            @Sara, you are entitled to believe what you want to believe, BUT last night he did straight up blame himself for his actions. Elena gave him a way out by attempting to blame circumstances or somebody else and he wouldn’t let her. Also, you might want to step back from the show if you get this worked up over a romance on television. It is fiction sweetheart, not reality. And in this fictional story, some people see Delena as a romance. Just because you don’t agree and think the relationship is just lust, doesn’t make it a fact.

          • Euvee says:

            Beautifully put @Francine. If there was no method to the ‘madness’ then why did Katherine get all that hate and end up in a dark place? Damon owning his misdeeds doesn’t make it ok to go on a murdering spree, just cos his feelings got hurt. Sometimes I wish another actor was cast as Damon, someone less good looking. Maybe the show would have stayed TVD and not morph into The Delena Diaries cos of quite a number of hormonal, super vocal Damon fans.

          • Lena says:

            @Euvee, I wasn’t, in ANY way, justifying Damon’s actions. Basically, I stated in my original post that this is a vampire show. Vampires kill. That is it. Damon chooses not to go down the path as a pretender; he not trying to explain his actions. He just told Elena in the last episode that HE did certain things and he placed the blame on himself. Also, not everybody who defends or likes the character Damon take that position because they are “dazzled” by his looks or appearance. Moreover, I did NOT state in my comments that his actions are right, but this is a television show about vampires, I do not want to watch vampires attempt to be human. I do believe generalizations are unfounded and moronic. I am most certainly not a hormonal Damon fan, my dear, so please get your facts straight before making assumptions.

          • Lena says:

            And my last response to this article, because I do not have time for Stefan/Stelena fans who get bent out of shape and upset when their couple is not together…@Anj Great point. People die on vampire shows and yet that is the main excuse some fans use to hate Damon. He is a vampire ON Vampire Diaries. It is a supernatural show where creatures live off of blood and have inclinations to disregard human life…since they are NOT human. I think some people need to watch Twilight to find their Edward and Bella.

          • C. says:

            I am actually not a strong supporter of Stephen and Elena, I could go either way. I’m just saying it’s kind of ridiculous that Elena, and even their entire crew of friends continue to hang out with someone who is constantly threatening to kill them. I guess it’s just a TV show, but it’s starting to get ridiculous. Why TV shows are not meant to go on for this many seasons.

          • sls says:

            I agree. Not really sure I understand why people want Stepford versions of vampires, though there is also something creepy about that concept. lol

            Vampires are monsters. Shows and movies about vampires should be dark and twisty. The characters should be greatly flawed. It’s what makes vampires so alluring, they are seriously messed up and emotional and angsty and “wrong” (but the oh so good kinda wrong). For so many people these characteristics are the appeal of vampires.

            Apparently Twilight has created a new sub-genre, the Stepford Vampire and those that love this sort of vampire I guess are looking for a show full of Stefans, where everyone is a hero, everyone is “perfect”, and every one is the vegetarian version of vampires and only drinks animal blood (which they do begrudgingly and take as little as necessary to survive).

            Like it or not, that version of vampire, the Twilight/Stepford/Stefan version has it’s own fan base now. So this show is trying to appeal to both types of Vampire Lovers. It makes for a very polarizing show. And fans will just continue to fight over it.

            Personally, I want my vampires dark and messed up. And I’m a bit sad to see this “new” sub-genre emerge. I’m never going to be onboard with it. I’m guessing that fans on either side won’t really find much common ground along the way either. An thus these arguments will continue on… :)

          • Euvee says:

            Actually my dear, your ‘unfounded’ and ‘moronic’ rant just proved my point. If you fall under the category of ‘quite a number of hormonal, super vocal Damon fans’ then feel free to wear the shoe. On TVD, Vampires always had a moral compass albeit in different shades of grey. If all Vampires were coldblooded monsters who simply killed on a whim then why do we have villains on the show? Damon was introduced as a villain, as black, twisted and sexy as Katherine but I guess his good looks and probably the real life Nian craze changed his plot line. Fingers crossed TVD goes back to being TVD not The Delena Diaries. I hope Julie Plec and the writers visit other social media platforms other than Damon loving saturated twitter, chock full of hormonal, angst filled teenyboppers and swooning oldies.

      • shavanap says:

        Actually, seeing as how Stephan and Katherine are considerably older than the newest doppelganger, I’m pretty sure that Stephan and Katherine are more likely supposed to be together. Meaning that this newest doppelganger is intended for Elena.

    • Sara says:

      Yes that’s right….Elena is an abused girlfriend. Anytime she does something Damon doesn’t like he flies off the handle….then she ‘forgives’ him because it was ‘her fault’. It’s sad that they’ve made her into this. Damon’s tried to kill her brother twice….but who cares as long as they keep having sex right? Damon will keep being an ass because it seems Elena will let anything slide with him. What she’s doing is not love. Love is not saying it’s ok while your significant other does horrible things.

  7. Matt says:

    I think the show also hinted at something deeper here tonight. While Damon and Elena are still going through their lust/love thing, the writers keep dropping little hints about Stefan and Elena. He was the only one who knew it wasn’t her when Katherine took over her body, they’re both doppelgängers. These little types of things keep popping up to remind us of their connection, and perhaps it’s just me, but the scenes with Stefan and Elena seem to play more like loves lost, still drawn to each other, like soul mates. While the Elena and Damon scenes never seem to reach that type of connection. Maybe it’s just the actors and how the play roles too. I always thought the chemistry was much stronger between Paul Wesley and Nina dobrev. Paul Wesley is one of those rare actors who seems to have chemistry with anyone .

    • abba says:

      actually it was damon who figured out elena’s behaviour was atypical and he was the one who told stefan about it… stefan did not figure it out by himself like he told elena.

      • iLoveDamonSalvatore says:

        lol Stefan WAS the one that noticed, Damon was convinced that Elena was over him and that was why she tried to kill him by kicking the stake towards Stefan, he never realized that is was Elena though, he loves her so much but is so unsure of her love that he believed she hated him before thinking Elena would never do this, and thats how Stefan noticed…

        • abba says:

          I didn’t say damon figured out it wasn’t elena… I said he felt her behaviour was atypical and she told stefan, who THEN and with that information put it together, with caroline by the way…

      • kade says:

        That was a lie in Stefan. He told elena that when she kissed him was when he knew.NO!!! When she kissed him he said stop because he didn’t want that to his brother. And Caroline and him discussed it then they figured it out. Damon noticed she stopped caring about him because she showed signs of giving up. Now elena believes stefan knew before Damon. Lie!!!! Big lie!!!

        • C. says:

          Exactly! Big lie! I was like ….com’on what are you talking about? …Stefan was actually the one that spent time with “Elena” and didn’t notice at all… Damon just had a couple of chances to even seen after the break up. I think it was a little bit unfair how they put Stefan like the one knows her so well and Elena telling Damon he should have been the one to recognize it wasn’t her

    • Francine says:

      Paul and Nina have fantastic chemistry together, they really do. That being said- I hope the show doesn’t go down that road again although they probably will at some point. I just don’t see how Stefan could ever be with Elena again after everything that’s happened. My hope is still that they will give him another love interest. Honestly I wish both brothers would kick Elena to the curb but I know THAT will never happen.

  8. Anna says:

    Good and fair recap: it makes Cenzo :-) I’ve never been a Stelena fan but Delena definitely gives a new meaning to “toxic relationship”. Besides, why am I not surprised about Damon not fessing up about putting Jeremy’s life into jeopardy?

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  10. ejdax37 says:

    No one on this show has clean hands! Elena has killed, that waitress in Katherine’s town was a complete innocent (and yes I know she had turned off her emotions but that girl still didn’t deserve to die). Stefan killed countless during his ripper days, Caroline killed that kid right after she turned, and we wont even go in to how much destruction Bonnie has caused with her magic. Matt is probably one of the most innocent except for his summer sleeping around Europe with Rebecca which is more guilt by association. The one with the cleanest hands is Jeremy, the only bad thing I can think of him doing is kissing his ghost girlfriend while dating Bonnie.

    • abba says:

      don’t forget stefan fed on his own father when he was dying… that was awful

      • Dmac says:

        And Damon killing Jeremy, Lexie etc etc wasn’t ?

      • iLoveDamonSalvatore says:

        yeah also don’t forget that Damon killed his brother’s best friend Lexie, tried to kill Caroline, and Jeremy, turned Vicky…and the list goes on and on.. people trust me I LOVE DAMON just as much but the big picture is that he is an ANTAGONIST and just because he’s in love with elena and does random nice acts doesn’t make him the right choice for her, its sad if people think that Delena is real love, the minute he thought Elena dumped him he went and killed Aaron & almost Elenas brother Jer, oh but this is ok because he was just hurt..commonnnn!
        oh don’t forget that Damon never respected Elenas relationship with stefan he flirted n tried n tried to confuse her until she started having feelings for him because of all the time they spent together looking for Stefan, but yet when katherine tried to make out with stefan while pretending to be elena he stopped her n said it wasn’t right because of Damon, now who’s the better brother, Damon is selfish, and not the right person for elena, because she will never be ok with him being himself, and she shouldn’t have to change just to please her!

        • bluegossip says:

          Love how everyone keeps looking past the fact that of the two elena is the one who changed the most. Imagine season 1 elena hooking up with damon after telling her he killed her friend? They are at a point where they are joking about damon and his serial killer ways…all she asks from damon is that if he has to kill there better be a good reason and to let her friends live. Yeah that is such a great sacrifice!…and elena has accepted damon faults and all isnt that what their big romantic speeches are always about? He is bad, and a bad influence on who she wants to be and who she represents to her friends but she loves him too much to give. Damon is the one who wants to change for her, to be the man he thinks she needs in her life but he cant trusts himself to so its better to just give up on them…but he loves her too much. If anything elena does alot.

    • sara says:

      and let’s not forget that caroline killed 12 witches last season

    • Ari says:

      Um, Jeremy killed thousands upon thousands of vampires when he killed Kol. I’m sure the majority of those vampires were killers, but I bet some of them were decent people just trying to get by, Judging by the fact that most of the vampires we’ve met on this show are actually pretty decent, I’d believe that a lot of the vampires that were murdered by Jeremy were probably pretty decent I don’t believe for one second that Jeremy’s hands are the cleanest. I think that title would go to Matt. As you said, most of his evil deeds were guilt by association.

      • shavanap says:

        But that whole Kol-killing thing was all Elena’s idea. All he did was push in the stake. She set everything up. So if she’s like mostly responsible.

  11. Babybop says:

    It’s really hard for me to continue thinking Damon is sexy (Ian may be the most attractive man alive) when he acts like this whipped, wet piece of paper. Elena is horrid. WHY does he keep following her around like a little puppy dog? There has got to be a middle ground between whipped Damon and bloodthirsty ripper Damon. Because I’m starting to hate his character.

    • iLoveDamonSalvatore says:

      I couldn’t agree more! they have destroyed Damon’s character! he used to be this sexy blood thirsty vampire, that only showed emotion towards katherine the love of his life, and now they’re making him this..idk..boring lost puppy like you said, he’s with elena he’s happy n is sweet, and loves jeremy, they break up, he goes on a killing spree kills one of elenas friend and almost her brother, she comes back he saids I did this n that… she’s like i know its wrong but ily, make out time, and the trend goes on and on and on, poor stefan always going above and beyond to save damon & elena when neither one of them show any regards for him, this show sucks now honestly :/

  12. bluegossip says:

    Damon only loved katherine for half a season then it was full on hate. Then you had the first episode of season 2 but from halfway through season 1 damon was falling for elena. Damon is a bad boy th antihero but def not the antagonist, he has saved the day (not random saves here and there but endgame save) more times then stefan.

    • Guest says:

      You have got to be crazy to say he has saved the day more times than Stefan or perhaps you are watching a different show than I have been for the last four seasons. Stefan has always made the sacrifices for the better good of all. Damon would be dead without Stefan! Stefan has never attempted to kill or killed any of the other characters on the show. Damon has actually killed quite a few of them………

      • bluegossip says:

        You been watching the wrong show honey, damon is the anti-hero he doesnt want to save anybody and doesnt go out of his way to do it either unless its his best interest…(stefan, elena), those are his interests and when it comes down to it he will do everything for them. And he has, also lets not forget that most of their plans are thought of by damon especially season 3’s. He has saved elena more times then we can count, caroline, bonnie, stefan and jeremy. And while you all through him killing off characters you forget that jer and caro are still alive mostly thanks to him. And they have all killed damon just happens to have killed established characters, stefan offed off andie for no reason at all, atleast damon had a master plan for lexi. And he turned vicky to.give her a better life.

  13. sls says:

    We really can’t root for or “ship” anyone any more. Damon and Elena are toxic. Stefan and Elena are some contrived Doppleganger Legend. Honestly, I don’t care who has killed who, or who is a better couple. I really want Damon and Elena and Stefan to go off into the sunset as friends because the writers are sucking the life out of both these relationships. I don’t want to root for any of them together.

    I might like Caroline and Enzo together but is now really the time? I used to enjoy the romance on this show but now the romance parts are annoying the crap out of me. And whatever is left outside of the romance doesn’t seem to have a real fire at it’s core. it’s just…so so. :(

  14. bluegossip says:

    The problem was giving us delena so soon when there are clearly atleast 2 more seasons left in his series, delena worked because they it never happened and damon was hot as the guy who could never get the girl but stayed to save her anyways.
    they should have found away to get rid of the triangle and stil dangle delena infront of our faces without giving it to us until the last moment.
    and i keep reading posts of people hating on the love triangle when we havent had one this whole season. Its been 100% delena all season. Its not like before when we had stelena but delena lurked in the back…elena is clear about her feelings this time.

    • Dmav says:

      And it is toxic and wrong. He thinks Elena breaks up
      With him so he goes on a killing spree. Elena forgives him no matter what he does…he killed her brother and that is forgiven. That isn’t love it is sick and twisted. The problem is that Julie Plec is pandering to the twitter set who thinks their relationship is epic and romantic. Thus show has gone off the rails

    • Isobel says:

      eh 1 after this if they choose not to renew the contracts, they end at the end of season 6 and Nina and Ian may want to move on, if they renew I don’t know how long a renewed contract would go for.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I kind of disagree. Yes, Elena is clear that she loves Damon but the brother thing is still lurking. And it will until we see Stefan or Damon actually move on and fall in love with someone else and it becomes the four of them and not just Stefan / Damon and Elena. Elena still has feelings for Stefan, she’s just not “in love” with him like she is Damon. But, and this is just my personal opinion of course, I think the writers are to afraid to go there because it would change the dynamic of the show. So now we are forced to deal with this on again, off again Damon and Elena crap w/Stefan lurking in the background.

  15. AnnieM says:

    Damon needs another buddy like Alaric. I think he was at his best during that time.

  16. kade says:

    They may be toxic to each other right now. But they love each other and they need work. Every couple has to work at their problems. Why should they not try. No one should give up when they have mutual feelings. And no Damon is not a woman abuser. He would never physically hurt her. Whoever posted that is stupid

    • Guest says:

      Aww bless your heart if you truly believe that they only “need work”. You might need counseling if you think there is anything positive about this relationship or anything to save. LUST is not LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Love builds you up and makes both people better. It sacrifices for the other. It doesn’t rely on one saving the other or one making the other good or better. Damon is absolutely an abuser.

  17. Life disco says:

    Guys, Damon is awfull. Stop trying to bring up a reason, he only cares about elena, thats all. He doesnt care about anyone else, any compassion he shows, he’s just doing it for elena. When she break up with him, he’ll just go on a killing spree, thats it. Stefan on the other hand is the complete opposite of damon. Lets just say elena dies today, without a way to bring her back to life, what do u think damon would do? DAMON IS BAD NEWS

  18. Avery says:

    I don’t know, but I prefer way chino Damon like a puppy dog than watching 6 seasons of stefamonlena triangle,

    Also, I remeter when everybody complaciened about ‘Bring Delena togeyher already!’ And know they are saving ir was too soon? Who can get you people?

  19. Ari says:

    In terms of Caroline and Enzo, I’m kind of into Enzo. At first he seemed like a cheap Klaus knockoff. Over the weeks I’ve started to like him more. Enzo is kind of an unapologetically bad guy. If anything were to ever happen between Enzo and Caroline then why was Caroline so against being with Klaus? She actually had a connection with Klaus. Enzo is just sort of there and gorgeous and has an accent. I like Enzo but I worry if he stays around they are going to send him on some redemption arc like they do with everyone. Why can’t they have characters that are evil and embrace that? It’s ok to have a real villain.

  20. GS says:

    I have missed the last couple of episodes and just haven’t taken time to watch them and when I watched tonight, I realized I hadn’t missed it. It is such a big mess now. I honestly don’t care about any of them anymore. I hate that too because this used to be one of my favorite, can’t miss shows but they have screwed it up beyond repair. I know I’m done with The Originals. How can you have a show based on the first vampire family when only 2 are still there? I hate that too because it was actually getting good until they got rid of Rebeccah.

  21. Yolanda says:

    I hope if they finally decide to kill Damon, he’ll go straight to hell not to the other side (just like Katherine). There’s nothing redeeming about him. He’s a bad person and deserves the same treatment like Katherine. Btw why did they kill off the pnly interesting character so soon? They should have kept Katherine till the end of this season. Now it’s all repetitive and boring.

    • bluegossip says:

      Why would they kill off their last remaining fun character?

    • maria says:

      For once they would never kill Damon, that would be the end of the vampire diaries. Also Katherine went to Hell because even in death She was spiteful vindictive and gleeful at the miserie she left behind.. Damon on His deathbed was the complete opposite. Damon deep down is a good Man and that will prevail at the End. He has a lot of redeeming Qualities and dosent pretend to be anything else, unlike some other hypocrites on the Show.

  22. bluegossip says:

    1) this are vampires not human’s, they are monsters. Its in their nature to kill, damon embraces this part of himself.
    2) damon going on a killing spree after being dumped by elena is like a man hitting the clubs hard after a break up.
    3) also damon didnt just go on a killing spree because elena left him, he went dark because that is who he sees himself as deep inside and katherine drove that point home in the break up, so he went if a monster is all she saw then a mosnter is all she gets. And even then he went after a family that hurt him not just random people of the street.

  23. Jon says:

    Although I like Enzo a lot, I’m pushing for a Caroline/Stefan dopplegänger coupling, because… why not?

  24. Lies says:

    I think that damon is right in this episode, damon and elena are toxic for eachother. Elena loves her family, her friends and she hates it when people hurt them, so if she stays true to herself then she is going to end things with damon for good. I believe that she will be single at the end of season 5. Also this entire season 5 we saw elena and stefan having some “special’ moments when they were talking about their feelings, or when elena was jealous about tessa etc and lets not forget that elena almost kissed stefan in episode 4. Her feelings are still there but she is in love with damon at the moment but the love triangle will be back full time in season 6 i think. Damon and Elena will only work if they are willing to change 100% for eachother and personally i think that isn’t good them because in a relationship you should respect eachother for who they are.
    As for caroline and enzo.. flirting: yes, relationship: no! The girl needs to be single, and if they really want her to be in a relationship then just please let it be with Matt they had some great Chemistry in season 2. But i still would love to see her with klaus in the end But that’s sadly never going to happen.

  25. Fruna11 says:

    wats the song at the end if vpd episode 16 season 5

  26. Jenny says:

    Personally, I think the whole Damon and Elena thing is growing a little tiresome even if I like them together better than when she was with Stefan. Sure, the hot lusty love scenes are good entertainment but I think the writers need to find some solid ground in their relationship and quit beating around the bush. And for those of you who are getting too worked up about this show: It’s just a show! Get over it!

  27. chidy says:

    I don’t get all of you. The show is rubbish now….I have moved on to the originals. I stopped watching when I.found out dt delena are seeing eachother in life
    I love stefan…no matter.

  28. Elisa says:

    I don’t know why people are fighting over the morality of this show.
    This show is just simply poorly written. It’s more plot driven than character driven.
    No need to take The Vampire Diaries so seriously, it’s not written for anyone with complex thought. Just drop your reasoning at the door when you watch, you will never find a well written character/storyline. I only watch for the chemistry that is Damon and Elena. It’s merely a guilty pleasure. I’ve given up rationalizing a character’s actions because there just isn’t any. Just enjoy the good songs and actors chemistry.

  29. janet says:

    Yet another episode where Stefan does all the heavy lifting and Damon does nothing. Damon and Elena are so selfish- Stefan just got witchy tortured (to save them) and is still being held captive by travelers and D & E go home to get it on. Barf. I’ve tried to stop watching this show, I wish I could. I hope next season is the last one. It will never be as good as it used to be.

  30. cas says:

    God all most of you do is complain and whine. Just stop watching already and it will be cancelled then. Oh you won’t because you probably secretly still enjoy it.

    • Chantall says:

      Who the hell cares if it was lust or Love yeah! Its was hot delena crazy seeeeexxxxx! I loved a huge delena fan if they wanna get it on then hey im all for it elena has been too much of a good girl in the first few seasons anyway.she needed to let loose and who better to do it with then our very own crystal blue eyed bad boy Damon! Yummy

  31. ata says:

    please can you say clear elena be with daimon or not

  32. Elenar says:

    well i love Elena cause thats my name and her and stefen look cute together

  33. Gamiyo mee ete says:

    I love vampire Daries !! <3
    Teehee :-)