Pretty Little Liars EP on Aria's Final Words to Ezra, the Christmas Episode and More

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 SpoilersEzra Fitz wearing nothing but a pair of Christmas boxers. … Do we have your attention now? Good, because that’s just one thing executive producer Marlene King tells TVLine she’s planning for Pretty Little Liars Season 5.

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Fresh off last night’s game-changing season finale, in which Ezra got shot and Mrs. DiLaurentis found herself six feet under, the brains behind “A” spoke with us about our lingering questions — and what we can expect when the ABC Family drama returns June 10.

TVLINE | I’m curious: What was Aria about to say to Ezra before he got shot?
That’s such a good question! I don’t know if she even had words. I think it was probably “thank you” and “what are you doing here?” I think she was overwhelmed and definitely shocked that he was there.

TVLINE | And the fact that he was there proves he’s still stalking them, right?
Once a stalker, always a stalker, I say.

TVLINE | He literally took a bullet for her, that metaphor wasn’t lost on me. Was that supposed to be his redemption?
[Laughs] If there’s one thing we’re not, it’s subtle. I think there’s an emotion Aria had when that happened. I was talking to Lucy and Ian last night about it; she’s not thinking in that moment, she’s just doing. You can see how much she loves him now. That you can’t deny, and she won’t be able to deny that moving forward. She’s not immediately going to jump back into the sack with him, but she has to be aware of the fact that she almost lost him. That means something.

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | Is the big mystery of Season 5 going to be who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?
Definitely. It’s a lot of things, actually. Who would she have been protecting? Who would want to bury her? Who wanted her dead?

TVLINE | And now that she’s gone, who is Alison going to live with?
That’s exactly the situation that plays out over the first couple of episodes [in Season 5.] Her father comes home and wants to take her with him, and she has to explore this idea: Do I really want to stay here? Should I make a clean break? That’s all part of her journey.

TVLINE | In the video you posted online, you said one of the girls will go on a downward spiral with her boyfriend. That could be any of them, except Emily, right?
Yeah, that rules out Emily. But I like that, normally, one person in the relationship has to save the other person, but in this case, it’s two people going down a destructive path together. Neither of them is in a position to save the other just yet.

TVLINE | You also revealed that Lucas is returning.
Yes! I’m so excited. There are so many story lines going on and we tried to wait for the right time to bring back Lucas in an organic way. This is a great season to bring him back.

TVLINE | Is he coming back because Caleb is coming back? They had a nice little friendship going on.
They did! They had a little bromance. I think they even had bunk beds, so I definitely see them continuing that friendship. But we see Lucas our first episode back, and Caleb isn’t coming back until our fifth episode, which will be our 100th episode.

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | Rumor has it you’re doing a Christmas episode this year, instead of a Halloween episode?
That is correct, and I’m so excited. I’ve been trying to make a Christmas episode for four years, so I’m thrilled.

TVLINE | I assume we can expect “A” to show up in a Santa suit.
That feels like a no-brainer, right? I think we’re going to need that, and if I can’t figure out a way to do that, I’m a worthless writer. … Actually, I’m trying to find a way to get Ezra Fitz into Santa boxers. Ian said he’d actually wear them if I could make it happen.

TVLINE | I’m holding you to that.
I’ll do my best.

Pretty Little Liars fans, how are you holding up after last night’s finale? Which of King’s Season 5 teases are you most excited about — besides Ezra’s santa boxers? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.


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  1. mercy says:

    i think mr hastings and melisa are A

  2. Tasha says:

    Oh my god. It is so creepy that there are so many men on this comments section rooting for Ezria. I wonder if they’re all high school teachers or something too. This is exactly the reason why PLL should not have dragged on this relationship and shown it in a positive light.

    Also, it’s dumb to say that if you educate your kids that this kind of relationship is wrong and that this is just a tv show young girls won’t try anything stupid. It’s not the same as talking to an adult. If kids think what they see on tv is attractive and seems outwardly positive, they may very well try to emulate it. Teenagers do not have fully developed brains and like rebelling without thinking about the consequences.

    Personally though, I don’t see how Ezria is attractive at all. Ezra is desperate and pathetic for keeping on after a teenage girl with his tongue hanging. Can’t he get interested in grown women? Honestly, what a sad moron!

    But then Ezria fans seem to be a lot like Ezra himself. Sigh.

    • kat says:

      i totally agree with you. Aria is stupid, but she is a teenager. that is understandable. but Ezra is a grown up, he should be the one to tell her what is right and wrong and should end the relationship instead, he is not letting her go. so, what kind of moron is he?

  3. Christian says:

    I wanna see her move on with someone her own AGE, so she can go out on dbl dates with her friends and actually hav her boyfriend interact more with her and her friends.

  4. raven kk says:

    Spoiler alert********** maya is alive,mellissa dies,shana dies,mona dies,spoby gets married,caleb is interested in ali, lucas is back,cece has all answers,wilden killed tobys mom,cece killed wilden,

  5. Liarfan7777 says:

    Honestly people…yes Ezra lies to her. Yes he is older. However, Aria lied to him first by saying she was older. It’s her fault. Once he fell in love, it was too late. And, he isn’t that much older than her, it’s not like he’s 50. I think A is someone we least expect like one of the girls. Or even one of their parents. It could even be Melissa’s ex the doctor. Who knows, but I love the suspense.

  6. J says:

    I was completely crying when Ezra was shot I thought he was gonna die. He definitely is too cool and hot to loose

  7. J says:

    I was crying when Ezra got shot
    I thought he was gonna die.
    He is defiantly too cool and hot
    To loose

  8. Celeste says:

    Yes, Ezra and Aria make the teacher/student relationship seem acceptable. No, it’s really not. But in many ways this is a soap opera for teens.

    My husband and I met when I was 18. He was 24. (It has been five years fyi) what if we met two years earlier? Do the math. 16 & 22. A four year teaching degree would be completed at about what age? I turned 16 my sophomore year (because of when my birthday fell and cut off dates).

    Is my relationship creepy? It’s the same age gap. My husband thought I was a couple years older than I wad because of how I acted and appeared maturity-wise.

    Yes, the stalking and knowledge Ezra possessed complicates things significantly. However, two people meeting and having an instant attraction in itself is not creepy. (And if you are honest with yourself, the forbidden fruit always looks better when you liked it too begin with and then find out its forbidden)

    I like the Ezria dynamic. I’m a bit of a romantic and overcoming all odds appeals to that. Yes, I want to see him in Christmas boxers. I want him to crawl through the lies he spun and earn Aria’s forgiveness.

  9. Sesalie says:

    Omg people Seriously!!!! First of all its a tv show c’mon. I’m not saying that its ideal for a student and teacher to have a relationship but lets not forget pretty little liars is tv. Lighten up. I am a die hard Ezria fan I personally love them and hope somehow they work things out. I hope they are endgame. Yes I get he lied to her and that there whole relationship was built around a lie but Ezra loves Aria that much is true. And life is unpredictable and love is blind and deaf and dumb. It has absolutely nothing to do with Aria being a teenager. I guarantee you that all women have done something dumb for the sake of love. I’m 25 and I know I have done dumb things as an adult for the sake of love. How soon do we forget its easy to judge when its not us. But the biggest point is its a tv show and it makes for great ratings and storylines. So if you don’t like it don’t watch it. That is all I digress.

    • kat says:

      aria is crazy and did you see her face when she realized that she was betrayed just for his freaking book ? so yeah we are not lightened up.

  10. jeannette says:

    To be honest I want Ezria back! Yes he went stalker status but….he just saved her life and they both love each other more than life can say! Ezria needs to come back! And I still kinda trust Ezra .

  11. Jessica Valure says:

    People get over yourselves they are getting back together wether you like it or not stop complaining everyone deserves a second chance that goes for Ezra too. And I wish people would get over the fact that ezra was a tteacher dating a student hes not a teacher anymore. They will be together and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

  12. rachel barbr says:

    I think Aria and Ezra’s relationship is like a very bad romantic movie. They are the worst couple. She should try out Ezra’s brother, he is so much hotter. Aria needs to get rid of that liar. Aria would be better if she just forgot about him. Now that would make a twisted turn, but it is better for everyone if it happened.

  13. kibbles543 says:

    I think Ezra and aria should get back together they made a cute couple and should put the ones u have aired on Netflix Cuzco I don’t have cable only netflix

  14. kibbles543 says:

    I think that there should be more than 5 or 6 seasons I say make like 8,9, or 10 and put them on Netflix so I can watch them it Instead if doing 4 new episodes a month make 8 new episodes a month get them done a lot faster so I can faster watch them on Netflix I love pretty little liars and tell aria I said she’s the best and prettiest

  15. Altavilla says:

    And about Jake !???

  16. alexandra udinov says:

    I would never , ever miss seing Ezra in santa boxers for any thing in this world , waiting forever *_*

  17. Jeriann says:

    Does anyone know when season 5 comes out on netflix???

  18. Jayleen Garcia says:

    Honestly, they need to just end the Ezra and Aria relationship already. It was cute in the beginning but now it’s just tiring. I was over their relationship by the second season. She’s way younger than he is, there relationship is fake and won’t ever be allowed to happen in the real world. I love this show but this relationship is making me not love it all that much. But the “A” character and Allison still being alive is the only thing that is keeping the show alive.

  19. alonia says:

    I have a question and a comment….Does anyone else believe that each girl has her own “A” adorned protector? And if so does anyone think that maybe Aria’s protector is Jason? I hated Jason and Ashley together I mean date who you want but it just seems too messy even for PLL. Jason and Aria have chemistry on screen and Ezra has become whimpy..and shady acting…..NOT impressed anymore.