Glee Star Lea Michele Weighs in on Whether the Rachel-Sam Flirtation Has a Future

"Glee" 100th Episode CelebrationIt’s a question that’s been percolating since Glee‘s Billy Joel tribute episode aired last November — and featured a subtle but inarguable flirtation between Rachel (Lea Michele) and Sam (Chord Overstreet): Are the show’s writers beginning to plot their leading lady’s return to the dating pool after the death of her soulmate Finn Hudson, and if so, will they pursue a future for “Samchel”?

Michele herself weighed in on the possibility of a Rachel-Sam romance at Tuesday night’s 100th episode party in West Hollywood, and her view was decidedly pessimistic: “I think that kind of came and went,” she said. “They kind of address it briefly, but [Sam] is with Mercedes now, so mmm-hmm.” (Mercedes’ portrayer, Amber Riley, recently Tweeted about filming scenes with Overstreet in New York City, sparking rumors that the one-time fictional couple will reignite their flame.)

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Michele added that she didn’t want to speculate whether negative fan response to the possible pairing may have played a role in the lack of Samchel development.

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Glee co-creator Ian Brennan, meanwhile, said the show’s writing staff has “kept a very, very close eye” on making sure the timing feels right for any new love interests for Rachel. “The closest relationship on the show has been and remains Finn and Rachel, and I think that won’t change — no matter what happens,” he explained. “And yeah, [a new Rachel romance] hasn’t quite felt right yet. It’s an open question as to when and how it will.”

Finn’s passing, which was necessitated by the death of series star Cory Monteith last July,
“still feels raw in a lot of ways,” Brennan added. “It does for us, and it does for the viewers as well.”

In an Ask Ausiello column last month, executive producer Brad Falchuk weighed in on the Samchel sparks in the Billy Joel episode: “There was a hint. I think there’s something nice about those two, but not yet.” Reporting by Scott Huver

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  1. Sasha says:

    Thank God!

  2. jamz says:

    Why did they think it was going to work in the first place just three episodes after Finn’s death?

    • Matt says:

      This is exactly. If they really wanted them to work out did they actually think showing them flirting three episodes after her soul mate died really was the way to go?

    • Debra says:

      I agree. To me that was very disrespectful to even go there that soon after Finn had died.

    • Ana says:

      MTE. Hitting Samchel that early was totally unecessary, even because Sam had just started to date that nurse Penny who disapeared right after. And they should have known that the fans were (and are) still sensitive about it. Now Samchel is already totally ruined.

      • Gunny says:

        I honestly think they are trying to find a way to keep Sam relevant in NYC. I was stunned and very angry when they did that “moment”. I don’t know why they think the fans forgot about Finn and wouldn’t care.

        • One Fan's Opinion says:

          To be honest, I think it showed a little realism- especially with the fact that they didn’t turn it into a full blown romance. Rachel WOULD still have some attractions after Finn died. It’s just part of life. To pretend she’s going to become a nun and never even look at another guy isn’t realistic to her character. Now, to not ACT upon it IS realistic to her character. It didn’t bother me, and I thought that with a LONG time to develop it, Samchel would be a really interesting relationship, though definitely not the end-all. Instead they seem to just throw Sam with whomever these days.

          I’m probably way different from everyone else here though, because I was a Bram fan. :P I thought their goofiness complimented each other really well and it didn’t seem forced like Brittana or Sam & Nurse Penny. (Though my favorite is definitely Quinn & Puck, especially after the last couple of episodes.)

          I think eventually Rachel should have a new, yet ultimately unsuccessful, relationship. Every relationship on Glee has ended because of someone moving away or cheating. There’s so many emotions left unmentioned, and if handled tastefully a new Rachel romance could be really interesting. With anyone, not just Sam.

          I must heavily object to Samcedes, though. They’re so incredibly different in personality, I never thought it was realistic to begin with, it was so forced. Mercedes needs someone a little smarter and more serious. She’s never had a normal relationship, except with maybe Shane who we barely saw. There was her crush on Kurt, which didn’t work out for obvious reasons. Her brief thing with Puck, which was really just to facilitate the awesome “The Boy Is Mine” duet with Santana. And then Sam, which just popped up out of the blue and never made any sense. I’d like to see her with a new guy, maybe another singer, someone really cool. Someone she can talk to about more than just the superficial stuff.

          I vote for either Samchel and let the writers really take their time in developing it, or put Rachel with someone else and let Sam be single. The romance plots have been done to death with him and he needs to quit jumping from girl to girl. Let him be something more than just a serial dater and a running joke.

          • Christine says:

            This describes all of my thoughts. Besides being a forever Finchel shipper, I do find myself liking Samchel. If you think about it, Sam and Finn are very much alike, but I can also believe that Rachel can like him for his own qualities. Rachel is also willing to help out her friends with problems they are having, and it’s understandable that they grow closer in that time period. Though it may be too soon, physically attraction is very normal and was bound to happen. I agree with the point on Samcedes–they never really felt natural to me. More like a forced relationship that never really felt real. I could honestly see the chemistry between Samchel, but never with Samcedes. :)

    • English says:

      Remember Glee time, the tribute episode was set a couple weeks after Finn died so it could have been more like 6 weeks that they were flirting… although I saw it more as a friend trying to make another friend smile.

      • Caity B. says:

        Glee time actually got ruined since season 4. The last date we definitely knew was Valentine’s Day, since that was when Schue’s failed wedding happened. Prom, which usually happens early/mid May in the US was 5×02. The tribute was the next episode. But graduation, which is supposed to be a few weeks after prom, isn’t until next episode (5×13). Eleven episodes passed in what should have been the span of 3 weeks tops. They ruined the time line so using it as valid evidence to prove a point doesn’t really work.

  3. Leo says:

    Trust me, the fans will never like who the new guy is.
    Better make her single for the rest of the series Glee.
    And hint at a new romance at series finale.
    Maybe a glee club teacher when she come back to McKinley. (We should never see his face, the series should end with Rachel getting acquainted with the new guy)

    • destiny says:

      how do u know nd who is the teacher

    • Gunny says:

      I am okay if at some point next season Rachel meets someone who becomes a good friend and a hint it might develop further. I’m hoping this person is a new character and not a rehabbed version of a current character like Sam or a former boyfriend like either Jesse or Brody. Agree that person doesn’t need to be on much – just a hint of what might be is good.

  4. Tina says:

    I don’t dislike Sam but I really am glad they are not going to touch on Samchel right now. It doesn’t feel right and the interaction they had in the Billy Joel episode felt wrong to me.

  5. Cecilia says:

    I really like the idea of Rachel and Sam together. Hopefully they will plot it out slowly some time in the future.

    • Hope not says:

      I hope not! And given they mentioned the fan reaction in the article its very obvious they know they made a lot of fans upset. They are losing viewers right and left and can’t afford to lose Rachel fans pissed over Samchel

      • Brad says:

        Losing fans/viewers means nothing now. The 6th and final season has already been contracted. They and Fox can’t break the contract without consequences. If people don’t like the show anymore don’t watch. It won’t matter!!

        • Jena says:

          It means something in terms of budget and if the ratings keep dropping Fox could simply cut the budget to the point of maintaining a minimal cast of regulars. The last article from a few days ago only listed Lea, Chris and Darren as for sure S6 regulars with everyone else TBD and some of that could mean they are waiting until June to make decision based on the budget they are given to finish out the series. Seeing how Ryan keeps saying the Originals will be in and out for arcs it makes it quite possible they only go with Lea, Chris and Darren and move Chord, Naya and everyone else in and out as needed for story arcs. They stay on the show but in limited capacity and don’t have to be paid for a full season. Matt, Naya and Jane have already confirmed they don’t know their status for next season. Another possibility is Fox cuts Glee down to 13 episodes instead of a full 22. Something they have done with other shows with failing ratings.

          • DMJ says:

            I think they also recently cancelled a show that had been renewed. And all of this talk that Fox has to do a S6 may not be true. When Cory died Fox and Ryan told Lea they would cancel the show if she didn’t want to stay. That must mean they have some kind of out they can use with little penalty.

          • Gunny says:

            I agree. With ratings falling, so do the advertising dollars and the budget – this is an expensive show to produce. I don’t think the producers (Ryan and gang) want to go out losers and will try to have a good finish. I think they will keep Jane Lynch, she’s still very popular. However, if she gets a different show she may choose to bail – that’s true of all the current cast members. I agree that they will probably bring back a few of them for a two or three episode arc and then bring in most of them for a series finale in season six with the resurgence of the Glee Club at McKinley. Full Circle.

    • vanessa says:

      I think they actually be cute together too.

      • Terri says:

        The problem is they have tried to make Sam the new Finn and it backfired. So now they know so many hate Samchel I think they won’t do it. I also think Lea don’t like Samchel or it might be too upsetting for her.

        • Brad says:

          There is no new Finn. Don’t you DARE say that. Sam is not there to replace Finn. He never was and never will. As Sam said at Nationals “I’m not Finn.” Get that threw your thick skulls. Stop being so intolerant and hateful over a show.

          • One Fan's Opinion says:

            What does that have ANYTHING to do with being intolerant or hateful? I don’t think I saw one negative sentence in Terri’s post. It’s all speculation as to what people are thinking.

    • sirdidymus says:

      I agree! I’m disappointed to find out they aren’t going anywhere with it. The Sam and Mercedes thing never worked for me.

  6. Gon says:

    After the brutal reactions from finchel/Finn fans, It’s clear that they don’t want to lose another viewers, since what they have now is slim to none

    • JT says:

      Because obviously Finchel fans are still watching for the brief mentions of Finn still being Rachel’s soulmate.

      • Gon says:

        Most of them obviously leave, but somewhere, few people from the barely 3 millions viewers now are still watching for the sake of Rachel and will certainly leave if samchel happen

        • Bobbi says:

          I watch for Rachel. I love Lea but I would leave the min I found out Sanchel was going to happen. I understand and accept Rachel has to move on but it should not be with a forced on the viewers a low rent Finn who doubles as the Glee Clubs Man Whore.

        • Brad says:

          I watch the show for Rachel. But you know what? It may hurt because I loved Finchel. But I’m okay seeing Rachel move on. With Sam? Sure. Because moving on is a part of life. Sitting around pining after the deceased is unhealthy. At some point Rachel needs to move on and love again. She’s young. It will happen. With who? IDC as a fan all I want is to see RACHEL happy.

          • tami says:

            I have not seen Rachel pining in several episodes, the 100 the we saw emotions, but since the Finn tattoo nothing that would make you think that she missed Finn. In fact after the tribute and before Nationals no one in Lima even mentioned Finn.

          • Martim says:

            I totally agree with you :) Finchel will always remain in my heart, and the main reason why I watch Glee is Rachel. But she is too young & she will eventually find someone to love again! I like Sam, but they might have rushed it a little too much on the BJ episode. Sam or no Sam, I won’t judge anyone when Rachel finally gets interested in somebody. This is a TV show, remember? Let’s just cool off a little bit :)

        • One Fan's Opinion says:

          Some of us watch for the entire cast of characters. I think it’s kind of ridiculous how people just ragequit a TV show and act like anyone’s going to care.

    • Ana says:

      It wasn’t only Finn/Finchel fans who didn’t like Samchel. Several Rachel fans non-Finchel shippers hated them and even people from other subfandoms of Glee felt it wrong. Most of people who liked the idea of Samchel were Sam stans.

      • Yep says:

        This is true. I saw lots of comments over a forum that shall remain nameless that since Lea is the lead making Samchel happen would make Chord the new leading man and get him front and center.

        • Sara says:

          Hopefully this means he goes back to supporting a character with supporting screen time. I’m really tired of the all the Blam stuff. It was cute early on now it’s just annoying!

    • JJ says:

      It wasn’t just Finchel fans, other ships, reviewers and critics were appalled they went in that direction 3 episodes after Finn’s Memorial and 1 episode after Rachel gets her Finn tattoo.

  7. kd83954 says:

    I will happily take a Sam/Mercedes relationship again! I thought they were quite adorable together in season 3 and it’s bummer it got dropped! But I will admit, Sam and Rachel also intrigue me, and have since Sam first came on the show.

  8. No Samchel! says:

    THANK GOD! I would be so gone from Glee if they went with Samchel!

  9. Dina says:

    Yeah for Sam and Mercedes! They really seem to like each other but one person always moving seemed to get in the way. I hope they work out.

  10. Becca says:

    Thank God. The idea of Rachel ending up with knock-off Finn was repulsive.

  11. JT says:

    Rachel forever alone.
    Sincerely yours
    Finchel fandom

    • Meg says:

      I’m sorry, seriously look at those words you just wrote; Rachel forever alone. You may be a Finchel fan but you’re certainly not a Rachel fan. Rachel was always a terrific, fascinating character in her own right before Finn, during Finn and after Finn. I ship Rachel x happiness; whether that means a new relationship for her in the future or her being married to her career.

    • Gunny says:

      Rachel is 18-19 years old and beginning her career dream. No one is saying Rachel alone forever, it’s just not that much of a stretch to suggest that she doesn’t need to have a boyfriend to have a relevant storyline. I am also a Rachel primarily Gleek, but I want her to find true love again but to have that develop slowly as she finds her way through the grief. Once girls leave high school, the need to have a boyfriend to feel good about themselves isn’t as great.

  12. Lauren says:

    Gross, no.

  13. RCJ says:

    There were so many problems with this. Starting with the fact that it happened three episode after the Finn tribute and one episode after they showed her getting the tattoo. Not to mention Sam has been with about every single person in that Glee club (he even managed to get with Tina last episode) and he’s dumb as rocks. They brought him down to Brittany levels and it doesn’t seem like they’ve gonna bring him back so yeah no Sam and Rachel, Glee writers. The best thing they can do to avoid a mess is just allude to Rachel being ready to date again at the end. FFS she’s in a Broadway show you don’t need to give her a storyline involving a guy!

  14. YAY!! says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I can watch Glee again. I stopped watching because I was afraid they would do Samchel.

  15. Babygate says:

    I think it was too soon to go there with Rachel. They needed to give her time to process the loss of Finn. If the ratings are any indication, Finn had a huge fanbase which vanished after his passing. Out of consideration and respect to Finchel, they should have left Rachel alone. Also, Sam is so dumb that is hard to see him in any kind of serious relationship because its hard to believe that he graduated high school, let alone that at this stage he can find someone that will take him seriously.

  16. sumaya abdisalam says:

    yesssss. NO SAMCHEL and SAMCEDES IS BACK. Ive missed them so0o much so m glad that all the rumors were true and they are together after. As of Rachel and Sam, i was offended that they even tried something 3 episodes after the memorial episode. it was wrong and if they want Rachel with anyone, it should be a new character who loves Rachel and believes in her as much as Finn did but I will never forget finchel <3

  17. Lia says:

    I still hope they’ll leave Rachel’s love life alone. Maybe someone in the char’s future (a hint in the series finale if that’s the case), but on screen no no no (she even got Finn’s name tattooed). Rachel’s journey has been too defined by the man she’s dating at the time and she could use some serious character development by herself.

  18. S says:

    It’s not only the Finn factor that makes it the wrong step, but Sam has SERIOUSLY went through all her girlfriends. Every one of them. I think most fans of Rachel prefer her with someone not from McKinley High. I’m not opposed to a Rachel love interest, but I think they can leave that for her season 6 arc when the sting of Finn’s death isn’t as strong. She’s debuting on Broadway, there are plenty of stories to tell with that.

    • Jamie says:

      I agree. Why settle for someone like Sam? She is 19 years old and in NY on the brink of stardom. Why limit herself to the next straight white guy in the Glee Club. Finn was amazing and her soulmate, but he is gone so let her experience people outside that very small circle of Lima WMHS. Sam would feel like she is settling for the closest thing she could find to Finn. If they chose to give her a LI I hope they bring in someone new that won’t always remind her of what she lost they Sam would be that reminder.

  19. YES! says:

    It may be a blessing in disguise they tried the Samchel stuff too soon. It tainted that paring and the backlash was so extreme to point of making it impossible to go forward with it. I have to admit to being indifferent to Sam up to that episode and now I hate the character with a passion because of the Samchel garbage!

    • One Fan's Opinion says:

      You hate him because of a couple of shared looks between the characters?

      I really hope you don’t work in Human Resources or something. Judge much?

  20. Jon says:

    I was hoping they’d play up the Sam/Blaine flirtation more, even if it wasn’t mutual.

  21. shouw says:

    Praise !

  22. Fernanda says:

    for the last time.. #NoSamchel… make Sam gay and put BLAM for real but later Sam would develop feelings for Kurt too and they became a trio. ha ha ha ha ha ha.. I’ve been watching reruns of HBO’s Looking a lot

  23. YAY NO SAMCHEL! says:

    This is the BEST Glee news this season! Sam is such an idiot and the push to make him the new Finn is pathetic! Let him go model under ware…hopefully in Europe but keep him the hell away from Rachel!

  24. THANK GOD! says:

    LOL at the article mentioning the negative fan reaction. WTH did they expect, that fans the love Finn/Finchel and Rachel and would be happy they were planing to saddle her with Glee’s resident Man Whore and Village Idiot? Samchel was a disaster in the making!

    • Finchel Fan says:

      I’m a fan that loved Finn and Finchel. They will always be my OTP. Don’t speak for all Finchel fans. There are many of us who will always have a special place in our hearts for Finchel. But we also realize and have accepted the fact that Finchel can no longer happen. There is nothing wrong with Samchel. There is nothing wrong with Rachel trying to find a new happy ending. Even if its not with Sam.

  25. Queen Lea! says:

    Anyone else get the vibe that Lea is against any Samchel pairing? Love how it was like nope not happening it was something that came and went! LOVE HER being so candid and dismissive of Samchel! And happy Lea is the one to finally put an end to it!

    • vanessa says:

      I think samchel would actually make a cute as a couple. I would always be finchel fan . but I actually do like samchel I hope it happends . also I think lea is lying I think she would like samchel . fans should give him chance he is good guy . first of all its just a tv show.

      • NO SAMCHEL EVER! says:

        Why would Lea lie? She flat out said Samchel came and went very clearly dismissed it as not going to happen. And the vibe she gives off is she doesn’t want to go there. When asked about how she wants Glee to end for Rachel she said Rachel on stage winning a Tony with Mercedes, Kurt, Tina, Artie and Mr.Shue in the audience. She didn’t even bother to include Sam as part of her future or think enough of him even as a friend to even be included with her at the end. I think the Samchel ship sank in the harbor and wont’ see the light of day!

      • Sam is a tool! says:

        He is shallow and dumb, he has gone through EVERY girl in the Original Glee Club and flirted with Rachel while dating Nurse Penny 3 episodes after Finn’s memorial. Sorry but this tool doesn’t come close to being good enough for Rachel. The only thing he has going for him are his abs!

  26. Downtown says:

    Fans watch for their faves….Whoever that character or characters might be. But,anyways yes for Samcedes getting back together!

  27. Jermey says:

    Of course it came and went. Like 90% of the show’s plot lines.

  28. CK says:

    Is it wrong that I’m just waiting for the negative fan reactions/tirades when Lea Michelle starts dating another guy?

  29. LibbyxD says:

    I sure as heck hope that RIB doesn’t pay two bits of attention to this whine-bag board. Seriously-no one is ever happy here. I myself, have no problem with any of the story lines’ development. It’s just a show people.

  30. karen says:

    So the writers claim that Finn’s death is still too raw, but months ago when they wrote the Billy Joel episode, they weren’t? Give me a break, they tried to do something, it did not work and now they are trying to claim that they ‘now ‘ realize that the viewers are not ready. Do you really trust the writers these days?

  31. Mia says:

    I think it was sudden to throw Samchel in the faces of fans. However, I can understand why they were doing it. I think the moment was meant to be part of a bigger plot dealing with Rachel struggling to move on. But thanks to the fans being so intolerant of anything, Samchel will no longer happen. Seriously… Many fans (including myself), need to understand that the fans don’t control the show. Even though fans love to think what we say will happen that’s not always the case. Fans need to stop with all this intolerance and hate. Glee was not built on hate… If you don’t like the show don’t watch it. RIB isn’t worried about Glee losing viewers anymore. So fans can stop blaming Chord/Sam/Blam/Samchel for the ratings. The show won’t be canceled for low ratings as it’s already been contracted for the final season. Fox can void the contract but I don’t see that happening. More often than not there is a clause that penalizes either side for early termination…The important part that fans forget is that Rachel and Sam DID NOT ACT on the flirting. Could you imagine the hate that would have come from them acting on the flirting? As for Sam and Mercedes? I still stand by my opinion that the relationship was a horrible idea. Samcedes only happened because they thought why not? Why not put two single characters together when there was no hint of them in the past even being interested in each other? It was a mess and made both characters intolerable. Most of the time I was muting Samcedes… As for Sam being shallow? Pff what high school teen isn’t? As for dating everyone in glee club? WHO CARES IT’S A SHOW! Average men will date from 5 – 15 girls in his life before he finds “the one”. But hey what do I know. I’m only going to get hate for posting this anyway. Lay it on me people. Tell me how much of a horrible person I am for moving on and shipping Samchel. Tell me how I should die/burn/be killed for shipping Samchel? I’ve heard it all. I’m sick of how much the fans think they need to be babied. Finn/Cory passed. Yes it’s hard but you have to move on. I will always love Finchel. Finchel will always be my OTP and as hard as it is to admit Finn is gone. Finchel can no longer happen. At some point people need to understand that. There is no Finn coming back from the grave. Sad day when a show that was meant to bring tolerance, acceptance, love, music and so much to this world has brought nothing but hate and intolerance. Bring on the hate!

    • Lily says:

      I never thought of it like that. Chord would have received all of the hate had Sam and Rachel kissed or worse!! Poor guy. I agree that Sam and Mercedes were a horrible mess. They didn’t work out twice… why would they work now? Now only that but Mercedes was PROUD of the fact she dumped Sam. They will never admit it but the ONLY reason they went back to Samcedes and Rachel forever being alone was because of how much intolerance and hateful the fans have been. I am ashamed to be apart of this fandom. Cory would have NEVER wanted any of this.

      • cindi says:

        Cory was subjected to so much hate , did he want it, no. Hate is unfortunately, part of being on Glee no matter what the story. When Cory went to rehab a certain fandom was hoping he would overdose so that Lea could be in a relationship with someone else. So don’t put the guilt of Cory onto the Samchel relationship. Glee is already trying to make people feel guilty with the if you want to honor Finn continue to support the Glee club. Not going to work. This Glee is not the show I fell in love with, I love Lea ,but not enough to watch something that is no longer entertaining.

        • Amy says:

          No kidding! I also saw lots of Chord stans openly asking for Samchel and giddy the way was cleared for it to happen the same week Cory died with some going so far as saying if Lea fell for Cory she can fall for Chord and they can be a real couple. It was disgusting!

          • tina says:

            Darren fans were happy too, because now he was the male lead of the show, now that Cory was out of the way. Not all fans of course, but enough. People don’t get that these people are real, it really is sad.

        • One Fan's Opinion says:

          Oh my god! Who would ever wish that on someone?!

      • tami says:

        Hate directed at Chord did not stop the writers from putting Brittany and Sam together, just saying.

        • Seriously? says:

          And how long did that last and who was Brittany kissing on last night? It wasn’t Sam. It’s also a totally different situation. You can’t compare a Brittana break up to Cory/Finn dying. There are sensitivities in this that have to be considered and Lea is one of them, and the vibe is she is not on board for Samchel or any LI. Her Rachel ending said it all.

          • tina says:

            I agree the sensitivities are completely different. But why would the writers even make the suggestion in episode 6 that Samchel was a possibility. Things back then were more sensitive so to speak than they are now,so what were the writers trying to do? Across the board people were shocked to say the least, so what did the writers expect to happen? To me that is the bigger question. Just wondering did they do it to create buzz, and if so how disrespectful to Lea. So yes the situations are different but hate has never stopped the writers before in fact Ryan seemed to thrive on It in the past.

      • Downtown says:

        I would be proud to dump Sam too….His character has gone down hill. But,Samcedes was always good together. The only relationship he had. Where the girl didn’t cheat or lie to him. Don’t like Samcedes. Nobody is forcing you to watch! And don’t even speak on hate. Amber Riley was getting it and still get’s hate for her character dating Chords so.

    • Samcedes says:

      LMAO! I love the idea of Samcedes. I think it’s a BRILLIANT message that the black overweight girl can get the cute white model I think that sends a bigger message of tolerance then your post does. Getting Samcedes together is no more out of left field then saying Oh Sam is the only straight white guy left lets put him with Rachel, the petite hot Broadway Star. There was no hint of interest in Rachel and Sam either, in fact Sam flat out told Rachel she wasn’t his type. Long Live Samcedes! ENDGAME! And I disagree, Ryan does so much fan pandering its become a joke. Do I think fan reaction had some impact, yes I do, not the only reason but I think part of it, the other part is I think Lea doesn’t want it to happen. She has stated very clearly she want’s Rachel focused on her career. As someone mentioned earlier, Lea very clearly and obviously left Sam out of her ending for Rachel.

      • Samcedes Shipper says:

        I think this is true. Amber has really been on a campaign for plus sized women to be treated better in the industry since DWTS and Ryan may have decided it was a great message. I like them together so I hope they stick. I also like the idea of Sam being with someone that is truly his. Rachel would never be that, he would be the rebound and second best to Finn in her eyes. Sam was the Quinn rebound, then the Britany rebound, with Mercedes he wouldn’t be that.

      • NoSamcedes says:

        Really you had to go there? “Black overweight girl can get the cute white model” Are you that focused on race that you need to state their skin colors? Idc that Mercedes is overweight or black. I wouldn’t even care if she was a one eyed one horn flying purple people eater! It’s the simple fact that there was no hint of the two ever being romantically interested in each other. Sam may have said that Rachel wasn’t his type but that was ONLY because he had no money to take her to prom. Sam said in NYC that he would totally date a chick if he wasn’t homeless and had money. It was even proven by the fact that he agreed to prom on a budget. He did go to prom with Mercedes and Rachel. But after prom there was no mention of Mercedes and him dating. NYC happened he said he would date if he wasn’t homeless. Meaning he and Mercedes were not dating. Yet somehow they were thrown together? It was a last minute decision and classified as a “Secret Romance” Why were they soo ashamed to be dating each other that they needed to keep it a secret? Glee club would have accepted them and probably would have supported them. There relationship was fine as a summer romance. Even cute. But then Sam came back and they had to have Mercedes do a complete character flip just to end up with Sam once again. Mercedes went against all of her values and cheated with Sam. The relationship was just a mess. If they wanted Samcedes to be together it should have been slow, no cheating nothing. Contrary to what Glee believes there are relationships out there that DON’T cheat on one another. I agree with Mia. There relationship was horrible.

        • Yes says:

          Yes they went to prom together and Sam and Mercedes hit it off. That coffee shop scene was so cute with the little hand holding. As for cheating, guess what, they got treated like every other Glee couple. With the exception of Finchel most stuff happens off screen and very fast, especially for supporting characters Its the Glee pattern. And YES I went there. I think it a beautiful message, and one that Amber has been talking up non stop in regards plus sized women. She is beautiful and talented I think she and Sam make an adorable couple. I hope with the cut down cast we see actual development since they have more time and I am really looking forward to Samcedes, the stuff I saw from NY looks darling!

        • HUH? says:

          Wait, I dont’ get it? People who are against Samchel are intolerant yet the people getting grief for shipping Samcedes are not allowed the tolerance you are asking as a Samchel shipper? I love Samedes and hope to see lots of them in NY and really hope Amber is back as a regular. I don’t think my ship is horrible and am thrilled Lea put the Samchel talk to an end. Not because i hate Samchel but because I love Samcedes!

        • Oh boy! says:

          It seems the writers went there too. go read the 5×15 summary. Race will an issue when Samcedes happens, and it will happen per the summary.

    • One Fan's Opinion says:

      Well said, Mia. Though I do wish they’d write a little better for Sam. He was more mature as a sophomore in Season 2 than he is in Season 5, when he’s graduated from high school. Kind of strange.

  32. Samcedes says:

    This will be the 3rd time for Sam and Mercedes. I think this is the final paring for these two. Makes no sense to put them together only to break them up for Samchel later. If they were going to do Samchel they would start it now as friends and build it up since there is so little time left for the series. If this was a temp stop for Sam on his way to Samchel any girl would work. I don’t think they are waiting for time to pass to bring up Samchel, I think they decided not to go there. I think Samcedes will be the endgame for the series.

  33. Samantha says:

    Can you imagine how much hate Lea’s new boyfriend will have? When she starts dating of course. She’s not dating now, but look at how much hate Chord got for showing up to WORK with Rachel. Look at how much hate Jonathan Groff gets for being her GAY best friend. For those who don’t know Jonathan Groff is openly gay. Also Chord is dating someone else. He once said he saw Lea as a sister.

  34. Boiler says:

    Ahh all the teeth grinding and complaining for nothing… usual. See Sanata

  35. WOOHOO says:

    I LOVE SAMCEDES! So happy Samchel is off! I was afraid to get my hopes up! I think Sam and Mercedes are adorable and am so excited to see this happen. Thank you Lea and thank you Chord for spilling the lots of love for Sam in NY coming soon!

  36. Heather says:

    I love Rachel and I want her to have a new love interest eventually, as long as it’s not the guy who “married” Brittany because he believed the Mayan Apocalypse was coming. Sam is an idiot now, and has been a waste of space since the end of season 3. If I’m truly honest I never thought Finn was good enough for Rachel either, but Sam is even worse. What on earth would she see in him? She is on the edge of professional success and he is one step away from needing a drool cup.

    • LOL says:

      She doesn’t see anything in him. People act as if Samchel is Glee canon. They shared some very uncomfortable ackward scenes in 1 episode, people freaked and Sam stans suddenly decided Samchel was real and canon. They barely even interacted in last nights show. And yes Sam is an idiot! I blame the writers!!!

    • Heather says:

      To call Sam and idiot for believing in something is like me calling you an idiot for believing in your dreams. Just because Sam believed in the Mayan Apocalypse means nothing. There were millions of people that just like Sam believed it would happen. People all over the world believed it would happen. No person is a waste of space. No person is worthless. The only reason Sam has acted the way he is is because every time he shows his true-self no one has accepted who he is. Quinn and Santana both laughed in his face and called him a dork. They both tried to change who he was. Mercedes dumped him twice because of her own issues. Brittany left him. These are all perfectly understandable reason he’s going through what he’s going through. It’s called an identity crisis. When you have shown the world who you are and you are soo belittled by everyone that you change yourself so much you have no idea who you are anymore. I give Sam props that’s he’s trying to better himself. Instead of belittling people maybe you should take a few lessons from Sam and learn how to be nice.

  37. vanessa says:

    I think sam and Mercedes are better off has friends . Bradfalchuk did say that samchel might happened . i don,t think chord would like hearing all the hate about samchel poor guy. i rather see rachel with sam than donkey face.

    • Brad says:

      Actually I don’t think Brad said it might happen. He was asked a general question about Rachel getting a LI, the reporter brought up Samchel, he said they were nice together, then said no no then said not yet. I think the not yet wasn’t a response to Samchel but a response to the LI in general, it fits with Ian’s answer. Not yet and is open ended. It was also before Lea dismissed it and before they bright in Amber and rekindled Samcedes. Also Chord just confirmed there will be lots of romance for Sam and we all know it won’t be Rachel.

    • Trinity says:

      I agree. I LOVE Sam and Mercedes as friends. I think they would excel at it. I just don’t see the chemistry. I saw more chemistry between Blaine and Sam in 1 episode then I did in all of Mercedes and Sam’s bull. Chord actually ignores all of the hate. He finds it pointless. He even mentioned once 99% of the people hating on him are high school girls who can’t tell fantasy from reality. This was in mention to him showing up on set with his friend Lea.

      • LMAO says:

        LOL Blaine and Sam have more chemistry then any pairing either of them have had. They should just let Sam explore his latent homosexuality and make them endgame because it’s more believable then Kliane, Samchel Bram, what ever the heck Sam & Quinn were called and Samcedes all put together!

        • Downtown says:

          If you say so….Blaine and Sam have a friendship that is all. Sam is straight. People that want Samcedes as friends. Mostly don’t want to believe a relationship like Samcedes could happen. When it happens all the time in reality. Amber and Chord do work well on screen together fact.

  38. Ratings says:

    I think Glee fans should worry more about the sinking rating then anything. At this rate S6 may only consist of Lea/Rachel, Chris/Kurt and Darren/Blaine. Yes it’s been renewed but if the ratings keep dropping that S6 budget could take a huge hit in regards to regulars. Meaning anyone not named Lea, Chris or Darren might find themselves on a recurring basis with guest stints for short arcs in and out of the final season. Last nights final numbers are in and Glee got beat by PLL, that is bad news and very troublesome.

  39. Samcedes is ON! says:

    Just saw the episode description for 5×15 and it has some Samcedes loving going on!

  40. If they want a new love interest for Rachel, please not Sam, Finchel was the main relationship. End Rachel with a week character is really cheep and disrespectful for Lea and Cory(RIP)’s work.

    They need to make something like The Mother’s episode (HIMYM) She lose his boyfriend Max. and she was holding herself from falling in love again, because she can’t let Max go.until she met Ted.

    That how they need to make Rachel next step for the next episodes and season, and at the very end of the show, Rachel meet a good guy and then Rachel say a beautiful speech to Finn about move on with the new guy off screen.

  41. Nikki says:

    I don’t think a new love interest for Rachel is necessary. We know that Rachel, a young woman, would eventually move on (as will Lea Michele) and find love again, but we don’t need to see it. I was not even a Finn/Rachel fan, but it would not make sense for the show to have, essentially, been built around this couple, for him to die, and have us try to connect with a new love interest, especially with only one season left. I say use the bounty of other characters they have to pursue love stories and have Rachel focus on her career, as she has been.

    Now Lea Michele has stated she would like to do a spin-off of Glee- I think that would be the perfect time to introduce a new love interest. Though it is the same character, it would be a new show, a fresher start, and I think, though it’d be hard at first, the fans would accept it easier that way.

  42. vanessa says:

    samchel will be togetother one day ..

    • Doubtful says:

      yeah together nn fanfiction. Last time Lea was asked about a LI for Rachel she sidestepped the question and gave a very PC answer that left it open as a possibility. This time, a few weeks later she flat out says no it that Samchel came and went. She dismissed the entire idea. Samchel is sunk. Rachel might get a new LI but it won’t be Sam.

  43. Helen says:

    I hope they do the ending lea wants with her on stage and her friends watching please no romance I just think after cory this is the best way please don’t give her a romantic ending so not called with after Finn. Samcedes where amazing!

  44. Rachel Scott says:

    I feel some of you people are blind to the bad things about the character Finn. You’re on here bashing everything about Sam because you were a lover of the Rachel/Finn relationship, but it seems like you are forgetting that most of the things you are saying about Sam can account for Finn too. He was not the smartest, was with three girls in Glee club, rude, didn’t think before he spoke, arrogant, never stood up against Rachel even when she was wrong, and there’s more. I understand liking his character, I didn’t hate him, but that doesn’t mean you should be blind to the fact that he wasn’t the best person always.

    • tina says:

      Not one character on Glee was perfect, they all had layers. Finn was presented as the everyman, they used him to ‘teach’ about tolerance, where you screw up and then you learn from it. He did stand up to Rachel when she was wrong. Finn and Rachel had a very layered relationship. I think what people do not like is feeling that Rachel has to be with someone, and the only able-bodied straight male left is Sam. They built the Finchel relationship for 4 years and to try to recreate that type of relationship with Sam starting the episode after Rachel got the Finn tattoo seemed to be a slap in the face to the Finchel relationship. I know the lines are blurred between Rachel and Lea, but to have Lea do that, and yes I thought she looked uncomfortable, that soon seemed cruel, to be honest. Most, and not all, people who want the Sam/Rachel relationship want it so that Chord could be the leading man of Glee.

      • Laine says:

        I agree 100%! And Lea looked very uncomfortable, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lea was the one to decide Samchel isn’t going to happen. There just isn’t enough time to build a new relationship after Finchel was a 4 year journey. Anything will seem forced and just cheap, like a relationship for the sake of a relationship. I would love to see Rachel focus on Rachel, maybe have her date different guys but stay single, something any 19 year old would do. She really doesn’t need another serious relationship at this point in her young life.

    • Nikki says:

      I was not a Finn fan or a fan of his relationship with Rachel, but it isn’t about that. If they had Rachel date anyone from the Glee club, especially this quickly, there would be backlash because it’d be an insult to Finn’s memory. If Finn were still alive and he and Rachel were broken up, the Sam/Rachel possibility may have worked for awhile, but that is no longer the case. Just because I, personally, didn’t like Finn, doesn’t mean that I ignore that the show was built around him and Rachel’s relationship and him dying doesn’t change that. It would be hard to put Rachel with another love interest, in this situation, regardless of who it is, but especially if it’s someone that Finn was close to like Sam.

  45. vanessa says:

    I heard that sam and Rachel have a duet in season 5 ? brad said that there is something nice between them . and also there is a hint . so there is still hope for them

    • Debbie says:

      That was weeks ago before last night when Lea said it wasn’t going to happen and so far no there is no Sam and Rachel duet, at least not through 5×16. But there’s lots of Samcedes coming up including some romantic songs and a Samcedes hook up.

  46. Queen Lea says:

    I think Lea told Ryan NO WAY, Samchel ain’t gonna happen and Ryan said OK what ever you want Lea!

  47. kade says:

    Why would it be bad for finchel? I honestly think the writers writing Sam starting to have feelings for her would honor finchel. Sam wants to love and take care of someone who is very dear to Finn. I THINK ITS A BEAUTIFUL IDEA! !! They honor him by doing that. FINN would want 2 people he loves to find happiness. It would dishonor Finn if Rachel couldn’t over come her grief and fear of losing someone. That’s not life. Life is moving on and pushing love how you have been taught. Finn thought rachel to love and now that he isn’t here anymore doesn’t mean she shouldn’t press on. Its not realistic. Life makes people move forward and I believe Sam should be the one she moves forward with to honor Finn. They can remember and love him together.

    • Cam says:

      I think the issue stems from there being so little time left in the series. Finchel was built as an EPIC once in a lifetime love, yes it can’t happen now. But having Rachel move right into another endgame so soon when she is only 19 years old makes is seem like the last 4 years meant nothing. It’s like ok Finn is dead here is the only single white straight male left on the show so lets throw him at Rachel as her new endgame. If Rachel was in her mid 20’s or older, and there was more time left, it would make more sense, but at 19 years old to go from Finn right to Sam with in a year? Even Finchel was going to be apart until the end of S6. So if Rachel and Finn were not old enough or mature enough after a 5 year relationship, and had to spend time apart to “find themselves” why would anyone buy in to Samchel? And lets face it, Rachel will be doing 8 shows a week and maybe going to school, why does she need another end game at 19 years old?

      • Rachel Scott says:

        I think you might be confusing how long the show has been on and school time. They’re relationship might have taken five years to build up, but in school time they got together in junior year, and from that time they broke up a few times, so technically they were probably only together for like a year and a half.

        • Finchel says:

          No that is not true. The story of Finchel started in the pilot and wasn’t just about when they were together officially as a couple. It was about 2 people from 2 different worlds coming together, from being friends to being a couple and everything in between. It was exactly what Rachel said it was in The Quarterback, Finn was her person. The popular jock with the outcast theater freak. Everything from the pilot to the last time Finn appeared was the love story of Finchel. It was years in the making and not something that can duplicated in a single season with the next straight guy from the Choir Room.

          • Rachel Scott says:

            I understand that their story started in the pilot, but from the pilot to when Finn died, hasn’t it only been about two years. They started talking in junior year of high school if I remember correctly and he died somewhere in his freshman year of college. That’s not five years of a relationship.

          • tina says:

            The Finn and Rachel relationship started in their sophomore year. The show added layers to the relationship for 4 years.

  48. Ella says:

    It sounds so sad because in reality, life goes on and you have to move forward. But I adored Finchel and my heart will never heal from it so Rachel with anybody else just seems wrong. Lea with anybody else seems wrong :(

    • tami says:

      When Lea moves on and she hasn’t yet, and it has been over 8 months, people need to support her. It is her life and she is only 27. She has already said that Cory will be a hard act to follow, so it will be hard but it is her life and people should let her live it the way she sees fit.

      • Carey says:

        I really do hope people will support her! I know i will. But you bring up a point. It’s been 8 months and when Lea was asked about it she said she’s not ready to even think about, acknowleged she will move on eventually, but needed to focus on herself and wasn’t ready, yet people think Rachel and the fans invested in Finchel should be ok with Samchel 3 episodes after Finn’s memorial? I think the very fact that Monchele existed creates some additional issues and blurred lines, it may not be right to think that way, but I think some people do. The writers totally mishandled the situation and destroyed any chance of Samchel ever being accepted. At this point the mind set seems to be anybody BUT Sam.

  49. WireDream says:

    My F UCK ING Christ, how the hell old are these commentors on this site?! Every post sounds like the ramblings of tween girls. The future is dead.

  50. Sol says:

    no, really