Glee Recap: Reunited, And It Feels So Good

100GLEE_Ep512-Sc7_091No matter your feelings on the current state of Glee — whether you’re #TeamNYC or #TeamLima, whether you dig Rachel and Santana as reluctant buddies or sworn enemies, whether or not you ever want another pep talk from Mr. Schue — you’ve got to admit there was something really sweet about getting the old gang back together again for the show’s 100th episode.

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The aptly titled “100” gave us updated renditions of classic Glee performances, romantic (albeit not always realistic) reunions and a good old-fashioned diva-off. Plus, drunken-broad shenanigans, Britney Spears by way of Chicago and a makeout session between two cats. Who could ask for anything more?

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If, however, you were too busy replaying old episodes of Fondue for Two, here’s what you missed on Glee.

TWO DIVAS ENTER, ONE DIVA LEAVES (WEEPING) | Rachel, hot off her Broadway casting, and Mercedes, hot off her label deal, arrive at McKinley’s farewell celebration for the soon-to-shutter New Directions and wonder how come there’s no red carpet or confetti, then renew their rivalry to be the club’s top (vocal) dog (during a very funny appearance on Fondue for Two). They engage in a diva-off to the tune of “Defying Gravity” (with Kurt, oddly, snagging a line or two), but before it’s put to a vote, Santana brutally shreds Rachel in front of everyone, and it’s Mercedes who follows Ms. Berry to the bathroom for a word of comfort. There, the gals share their high-school-fueled insecurities and a sweet embrace — and then return to the choir room to call off the competition. Too late, though: Schue announces it was a tie anyhow.

QUINN FABRAY 7.0 | Quinn arrives with her old-money Yale boyfriend Biff McIntosh (Chace Crawford), and puts on a prim, fawning display clearly designed to impress him — even as her eye is clearly drawn to Puck (and his hunky Air Force uniform). Puck (and Mike, Artie, and Santana) all notice Quinn suppressing her past and her personality — and help to wake her up to the sad reality. Biff, though, blows up when Quinn finally confesses she has a back tattoo — and a baby she gave up for adoption. The argument ends up with Quinn giving the uptight dude’s nose a good, hard squeeze — and Puck tossing him into a dumpster. Later, staring at Finn’s memorial jersey in the locker room, Puck shares that he knows who his soulmate is, and says he’ll stick around if Quinn wants him. Sure enough, she chases him down the halls of McKinley, kisses him, and coos the word “stay.” Awww… sweet enough, I guess, in a nostalgic way. But my inner skeptic wonders how come not a single one of Glee‘s romantic pairings hasn’t seemed to outgrow each other — or why “I’m, like, 20 — and I’m choosing to be single and explore the world” can’t ever be its own “Happily Ever After.” (I know, I’m the worst.)

DOES BRITTANA = LOVE? | Brittany returns for the New Directions farewell, too, but Santana becomes alarmed to see her old girlfriend has been turned into something of a math robot — with no joy or outside life — now that she’s at MIT. Santana reboots Brittany’s love of singing and dancing, and as the old lovers hang out, it’s Brittany who leans in and goes for the kiss. Santana pushes her away, says she’s worked too hard to get over her high school flame to go back now, but Brittany states her case pretty dramatically and clearly: She tells Santana that she’s seen the world, and that she’s sure Santana’s girlfriend Dani is great, but “you can’t recreate what you and I have.” Outcome: To be determined next week, methinks!

NEW DIRECTIONS’ LAST STAND | Will’s (and New Directions’) boozy pal April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) returns to the scene and tells Sue that because the McKinley Auditorium is paid for by the April Rhodes Charitable Foundation, that New Directions will/should be allowed to continue there. Alas, though, Sue discovers April’s assets (and private island) have been frozen — thanks to her association (ahem) with Bernie Madoff. Plus, Schue’s outrageous spending has depleted the fund April already donated to New Directions. (Whoops!) But April’s not done yet: She calls in legendary sub Holly Holliday, and the duo vows (over copious vino) to save the glee club. In the interim, Schue gathers the Original Flavor New Directions in the auditorium, where Finn’s plaque is now hanging, and gives a tearful speech. “I don’t have any more pep talks,” he weeps. “I just have you guys and the memories of the people on this wall.”

Grades for the Week’s Musical Performances
April, Will & New Directions: “Raise Your Glass” — B+
Quinn, Santana and Brittany: “Toxic” — Grade: A (loved the castanets and sexually heightened “Cell Block Tango” staging!)
Rachel, Mercedes and Kurt: “Defying Gravity” — Grade: A+ (Rachel wins by a nose, if I’m being honest)
Santana and Brittany (with Mike and Jake): “Valerie” — Grade: A
Puck (and the original New Directions): “Keep Holding On” — Grade: A-
Holly Holliday & New Directions: “Happy” — Grade: C+ (not enough funk, too “Up with People,” no?)

Best Quotes
“You all cheer now, but wait till he starts rapping.” –Santana, prepping the audience for a Will Schuester musical moment

“You know, she once taught me how to shoplift meat in my vagina.” –Tina, sharing with wide-eyed Marley a favorite April moment

“Wait, you call your mother, ‘Mother’?” –Puck, throwing shade at Quinn’s new boyfriend

“I just wish that I could have my old life back — where I wasn’t a mathematical genius and all I wanted to do was to scissor you and to talk to my cat.” –Brittany, sharing her woes with Santana

“If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: The one thing this country needs more of is teen marriage.” –April, commenting on Blaine and Kurt’s engagement

“Will Schuester’s profligate spending and his penchant for staging elaborate, private Bacchanalia — replete with extravagant scenery and costumes not seen since the reign of Caligula.” –Sue, explaining to April where the funds she set aside for glee club went

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  1. LilAngel says:

    Quick???? seriously? No way they last more than 15 minutes

  2. Betsy says:

    The shot of Rachel crying while looking at Finns pic was gratuitously long, Glee. Shame.

    • Anna says:

      I thought that was more Lea than Rachel…

    • 'A' is Alive says:

      I think it was more so Lea. But come on now, he was Rachel’s first love. Of course she would be crying and of course they caught that moment.

      • ... says:

        They’ve milked his death quite a bit this season. As has she when promoting her album.

        • KSM says:

          Her boyfriend died. Cut her a break.

        • Angela says:

          And yet if they hadn’t mentioned him beyond “The Quarterback” this season, people would complain that they’re ignoring him. They can’t win either way, it seems.

          • HeyYowINeedAHug says:

            I agree. Lets just enjoy these last moments of Cory (and Lea’s brillance).

            I don’t care if they’re “milking” it. I don’t see it that way. They’re not disrespecting the character or the actor. They’re giving him closure. Closure that may last for this and next season? Yes, maybe, but I don’t freaking care. Respect, nomination and love are what he earned, and by-god he deserves it.

      • no says:

        That’s why she cut off an interview when the dude kept asking about “If You Say So”. Stop.

  3. Sam says:

    The inevitable divorce comment April made about Kurt and Blaine was hysterical.

    • abz says:

      Lol that was too funny as well as her comment about how “Defying Gravity” should be on broadway :P

      • Alison says:

        And she’s on Broadway! April is drunk and says so much nonsense 100% of the time, but that’s why I love her.

        • Carrie says:

          She was in the original cast of Wicked, the show that Defying Gravity comes from, along with Idina Menzel, so the comment was kind of a nod to that. Was kinda hoping Glee would reunite those two – could have been killer to have a diva off between the originals and Rachel/Mercedes.

  4. Sasha says:

    Still miss Finn :(

  5. you missed one quote!
    Ryder asks Jake “who are you voting for?” and Jake says “I don’t know. One is black and one is jewish”
    I loved it!!
    amazing episode. It felt like Glee Season 1-3

  6. jenniehissom says:

    Why is Coach Bieste on the wall with Finn? Is she gone?

    • 'A' is Alive says:

      That wasn’t Coach Beiste. The lady on the wall was the original Glee club director and Will was in her Glee club in the 90’s. She died in the 90s (in the show) and they have a plague to honor her. Are you new to the show? Just wondering..

      • Gypsy says:

        I am laughing so hard at this comment and the reply. I love Glee tonight … I the magic was back for one night.

        • Last night was a reminder of everything that has gone wrong since the original cast split up. The writing wasn’t better. There will still holes in logic and reason. However, I was willing to forgive the problems because the oldies brought back the chemistry and fun and joy that Glee has been missing for quite some time. I loved the show last night but it bums me out that this feeling isn’t going to last beyond next week.

      • Singing_gal says:

        Exactly what kind of plague is it? I hope it’s the black one, just so I can be the first to say “Bring out your dead!” ;)

    • Stephanie says:

      The other plaque is of Lillian Adler, Will’s glee coach back when he was a student in the 90s

    • Boiler says:

      Uhh…that’s not Bieste

    • Brenda says:

      That wasn’t Coach Beiste’s photo on the wall. That’s the old choir director from when Will was in show choir. He talked about her during the first season.

      • jenniehissom says:

        Thanks for the replies clearing that up for me, even the snarky ones. Didn’t get a good look, couldn’t rewind, maybe wouldn’t have remembered who Lillian Adler was anyway, etc… Whew – online it is so not true that there is no such thing as a stupid question. :)

        • jenniehissom says:

          Just to be clear – I meant my original question was stupid, not anybody else’s.

          • Tony says:

            I thought it was Bieste, too, at first, and rewound it to confirm it wasn’t. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.

          • Ethel says:

            I too thought it was Biestie and had to rewind the show. Glad others thought the same thing.

        • I thought it was also… I had to go on line and look it up… and BTW… season one was a long time ago! (And with my bad eyesight, I thought it look her!)

        • Lena says:

          Honestly I was watching this on my iPhone and I have seen every episode and I thought it was Beiste too. From a small screen and far away it definitely looked like her. People are just snarky. Honest mistake (that you weren’t alone in making!).

          I stopped watching Glee about 2 episodes after the Finn tribute (I really couldn’t take it after they covered Roar), but knowing what I now know about the episode before 100 I’ll go back and watch for sure :)

    • I thought that also!! It’s been driving me crazy…thanks for asking

  7. Carol says:

    yayyyy Puck and Quinn!

    • AngieD says:

      I agree…. during senior year, Rachel did tell Quinn that she was at her best with Puck. While it may or may not last, at least she’s giving him a chance. If he had been the old directionless Puck, I could see her letting him go, but it’s apparent that Puck has grown up since losing Finn and joining the Air Force.

      • Owen says:

        By “her best” I’m guessing she means trying to have the woman who adopted her child arrested for child abuse? Quinn could actually be a sociopath at times…

  8. 'A' is Alive says:

    This episode was beyond perfect! And the continuity they had made me tear up. Had some bittersweet moments in the episode (SEE: Will and the “Original Flavor New Directions scene) and a LOT of hilarious moments. Felt like the old Glee.

  9. Kaybee says:

    Curse you Glee! You’ve made me cry two weeks in a row with the Finn stuff. Looked like It was Lea holding back tears, not Rachel. Thought they did a good job overall, though I’m still surprised no one sang the high note on Defying Gravity. I thought they’d have Kurt do it.

    • Angela says:

      I know! Despite this show’s craziness it still knows how to draw some tears out of me every now and again. I definitely got all misty-eyed during that ending. Especially when Will could barely finish his sentence before crying.
      I thought the end scenes with Puck and Quinn as well as Brittany and Santana were very sweet and touching-I’m fine with both of those couples getting back together. And that is all I will say in regards to any shipper-related discussion. Beyond that, it was great to see so many old faces again, to see the original gang back together and interacting, and I really enjoyed the “Toxic” number. Seeing those three together again being all sassy and sexy and whatnot was great. Look forward to seeing how everything resolves itself next week…though I have a feeling I’ll be tearing up again.

    • abz says:

      Yeah, I was kinda disappointed there was no high note from any of them. I thought for sure they’d at least let Kurt do it to prove to them that he could.

  10. Mike says:

    Tonight only proved to me that Glee still has its grip on me. I was glued to the TV — and caught up trying to crazily dart my eyes across the screen to keep track of all of my old favorites. But these reunions keep happening and this very long school year has worn on me. It’s all been very weird and very long and very sad. I’ll miss the choir room dearly but at this point I’d rather they just move on and keep the golden days of Glee golden.

    Joan Acocella wrote in the New Yorker that “Most of us want extraordinary things, after a while, to quit being extraordinary—to end. The stone fell in the water. The ripples ran. Now they should stop. The surface should be smooth again.”

    Lea Michele and Rachel Berry were both right when she said that being a part of something special makes a person special… I guess I’m just more-than-ready for Glee to find a new way to be special because in truth, I don’t think I will ever stop loving most of the original (and, to be fair, some of the newbie) characters but I can’t stomach the skyscraper highs of the sporadic Originals reunions with the sewer lows of the intermittent craziness much longer. I haven’t forgotten about “What Does the Fox Say?” / puppet mania.

  11. Finchel Is Forever says:

    God I MISS FINN and Finchel! So painful watching this episode. This also really high lighted what has been missing from Glee since the end of S3, the Original Cast. This chemistry is still so good! This episode really felt like closure on the series!

    • Boiler says:

      I don’t agree that the chemistry that good among all the originals. The Mercedes/Rachel scene in the bathroom was nothing to me. They brought back the bitchy Santana who is as bad as everyone complains Sue is. Maybe its because they don’t all work together anymore, and as much fun as it was to see them all, it ain’t there now

      • Dan says:

        I thought the Mercedes/Rachel scene in the bathroom was one of the highlights of the episode. Just like Quinn/Puck in the locker room and Santana/Brittney talking at the end. It was good to see the old characters interacting with each other and bringing history to the show.

        • abz says:

          I agree. The chemistry among the old cast is still there and Rachel/Mercedes moment in the bathroom was my favourite. I wish they’d make those two interact more. Maybe in NYC.

          • Worried Gleek says:

            Agreed. I always liked it way more when the two kindred spirits of Mercedes and Rachel really showed their friendship. I hated the way they always fought. But I liked the explanation of how they push each other to be better. That was a great scene in the bathroom.

          • Alison says:

            The Rachel/Mercedes friendship scene worked more than literally every single Pezberry “friendship/family” scene this season. So glad Mercedes will be in NY, and they’ve already filmed at least one scene together, so yay.

          • AngieD says:

            It definitely wasn’t a false relationship on the show…. There were scenes where Rachel/Mercedes/Kurt had a sleepover and talked about which diva they were…. and senior year had Mercedes defecting to the Treble Tones due to being tired of competing with Rachel. So, there was definite continuity in their friendship.

      • Boiler says:

        I just want to say I applaud all the comments on mine. No one got snarky which is nice. Just because I didn’t get into doesn’t mean others didn’t.

    • Lena says:

      I agree!! I wanted to go back and watch the Finn tribute episode for my closure (I’m not a fan of some of the newer episodes), but now it seems like the 100th episode and the one before are also good for that :)

  12. Kre says:

    This episode just reminded how good Glee used too be.

  13. wlee says:

    Santana is an awful person! She truly is mean! And no one tells her to shut up! Even Schue just turns his back. There needs to be a comeuppance!

    • abba says:

      yes!!!! thank you!

    • mike says:

      Yeah, Santana was horrible there, but it takes two. Rachel hasn’t been innocent in this beef. She’s been a little brat lately with Santana and then again for most of the episode tonight with Mercedes. They both have been pretty horrible. In the words of the genius Brittany S. Pierce… “stop the violence.”

      • Jennie says:

        There is a difference between being a brat and being down right cruel. Santana was just cruel. Love Santana but she was way out of line and I really hate the writers doing this to her character after all the great progress they made with Pezberry.

        • Sean C. says:

          Rachel was the one who declared war over Santana being her understudy and flounced out of the apartment after dramatically tearing up the photo of them.

          Not that Santana wasn’t vicious in response, but she should hardly be surprised.

          • Gon says:

            Still, santana attitude in this episode was cruel and unnecessary, especially when Rachel didn’t even say a word to her before in this episode and mr. Schue AGAIN just stood there doing nothing. so sick of the double standard toward Rachel. When Rachel did similar things all glee club were against her but when Santana did that all of them just quite. Meh

          • Sara says:

            I would argue that Santana declared the war by randomly showing up in NYC, declaring that she was moving in, and then pretty much copying Rachel’s every move, including auditioning for Rachel’s role. If Santana has always hated Rachel so much, why did she follow her to New York and bulldoze her way into her life? But hey, that’s just my opinion.

          • Sean C. says:

            She didn’t audition for “Rachel’s role”. She auditioned to be her understudy.

    • erica says:

      FINALLY. I thought I was the only one who was getting seriously tired of how horrible Santana has been!

    • Stacks says:

      She’s actually just disgusting, like straight up repulsive and damaged and thoroughly unlikeable. I’m tired of her. I’m so relieved we’re getting a break from her vile attitude and wish it were a permanent one.

    • abz says:

      Yeah, she was definitely very cruel in this episode.
      Anyone else notice how much thinner Naya has gotten in recent episodes? In a few scenes she was looking very bony/sickly, I thought for a second I was watching Katie Cassidy on Arrow lol.

    • Lands says:

      She’s awful, like horrendously cruel. I was unhappy when Rachel slapped her the first time as much as she had it coming, but I would have been happy to see her do it again this time around. I don’t even want them to make up now. I’d like Rachel to accept her apology, off her own, but realize she can do better than the type of person Santana is in every way and just be done with her.

    • dcl33 says:

      Yeah I think she was mean but then again, Rachel kinda deserved it tbh. And most if not all what she said about her was true. I think that Santana is still hurt from what Rachel said to her, about them not being friends even thou Santana helped her a lot ( pregnancy scare, Brody, being positive about the audition, getting her a job…). Rachel was always selfish and threw tantrum if it wasnt her way and her way only. I mean she pretty much shun Kurt away cause he didnt stick up for her and throw Santana out of the apartment. I dunno why Rachel is being so fussy about Santana being her understudy. Its not like she took the role from her. Its an understudy for f**k sake. Was this feud between then necessary? No. I mean this is Glee we are talking about after all. They get PCA for best gal pals and what do they do? F**k everything up so that they could create drama. Am glad thou that they patch up, and hope, if Naya does return, that they will have more scenes together, cause lets be honest, they are the best part of the show nowadays, their scenes.

      • Jan says:

        Lol “deserve.” Being petty and selfish, which Santana also really, really is, is wildly different from acting like heartless bitch with a sharp stick shoved up her twat, which Santana apparently excels as. And for all her gratefulness that Kurt was willing to give her a chance that she wasn’t her HS self, she had no problems throwing him into her insults as well. Please let her get run over by a truck, Quinn style, only not survive.

    • Carrie says:

      I really hope there is some sort of twisted motivation behind Santana’s behavior the last few weeks. Something like this is her way of helping Rachel grieve – distracting her with bitchiness to keep her strong or something like that….or hiding from her own sadness….something that gives her more than just the mean girl who thinks she is still in high school. Naya is fantastic and needs a story arc beyond bitching and much as I love her – she would never be cast as Fanny in Funny Girl – or as Mercedes puts is ‘as an annoying Jewish girl’ which was another giggle worthy line for this Jewish girl.

      • DG says:

        If this is her way of “helping” rachel somebody needs to send that girl to therapy and Rachel needs to get far, far away from her twisted brand of “friendship.” I don’t even always like Rachel and I want her to get far, far away from that thing that masquerade as vaguely human, increasingly plastic face and all.

        • Carrie says:

          Twisted would be better than cruelty for sport. Bullying is a real problem that affects so many kids that watch this show, it would be gratifying for the character to somehow redeem herself, even if the logic is twisted. Also really disappointed that Schue didn’t have one last teaching moment for the originals after Santana’s rant at rachel – could have been so powerful if he addressed it immediately, called her out, telling her he was disappointed to see her behave that way etc. and then have her crumble and explain herself – even if it was just an admission that she is totally jealous and has been taking out her own issues on someone who for a
          second, was considered a friend.

          • Kobe Busia says:

            YES, thank u for calling out Will in the midst of all this. This is actually an ongoing problem in this show, every time there’s a conflict among the Glee kids, all Will ever really does about is say the person’s name after they say something, and then he doesn’t do anything else about it, he just stands there and lets it all happen as if it’s no big deal. Just goes to reinforce just how useless Will Schuester can be!

    • Yeah, there are a lot of moments when Santana just cross the line. She said awful things to Rachel, i’m not saying that rachel is a saint, but Santana’s behavior is awful, and rude. I’m glad that Rachel say a few words to her, before leaving the room. I like Santana, but she just so annoying sometimes. And i don’t like because her friendship with Rachel grow so much in the latest episodes. That was a step back.

  14. D says:

    “Rachel, Mercedes and Kurt: “Defying Gravity” — Grade: A+” really?? I thought it was horrible except for Rachel who was ok. I hate how Mercedes sang the song with the gospel tones, Kurt just sounded like a guy trying to sing like a girl. I think Rachel had to down play her abilities to not make the other two look foolish. D-

  15. 777 says:

    Singing Defying gravity in front of Kristin Chenoweth? I would pay good money to know what went inside her head while she was listening

    • Glenda says:

      I’ve seen interview where Kristin calls Lea her little nugget and fan girls over Lea’s talent and basically just talks about how much she loves her, also saw a picture of her watching Lea with the biggest smile on her face while Rachel was up singing. She seemed happy they did her song.

      • AngieD says:

        It’s really more Idina’s song since it’s mostly sung by elphaba with a couple of verses in duet with Glinda/Kristin. It would’ve been awesome if Idina/Shelby had also been able to appear, especially to allow Puck and Quinn to see Beth

  16. Sam's a dope says:

    Another example of Sam being The Village Idiot, writing with his feet! To think they are dumping Santana and sending this tool to NY to move into the loft.

  17. Fantastic post however I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more.
    Appreciate it!

  18. Kendra says:

    This show is really good when they leave the Newbies, Blaine and Sam in the background. I haven’t enjoyed an episode this much since S3! Damn shame NY will be ruined in two weeks when Dumb and Dumber aka Blam take over NY. The loss of Cory/Finn was felt in every minute of the episode and my heart when out to Lea Michele, she was brilliant but you could tell was struggling to get through some of those scenes

    • Olivia says:

      Totally agree! I haven’t smiled that much watching tv in a long time, let alone watching Glee. It was a bittersweet but overall feel good episode for me. Seeing the originals, almost no Blam/newbies, Unholy Trinity, Brittana, Quick, pretty good music, funny one liners/jokes/reactions was making me extremely happy and teary at the same time because I kinda feel like Santana said lol… worked my ass off to get over you, S1-3 Glee. I hate myself a little lol because in all honesty, I would start to watch again if they got rid of Blam (or at least Sam) and had the oldies back. Sad that Cory/Finn will never be back, but having the originals mentioning and remembering him is a million times better. I loved this ep, I loved Glee tonight. Never thought it was possible again.

      • Cade says:

        This is the first full ep I have watched since the Quarterback. I’d be back if they got rid of Sam, I really grew to dislike him in S4 and going from some spoilers I have read they are really making a push to make him the new Finn. I watch Rachel & NY stuff on Tumblr but w/Sam heading to NY I won’t even be able to do that much. Sam in NY…No thanks!

    • Mena says:

      Me too.

  19. abz says:

    Really good episode! So nostalgic. Even though I’ve been Team NYC for quite a while now, there’s a small part of me that will definitely miss the Glee club/Lima side

  20. Sean C. says:

    I still find it amusing how, immediately after Rachel and Santana were voted best female friendship at the PCAs, the show embarks on a multi-episode arc involving them viciously tearing each other down (this being pretty much the only story “Glee” knows how to tell involving two girls, with a perfunctory “we’re friends again!” at the end, until the next cycle; Rachel and Mercedes made up for the zillionth time this week, and I’m sure Rachel and Santana will next week, based on the songs).

    • Jackie says:

      Even more ironic is Blam gets a beat down in the same competition and yet it’s Sam that get’s Santana’s spot in the HummelBerry loft and Blam that takes over the NY narrative. I think I will pass on the show after next week.

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  22. Para says:

    Got to say…. the toxic part with Satanta Britney and Quinn is going to invade any straight guy who watches glee( if any)’s web dreams.

    • Stacks says:

      I think they’ll be as bored as Biff at how awkward and inadvertently funny that performance was.

    • Angela says:

      Haha, I was thinking the same thing :D. Hell, I’m a straight woman and I found that performance sexy.

    • Larry says:

      no reason straight guys wouldn’t watch this show, and yes that part was hot.

    • dcl33 says:

      That performance is gonna fuel many dreams… wet dreams, very wet dream. Unless one is asexual… cause c’mon, even gay men probably got a bit turned on watching that.

    • N tTVf says:

      Straight, don’t watch, did watch this episode, and yes. ;)

      I’m a fan of Quinn/Dianna Agron, who is a local gal from SF Bay Area/Burlingame. Always good to see her back on TV, and hence, the reason I dialed back in.

      I did watch Glee during season 2, which IMHO was the best of Glee – Gwyneth P. did her arc with Matt Morrison and Jessalyn Gilsig (very funny stuff), and both Santana/Naya R. and Brittney/Heather M. were made full-time cast members that season. If I recall correctly, I think both NR/HM did ‘Toxic’ number in an early season 2 episode – those two became stars that night.

  23. Omar says:

    Michael! You forgot the best line from tonights episode. Jake: “i’m torn. one is black and the other jewish”

    • AdamJ says:

      So 100 is actually a two part episode?
      Poor Artie and Tina not much action for the two originals in that episode even Kurt was kept in the background…but like the Quinn/Puck arc heaps…
      Its amazing how much natural chemistry was on show in the scenes between Naya and Heather, Dianna and Mark, Lea and Amber.
      They all just seem to work so much better together but the 4 almost 5 years they spent together on and off screen really comes thru in how comfortable they are performing with each other..
      Hope the show got some higher ratings..2.3 mill last week was just so low…..if it gets any lower I can see fox pulling season 6.

      • Let it sink! says:

        If Fox pulling S6 means we won’t have to suffer through them forcing Samchel or suffering through Sam as the new male lead I hope the ratings tanks even lower! Sorry but I really don’t want them destroying my Finchel memories or Rachel with a 3rd rate Finn wannabe!

  24. WireDream says:

    “Defying Gravity” gets docked a few notches due to Kurt’s heinous shrieking. Period.

  25. Tony says:

    Yea for Quck. Pinn? Punn? No matter…anything that gets Dianna Agron more screen time is fine by me.

  26. mistermcgee says:

    Amber Rileys acting has improved. Dianna looked gorgeous. I loved Valerie and the reenactment of the Keep Holding On staging.

  27. MMM says:

    Did Marley say anything this episode? I stopped watching in the beginning of the season but came back for this. i thought she was the new lead in Lima?

    • LOL says:

      She was until she they realized what a massive casting failure she and the rest of the Newbies ended up being. They have been relegated to one liners and non speaking extras this season.

  28. Fernanda says:

    loved the episode, but it seems Lea looks a little uncomfortable in the background and her face when they stand in front of the late Glee Club teacher and Finn pictures for me was Lea’s real reaction rather than Rachel’s.

    At least Quick has her finale.

    Holy Holidays is still TOP 40. I love her rendition of Pharrel Williams’ Happy

  29. Sara says:

    This episode made me want to go dig out all my cds from the first season. And I’m definitely going to be heading over to Netflix to watch the old episodes.

    Love, love, LOVED Defying Gravity!!! I wish there was a little bit more Kurt in it, but that was AMAZING!!!!! I don’t think I could pick between the divas on this one. That was a fantastic arrangement.

    And my best quote of the night was April after Defying Gravity: “That song should be on the Broadway!” LOL!

  30. Worried Gleek says:

    Naya Rivera has gotten frighteningly thin.

  31. Sara says:

    Keep Holding On deserved an A+. That is Puck’s voice at its best and holy nostalgia Batman! When those curtains opened and the originals got on the risers, I have no shame in saying the waterworks started.

  32. Rudolph says:

    The episode was the best so far in this entire season imo. I haven’t watched Glee since “The Quarterback” and before that since season 4 beggining, but just HAD to see this episode. Some points:
    * It wouldn’t be the episode it should be without Fondue for Two
    * Also, no one noticed the “Amber winning DWTS” reference? Loved it!
    * Santana being Santana
    * Quinn and Puck – FINALLY
    *Hard to believe, I know, but i’m straight, i kind of watch Glee and YES – Toxic WAS THE SEXIEST SONG PERFORMANCE EVER
    * But the best song was Keep Holding On, because of the memories the scene brought, along with Mark’s vocie, the guitar and cajón style, the old new directions backvocal…
    *Seeing Holly and hearing best old songs just made me thought of Umbrella/Singing In the Rain mash-up. Anyone else?
    *Don’t know which quote was better: Jake about being torn on voting for Mercedes or Rachel, or Mercedes about Rachel:”So what, she got cast in a play as an annoying jewish girl – WHAT A SURPRISE”

    Aaaand this episode was this good because of the focus on the original New Directions. It just made Glee be again the Season One Glee that everyone talked about and loved – close to reality of life and struggle of high school misfits, whom also love music and are conected by it. (Not the High-School-Musical-Unicorn-and-Rainbows Parade it has been nowadays).
    But I have to say, Finn/Cory is missed. That is explicit not only because of the writers, but every fan who saw this episode missed him a lot too.

    • Angela says:

      But I have to say, Finn/Cory is missed. That is explicit not only because of the writers, but every fan who saw this episode missed him a lot too.
      *Nods* Agreed. Well said.

  33. S says:

    The death of Finn would have been an interesting storyline, but I so wish that it was just a storyline and not real. Cory was a huge part of Glee and his presence was missed tonight. The 100th episode is a big deal and he was a huge part of it. No matter what people thought of Finn or Finchel, or whatever, Finn was a big deal and I still miss Cory. I think the last scene when Rachel was crying wasn’t scripted, that was just real emotion from Lea and not one person can blame her.

  34. KevyB says:

    Toxic an A??? More like an F-minus-minus-minus-minus-times-infinity. I love that song and have loved most of the 80 billion covers of it, but that variation was just atrocious. And the lip-synching was horrendous. It sounded like it was recorded in a closet. The choreography looked like it didn’t exist at all. “Hey, we just got told this song was in the show! Wiggle to it!” I really wanted to stop watching the show right then and there, but held on since Kristen Chenoweth was around.

  35. dcl33 says:

    Man I missed Heather so much. I had a smile on my face entire time she was on screen. Almost forgot how beautiful she actually is.
    And can someone give Naya something to eat, please. Something fattening. Its kinda scary how bone and skin she is.

  36. H76 says:

    Is it just me or does anybody else notice Naya is wearing a wig? Maybe it’s just me lol. Happy to see Holly Holiday again and also Kristen Chenoweth, two of the best special guest stars Glee has ever had (although just wish Idina Menzel was in this episode also, and sing Let It Go. Hahaha) overall, a great episode. Can’t wait for next week.

  37. tara17 says:

    “Read more and take our poll”, hum, where’s the poll?

  38. I.R.E. says:

    Where’s Emma?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Jayma Mays (now a series regular on a CBS show) is allowed only one more GLEE visit this season, yet to be scheduled.

  39. Gerald says:

    I really liked this episode. Lots of great performances.
    But I don’t understand. Are the writers intentionally writing Will Shuester to be a complete A*S. He really laid into April for lying to him and giving him hope while being all high and mighty because HE blew through all her money. She is now broke because of him and he blames her.
    I am So looking forward to New York so I don’t have to listen to him anymore.

  40. RichieS says:

    So when are they going to have an AcuFellas reunion? It’s driving me crazy wondering what ever happened to Howard Baboo.

  41. Chloe says:

    I really hope that this is the last time we have a Diva Off between Mercedes and Rachel. Like how many time do we need one? They were both annoying and childish with their “vote for me” campain. Can’t they both be happy for each other from the beginning? Can’t they both say “Hey you’re Red and I’m Blue. We’re different but we both kick *ss. F*ck this stupid competition and let’s sing a tear jerking duet.”
    And while I completely agree with what Santana said to Rachel (I always though that about her), it was also completely unnecesary especially the promm thing. I also had to roll my eyes at the bathroom scene. Santana, Quinn, Brittany and Puck etc were friends with Mercedes in season 3 (the Troubletones anyone?), so I don’t get why the writters tried with this “I always hear them in my head” bs.

    Also, the couples (Quick and Brittana) getting back togheter screams fanpandering. Terribly written fanpandering.

    • Chloe says:

      Also they need to stop giving Holly soulfoul songs.

    • walter says:

      At this point, fan pandering can’t hurt them. I’d rather have Quick/Brittana fan pandering than more Blam/Klaine/newbies. Anyway, Quick/Brittana will disappear after next week, so doesn’t really matter.

    • AngieD says:

      I’d argue that Santana was frenemies with Mercedes while in the Treble tones. If the group had lasted longer, there probably would’ve been competition between Santana and Mercedes for the lead.

      Neither Rachel nor Santana have complete fault or blame…. however, I can understand why Rachel was upset as Santana snuck off to tryout for understudy instead of at least telling her of her intentions. Rachel still would”ve been upset, but at least she wouldn’t have felt like she was being surprised, especially with Santana replicating Don’t Rain on my Parade.

      And yesterday’s outburst was totally unneccessary. There is not need to drag everyone else, especially a bunch of people who don’t really know them, into their argument. Santana’s outburst made everyone uncomfortable, not just Rachel

  42. SuchAJoke says:

    And in the next episode of Milking It With Glee, because they’re “soulmates” we’ll get to watch Puck and Quinn go all completely implausibile Lifetime Movie on us as they desperately try to get their love baby back from its adoptive parent, Shelby.

    Wonder which oh-so-spot-on heartache song they will duet in the courtroom as they plead their case?

  43. RD says:

    Apparently I hold the minority view, but without Lima and the HS glee club stories this just won’t be Glee. I feel sad for the “new” actors that have been relegated to non-speaking background. There is a lot of tremendous talent being wasted. And way too much negativity toward them from this “fandom.” The level of criticism just lacks credibility; makes me sad.

  44. c says:

    I loved the “this bubbly is virgin just like will be for a long time” quote…made me LOL

  45. Elena says:

    Loved the DWTS reference during ‘Fondue for Two.’

  46. This episode was really good. Make me feel nostalgic and made me remember the good old times of Glee.

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  49. Jemma says:

    Ha ha l thought that was the old beast on the wall too!!!

  50. laylay says:

    My fav is naya rivera and amber riley aka sanatana and mercedies did quinn and brittany really die in the show