Arrow 'Birds of Prey' First Look: Will Laurel Learn Her Sister Sara's Super Secret?

The March 26 episode of The CW’s Arrow is packing some serious girl power — as it should, being titled “Birds of Prey” and all.

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In the episode, Frank Bertinelli (returning guest star Jeffrey Nordling) gets arrested, luring his daughter Helena aka The Huntress (Jessica de Gouw) back to town. When Laurel is picked to try Frank’s case, that lands her (and others) as The Huntress’ hostages — and as seen in these photos, Sara will stop at nothing to save her sister, even if might/would seem to risk revealing her Canary identity.

Arrow returns this Wednesday at 8/7c with the episode “Suicide Squad.”

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  1. Maki says:

    Seems interesting! I really look forward this episode I hope they’ll do The Birds of Prey justice and it’s about time that Helena either dies or takes a turn for the good.

  2. ggny says:

    They should bring Starling onto the show for the Birds of Prey

  3. isee says:

    I really hope Sara doesn’t die in order for Laurel to become Canary… I’m already a big fan of Caity Lotz and I don’t want her to go. Please find another identity for Laurel…. here’s a thought, maybe a little character known as White Canary…

    • Christina says:

      YES. I love Sara too much for them to kill her off. Plus she set the Canary bar wayyyy to high for Laurel to ever beat it.

    • A says:

      I don’t think that they are going to kill Sara. It seems like she is much more popular than Laurel…

      • Mark says:

        If Laural has to take on a persona then why not Oracle…

      • Patrick says:

        There have been rampant internet rumors that the cast and crew of Arrow don’t like Katie Cassidy. A quick perusal of the social media accounts of the actors on the show back this up. Lots of the photos and posts feature each other. Except Cassidy. She is noticeably absent from other feeds. Allegedly there was a writer meeting this year to figure out what to do about it. Based on them recasting Sara, for a girl with martial arts abilities, I think they are going to write her out.

        • Jaime says:

          The fact that you keep repeating this bs on every Arrow article doesn’t make it anymore true. I realize the Olicity fans are a bit of their rockers but stop spreading lies.

          • Ben says:

            I dunno. If he repeats it on every Arrow article on every site, it will be very true that there will be ‘rampant internet rumours’.

          • Connie says:

            ^ LOL

          • Zathe says:

            Laurel just need to be killed off, there is no reason anymore for her to be part of the show. She exists to give Katie Cassidy an ego boost.

            @ Jaime they are not lies, there is no smoke without fire. Some fans just need to stop being in denial and see all the facts as they are. The writers hate Katie Cassidy and have delibarately written bad for her character, she has a bad attitude to the show too and would rather be doing her fashion work. I wouldnt be surprised if she was written off by season end.

        • JC says:

          I don’t know where you’re coming up with these “rampant internet rumors” that you keep talking about. The only place I’ve ever seen anything suggesting this was something on a dubious blind item site. And I’m not saying this because I’m a Laurel fan – I can’t stand the character. I’d be thrilled if she were written off. But spreading rumors about the actress is a different story.

      • lulu Lily says:

        Sorry to burst your bubbles guys but if the writers wants to kill sara character off the show for good they are going to do it whether you like it or not as far as the black canary arc character well that arc character belongs to laurel character only as far as the white canary arc character well sara character can always plays that character because the black canary arc character was always meant for laurel Character. Sara character is only playing the black canary arc character only to build the canary arc character up while doing the same with laurel Character so that when it’s time for laurel to become black canary arc character she can easily transform into black canary because by then laurel will be ready to become black canary and Oliver might end being the one to eventually trained laurel to come black canary arc character because from what the writers said laurel will start becoming black canary by doing the black canary cry but laurel isn’t going to realize that yet. Laurel is supposedly start to show signs of becoming the black canary during the birds of prey episode or maybe at the end of birds of prey into episode 18 were Oliver and maybe even sara relealize laurel was able to do the canary cry and also the actress that plays sara character looks like she is well aware that she won’t be playing the black canary arc character for long. Also the writers said that laurel life will be in danger again because of knew found abilities that laurel isn’t aware of yet and which Oliver is going to needs to protect laurel from people who will be coming after laurel Character to use laurel Character abilities for their needs and that laurel will find out about sara and Oliver being the hood and canary and that laurel isn’t going to be too happy. So all this means laurel will start becoming black canary arc character by maybe the end of birds of prey episode or during the episode of birds of prey and then episode 18 thea paternity maybe outed before the episode ends and Oliver relationship with thea will change hugely because of Oliver lying to thea about her paternity from her and what little supposedly friendship with laurel that Oliver character had will be gone during episode 19 or 20 and if not during those episodes then it’s defidently the end of season two of arrow that laurel Character will find out about Oliver character hood identity but laurel might find out about sara character identity first during the birds of prey episode. What I don’t know is how is Oliver character is going to get out of the life changing lie that Oliver agreed to keep from thea about her paternity and which Oliver promised thea to never lie to her about anything and Oliver is also going be facing with another hugh problem and which is laurel because laurel will find out about Oliver secret identity and which laurel Character isn’t going to please with Oliver either and there is sara who is going cause conflict for Oliver and his team and which Roy , felicity , diggle characters will start to have problem with sara being apart of the team while constantly making choices without them all talking together as a team, like felicity already have problem with sara already and that’s because sara starts taking control of things that she didn’t have any business doing and which felicity points out to diggle about sara reprogramming things without talking to her first and which resulted in having their enemies hacked into their computer so they could crash and burn their computer and because of sara character their enemies were able to do that in episode 14. Also Oliver relationship with sara isn’t going to survive the conflicts Oliver will be having with thea and laurel and also detective lance because of the fact that detective lance apologize and have been making up for his mistakes with Oliver only to find out that he was right about Oliver and which that will put a strain on Oliver relationship with the lance family and his relationship with sara and his supposedly friendship with laurel and which before season two ends sara will likely leave because of the strain it’s put on her family and which her ex-girlfriend will return before this season ends and sara will either leave this time around with her ex-girlfriend or be killed by her because sara chooses leave town by herself and what will happen between thea and Oliver brother and relationship that they have and what will happen with laurel and Oliver supposedly friendship which I’m sure won’t survive another nasty hit. Oliver is not only going to lose his sister for a while but he will lose laurel Character maybe forever and also the knew found trust he had gained with the lance sisters parents and Oliver might also loses his own team he built because of sara. I’m jumping with joy when Oliver world comes crashing down around him and see people will turn on him and only person Oliver might have is felicity and diggle and Roy but those things won’t really matter because the people’s in his life as have now won’t be in his life for long and I will be happy and believe it’s poetic justice and karma because of how Oliver treated laurel during episode 14 of season two. Oliver was so which to beat laurel down when she was already down by being to quick to call laurel out on her mistakes while acting like he’s isn’t or that he been honest with everyone around him and Oliver was acting like the things he’s been through since he’s been back isn’t his fault also .Oliver preaches to laurel about laurel running from her problems but Oliver seems to forgetting that he’s have been running from his problems too while lying to everyone claims to love and laurel parents aren’t even any better because laurel and sara mother run from her problems by abonding her family when everyone thought sara character had died leaving laurel to give her life up to take care of everything and detective lance run from his problems by becoming a drunk and Oliver run from his problems with laurel by screwing laurel sister and sara runs from her problems by not wanting to admit that she immature and irresponsible and she needs to grow up and also sara needs to admit that she needs to admit that the world doesn’t revolve around her and that she needs to woman up instead of allowing Oliver and her and sister parents to fight her battle for her with laurel and that she doesn’t needs sex everytime something isn’t going her way.

    • JC says:

      Yes, I agree. I don’t want them to kill Sara, and I don’t want Laurel as Black Canary, ever.

    • Jon says:

      White Canary is a villain and not a hero though. There was also a ‘Jade Canary’ for a bit, which is what Lady Shiva called herself when she and Black Canary exchanged lives.

      • Tess says:

        I don’t think anyone would have a problem with Laurel being a villain – most people already hate her anyway. If that’s the solution to keeping Sara as Black Canary and they don’t want to get rid of Laurel, then why not make her a villain. She’s already mad at her sister for a slew of things; if she learns her alter ego identity, it could be incentive for her to go the evil villain route to take her sister down.
        I do think though if they want to show that the series can exist separately from the comics then one of the best things they could do is kill off Laurel, since those who are loyal to the comics keep preaching that Laurel has to become Black Canary and that she’s end game for Oliver rather than Sara or Felicity or someone else. Nothing says they have to stick to the source material verbatim, so why not shake it up by getting rid of Laurel?!

      • Mikael says:

        They should just make Laurel a villain, because Katie Cassidy plays an EXCELLENT beyotch. The way she’s playing Laurel now just isn’t working. They can’t write her properly and she can’t act it properly so she’s a huge mess. And as far as Sara, I am a HUGE fan of hers and I want her to continue to be on the show. The writers have reacted to overwhelming character popularity before, with FELICITY, who wasn’t supposed to be a main character, so I’m hoping that given Sara’s popularity, they won’t kill her anytime soon.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I agree….but i just cant think of how they can do it unless they fundamentally change their plans to have Laurel be the BC. If you think about it…how can Laurel become the BC without Sara dying? What will then be the extreme catalyst causing Laurel to take up that mantle? It seems to me since the inception of the show by the creator/writers, it was Laurel as BC and Laurel and Oliver end up together….I unfortunately see them doing what they planned from the beginning which is Laurel finds out Sara is BC…Sara is killed, Laurel takes up the mantle of BC in her honor/for revenge or something…Oliver in some way helps train her…and Laurel and Oliver (at some point) end up together cause they get super close 1) missing sara and grieving for her and 2) super close with him training her.

      • Ben says:

        You may be right, but hopefully they will react to character popularity. Sarah Lance is awesome. I know there are some fans who would never want to see any major departure from the comics. I’m not one of them. I’d prefer to see Sara stay and continue to be BC.

        • Christina says:

          Yea, I’d actually prefer to see them switch it up at this point. I like Katie Cassidy (just not on Arrow), but I seriously dislike Laurel.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            I think if they write Sara they can write Laurel to be likable…i mean to-be-fair Laurel since the Pilot has been written pretty unlikable from our perspective. Since the pilot she hated Oliver for cheating/getting her sister killed, is banging then dating his best friend, then has mixed feelings about both, then ends up with Oliver but for only like one night and then it was “a mistake” or w/e…then the best friend dies and she spirals hating G-Arrow (who we know is Oliver) and then starts dating Blood who we know is shady/bad, then starts abusing drugs/alcohol, and finally now is just starting to become a good character that realizes stuff isnt Olivers fault, the G-Arrows fault, her sisters fault..etc.

            So what all that means is…they basically have written her since day one as a character your not really on her side of. We are on Olivers side…so when Felicity is infatuated with him and cares about him we like her cause she likes him and is likable…when Sara has a good backstory and is loyal and fights on Olivers side (on the island and in Starling city) and is in love with him…we like her. So I dont think the character of Laurel has had a shot yet to be likable.

            With that all said, my conclusion is that if they kill off Sara and have Laurel go the way of BC i will continue watching and will give them the shot they have earned to keep me as a viewer, however if they do the opposite and keep Sara…i will most likely end up liking that version of the show more than if they had kept Laurel/killed Sara. I just dont see them doing it…they have made changes from the comics before but all pre-planned…this would be caving to fan opinion and (possibly) fundamentally changing their plans for the show by keeping Sara and killing Laurel Entire story lines and plots they had (potentially) planned involving Laurel post Sara death with BC, her family, Oliver, etc…would have to be thrown away. Remember they said they had a very specific 5 year plan for the show.

          • Mark says:

            @ Nate you have some good points of view and Kudos to that, What I’d like to add though is we know from the comics is Felicity ends up marrying Ed Raymond. And future father of Firestorm. So Olicity shippers that ship is sunk if they continue down the comic direction and we also know Arrow marries Black Canary unless they pull a Smallville and change the story. As up until the end of Smallville there was never a Chloe Sullivan in Superman she was added because of her popularity in Smallville. Now with Black Canary the character in this Arrow verse is pretty much set. So why not change up Laurels character to Oracle this would then get her off to Gotham City and she could be a non regular guest star.

          • JC says:

            They won’t keep me as a viewer. My interest in this show has been going downhill since Christmas, and the major reason for that is because of the increased screentime for Laurel. And it’s not just the writing, it’s KC’s acting and lack of chemistry with ANY of her co-stars. I like every single character on this show except Laurel, and I am not even remotely interested in anything that involves more screentime for her or her having more interaction with Oliver, all things that go along with her becoming Black Canary. I like the show, but I won’t hate-watch. And if she becomes Black Canary that’s what it would be for me. So if it happens I’m done. It wouldn’t be the first show or the last that I dropped because of a main character I couldn’t stand.

          • MetroK says:

            @M3rc Nate BS, Arrow has made changes to comic canon before, which wasnt preplanned.

            @JC exactly, Katie Cassidy’s lack of acting skills and lack of chemistry on the show is a very big problem.Comic canon doesnt matter much if an actor/character cant deliver on screen. Im not too excited too about this episode, now it has so much Laurel.

          • anniem says:

            @ Mark: I was just about to suggest the same thing – let Laurel become Oracle.

    • Sasha says:

      OR Have Sara as just “Canary” and have Laurel as Black Canary…or would that not work?

    • Nadia says:

      there is no white canary.

  4. Kayle Stenes says:

    They are really making a mess with Birds of Prey, This is aeful, Black canary costume its a parody with that fake mask. WB cancelled the original series and this one is a joke of BOP, is WORST!!!!

  5. Akhil says:

    It’s funny cause all three women dated Oliver. It is going to be interesting…

  6. JC says:

    I was a LOT more excited about this episode when I thought it was just going to be Huntress vs Black Canary. That would have been awesome. My enthusiasm level has dropped considerably since learning of Laurel’s involvement. :(

  7. John NYC says:

    Laurel’s prosecuting? When did she get unfired? I don’t see one meeting doing that.

  8. Michelle says:

    Too much Laurel.

    • lulu Lily says:

      No too much of sara and her ass kissing followers. I don’t Like sara because the writers are trying to make sara out to be the victim when it comes to the lance sisters because the way I see it and it was played on screen is that the lance parents baby sara all her life even when sara is constantly purposely choosing to screw up things no matter who gets hurt and they would look passed it all and allow to constantly gets free pass on her horrible bad behaviors while when laurel make a mistake laurel gets punished for her mistakes and also laurel have been working hard to be the good kid in the family and have been working hard in school and all of laurel good deeds and hard work have yet to be recognized by her family and her so called friend Oliver. Saddest part in all this is laurel haters will never admit laurel have been treated badly by her own sister , father and mother and Oliver. The lance parents treated laurel like they have given birth to the wrong child and when they have sara they cast laurel out worst a than yesterday’s trash.I mean sara could be going around killing off people left , right and center and sara would still gets a free pass from everyone while laurel is made to look like a villain or an idiot who knows nothing because sara still haven’t changed a bit and sara isn’t woman enough to be honest with laurel and sara wouldn’t know the meaning of honesty if she were to be gun down by Hitler or Bonnie and Clyde or chuckie the doll or by bunch of trigger happy cop’s. I mean look what happened in episode 14 of season two when laurel agreed to have family dinner at her place because sara isn’t woman enough to face her sister for family dinner sara brought Oliver over with her for family dinner while knowing she is dating laurel ex-boyfriend and if she wasn’t called out sara would of sister beside laurel and lie in laurel face about dating Oliver and the saddest part is that it’s the very same thing that put them in the situation they in with one another right now.

  9. John NYC says:

    Practical footwear? lol

    Like that vest leaves any room for Sara to breath…..

  10. Mitchell says:

    I really hope that this does not mean the end of Sara as BC, because Laurel finding out will only lead to Sara’s death. At least that’s how I see this playing. Please just leave Sara as BC and find some other Heroine or villain for Laurel to play. I personally think that Laurel would be more interesting if she became a villain, but that’s just me.

    • John NYC says:

      Sara has been a welcome addition and it would be nice if they retained her for what she adds to the team and show.

  11. Meg says:

    I love that Laurel has a bottle of booze in one of the pictures. Apparently Laurel isn’t disbarred. Interesting.

  12. James D says:

    interesting. I still think it’s pretty clear she will find out, Sara will die (sorry guys I love Caity too, but it’s going to happen, Laural has to be BC its inevitable) and like Oliver did for Shado and her father, and Tommy, Laurel will take on the role of BC to honor her sister. hopefully Caity will be back for flashbacks next season.

  13. Ella says:

    OMG, this looks AMAZING! I’m so excited :) Can’t wait for Laurel to start kicking butt, Katie Cassidy was born to play this role, not the crap they’ve been making her do for the last season.

    • Boston2AZ says:

      Any chance at all that Laurel Lance could just die in the hostage situation? SO many fans would be SO happy.

      • Ella says:

        Couldn’t you just go away? It’s sad that some fans have nothing better to do that be vitriolic. Give it a chance.

  14. Jay says:

    oh look, boobies. i mean srsly? -_-

  15. TvPeong says:

    Where is Diggle? He keeps getting sidelined. I miss the original Team Arrow

  16. Sebastian says:

    Laurel comes face to face with her sister. Is there any chance she doesn’t recognize her? Though, nobody seems to recognize Oliver, even though the hood leaves a lot visible, and the mask only covers what the hood already obscures.

  17. cindy says:

    Prefer sarah as BC.Would loose interest in the show if they kill her off just for laurel to take her place.

  18. lulu Lily says:

    Sara lance isn’t really black canary, she is Just telling the black canary origin story and also telling laurel story which is the black canary and when the black canary origin story is finished being told by sara character then the actress might be leaving the show because right now caity lotz is only playing as guess star on the show because when arrow cast crew members names comes up on the screen caity lotz name appear on the screen as a guess star and even after birds of prey scene were over caity lotz made an appearance on afterbuzz tv show and talk about how she doesn’t know whether or not she will on the show for good as sara lance and she also said that sara isn’t really black canary arc character, she is just telling laurel black canary story from the beginning and when the black canary arc origin storyline is over she doesn’t know whether she would have to leave the show for good or not. What caity lotz knows is that sara lance isn’t really black canary arc character and her faith on show may not be good because she really know were she stands with the show and the fait of sara lance character because she isn’t a regular star on the show as people thinks.