Teen Wolf Recap: Death Is Here

Teen Wolf Allison DiesThe penultimate episode of Teen Wolf Season 3 began with the search for Lydia, but by the end of the hour, Scott and his pack had much bigger problems to worry about — like where they’re going to bury their friend.

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That’s right, folks, this week’s episode finally delivered the major death MTV has been promising/taunting us with for weeks — and just as the commercials promised, not a single viewer was prepared. Allison ended up being the much-hyped victim, as a sneaky Oni spirit shanked her from the side during the massive melee at Eichen House.

And just to make Allison’s death even more heartbreaking, she took her final breath in Scott’s arms. “It’s perfect,” she said. “I’m in the arms of my first love. The first person I’ve ever loved. The person I’ve always loved. I love you … Scott McCall.”

Cue the tears, cue the heartache, cue the therapy bills. Cue all of it. I will never recover from this unspeakable tragedy.

(Side note: TVLine readers almost guessed it right!)

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS | I’ve got to hand it to Jeff Davis; the man knows how to build suspense and fake us out. There were at least two points in the episode where I swore I knew who was going to die — first the twins after they were shot in the woods, then Isaac as the Oni spirits were picking him apart like several Andys at a buffet — and boy, was I wrong. (That said, I would have been A-OK if the twins had ended up six feet under. Sorry!)

ALLISAAC, ONE LAST TIME | Before her untimely death, Allison had an uncomfortable — albeit strangely adorable — conversation with Isaac about whether or not he was actually himself when they had sex two nights prior. It was a sweet moment for the couple, made especially bittersweet knowing it was basically their last. Of course, Allison’s final moments with Scott pretty much took a dump on all things “Allisaac,” so… does it really matter?

PAPA McCALL DON’T PREACH | In the midst of the chaos, Scott and his dad found a quiet moment for a nice father-son chat. And by “nice,” I mean Papa McCall recalled the time he got too drunk and let Baby Scott fall down the stairs and land on his head. Scott tried to make things better by pointing out other places he landed on his head as a young boy, which kind of made his dad feel less terrible — until Scott read him the riot act about coming and going whenever he pleases. Maybe there’s hope for them after all!

(Lastly, I know I didn’t even mention Stiles in this recap, but is that really who you care about right now? ALLISON. IS. DEAD. Get your priorities straight, people!)

Teen Wolf fans, are you OK with Allison’s death, or did you have another victim in mind? Drop your thoughts about this week’s episode in the comments section below.

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  1. shaynay says:

    Nop.. never thought it would be Allison.. sad ending… but it added to the awesome suspense.. I guess Meredith will be an added cast member along with Ms. KIRA

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m ok with Allison being the one gone. Though I’m going to miss her bad ass self. It’s good when a series gets new characters and shows it’s willing to kill off main characters. This kind of thing makes the drama more tension filled and dramatic.

    Also I’m tired of “one true loves” in all these teen shows. Very rarely does the first love work out or end up being a soul mate and I’m tired of every show perpetuating that notion. It’s ok to date more than one person in your lifetime people.

  3. J K says:

    I’m sad because I watched this show since the beginning and now I’m done. A lot of what I loved about it revolved around Scott and Allison. I was so sick of Kira and thought I was waiting patiently for her arc to finish. She is so boring to me. Oh well, I guess I will just skip this show for awhile. Maybe if I hear Allison is somehow brought back later I will catch back up. Otherwise I’m just not going to bother.

  4. Okay people, no reason to stop watching the show just because Allison died. I hated it when Erica died but I kept on watching the show and I’m glad I did because the twins came to be the make up for it, life goes on, people come and people go. You will find a new character to like. This isn’t the late 90’s early 2000’s anymore. Shows don’t do that soul mate thing, people break up, they find new lovers, it’s realism. The first person you hook up with in high school is not your “destiny” most of the time those relationships don’t survive the move on to college.

  5. oliwia says:

    she was one of my favourites. RIP Allison Argent

  6. Tai says:

    I’m probably going to get yelled at, but I’m not sad about Allison at all. I never viewed her as a strong character. To me in the beginning she was more inclined to believe what was told to her. I didn’t care for her season one by season two, I just plain didn’t like her anymore. And now with this season, I’m totally ambivalent to the character. I just never got the appeal and never clicked with the character. I was like that with Lydia in the beginning but then her character started to develop and she became interesting. Allison never became interesting to me.

    Sorry for those that are legitimately upset she’s dead. I know what it’s like to lose a favorite character on a show.

    • Quianna says:

      preach tai ..who cares? allison was too dramatic for me ugh she erked my nerves and my friends and family .. i like kira she’s more bad a** than allison and i want her and scott to get together already and will they finally give stiles a gf

  7. Shaun c says:

    Everyone saying that they shouldn’t have killed off allison, but if Crystal Reed wanted to leave the show how else would they have done it? Makes no sense that Allison would just leave. Hell it didn’t make sense that Jackson just up and left.. I think they did right in killing her character off. What people need to be concerned about is who was shooting at the twins? I don’t think in was the Latina lady… May have been the new deputy.. I thought that scene was actually meant to imply something. Also I think Derek has a clue as to whom shot the twins, but judging from how Chris looked at the shell casing HE KNOWS who it was…

  8. Elizaveta says:

    I’m just happy that they didn’t kill Stiles, Allison never really did much for me, other than give me fashion ideas

  9. Jonny says:

    People have been saying that *spoiler* it’s a possibility that new cop is Isaac’s brother — there were some mentions of age and how Isaac’s brother left or something like that… and people put two and two together. I guess we’ll see how that plays out.

    I do think Allison could’ve lived. Yes, I understand that she would’ve never left her friends, but they could’ve had her go off to fight off some bigger evil somewhere that might’ve effected her friends and therefore, she still would’ve been helpful and not just necessarily breaking away from Beacon Hills fully.

    • name says:

      Isaac would’ve recognized him, it’s not like they were small children when they were separated, he was already a grown-up, so he looks more or less the same. And what’s the point of working at the station, he would either be hiding from Isaac or go see him.

      • Jonny says:

        If you paid attention to the episodes, you would see that he and Isaac haven’t interacted at all this season — he’s never shared a scene with him. Also, they did go a whole full episode before Scott knew his father was back, so they could just be keeping them apart. It’s a possibility, but again, these are just rumors… so who knows?

        • name says:

          Yes, but if you read my comment you would see how that makes to sense – if Parrish was Isaac’s brother he would’ve either contacted him or hide completely – if he’s not interested in seeing him, becoming a deputy at the station is hardly the way, Isaac could meet him there any time. I mean, obviously, it’s still possible in the land of Jeff Davis, where characters simply don’t talk to their closest family for years ‘just because’, and then act like nothing was amiss if some convoluted plot thread requires that, but that would still make no sense. (unless you’re suggesting Parrish doesn’t remember that he’s Isaac’s brother, but it doesn’t seem like he has any such problems, he did reference his past in the army, after all).

  10. Lowell says:

    What a way to kill the show MTV, like the rest of the other you’ve done, like TRL not to mention!

  11. Zola says:

    Where is the Allison petion page!! Bring her back, it will never be the same. Why they didn’t kill Off Scotts Dad? Ugh!

  12. name says:

    Would’ve been sad to see Allison go, she was a great character and her badassery will be missed, but I’m just too happy to know the prolongated somebody-will-die-look-we’re-like-GoT-so-edgy campaign is finally over, it was really annoying and it robbed me of an emotional reaction to a death of one of my favourite characters. Just finish the season, writers, and give me some time to forget what a clusterf*** it was, so I can maybe enjoy the next one.

  13. Sophie says:

    I can’t believe she is dead. No. I refuse to believe she’s dead. She’s gonna be alright. I waited all season 3 for Scalison, but now shes dead? nooooo

  14. Radha says:

    Actually I do care about Stiles even though I’m devastated about Allison dying. If you’re reading a recap, then don’t you want the ENTIRE show’s recap? What if I couldn’t catch a repeat or see it online? All I got is that Allison died. :(

  15. Nick says:

    I don’t get why?? I will need to hear follow ups as to why her. I am very saddened…

  16. andie says:

    Personally, I’m not upset that Alison is dead. She was never really a character I cared too much for. So long as Stiles lives, I’ll keep watching.

  17. CBWBDK1 says:

    I was hoping Lydia would die. She is so annoying! Why did they have to kill the hottest girl? Why mtv??

  18. Ashely says:

    Kira should have died. She’s

  19. Aml says:

    I hope there is some kind of super natural thing and she comes back to life….. But I think Scott should have bit her to save her he’s worried about to much blood but it would’ve been a shot 😭😭😭

  20. Ashley Sarabia says:

    Last nights teen wolf was very sad at the end. I never wanted Allison (Crystal Reed) to die she is what made teen wolf what it is with all here bows and arrows helping Scott, Stiles, Derek and everyone she could. I am sad that next week is the season finale.

  21. Andrew Hass says:

    I don’t blame the show for killing Allison because the actress wanted to leave the show and killing her creates more story then having her just leave town.However just because Allison is dead doesn’t mean she couldn’t appear as a ghost or something.

  22. Hipper says:

    Are we so sure the twins aren’t going to go too? Because I’d much rather them house a little bit with the cast if they’re going to add all those new cast members next season.

    Either way, Teen Wolf is going look very different in a few months.

    • soundscene says:

      The twins don’t have to die to leave next season. They can ride off into the sunset for a lot of different reasons, since they aren’t exactly buddy-buddy with the main crew.

  23. Suppe says:

    nooooooooooooooooooooooo…… Allison is dead,, so sad,, even Allison didn’t make together with Schott.. i was keep hoping in the coming season they will end up together,, but i never think they end up by leaving schott alone,, i thought schott will turn allison into wolf,, i thought that,, but seems like she’s gonna leave teen wolf,, what a sad ending for teens wolf fans….. in my mind, the kira fox should be the one died,, and i never hope she would end up together with Schott. come on,, Allison and Schott went through their though moment from all episodes, and Kira just came in the mid season and together with Schott ?? i hope next week, won’t see the final epi ending on schott and kira scene,,, please, don’t do that to Allison fans… thanks

  24. Gerald says:

    Wow they are fast running out of human characters. There are way too many wolves right now. I would have been happy if Issac bit the dust. The writers are giving him all of Stiles funny one liners. He is not Stiles. And he was getting in the way of Scott and Alison. They were meant to be together. I like Kyra but she was just a distraction. Argh. Not happy with this… but as they say in the writers room. No one is every truly dead on Teen Wolf…. I’ll keep watching though.

  25. Tash says:

    Kira’s mom should die. They should kill her. Ask Mr. Argent the most painful way. Slow mutilation anyone?
    With that being said, I will miss the Allison character. There are still two Stiles. The twins are dying. But most critically, Kira’s mom is still alive.

  26. dustin says:

    Hey so this death is major but really the only way to write her off. Jackson seemed more of an uncarring guy so he is easy to just say he moved, allison is way to attatched and to close to tge drama to just leave, unless something family wise was happining and her dad ripped her away from her friends to help face the family thret. That would be a way if she wanted to come back. Now that being said, people have died on this show and then came back. So she still has the option to return if she wanted to i guess. But it is a major death as promised. I thought stiles or issac would of died. I knew the twins wouldnt. Just cuz derek was shotbn only had scot to help. The twins are shot, they have scott, issac, derek, kira, mr argent, lydia and more to help lol. So they should live. But i can see the wolfs having to go and make a pack to beat this enemy. They are litterally stronger and faster that way. Not to mention the twins would have the possibility of making the biger berserk wolf. ( where they form together )

  27. Anon says:

    I really can’t believe Alyson died..I did get a weird vibe that something would happen with the conversation of her and her father, whether it was going to be him or her. I sincerely thought Isaac was done for for sure..I liked Alyson, she was a strong character, and I expect more strong women like her to appear on the show.

  28. Lee bass says:

    Booty cheeks Allison is hot why did they kick her off…I hate this show!

  29. hitman11 says:

    Was a nice ep, also Allison is meh never like her. She was always whining all the time, kira malia are way hotter than her. Someone had to die I’m just glad it was her. Also is true that Scott could have turn her into a werewolf but I mean his supposed to “true alpha” only true abou the alpha part is the eyes, Derek was stronger than him, Scott can be the alpha but I mean his not a alpha.

  30. ALISON ARGENT says:


  31. RaiGene says:

    I feel all of your comments, but I wish she would’ve stayed. She was one of the strongest, and most interesting people on the show, and she will definitely be missed
    R.I.P Allison I miss you already.😪

  32. Scott says:

    It wasn’t Jeff that said it it was Christian, Kenzie

  33. roderick blakes says:

    That’s what the kyote girl.was brought into character to take her place. Will miss seeing her though.

  34. Hanna says:

    I’m actually with her dying. She was never my favorite character and quite honestly pissed me off after the second season. I adore Crystal Reed and I think she’s a wonderful actress, so I think its a good thing that they killed off Allison so she can go on to take bigger and better roles.

  35. wolfsbane says:

    If you watch season 3 episode 20 ending scene – Shelley Hennig (Malia) will replace allyson… Malia and Scott McCall hmmm.. Cayote and the Wolf together

  36. Patricia deleon says:

    I watch this show faithfully, and I think bringing back or revamping old movies or shows sometimes works. This worked. I remember watching teen wolf with michael j fox and then the second movie with jason bateman. The characters in this teen wolf are scarier and better looking lol. The show always has twists and turns and the plot is amazing. I hope that it continues to do well and be sucessful. I am a forever fan.

  37. desiree says:

    Allison is gone for good because the person that played her ( crystal reed ) said she wanted to leave the show.

  38. theo says:

    Soon we are gonna see an episode or season where a powerful dark ancient power that’s gonna re-animate fallen werewolfs and our darling Scott is gonna go head2head with our one&only Allison. Lets see how that’s gonna END it’s gonna be craz-e.

  39. Enasha says:

    I don’t think I could ever watch teen wolf again

  40. Zach says:

    She said she didn’t want to leave teen wolf? Didn’t you guys watch wolf watch?

  41. Zach says:

    Kira n one of the producers said that people never die in teen wolf in there interviews

  42. lexi says:

    there will be some very mean tweets!!!!!!!! I am too done stiles better had just been dreaming ! words cannot describe how I am feeling here comes the depression the fact I had to post this at office depot makes me even more want to go die in a hole a binge on ice-cream bring Allison back she was the only one who was normal and the end were she was in his arm I knew that she still loved him please bring her back the fans loved her teen wolf will never be the same ! I loved how strong she was even when everyone was breaking what’s next kill her dad? Scott? the whole crew I can process this emotion!

  43. Ella says:

    I wasn’t exactly Allison’s biggest fan (nor did I feel she had any chemistry whatsoever with Scott) but I was genuinely sad when she died :( It’s a shame that the strongest female character had to bite the dust (I’ve had just about enough of Lydia’s screaming) but what makes it worse is that Crystal Reed probably felt really uncomfortable on set following her break-up with Daniel Sharman and more or less ousted herself from her own show. It’s the worst for Chris Argent, who has now lost everyone.

  44. TSW says:

    A lot of people are saying that they hope Malia and Kira are added as series regulars. I tend to disagree with Malia’s addition, and not just because I want as much distance between her and Stiles as much as possible. Even though this show is rooted in mythology and the supernatural, it is unrealistic to portray these worlds without the human counterbalance. Right now we’re about even between human characters (though most of them are recurring such as Scott’s mother and the Sheriff) and supernatural characters.

    It would be best, in my opinion, to have this number constantly fluctuate. I’m okay with Malia recurring here and there, especially if she really does turn out to be Peter’s daughter, because that would be G-O-L-D to see.

  45. Leslie says:

    I just want to get it out there that teen wolf is a GREAT show but my problem is the lighting in the show, it is so dark you can’t see a lot and you have to have the lights out in your home to watch it it would be great if you guys could fix the problem.

  46. tonya aro says:

    Bring allison back save her make her something supernatural to add to the pack because i love this cast n there is plenty of stories to be told

  47. Matt says:

    They shouldn’t have killed her she was there from the start and practically started the show bring her back

  48. Dabrickashaw says:

    I’m so sad shouldn’t have killed her gonna lose so many viewers

  49. Lyndsey says:

    Should have been Kira’s mom she caused all this to happen the nogitsane the ONI and Allison’s death kill her and I’d rather Kira leave or die or Isaac

  50. Molly says:

    Shouldn’t have been allison so sad still crying