Teen Wolf Recap: Death Is Here

Teen Wolf Allison DiesThe penultimate episode of Teen Wolf Season 3 began with the search for Lydia, but by the end of the hour, Scott and his pack had much bigger problems to worry about — like where they’re going to bury their friend.

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That’s right, folks, this week’s episode finally delivered the major death MTV has been promising/taunting us with for weeks — and just as the commercials promised, not a single viewer was prepared. Allison ended up being the much-hyped victim, as a sneaky Oni spirit shanked her from the side during the massive melee at Eichen House.

And just to make Allison’s death even more heartbreaking, she took her final breath in Scott’s arms. “It’s perfect,” she said. “I’m in the arms of my first love. The first person I’ve ever loved. The person I’ve always loved. I love you … Scott McCall.”

Cue the tears, cue the heartache, cue the therapy bills. Cue all of it. I will never recover from this unspeakable tragedy.

(Side note: TVLine readers almost guessed it right!)

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS | I’ve got to hand it to Jeff Davis; the man knows how to build suspense and fake us out. There were at least two points in the episode where I swore I knew who was going to die — first the twins after they were shot in the woods, then Isaac as the Oni spirits were picking him apart like several Andys at a buffet — and boy, was I wrong. (That said, I would have been A-OK if the twins had ended up six feet under. Sorry!)

ALLISAAC, ONE LAST TIME | Before her untimely death, Allison had an uncomfortable — albeit strangely adorable — conversation with Isaac about whether or not he was actually himself when they had sex two nights prior. It was a sweet moment for the couple, made especially bittersweet knowing it was basically their last. Of course, Allison’s final moments with Scott pretty much took a dump on all things “Allisaac,” so… does it really matter?

PAPA McCALL DON’T PREACH | In the midst of the chaos, Scott and his dad found a quiet moment for a nice father-son chat. And by “nice,” I mean Papa McCall recalled the time he got too drunk and let Baby Scott fall down the stairs and land on his head. Scott tried to make things better by pointing out other places he landed on his head as a young boy, which kind of made his dad feel less terrible — until Scott read him the riot act about coming and going whenever he pleases. Maybe there’s hope for them after all!

(Lastly, I know I didn’t even mention Stiles in this recap, but is that really who you care about right now? ALLISON. IS. DEAD. Get your priorities straight, people!)

Teen Wolf fans, are you OK with Allison’s death, or did you have another victim in mind? Drop your thoughts about this week’s episode in the comments section below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. HolyHor says:

    Hottest girl. Dead. I’m done Teen wolf. :( :( :(

  2. Chantel says:

    Wow was not expecting it to be Allison ! I thought it was going to be Isaac.. I think it’s the first time I was really in shock watching teen wolf..

    • Bryce says:

      Me too! I am so glad that Isaac’s alive still. He’s my absolute favorite character and it was not looking good for him.

      • dude says:

        Quick question. What does Isaac add to Teen Wolf besides his looks? Really. He just kind of stands there and looks pretty while doing not much of anything all the time. I don’t get people who say Isaac is their favourite and pretty much assume they’re shallow, shallow people.

        • IWantIsaacInsideMe says:

          “He just kind of stands there and looks pretty while doing not much of anything all the time.”

          PREACH!!! Wait, are you preaching? :)

        • Nick says:

          My same feeling. Moreover he’s only adding his chiseled body but his face is at most average. And the show has enough eye-candy and doesn’t really need him.

    • Ari says:

      I was definitely thinking it would be Allison or Isaac. They’ve certainly been writing like they’ve wanted to ease those two characters out of the show. I was expecting it to be Isaac because why is he still around? He doesn’t really do much.

    • Me too oh…. That was the same thing that came to my mind. Thought it would be Isaac. I never really like the guy to be with Allison. RIP girlfriend😭😭😱

  3. Meg says:

    Done with this show.

  4. nateddog says:

    I just can’t feel right now!!!

  5. Disappointed says:

    I am very disappointed with this decision, although I understand that crystal Reed wanted to leave the show, I felt that seasons 1-2 were soo big on Scott and Allison being soul mates and perfect for each other that it almost ruins the show for me now.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I think more people should see it your way. Be sad, but be understanding.

      • bedbugs says:

        this death will make sure that scott and stiles sleep together… theyre meant for each other. babies please.

        • Corinne says:

          Wow you are disgusting… They’re practically brothers, why the heck would they ever, in a million years, even consider that? Seriously, if you’re going to ship a couple, make sure it’s assn actual couple!!!

  6. CK says:

    Lydia lives! That being said, I hope they are just going to rush over the fact that Kira’s mom did summon the Oni and it’s 100% responsible for the entire mess to be honest. As to Allison dying, I hope this doesn’t mean that they are writing out the Argents. Also, let’s remember that Peter was dead for a point. I wonder if they are going to try and bring her back as something.

    • Andy Swift says:

      So Scott’s new girlfriend’s mom is responsible for his first girlfriend’s death? Teen Wolf just went Shakespearean.

    • 'A' is Alive says:

      Nope. This death is apparently sticking. Reports are saying Crystal Reed wanted to focus on other things so.. :\

      • Kairo says:

        Give it some time, she’ll realize she made the biggest mistake of her life and come back after a yr or 2. We are dealing with the supernatural revival defiantly seems possible i mean come on stiles did puke himself in two

    • Eli says:

      the Argent*. Singular. Cause he’s the only one left alive. I don’t think he’ll be written out but he’ll definitely show up a lot less.

      • Capt0bvious says:

        uuuuh no Gerard is still alive… though he is extremely sick he cant really do anything in his state but my point is Chris isnt the only Argent left in the series.

    • Sara says:

      The EP did say that no one every really dies on Teen Wolf….so we’ll have to see

    • soundscene says:

      Kira’s mom is responsible for everything — from the nogitsune to the oni (the cause and the “cure”). I’m surprised the rest of the characters aren’t more p*ssed at her than they are.

      • Nick says:

        Perhaps the season will end with Kira’s mom dying to the hands of the Nogitsune or whoever else, I don’t really care. And her spoiled brat of a daughter with her, hopefully. What I’d really hate if for Kira to take Allison’s place not just as Scott’s love interest but also as the female fighter/badass of the group.

        • Sonita says:

          Too bad because Scott is in love with Kira now haha. and Kira is not a spoiled brat. Allison is or was lmaoo was because she dead

  7. Fernando says:

    Like I can’t, I can’t deal right now. Alison can’t be dead. Teen wolf better give me three more seasons before any other lead dies

  8. Elle says:

    As soon as Allison said her just-in-case goodbye to her Dad, I realized it was going to be her. The whole thing was a kick in the teeth. I’m just seething with fury.

    And Scott falling down the stairs? Really? That was the big secret? What a lame cop-out, but really, why did I even bother to expect more.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I figured Allison’s goodbye speech was a big fake-out. I guess it did fake me out… by making me think it was a fake-out.

    • soundscene says:

      I don’t think that was Melissa’s secret; I think that was Papa McCall’s secret. I don’t think anybody ever said they were the same secret.

      • Meghan says:

        She told her husband to leave, and never come back. Maybe she thought Scott would blame her for their parent’s marriage failure? or there’s a bigger secret. We’ll see.

        • Audra says:

          I think there’s more. Fake nogitsune Stiles said that if Scott found out the truth that he would never forgive her and that wasn’t a big enough reason. There has to be more.

      • brian says:

        Yeah I think so to because other wise she wouldent have seemed so guilty when styles talked a about it

    • Scott says:

      The guy was drunk, fighting with his wife and almost killed his young son as a result. And he did lose his family because of it. That’s a pretty big guilt trip in my book.

    • Corinne says:

      I agree, the whole “Scott fell down the stairs” thing felt like a complete letdown. I mean come on, Stiles (or well the nokitsune) told Melissa he didn’t say anything to Scott because Scott would hate her if he knew, and then that’s the big secret? Of course it’s entirely possible that the nokitsune exaggerated to make more chaos, but I have a hard time believing Melissa would react the way she did over the stairs thing… Makes me wonder if maybe that’s not the whole story…

  9. V says:

    I’m kinda relieved that Issac didn’t die. Maybe they will give him a better storyline for Season 4 now. And even though Allison was annoying at times I will admit that I am going to miss her. Now will Kira become a season regular?

    • soundscene says:

      I would think yes — the show only has one female lead left. If they add Kira (and hopefully Malia), then perhaps they can start to redeem themselves given that it’s a testosterone-heavy show that hasn’t treated female characters all that well.

      • Maryann says:

        The only person it would have hurt more to lose was Scott. That said, I really hope Kira and Malia become regulars.

  10. kara says:

    Why must ANOTHER female die! Yet pointless Peter and Isaac live?? A strong badass character with so much story is brutally killed after losing her aunt and mother?

    What about Scallison!! I’m DONE with this show.

    • michelle says:


    • Ana says:

      you immediately negated your entire point when you said “what about scallison?” but ok. And crystal reed made the choice to leave the show. I don’t see any other way this could have panned out.

      • kara says:

        Because Scallison is a big part of the show since Epi 1 and that’s why I brought it up. It deserved better closure. And if the actress wanted to leave, that’s fine but she did NOT need to be killed off. Jackson didn die when Colin left now did he?

        • tabularasalocke says:

          I understand your point but the Colton situation was very different. He decided to leave after season 2 had wrapped and the writers just wrote in a line that he left. Also since he wasn’t in the main trio it was easier to do. Allison couldn’t just leave. She’s been way too involved in the story from the beginning to just pack up and leave. It would seem way too out of character. Killing her is the only sensible way to write her off.

      • Mike R. says:

        She could have left gone to Brazil, like Jackson went to London, but wait I forgot she is a woman, and this show just has to kill off every women.

        • prince says:

          i do agree with you mike,if they wanted to write her off they could have put allison in coma after the great fight with the oni and let her live now their is no one practically left of the argents who can carry their name for future generation

      • Vo says:

        This wouldn’t even make any sense just for Allison to leave somewhere.
        She wouldn’t just abandon her friends mid-drama like that. Her character would have stuck it through despite the really suck-ish times. Peter and Isaac are willing to run off to fight another day and that has always be prevalent in their character arcs, but Allison has been the obstinate one refusing to leave her friends behind! In fact, it would give Allison even less meaning and love for her character would have been lost. It sucks she would rather do other projects, but she and Jeff Davis decided on the death. If she felt like she was going to come back, she and Jeff could have talked something out, but Allison’s death seemed the only way fit for her arc.

      • Luli says:

        That’s one side of they story… maybe she didn’t ask to leave. We will never know the whole story.

        • hayden says:

          Huge teen wolf fan up till that faithful moment. I’m beginning to suspect that there is something very wrong with the way the show treats their actors. The only ones left are white males perceived to be attractive. Coupled with the fact that the producer is a GWM, go figure.

          • Tai says:

            You’re aware of the fact that Tyler Posey is Hispanic, right? When trying to point out conspiracies that may it may not exist, please use all facts. And also Lydia is definitely still there. And she’s also not a white male. Neither is Kira or Scott’s mom. But yeah I get your point only white males on that show.

          • soundscene says:

            Tai – picking apart hayden’s argument may be fun, but it misses the point. Tyler Posey may be part Hispanic, but he still fits a mold (cute, fair-skinned young guy) that most of the other characters remaining still do. If you want to get technical about actual national origin, then have every actor get on Ancestry.com and do their genealogies. I’m sure we’d find some unexpected diversity that makes absolutely no difference to the real problem with this show. There is one female lead left (Scott’s mom is a supporting character), and most of the major villains on this show who have been defeated and die are female (Allison’s mom and aunt, Jennifer Blake). Now the biggest lead good-guy death to date is a female as well. There are no darker-skinned lead actors (and only 2 darker-skinned supporting actors). Part of this is just casting the best for a role (although, frankly, there is some bad acting on the show so I’m doubtful a few people are the best for their roles…); some of this, however, is plotline-driven problems. They didn’t have to have so many evil women characters that die horrible deaths. Allison’s death was inevitable given the actress wanted out, but if they had created more female characters that they didn’t have to kill, there wouldn’t be such a sausage-fest on Teen Wolf now.

          • Just like an intolerant straight person to think that the G in GWM means something more than it does, as if gay means that one can’t conduct himself professionally.

        • James says:

          Here we go with conspiracy theories. And even if the truth is already out in the open, people like you continue to be in denial.

      • Nina says:

        They could have shipped her off to london like they did with Jackson because Colton wanted to leave to do Arrow. They give him a way back but their female and POC characters remain deceased.

    • DL says:

      I think it was ballsy. Killing off cannon fodder like Isaac or the twins would’ve elicited little more than a shrug from most fans. This was a shocker, and Teen Wolf has just become even more edge-of-your-seat viewing than ever before, because now we’ll feel like even our favorite characters aren’t safe, a la Game of Thrones.

      • Joey says:

        ….Please never compare Teen Wolf with Game of Thrones.

        • Mia says:


        • Nivram says:

          That’s pure bullc*p! There’s nothing wrong with comparing shows and there is no absolute universal rule that prohibits anyone from doing so!

          • SIRAN says:

            Anybody can compare any two shows they want and there is nothing wrong, but that doesn’t make it a valid comparision…

            You can compare Teen Wolf with Vampire Diaries or True Blood or whatever else which is of similar genre, ratings, critical acclaim, fan following etc.. In other words a show in the same level..

        • SIRAN says:

          You are absolutely right…..

    • Tyler says:

      Peter is awesome. Believe it or not, he’s my favorite character lol.

      • Mike R. says:

        OK, but he assaulted two of the main characters, and is not redeemable. he can be your favorite, but he is a villain, and the show should stop trying to convince me otherwise.

        • annie says:

          but he’s a sexy villian

          • rarefied says:

            He’s allowed to be a sexy villain, I just hope he gets his comeuppance someday, unlike shows like the Vampire Diaries or the Originals.

        • James says:

          Well, there’s still that thing about him wanting to return to form as teased in the finale of 3A. Likely the show will touch on that again as he is possibly going to try and connect with the daughter he never knew he had.

        • Ari says:

          Not every character need to go on a redemption arc. I like that Peter is bad and owns up to it. He embraces the villain role. I like that. I really dislike when every show makes their villains suddenly whiny crybabies because they suddenly get a conscious.

  11. michelle says:

    Allison deserved much better. I’m done.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I thought she got a well-deserved speech, but I’ll admit, it all felt very rushed. After three full seasons, she could have gotten at least five minutes.

      • michelle says:

        It would one thing if she had a lot of screen time. But this season she was basically replaced by Kira (I saw the writing on the wall ) and you never got to see Allison with anyone other than Issac. Its disappointing. If Crystal wanted to leave, why kill her off? Send her away if anyone. Her death was rushed. She didnt deserve to go out like this, Andy :(

      • soundscene says:

        A five-minute death scene would be unintentionally hilarious. What, exactly, is a dying Allison with blood-dribbling out of her mouth supposed to say for five minutes?

  12. brinley says:

    i’m out

  13. Mike says:

    The lines spoke by the new employee at the sheriff’s office were oddly foreboding. Anyone else think this or am I reading too much into things? I thought it was overt foreshadowing when he was talking about being “drawn” to Beacon Hills, mostly because that’s the language they use to describe how that weird tree things attracts the supernatural. Strange, no?

  14. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    Wow. Thought they’d go the easy route with Isaac. Papa Argent is going to be on the warpath … if he’s still around after this season.

    • prince says:

      papa argent will be around because he knows about who the gun shells belongs to and before aliison’s death he was teliing her to stop just before he saw the bullet shells

  15. Jason says:

    I am just glad it wasn’t Stiles or Derek.

    • Quianna says:

      i agree with you if it wouldve been one of them i wouldve been done but honestly who cared for allison ? im happy shes gone and i didnt want her with scott again i want scott with kira ….

      • prince says:

        well at first i thought it was going to be stiles because he was in pain and when he collapsed in the tunnel ,i mean for godsake he was looking pale before they reached oak creek camp but i am glad it’s not him otherwise it eould have been a great tragedy ,but still it’s an ache in the heart to see aliison die .

    • Jenna says:

      My thoughts exactly

  16. Mike R. says:

    I’m not OK. I’m angry, pissed that they killed off another woman in a cast that is already prominently male, but I’m also mad because I will miss Allison more than any other character in the show. I am without words. R.I.P. Allison Argent, you deserved better. It should have been Derek.

    • Liz says:

      Agreed!!!! And next season they’ve cast like 6 more male actors.

      • Mike R. says:

        For real, if it wasn’t for Scott, Mama McCall, Kira and Lydia, I wouldn’t even watch the finale.

        • Kyla says:

          And they are adding two new male characters in season 4. One of them are gay too or something like that.

          • Mike R. says:

            I want to be happy because television severely lacks gay people of color, but why not add a lesbian character to be a main character, it’s just that unless Kira becomes a regular Lydia looks to be the only woman in the regular cast.

  17. Kevin says:

    wow, wtf, all the hot characters on 3 supernatural shows I watch are gone, allison, rebekah and katherine , all gone within 2 weeks. what the actual f.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I was just about to post that myself. First Rebekah on Originals and now Alison?! This may be a jump the shark moment for the show. I am/was:( a huge Scorf and Alison shipper. Both were my favourite characters.

  18. Liz says:

    The treatment of women on Teen Wolf is disgusting. It started off strong, but each season has continued to denigrate them and insult viewers. Seriously. Like I know I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am. I still hold out hope that they’ll do better. But they never do.
    The list of mistreated and murdered women on Teen Wolf continues to grow. And I’m done. I can’t handle it anymore.

    • nateddog says:

      Oh get over it. She wanted to leave and be done with the show

      • liz says:

        ya that’d be fine if the show didn’t have a clear history of killing off its female characters. When one dies, its fine. When its a pattern that goes unchecked….then its a problem.
        And I will not “get over it”. The treatment of women on tv reflects the treatment of women in real life. So it matters to me.

        • Teeber says:

          You’re kind of an idiot. So melodramatic. It’s Teen Fuxking Wolf.

        • James says:

          Uhm, didn’t the the show wrote Erica off because the actress decided not to continue on the show? Hence the reason Erica’s appearances in Season 3A were all in flashbacks and of course scenes where she’s already dead.

          • aw says:

            … I just had a horrible thought:
            if the Erica-actress AND Crystal Reed and the Cora-actress all DECIDED themselves that they wanted out -> maybe the testosterone heavy parade of muscular dudes create a hostile work environemet for their female colleagues? Could that be?

          • James says:

            Adelaide Kane booked a pilot sometime after wrapping up shooting for 3A (likely around March 2013) so I guess in the event Reign was not ordered to series, she would likely still stay on as Cora for 3B.

            I think it’s just a coincidence 3 women left the show all within Season 3 because Boyd was also killed off in 3A.

    • Shaun says:

      Dereks sister was cast in a different show,but character is still alive.You also have Deaton’s sister popping up once in awhile.

      • prince says:

        Its weird that every female character that is cast in teen Wolf do not want to work after some time and they want to leave the show

  19. S says:

    I’m not happy that Allison died.
    Tyler Posey’s bad acting while she was dying really took me out of the moment (whenever the camera focused on Scott’s face while he was holding Allison).

    • S says:

      OK first of all Posey’s acting was amazing and it made the moment more special because of what Alison said to him about him being his first love and all and second i was also devastated that they killed her off i kinda which they killed off the twins because she is like the lead role and has been ever since season 1 i just hope they don’t kill off Styles otherwise I’m DONE!!! and if they made her leave to some country that would be stupid because she is so involved in the show so even though she was killed off it was done in a semi okay way but i never suspected it i thought it would be Isaac or Peter or one of the twins.

      • Mike R. says:

        Yeah, can we stop with calling Posey a bad actor, maybe in season 1, but he has improved more than anyone on the show, and he sold this final season with Allison, I felt Scott’s pain, and Posey did an excellent job.

      • prince says:

        umm, if they kill sties in this season then their will be nothing left of the original cast heir will be just derek,lydiaand scott it wuld be nothing but disaster if they kill stiles .

    • Audra says:

      I thought his acting was fine in that part. It was rough earlier in the series but he has definitely grown as son actor.

  20. Kenzie says:

    I’m royally pissed and so sad! I could have sworn it would be Issac! I was like, “No, Isaac don’t die!”, and now I’d honestly rather have him dead than Allison :( Which is surprising because i have a major crush on the guy that plays Issac. But… What’s happened has happened. R.I.P. Allison! We will miss you! But as Jeff said… No one truly dies on Teen Wolf! :)

  21. Amber smith says:

    I was so shocked I was actually going in that moment she would just come back but she didn’t I am still personally sad and u never really had that much live for her still will miss her as a character (main) R.I.P. Allison !!!! :(

    • the wierd thingis before the oni strikes down aliison she actually anages to kill one of the oni where as it is shown they can’t die the only one that distroyed the oni was the evil nogitsune stiles their is something realy wrong about it.

  22. Paul says:

    I’m fine with Allison dying, she was a throw away character after she stopped dating Scott. No one really wanted her with Isaac and she had a weak plot. That said, I wouldn’t have minded it being Isaac instead. Hopefully they’ll develop Kira more and bring in other strong female leads.

  23. nyah says:

    I hope that allison isn’t really dead I cried for almost an hour watching this episode :(!!!!!!!!

  24. will says:

    I can’t deal. Killing off Allison was not a smart choice. She played to much of an important roll on teen wolf. Now its going to be weird trying to watch the show without her. It would have been better if the twins died, but not Allison.

  25. Heather says:

    I am DONE with this show! They’ve killed 3 women already! That’s discriminating! I wouldn’t mind if Kira or her mom died. ( even though they are women) Or even someone like Isaac! I’d much rather have Allison. And it ticks me off that almost all the Argents are gone! Watch.. They’re going to kill off her dad next and there will no more left! And I LOVED there story and characters! But no… Teen Wolf has to be ridiculous. Yes, the suspense and shock of it all was great. A+ on that. But Allison’s death… You’ve lost me for Teen Wolf. One less view for you guys. Congrats for pissing everyone off.

    • Two less viewers. I’m done too

    • Kat says:

      You do realise that both the actresses for Allison and Erica decided to leave the show, right? That was a decision that they made and I think that it makes perfect sense for them to be killed off if they were going to go. Allison was too integral to the plot for her to just leave some other way (ala Jackson). I’m not saying that there is no discrimination but the two main women that I am assuming you are talking about in your 3 women complaint left on their own accord. So if you want to stop watching the show, by all means do it. But don’t go calling discrimination straight off the bat.

      • soundscene says:

        If 2 female actors deciding to leave the show causes the show to be very, very low on female characters, then they really didn’t have enough female actors to begin with. Think about it — 2 male actors decide to leave the show and the show would still be predominantly male. The show needs to make Kira and/or Malia regulars next season in order for there to be a shot at having a semi-although-not-really balanced cast.

  26. miggael says:

    Why Ali? They better find a way to bring her back

  27. alex says:

    I am done with teen wolf, how can Scott continue being Scott when one of the people he loves most dies

  28. falva says:

    Bad move Jeff. Killing Allison was a HUGE mistake.

    • falva says:

      THey should have killed Kira or Isaac

      • Nina says:

        Isaac or one of those creepy twins

        • Nick says:

          Twins are cool. Honestly I don’t see any use for Kira in terms of the show after we’re done with this Japanese mythology in season 3B. I hope her family just leaves the show and we have a refreshed season 4, with Scott mourning for Allison and not dating anyone. I know they’re teenagers but that doesn’t mean that there MUST be a love interest for the main character.

  29. will says:

    Allison needs to be brought back to life or something because her death is killing viewers rite now, including myself….you messing Jeff. Who are you going to kill off next, Lydia?? :( its messed up that all the women gotta go. Smh

  30. Michael says:

    Why Allison take Isaac

  31. Keith says:

    You guys are worried about that but whose bullet was that when Argent said “it can’t be” that’s what I’m curious about!

    • Tai says:

      Thank you! That grabbed my attention. I want to know what Papa Argent knows. I think it’s related to Parrish. That giy has been around a little too much lately. And his comment tonight really sold that point. He’s got something to do with all this.

  32. jacob cass says:

    For all of u who arent going 2 watch because of one character dying grow up. Its a tv show. Everyone knows you’ll be Watching on monday.

  33. Honestly if a major character had to die, I’m not too upset that it was her, she was my least favorite character. That being said it was still bittersweet because even though I didn’t like the character, Allison, she was there from the beginning.

  34. Amanda says:

    And people that’s why you don’t mix business and pleasure! It was Crystal who pushed for allison and issac because of them being an item in real life and it got her killed off the show! Scott shouldn’t have two love interest it should have always been Allison. HOWEVER when they threw that Allison and Isaac thing it allowed Kira to come in and it messed up the whole flow the show. so one of them had to go and I guess it was allison.

    • I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

      Actually, Crystal asked to leave the show. That’s why Allison is gone.

      • Amanda says:

        No reread the article, she wanted YET another change to her character and the boss said no….her PERSONAL relationship was brought on the show and when they broke up, she didn’t want to be linked to him anymore…Bottom line: she made her own bed. I was alright with her on the show, but she wasn’t a “breakout” star, and there isn’t a CW show for to go too either! Lol

        • Cyndi says:

          What article was this? I’m trying to find it, but I don’t know what to search for. Thanks

        • Scott says:

          Totally incorrect. Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Crystal Reed that states in words of one syllable that she asked to leave the show so she could do other things.

          • Amanda says:

            Totally incorrect, she asked to be released AFTER they bumped heads on where her character was going. When she didn’t get her way, she THEN asked to be let out of her contract. You all are speaking tomato/to-ma-to on this. Bottom Line Again: If her PERSONAL relationship would’ve never hit the screen, I can bet she would still be on the show. She took a risk and it backfired!

          • Scott says:

            Amanda..just try reading the EW interview. There’s no suggestion of anything resembling your conspiracy theory.

  35. Ryan Green says:

    I cried when allison died! Idk if it is for en the better or worse yet. I liked her in the show, and kira isnt going to replace her, kira isnt badassenough, she is to much of a wimp comparex to allison :, (

  36. Rosie says:

    I was in shock when Allison died! I was hoping for Scott to bite her and make her a wolf just to save her life! I would have not cared if Issac died or even Kira. I dont care for Kira at all. I think she is so wack! I’m guessing they are also gonna make Malia’s role stronger next season as well. I like her way better than Kira! I hope they find a way to bring Alisson back to life! I miss het already!

  37. leelee moss says:

    No more Allison…. I like shows that take me by surprise. It is was makes them good. Although i must admit, i was never a big Allison fan but i did like her character. . . Her being dead wont keep me from watching because im a true Teen Wold fan. Its going to take more than one of many fan favorites to stop me from watching the best show ever. Besides im sure Allison will be back somehow lol its TV. Until then, i’ll stay tuned for season 4.

  38. kate says:

    I must say I wad guessing her a couple weeks ago but changed my mind. Even in the commercial break before I thought it was Derek. There is still a scene from the preview where he is shot and he was wearing the same shirt he was in this episode and so I figured it was whoever shot the twins (I didn’t follow he and Chris’ conversation and who they discounted and if it was the Hispanic lady or not who is who I figured it was) and I guess he is still going to be shot but probably before he goes on a bender he will give Derek those first season bullets.

    • Kait says:

      I somehow thought he saw the shell and recognized it as being one from his own stock, meaning it could have been Allison that shot them. It could also have been one from Malia’s dad. Even the young hot deputy with the pretty eyes since it was openly asked why he was pulled towards the job (BEACON!).

  39. leelee moss says:

    Oh and i like Kira! Hope to see more Scott and Kira scenes. I got sick of Allison and Scott

  40. Killing Alison was alil bit too far Jeff,but anyway just as he said,No one ever really dies in Teen Wolf…though I still strongly believe you could have just stagedAlison leaving Beacon Hills indefinitely rather than driving a blade through her heart.I guess some of us who are her die hard fans just have to stay dissapointed and wishing if only you would bring her back.The whole episode ceased to leave an impact when you killed her,and I know many were left just like me.Overwhelmed by the cold blood murder of a lead character by a mysterious non-particular supporting character such as an oni! #major frustration and disappointment!#

  41. Rosie says:

    Kira and her mom should die for being so lame!!!!

  42. Dominique says:

    not shocked, or saddened. she was the one major character who had served her purpose and didn’t have any stories left. i also feel this was a good way of changing the show forever, and changing its characters. it’ll provide for some interesting development next season.
    honestly, can’t say i’m upset.
    hell of an episode though, was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
    And remember it was Crystal who wanted to leave.

  43. anees says:

    Im done with this assnut show……….!!!

  44. Jordan says:

    After last week I definitely thought the ‘bad twin’ was gonna die saving Stiles somehow, thus allowing his brother to enter Scott’s pack. However, tonight did catch me off guard and that doesn’t happen often. I wasn’t prepared for Allison to die but it makes sense. She fulfilled her duty to the show, she was Scott’s reason to stay under control and now he’s completely in control and an alpha even. She and Scott were not getting back together and no one can believe that Allison and Isaac and Scott could live happily ever after without any awkwardness or tension. Sooo somebody had to go.

  45. Lynnication says:

    I totally didn’t expect that. When she did her speech I honestly believed her dad was going to die. that was my guess anyway… i literally held my breath and covered my mouth with my hands when that whole death scene happened. I am so shocked right now. i don’t know what to say…

  46. Kait says:

    Gage Golightly decided to leave the show because she got cast in a pilot that didn’t get picked up. Now Crystal Reed decided to leave the show to move on, mostly because of her age and was ready to expand (which her looking at pilots was known by some people) and I’m sure her having previously dated the guy she was hooking up with on the show which can never be easy. Hope she fares well during pilot season. Maybe that’s why she decided to suddenly be more active on twitter and get an instagram (thought I was following her for a while, damn crazy imposters) to keep her name out there and hope it helps her get a role. I never would have guessed she was 29, but look at the actress that plays Morell that somehow lived a similar wound on the show, she’s in her 30s playing a teen still except on this show. What’s their secret I need to know!! I was definitely surprised by her death on the show, and sadly showed her acting chops better than any other scene imo.

  47. alyssa says:

    Seriously people? She chose to leave the show it was not discrimination nor was it the creator’s choice. And of course it’s sad but it’s also a huge plot device and anyone who really cares about the show (which has been so good, especially this season) will continue watching.

    • Liz says:

      it might not be discrimination, but it IS another example of a growing pattern on the show. On Teen Wolf, the women die…..a lot. And that’s not okay. We should be concerned that the only characters who die are women and people of colour.

  48. Anthony says:

    Everyone stop watching teen wolf till they bring Allison back

    • Tai says:

      No. If anything I’ll be watching more now. I never cared for Allison. I’m actually confused as to why people look at her and see badass female character. She never seemed badass to me. But hey, by all means stop watching because they killed one character. I’m sure there are still plenty of Teen Wolf fans out there that don’t care and will keep watching.

      • Ashely says:

        That’s easy for you to say, because you didn’t like her. There are people out there, that actually liked her! And that was there favorite character! And let people have an opinion! Allison’s death shocked us all, even if you never liked her.

        • Tai says:

          I understand that. I’m not knocking your right to be upset. I actually never said that people couldn’t have an opinion. I said that I wasn’t going to stop watching the show. So I don’t know where you got that I’m not letting people have an opinion from. Maybe it’s you that should let me have my opinion and we’ll just agree to disagree about Allison.

      • Ari says:

        I think Allison was a much stronger character in the first and second season. Once she and Scott broke up they really didn’t seem to know how to incorporate her into the show and sort of turned her into a mess.

    • Dan says:

      The actress doesn’t want to come back. Get a grip. What you’re asking for is for the series to be cancelled because you’re a hysterical idiot.

  49. sonia says:

    Does anyone know Y she was cut off ? Y her lol

    • Scott says:

      Crystal Reed asked to leave. There are interviews online – basically she felt they’d done all they could with the character and the actress wanted to try some differnt things.

  50. lex says:

    r.i.p alison argent, you knw a show is great when one of the characters die and you feel like you really lost a loved one. maby i watch too much teen wolf, goodnight im in mourning!!!!

    • Karyn says:

      I totally agree with you, I also felt like I lost a family member ladt nigjt.Allison will be greatly missed.IAm copletely floored, the show will never be the same.This sucks