Castle Recap: Mastering the Marital Arts

STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLIONTalk about sneaking up on you, ninja-style.

I’ll be honest, I had a thought about not recapping this week’s Castle. I mean — ninjas? Really?

And then it turned out to be one of this season’s Top 5 episodes.

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For one, on the heels of a Beckett-heavy outing, the middle section of this one was rather Rick-centric, with Kate off on some girls’ night from hell. As such, we got the very fun sequences at the “hostess club,” complete with playful Rick (“If this is a tea company, I want a cup”), highly uncomfortable Ryan, the tease of karaoke and Rick’s eyes popping out cartoon-style at the $6K tab they ran up. (“Can I expense this…?”)

Akin to those scenes, the episode from start to finish was peppered with humor, mostly stemming from Rick’s steadfast ninja theory — but not in the usual, “Oh, Castle, you’re so silly” way, but played out in a richer manner. The consulate imposter’s own reaction to Rick’s ninja obsession was rather priceless. (By the way, I spotted her as a phony almost ASAP.) And then there was the victim’s boyfriend’s, “I’m Korean, not Japanese. Way to racially profile.”

The case itself, I had no idea where it was going to go, though as noted, I suspected that Saya would turn out to be one of the ninjas. But a decade-old revenge scheme against a Yakuza member? Who turned out to be a milquetoast American business man? Replete with faked deaths, a ninja-who’s-really-a-cop and a nifty final duel? Nice. And unpredictable.

And lastly, as icing on the cake, Beckett’s night out IMG_00000330fed into a larger, important Caskett beat — the age-old worry that in marriage we become staid and fall into routines. After an episode in which we saw Kate withstand water torture, it was all the more impactful to see her deflated so by the thought, her face in her hands. But then she draped her arms around Rick, her eyes (those eyes….) open wide, and he assured her that, even if they must work it into their vows, “We will never, ever be boring.”

Humor. A compelling case. Rick being Rick. Meaningful Caskettnicity. A throwing star whipped in Gates’ general direction. Lesson learned — don’t judge a ninja episode by its cover.

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  1. Teri says:

    So many LOL moments. Just priceless! The writing and acting amazes me each episode.

  2. Betsy says:

    When the second “good” ninja jumped in outside the club, I howled as Castle backed away like “nope, nothing to see here. I’m just going to get out of the way and let you two work this out…”

    • grey says:

      I know!!! Those were my same thoughts too! LOL!! And I think what made it so funny is the fact that Castle did *exactly* what the rest of us would have done. “My name is Bennet and I’m not in it!” :D

  3. Cc says:

    Loved the episode. Fillion was stellar. Chemistry/Caskettiness spot on. One of my favorite episode of the season.

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  5. It was great! I was very surprised

  6. Really says:

    what are your other top five episodes, Matt?

  7. Bree says:

    He wasn’t the victims boyfriend, he was her dance partner.

  8. Francine says:

    Great recap Matt and I completely agree! I was not looking forward to this episode because it seemed so ridiculous, but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the humor and the cute Caskett moments. The shows really been on a roll lately.

  9. Auntie Ralph says:

    Definitely a keeper. Hit the right beats to keep the ridiculous plot both rich and not utterly insane (which some episodes like the Carrie one could have used) and the character moments were pretty good.

  10. Nurk says:

    This was a surprisingly good show and it absolutely screamed the message that the people who run ABC and Castle are paying attention to the concerns of its viewers. The ring was back. Castle and Beckett discussing their future was back. Banter was back. Perlmutter was back. And Nathan Fillion was back. Now, if all concerned would ratchet up the passion, the show would be where it needs to be. We’re past a couple of quick kisses. If they’re truly wild about each other, it’s time for Castle and Beckett to show it.

    Still, it was a promising, entertaining episode.

  11. K says:

    There is a huge double standard when Beckett kissed Vaughn and when Castle kissed the Japanese girl. Beckett kisses Vaughn and she’s attacked by so many fans. Castle kisses geisha and it’s played as funny and okay. Why can’t castle be as faithful as Ryan. Also I hated how castle allowed geisha to basically give him a lap dance and massage. Why didn’t castle tell her that he is engaged? I’m ticked off about castle ignoring Kate’s call. Huge no no. I’m happy Kate stood her ground and called him out on it. Beckett shouldn’t be insecure about castle ever becoming bored with her.

    • S says:

      I agree, I don’t know who im more dissapointed with, the show or the fans. Beckett was crucified when she didn’t even kiss Vaughn(its an almost kiss), but castles playboy ways are accepted as funny. Beckett deserves a Ryan, that’s all I’ll say. The double standards not only from the fans but from the writers are astounding.

      And I wish someone would directly ask Marlowe why its ok to show castle canoodling with random women but not with his fiancée?? Hell will freeze over before we ever get anything remotely passionate with Castle and Beckett. What message is Marlowe trying to send? That Castle will always be allowed to act this way and get away with it? Or that Becketts gonna always feel insecure? I don’t know. Seems like we’ll just keep seeing castle make out, flirt with everyone but his fiancée. That scene was unnecessary, there are other ways to get info. Which makes me believe Marlowe just wants to annoy fans by letting castle be with other women but not beckett. Anyway guess that scene ruined the ep for me, because it shows Castle for the man he actually is.

      PS, no need to attack me by defending Castle, this is my opinion only. Im sure lots of you enjoyed it. Good for you then. Cheers.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Now i havent seen the kiss yet…but i will say if what you two are saying is right…it sounds like Castle is in the classic man is overwhelmed by sexy (Stranger) woman and is kissed or w/e….Beckett was in a WAY different situation…she was basically attracted to the billionaire, and was fighting with Castle, and was actively with the playboy guy….basically what im saying is she could have ended things with castle and basically started dating that guy..thats how serious it was, compared to a stranger kissing you…Castle has NO connection to her or feelings or anything im gonna assume.

        • Asta says:

          Kate and Vaughn had off the charts chemistry. But it was at a time when Kate had no idea what direction her relationship was going. I like, no love, the fact there is no fake break-ups or fight, that they are slowly morphing into a sexy Hart to Hart.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Ok im officially ticked off at you …. i cant not say it… idiots. You guys do know places like that NOTORIOUSLY have security cameras hidden in their “private rooms” right? With a security guard watching…sometimes for blackmail, but other times to make sure something isnt going on like one of their “girls” talking too much? She needed to keep her “cover” as did he that they were in there for “naughy stuff” but they were talking the whole time, all business….TOTALLY different than Beckett and the Billionaire who she was letting tempt her and flirt with and almost kissed out of REAL FEELINGS….hence the fans skewered her. Jeez….the two arent even comparable.

        • Sd says:

          Completely agree plus he didn’t ignore her call, he just forgot to call her when his alarm went off to get her out of a bad dinner with an old high school friend.

      • Just one thing says:

        Interestingly enough, Beckett didn’t seem all that insecure about Castle when it came down to it. Her main insecurity was with marriage ruining their relationship and making them complacent. What’s cool about that is, it’s been a long-running concern of hers, in different versions.
        At this point however, regardless of The Once Fabulous Carly and Her Mystical Hoohah, I think Kate’s brought those fears up enough and has been appeased by Castle enough that she’ll hopefully not need to voice them much anymore. If ever again.
        Oh, and I don’t think Marlowe is trying to send any untoward message about Castle’s value for Beckett. It’s just the same “boys will boys” attitude the show has always had with Castle to some extent. Like Beckett and her walls, I guess. I don’t like it, though, and I hope that geisha bit is the last of it. (Makes me wonder if there’ll be a bachelor/bachelorette party.)

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Because there was no actual threat to the relationship. Again another huge difference between the Billionaire & this hostess chick…Castle and Beckett were in a bad place and he was insecure and jealous and she wasnt being a good girl friend actively making bad decisions with that playboy…where as Castle and Beckett are in love, engaged, happy, secure, and he kinda not really kissed a Hostess while undercover getting info and she kissed him…BIG difference.

          I agree, i think they are going through one by one knocking down Becketts walls before the wedding happens. Her worrying about this, insecurity about that, this fear, that fear…so many things for her to worry about and Castle convince her that they are good and happy.

          From the beginning she has been the locked down, mature, smart, think first character and he has been the playboy, mistake making, multiple marriage having, one night stand, charming character. Its not sexist, its just how they are, it could have been the other way around. Kate knew when she started dating him and said yes to his proposal, and enjoys, that hes light, goofy, a flirt, etc. Obviously she doesnt love him flirting with other women (not that he ever has while with her) but she knew since day 1 that he wasnt Ryan and wasnt ever going to be.

          I bet they will have a BIG bachelorette/bachelor party…but im betting either the roles will be reversed and Castle for once is the good guy with just the guys and its actually Kate’s friends that pay for a male stripper etc…OR they both with have parties that both end up having nothing really to do with them, so they kinda bail and meet up and get all romantic being so excited for the wedding. OR…maybe the Bachelorette/Bachelor party is the kick of point to what goes wrong so the wedding doesnt happen (yet)…maybe Kate is abducted or something…

          • Just one thing says:

            I really like the idea of them bailing on their respective wild, all-out parties and meeting up together. And I could totally see that happening.

      • KC says:

        Please do not take this response as a personal attack on you. It’s only a different opinion from the one you expressed, which is why they have those “Reply to this post” buttons.

        As several earlier responders have pointed out the Beckett/Vaughn situation was entirely different than the Castle/Hostess one and I don’t feel there is a double standard here. I am not going to go into the differences as they’ve been documented above.

        I find you’re opinion that “Beckett deserves a Ryan” to be totally off base. First, she could have had “the” Ryan. They were both unattached when the series started and if she wanted the Ryan type he was available. Second, I don’t know that she “deserves” anybody. She has alot of issues and is far from the perfect girlfriend. That’s the “drama” of the series, Beckett and Castle working though their respective flaws and faults (along with solving murders in a fun and entertaining way). Third, Beckett apparently is attracted to Castle’s fliratious personality. If his personality changed would she still find him attactive and desirable? My guess is she really would become bored and “only having sex on national holidays” etc.

        I loved the episode and I’m really enjoying this season.

      • Tom Haikin says:

        I agree that the treatment of the characters is uneven, but I’m not sure if the audience is being played on purpose or if the writers lose their way at times. These two are now committed and they should act that way.

        I would like to see Castle’s dad re-appear and solve their Senator Bracken problem, and perhaps Triple-X could become a homicide victim they have to investigate.

        We need more Alexis and Martha – they bring something to the situation that Kate has gone without for a long time and should be enjoying as they did in Castle’s birthday present..

        • Dip says:

          But if you see it from the beginning, Triple-X is essentially the dark alter ego of Mr. Castle. So if anybody deserves to bring him down, should be Mr. Castle himself.

          • Just one thing says:

            Ooh, whoa. I didn’t realize 3XK was meant to be that kind of foil for Castle. That’s pretty dark and twisty. I like. But yeah, Castle’s gotta be the one to take down 3XK, just like Beckett’s gotta be the one to take down Bracken.

          • Dip says:

            And i think they are perfectly capable of doing that. They just need each others’ support. Because they are best when they work in tandem. In my opinion the best story of season 6 (if we take case into consideration) so far is “Like Father, Like Daughter”, where they cracked open the case with the help of a abnormally placed Dolphin pendant. Very witty. But it was unfortunate that they paired him with Alexis and not Beckett. It would have been a great fun to have Beckett alongside him making theories together.

    • Just one thing says:

      Yes. During that episode with Vaughn, people were ready to flay Beckett. But as long as it’s played for dopey laughs with Castle, people seem appeased. Though, to be fair, Vaughn was an actual threat to the applecart, whereas this chick was just collateral. But still. Castle gleefully saying he wanted a “cup” from the scantily-clad tea house did not sit well with me, even knowing he’d never cheat.
      Also, just because I’m feeling a teensy bit snarky in this late hour… It’s nice to see that Castle’s got some actually moves in a faux-sexy moment with a complete stranger. Otherwise we’d never, ever see them. ;)

    • Francine says:

      Yeah, I’m sorry but I just don’t get this one. The situation with Castle in this episode was completely different than the situation with Beckett and Vaughn. Kate was telling Vaughn personal information about their relationship for some random reason that had nothing to do with the case. Castle was getting information that was directly related to the case he was working on, and since places like those probably have cameras, keeping up the ruse made sense to me. As far as Castle’s comments about the women there- again, that makes sense to me. Just because you’re engaged or married doesnt mean you’re blind to seeing another attractive person. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kate do the same, so I guess that would be the one thing I could say I see where you’re coming from. But that’s just my take on it and it doesn’t feel unhealthy or unrealistic to me.

      • KHorn says:

        Francine, I’m like you, how does one even compare the two. one key fact, we don’t even know the hostess’ name, while Beckett was getting all personal with Eric.

    • Meg says:

      Castle was undercover with Espo and Ryan. He did try to push the girl off and she said she was being watched and he had to play along or she would be in trouble. Also, he didn’t ignore the phone call from Beckett. He ignored his phone alarm with the reminder to call her.

      Castle/random hostess and the Beckett/Vaughn scenarios were two totally different things.

    • wesley gotje says:

      Almost kiss and getting kissed there is a huge difference between these 2.

  12. Kelly says:

    I totally agree with the recap, although I was looking forward to the episode because I figured we’d get some great Castle humor and we did. Great, fun episode. One of my favorite this season, if not my favorite.

  13. Tracy says:

    Zzzzz. Caskett do some sleep worthy relationship scenes at the start/middle/ and end. With a boring case. Another predictable episode… LOL when he said “we’ll never EVER be boring” oh man you have no idea how boring you already are.

    • RBA says:

      Well at least they acknowledge that there are those type of couples. Hopefully this was Marlowe and company saying “yes. they were that couple” but we now vow to make them exciting again

    • S says:

      LOL so true. Sorry Kate, but you two are definitely boring now and it’ll only get worse, with AM pulling the strings. Castle isn’t bored because he has Geishas and god knows who on the side.

      • Tracy says:

        You know I used to think Castle might be boring but he’s not… Kate makes him boring. I don’t know what it is but he seems so blah with her compared to the other women he’s been with.

    • Phoebe says:

      Ha! I kept thinking the same thing during that scene…”you’re ALREADY boring!” They need to bring sexy back.

    • Just one thing says:

      I like Castle and Beckett’s quirky cuteness, even when they’re not teeming with passion. The adorable factor just comes more naturally than anything else. I think it’s best when things aren’t forced.
      But I’ve gotta say, those who cry, “Emmys! Emmys! Why doesn’t this show have Emmys?!” Well, the pervasive stigma against nearly all procedurals aside, episodes like THIS are why the show doesn’t get Emmys – or at least as much critical acclaim as I think the show deserves from time to time.
      Castle is a great, entertaining show, with a worldwide fanbase. They know their audience, and they deliver for the most part. But the Emmys, for all their present failings and favoritism, don’t give awards for “Most Entertaining Balance of Extreme Drama and Extreme Comedy.” And critics – especially the bandwagon critics – want their television to be easily categorized.
      Castle has never been easily categorized, which I think is part of its appeal to some audiences. Their episodes are like a box of chocolates. And if you like not quite knowing what genre you’re going to get each week, Castle is the show for you.
      I’d imagine those behind the show are at peace with their standing in the television zeitgeist, content to tell their stories with their characters for their loyal fans for as long as they’re able. And that’s absolutely cool. But I do wish there were more of an even keel from episode to episode.

      • D says:

        Glee though lol. You don’t know if it’s drama or comedy when they started so they put it in comedy. xD But it slowly declined in quality during their second season but still get nominated. I only watch mainly for the guest stars (Kristin Chenoweth! Idina Menzel!) and the music but story-wise…it’s now meh. And Rachel doesn’t have any character development at all compared, to say, Castle and Beckett’s or any other character of a show.

        The Emmys are episode-based, I think. As far as I know or read about, the members usually judge two to three episodes submitted by the producers. Filler episodes like this are usually not submitted. Say, for this season, they can submit (based on aired episodes) Disciple, Under Fire, and In the Belly of the Beast – Stana can also submit this for the performance category, they can, but not certainly, be on the shortlist, in my opinion. -For the drama category since the show is actually mainly drama. ;) –

        They could have been on the shortlist last year with Target and Hunt. For Nathan too.

        Of course, the favouritism cannot be factored out. :( Just sad.

        • Just one thing says:

          True about Glee. The only thing I can think is that the members appreciate Ryan Murphy & Co. Among other things. I’m always surprised when they continue to get nominations.
          The Emmy’s, like all Hollywood awards, are just a big, self-congratulatory, popularity contest. Whatever gets talked about the most within the industry and among critics is what gets nominated. And then whoever is liked most – or has the most FYC ad money? – gets chosen. Of course the awards are merit-based and filler episodes aren’t included in pre-nominations, but Castle (like about 30 other entertaining shows) has never been on the critics’ or Emmy radar – and likely never will be.
          And maybe that’s a good thing. Because, from what I’ve seen of some popular television critics and the bandwagon blogosphere, they love you until they don’t. And when they don’t, the “pile on” schadenfreude mentality snowballs from there. So, there’s some merit to flying under that radar.
          I think both actors had enough Castle episodes from the last four seasons to submit each year, with the last current and last season having the strongest material. It’s unfortunate, but so many hard-working casts and crews get overlooked each year. I like that the show just continues to do its thing, for better or worse.

    • KC says:

      If: 1) having your daughter kidnapped and going to Paris to save her, 2) being locked in a freezer and left to die, 3) being trapped in a basement with a tiger, 4) having your cover blown while undercover and being tortured and taken into the woods to be killed, etc., etc., etc. is boring then your life (if you’re still alive) must be unbelievably interesting.
      I know if they start just showing Castle and Beckett making out, whispering sweet nothings into each others ears, being over-the-top in love I’m going to be bored!
      Personally I find the intimate exchanges portrayed in the show to be well executed and fit very well within the story.

      • Francine says:

        Nicely said! I feel the same way. I also have no doubt that there would still be complaints if they showed a love scene or had Castle and Beckett making out every episode. A show like this can’t win no matter what it does. Funnily enough, I had a completely different reaction to the “we will never be boring” comment. I didnt think it was the show acknowledging they had been boring- I thought it was them sarcastically saying “are you kidding me?” But that’s just my take. I continue to find their relationship realistic and refreshing compared to the same old, same old on every other show. This was how their relationship was always portrayed and I don’t think that’s going to change. It’s up to the viewer if they decide its not what they’re looking for.

        • Just one thing says:

          Exactly. I don’t see how that couple get ever really be boring. People seem to want physical passion, but they’re intellectually passionate and simpatico. That works well with what the show is and who the characters are.

        • Patty says:

          Yes, I wholeheartedly agree.

      • Mary says:

        Your words exactly!:)

  14. RBA says:

    Departing from my usual spiel.,, I enjoyed this episode…. We had an appearance of the ring, caskett banter, Caskett together at the interrogation room, caskett at the coroners office, and Caskett vowing to each other that they don’t want to be that “other couple”. You know the one.. The one I been complaining about for most of this season. The boring couple we have seen for most of the first half of the season. If this was a message from the writers to the viewers acknowledging that for a while “Caskett was that other couple”, and they have now vow to make them exciting once again then I am a happy camper and will look forward to the rest of the season….

    Hopefully we can and will continue to see some of the elements that were very apparent tonight, Caskett actually do appear to be a happy couple…

  15. Danielle says:

    I always find it so funny that people complain so much about things like kisses and lack of ring sightings and when those things happen no one even takes notice. Episode must’ve been that funny. Good to see some lightheartedness after a very heavy episode last week.

  16. S. says:

    Oh, brother.

    • Emma says:

      Good episode! Was pleasantly surprised actually…so that’s good. Was not pleasantly surprised to see Castle (happily) rolling around the bed in an effort to get a lead. Normally, it wouldn’t bother me at’s just that we never see anything remotely close to that with him and KB. He is always so solemn when KB tries to get flirty and playful with him. ( aside from a smile tonight), but hey! A geisha does it for him, soooooo…Time for some action by Castle when it comes to initiating it..I’m getting very weary of watching Beckett do all the work..

      • KC says:

        That Castle certainly has the moves! Nothing gets a girl’s motor running like questioning her about her resently murdered aquaintance! Very hot!
        That must be my problem with the ladies, I tend to just go with it when a woman is all over me and don’t bring up murder and other women. That and my sarcastic nature.

  17. Scarlett says:

    Funny! when something good happens is because TPTB listened to the fandom, give some credit where credit is due.

  18. lauri5567 says:

    I enjoyed the boys at the club, and that it was Mr. Cool, Esposito, that unknowingly gave them away. I don’t want to see Castle cheat, but I liked him acting a little more like season 1 Rick, the playboy. It made sense that he would fall back into the persona. I was surprised at the end because I was expecting it to be Saya.
    And Perlmutter is growing on me….

  19. giggles says:

    I ship Beckett and that cronut!

  20. M3rc Nate says:

    So far (15 min in) and im laughing cause of this “Ninja’s are a myth, Ninjas dont exist” crap lol….all you have to be to be a ninja is practice Ninjutsu which is not that uncommon of a martial art (studios exist in America)…You practice ninjutsu to a certain level and you are a Ninja..

    For example in the movie world, ninjutsu is what Bruce Wayne learns from the League of Shadows (Batman Begins) lead by Ra’s al Ghul, hence he is a Ninja…remember the scene where Ra’s al Ghul explains to him the ways of the Ninja? With the smoke bombs and the ninja hanging from the post with hooked gloves? I could go to a Ninjutsu studio and 5 years later potentially be for all intensive purposes a modern day Ninja. I really wish writers of these shows would do research thats about as hard as googling their script ideas and reading the first page or two.

    And might i add, whos to say in Japan there isnt a small order of Ninja’s who dont do anything in particular but study the ways of the Ninja…like there are still Monks etc.

    • KC says:

      I just gooled “ninja” and the first entry was Wikipedia. The first sentence of the definition is:
      “A ninja (忍者) or shinobi (忍び) was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, and open combat in certain situations.” The Ninjutsu form of martial arts was a name coined to describe the type of combat ninja’s practiced. What you seem to be saying is if someone takes the same training as a US Marine they must be one. I know a lot of vets that would disagree with that. So maybe the writer got it right after all. At least enough for a TV entertainment show.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        No your right. But the show had things mixed up…when Castle says a Ninja attacked me…he wouldnt be “wrong”. A (woman) dressed in traditional Ninja outfit, practicing Ninjustu attacked him and used a classic Ninja move to get away. When he asks the asian woman in the station if Ninja’s still exist…she should have said basically what you said..that the practices and training are still alive but not Covert Agents for Japan “Ninjas”.

        But it doesnt really matter because at the end of the episode the bad guy ends up being a real ninja…granted hes white and american but he was by definition a mercenary in Japan Ninja.

  21. James D says:

    classic Castle episode take something so absurd and make it into an oddly compelling story. Nathan was spot on tonight he has mastered that awestruck look. some good caskett moments as well. good stuff. bye the bye has there been any talk about whose going to be best man that should provide some funny moments comming up.

  22. Leigh says:

    This was a great episode. Funny and unpredictable. I too thought it may be silly with the whole ninja thing but I’d watch anyway. Everyone stepped up and the ep turned out to be one of my favorites.

  23. Apples says:

    Cute, funny, classic ep. Enjoyed it a lot. Nathan Fillion really makes the comedy zing and carried this ep on his broad shoulders.

    • Just one thing says:

      Castle’s response to the $6,000 tab cracked me up. As did his attempt to expense it, and a few of his “goddess” jokes.

  24. Just one thing says:

    There were a couple funny moments, but overall the episode fell flat to me. Awkward, cheesy, and sometimes just embarrassing. Not as egregious as Heartbreak Hotel, but pretty forgettable.
    I think there was a new writer for this episode, but I’m not going to blame him, because I’m pretty sure all non-Marlowe and non-Amann episodes are heavily broken down in the writers room. So, as usual, not a single writer’s fault, but rather the work of the group.
    Once again, the lack of Lanie, Martha and Alexis is too jarring. Perlmutter is fun, and it was good to see Gates, though. For a heavier Castle episode, there were still scenes where he was noticeably absent. So, with the exception of a couple scenes, it was not as Beckett-lite as I expected.
    As a viewer, I appreciate the effort to sell Castle and Beckett as a couple, both in the script and through the portrayals. That aspect of the show is rightfully getting major focus, so every nuanced bit helps. Though the random high school friend bit felt contrived, and the geisha nonsense was two-dimensional as hell, at least it’s clear that Castle and Beckett are in it for the long haul.

    • Just one thing says:

      Correction: It wasn’t the new writer yet; it was a veteran writer. But again, I rarely blame one writer for when things don’t work out in an episode. And I recognize I’m in the minority on that front.

      • tam says:

        The writer started in season 5. Wouldn’t call her a veteran.

        • Just one thing says:

          Castle seems to have moderate turnover in their writers from season to season. (Sorry if that’s not accurate and I’m talking out of my keister. That’s just how it appears from the outside.)
          She’s more of a veteran than about 4-5 of the current writers on staff.

    • sigh says:

      Your first paragraph sums it up for me. Some moments actually were funny and having more Ryan, Espo and Gates was nice. But I was so done by the end of the episode, it was just downright ridiculous! If this episode is a top 5, I’m ready to cut my losses. Oh well, what are you gonna do. :P

      • Just one thing says:

        The Castle/Beckett moments aside, I had already written the episode off before the end. But then the father and son had an embarrassingly bad fight, followed by Rick and Kate diving behind a couch for guns while the ninjas tangoed. Then in the final moments, as if things couldn’t get any goofier, Rick accidentally sends a throwing star into what I can only assume was Gates’ ass. It was just too much for me. :D

  25. tam says:

    The episode was fun and good. And that Caskett scene was adorable. I know people complain abt them being boring but to me they still aren’t.

    Matt, I have a request. The next time you talk to Marlowe can you pls ask him what is the point of scenes that show Castle and Beckett in compromising situations with other people? I mean…they are entirely tasteless and unfunny and unnecessary. I’m just afraid this is gonna keep happening and as a fan that makes me distrust the writers and that sucks.
    There was zero point of that scene in tonight’s ep. I dnt get how Marlowe is so hell bent of doing this again and again while at the same time refusing to let it be Castle and Beckett together. If it can’t be them, then it sure shouldn’t be others. Just ask him pls and tell him that the fans sure don’t appreciate this debacle that keeps on happening.

    • Marion says:

      I don’t understand the point of this scene in this episode either. It was really useless and annoying …

    • KC says:

      Hi, I’m a fan and you don’t speak for me. I take exception to any one person having the arrogance to think they speak for all fans.
      I find the awkward positions the characters find themselves in funny and entertaining. It’s been a staple of comedies since Shakespeare and before. I know what one person finds funny another might find offensive. I think you want Castle to be a different show than the one that’s being produced.

      Matt, I have a request: Please tell Mr. Marlowe the fans love the show and he should keep up the good work! Thanks.

      • Really says:

        Hi, I’m a fan and you don’t speak for me. Matt, please, tell Mr. Marlowe KC loves the show and he should keep up the good work. Thanks!

        • KC says:

          Sorry, I should have put quotation marks around “fans.” I know I was contradicting myself. I made that last comment to balance/cancel the comment by tam. I’m certain Mr. Marlowe has heard all types of differing opinions and realizes the futility of trying to please everyone. It’s impossible.

  26. aurelie says:

    The whole “Castle believes in everything- Kate is annoyed but finds this cute” is becoming a little repetitive for me. We’ve had this too much this season.

  27. Rick Katze says:

    One of the strongest episodes. Castle was entirely in character at the “Tea House” trying to get information. Pushing the geisha of his lap was out of character for Ryan, who has gone undercover and should have treated it as to be expected if they were to get any information.

    And the casket scenes regarding their impending marriage were not only very true but they did not slow down the story at all.

    And, perfectly in character, removing the ninja weapon at the end of the show and Gates screaming was priceless.

  28. Alex says:

    The episode was not bad, a little too much at the end with the ninja fight maybe.
    And I really don’t like Nathan’s acting when he’s supposed to be “funny”, it almost always makes me uncomfortable (like his face when Beckett comes back after his first meeting with the ninja for exemple), I prefere him much more when he’s acting serious.

    • Lena says:

      I feel the same but I’m not sure it’s because of Nathan Fillion’s acting but more because of the character himself. This season I feel like they can’t find a balance between bored (and boring) Castle and ridiculous Castle. They had found this balance perfectly in season 3, he was more mature than season1-2, still funny and a bit silly but in a good way, not an idiot like they often make him this season.

      • Just one thing says:

        This will forever seem like a chicken and egg question to me.

        • eli says:

          How is it chicken and egg? You mean either the actor is an idiot or they write the character Castle as an idiot? I saw a couple of interviews, he doesn’t seem like an idiot to me at all. Would be strange if he could pull it off sometimes but other times just goes around being an idiot on his own accord and the Castle team can do nothing about it. I would think it’s more how the character is written, so chicken not an egg. Unless you meant smth different entirely.

          • KC says:

            I’ve never met Nathan Fillion so I don’t know if he’s an idiot or not. But I have watched every episode of Castle and I know the character is not an idiot. He plays the fool for his own and the team’s amusement. In earlier seasons they used to occasionally have him admit he doesn’t beleive his own theories just to show he wasn’t an idiot and was goofing around or pulling Beckett’s chain. By this point in the series’ run having him tell Beckett, Espsito or Ryan that he’s goofing around would be pointless, they already know that as even a casual viewer would. I see his theroies as being like brainstorming sessions. Say whatever comes to mind and then others build off that and the team comes up with a solution.
            The great thing about this episode is he never had a chance to throw the ninja theory out there. He actually saw the ninja and it became a boy that cried wolf senario. Seeing each of the character’s reactions as they witnessed the ninjas was great. I thought that was a funny twist, that a crazy theory that Castle might throw out there was actually the case.

          • Just one thing says:

            Um… Yeah. I meant something entirely different.
            The question up for debate has always been, is it how the character is written or is it how the character has been portrayed? We could all argue that one follows the other until the series’ end – not that it’d make much of a difference or increase one’s enjoyment of the show.
            Some believe the [add adjective here] portrayal followed the [add adjective here] writing. I simply argue that the goofy comedic writing perhaps follows the comedic portrayal (or preference of the actor).
            I don’t think anyone has ever or would ever suggest that Nathan Fillion is an idiot… And I certainly wouldn’t take that person very seriously if they did.

          • Just one thing says:

            @KC, I know people seem to think Castle is mistreated worse now than he was in earlier seasons, but I have to disagree. Beckett, Esposito and Ryan were actually pretty derogatory toward Castle in earlier seasons, and Beckett was borderline physically abusive, but they toned that down tremendously. Occasionally, they even give him credit where it’s due.
            Castle’s proven over 120+ episodes that he’s actually pretty brilliant, even with his overactive imagination. They’ve suggested numerous times that Castle either buys into the most insane theory to irritate Beckett or because he truly wants to believe there’s more to life than the ordinary. The Bigfoot episode last season, as silly as it may have been, articulated his stance perfectly. In his explanation to Beckett about “the unknown,” there was an honest desire to see the world for all it has to offer.
            That’s what makes Castle a compelling character, even when he does stupid stuff. I haven’t seen the Bigfoot episode since it aired last year, but that conversation stuck with me as rather powerful insight into the character. Yeah, Castle is overused for comic relief, just as Beckett is overused for the sake of drama. But I’ve always argued that it may come down to actor preference: NF sells (and seems to prefer) the comedy; SK sells (and seems to prefer) the drama.
            I don’t think there’s ever been a deliberate attempt to make one character look worse than the other. Sometimes it just happens. In their (in my opinon, rather lazy) attempt to create drama last season, they unwittingly made Beckett look really bad in the eyes of many fans. But no way do I think they intended it to be received that way. Same goes for Castle and the goofiness.

    • Just one thing says:

      Agreed. I liked the character’s light-hearted humor in episodes like Time Will Tell, TGTBATB and the diamonds and Saved By The Bell episodes. But I prefer the character’s seriousness in episodes like the Disciple, Under Fire and the first two episodes of the season.
      This came off as over-the-top hijinks to me. Very slapstick.

  29. Tatatatata says:

    I was afraid of an other Heartbreak Hotel (and one episode like this is more than enough for a whole life) but it was good, not one of the best but good :)

  30. Emma says:

    What was that little wiggle Stana made at the end of the kiss ?

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  32. Susan says:

    Great episode! Nathan Fillion was wonderful. It was a very entertaining show, last night.

  33. Lori says:

    Of course you can’t please everyone all the time – and shouldn’t try, but I thought this was a fun, fun, fun episode. All time favorites? Not yet, but it will probably go on my list of made me laugh and smile the most.

    Seeing or not seeing the engagement ring isn’t a big deal to me – she went out, not on duty, she wore the ring, makes perfect sense.But hey, what about those leather pants?
    Man, that chick can wear anything and everything.

  34. Phoebe says:

    I thought it was going to be another stupid, silly COTW, but this one was actually interesting. The Caskett moments were nice, but it’s sad we get to see more sexy scenes between Castle and a “geisha” than between Castle and Beckett. Sigh.

  35. Tom Haikin says:

    The line between light-hearted and silly is sometimes razor thin. I enjoyed the story but felt as if the writers discovered that time was running out and they hadn’t solved the mystery. A lot happened in the last five minutes.

    If the writers are listening, I would really like to see Castle’s father in another episode. I think Beckett’s problems could be solved by some of the things he knows how to do.

  36. Mel says:

    Great recap. I loved this episode for all the reasons you gave. Fun, twisty, and very satisfying.

  37. Ana Rubio says:

    Great recap, I completely agree! The episode was fabulous!

  38. Rich Abey says:

    First class episode and a timely ‘light’ episode considering the heavy events last time round. Ninja fun all the way with some excellent Caskett moments (love that they are talking about their vows already :) ). All round a well written episode with some cool ninja fights!
    – How can Kate even think their marriage will be boring what with all these weird but cool cases (gun-toting Richard Castle fans, time travelling suspects, Da Vinci Code-like-adventures with sword fighting, telekinetically powered high schoolers, etc all in this season alone).
    – Ryan singing Karaoke…and he was getting into rhythm too. Loved it!
    – Last but not least, Castle almost taking out Gates with a Ninja blade…hilarious!

  39. Jul says:

    My plan for future episodes : they marry but then Castle is killed/disappear, or whatever they need to take him off the show but since they are married, Beckett is now a Castle so it’s Castle without the annoying Castle! And then they find a new man to complete the team! Bam! new season, new lead actor!!! Sorry I’m just joking/dreaming :) don’t take me seriously…

    • LP says:

      Honestly, I have trouble with Nathan’s acting this season and with Castle’s character but I still can’t imagine the show without him, no matter how much I love Stana/Beckett. If one of them leave, it’s the end of Castle ;)

    • emma says:

      Josh Davidson comeback ! He was seriously hot ahah

      • Jul says:

        So much! Or that guy from last year, Eric Vaughn! Or better yet the british guy from the year before! Hey, Beckett still hasn’t had any hottie this year, unfair!

        • CARBONA says:

          Cripes!! Everytime!! They’re both fantastic why does this b.s. have to come up anytime there’s anything written about the show?? I absolutely love this show but some of the “fans” just make me sick!

          • gob says:

            Word. It is becoming really annoying, reading under every TVline Castle article about how much some loser hates one of the leads and how much better the show would be if he/she left. Wake up, loser! this show is in its 6th season, and it reached this point thanks to BOTH leads doing their job. Some like one character/actor more than the other and it’s OK, it’s how it is supposed to work with shows. But if you have such a huge problem with one of them – 1)how the hell did you manage to watch 6 seasons of that hateful mug? and 2) other viewers obviously don’t have such a problem so may be take a hint, stop whining about something that WON’T and DOESN’T NEED to change. If you have a problem with a character, take it to the writers. This is something that CAN actually be changed and is supposed to, from time to time. But if most of your frustrations with the show can only be resolved if one of the leads left, don’t hold your breath. And don’t expect to be taken seriously. End of rant.

      • Dip says:

        Josh Davidson? Because he was hot? Really? Did he ever try to take bullet for her? Was he ever there when she needed him most? You are comparing him to a man who almost got himself killed numerous times to save Beckett. You know what Josh did in the entire third season? He always showed up at a wrong time.
        In the first episode of the fourth season that jackass almost attacked Castle in the Hospital. Was it because of his love for Beckett? No, because he was always threatened by Castle’s presence in her life.

    • Sammy says:

      Cue the announcement of the show being cancelled. It’s clear ever since In the Belly of the Beast that Stana Katic is incapable of carrying a show on her shoulders. So if Marlowe,,wants to end the show, listen to her AWM!

      • Alex says:

        Hum because Nathan Fillion can ? Castle need both of them, without one of them, the show is nothing.

      • Shanna says:

        The eternal discussion ‘who’s more important, Nathan or Stana’ … Ridiculous, they’re both essentials, they’ve both shown proved they were talented … Why do you have to fight about this ?? I don’t understand how it’s possible to like the show if you think one of them is a bad actor or should leave.

        • Just one thing says:

          It’s pretty asinine to suggest the show would ever really survive without Fillion. First of all, the show wouldn’t even be allowed to CONTINUE without Fillion. That has nothing to do with Katic or any of the other actors, and everything to do with how the industry works.
          People can imagine and fantasize all they want. Hell, I think every dedicated fan does that to some extent. But there is no way, in this universe, on this plane of existence, that “Castle” would ever go on without the title character. Few things are ever certain in television, but something like that is, imo.

    • e says:

      LOL. It’s good that you’re joking because practically everyone I know only watch this show for the Castle character. Everything else can be found on other cop shows.

      • Lena says:

        Everyone (including me) is watching for Castle and Beckett relationship

      • Emily says:

        Lol I bet you don’t even know people who watch Castle and just say that to give NF importance. Because I’m pretty sure 90% watch the show for Castle AND Beckett, not just one of them.

        • e says:

          Jeez, bet away because obviously everyone who has a diff opinion from yours is lying LOL. People I know watch the show casually, they are not superfans or anything. And most of them don’t give a damn about the romance, it can be found on other shows same as gritty police work or conspiracy. Only two of them care about the romance. Others watch because it’s funny and because they like the characters, especially Castle and bros. Without this character there’d be no show in my opinion. It would be like every other cop show.

    • Mary says:

      Don´t worry, I´m surely not taking you seriously! And I thank all the Gods that you aren´t a writter of the show:) Otherwise I´d be the first one to bail!

  40. Morgan says:

    For all those who have problems with the acting or writing, nobody is forcing you to watch the show. You can stop watching it. Some of us enjoy it.

    • Gwendoline says:

      Yeah I feel like some people always find something to complain about. I don’t think the show is perfect but I still like it the way it is. It’s okay to give your opinion but some people just can’t stop, the acting, the ring, the kisses, the light blablabla just stop watching if you really don’t like it anymore –‘

  41. Machewwwy says:

    I think all the rumors (?) about Stana and Nathan each other didn’t make any good to the show, now everyone is analyzing their kiss, their attitude etc and become paranoid. Now I feel like there is a constant “war” between Stana’s and Nathan’s fans after each episode :(

  42. CARBONA says:

    I loved this ep! Jeez that look of Nathan’s when the “Ninja” stole the dagger out of his hand was hysterical!!

  43. lame says:

    Ha, I enjoyed this punch lined filled episode, it was fun having Rick give in to all his imagined theories without Kate there as a counter weight. Also enjoyed Gates actually giving those theories credence, how far she has come, and thanks to AWM & CO for giving her more face time letting her show her acting skills, permitting her to become a member of the family as Montgomery used to be.
    Not sure what all this Vaughn, Geisha stuff is all about, I think it has to do with some overactive imaginations. People have to remember that Kate Beckett fell in love with Richard Castle, the writer, at the age of nineteen, when his books rescued her from sinking into depression with the death of her mother. Think back to “Flowers For Your Grave”, why else would she arrive at his book launch with a smile, or when he gifts her his signed copy and her draw drops when he plants a kiss on her cheek.
    Richard Castle on the other hand was originally interested in hanging around a good looking babe who could fire his creative juices. Not until ” A Death In The Family” following his research into the murder of Johanna Beckett does actually allow himself to admit his feeling for Kate. The arch of this mythology goes back to before we meet either Castle or Beckett.
    Oh, did I say I really liked “The Way of A Ninja”.

    • lame says:

      P.S.: Don’t confuse the actors with the characters they portray. Their vocabulary, their lexicon, their decisions are an amalgam from a group of writers. The actors have lives far from the people the depict on screen. There seems to be a problem with some fans making that distinction.

  44. Teri says:

    Wish Stana and Nathan would do an interview together like the old days, so fans can see they get along and are good friends. ABC and the show for whatever reason is not allowing them to be interviewed or barely shown together. Fans would love to see these two outside of character doing some bonding. They used to do so much together to promote the show and now never do.

    • lame says:

      They both are actors who pursue their careers when off the set. Quit trying to make them appear together after they spend fourteen hours a day working side by side, they do have lives outside the studio. I would say give them a break.

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