TWD Recap: What's the Matter With Kids Today?

The Walking Dead LizzieIn this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Tyreese and Carol learn in pretty much the worst way imaginable just how far gone Lizzie really is. But the bigger shock is that that horrific revelation isn’t even the most devastating thing that happens in “The Grove.” Read on – if you dare.

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CHILD’S PLAY | After an opening vignette in which we see Lizzie playing tag with a walker in a bucolic backyard – hello, foreshadowing! – we join the tween head case on the road to Terminus with Tyreese, Carol, Mika and Judith. While keeping watch with Carol one night, Lizzie asks if she has any children, and she tells her ward about Sophia and how she didn’t have a mean bone in her body. 
“Is that why she isn’t here now?” Lizzie asks. Outta the mouths of (psychotic) babes. The next day, when Carol encourages Mika to toughen up, she insists that she’s not a killer, she’s a runner. “My daughter ran,” Carol emphasizes, “and it wasn’t enough.” But Mika’s convinced that, like her mom used to say, everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. Yeah, right. Meanwhile, Lizzie – ever the proponent of zombie rights – stops Tyreese from killing a disabled walker on the train tracks.

HOME, SWEET HOME | While a fire burns somewhere in the distance, Carol and Tyreese leave the girls outside while they check out a house near the titular grove. Lizzie is giving one of her speeches about how walkers are just misunderstood when one comes lumbering toward her and Judith, forcing Mika to shoot. And shoot. And shoot, until finally she hits the head. Afterward, Lizzie won’t say why she’s such a wreck, but she IS such a wreck that her sister has to calm her by making her count flowers in the garden. Later, having moved into the house, Tyreese basks in the unfamiliar comfort of a real living room, and Mika suggests they live there for good. Which maybe they could, if Lizzie wasn’t so twisted. The following morning, Carol is making tea when she spots our opening vignette transpiring outside. Aghast, she runs out and dispatches the walker, sending Lizzie into full-on meltdown mode. “She was my friend,” she screams, “and you killed her!”

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KID STUFF | That afternoon, Carol takes Mika out hunting and suggests that, even though she’s smaller than Lizzie, she’s smarter, so she may have to look out for her sister. Unfortunately, Mika maintains that she just isn’t a killer – and proves it by refusing to shoot a deer. “We have peaches,” she points out sweetly. At the same time, Tyreese is warming fast to Mika’s idea about staying put rather than continuing on to Terminus. “I trust you,” he tells Carol, “and I don’t know if I can get that anywhere else.” (Lord, you can just see the words hitting her like a ton of bricks.) It doesn’t seem meant to be, however. Lizzie’s so messed up that, when Mika catches her feeding a mouse to the walker on the tracks, she considers becoming a walker herself in order to make everyone understand that they’re not monsters, they’re just different. And for a second, it looks as if she might let the walker bite her, too. But her nonsense is interrupted by a pack of walkers still smoking from that nearby fire. There are so many of them, and they are coming so quickly (well, for walkers), that even she helps Tyreese, Carol and Mika shoot them down.

UNHAPPY HAUNTING | Thinking that Lizzie now gets it (if only!), Carol, too, begins to contemplate making a go of it at the grove. If only she didn’t have that terrible secret hanging over her head… The guilt she feels over killing Karen (and what’s-his-name) almost overwhelms her when Tyreese admits to her that he has nightmares about a stranger murdering his girlfriend. “Tyreese… ” she begins, and we think a confession is coming, but it doesn’t. Instead, she offers comfort, and not guessing the reason for her tears, he assures her, “You did right by everyone,” and pulls her into a heartbreaking embrace. And that’s when things get REALLY dreadful. When Tyreese and Carol return to the house, they discover that Lizzie has murdered – MURDERED! – her sister. It’s okay, though, she says, because she didn’t hurt Mika’s brain. This way, she can come back and teach them all about how lovely it is to be a walker. “Judith can change, too,” she suggests. Needless to say, once Carol has taken the gun away from Lizzie and sent her inside with Tyreese, she has a well-deserved breakdown.

JUDGMENT DAY | Reeling, Tyreese wonders aloud whether Lizzie also killed Karen (and that other guy). But Carol points out that she would have let them turn into walkers, not burned them. WTH are they going to do? Carol offers to leave with Lizzie – she certainly can’t be anywhere near Judith. Trouble is, Tyreese and the baby couldn’t make it on their own. Really, this leaves just one awful option. So, as Tyreese watches from a window, Carol takes Lizzie outside. Poor crazy thing thinks Carol’s mad at her for holding a gun on her to make sure they let Mika turn. She doesn’t get that she’s in trouble because she killed her sister. Let’s pick a bouquet for when Mika wakes up, Carol suggests. “Just look at the flowers.” And, while Lizzie’s back is turned, Carol shoots her. That night, as she and Tyreese sit across from one another, utterly shell-shocked, she pushes a gun toward him and quietly admits that she killed his girlfriend. “Do what you have to do,” she says. He grips the rickety table and asks if Karen suffered, if she was scared, and wraps his fingers around the weapon. “Do what you have to do,” Carol says again after answering his questions. But rather than take vengeance, Tyreese says, “I forgive you.” And, at last, we get to draw our first breath since this scene began! After what’s transpired at this place, though, they can’t stay. So once again, off they head down the tracks to Terminus… right past the walker that Lizzie wouldn’t let Tyreese kill.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that Tyreese didn’t kill Carol? Hit the comments!

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  1. Jared says:

    OMG OMG! The actress playing Carol needs and Emmy!

    • Jared says:

      and** too excited…

    • omar says:

      Yep! She needs one! Performer of the WEEK!

      I knew how they were following (kind of) the storyline from the comic. With Billy and Ben. They were 8 and twins brothers. Ben said “Don’t worry, he’s going to come back. I didn’t hurt his brains” to Andrea after he slaughtered Billy. After that Carl killed Ben.

    • adam says:

      She deserves it so much!

    • Annie says:

      Melissa McBride killed it. (Pun intended.) I just can’t even. I have lost the ability to even. But I am calling dibs on “Twisted Lizzie” for my band name.

    • Walkr says:

      Lizzy lizzy with an axe…..

      OMG What an episode. I almost even didn’t mind that Darryl was not in this one because it was so amazing.

      Carol is so amazing and beautiful with her hair and eyes so steely and she is so strong, and now she and Tyreese are so raw and honest and will work as a team to take care of baby Judith!

      Holy cow. I am almost speechless … Is it Sunday yet?

      • Sophia B. says:

        Love Caro also. She is the best. I hope that she is nominated for an Emmy for this show.

        • Walkr says:

          I’m glad I read the board… I never even associated the fire with Darryl and Beth’s moonshine cabin. Nice tie in. I wonder about all the people asking the same questions over and over again… are they trying to be annoying or just not paying attention? Did they not watch the beginning of the episode when it showed the graves already at the house? Sheesh…. be off with ye nonobservant people… quit filling up the board!

          • Es Verdad says:

            Give it a break yourself walkr…I have already acknowledged 4 times to each of the comments explaining the fact that baby grave was already there. What is with people and their need to seem superior. MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • why did they kill lizze and she is crazy for kiling her sister in the MOVIE

          • Walkr says:

            They had to kill her. They could no trust her around people any longer. She was broken, poor thing. She would have continued to attract walkers by feeding them and wanting to bond with them. I think that Carol showed great empathy for her by doing what she did. She did not understand life and death anymore. She is a product of her times and unfortunately it broke her.

            I think some people either get this show or they don’t. You know who you are. :)

      • Wolfshade says:

        I saw 3 graves at the end. Why were there 3 graves at the end and who’s carrying Judith? Tyresee on his back?

        • Cheli says:

          I assumed Tyrese had Judith in the baby pack. The graves were of the former house occupants.

        • one was the sister mika and the atother one was lizze thired one was a baby

        • This is what I was wondering!!! I saw them walking away but did not see either one with the baby! Not on their back OR carrying her 0.0!

          • Es Verdad says:

            Watch out Wolfshade & Susanne, I asked this question right after the episode I had a few polite answers like from Jessie explaining that in “Talking Dead” it was discussed that at very end baby Judith “prop” was bundled but just not big enough to really see well. Also Mica & Lizzy were talking about the baby grave when they were sitting outside at the beginning so that grave was there when they arrived. But there are others who will bite your head off for asking this again. Just push your control and F button then type “Judith” in so you’ll see many asked.

    • Ty Yee says:

      I agree. This was the best episode of the Season. Kudos to Carol and to the whole, am I shocked that Ty didn’t kill Carol – Not really. Tyrese is a gentle giant. His size is scary but his demeanor, not so much, he’s too nice.

      • Someone’s size is scarey??? Hmmmm, he’s shorter than Rick…is Rick scarey too?? How about the Govenor, he’s tall, would you automatically trust him, or refer to him as a gentle giant+?

    • Peyton says:

      The Actresses’ name is Melissa Suzanne McBride.

    • Christina says:

      I agree!! Carol is one of the best characters this show offers and Melissa McBride is an award worthy actress.

      • Sophia B. says:

        I second that, one of if not the best show all season. I do hope that she has even a bigger role next season. I hope the show or who ever is in charge summits her for an Emmy. I’m proud to call her a fellow Kentuckian.

  2. liz says:

    Good episode but I’m still not digging the episodes focused on one group at a time. Thus back eight feels like a bit if a rip off..imo.

    • Jessa says:

      I get that. I like the exploration of the characters but it feels like we are getting too deep with too many characters at once and it’s costing us momentum of the actual storyline.

      • alistaircrane says:

        What storyline? It’s not like there is some narrative goal or endgame like with most shows. These characters are just trying to survive.

        • redneckgenius says:

          Well, to be honest it is a television show and by definition it is supposed to have a storyline. Just saying. :)

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      I’m totally loving this season & feel it is miles ahead of anything come before because it is so character-focused & the writing & acting & mood compel me to watch…I’ve gotten to really care about these folks & the darkness & zombies emerging as wildcard threats is just amazing to me (after several seasons that kind of plodded along from action climax to creative zombie stomping) to being something more like watching well-told, nuanced literature that keeps me riveted…as long as this rich story/character drama can continue in this mode it finally is achieving greatness

    • carrabus says:

      I think this season is a nice break from the carl-rick show. I like all the development with these characters. This episode was very well done.

  3. Tony says:

    What is there to say other than this went to levels of dark I didn’t think it could. And that’s saying something for this show

    • JB says:

      Agree Completely. For me, it was completely uncomfortable to watch.

      • Donna says:

        I think that was the point. We were supposed to be uncomfortable. Supposed to feel the anguish that Carol feels, even though I can’t see any way they could have done differently. Lizzie was just about to kill Judith when they got there. This is the reality of this world, one person cannot make it alone with a baby to care for, and that girl was broken. I wonder if the crazy started before the zombies or was a result of the zombies.

        • Lilly says:

          I agree. And though Mika was starting to grow on me and I hated she had to die, it really was the only way to justify killing Lizzie. Of course, they could have had her kill Judith, but that truly WOULD have gone too, too far.
          We all knew this was coming–it was just a matter of what sort of damage Lizzie would do before someone took action. It could have been done in a couple of episodes by a new or tough-guy character. But having it happen the way it did, in the “family” setting with Carol and Tyreese thinking about settling in that house…. Even the fact that “the man” didn’t do the deed; it had to be Carol, the woman – in light of her history (and in no small part, Tyreese’s –because it’s well known he doesn’t like to kill even walkers). Oh, the ironies! The writing really was brilliant on so many levels.

    • Teag says:

      Don’t worry. It’ll be light again soon… then really dark.

    • cjeffery7 says:

      you took the words right out my mouth.

      • Lilly says:

        I agree, but we’ve known for a while now SOMEthing would have to happen, right? I mean, at the very least we saw her slice up those bunnies in the woods, and cover Judith’s mouth for a bit too long that time. I’m curious what you were thinking would eventually happen to Lizzie (not being sarcastic)? Or were you just not letting your mind go there?

        • cjeffery7 says:

          well for one, i never really understood in the first place just how messed up Lizzie was in the head. i suppose at best i thought if she could befriend Carl and he might be able to knock some sense into her, being a peer and all. it never even remotely occurred to me that a child would be so messed up by this apocalypse that her caretakers would have to put her down like an animal. carl & judith have made it this far, the world’s gotta repopulate, killing kids is pretty taboo on television, much less in such a graphic way (though i noticed they did intentionally obscure Mika’s wounds)… that sh*t was just DARK.

        • redneckgenius says:

          With Lizzie killing the the rats and leaving them for the walkers to eat she had already started to slip down into a sort of psychotic state. Then we saw her butcher the baby bunnies and when she was trying to keep Baby Judith quite so the walkers didn’t hear, she just zoned out and her eyes went dead as she almost smothered Judith to death. Even when Mika discharged her gun Lizzy didn’t flinch! I wonder what Carol saw when she walked onto the scene?

  4. Evan says:

    Wow. Best episode of the season and best episode in quite a long time.

  5. prairiegrl says:

    Holy F*/Ç!

  6. Jack E. says:

    “Of Mice and Zombies”

  7. yes yes says:


  8. A. D. says:

    That was one messed up episode…now if Tyrese would’ve offed Carol, I’d have been happy as she is a BORE!

  9. prairiegrl says:

    Best episode by far! The little girl who played Lizzie also deserves an Emmy. She freaked me out!

  10. L says:

    It really feels like the producers were trying to save a lot of money this season by not paying most of the cast for every episode of the second half… feels like the story is moving at a glacial pace, which is the opposite of what the producers had said on talking dead about a lot happening the second half of the season…

    • Nicole says:

      I like these episodes. We have learned more about each character in each episode then an entire season and it gives them time for each actor to shine.

      • Isaac Hunt says:

        I agree, the pacing is slower, but it gives us a chance to get to know characters who aren’t Rick and Carl :). I was pretty disappointed with the first half of this season, but have been impressed with the second half so far. Last night’s episode was one of the best I have seen in a long time, I did not have high hopes for it but I’m happy I was proved wrong.

        • l says:

          I get your point and yea its good to have some character episodes.. but my problem with it is that only a couple of episodes remain this season and it feels like many characters have just disappeared.. I want to know what has happened to them… so I would have prefered if they had combined some of the episodes so that we can see whats going on with the other people.. Hopefully they all get back together at the end at Terminus.. but if the next episode if just Daryl and the gang its gonna be really annoying.

          • Lilly says:

            I agree with you, L. I have enjoyed getting more invested in the “smaller” characters this season – yet, I’ve missed the characters we’ve NOT seen any given week. I’m feeling the tension, though, knowing we have only two more episodes and everyone appears to be SO FAR APART! More and more, I think the season finale is going to be the biggest cliff hanger ever. And then we have to wait until OCTOBER (I’m assuming) for another fix!! OMG, I’m going through withdrawal already!!!

          • Lilly says:

            Actually, that reply was to I, not L (goodness, can you people be more imaginative in inventing your online names?!).
            For the record: I do NOT agree with L regarding TWD trying to save money by doing these back 8 episodes with smaller groups of people.

          • Becky says:

            The cool part about feeling like the characters have disappeared is that you feel that way. It puts us in the mindset of searching and wondering. Helps involve and connect us emotionally to the story. But, of course I miss the group as a group too.

    • TLD says:

      Actors in the main cast get paid whether they’re in the episode or not – of they’re listed in the credits even if they don’t appear, it mesns that they’re “main cast.” They have contracts that cover every episode they’re credited in.

  11. Teeny Bikini says:

    Holy crap! Best episode this season…

  12. JP says:

    Utter amazement.. This episode was one of the darkest things I have ever seen on TV.. Wow.. Cannot believe what I just saw… And to touch on someone’s thread from
    Above, but I think I may be in the minority when I say that I like this small group episodes.. It’s gives each character their own perspective.. This show is not all about the “zombie kill of the week.” It’s about the human psyche and human condition on what it meads to survive.. What is life when you face death daily? Is humanity gone? Is there morality? Tonight’s episode showed us, something that could be so wrong (ie killing a child in cold blood) was absolutely the right thing to do)… Kudos to the Walking dead.. Amazed

  13. Philip says:

    TVLine, I think you have your “TV Performer Of The Week” in Melissa McBride

  14. Not Sarah Wayne Callies says:

    Best episode of the season. Incredible work by Melissa McBride and Chad Coleman. Melissa deserves TWD’s first acting Emmy Nom.

  15. Relaxxx says:

    WOW We all knew Lizzie was crazy but man oh man fantastic episode well acted and written Im no Carol cheerleader but I saw this episode as her road to redemption I got teary eyed when her n Tyrese sat at the table after the deed was done Chad Coleman and Melissa Mcbribe killed it they were crying holding the table for strength the confession n Tyrese forgiving her n them leaving n moving forward with Judith Im bummed about no Rick Michonne n Carl its been like four weeks man come on show

    • Lilly says:

      I’m with you about Carol. I’m one of the people who agreed with Rick’s decision to banish Carol (and btw was RIGHT that she wasn’t covering for Lizzie) and really didn’t care if she came back. But tonight she did partially redeem herself in my eyes. The fact that she expressed grief over the pain her actions caused Tyrese – and the difficulty she had killing Lizzie – showed she still has a heart. Still don’t trust her completely because she hasn’t changed the fact that she believes she can act on her own if she believes she’s doing what’s best (note she didn’t apologize for killing Karen; she just owned up to doing it to the man who cared the most).

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I agree. This episode (and plot with Lizzie/Sister) was obviously the TV adaptation of the Comics which had a (SPOILERS) prison be the psycho that cut up the girls into pieces/decapitate them in the prison in the barbers office. Great episode….still think Carol is to blame for some of this stuff but i cant say i totally disagree with her decisions.

      All i can help thinking with those girls was this is why pro-gun pro-hunting people teach their kids how to handle guns and know when to take a human/animal life…you cant just not shoot the deer and say “we got peaches” cause the deer meat could be the difference between life and death at some point. Same with wasting ammo having kids help shoot and 2 outta every 3 bullets missing or being body shots. (Same with Carol & Tyresse though…WTF…at 15 feet away every other shot was to the body)

  16. Beth says:

    This episode shockingly made me think Carol has not gone as cold as I thought. Her tears and anguish made that clear, as well as telling Tyrese the truth finally. She also made the best decision for Judith.

  17. jonathan says:

    as an added bonus, did anyone see what was just revealed on TTD? The puzzle scene just got so much boost! This was a damn good episode!

  18. Derek Johnson says:

    Going to be one of the most controversial episodes of the Walking Dead, obviously. Honestly, I think they maybe shouldn’t have gone their, although I liked the idea that they were exploring with Lizzie and her passive view of the walkers. I really do have a problem with the soft-parenting attitude that Carol took when Lizzie was messing around with the walkers. She’s soft there, but then she has to kill Lizzie? And it did feel like Tyrese was strangely absent, even though he was present. And I don’t know if I buy the fact that Tyrese just forgave Carol and it’s in the past. Still, this episode pushed the story forward, which is more than I can say for a lot of the episodes over this past season and a half.

    • Amy says:

      I believe Tyrese had just made a joint decision with Carol that Lizzie had to be killed because she was a psychopath who couldn’t be around others, especially Judith. It was for the safety of everyone. Maybe that’s what made him understand what Carol did at the prison. Plus, he’s a good man.

      • Oh dear! My surprise blunted by all the leaks and spoilers because Virgin Media released this episode early by mistake! Great acting by Chad and Melissa! And I still am not sure that Lizzie didn’t kill Karen and that guy but now it doesn’t matter, does it. I still disagree with Rick banishing Carol and I think that viewers who JUDGE by current values are ridiculously stupid because values from today do NOT apply after the Zombie Apocalypse! However, I am so bored with this second half of the season that this is the only episode that I did not nod off watching. Character development is one thing but hours walking around thick woods and Daryl opening a door through which anyone could see the wild eyes of zombies last week is getting more annoying and pointless. So I figure that Beth is being eaten or tortured sexually by some group of loonies proving that there are no good people left and that Daryl has had so much screen time that he is going to be killed off too or we are going to be left with the season finale with Daryll’s death as the cliffhanger. At either point, I am done watching this show! Carol is my favourite female character and Daryl my favourite character period male or female. So now that I am going to have to listen to endless damnation of Carol and watch Daryl get killed I am pretty much done. But what did Tyresse mean by “I forgive you but I don’t forget”???? Seriously now, BBC and CNN reports about the missing Malaysian aircraft and the dozens of conspiracy theories are now much more interesting that silly psycho kids and plodding plots and episodes.

  19. Jessa says:

    Hands down, best episode of the back 8 for The Walking Dead this far. This was dark, twisted, beautifully acted and brilliant. Playing layers upon layers of parallels to earlier incidents in the show & showing how the characters have changed, especially CAROL. God, this was fantastic. THIS is what greatness the show is capable of!

  20. Todd says:

    My mind is blown! I did not see that coming!

  21. Anyone notice Tyrese’s reaction of Lizzie killing Mica? He’s like…this bi*** is cray cray!

    • jessie says:

      yeah i noticed it he just didnt know what to think do or say

    • Bdmnky says:

      After the episode I was stunned! I figured Tyrese was going to off Carol after her confession but its amazing how even though you dont pull the trigger of the gun not doing anything has the same weight of guilt whether or not its for the benefit of the group!

  22. alistaircrane says:

    Melissa McBride is so good. Say what you will about this season as a whole, but they have finally given her some juicy material to work with.

  23. Sick sick sick writers! Good grief, just a bit too far.

    • Lilly says:

      Why, Smitty? Because a psycho character turned out to be a child? Or because adults – with no mental health system to help them – had to take care of a situation to protect themselves and a baby? It WOULD have been “too far” if they hadn’t taken the time to address the sad nature of what had to be done. If Carol and Tyrese had felt no remorse about the situation. But this is, after all, an apocalypse, where life-and-death decision exist that we don’t have to face. That’s why I watch this show. When I’ll quit watching is when they get to the point where there are no more people like Beth who believe in good and Tyrese who still struggles with killing. Where our “heroes” are all broken like Lizzie was (and I think Carol is close to becoming). But the gut-wrenching choice she had to make tonight was admirable and also showed that she still has a soul.

      • The exposition they were going for could have been without kids that young. Period. Yeah, it’s a fairy tale apocalypse and you better wear your grown up pants when sitting down in front of this show. But we’re not living in the apocalypse (although I wonder at times). Period.

        • Two more cents: and Carol and Tyrese suck as parents letting children that young alone IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! I mean, if you want to get real….

          • Crazy, man says:

            Their decision happened too quickly and I suppose it was done to move the plot along but in reality, they did have other options. How about tie the kid up with rope at night? Never leave her alone with Judith? Funny how nobody is questioning their snap decision to kill a child. But, then the writers would have to continue to include this in the plot and obviously they did not find that interesting enough.

          • April says:

            Really Crazy,man? Tie her up with a rope at night? Every night? For the rest of her life? What happens during the day? Do you think Lizzy would just go along with things and play nice and do her chores knowing that they would tie her up again? Not a chance. What’s to stop her from doing crazy stuff during the day? If she could never be left alone and never be trusted then she was an incredible liability and a threat to any other human being she would ever meet.

        • Lilly says:

          You know, Smitty, I don’t disagree with you. It does say something about our society (and maybe me) that this isn’t more shocking than it is – even for an apocalyptic fantasy show like TWD. On the other hand, it can make you realize that even in reality families deal with real evil in children, not just adults. It makes it even harder that Lizzie didn’t realize she was “broken”; she didn’t seem to enjoy what she did. But there are kids her age in real life who DO kill rabbits and have to be “dealt with” in our own society. Many of them are ignored until they get old enough to carry a gun into a school and shoot innocent people. In a sick sort of way, Carol and Tyrese had the easier choice. They will live with having to kill Lizzie, yes, but they can move on. Families that deal with evil children in today’s world live with it for years and years. Sorry … just rambling thoughts. But that truly is why I love this show. It makes me think!

          • Dead says:

            I agree with this. I normally don’t like seeing innocent children being killed in shows. I think it sends the wrong message. That being said, Carol did Lizzie the greatest service (aside from finding her a priest). Lizzie was afflicted. Whether it was mental or spiritual, Carol and Tyrese did not have the resources to deal with the condition. Lizzie’s morbid behavior was a HUGE liability (we saw what happened during the Woodberry outbreak), and it was only getting worse. Lizzie might have been confused about zombies, but she understood what she did to her sister. Carol wasn’t necessarily going to kill her. It was when she realized that Lizzie had no remorse for her action (she thought Carol was mad about the gun) that she actually pulled the pistol. Carol understood the danger, and made a calculated decision. Lizzie would have never been able to cope with what she had done to here sister, and would have turned into a complete monster. The girl could not be trusted around people. Without people you have no protection from bandits. The only alternative would have been to march her out to the zombies, which was what Lizzie wanted (and would have done eventually). The girl had a death wish. Carol just made it less grizzly.

          • Dead says:

            I am guessing Lizzie is the one who caused the prison outbreak, as well. The mysterious person who opened the back door.

          • JLB says:

            Very well said, Lilly, I totally agree. @Dead, Lizzie wasn’t an innocent child. She was a head-case that had just killed her sister. And who would the writers be sending the wrong message to, BTW? I assume the audience for this show is comprised of adults who understand what and why this had to happen, not children for whom this WOULD be a wrong message. I also don’t understand your comment about mental or spiritual; Lizzie was psycho, no buts about it, and it certainly had nothing to do with spirituality. She already was a complete monster. And I disagree that Carol wasn’t necessarily going to kill her. Why else do you think she took her on that little walk? It certainly wasn’t for a bit of girl talk and a stern tongue-lashing to straighten her out. Lizzie did not understand the ramifications of what she did to her sister and was sure everyone would understand her actions when Mika returned to life, as a zombie, but still alive. There are a couple of things I do agree with you about. Lizzie could not be trusted around people and she caused the prison outbreak. BTW, it’s grisly, not grizzly, which is a bear.

        • Lara says:

          This is actually a story line that was adapted from the comics. In the comic it was a pair of twin boys where one of them snapped. After witnessing so many horrific things… in the comic the prison story arc ended in a horrific blood bath that was more than just Hershel. (Actually a quarter of the cast still in the show were dead already in the comics..) This was the story line about the weight of this world on a child’s psyche when it isn’t capable of adapting. Not everyone can be Beth or Carl. This story is never about sunshine or rainbows.. or the light at the beginning of the day. To quote Robert Kirkman “it’s about punching Rick Grimes in the face… repeatedly.”

        • This show has to push The limit. There is so much precedence already on TV to justify last nights ep getting past the censors. Dangerous kids recurs as a theme on the L&O shows all the time. No one actually died on screen. It was dark, but it being The Walking Dead, which is a brutal conic and that’s its legacy, It had to push the boundaries of decency. Especially after Judith lived. The show can’t please everyone all the time. Personally, I found the whole controversial episode well done, and the controversial topic well handled.

        • Annie says:

          No, I really don’t think it could have been – and in no way would I call this “exposition,” in any sense of that word. This was pure character/plot development. And the fact that it was a child was crucial to the arc.

          • Sophia B. says:

            Yes, it was very crucial to the story. And this is not the first child that has been killed on TWD. Even though both children had turned and done by Rick which I find very interesting.

      • jessie says:

        lilly i agree that was very well said

    • JLB says:

      Oh, for crying out loud, this show isn’t little house on the prairie. There is no way they could have found a workable solution to manage a socio-/psychopathic child who has no moral center, especially when they have Judith to care for. Every action, every day is about survival and making decisions to ensure the best outcome for the group. This was one of those decisions.

      • Sophia B. says:

        So true. What where they going to do take her to the nearest psychiatric hospital. Keep watch on her 24/7. Leave her behind hoping that she will not kill other people who might come in contact with her. Or should they have aloud her to have killed Judith, because she said that is what she had planed to do next, but they came back before she could do it. She even told Carol after Carol killed tag zombie that she would kill her and even drew her gun on Carol. None of them where options in the situation they are in now, so they did the only thing that was left for them to do. So what would you have done, Handsome Smitty?

    • Charlibear says:

      They took this out of the comics with Ben and Billy. The difference is (other than these are girls) is Carl was the one who executed Ben after Ben killed Billy. They even took the line right out of the comics about not hurting the brain so he’ll come back

  24. cmincks says:

    Everyone was absolutely fantastic in this episode! Melissa just blew me away! She deserves all of the awards but lets start with TV Lines Performer of the Week!!

  25. yinchi says:

    Did anyone else notice or was it just me that, at the end neither tyreese or carol was carrying judith? maybe im missing something, but did they leave judith behind?

    • Elle says:

      Tyreese had her, she was on his back under a blanket. That way she’s out of sight, and they keep their hands free if they need to defend themselves.

      • jessie says:

        oh is that where she was cause i saw the blanket but no judith and i was wonderin where she was

        • Es Verdad says:

          I agree, why didn’t anyone see the grave with the baby shoes hanging from the cross? Tyreese and Carol killed the baby Judith?

          • Cool. says:

            Carol was carrying Judith in the front, you can’t really see her front too well in the shots of them walking away, but she’s there in a sling. The baby shoes were from a grave that was there before they arrived, Lizzie and Mica commented on it when they were sitting on the porch outside while Carol and Tyrese cleared the house and then Mica shot the walker who came out.

          • Es Verdad says:

            okeedokee. good to know.

          • tamihagglund says:

            No, she was under a blanket on Tyreese’s back. This probably is, in filming terms, so they don’t have to film as many scenes with an actual fussy human baby. When an episode has this many scenes with a baby they probably had to minimize needing the twins (I think) who play her. In show terms, Judith can sleep under the blanket, plus if they have to fight off walkers there’s a layer of protection for the baby.

          • Mo says:

            The grave with baby shoes was at the house when they got there. Mika thought that was why Lizzy was upset when they were sitting outside waiting on Tyreese and Carol to clear the house before they went in. Plus they confirmed on Talking Dead that Tyreese had Judith in a baby backpack.

          • Es Verdad says:

            Thanks, that’s a relief. phew.

    • Jessica says:

      I thought the same thing

      • Andrey says:

        they showed a full frontal shot of tyrese and carol walking and there was no sling on carol. and i thought the same thing that Judith was on tyrese’s back, but if you look at the scene where you see the two of them walking out on the tracks in front of the fallen walker, you will see that the pack on tyres’s back is way too thin to be carying a baby. he might fit a couple newspapers in there, it’s just like the episode with darril and beth…. the whole show she was walking around with a cellphone in her left back pocket of her jeans

        • JLB says:

          Yeah, Carol had no sling, I don’t know what Cool saw. The Talking Dead confirmed what I thought I saw. A papoose holding Judith slung on the back of Tyreese.

    • NotTheSame says:

      She’s in the baby sling that Carol was wearing on her back earlier in the episode and which Tyreese was wearing later in the closing.

  26. Phil Holmes says:

    That was one of the best, most gut wrenching hours of television I’ve ever seen!! The Walking Dead is a pure example of how great writing and acting can lead to you, the viewer, looking yourself in the mirror and asking “What would I do in that position?” “Could I bring myself to kill a child, under any circumstance?” The show achieves that ultimate goal of great storytelling of making you put yourself in the character’s shoes! Best TWD episode to date, and there have been some good ones.

  27. jessie says:

    omg tonights episode was good but kinda sad. i am glad that lizzie is dead but i hate that carol had to do it but she did the right thing. now i know i was right bout lizzie feeding the walkers but i was wrong thinking she killed karen and david. i was right bout her being a killer though i just hate she killed mika and was about to kill judith, thankfully carol and tyreese kept her from doing that. i feel so bad for carol she really had it hard 2nite. i am so glad that tyreese forgave carol for killing karen. at least now its not on her concience and they still have one lil one with them. cant wait for the next 2 episodes

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      was sure Carol wasn’t going to last this whole episode (this show isn’t always very supportive of its women regulars )and am so relieved she has a way forward – love Carol and Melissa McBride and after an absence was so fan-struck to see her back in the picture – and I’m really curious about the Carol/Tyreese and Darryl/Beth storylines

  28. Relaxxx says:

    LILLY Your right I dont recall Carol even apologizing to Tyrese for killing Karen n David I think she just chalks it up to doing what she felt needed to be done the question is what happens if like Daryl Tyrese Carl or Judith starts spitting up blood would she kill them too n thats a question that Rick was proberbly thinking when he said he does not trust her with his kids Tyrese forgives her but how would Rick or Michonne react to her killings Michonne is so protective of Judith Carl Rick and Daryl n I dont think she knows about the killings yet it will also be interesting to see the groups reaction to Tara as well

    • jessie says:

      im also curious to see how they react to tara especially maggie

    • alistaircrane says:

      Carol doesn’t need to apologize because she didn’t do anything wrong. She made the best choice for the good of the group.

      • jessie says:

        i think she should make sure everyone knows her reason 4 killing them was to protect everyone else so they can understand and not think she is crazy

      • Lilly says:

        Well, we can agree to disagree on that old argument, Alistaircrane. I believe there is a big difference in what Carol did for Lizzie (and Judith and Tyreese), and the arbitrary nature of what she did by killing Karen and David – IN THEIR SLEEP – when there were so many other people at the prison who should have had a say in the situation. They didn’t even know for certain what they were facing with the sickness. Even though I agree with what she did for Lizzie, she didn’t exactly shoot Lizzie outright or slit her throat in her sleep (which I argue is the equivalent of what she did to Karen & David). This time, she and Tyreese came to a decision together. Are we supposed to just accept Carol’s decisions because Karen was an adult? But because Lizzie was a child, THAT’S why Carol needed to discuss things first? She had no right to do what she did to Karen and David, IMO, and I STILL don’t trust Carol not to make arbitrary decisions in the future because what she does evidently is a-okay as long as it’s for the right reason. Which is why I think Rick did the right thing by banishing her.

  29. Snow says:

    Did anyone else think that the fire was Beth and Darel burning that house in the woods?

  30. jordan says:

    I still don’t get why the girl would kill her sister!!!..
    She is crazy not happy that they were killed off though I liked Mika and was not to happy

    But good episode I guess :(

    • Snow says:

      She thought she would come back because she dint hurt her brain and tell everyone that walkers were just different

      • jessie says:

        she also says that she can hear the walkers anyone else hear her tell mika that? she thought mika would just wake up and be like she was b4 and not try to kill anyone and prove to them what lizzie thinks and how she sees them

  31. Savannah says:

    Uhmm… when they were walking away at the end of the episode…. carol and tyreese disnt have the baby?!?!?!?

  32. Cameron says:

    Am I the only one when is wondering where Judith is as Carol & Tyrese walk away from the house?

    • jessie says:

      tyreese has judith on his back covered with a blanket. earlieir on the tracks when they were all walking 2gether carol had her on her back this time she is just covered. i watched the episode twice 2 make sure cause i was freakin over that thought that they may’ve killed her 2 or left her behind

      • Es Verdad says:

        @Jessie – Great possibility Tyreese & Carol killed Judith, watch the episode end as they pan over the graves, there are some baby shoes hanging from one of the crosses! I’m not kidding, look at the ending again…and I didn’t see any bundle in their arms or on either of their backs resembling a baby.

    • Mikey says:

      No, it’s not just you wondering aboutthe baby. I rewound that scene about 10 times and neither Carol nor Tyreese appeared to be acrrying a baby. No baby sling in front of either of them, and no baby on their backs.

      I suppose an argument could be made that she was in the little white bag on Ty’s back, but that thing was rather flat to have a baby in it. (I suppose she could also be in that diaper bag Carol’s casually slinging back and forth.) But if that were the case, what’s the significance of showing the little bronzed shoes on the grave? Also, if you watch the episode again, you’ll notice that when Carol is digging the grave and carrying out what is presumably Lizzie, there’s a wrapped bundle on the ground that’s about the size of a baby (Judith maybe?), but it’s not moving or making any noise.

      On the other hand, when they show the graves at the end of the episode, the area where Carol was digging only has what looks like two fresh graves (and with flowers on them instead of crosses).

      In short, I’m guessing that Judith is still alive and that the producers just did a poor job of showing the audience that the baby was still alive and kicking (and that the graves with the crosses were pre-existing).

      • the girl says:

        They confirmed on Talking Dead that Tyreese was carrying Judith on his back. However under the blanket probably wasn’t the actual baby, but a fake form meant to simulate a baby, so the child playing Judith could get rest or be off-screen.

        • Lilly says:

          I knew from TTD that Judith was on Tyreese’s back. And it goes without saying they wouldn’t waste efforts putting a live baby in a knapsack like that when it wasn’t necessary for the scene. That said, I think the prop master needs a lesson in what a 20-pound baby would LOOK like in a back harness like that. It certainly was NOT large enough and has obviously led to some confusion here!!!

          • Es Verdad says:

            Ageed Lizzy. (also ty for giving civil explanations and not yelling at people who ask)
            I didn’t watch the talk with cast members show after the episode, was distracted, so like many others I didn’t hear the confirmation of baby Judith’s whereabouts. Prop dude should’ve had something bigger on Tyreece’s back with maybe a baby arm or something. Maybe a pop-up bubble pointing at his back saying “HERE IS THE FRIGG’N BABY JUDITH!!” That would’ve helped those of us who wondered. lol

        • Sophia B. says:

          Well they did scare the heck out the baby when the walker feel over the porch railing. I think she needed a break.

  33. igo says:

    Is judith alive? I didn’t exactly see her at the of the episode

  34. igo says:

    Is judith alive? I didn’t exactly see her at the end of the episode

    • jessie says:

      she is alive on tyreeses back covered with a blanket plus on talking dead carol says she is. its just really really hard to tell who has her

      • Es Verdad says:

        Ok, I think Tyreese & Carol killed Judith, watch the episode end as they pan over the graves, there are some baby shoes hanging from one of the crosses! I’m not kidding, look at the ending again…and I didn’t see any bundle on either of their back resembling a baby.

        • seattlejohn449 says:

          you have entered this comment several times already…check out today’s The Hollywood Reporter online and read the headline story/interview with Carol/Melissa and she explains that Judith is alive and with her and Tyreese…were the shoes maybe Carol’s little girls’ and left on the grave to symbolize Carol moving forward into a new phase – and also symbolizing the old world before the sisters died trying to be ordinary girls in a hostile, unordinary world?

          • April says:

            The grave with the shoes was already at the house before they even got there. Watch the scene when Carol and Tyreese go inside to clear the house and the two girls are left outside. Lizzy is looking at the grave with the baby shoes and her sister says “is that why you are so upset. Because it was a baby?”

    • JLB says:

      This has been explained in several previous comments. Doesn’t anyone read earlier comments before they post a question like this?

  35. Dan says:

    To bad they didn’t kill her earlier before the good sister died.. Happy Judith hasn’t gotten it.. Would be nice to watch a real episode not 6 groups broken up into individual episodes, they need to reunite, 2 groups at most.

  36. Heather says:

    They had Judith. She’s strapped to Tyrese’s back but covered up.

    All I can say is wow. It was uncomfortable and creepy. Incredible acting for all those involved. I didn’t see that twist with the sisters.

  37. 1humbleopinion says:

    Undeniably the best episode of this season. Melissa McBride earned herself an Emmy nomination tonight, for sure. Unbelievably intense. Uncomfortably disturbing. And every tortured moment, and internal conflict played out across her face. She was brilliant. As for the structure of this season, it’s actually allowing the writers to dig deep into the characters histories, motivations and emotional complexities of this diverse cast. And its doing so in ways we were never able to achieve in prior seasons when almost every scene featured six actors with two lines each.

    The overarching arch is the journey to Terminus which will bring many of them back together. I’m kinda loving this season.

  38. Lj weber says:

    Very sad that we now know children cannot survive this. Where is the hope? This is yes entertainment however the hope for the race is falling away. It’s one thing when walkers take children but I was seeing a twisted imagination in the writers that was looking for ratings inside of the human approach. You had one sister taking another?! You embedded today’s twisted world and put it into another. I am left with a feeling it was taken too far for ratings sake and left people wondering where and when will you decide that the humans will just be gone once and for all. Maybe this is happening for a reason…..’Believe’ has come just in time! I did enjoy the show and it’s time to move forward to a better hope!

    • Dav says:

      Who says children cannot survive? Carl seems to be doing OK and there are we have seen other children who are doing fine. (well, as fine as they can be under the circumstances.) This episode showed the horrible, dark side of what could happen but it is not representative of the world as a whole.

    • xK says:

      I don’t think it had anything to do with ratings. It’s a very similar to the comic, and that storyline ended in 2009. The show is about survival, and survival means making very difficult decisions.

    • JLB says:

      Some children are surviving in this apocalyptic time but there’s not a lot of room for socio-/psychopathic children in this new world. Very sad that Mika had to die and her nutbag sister showed absolutely no remorse for killing her. I don’t think this episode had anything to do with garnering ratings; rather following the comic story line. This isn’t Family Ties. Maybe you should be watching something else that doesn’t offend your delicate sensibilities. Just sayin’.

  39. DavidSask says:

    I was not shocked only that all of them were killed at once, it made sense though can’t defend or feed on own so had to happen!

  40. sammy says:

    WYF is baby Judith is dead? Why were there three graves, one with a pair of baby shoes?

    • jessie says:

      the baby grave was already there when they got there when mika and lizza were sitting outside in the chairs with judith waiting for carol and tyreese to clear the house they were looking at it mika even commented bout it to lizzie

    • Es Verdad says:

      Thank you Sammy, I saw the same. wish I wouldn’t have missed the post commentary show. Did anyone watch it and did they discuss the riddle of Judith? Alive or dead? Why would they do that? bizarre episode.

  41. jessie says:

    this episode made me tear up when i saw that lizzie had killed mika and poor carolt had to kill lizzie which was the right thing to do and shoulda been done a long time ago, it was hard to watch though as a mother of 3 kids ages ten 6 and 4 i couldnt imagine killing a kid and you could see carols pain in doing it. it seemed like carol wanted to be punished the way she handed tyreese the gun then confessed. it was like she felt she deserved to die for not protecting sophia or mika and for killing karen and david and even lizzie i am so glad tyreese forgave her so maybe she can start to forgive herself

  42. Kc says:

    For people saying this moving slow… Moving slow to where? It’s about surviving. There is no “end” they are working towards. I like the character development and the unlikely pairings of all the groups. If it was just Daryl and Michone, they would just grunt to each other and kill stuff. We’ll thought out in my opinion. This episode was really crazy. Not sure I would have made the choice they madero kill that little girl. I think it could have been more impactful if there was even more character development on those kids. Still loving TWD!

    • Gon says:

      More character development? Do you mean that she should’ve alive so she could feed more zombies and kill more people? That girl intended to kill Judith too for God sake, when I heard that line I’m 100% sure she needs to be killed

      • jessie says:

        i agree lizzie had to die i wanted to go through the tv and wring her neck myself a few wks ago when she tried to smother judith. lizzie was nuts but poor lil mika was sweet she didnt need to die imo

      • JLB says:

        I agree Gon. More character development as in really, really crazy Lizzie, not just somewhat crazy Lizzie? Wait until she’s developed into a full-grown adult sociopath rather than just a child sociopath? She needed to be put down. And Kc, the end they are working toward at this point is called Terminus (which means end) and possibly a greater sense of safety and security than the current desperate situation they are in provides.

  43. Gon says:

    Lizzie should’ve been gone from the beginning. I started to warm up to mika, and that poor girl got killed just because of her psycho sister insist that she wasn’t wrong about the walkers

  44. omar says:

    Melissa is Performer of the WEEK!

    I knew how they were following (kind of) the storyline from the comic. With Billy and Ben. They were 8 and twins brothers. Ben said “Don’t worry, he’s going to come back. I didn’t hurt his brains” to Andrea after he slaughtered Billy. After that Carl killed Ben.

  45. jessie says:

    does anyone think that the group will reunite in the season finale or if any one of the small groups will make it to terminus? it looks like to me this season is gonna end with everyone still seperated. there is only 2 episodes left but i did enjoy the shows focusing on just a few characters at a time but im ready to see them all together again

  46. louis says:

    what happened to judith ??? i did not see them carrying her at the end…

  47. James D says:

    well that certainly made up for the past few episodes. Sweet baby Jesus on roller blades that was one intense 42 minutes of TV. pretty sure it will make my top three WTF moments from this show.

  48. Es Verdad says:

    There seems to be a part at the end that makes me think possibly Tyreese & Carol killed Judith. Comment from Jessie insists he saw the baby bundled on Tyreese’s back where Judith is. Just watch the episode end again as they pan over the graves, there are some baby shoes hanging from one of the crosses! I’m not kidding, view end and see for yourself…and I didn’t see any bundle on either of their backs resembling a baby.

    • jessie says:

      im serious judith is wrapped up in that same dingy blanket he was holding her in when he was talking to carol in the kitchen. if u pay attention as they are first walking out of the yard u can tell its a baby. your right there are 3 graves but the one with the baby shoes was already there when they got there. the scene where the 3 girls are waiting outside the house for carol and tyreese to clear it they are looking at it it shows the grave and mika asks lizzie if she is sad because its a baby. i watched that episode 3 times at first i thought they didnt have judith either. by the way im a she not a he. but i am just sayin what i saw and interperited

      • Es Verdad says:

        Ok, ok, ok Jessie. Needn’t get all bunched up about it…sheesh! It’s a relief to know. Ty and goodnight.

        • JLB says:

          I don’t think she was all bunched up about it, just clarifying. You seem to be the one all bunched up.

          • Es Verdad says:

            JLB, Most of the comments here are from you, self appointed moderator gives you a sense of power telling people they are frustrating you give you a vent I suppose. Do you have a life, a job? Take a bathroom break or go get another donut. There’s still one with jelly in it on the counter. What kind of life is staring at the screen all day & night? Jessie’s cool but you are not.

    • Lyria says:

      Jessie and others are right. The baby was on Tyreese’s back wrapped in a blanket. You can see in the way the blanket is wrapped, there is a clear head shape. This was also confirmed on Talking Dead.

    • A-IsWatchingYou says:

      Can you please stop saying that baby Judith is dead, She is ALIVE! You can clearly see that Tyreese has her covered in a blanket on his back. You’ve been told by a number of people already.

      • JLB says:

        Jeezus, thank you. Apparently no one reads previous comments. They just log on and start asking questions that have already been answered a dozen times.

    • darcy the slutty twin says:

      You are possibly as insane as Lizzie. You are flooding this board with the same post! Be gone!

      • Es Verdad says:

        Wow, I asked 4 times last night right after the episode. It was answered by a couple of polite people as it was a QUESTION. Then these other ppl who have no life and read every comment to get off on correcting and insulting. It was an honest question and now it’s been answered by kind people. Now the next day these other rude superior people take pleasure making snide comments. I say MOVE ON PLEASE and be GONE!!

        • Sophia B. says:

          Hear hear, I agree. Not sure what kind of pleasure people get by being condescending to others on this sight. There are so many things that happen in one episode that some times you can not catch every little detail, your focused on other things. My son and I watch the show together then we watch TTD to see if we missed something that we didn’t catch. I think one of the reasons we (helpful people) come on this kind of site is to ask questions and share ideas with other TWD fans.

          • Lilly says:

            I get why you can be insulted by over-reactors to your questions. But you have to realize that, when you come on and ask the SAME question 5-6 times, it appears in our email box 5-6 times. And he wasn’t the first person to ask the question. So his 5-6 questions were actually the 15-16th time the question had actually been asked (and even answered) at that point. Would it hurt to read a few comments before typing the same question multiple times?
            I do think decent, polite conversation is the better way to go for educated folk. But I confess to an annoyance I simply didn’t click “reply” to express. Besides, I figured someone else would answer it.

          • Walkr says:

            Well spoken, Good job

        • jessie says:

          i hope i didnt come off as rude to you i answerd your question a few times and i was just trying to answer and be clear if i came off any other way i am sorry

        • darcy the slutty twin says:

          You have the nerve to be annoyed and claim that posters on these boards have no life?! You flooded this comment board with your question 5-6x, and yes, I read the comments. You should too so that you’ll know that the answer to your question has already been posted and you don’t have to terrorize us with your repetitive posts. Be gone!

    • LOVETWD says:

      She is alive and if you are a true twd fan, than you would have noted that by watching the talking dead…where Melissa Mcbride. You know the woman who plays Carol (just in case you weren’t sure) she confirmed that Judith is still alive. If you don’t know how to pay attention or even realize what is going on, you really need to do something else with yourself than go on this board with the same question. So either you are mentally slow or maybe you just want Judith dead and that is the reason as to why you cannot possibly come to terms with the fact that she is alive. I mean if the actress confirmed it. The show confirmed it. People confirmed it on this board..and you’re still questioning. Then maybe something is VERY off with you. Do yourself a favor, download the talking dead show that was aired after the walking dead and watch it. VERY SLOWLY.

      • Es Verdad says:

        @LOVETWD – IDK how you could possible put “LOVE” in your moniker. I asked that question right after the episode last night and it was answered POLITELY by Jessie and one other kind person. “…So either you are mentally slow or maybe you just want Judith dead and that is the reason as to why you cannot possibly come to terms with the fact that she is alive” was part of your insulting comment. I’ve been reading your comments to others as well, you have a lot of nerve telling people they are stupid, or telling people they are inept, apparently you are the genius above us all? I hope the moderators are reading all of your nasty cruel comments. Gosh, we all are here just trying to share our experience after viewing!

        • jessie says:

          hey, just saw this comment thank you for saying i was polite and kind i appreciate that. i will gladly answer any question u have if i can

          • Es Verdad says:

            TY Jessie! LOVETWD needs to be moderated! Major control issues, you should see previous posts to others, they’re very condescending.

  49. azu says:

    Tyrese forgave carol but will he trust her ever again? Carol was also the person who kept telling Lizzie that she had to be strong enough to kill. Hope she’s happy now. She was too busy teaching kids to kill and forgot the possible psychological impact. I hope the supporters are happy now because her hands are so bloody now that I don’t think she’ll ever forget some of the silly decisions that she made that got her to this point