The Good Wife Recap: Love in an Elevator

the-good-wife-recap-season-5-will-alicia-flashbacks-keynote-speech“When I’m broke and lying in an alley somewhere, do something nice for me.”

Oh, Will Gardner, you might be the most competitive, vindictive, infuriating attorney scorned in the greater Chicago area of all time ever, but damned if you’re not also the most towering, uncompromising romantic figure on network television today.

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Is it possible to be all those things at once? Yes, in the hands of The Good Wife‘s insanely talented writing team — where no person is only one thing, where the good and bad and complicated in-betweens of human nature reside in every character — such conundrums and juxtapositions aren’t the exception, but the reality.

And that’s exactly why our protagonist Alicia Florrick can flash back to her life as a struggling single mom, a steely power player, a possible “slut” (oh, Jackie, how you make your presence felt even when you’re not in the room!), and a chica who can show up to a major meeting slightly inebriated without losing an ounce of credibility in the process.

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With that in mind, let’s hit on the major highlights of “A Few Words,” where Alica, Will, Diane, Cary & Co. head to NYC for the American Bar Association meeting — and where Julianna Magulies reminds Emmy voters of her worthiness (not only to be nominated, but to win) through multiple layers, timelines, moods and, yes, even hairstyles.

THE SPEECH | The action this week takes place at the ABA meeting in NYC, where Alicia starts the hour freaking out about her keynote speech on op-out moms returning to the workforce, the first draft of which gets a thumbs-down from Cary. His stern advice to write what she knows sends Alicia flashing back to the months following Peter’s indictment (and the era of her sensible/drab suits and un-flashy coiffs) — all roads which lead back to Will’s hand reaching out and grabbing the elevator door of some insignificant law firm. Just as important, though, Alicia knows her speech might make or break her new firm’s ability to attract legal rainmaker Rayna Hecht (Jill Hennessy) to sign up as a new partner. After she finally sifts through her near misses with multiple firms (more on that in a second), and how her flirtatious energy was one of the things that led to her associate position at Lockhart-Garnder — she winds up dropping this knowledge on her audience: “Use everything you have to get the job — and don’t feel entitled.” Plus, she adds, as a woman, no one questions why you opted out in the first place. (Mmmmkay?) Alas, though, when a phrama deal blows up near the end of her speech, hundreds of lawyers looking for high-voltage clientele walk out — leaving Alicia in search of a beer and a burger, and feeling more vulnerable than usual.

THE FLASHBACKS | As Alicia writes her speech, we see her looking backward at some of her initial pre-Lockhart-Gardner interviews. An attorney named Lorraine Joy calls her in as a curiousity — not a real job prospect. She scores a job at her second interview — only to break down in heartbreaking tears when she learns the position is actually for a paralegal, and that her last name is considered a liability. But oh — that hand reaching out and grabbing the elevator door! (Le sigh. Did anyone get shades of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Too much? Fair enough.)

Anyhow, it’s Will — in dapper suit and sneakers (a baby threw up on his shoes) — who happens to be in the same firm Alicia just got her offer, and he can’t quite seem to let their casual conversation end, seeing how they haven’t seen one another since Georgetown. “Call me sometime — Stern, Lockhart and Gardner,” he grins, after offering his sympathies about the scandal with Alicia’s husband. Later, we see Alicia engaging in a flirtatious conversation on the phone — and, while we know she’s signed a lease which she can’t afford, we see her imagine Jackie judging her behavior. It’s not just about trying to raise two kids with her husband in jail, her taunts the monster-in-law of her imagination, “You like nice things, so go be a whore.” But Alicia is so much more than that. In her sexy, $300 dress, she sits down face-to-face with Will, practically tries to talk him out of hiring her, and their sexual dynamics — while a part of the conversation — are hardly the sole consideration. “You’ve always been good,” says Will, remembering the Alicia who wasn’t defined by her marriage. And then, with a line that might as well be her epitaph someday, he adds, “Hey, we all have a past that could hurt us: Don’t let yours hurt you.” 

We also see a flashback to Kalinda presenting Will with a background check on Alicia (she was about to be fired before she took maternity leave because “she lacked a killer instinct”) and Alicia (“poor but entitled) and Cary (a “cocky new associate”) meeting for the first time in the LG lobby.  And as much as she hates to admit it, Alicia admits she’d have hired Cary over herself had she been in Will and Diane’s position back in the day. (See how hard it is to opt out, then opt back in?)

THE THREAT | Nelson Dubeck shows up in NYC, too, tracking down Will, who’s forced to buy earplugs at the hotel gift shop to ignore his interrogator. (Diane, too sly to miss a thing, sees the start of the exchange and finally gets the truth from her partner.) Will decides to hire Elsbeth Tascioni (Emmy-winner Carrie Preston) to help his defense, and as always, her genius delivers abundant laughs — and plenty of righteous energy.

THE FUTURE | Elsbeth ambushes Mr. Dubeck in her usual goofy fashion, getting him to show the video he thinks proves Peter committed voter fraud (and in which he believes Will is complicit). “What is that? Is it a gif or a jiff?” Elsbeth asks, referencing her favorite, doctored image of a bear on a trampoline falling into a pool. (OMG, amazing.) Dubeck makes the mistake of underestimating his strange rival, admits “it doesn’t matter what the facts are,” insists he’s going to nail another governor of Illinois. And then Elsebeth whips out her hidden recorder, to Dubeck’s rage, and drives home the verbal dagger that “one party consent” is enough for a recording to be admissable in New York. (Ouch!) The scene wraps with the best line of the night: “Oh, by the way, you should look into an anti-Semitic, costumed, furry bear in Times Square.” (And if you don’t get the reference, then I must suggest/insist you go back and watch the episode from beginning to end.) 

Three other crucial moments from the installment that point us forward:

* Will accidentally stumbles across Alicia in a diner across the street from their hotel, and the forge something of an icy, beer-fueled truce. “We could never make it work,” Alicia offers. But Will seems to suggest his personal love of Alicia wasn’t necessarily bound to his professional hatred: “You’re linking two things together I never did.” The encounter ends with a handshake — a handshake that, if I’m being honest, shook me down to my ankles and made my inner ‘shipper hope this boat can still sail to paradise (or the Chicago equiavlent of it). When Alicia finally flashes back to the moment of her hiring at LG, she recalls Will’s shrug at her effusive thanks: “When I’m broke and lying in an alley somewhere, do something nice for me.” Let’s hope she remembers that if/when Will takes the fall for her hubby. Speaking of which…

* Peter/Eli’s fixer, Moody, draws a reluctant Will into a corridor at the NYC hotel, but Will warns him off, tells him not to approach him again. Alas, though, Dubeck has caught it all on security cam, and he tells Elsbeth and Will that they’ve got 48 hours to give him the intel he wants — otherwise it’s 10 years apiece in the slammer for Will and Moody for covering up election fraud.

* In a bit of episodic closure, a drunken Elsbeth — at the piano with Nathan Lane’s enigmatic Mr. Hayden, reveals she’s the one who landed a partnership with Rayna — even though her cover of “High Hopes” isn’t all that. Oh, Ms. Tascioni, let this be a reminder to never understimate you! The lesson learned (maybe?) is that a buzzed Elsbeth is a more effective negotiator than a buzzed Alicia. Or at least that’s the lesson I learned!

With that, I pass the mic to you. What did you think of this week’s Good Wife? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. woodyinho says:

    Loved it!

    • Dee says:

      Another brilliant episode. Writing, acting, direction all top notch. Everyone was great. I really like the chemistry between Alicia & Cary now. They make a great team.

  2. Carol says:

    Love Will and Alicia and hate Peter and Alicia! Why won’t GW put the right pair together?

    • Sam says:

      People who like Peter with Alicia gross me out. Where is their chemistry?
      The writers don’t even try to write Peter and Alicia as if they are in love. It’s a marriage of convenience.

  3. Sam says:

    Will Gardner is romantic! He may dislike her after what went down, but he also loves her. And everything from hiring to her when no one else would, to backing off when she felt overwhelmed by their relationship shows how much he loves her.


  4. Mandy says:

    Omg so much Will/Alicia feelings!!! So perfect, even if they are both angry at each other you can see the love is not gone at all. Amazing episode!!!

  5. Para says:

    Will and Alicia have such great chemistry…….


  6. Jen says:

    Who wants an Elsbeth and Rayna spin-off show? I do!

  7. Viv says:

    That was heartbreaking. And not because I´m a big Will/Alicia shipper (allthough I don´t dislike them). It just made so clear why Will felt betrayed over Alicia leaving the firm.
    I don´t like in which direction this voter fraud thing is headed. I don´t like it at all. That´s not going to end well for someone. I´m just not sure for whom. What I like is the friendship between Cary and Alicia. Shows just how much these two characters developed since the beginning.
    And: can I say just how brilliant this season is? I´m rewatching seasons 3 and 4 on DVD right now and they were nothing compared to this season.

  8. Robby Horine says:

    Hopefully Ms. Hennessey’s character will become a semi-regular on TGW. She’s been gone from TV way too long.

  9. abz says:

    Great episode. The show continues to amaze me with how brilliant it is,
    Love the friendship between Alicia and Cary, I hope they explore that more and allow it to continue to grow.
    It was really great to have an episode with reduced animosity between Alicia and Will. I enjoyed that diner scene. I don’t really care for them to be together romantically, but I’m all for the show continuing to evolve and mend their relationship and have them become friends again. The flashbacks were great. Alicia’s hallucinations of Jackie had me LOLing. Can we also have more Diane and more Alicia/Diane interactions? I really miss those.
    I was not expecting to see Elsbeth, but my God how much I have grown to adore this character. She never ceases to make me smile or laugh. They definitely should bring Carrie Preston back more often. Her talent is put to MUCH better use here than it ever was on True Blood.
    The only downside is that I’m disappointed with what they have done with Kalinda. They need to work on that character more. And I’m also missing the L&G cases/drama so hope to see more of that soon.
    Looking forward to this next episode. I am confident enough with this show’s track record that it will live up to the hype.

    • gg says:

      Preston’s character has always been a joy. I was disappointed that to find she died on The Following since she is a wonderful actor. Except of course she gets to pop up here.

      This episode is the middle of a three episoder with plenty of past characters doing cameos. Hope Will comes out of his mess. Hope Preston gets a supporting emmy for her well crafted and acted portrayal of a genius problem solver who pulls out some wild solution to serious problems.

  10. Deion says:

    True Blood ends this season. This episode refuels my hopes that The Good Wife will bring Carrie Preston on full time soon. She is great at Elsbeth and really knows how to shake the seriousness up a bit. I am glad that the show is taking steps to repair Alicia and Will’s relationship. Take heart, though, shippers. If she divorced Peter, the show’s title would lose its meaning. If Will/Alicia is to become a thing, it will be endgame.

  11. Diva says:

    That bear is antisemitic!
    I was dying. Carrie Preston knows how to outshine a great cast.
    Love how the show was shot this episode and OMG can I please get the soundtrack to this season?

  12. Bronwyn says:

    Great recap! The bear line and Will’s line that you quoted twice in here were hands down my favorites. This show is truly brilliant. The writers are just genius. And Julianna and Josh are not only fabulous actors, but have such a great chemistry. I’m so happy this show did flashbacks … I loved getting more backstory on more if the fallout caused by Peter’s dalliance with hookers – how Alicia struggled to find a new home, job, paid for a sin she didn’t commit, broke down and then… the hand in the elevator. I have gone from really liking Will this season, to feeling sorry for him when he got the news Alicia was leaving (brilliant acting by JC in that scene, btw) to finding his pettiness and anger almost tiresome to him making me misty when he had his memory pops during ‘The Decision Tree,’ to kind of enjoying the sparring going on in ‘Goliath and David,’ almost brought to the breaking point when he lied the next episode to the judge, to just…. Ugh. What he did for her.

    I have actually given up on my favorite ship on television, and it’s because of these two. I have yet to see any couple as extremely and realistically well-written, well-acted and with such fantastic chemistry, on any show I watch at present on television. ‘The Decision Tree’ made me interested in the passion between them. So I decided to go back and watch the episodes from the pilot episode on and promptly relalized, ‘it doesn’t get any better than this.’ So to sum this second part up, all other ships, including my long-time favorite, all pale in comparison. And THAT’S just great T.V. To the Kings, their writers, their crew, their fantastic actors: don’t stop. You guys are amazing.

  13. nikki says:

    I hate Will. The writers are making him a Gary Stu.

  14. Ashley says:

    This was seriously one of the best episodes of the season. I love how this show invests so deeply in its characters for *five seasons* before giving us backstory on how Alicia got the job at Stern Lockhart & Gardner in the first place. It’s all the more powerful that we get that flashback now, when we understand who these people are and how much they have grown. Also, did anyone else love seeing Cary’s old hair?!

    • Dee says:

      Beautifully said. I agree with you completely. Love the background character development on TGW. And I did love seeing Cary’s old hair and smirk. Wow, this is a talented cast of actors.

  15. Tyra says:

    Don’t know if it’s just me but I don’t like Alicia at all. And this episodes made it clear why. The whole town was laughing at her and Will gave her a chance that she admitted she wouldn’t have done herself (when she said she would have hired Cary if it were her choice) and that is how she paid him back..?!!! Will deserves better IMO

    • abz says:

      Will is no better than Alicia. He has constantly lied, back-stabbed people, stolen clients from others, attempted to steal clients, and the list goes on….
      The thing that’s great here IMO is that they are showing how contradictory people are and how we often act in ways that we don’t agree with and we would hate to have done with us. They’re both flawed characters in their own ways.
      While Alicia is glad to be where she is and the success she’s currently having, it’s still very clear that even though she puts up a front, she feels some guilt about what she did. That’s probably why it was so difficult to write her speech and why they showed the flashbacks. Every time she tried to write about how she got where she is, she remembers how it was Will who helped her get on her feet and I definitely think that there is some regret about the fallout.
      Anyway, that’s my take on it.

      • Dee says:

        I have to agree with you. No one is innocent on this show, least of all Will. One of the most interesting things for me is how so many viewers see Will & Diane as heroes. Will is the one who had Blake beat up that doctor and he also is the one who suggested they make Alicia a partner just to break-up the 4th-years. Will is a great character for sure but he’s surely no saint.

      • Bronwyn says:

        Exactly. This show is so well-written. The characters alone are finely nuanced, realistic, full of flaws, saving graces, contradictions, they are all their own people (that is to say, the characters aren’t all the same, basic prototype with a few shallow, differing, token traits that fade over time as happens sometime in shows), they keep them in character but still they grow too…
        The writers are fabulous. This is why I’ve been back and forth on Will this season. Overall, I really like all the main characters in this show, but they all have their moments when you’re like, ‘I’m so over you right now.’ Just like in life. Relationships fluctuate. I’m happy they showed this side of Will and Will & Alicia’s relationship. Also loved the touches the writers and Julianna and Josh put on the younger Alicia and Will.

    • e says:

      i actually do agree with you, tyra. even alicia admitted how entitled she was. he gave her a chance (when he did NOT have to, and everyone else turned her down)… and i’m not even coming from the position that she needed to stay with lockhart gardner forever; she is not permanently indebted to will, but she did NOT have to get so nasty about it. ever since, alicia’s attitude has been so gross to me. the episodes have been pretty good since “hitting the fan”, but alicia is absolutely my least favorite character on the show.

    • Alicia left to put distance between her and Will. After their make out session in the car last season, she realised she’s never get over him while she worked with him.

  16. Mandy says:

    I think I know/hope they are heading down this path.
    Eli convinces Peter to let Will take the fall. This, of course, makes Alicia mad. It’s the last straw and she finally (finally!!!!) tells Peter off. Will was the one who kept her afloat when Peter abandoned her/got thrown in prison. So she breaks it off with Peter and rescues Will.

  17. Mandy says:

    This episode made me mad at Alicia. I mean, I have always been in Will’s side in this split, but this really cements it. After all he did for her!

    • Isn’t that the point? Think about that for a minute.

      When is the last time you watched a TV show where the show spent an hour making you see the uglier side of the “heroine” / the main female protagonist?

      Ponder that. Appreciate that this show is not common. It’s OK to dislike Alicia. She’s no angel.

  18. kimpie says:

    Good Grief! This was the worst, most boring episode EVER!

    • chris says:

      I agree. This show is usually about 90% legal drama and 10% soap and tonight it was the reverse. I’m not interested in who Alicia sleeps with. She’s so much more than somebody’s romantic partner. I like to watch her use her brain to out wit her legal opponent.

  19. G_ashley23 says:

    this episode was incredible, my will/Alicia feels are in overload and I love it ! it broke my heart to see just how far out on a limb Will went to help Alicia out <3

    although I didn't really get Alicia's line in the speech when said 'use everything you have to get the job,' and when the camera flashed back to Will's disappointed face in the audience. The way she said 'Will Gardner' in his rendition of the elevator meeting, it once again made me think that Will will never be able to see Alicia's feelings for him clearly, but rather that it was an act she put on to get what she wanted, or needed aka the job.

  20. This episode was a real head case for me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many things played that really make me wonder if the writers want me to dislike the main character — or at least, pay attention to some of her really ugly personality qualities.

    I think Jackie-in-Alicia’s-mind voice is kinda correct, about Alicia, just a little bit. It amazes me that we are shown that the main character feels this ABOUT HERSELF, just a little bit. Actually, scratch that — I have no idea how much she feels this about herself.

    That was like, whoa …

  21. stevie says:

    come on, guys! will is obiously playing alicia like a fish on a line and you people are falling for it. he’s out to destroy the competition, remember? he said it himself. anyone who’s in the way “will be bought out or destroyed”. that’s why he’s playing nice with alicia. with this episode the kings tell us the story of a housewife turning into a cold bitch who uses an old friend to succeed. so, we have to feel sorry for poor will. this will be the twist in the end: mr. gardner will find a way to hit alicia the same way she “hit him”. i guess he’ll buy out hayden from FA and makes some kind of deal with dubeck forcing the governor to resign.

    • marycat says:

      Alicia didn’t use Will to succeed. She accepted his invitation to apply for a job, and she and Cary got effectively one position. Remember that only one of them would be offered the associate position after a year, and Diane was pushing Cary as much as Will supported Alicia.

      The eventual decision went in Alicia’s favor not because Will pulled strings, but because Alicia landed Eli Gold as a new client. being a rainmaker for a law firm is as important as your legal skills. Why else were they all pursuing Rayna?

      Alicia just fought for the job so she could support her kids and make a life without Peter. Why does that make her a bad guy?

  22. Elle says:

    I know Josh Charles only signed a one year contract last year. I’m SO nervous that he’s leaving the show because there has been NO news of a contract for next season :(

  23. Tedatbent says:

    Emmy voter alert! Ms. Marguiles won last night. Nominations, etc. are a mere formality.

  24. Overthinking says:

    I like Elsbeth, Mr. Hayden and the quirky drug dealer lawyer last week. They have the funniest lines.

    I miss Alicia’s brother hopefully he makes an appearance soon.

  25. Lori says:

    A drunk Alicia, flashback Alicia, Carrie Preston AND Jill Hennessey? The Good Wife writers and actors, are on fire!

  26. rachelle says:

    Willicia forever! My shipper heart beat crazy fast this episode. I’ll never give up hope.

  27. Ange says:

    Great episode. It was actually comical – Alicia telling Jackie (Alicia’s conscience) “You are not real” – I wished they would have explained to Alicia why the people were leaving her speech. Elsbeth – great as usual

  28. Deion says:

    I’ll add this. I am confused by people who are angry at Alicia for leaving Lockhard/Gardner. I’ve been rewatching and she’s done yeoman’s work for Lockhart/Gardner. Yes, he gave her a chance when no one else would, but she paid him back. Over and over again.

  29. barbara says:

    another great episode!!! i don’t hate alicia at all. will and diane do their share of backstabbing. liked how they did the flashbacks again shows i think they still in luv always will be. should get rid of peter he not in the show that much anyway and no chemistry between him and alicia at all. i liked the coffeeshop scene and that alicia was a bit tipsy. most of all was good to see carrie preston again hope she comes on fulltime. so curious about preview

  30. lori says:

    I thought that Alicia’s decision to leave came after we saw how Diane was being forced out by Will after Diane stood by him when he was in trouble the year before. So I agreed with her decision at the time, although ultimately I still want them together. I also see nothing there between Peter and Alicia.

  31. Luli101 says:

    Is anyone else concerned about the “big event” next week? You don’t think they would kill Will, do you since Josh Charles contract has not been renewed? Or do they just want you to think that it hasn’t been renewed? It doesn’t seem within the workings of the show to do something that drastic.

    • stevie says:

      will is obviously playing with alicia so i guess the “big reveal” will have something to do with that. in the end, he’s out to destroy the competition. he’ll testify against peter so the governor has to resign in the end.

      • Deion says:

        He does that and Lockhart/Gardner loses clients like it was a fire sale. Testifying damages Alicia in the short term, but he has no evidence that she knew about the voter fraud since he, himself, kept it from her. Testifying puts his law license on the line.

    • Toni says:

      My first thought was he died too!
      I am SO NERVOUS about it….

    • Carlene says:

      You called it! They killed him off. So bummed!!!!!!!!

      • Luli101 says:

        Unreal. I still think it is so far off from what we’ve come to expect from this show. I think the show may be called “The Good Wife” but it has been inside Will’s head all season showing memories. It has been about him, too. Hate what they’ve done. I would have been very happy with him in New York!!

  32. Joann says:

    I absolutely LOVE what the writers have created this season. Have been with this show from the beginning…and though all Seasons are great….this one tops them all. PLEASE don’t write Josh out of the story. His chemistry with Alicia is so perfect…this story line has to continue. Don’t let anything happen to Eli, either. I love Alan Cumming ! And Elsbeth is so great, too. What a wonderful character. Kudos to the writers – and the actors. Such a great show. One of the all-time best !!!!

  33. C says:

    I would really like to believe that the baby that threw up on Will’s shoes in the flashback was Patty Nyholms. It makes that scene even more fantastic :)

  34. Calinla says:

    Would people really be talking about how disloyal Alicia was by leaving LG to start her own firm if she were a man? It’s ridiculous. Business is business, and it’s a total gender double standard. No one is bitching about Cary leaving LG, why should Alicia be held to a higher standard? Ambition is not gender specific…

    • stevie says:

      thank you. people are just pissed alicia left will, not LG.

      • MsredO says:

        I can only speak for myself : no, I haven’t been annoyed by Alicia just because she left Will (romantically speaking). and no I am not faulting her for being ambitious and trying to control her fate. But I still side eyed the hell out of her but because of THE WAY she left LG : scheming, as Will reminded her ; stealing files (in fact asking her son to do it) and sneakingly approaching clients on the side; and the way she carelessly treated Will : not as a former lover, but as the friend and colleague who vouch and fought for her to be hired, always had her back, trusted her, respected her, helped her, had just offered her a managing partner’s position. I don’t think she owed him her life or she should have been indebted to her until her death. But as a friend and someone who he thought, if not loved him romantically, but at least loved him as a friend and respected him as a colleague, the least she should have done was to go and talk to him and tell him she wanted to leave to do. Instead, she took the coward way and lied (by omission) to his face for weeks. It was a professional betrayal as well as a personal one.

        Even if you only consider the business side of it, without any of the personal back-story (their 13 years long friendship…), IRL, some people would hate her guts and hold a grunge for years for HOW she did what she did. I know I would. Will has been holding onto his personal and professional hurt and pain for “just” a couple of months : it may be not very healthy, but it is, IMHO, totally understandable. Which is why Alicia apparent cluelessness about why he felt so strongly about her departure still bugs me. He is now coming to terms with it, and trying to move on from that place and I am glad for him and for what may remains of their friendship. But to me, Alicia still needs to fully acknowledge the level and significance of the impact on Will of the way she did what she did. And don’t want her to grovel or anything else. Just to acknowledged it, like she did with Cary when she acknowledged her entitlement, back and and still now. She may never do that, but she would certainly raise higher in my esteem if she did.

        • Overthinking says:

          i think the only way Alicia will ‘make up’ for what you indicated above is to take Will word at heart – When I’m broke and lying in an alley somewhere, do something nice for me – And I am guessing the writers were giving us a prelude of what will bring forgiveness between the two. Alicia getting Will out of a personal or legal problem.

        • Chelle says:

          YES — this is so well said. Exactly my struggles with Alicia’s character this season. I want to like her, but the sneakiness and the entitlement have made her so off-putting. Yeah, she worked her butt off for Will and Diane — but she was rewarded. She got all the great cases, she was constantly singled out ahead of the other associates, she was the only one to be named partner. I honestly still don’t know why she left L/G: She had it absolutely made there. Last season’s cliff-hanger implied it was a personal decision, that her makeout session with Will sent her running to Cary’s ideas for a firm, to a supposedly safe place where she wouldn’t be tempted to ruin her perfect new world as the governor’s wife. But I don’t think that interpretation has played out during season 5.

          Anyway, this episode was electric — another strong, fantastically-written, superbly acted masterpiece. Emmys for everyone!

          • Luli101 says:

            Yes, I was also thinking that this season the emphasis is on The “Good” more than the “Wife”. Is Alicia a good person, not just a wife.

  35. MsredO says:

    BEYSUS ALMIGHTY ! That was a bloody god-damned good episode ! I was squealing all the way to that kind of cliffhanger where I ended up screaming.

    I liked the change of scenery : TGW in NY totally worked for me.

    I also liked the prospective COTW or rather the way this storyline ended with her choosing to go with Elsbeth ! Smart, smart woman ! Talking about Ms Tacioni : she was the right amount of her usual awkward magical genius self. I loved the broadening smile Will had on his face when she appeared and started to do her “pillow” picturing speech, while Diane was just “no, no, no”. AH ! (Also that moment between Diane and Will was great : I love them being a team and trusting each other so much !). Also the anti-Semitic Bear guy was just so randomly disturbing ! I really felt for her. Loved her little convo with Kalinda. And LOVED Kalinda deadpan telling her she had missed her too ! (*squeal *) I am so glad that she will likely be around for a little while now with that Grand Jury thing.

    I liked the flashbacks and Alicia’s walk down memory lane. That is the first in a long time that I have actually liked Alicia. We saw her being stressed and unsure, yet she managed to gather herself and seemingly write a kick-ass speech despite being destabilized. And she actually, if unknowingly, helped her prospective client to make what appeared to be the best (IMHO) decision for her. But the best part was seeing her back in those trying days, struggling to get a job, feeling so ashamed, insecure, vulnerable and finally desperate, with phantom Jacky playing the part of her “bad” conscious when she took some extra care to look “good” and “pretty” to impress Will. Adding to that her own self acknowledgement about being self-entitled back when she met Cary and still a little bit now. Then the reveal about the first firm where she worked and which was about to fire her ‘cause they thought she wasn’t tough enough. And then Will telling her she was “a big girl” and “up for it” after remembering that very detail and realizing how far she has come from that time. Also those sweet smiles she had on when remembering meeting Will again after 13 years, and that radiant beautiful smile she had when she looked back at Will after he told her she was hired. And now my annoyance at Alicia’s behaviour and action, that had been at a high level for the past months, has significantly dropped.

    And finally, I LOVED Will in that episode. LOVED. HIM. He just always had her back. AL-freaking-WAYS. Not just ‘cause he has loved her since Georgetown. No. I really don’t think he would have done all he did, vouch for her so much, make that deal with David Lee, to get her hired at his firm JUST because of the memories of what was or could have been back in Georgetown. Sure, it certainly played a part. That thing in his eyes and in his smile when he saw her in that elevator, that spark, that light…Sure, the flame was well alive, underneath, even after all those years. But I also think that he wanted to help her because he thought of her as his friend. And because he knew she was good and could still be great. Just like he told Diane. We’ve seen with others how much he cares about his friends, the length he would go to help them (Remember that episode about his Judge basket ball buddy). That smile he had when she turned to leave after he told her she was hired was just such a nice smile : he was genuinely happy for her, happy to see her happy. And that is also why he felt so betrayed when she left the firm the way she did. Not just as her former lover, but as someone who thought himself to be her friend. And I think it is also why he was able to realize how far she has come since those days, and to partly begin to come to terms with her departure, and to be able to shake her hand. That is why he was able to give her this little pep talk in the restaurant. He believed in her, back then, and he still believes in her now. He believes she is “up to” the task on her own, up to be a tough competitor, that she can give as much as she can take. And he knows her so well too : I loved how he called her twice on her self-censorship and then, with a little help from that alcoholic beverage, she just went for it and talked back to that rude waitress. And when you add to all that the fact that he still wouldn’t bulge and make a deal with that Dubeck guy from the Office of Public Integrity, in parts because he didn’t want to get caught into breaching attorney client privilege BUT also because hurting Peter would hurt Alicia, you have just the most perfect friend and lover EVER ! Gahhh….Oh Will…Oh Alicia…Woman, now that we’re on much better terms, you and I, I need you to stop being such a fool and come to some sense regarding how truly amazing in all his imperfections and flaws this guy is. C’mon, Alicia ! Wake up, woman! Hopefully, next week…

  36. Asta says:

    the one part I don’t buy is the surveillance tape of will and the other guy. you can easily get someone who reads lips and that would clear will immediately.

  37. This episode was fantastic. And, of course, we know where it’s all leading. Good writing, and therefore good transformational character arcs, dictate that the protagonist has to change.

    There’s only one thing–just one–that Alicia has never done. She has never chosen Will. The “broke and lying in a gutter” comment is a certain foreshadowing that the day will come when Will needs to be saved, and she will save him, and it will come in the form of choosing him–finally, choosing *him* above Peter or her firm or her conscience or anyone else in her life.

    I can’t wait for that day.

  38. Carolyn says:

    Great episode yet again!! I think I’ve come to expect the best with each week, and I’m never disappointed! I can’t wait for the 23rd! I think the deposition that Dubeck wants from Alicia reveals her affair with Will, and this news is devastating for Peter(although he has suspected it all along)! Julianna Margulies was a guest on Jimmy Fallon last week, and she spoke of a nine episode arc which brings us to the season finale on May 18th. This is great because it means a shorter wait for season 6 which was announced last week! Onward TGW! Thank you Kings for a wonderfully written, always exciting drama!

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  40. Cali says:

    He’s dead! Will is dead.

    • Flambeau says:

      I am in some serious shock…..must have got a better offer. Rip will Gardner – pretty sure the writers can work with it but …. I’m not even sure I can go to work tomorrow.

    • MSP says:

      OH.EM.GEE! I am speechless…I can’t believe Will is dead. The Alicia/Will storyline could have been taken in several directions (any of which would have been genius writing/entertainment!)…I think I will be speechless and in shock for awhile…then anger and grief will set in…and finally, maybe someday, acceptance that he is gone forever. You know, just like death in “real life”. Sigh.

  41. Wgoin says:

    Watched The Good Wife for the last time tonight. Killing Will was a stupid move. The show – without the chemistry between Alicia and Will – is nothing. What the hell were the writers thinking?

  42. Yvette says:

    OMG!! Will is DEAD???

  43. Frances Barth says:

    How in the world could anyone possibly think the show would be better by killing Will Gardner? He was a very important character on the show. The chemistry between Will and Alicia was the greatest on the show. I don’ t understand this.

  44. Wgoin says:

    They just destroyed the show. There is NO show any more. Without Will – the show dies.

  45. JD says:

    I’m with you on not watching anymore. I’ve followed this show since the beginn

  46. JD says:

    I’m with you on not watching anymore. I’ve followed this show since the beginning. To me the series just finished up and am no longer interested in watching

  47. lynda Weinstock says:

    Having Will killed blows the show out if the water. To me he was the show with Alicia.

  48. Sarah says:

    Killing off Will was so stupid unless they drop the it’s all a dream thing? I dought it though. There is no story line past this season without Will and Alicia!!!!!! NONE

  49. Sarah says:

    Killing off Will was so stupid unless they drop the it’s all a dream thing? I dought it though. There is no story line past this season without Will and Alicia!!!!!! NONE I don’t think I’ll be watching much past this season unless they bring him back

  50. Denny says:

    My first thoughts after seeing this show,were that’s it,no more Good Wife for me,but then I thought it will be interesting to see how everyone deals with Will’s death. But it had better be good,because I have one foot out the door.

    • Wgoin says:

      I’ll watch next week just to see how they deal with his death. After that – I’m done. It would have been much better to leave a door open for him to come back at the end of the show and end up with Alicia.

      It wouldn’t have interfered with her becoming a stronger and more independent woman. it would have shown she could be independent and still love someone. BIG mistake to do it this way.