Revenge Recap: Blackouts Be Gone!

Revenge Season 3 Recap How to cure crippling blackouts, Revenge style:

1. Bind the blackout-ee’s hands and feet.
2. Nearly drown the blackout-ee – who is, understandably, not psyched – by forcefully submerging her head and torso in a tub of ice water.
3. Repeat until she coughs up a memory that completely, instantly ends her troubling episodes.*

Simple, right? Other feats that happen with surprising ease in the Hamptons this week: Jack starts to forgive mom Stevie for leaving him all those years ago, Victoria makes sure Patrick won’t become a homicidal maniac and Nolan pulls off a pair of aggressively lime green pants.

Read on as we review how all of these events took place in “Struggle.”

* For the love of the Red Sharpie, do not try this at home. Or at work. Or ever, anywhere.

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THE WATER CURE | We pick up with Emily angrily stabbing into the double infinity symbol on her front porch, then later crying to Nolan that she unknowingly destroyed her father’s carving during a blackout. “At least it wasn’t some…one?” Noles says, trying to see the silver lining in what, for all intents and purposes, seems like Em’s go-kart ride into madness. He offers to go away with her so they can figure out what’s happening in that pretty head of hers, but she’s got another plan: “I’m gonna kill ’em all.”

So Nolan calls in the big, British guns. After Emily breaks into Conrad’s hotel room with a fistful of piano wire, some rough looking hair and no real plan, Aiden follows her, knocks her out and hauls her to a nondescript warehouse. She wakes up tied to a chair and ticked that her ex has decided he’s the second coming of Takeda.

But after a few sputtering dunks in the aforementioned ice water, Emily remembers walking in on her dad and Victoria making the naked double infinity sign the night before he was taken. Even back then, little Amanda knew Queen V was bad news, but Papa Clarke didn’t want to hear it. “Why didn’t he listen to me?” Emily says, starting to cry as Aiden draws her near.

Later, Ems declares that she remembers everything she did during her fuzzy periods and – because that soaking apparently also gave her a psychology degree – states that that one memory was causing her to sabotage her mission because she didn’t think the effort was worth it. OK then! Emily and Aiden kiss once before he leaves (Side note: Didn’t he drive her? How’s she getting home?), but neither knows that Daniel’s new P.I. is photographing the smooch for his employer.

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ARRIVEDERCI! | Patrick’s guilt over his role in Jimmy’s death drives him to do things both stupid (picking a fight at the rapist’s wake) and really smokin’ hot (working the speedbag shirtless). That’s where Nolan and his green pants find him and tell him that he’s got an empty slot at the Hamptons Arts Walk – and a big deal artist is going to be there looking at people’s work, too.

Still, Patrick is ragey and consumed by protecting his mother. “God, you’ve totally changed,” Nolan informs his former hook-up, who starts to agree after hearing Victoria make some ominous comments about Conrad’s ex-wife Stevie. So when the famous artist offers Patrick an apprenticeship at his Venice studio, he takes it – and only after he leaves do we learn that Victoria orchestrated the whole thing in order to save her son from turning into someone terrible.

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IS STEVIE WHO SHE SEEMS? | Stevie’s initial efforts to reconnect with Jack don’t go well, but he senses that she’s holding something back. After a chat about deadbeat moms with Emily, Jack gives his mother another chance to tell him the truth. She confesses that she was an alcoholic when she got pregnant with him, and that even though she’s been sober for almost 20 years, she’s stayed away because “The Hamptons are full of triggers.”

Jack seems to accept that explanation, inviting her over to meet little Carl. But later, after Nolan gives Emily a metal replacement infinity box (that opens only at her touch), something he says jogs her memory and sends her shuffling through her dad’s diary. She re-reads a passage about a 1997 prison visit from a boozy woman claiming to be a lawyer, though David later learned she’d been disbarred. Emily’s convinced it’s Stevie, who clearly hasn’t told Jack everything about why she’s back in town.

GUESS WHO’S EN ROUTE? | Charlotte seems to be doing a bang-up job of walking around the Voulez offices, handing Conrad pieces of paper and telling people what they already know – like when she informs her dad that Pascal LeMarchal is on his way to New York. Of course, Big Daddy Grayson orchestrated the whole thing when he challenged Margaux, whom he knew would be forced to use her dad as backup. Looks like affrontement is on the menu for next week, non?

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. WOW says:

    Ugh. This was a snooze of an episode.
    So the way they “cure” Emily’s blackouts is by revealing that she is having them because she has some daddy issues. LOL. All issues, mind you, that are the very basis of the series. In other words, we learned nothing new at all on that front.

    The other plots were just running on filler tonight…
    – Conrad wants MarGOAWAY’s dad to come to town for some reason.
    – Charlotte snooping for Daniel.
    – Daniel uncovers Emily swapping spit with Aiden. Big woop. So now he knows she is cheating on him…again. Kinda hard to do anything about it Danny boy since the girl can just accuse you of attempted murder whenever she wants.
    – The former Grayson wife left Jack because was a drunk. And she might have had info that could have saved David Clarke but was disbarred before she could represent him.
    – Cheap way to send Patrick away, even if it gave us a Nolan/Victoria alliance for all of 10 seconds.
    Did I miss anything? I know it seems like, from what I wrote, a lot happened but in actuality, nothing happened that was pertinent to moving the plot forward or making me excited about upcoming episodes.

    • Mike says:

      Charlotte was the weakest part of the episode, the same way she’s been all season. The fact she’s Emily’s half-sister is buying her a pass the character (and actress) just doesn’t merit. Who would really notice if they packed her off to college over the hiatus?

    • iMember says:

      I disagree. I cant believe how people thought this episode was boring when there was some great character moments and growths. I loved the emotional power of this episode and how it showed what the emotional struggle these characters are facing.

  2. Jacqi says:

    If justin’s pilot doesnt get picked up heres hoping patrick comes back!! Love him!!!

  3. Sara says:

    What year is this series supposed to be taking place? A couple years in the future? Because (and I am TOTALLY being nitpicky here) if Stevie has been sober for 19, almost 20, years, yet visited David Clarke in 1997 with gin on her breath, she has only been sober for less than 17 years. I mean, maybe she is lying about the sobriety, but its these kind of things that irk me.

    • schu says:

      Smart point, gotta blame the writers for that one if it’s the case, but to be honest I guess I don’t have a clue anymore about time references for this show now.

      I thought this episode was much better than the last though, at least with getting Emily back to “normal” and learning a few things that are probably important to the story, like I’m guessing Stevie was there to try to help David. I’m sure Conrad scorned her in their marriage as much as Victoria.

    • Julie says:

      I thought it was intentional and showed the audience that she was lying to Jack.

  4. abz says:

    Such a filler-y episode. The whole time I was just sitting there waiting for it to end. So boring.
    I’m hoping that things can finally start getting more interesting now that Emily’s back to her senses.

  5. Mitchell says:

    This episode was quite boring to be honest.

  6. Bella says:

    I liked the episode apart from that little Weasel Daniel, I’d be happy to see him gone. Won’t be the same without Aiden and Emily. Jack was even interesting.

  7. N says:

    Can’t stand Aidan! More Ems and Nolan!

  8. I wish this episode was an entertaining as Kim’s recap. LOL

  9. Julie says:

    I love Aiden and Emily but I don’t have high hopes for the two of them due to Barry Sloane joining The Visitors. And whille I feel bad hoping that his pilot doesn’t get picked up. I hope his pilot doesn’t get picked up so he sticks around for season 4. :) And yes I do think that we will get a 4th season. If Aiden does leave, I’m hoping that Daniel and Emily start to genuinely start having feelings for each other, although that’s hard to see happening right now. I hate Jack and Emily together – I think they have zero chemistry and the childhood sweetheart fairy tale ending is so cliche. I don’t dislike Jack and I’d be fine for he and Margo to live happily ever after with little Conrad. Finally Nolan, and his green pants, are the best thing about Revenge. I did like the cordial moment with he and Victoria at the end of last nights episode.

    • Nosey says:

      Although I like Aiden, I don’t like her and Aiden together. Aiden is more like a Takeda to her than a lover. I think Aiden and Nikko are better, even put him w/ Fauxmanda, all three are cut throat. Fauxmily is too emotional and remorseful like Jack, I totally believe she has more chemistry w/ Jack. She feared Aiden in the hospital and welcomed Jack, I am sorry but as far as a relationship, I just don’t see the chemistry w/ her and Aiden, she tolerates Aiden but always seeks Jack. Aiden is just vital to her plan. She called Aiden to expedite her plan, not b/c she wants to be w/ him. I don’t even think she loves Aiden, I just think she thinks Aiden is the only one who accepts her and she is settling. When her and Aiden kiss, the passion is not there like her and Jack. Plus they were childhood friends not sweethearts, not sure if I can say a 9 and 12 year olds were sweethearts, but they did fall I love as adults which is not a cliche. I rather she be w/ the person she wants to be w/, not w/ someone vital to her plan. And sorry to say she is not a true revenger, which is evident, her team is definitely losing.

  10. Glinda says:

    Ridiculous way and reason for blackouts! I expected more, reallly! What a waste, i thought that blackouts will end with the bang and not daddy issue and some bangging from david and Victoria, ew! Poor emily.

    And please put Conrad and Victoria more together in a scene! Much exciting

    • Nosey says:

      I agree, the Conrad/Victoria battles are awesome and I miss the battles Fauxmily had, like w/ Tyler, Lydia, Fauxmanda, Frank Stevens, and Mason. I even thought the Ashley-Fauxmily war could have taken off after the 1st episode. I thought there could have been possible for Fauxmily and Patrick to battle. But I too, was disappointed w/ how the black outs were resolved, there was absolutely no new revolution. I did like finding out Stevie actually attempted the defend David Clarke but disbarred, perhaps her motives behind defending David b/c she knew Conrad too well. I actually like the Stevie addition, she adds what will be lacking w/ Lydia gone.

  11. Mike says:

    Gail O’Grady is fabulous, but Stevie and baby Jack’s backstory is a convoluted, cobbled-together mess.

    • cami says:

      Mike, I agree! Seems the writers are trying to please “shippers” in equal measure so the show has turned into Emily’s love relay instead of Revenge. Ridiculous!The only ones with a plan this ep were Nolan/Victoria, sending Patrick on his way. Time to prune more in my opinion, Charlotte can go to college without in any way hurt the story! Conrad/Victoria scenes are too few atm and we’ve never had a proper Conrad/Nolan scene on the show. Could we advance the story instead of worry that various shippers are offended since they seemingly only watch the show for love scenes?

      • Nosey says:

        Wow I did not think the backstory was to please “shippers”, I thought this was another attempt to possibly pull her and Jack apart, w/ Stevie being connected to both Jack and Fauxmily. Also, I think there is potential for Stevie to have a revengenda against Conrad particularly after what he has done to her son. Although I thought it was going to be too obvious she was his mom, there is a storyline that can be build off it. Although I see why they did it was not sold on the Nolan-Victoria teaming up, and neither was I a fan of Fauxmily-Victoria teaming up in episode 1. My guess is we are supposed to empathize w/ Victoria, I just notice how Conrad, if anyone is winning this war, she should be attacking Conrad instead, b/c he sitting way too proud, he even likes the fact she is dating his son, I think Stevie maybe the powerhouse to bring him down, Jack could end up inheriting the Grayson assets.

  12. toni says:

    Another lackluster episode.

  13. Tennisnsun says:

    Kim’s review is hysterical. Have never read them before. Will be back!

  14. No says:

    I am ready to be done with this show :(

    • No says:

      It was so good when Lydia came back and then when she left, it turned unwatchable again…. These last 3 episodes have been borefests!

  15. SJ says:

    This episode was kind of a “plate-setter” for the next batch. The Stevie/Jack/Emily, Conrad/Margaux and Daniel/P.I. plots will continue to build over the next few episodes. Have some patience, people!

    I’m glad the blackouts are gone, though I’ve got to admit the way they got rid of them was awfully… convenient. I did quite like the Nolan/Victoria alliance, though.

  16. Vincent Ventrevski says:

    So does this mean Guantanamo Bay is just a charming therapy-centre for people with daddy-issues?

  17. Lena says:

    What I loved about Season 1 of Revenge is the progress I saw Emily have with her plan. I saw her moving forward, accomplishing something and the show continued to remind us through flashbacks why this was so important to her. Now, as a viewer, I feel frustrated because there is no progress. She is failing to bring down ANY of the Graysons and it is starting to bore me. I guess it is about time to quit this show.

  18. Missy Kelly says:

    There were two really good reasons to love this episode of Revenge. The first is Aidan and Emily because he is just so good, I am going to miss him; the second Patrick is gone – no matter who the scene was with – Patrick was in it and my remote went into FF all by itself. It’s not the actor – it’s the character – wasted space; wasted time is what you end up writers when you don’t think about what you want from a character.

    • Whatevah says:

      And Victoria and Patrick were just plain creepy. I got always got a Norman Bates vibe from him and her! ewwww

  19. Rooting for Revenge says:

    After watching this, I really do wish the weekly takedowns. Seemed like such a smart (but only 2 season) premise.

    I’d like to see Stevie become an ally so she and Emily could bring the Graysons down together.
    The writers are starting to build the Jack and Emily story for the happy ending, but I’m with the minority that thinks there could be something interesting if Daniel realized he still loves her and they end up together.

  20. Original Revenge Fan says:

    I was thrilled that Nolan actually got a bit more screen time. I love his character and he’s not had a lot to do this season. His teaming with Victoria to get Patrick to leave the country was fantastic. I thought yesterdays episode did a big swing from the bizarre to getting Emily back on track and putting the show back to it’s original purpose – clearing David Clark’s name. I’m looking forward to seeing if Emily finds an ally in Stevie.

  21. Elouise says:

    Loved Aiden’s scenes with Emily and Nolan. Stevie is such a fantastic addition – hope she’ll be sticking around a lot longer.

  22. kimburle says:

    The character that I miss most is The Red Sharpie. A much more colorful character than many others on this show. Right on up there with Nolan’s outfits. I say bring back The Red Sharpie or go ahead and end the show at the end of the season.

  23. Lavon says:

    I love this show. I’ve never missed a minute of it but the last two episodes have left much to be desired. Nolan is the best! I absolutely love him and his storyline. I don’t want them to try to humanize Victoria which is what it seems they’re doing by having her cocktail with Nolan. Emily never finishes a single thing she starts. Her character is full of empty promises and that’s getting old. Charlottes character needs to go away until they can find a better storyline for her. Neither the character nor the actress have been a favorite of mine. Daniel is a putz who needs more interesting stories other than drinking and killing. Aidens character has run it’s course. I love jack and his mother! I think she’s going to reveal that Conrad is jacks true father……I would love that!
    Please do a better job writing for this show! It’s my absolute favorite and I’d hate for it to fall in the ratings or get canceled. Make it good again. Go back to the list of people getting crossed off with an ‘X’ or some version of that. Also tie up some loose ends….

  24. Tim says:

    The cast and production values are top notch on this show. The writing is about like the worst of the daytime soaps. Didn’t the Graysons lose all of their money last season? I never recall how they got it back. Victoria’s rapist showing up at a Hampton’s party to discuss “paint chips” for the gallery? Give me a break! It’s like they change writers every week. If a plot line is going nowhere they just abandon it and try something different two weeks later. And I swear if somebody gets shot in the season cliff hanger I am abandoning ship. They have done that plot contrivance to death. I don’t know whether I want Emily to end up with Daniel, Ian, Jack or Nolan. They get some chemistry going and then run that romance into the ground. There’s no continuity or attention to details in these scripts. And Jack’s mother happening to be Conrad’s ex? So hokey and contrived!
    I hope this show can be saved, but it’s not looking too promising.

  25. LaLa says:

    I keep tuning in, waiting for this show to pick up, get better, return to it’s former glory. It hasn’t.

  26. Claudia says:

    I used to love this show and now I agree with the person who said it’s the worst writing of day time soaps! Why do I still watch? Waiting for it to get better again I hope and I do love Emily. But even she’s getting tiresome. Most of what happens these days makes no sense! Could we return to some more sophistication and complexity in the writing please?

  27. Elizabeth says:

    While the cure and explanation for Emily’s blackouts is ridiculous, I’m glad this storyline has been wrapped up. i think that Revenge is finally back on track as guilty pleasure soap.