Once Upon a Time Recap: Rhymes With Witch

Once Upon a Time Regina Wicked Witch SistersThis week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Regina in Storybrooke came to terms with her and Henry’s new “relationship,” while in Fairytale Land she came face-to-face with the Wicked Witch.

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IN FAIRYTALE LAND OF THE PAST YEAR… | While the Wicked Witch whirls and twirls inside Regina’s castle and clothes, Regina remembers a tunnel that runs beneath the castle, and thus would circumvent the protection spell. After another close call with a flying monkey, Belle says such creatures hail from Oz; as such, Regina notes, it must be the Wicked Witch they’re dealing with.

Regina sets out for the tunnel by herself (“I don’t care if the lollipop guild is protecting her, its a one woman job”), but Robin Hood, owing a debt to Regina for her protecting his son Roland from the monkey, tags along for protection. En route to the courtyard to snuff the fire that fuels the spell, Regina and Robin trade stories of loves lost (her son, Roland’s mother), but then Regina notices that the door to her mother’s crypt is ajar, despite having been locked with blood magic. Up in her castle, Regina is quick to formulate a sleeping spell — to use on herself, on the slim chance that her one true love Henry one day finds her and can save her. After putting out the courtyard fire, Regina is about to prick herself with the poison when the Wicked Witch arrives to interrupt.

After trading some bitchy banter, the Wicked Witch aka Zelena realizes that Regina has no idea how she was able to break the blood magic. “Cora never told you…? You’re my sister.” (Half-sister, but details!) Zelena explains how Cora gave her up, but kept Regina and thus gave her everything. As such, Zelena wants Regina to suffer, rather than have quick death or eternal sleep. “Bring it, greenie,” Regina taunts her new foe, who then flies off on a broom. Back with Robin, Regina says she has indeed found something new to live for: someone to destroy!

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IN STORYBROOKE…. | The Charmings Once Upon a Time Regina Wicked Witch Sistersexplain to Emma how after she and Henry drove out of town, everything went black, and then it was “just another morning” in Storybrooke, except a year later. Hook meanwhile relates how he was off sailing the realms when he got word via a seagull that Emma needed to be found, with the memory potion attached to the bird’s leg. Leroy then barges in to report that more people are disappearing, as they have been since Storybrooke returned. Is Neal out in town somewhere? Has he already been taken? Or did he escape this new curse?

At the diner, Henry meets Mary Margaret and David — the former claiming to be an old cell mate of Emma’s, put away for “banditry” (heh). Regina then lays eyes on Henry and is shocked, dropping a cup. “He looked right through me,” she laments to Emma, who in private brings her frenemy up to speed on the sitch. Meanwhile in the woods, Little John is off trying out a fancy modern bow with Robin and the other Merry Men when a flying monkey grabs him. After being found, bitten, John transforms into a flying monkey and soars away from the hospital. (Even Dr. Whale is stumped, saying, “I’m a doctor, not a vet!”)

Snow White, aghast to read about such things as cradle cap, meets Zelena, who claims she was but a “supporting player” and midwife back in the Enchanted Forest. Asked to help Snow with her imminent baby, Zelena grins, “I can’t think of anything that would make me happier.” Later, Regina and Emma plot to smoke out the person who cast the new curse by spreading word that a memory potion is being created. Alas, Zelena vanishes in a puff of green smoke just as the ladies storm Regina’s office.

"True Detective" Season 2?

“True Detective” Season 2?

Back at the Charmings’ place, Emma introduces Henry to Mayor Mills, who offers the boy a tour of the town and maybe a stop for ice cream. (“It’s a start,” a forlorn Regina later tells Emma.) Charming and Hook then arrive to report on the flying monkey situation, prompting Emma to joke about this being the work of “the Wicked Witch” — and Regina concurs, dead-serious.

As the hour closes, we see Zelena outside a rural Storybrooke home at night, walking out to a storm cellar. Inside, she slides a tray of gruel to her prisoner — a very much alive Rumplestiltskin. “You should never have brought me back,” he hisses. To which Zelena shrugs, “Eat up — we have work to do.”

What did you think of Once Upon a Time‘s “Witch Hunt”? Which twist surprised you more — the sisterly connection, or Rumple’s return?

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  1. yes yes says:

    Really digging this witch vs witch arc. Wish more witches will show up, like an epic showdown of all witches… Fiona Goode anyone? Also, heart is breaking for Regina & Henry. Loved how emotional Lana Parrilla’s eyes were when she saw Henry.

    On another note, all episode long, I was missing Rumple. Glad he showed up at the end (though it was obvious when Greenie revealed she had a prisoner). Rumple sent that potion right???? Is should be him?

    • josh says:

      i think it could have been rumple but do you think its possible that the ww somehow got the dark one knife and is controlling rumple

  2. Kevin Dillon says:

    Much better episode than last week

  3. Name That Tune says:

    Rumple is back!

  4. Sarah says:

    Seagull, not a pigeon. :)

  5. Girl in MD says:

    Ok did not see the sister twist coming! And Rumple alive is he her father? This episode was great excited for what’s to come

    • Girl in MD says:

      Hit post soon
      Regina seeking to destroy someone is my favorite side to her! Lana is playing both sides so well the look on her face when she saw Henry heart breaking

    • Nicky says:

      Soooo…..are we sure about the sister thing? Didn’t Wicked have one of her winged monkeys get some of Regina’s blood, enabling her to break the blood magic?

  6. CK says:

    So is Rumple Zelina’s father? Didn’t they hint at a romance between Cora and him?

    • Name That Tune says:

      Must be. Zelena is the older sister and we know Rumple and Cora were kind of busy with each other before she married Regina’s father.

      And Zelena is such a lovely shade of green. Perfect color for the daughter of a crocodile.

      I love the idea of Neal and Regina sharing a half-sister.

    • lll says:

      That’s my guess, but they’ll explain more about that connection next week.

    • Lynyrd says:

      Zelena said she was born before Cora became a royal. When Rumple and Cora met, it was so Rumple could teach Cora to spin straw into gold so she could marry the prince. This means that Zelena couldn’t be Rumple’s daughter, as she married the prince shortly after meeting Rumple, thus becoming a royal.

      Considering that Rose McGowan returns in a future ep as young Cora, and in the same episode I believe we’re so supposed to meet a young Leopold (Snow’s dad), I’m kind of wondering if he won’t end up being Zelena’s father. This show does like it’s twisted family trees after all.

      • Ender's Shadow says:

        Zelena had quite the interest in Snow’s baby that I agree with you Lynyrd that Leopold is her father. This would make her a half-sister of Snow and Regina. I believe she will try to use Henry and Snows’ unborn child to punish and hurt both sides of her family that abandoned her.

      • Mrs. Featherbottom says:

        Ugh, so Cora had a child with King Leopold then pushed her other daughter to marry King Leopold. Wouldn’t the King have an issue with this? Snow’s half sister is also her step-mother’s half sister…writers, please stop making everyone related.

  7. yes yes says:

    Why is Neal not a Greenie? Rumple was green!!

    • Name That Tune says:

      Neal was born before Rumple became The Dark One.

    • Joey says:

      It’s actually more flecks of gold, but also Rumpel wasn’t magical when Baelfire was born so…

    • AtoZ says:

      Because he was born before rumple became the dark one…

    • will says:

      There’s also the possibility that was presented in a different way in the musical Wicked, with some kind of green enchantment or potion being cast by either party that was the initial cause of conception.

      • Meg says:

        Zelena seems quite jealous of Regina. Maybe she literally turned green with envy.

      • Dawn says:

        In Wicked, the mom has an affair after being given a green elixir drink. That is how the baby was born green. Now, I can see this being an explanation on why Zelena is green and why she was given away, possibly being the result of an affair….

        • Gail says:

          Due to copy write laws “Once” can’t use anything from the musical Wicked. They can only use things found in the Wizard of Oz books. Similarly the magic slippers will be silver as in the books not ruby red as in the MGM film, which is still protected.

    • Crysania says:

      Rumple’s skin color (which is not green, but a sort of greyish-greenish-goldish sparkly thing) has nothing to do with anyone on the show but him. It’s a mark of the curse. He’s human. And besides that, he’s not related to the Wicked Witch.

  8. Kre says:

    Really loving the direction of the arc for the second half of the season, better than the Neverland arc. Really enjoyed Regina/Emma working together again (True Detective OUAT style) they are a good team and so happy Rumple is back. Also was anyone really surprised Regina and Zelena were related?

    • Joey says:

      As soon as I saw the sneak peek video of the town turning on Regina, I was really hoping that it was a ruse to smoke out Zelena. So glad to know I was right.

    • Mary says:

      I had a feeling they were related..

    • David4 says:

      I L-O-V-E Peter Pan story, but the show just dragged it on and on to fill half a season. More has happened in these two episodes than the whole first half. Loving the storyline.

    • Whatevah says:

      The problem with the Neverland arc was it was Emma and group walking around the island every episode It was so boring watching them walk this way and that way. I mean seriously?

  9. Jason says:

    Could Rumplestiltsken be Zelena’s father? That would make Zelena and Neal brother and sister…And Zelena would be Henry’s aunt.

    • Grace says:

      Zelena is Henry’s aunt through Regina either way.

    • Aisha says:

      Zelena is already Henry’s aunt, Regina is also his mother. Poor Henry has the possibility to have 1.5 times as much family as the average person and boy do the writers make sure that happens.

      • D says:

        how is regina Henry’s mother? she faux-adopted him.

        • Aisha says:

          wow, it’s 2014 and I still have to explain adoption to people that watch OUAT.
          Perhaps the adoption wasn’t by the book but Regina raised him and cared for him AS HER SON, making her his mother. This does not lessen Emma’s role in Henry’s life, but Emma shouldn’t lessen Regina’s role either.

          • 1543 says:

            Well, the fact that Regina was so horrible to Henry that he was willing to believe she was the Evil Queen, and run away, and the fact that her curse was so important to her that to keep it intact she was willing to make Henry appear delusional and feel left out and unloved…. does slightly lessen her maternal rights. But it has nothing to do with adoption. If she had been his birth-mother, that statement would still apply.

  10. christine says:

    Neal was born before Rumple was green. Rumple is so Zelena’s father.

    • Name That Tune says:

      So wrap your head around this:
      Neal is older than Zelena and Regina and Snow and yet he is Henry’s father.

    • crysania4 says:

      Nope. He’s not. Zelena SPECIFICALLY said that she was born before Cora got mixed up with the royalty. She met Rumple AFTER she got mixed up with royalty and not long before her wedding to Henry. So there’s no way for him to be the father.

  11. Robert says:

    I have to say I am impress that the show did not drag out the connection between Regina and Zelena, they took by surprise by revealing it quickly. What surprise me is that Regina knows there is no way to break blood magic, but she would not consider the possibility there is someone out there who she may have blood relations, I guess she was that confident she knew her parents past before she was born.

  12. Dominique says:

    much better episode than last week, the pacing felt just right this time. not digging the sister thing. i just don’t understand the need of the writers to make every new character related to one of the main characters. i’m curious what will happen next week, and how long it will take before the first storybrooke resident gets her/his memory back.

  13. Joey says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Regina but her face in that second picture kills me.

  14. Bradster says:

    I just want to say that I’m thrilled that it appears that OUAT has finally gotten back to being awesome. This episode was everything that had been missing. I hope they don’t kill it. I was thrilled for Neverland and that was a slow, painful torture.

  15. Sdr says:

    Did I miss something said? Are we sure they Are half sisters? Maybe it’s a twins type play…as in the Arnold/devito movie. I think Rump could be dad to both. ;-)

    • Meg says:

      Zelena said they were half sisters. Unless Regina’s father isn’t really her father, Zelena and Regina are half sisters.

      • bluginhm says:

        Could they be full sisters? Just wondering, nothing to dispute that has really come out…

        • 1543 says:

          1. The writers have said that Prince Henry is, in fact, Regina’s father
          2. Zelena said she was born before Cora got involved with royalty (a.k.a Prince Henry)

  16. Louise says:

    I enjoyed this episode even more than the midseason premiere. I’m not a huge fan of everyone being related and new family members being pulled out of the hat as they go along, but Rebecca Mader and Lana Parrilla sold they Zelena and Regina dynamic. Very happy with Mader as the WW so far in general, fab casting choice.
    I’m also really enjoying the Regina and Robin Hood dynamic. Snarky and fun, but also works very well in quieter, more emotional moments. Lots of potential there, I’m looking forward to the show exploring that further. And more of cute little Roland, please! :) Emma and Regina are always great together anyway and I’m happy to see that the writers are allowing their relationship to progress. I was a tad worried at the beginning of the episode, but loved their rouse at the city hall and the “true detectives” moments afterwards.
    Henry being reunited with a family he doesn’t remember was heartbreaking. Snow sitting with him at the diner and of course the scene with Regina at the Charming apartment called for tissues. I do wonder if the sleeping curse is going to come into play for Regina and Henry again later this season. Even though Zelena’s got her hands on it now. Fingers crossed they’ll manage to turn Little John (and whoever else is affected) back into his human form, too.
    Robert Carlyle was brilliant in that final scene that revealed Rumple’s fate. So glad to have him back. And on a more shallow note: Robin Hood looked very handsome in his modern day, Storybrooke outfit. Wouldn’t say no to more of that either. ;)

    • I could not get over how dashing he looked in almost every scene. That guy has great TVQ.

    • janet says:

      Spot on comments! I also am not usually a fan of convoluted family tree plot twists, but this one actually doesn’t bother me, and as people have mentioned they might really not be sisters after all. There were SEVERAL laugh-out-loud moments during this episode- which is not something I’m used to, but there were some real knee slappers, Snow’s “banditry” comment and everyone’s reaction to little john turning into a monkey. I don’t know if there’s been a conscious decision to make the tone more tounge-in-cheek or if this episode was a one time thing, but I really liked it! I like Regina & Robin Hood (do they have a ship name?) but they laid it on a little thick this episode, still looking forward to it though. LOVED Regina and Emma teaming up and co-parenting. Snow and Charming are back to being adorbz :) love that too. And yes rumple was amazing in that last scene, the show needs him. All of the actors were really at their best this episode and the writing was great!

    • bluginhm says:

      Someone (Rumple?) somewhere has just got to find everything needed for a memory charm for Henry!

  17. Aisha says:

    Also, watching Zelena touch Snow’s bump, is anyone else not 100% sure that that’s a normal baby or even Snow’s let alone Charming’s? Splitting season 3 into two separate but very clear arcs with little to no breaks is probably one of ABCs better ideas. (I’ll still never forgive them for Happy Endings though.)

  18. Maria Gabriela says:

    So Robin Hood gets new clothes and Hook doesn’t? Hook always scapes the show’s makeovers

    • abz says:

      Robin was affected by Zelena’s curse which brought him to Storybrooke. Hook wasn’t affected.

    • Alice says:

      The creators have said something to the effect of “he’s always going to be dressed like that”. Sounds like he and Ichabod Crane are kind of wedded to their period clothing.

      • janet says:

        Lolz. I’m shaking my head at the writers. Just once I’d like to see hook in like a flannel shirt and corduroy pants trying to make coffee or something. If robin hood gets a cross bow hook should be able to enter this century too.

  19. OUAT Fan says:

    I am kind of scared because Rumpelstiltskin sounds like his old self not his wise Mr. Gold voice which could mean that he has forgotten about Belle and that he is evil again.

    • Kim says:

      Belle and Bae will bring him back.

      • bluginhm says:

        I totally agree – Belle and Baelfire/Neal will find a way. It may take everyone in the “family” – Emma, Regina, Snow, etc. to bring Rumple back. He sounded like his old self, but a couple of shots seemed to show that his skin wasn’t quite the dark magic skin completely.

  20. Ashleah Youn says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that the whole sister thing is a red herring? I mean, Zelena got one of the flying monkeys to steal some of Regina’s blood… couldn’t she have used that to open the crypt?!

    • Mary says:

      Good thinking! She put the blood into a potion, could have drunk it and was then able to open the crypt. Although why lie about her parentage?? Also is Cora in the crypt? Remember Regina at first thought she was, but Cora was faking, right? That’s how she ended up being in the part of the realm that was never cursed by Regina.

      • Kim says:

        I don’t think Cora is in the crypt because she died in Storybrooke. The crypt was created for her while Regina was still in the Enchanted Forest pre-curse.

    • abz says:

      Interesting idea. Although Rose McGowan will be returning as young Cora in a couple of episodes, so there is probably still a connection to Cora somehow. May the blood spell thing is like a pure blood thing and if they’re half sisters, then only half of their DNA is shared so Zelena wouldn’t be able to break it. I don’t know just throwing out ideas.

    • Louise says:

      Wasn’t she already in Regina’s castle by the time the monkey got her Regina’s blood, though? I thought they meant to suggest that Zelena had to take the same way to get into the castle that Robin and Regina did in this episode because before the initial curse hit Regina had placed her own protection spell around the castle. To hijack it Zelena had to get inside first and mess around with that fire in the courtyard.

    • Will says:

      Yeah, I actually don’t believe her for a second. I had the same thought about the blood.

    • bluginhm says:

      But how did she get into the castle in the first place? The monkey stole the blood after Zelena was already inside the castle’s protection spell.

  21. cday89 says:

    Loved this episode! While the revelation with the Wicked Witch/Zelina was interesting, I was more captivated with Regina & Robin Hood banter. Such good chemistry between the two. I’m happy to see another side of Regina this season; LP captures them all so well. What’s their ship name going to be? Robina?

  22. Mary says:

    Matt I think Rump is in a storm cellar not a root cellar. it’s used for people to seek shelter when there’s a bad storm or tornado (cute Oz/Kansas tie-in)
    Interesting that Rump looked like “Mr Gold” but had his Rumple personality..

  23. abz says:

    This has to be one of my favourite episodes of this show. I loved every second of it. Even though I called the sister connection right when the scene started, it didn’t bother me one bit. The family tree is already crazy at it is, so I’m not really too annoyed by another addition. Can’t wait for Zelena’s backstory.

    I think Rumple might definitely be Zelena’s father. Also does anyone else think that she brought Rumple back as Rumplestiltskin and erased the memories of Mr. Gold?

    That scene from the picture above of Regina and Henry was so heartbreaking. I’m so glad they didn’t pit Emma and Regina against each other again. It’s really great seeing them work together.

    Did anyone else think that Zelena might have done something when she touched Snow’s stomach? I don’t know, but I definitely have a bad feeling about the baby. Lol what if it’s a flying monkey.

    Regina and Robin moments were really great as well.

    • Josh says:

      I definitely think that the baby is important. Maybe the baby is going to be OUAT’s version of Dorothy? Or maybe Snow’s father is the Wicked Witch’s father so the Wicked Witch wants to take the baby away from them (like she was cast away from her family)? Or made it green?

  24. abz says:

    Also, favourite quote for me had to be Regina’s “The one thing I haven’t had in a long time, someone to destroy”.

  25. Dawn says:

    Am I the only one who thought Zelena’s story could be fake? She had a monkey steal blood from Regina…could that be to make a spell to unlock the ‘blood magic’?….maybe I’m just going all Harry Potter/Voldemort on this…maybe she’s just playing mind games…I thought she revealed her story too easily…no Villian ever gives up their motives like that!!!

    • Emma says:

      I totally think that! I was watching the scene and thinking, “if this was true, no way would the writers reveal it now. They’d make it a towards-the-finale shocker, and the family tree is already messed up enough as it is.” And yeah, the way I thought of it was how Voldemort took Harry’s blood…wow we think a lot alike.

  26. Kaylee says:

    If they are sisters, then does that make Regina the Wicked Witch of the East?

  27. robinepowell says:

    I have a few questions.

    First is Zelena the new mysterious person that’s on Henry’s family tree? The one that TVLine mentioned a while back?

    Also, how is Robin Hood and his Merry Men managed to get back to Storybrooke but not Mulan (who joined their group) or Phillip and Aurora?

  28. Matt says:

    Back before the show came back, I was joking with my friends that I couldn’t wait to see how the Wicked Witch fit on Henry’s family tree. I am deeply amused yet kind of sad to see that the show really did go there again.

    • Ram510 says:

      Nice to see someone feels the same way about the family tree.
      When she said “were sisters” I literally rolled my eyes and walked out of the room. They didn’t need to pull that stunt yet again

      • Olivia says:

        I rolled my eyes too, although I knew they wouldn’t resist going there. *yawns*
        That said, I’m glad Regina finally gets some well-deserved focus (re Henry, too) that is not just her being the evil queen vs. the Charmings.

      • Stormy says:

        A lot of us predicted the sisters angle way back when they first released info on WW. Almost cliche’. I’m pretty distracted by how much Zelena reminds me of Emily Deschanel [Bones]. She certainly is beautiful.

    • Rebecca says:

      I called them being sisters like MONTHS ago. This ‘shocking twist’ was about as ‘shocking’ as the Malcolm!Pan debacle from S3A. Neither was shocking to me, I saw them both coming miles away. I’m tired of everyone being related to everyone. This is turning more into a soap opera with daddy/mommy issues than villains with real evil that doesn’t stem from them being abandoned, etc. *rolls eyes*

  29. Me says:

    I would love to see bloopers where the WW disappears due to green screen malfunction.
    It looks like they are using purple instead, but still could be funny to watch.
    Loved the episode, looking forward to really bat sh!t crazy Rumple.

  30. wrstlgirl says:

    Hmmm, I was really bored :-(

  31. A says:

    I want a lot more Regina and Robin Hood

  32. del says:

    How did Hook get back to real time NY to get Emma in the first place? Didn’t he have to use a magic bean to access real time in the first place?

  33. Ram510 says:

    They’re sisters?! Seriously. :/ There family tree is already complicated enough and they’ve used this gimmick so many times already, it wasn’t even a shock. I thought it was a good episode and I’m enjoying 3B so far but I fear the writers will do what they did with Lost and sooner or later write themselves into a corner. They need to be careful

  34. Matt says:

    I’m thinking Rumple is her father as well. Cora and he did have a fling.

  35. James D says:

    good episode i love what Lana Parrilla has done this season really adds to her character. Rumple’s back which makes me smile.

    • Stormy says:

      Where is Rumple’s dagger? And did anyone else think it looked like there was someone or something else in the cell? There was a kind of lumpy mass over his right shoulder.

  36. rk535 says:

    AMAZING! Love that they came back swinging!

  37. Joey says:

    I also should mention happy I was that Emma was questioning where Neal was (more than once!). Although if he was there, it would be one heck of a story she’d have to come up with to explain him to Henry….

  38. Pat says:

    Well this episode did not disappoint me. I loved how Regina and Emma worked together. Also, it looks like Rumple is or has totally lost his mind. Has Regina truly met her match in Zelena? I hope that Regina will come around to really getting to know Robin Hood. I think they will end up together but not when Zelena is still in the picture. Well, I will stay tuned for next week’s episode, with great anticipation.

  39. jm says:

    I am the only one happy for seeing “Red hoodie” back. I missed her so much. Love Megan

  40. Cool. says:

    I almost gave up on this show after how boring the whole Neverland / end of Season 2 arc was. I’m glad I didn’t.

    Neal is totally dead and that’s why he’s not in Storybrooke, right?

  41. Jenn says:

    I figured out the sister connection last week but WOW was I shocked to see Rumple in the cell. Yet again Once absolutely nails casting with the Wicked Witch! I do have a feeling that Rumple is her father.. Just a gut feeling, I could be 100% wrong but you never know. This season just keeps getting better and better. I really can’t wait to see where this all goes!

  42. Tom Lenoch says:

    Any chance that Snow and Charmings new baby is … Dorothy?

  43. A.B. says:

    My only problem with the whole Rumple is WW father is that, why would he be so obsessed with getting baby Regina if he had his own daughter Zelena. Time frame seems off and yes it could be explained that he never knew but it still is sketchy. I like the theory mentioned above about Zelena being Leopolds daughter and then if you think about it if Cora had Zelena before meeting Rumple then the whole “I get your first born child” would be void because Regina wouldn’t be her first born child, Zelena would.

    • janet says:

      They’ve never really explained why rumple was always after “first born” (he tried to take cinderella’s too). Why? He never gave up on finding neal, so it wasn’t to replace him, and it’s not because he needed a protege, he had plenty of those. I know it is a part of the original rumple fairy tail but I look forward to OUAT explanation as well.

  44. Kristen t says:

    doesn’t anyone realize that probably EMMA is dorothy. Shes wearing a RED leather jacket! The whole point of the show is for her to find her “home”

    • lll says:

      That’s my guess too. After all she started off being “the savior” (and still is) and became a “lost girl” during the Neverland Arc. Dorothy sounds like a natural fit.

  45. Alice says:

    My response to yet another character being related to Henry? : Headdesk. Seriously- WHY are they all related??? Why????

  46. BrianR says:

    Green is really loking hot.

  47. Mikael says:

    That family tree is getting out of control! I knew they’d be sisters, but I was hoping they wouldn’t go there. I won’t be the least bit surprised if Rumple is the father. So Cora threw Zelena into Oz, and Regina threw Cora into Wonderland! I also have to note that Rebecca Mader’s WW is already leagues better than Mila Kunis in the Oz movie, in looks and acting.

  48. Gail says:

    Didn’t Rumple seem a bit insane in the cage? If he were to escape he would be able to tell everyone who the Wicked Witch is and I don’t believe Emma and all are due to find that out for a while. Perhaps his state of mind has something to do with what happened to Neil.

  49. Charla says:

    Loved the episode, great to have Rumple back! Okay two theories on how he is back:
    1. Zelena used Dr. Frankenstien (explaining why he was in the episode) to bring Rumple back to life. Would explain why he is mad (like all the others who came back to life).
    2. Belle and Bae brought him back to life, but Zelena has the dagger and is controlling his movements, explaining how he is locked up.

  50. janet says:

    soooo, maybe WWW has the dagger?