Every Veronica Mars Episode, Worst to Best, Plus Some Key Info to Prep You For the Movie

OK, Marshmallows, it’s go time.

The Veronica Mars movie hits theaters and Kickstarter donors’ inboxes Friday. To stoke your Pirate pride before you see the film — or before you see it for the second, third, 15th time — TVLine has compiled the ultimate list of every episode, ranked from least awesome to most mindblowing.

VIDEO | Kristen Bell Talks Logan Vs. Piz, Blurred Lines on Set and Veronica Mars 2

But then, because we’re just as obsessive about the petite P.I. and her pals as you are, we added a list of what’s notable about each episode. Think of it as a micro-recap to get you ready for your trip back to Neptune.

We know you’re likely to disagree with some of our choices, but be cool, Backup. That’s what the comments section is for. So click through the gallery and weigh in!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. David Stumme says:

    Wouldn’t this be a lot more useful as a recap if it were in chronological order?

    • Kate says:

      Absolutely — if it was intended to be a recap instead of a ranking of worst-to-best episodes, which is what it is (or claims to be, since I disagree with so much of it)

      • Josh says:

        Right? So many good season 1 and 2 episodes are ranked so low. It’s a pretty terrible list. I mean Hot Dogs in the top ten? The season 2 finale before the season 1 finale? I don’t think I agree with one spot on the list.

    • Ryan says:

      It’s a ranking

      • Annie says:

        That’s the point. A ranking is less useful than a chronology. Entertaining for us ‘mallows who’ve seen ’em all, but not useful for those who haven’t and want to get caught up before the movie.

        • B says:

          Yeah but this is more interesting. You can get a chronological recap on Wikipedia or Netflix. What would the point of TVLine doing one be?

  2. Matt Webb Mitovich says:

    Amended! –Mgmt.

  3. Monica says:

    I think Meet John Smith is also notable for having Oscar winner Melissa Leo as the transdad

  4. Deion says:

    Mars Bars and Papa’s Cabin have the same synopsis. Lamb died in both eps? Otherwise great collection. The movie was awesome as well.

  5. KT says:

    # 60 it was Logan’s Alterna-Prom

  6. Monica says:

    Also, I know Weapons of Class Destruction is just loved for the that one scene, but also, who can forget JTT’s mullet.

  7. Lexi Evans says:

    On slide 25 “Donut Run” it says she helps Logan go on the lam with his baby when it should be Duncan. Just a friendly heads up.

  8. CourtTV says:

    Thanks for this. I’d forgotten some of the episodes and I appreciate the guest star shout outs.

  9. 8daysaweek says:

    Maybe it’s just me but this list really hammered home how consistently good the show was. From top to bottom, there wasn’t a single episode that I hated, disliked, or even thought was a low point. There aren’t many shows I can say that about.

    • Jana Wells says:

      That’s so true. I could not find one listed I didn’t love.

    • Cookie126 says:

      I so agree with your comment. Some more than others, but I loved them all. When it was on Soapnet, I always watched and now that it’s on Pivot, I will still watch no matter which episode it is. I can’t believe we actually got a movie!

  10. What’s interesting about this ranking is despite it generally being considered the weakest season, season 3’s episodes rank fairly well. So perhaps the criticism it gets is a little harsh, yes maybe as a whole s1 & s2 provide a more satisfying season but season 3’s individual episodes were in general strong and perhaps more consistent than atleast season 2

  11. Nicole says:

    I Know What You’ll Do Next Summer” — SEASON | 3

    The main guest character, Apollo, is played by True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis, aka Lafayette. :-)

  12. Nicole says:

    Not Pictured and Leave It to Beaver are #1 and #2 in my book. I would hate to put the pilot 3rd but the Aaron and Beaver scenes in these are my favorite of the series. Anyway, great list! It brought back some storylines if forgot and reminded me how the episodes were consistently great.

  13. Kristin says:

    Great list! Excited to see the film tonight!

  14. Day says:

    I… don’t remember Keith being arrested in the finale.

  15. Sarah says:

    I LOVE that you did this. Seriously, TVLine, you’re the best entertainment site out there.

  16. Some of names need to be revised. Mixed up Duncan and Logan quiet a bit.

  17. Tom Charles says:

    No body seen, Meg’s death was faked.

  18. Claire says:

    Perfection! Snazzy stuff that show!

  19. Chelle says:

    Heh — I read the list backwards at first, and got excited that “Aint No Magic Mountain…” was getting some love. Whoops! I can’t disagree with the top two choices…but there are a lot of my favorites in the bottom half (I’d have “Plan B” in my top ten; also a big fan of “Ahoy Mateys,” “I am God” and “Drinking the Kool Aid”). But then again, I loved the character of Cassidy all the way up until the last few minutes of season 2 and have wiped much of the third season from my memory, so that colors my opinion.

  20. Sal says:

    Mars, Bars had great scenes of Veronica in custody, especially the scene when Keith comes to visit her.

  21. Connie says:

    Can I just say… It’s not just you; Veronica got much much much nastier in Season 3. But then everything in season 3 was not as good as 1 and 2, so there’s that.

  22. Laura says:

    I Know What You’ll Do Next Summer also notable for guest star (future Lafayette on True Blood) Nelsan Ellis as Apollo Bukenya. I loved his story line in this episode.