Exclusive Glee First Look: Lea Michele and Others Go Behind the Scenes of Episode 100

Glee Episode 100 VideoCan you say “100”? The cast of Glee can — and does, several times — in TVLine’s exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Tuesday’s milestone episode (8/7c, Fox).

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Along with a sneak peek at one of the episode’s highly anticipated remixes, the video also features interviews with the stars as they reflect on some of their favorite memories from the past five seasons. For Matthew Morrison, the first day he shot with Cory Monteith remains the most special.

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“I still remember the first scene we ever shot for this show was me and Cory,” Morrison says. “I just remember that moment, and I don’t know why, but that’s the moment that’s kind of sticking out the most for me today — just that first scene we ever shot for Glee.”

Hit PLAY on the video below, then drop a comment: What’s your favorite memory from the past 99 episodes of Glee? And what are you most looking forward to this Tuesday?


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  1. SUSO says:

    What a sweet little video. Looking forward to next week’s episode.

  2. Chloe says:

    aww did they not keep in the part where chris said he wants a new boyfriend kurt

    • Elizabeth says:

      Oh well, here we go… the haters are always the most quick to comment

    • Laura says:

      oh! were you there when he said that?

    • Paige says:

      aww they probably didn’t keep it in because there is a 99.999% chance that he didn’t actually say it in the context that tv line wanted you to think he did. how are there chris stans who think he would say this? even if he hated klaine, he’s like the least controversial person ever.

    • Erin says:

      Probably because it was made up by the same anti-klaine writer who said that the guy who played Adam would be a regular this season

    • el says:

      it didnt happen so they had nothing to show…. :)

    • tim says:

      What difference does it make, whether Chris said that or not, Ryan is not going to break up his PSA for a young gay couple.

      • sam says:

        People seem to be more worried that Chris may not like working with Darren.

        • Funny says:

          Funny. Darren is the one who acts like Chris is a leper when he films with him, and leaves him out of tweets while including everyone else involved.

  3. Isabelle says:

    I want to watch it, but it isn’t available in my country…

  4. rosie rhdes says:

    wish glee was back on in the uk

  5. Bieke (Nelly B.) says:

    I would watch it if I could..

  6. Abe Froman says:

    100. Yes, I can say it.

  7. tim says:

    Missing Finn/Cory in DSB.

  8. Aries says:

    I can’t wait for this episode! Looks fantastic!!!

  9. 504 says:

    The originals are that matters!

  10. Isabelle says:

    Love all season 1 and 2 !! Favorite song of all is Pretending!

  11. pete says:

    I love that Finn is gone….awesome.

  12. u says:

    I miss Cory and Finn :(

  13. Andrew Hass says:

    Congrats to Glee for reaching 100 episodes.Maybe not too many people on the show thought they would reach this milestone when they first started.As for Chris Colfer’s comments that he wants Kurt to have a new love interest he may or may not have said it and he’s the only one who knows for sure what he said and what he meant by it.Yeah he want Kurt to have a new love interest but that doesn’t he doesn’t mean he doesn’t want Kurt and Blaine to end up together or that he doesn’t like working with Darren Criss.He may just want some drama added into Kurt and Blaine’s relationship by having Kurt be tempted by someone else.

  14. Melissa sims says:

    I can not wait to see the 100th episode! It will be a bitter sweet episode with out Finn but I am sure he will be there in the heart of all the cast members

  15. Wesley says:

    I can’t wait for 100, but the most favorable Episode is Um, Pilot because it was the beginning of the series, the most fave song is faithfully, & Get It Right and not just because it was about Finn!

  16. kd86953 says:

    This episode and the one after it are going to be so awesome and emotional and GUH. I can’t wait. Congrats on making it to 100, Glee!

  17. Carlos Alvarez says:

    Can’t wait till Glee’s 100th episode I have been watching since the beginning. It’s one of my favorite shows and there is like maybe 1 episode out of the 100th that I didn’t enjoy. So Congrats Glee on reaching this milestone and thank you for brining some Glee to my heart

  18. windy says:

    I love the episode when we first see Sue’s heart – when her down syndrome sister is revealed.

  19. my favorite scenes of all time Glee is still
    1) Kurt doing single ladies dance in his room-basement.
    2) when New Directions won Nationals in season 3.
    3) Graduation in season 3 finale.
    4) Kurt and football team doing single ladies dance in the football field (this is the most hilarious Glee moment that always get me ROTFL for hours!!)
    5) Kurt and Blaine’s first kiss in season 2.

  20. its allover says:

    100 = # of viewers left.

  21. ET Hof says:

    Can’t wait for Blaine & Kurt to be in NY together!

  22. Lisa Benwitz says:

    My favorite scenes: Kurt and Rachel’s sing-off of “Defying Gravity”; Rachel’s performance of “Don’t Rain on My Parade”; Kurt and the football team dancing to “All the Single Ladies”; any scene with Kurt and his dad. I really miss the early seasons of this show… now I only watch it to hear Lea Michele sing and out of a strange sense of loyalty because it used to exhilarate me and make my smile every single week.

  23. Luke Geri says:

    My favourite eposides of glee was klaine eposides and Kurt doing born this way and single ladies was the the best ever but Kurt is my favourite of all time

  24. Axel says:

    Congrats Glee for your number 100 !!
    About my favorites ( and maybe it shows my age a bit)…

    My favorite scenes:
    1. Burt giving sex education to Kurt (Sexy), I wish I was like Burt
    2. Rachel’s fight with Quinn in the bathroom ( Prom queen )
    3. Kurt facing the God’s squad after Karofsky’s suicide attempt (On my way) , even though I hated Kurt’s attitude…

    My favorite singing performances:
    1. Teenage dream at the piano (Blaine – sob-)
    2. Need you tonight (Rachel and Puck-wink-)
    3. Gloria (Rachel, Santana and Starchild -grin-)

    My favorite mash- ups
    1. It’s my life/confessions
    2. Umbrella/Singing in the rain
    3. Rumour has it/Someone like you

  25. Gloria Etes says:

    The most memorable show was the tribute to Cory Monteith. I cried all through it. One other song I remember specifically was when the kids sang “To Sir With Love” to Mr. Schu. I think it was at the end of the first season (?). The emotion seemed very real. I have enjoyed the 100 shows.

  26. lydia says:

    My favorite show at the beginning and my favorite show now. Still miss Cory and I would really like the show to address how Finn passed away. As fans of Finn we need closure. Hoping next season is more like the original though.