Bates Motel Gets New Time Slot, as A&E Pulls Those Who Kill After Two Airings

Bates Motel- After HoursBates Motel has filled a new vacancy.

The Psycho prequel is moving to Mondays at 10/9c, effective immediately, in light of A&E pulling Those Who Kill from its primetime line-up, TVLine has confirmed.

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As first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, will air encore episodes of Bates at 9 pm on Mondays before premiering new episodes at 10.

The Chloe Sevigny-led Those Who Kill‘s March 4 debut garnered 1.4 million viewers — and this week’s second episode totaled about half of that.

THR reports that the detective series is not cancelled, and that A&E has faith it can find a better time slot for the drama.

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  1. Kristin says:

    My DVR didn’t even tape it this week. I wonder if that had anything to do with it. I know two for her people this happened to too.

  2. Cheo says:

    I hope they find a place for it; I’m enjoying it.

  3. B.P. says:

    I didn’t even know this was airing yet! I extra-ed in it… Episode 3 to be exact. I hope I’ll at least get to see the next episode!

  4. kate says:

    Just two more weeks until I record this in its normal time and not in the middle of the night with all those sad commercials. Teen wolf and the Blacklist still get primary until then.

  5. Glad that Bates Motel is moving to a new time. This way I can watch The Following at 9 and then Bates Motel at 10. I always used to watch Bates Motel on tv and then watch The Following online so I’m glad I can now watch both episodes on tv!

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    It’s very well put together and I’m enjoying it also but have they even promoted it? The only reason why I even knew about it was an ad during Bates. I’m keeping it on the DVR so it will pick it up wherever they put it.

  7. Katie_Mead says:

    I quite enjoyed the Danish original (Den som Draeber) and usually like the two leads who are in the US remake, but I just can’t seem to get through the first episode of the remake. I’ve tried three or four times to watch it, but still haven’t got half-way through the first episode. The Danish Katrine was damaged, but I find the US Catherine too disturbing to watch.

  8. Katie_Mead says:

    Sorry about the vagueness, when I opened this page, the headline was about Those who Kill being yanked off the schedule.

  9. Vicki says:

    I really enjoyed the show. Looked forward to it coming on each week. Moved things around on my dvr to make sure i had it to watch. I sure wish they would take a poll on facebook for shows to cancel or not. Just because some people dont enjoy them, thats not right.

  10. Mama T says:

    I really like it so I hope they give it a fair shake!

  11. checkermate says:

    Seriously? I already had to dump Intelligence. Now the are pitting Bates against The Blacklist and Castle? Uggg!

  12. EJ says:

    Chloe Sevigny can’t carry a show, plain and simple. She didn’t have to in Big Love, that’s for sure.

    • George says:

      Chloe Sevigny is a talented actress. Go watch her in the British import Hit and Miss. She plays a preop trangender Hitwoman who finds out her old girlfriend died and left behind four kids. One of which is her biological son.

      From my understanding most critics are saying that Those who Kill is a mediocre serial killer procedural just like the Following. Shows likes Hannibal and True Detective are doing great things with the premise which feel nuanced and fresh. AE wants to get recognition for scripted programming it has to be innovative and not something you can find on the rest of Television.

      • Desi says:

        Actually this series was nothing like others…. as the main character has some demons to deal with and I don’t think it’s anything like The Following. I do think it’s innovative and different than anything on tv. I stopped watching Hannibal after one episode, how is that still on but not this?!?!?

  13. alistaircrane says:

    Pissed! I was enjoying Bates Motel at 9…I don’t want to watch it at 10. Guess I’ll have to DVR it.

    • Jenny says:

      Agreed. I have to get up early for work and 9 was a perfect time. I don’t like 10. I’ll have to dvr now too.

  14. Et al says:

    I’m glad bates is moving. Following, Dallas, Fosters, RuPaul, etc etc it was just too much.

  15. LynnH says:

    I’m enjoying Those Who Kill. I can’t help but think it might pull higher numbers if it were on another network. Regardless, I hope they bring it back sooner than later.

  16. Tahonia says:

    I don’t think they gave Those Who Kill enough of a chance, and Also an impossible time slot. There are too many good shows on Monday night; I was recording Those Who Kill at 1 a.m. Phooey. I hope I can figure out where to watch the rest of it.

    • Doug H says:

      I had the exact problem.. I enjoyed seeing Chloe… I would guess they’ll burn off this show later on or dump it directly to On Demand… I pretty much hate A&E…. I guess if it’s not Duck Dynasty, it won’t survive.. At least they didn’t dump this show in the middle of a cliff-hanger (…ie The Glades)… I also enjoyed Breakout Kings despite them trying to screw it up..

  17. Andrew Davis says:

    The best thing about this show was where they filmed it. The acting was subpar, the stories bland and in a field that includes L&O:SVU,Criminal Minds, CSI, Dexter,,The Following etc,; Those Who Kill was at the very bottom of an overdone idea.

  18. I really liked it! This is total BS! The fault is all on A&E for not promoting it like AT ALL. I only happened to watch it because it was on after Bates Motel.

    • johnhelvete says:

      Not sure if A&E promoted the show on other channels but I saw plenty of ads on A&E for Those Who Kill before the premiere.

  19. sihn says:

    It is a bit funny that the american remake of Those Who Kill is suffering the exact same fate in the ratings as the original did when it was being broadcast in Denmark – that took a massive nose dive as well after the first (double) episode, but I think they ended up broadcasting the entire first season… I can vaguely remember the channel broadcasting it, trying to make all kinds of excuses for why it was doing worse every week but they should just have admitted that the problem was that it seemed like a bad rip off on The Killing but with less interesting characterizations and more unrealistic cases

  20. Kaycee says:

    Chloe is an amazingly talented actress and can carry a show. I haven’t seen it myself but I’ve read that a lot of the problems were it’s poor writing and unnecessary shock value techniques. She deserves better. They need to revamp the series because it has a lot of promise.

    • MLO says:

      I agree that Chloe is talented, but there’s something about her I just don’t like. I’ve watched both eps of the show, but I think that’s it for me.

  21. GhostWolf says:

    Didn’t even know it aired. Besides, already watched the original Nordic version and wouldn’t have been in the mood for more deja vu as they have done with The Bridge and The Killing. Just air the original and be done with it. Even with subtitles (which I’m used to watching so many Nordic, Italian and French shows these days), the original was enjoyable.

  22. bobbie says:

    I fell asleep during the first episode but I vaguely remember that I didn’t like it That uisually means I felt an aversion to one of the characters..I would stick with a show if I heard enough good things about it. These days I’m becoming increasingly bored with the cliche and predictable. One more cop drama with a******e cops, anyone? How about a few more zombies or vampires?

  23. The first episode’s ratings were because people were just sticking around to watch that awful After Hours.

  24. scott says:

    Loved those who kill dont pull it best cop show going

  25. arlene says:

    Bad memories of hit show SPOOKS (MI-5) bring pulled offf A&E back in 2002 or 2003..,really hoping they do find a better spot. Why not Saturdays, where BBC-4 airs its foreign dramas at 9pm, when &where the original THOSE WHO KILL aired in the UK with English subtitles? It’s a very popular time slot there and even here lately…worked for AMC’s HELL ON WHEELS and BBC-A’s ORPHAN BLACK and RIPPER STREET. Even STARZ is using 9pm Saturday nights — all the shows air at least one more time that evening or early next morning.

  26. lee wiesman says:

    loved those who kill cant believe they pulled it they never gave it a chance tuned in and it was gone very dissapointing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what happened to a&e sad!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Lee says:

    Those Who Kill great show. To quick too cancel. Bring it back. Better than Hannibal.
    Loved the show, was an immediate fan.

  28. Ed says:

    Bring it back it is better than Hannibal and the following witch I was a big fan of

  29. Ray says:

    Well is Those Who Kill completely canceled ?

    • Karen in Rio Vista says:

      Not sure either. I’m left with the impression they are going to find a better time slot???

  30. steve says:

    In A&Es view, airing the fTrst 48 70 hours a week makes more sense than original programming. And you said never have too much storage wars or duck dynasty

  31. paul says:

    I liked it. Thought it was a great show and I Thor Chloe was smoking!

  32. M says:

    Lifetime Movie Network is showing the first 2 episodes tonight and a new 3rd episode (10PM)

  33. malisa calvillo says:

    I love this show Those Who Kill…hope they will find a slot…its intense and i love these kind of seris..Please find a spot soon!!!!

  34. z says:

    if they keep starting up series and killing them after a couple of seasons or making me wait a half a year or more to continue with the story im gonna quit watching them all……………. im sick of it!