The Originals Sneak Peek: Elijah Dances with Hayley and Klaus Gets Flirty... With Genevieve?!

It looks like The Originals is drawing inspiration from two iconic ’90s films: Dances with Wolves and Sleeping with the Enemy!

With Rebekah gone for the foreseeable future — Claire Holt is no longer a series regular — Klaus is free to make all kinds of mistakes in Tuesday’s episode (8/7c, The CW), and judging by this new batch of sneak-peek photos, he’s off to a pretty good start. But he couldn’t possibly be all up in Genevieve without an ulterior motive, right? He’s reckless, not stupid.

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Speaking of people getting cozy, fans of Elijah and Hayley’s slow-churning relationship will also enjoy the shot of them dancing together — even if it is quickly interrupted by wolf-man Jackson.

Also worth noting in the gallery:
* Klaus and Elijah share a friendly toast.
* Cami and Kieran engage in some tense chatter.
* Klaus is holding some serious bling. (That can’t be a wedding ring, right?)

Browse the photos from Tuesday’s Originals below, then drop a comment: What the heck is Klaus up to?


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  1. Spoiler Junkie says:

    I wouldn’t mind a Klaus/Genevieve love connection. She had some good chemistry with him in the ‘Trapped in the Asylum’ episode.

  2. dude says:

    I didn’t realize how much I’m going to hate a Rebekah-less Originals until right this very minute when I scrolled through those photos.

    • Wayne Craig says:

      agreed! This show needs Rebekah… utterly disappointed that she’s gone.

    • Mai says:

      Yeah, same here. I saw the pics, and the promo, and though “Meh”. Not feeling any compelling reason to watch this episode.

      • You need to watch, because the only way you will understand it in the end, if you don’t watch the originals, ratings go down, goodbye season 2 and Rebekah ever appearing. P.S. if you stop watching now and start watching it later on again you will be completely confused on the next episode!

        • Valerie Mendez says:

          Please if anyone going to write about Klaus needing to be a god father, it’s Kaus should be a good father. And there will be a Season 2.

  3. Justin says:

    I couldn’t care a less about anything that happens on this show anymore.

  4. ggny says:

    The show needs a new female badass so Genevieve sticking around wouldnt be a bad idea. But dam this show is really gonna be lacking something with Rebekah gone

  5. Michelle says:

    Klaus doing anything with Gen is better than boring Cami.

  6. Carmell says:

    OMG!!!Seriously!??What the hell is Julie Plec doin???!!!!Yeah it do break the hearts of the Klaroliner fans ME for instance!And why is Rebekah no longer regular in the originals now??Mark my words Julie Plec is laughing to us fans!!!Don’t watch this show in future anymore!!!

  7. Yum says:

    I hate this show but damn!! Joseph Morgan looks sexy as hell in that pic with the redhead.

  8. Jaime says:

    Nathan! :D

  9. JACKIE says:


  10. Et al says:

    I don’t understand this preview. I thought the series finale aired last night.

  11. Robert says:

    I sadly see the writing on the wall for Genevieve. No good ever comes from getting involved romantically with an Original.

    • deme says:

      I get the feeling she’s going to be around for awhile as leader of the witches and Davina’s new mentor. She’s needed now more than ever with Beks. She has a fire simmering in her that could be a great match for Klaus as long as they don’t have her falling under some “love” spell to him. Should Beks return what drama would ensue with Klaus in the middle.

  12. Lena says:

    I’m finish with the Originals. Rebekah is gone. Apparently Marcel will become like Bonnie on TVD and disappear for episodes at a time. Plec hardly ever knows what to do with AA characters, like somehow having brown skin makes a person too different to write. Also, I agree with Daniel about Elijah and Haley. It is gross Elijah trying to get with a woman carrying his brother’s child.

    • wow says:

      i agree with you 100% percent. I DID NOT like the way Elijiah treated Marcel last week. That crap with Elijiah and Haley is nothing more that TRASH.

    • Valerie Mendez says:

      Yes,I agree Elijah needs to backaway from Hailey,nothin good can come from it and if they do happen to go there the baby will end up paying for their sins. NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!, No Elijah and Hailey.

  13. Ally Oop says:

    I’m finding it really difficult to get excited about this show now.

  14. tp says:

    Gen told Beks she had a thing for Klaus at the speakeasy in the flashback and they had chemistry in the asylum. This might be interesting. I don’t care about Hayley with Elijah. It could go either way and I would be happy. I just love Elijah.

  15. tp says:

    Also that Jackson is a beautiful man.

  16. Klaroline says:

    Isn’t the ring the one his real dad have his mum? The one the werewolf was wearing?

  17. Francine says:

    I have to echo what the majority is saying here- the show won’t be the same without Rebekah. Whether it was her decision or not, it sucks. Rebekah brought balance to the alpha male brothers. Why is it so hard to have a badass female on these shows?

  18. hello says:

    Hope Genevieve stays for a long time, now that Becky is gone we need another hottie on the show

  19. Sara says:

    I don’t get it. Where did this sudden Klaus/Genevieve love connection come from?
    No build up at all. Don’t like it.

  20. JoanTheVampire says:

    Don’t like it. Klaus starting a relationship with the woman who basically ruined the relationship with his sister? No!

    Klaus do better.

  21. messa says:

    No. Don’t want them together. Klaus/Gen=bad combo. I also didn’t like their scenes in that asylum episode, what the hell was that about?
    First Haylijah and now another forced romance. Please make it stop.

  22. BellaPrincipessa says:

    Well this sucks… It’s a good thing it’s already been renewed for another season cause I’m guessing if fans had known Claire Holt was leaving + the boring and forced “love connections” that have been happening, it would’ve been cancelled. Seriously, I loved this show, couldn’t wait to see it every week, now I don’t really care either way… Too bad.

  23. A says:

    I watch for Elijah and thats pretty much it.

  24. deme says:

    What show are you people watching? Genevieve and Klaus aren’t forced. She had her eyes on him in those 1919 flashbacks. Their scenes in the asylum were hot as hades. I’m looking forward to them being explored. I don’t want a grand love or some sappy romance because honestly Klaus isn’t wired that way. They’re leaders of their packs and I hope there’s a lot of backstabbing, manipulation and screwing (both literally and figuratively) each other over takes place between the two.

    • lena says:

      Their relationship had no build up. Not for me to find believable or really ship worthy. I also thought their scenes in the asylum episode were weird. I just don’t see it working.
      Klaus wants love, if you think he wants a relationship where he can’t trust,depend on, and love a woman just as much as she loves him, then you don’t know or understand Klaus at all.

      • deme says:

        I know Klaus well enough thank you! And I think people are jumping to a whole lot of conclusions based on a couple of stills. This is nothing wrong with Klaus having a hot fling on his way to this grand “love” you seem to think he wants. *roll eyes*

        • Naazneen says:

          High five. I too dont get why everyone assumes Klaus is in love with this women. If he wants to have a hot affair while they still duke it out publicly because they are on opposing sides, WHY THE HELL NOT?

        • Freya says:

          I agree with lena. You haven’t been watching the show if you think Klaus doesn’t want to loved and accepted fully and completely. He wants someone to be loyal and true to him. One who will have his back and love him for him.

          • deme says:

            Fine let him get that from his child which is how it should be because the source of Klaus many issues stem from his lack of parental love. Full circle will be him bestowing on his child what he didn’t get and in return having his child love him back. Not some dopey, gooey-eye romance with Caroline, Cami or Hayley. And again I’ve been watching Klaus since the moment JoMo stepped out of that coffin and declared “Now that’s more like it.”

          • sonya says:

            Genevieve’s face is scary. Burn it!

      • Freya says:

        I agree. I don’t really see the point in this relationship fling or whatever it is. It’s just Plec’s attempt to cause more shipping drama

    • Rain388 says:

      The first comment I’ve read here that is positive about the show and is the way I feel!! Glad to see that I’m not the only one still enjoying the show!

  25. jackie says:

    Don’t like it. I’m not even a shipper, but I’m certainly not interested in more relationship drama on this show. Just keep Genevieve a villain, I don’t know why they always want to force a ship on everything in this show. Klaus/Genevieve=forced

  26. Brianna says:

    I am klaus and Caroline fan but I must say klaus and Genevieve would be interesting and Caroline had other love interests so klaus can to

  27. klaus says:

    klaus n this red head which…helll nooooooooooo!!! :( :(

  28. Poppy says:

    I liked Rebekkah a lot, but the show will be doing fine without her. The quality of a series seldom depends on one character. I’m looking forward to things to come. Klaus + Genieveve? Sure, why not.

  29. Bianca Santiago says:

    i REALLY don’t like Hayley. she just seems to pointless for the plotline.

    or maybe because i just don’t like her relationship with Elijah.

    yep. that’s it.

    Elijah deserves better!!

  30. sophia says:

    I don’t give a crap about Klaus/Genevieve/Cami or Hayley/Elijah/Jackson love triangle nonsense. The two people who should be interacting more is the parents. Klaus and Hayley need to talk, nothing romantic, just let them have scenes together. It’s been how since they spoke to each other. That baby is about to pop of her vagina. They need to talk.

  31. Celeste says:

    Being a Klaus and Caroline fan like myself, I wouldn’t mind if Klaus had a little fling with Genevieve while Caroline back in Mystic Falls explores the single life for a while and really get to know herself. Caroline absolutely needs to finish college before she runs off with Klaus to live out the crazy adventures she’s been dreaming about ever since Katherine snapped her neck back in Season 2. Also, Caroline has an adventurous spirit, and while Elena is an amazing friend, she’s also been the driving force in Caroline’s life over the past few years. Caroline needs to do her own thing, and explore who she is without her hometown crew weighing her down — and Klaus, who has traveled the world a million times over and knows how to have a good time better than anyone, is just the man to help her on that journey.
    Will they end up together forever? Who knows. But bottom line, Klaus can help Caroline break out of her suffocating Mystic Falls shell and discover the badass, world-traveler vamp she was truly meant to be.
    But on another note, I think I would be just as equally satisfied if Klaus decides to stay single and love & raise his child the way himself had always wanted to be (with the help of his brother, Elijah), and in return having his child love him back.

    • deme says:

      Klaus single and raising his child is the ideal ending for him. One thing I’ve always liked about the character is that he has never been weighed down by romantic entanglements. Klaus’ appeal lie in not who he’s bedding but if he’s bedding someone, why?. And as JoMo said in a recent interview he’s always viewed Klaus as basically a loner in some respect. I agree with him.

  32. Celeste says:

    Judging by the two images one with Klaus holding up a ring, that possibly is a link to his werewolf father, and the other where Genevieve and him are lend up against each other, could mean that he is strictly attracted to her for sexual purposes and to use her that seems to have something to do with his past. Or he could just be using her.

  33. wow says:

    Bring back Bex. I don’t care about cami, gen or Haley

  34. Jessica says:

    I don’t believe it. I feel like Klaus is using her in some way. Klaus has never been fond of those witches.

  35. Jessica says:

    I have to say Klaus looks like a model in the first picture. I don’t know, he just looks really good.

    And Klaus/Gen – No thank you.
    I still believe that Klaus is in love with Caroline and if they had left that as it was at the end of season 4, I wouldn’t be like this but because of season 5 ep 11, it just seems like their story was left unfinished. And considering they’ve been mentioning it on every episode of TVD since.

  36. Gugulethu says:

    The show is really starting to annoy me.
    It sucks…
    Hayley IRKS me out the most!!

  37. shaina sailer says:

    I am an insane Klaus and Caroline fan but i think that Klaus should get to have little flings. but as for Hayley and Elijah I think its sweet Klaus will always love his child and will always be its father but he is most likely going to kill Hayley when its born so Elijah with be there to protect and LOVE her.