Exclusive Teen Wolf Sneak Peek: 'Stiles is Dying'

Teen Wolf Stiles DyingTeen Wolf fans, it’s time to start that Stiles prayer circle you’ve been “joking” about all season.

TVLine has an exclusive extended promo for Monday’s episode (10/9c, MTV) and things are not looking up for Scott’s formerly possessed sidekick.

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To be fair, though, things aren’t really looking up for anyone in Beacon Hills. The promo also shows Lydia in the grip of the Nogitsune, the twins barely dodging gunfire in the woods and Scott generally shutting down on the inside.

And just for good measure, the promo reminds us all that we’re “not prepared” for the season’s big death. (Like we thought we were!)

Hit PLAY on the Teen Wolf video below, then hit the comments with your theories: Could Stiles really be the next victim? Who do you think is on the chopping block?


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  1. MakoMori says:

    There are pics of DoB filming season 4. Like anyone would watch this show if he left.

  2. Batz says:

    Lol. Nope. Unless the void is in ses. 4 pretending to be Stiles or he dies for a moment or they were shooting flashback stuff a few days ago. XD Or Stiles is a ghost. O_o

    But I think maybe it’s like with Xander in Buffy, you can’t kill one without killing the other so they have to like smush them back together and kick the void thing out.

    I still say Isaac dies or maybe Allison, or maybe Lydia “dies” and becomes a legit banshee maybe. Plus, I want the twins to die and they have a new show on HBO so hopefully.

    If one of the parents dies or something that’ll be annoying. -_- And obviously if Stiles or Derek died I’d probably be finished with this show so. It’d be kinda stupid too if Lydia died for real.

    Who even knows with this show.

  3. Liz says:

    Lol if they kill off Stiles, the show is over (I know I’d stop watching) and I think the show runners know that……so the risk is minimal. Just not very high stakes hahah. Unless of course they do kill him off and don’t bring him back, be a bold stupid move, but never know. Hahaha if they do kill him off it would give me the permission to stop watching hahaha

  4. Clay says:

    I’m really freaking out over this show. Why do characters have to die? Ugh. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I don’t want the twins to die. I feel like they’re too interesting and haven’t been given enough. Like Erica and Boyd, this show has a bad habit of making really cool auxiliary characters and then kill them off. The only two characters I’m okay with killing is Isaac and or Derek. It would suck but the show could still move on from that.

  5. Meg says:

    Oh come on. Stiles isn’t going anywhere. A little scared for Allison. I hope she stays around. If I had to guess, maybe Isaac or Kira die, but honestly who knows!

  6. EJ386 says:

    I love how every reaction is ‘you can’t really be thinking they would kill Stiles’ DoB is an amazing actor and Stiles is so popular, that makes this a great storyline but also takes away a little from the suspense.

    • aw says:

      Mr. O’Bryan being extremely popular could be a problem – what if he has tons of amazing offers? Maybe he wants to do movies or a just a bigger role in the show like Colton Haynes…? Aren’t the actors’ contracts up after 3 years? 3 years are over… Maybe Stiles wants out… I would be so pissed, but what if that’s actually the case?

  7. Destiny Griffin says:

    I think that stiles isn’t going to die because that wouldn’t be smart for them to kill stiles off the show…….although this wouldn’t be smart either, I think that Allison’s dad is going to die. 😔

  8. falva says:

    Come on people! Stiles isn’t dying! I’m affraid it will be Derek since Tyler P, Dylan and Holland are already confirmed for S4, and I don’t really see a reason they’d kill Allison, and don’t say she is the “real nogitsune” because it’s obvious that she isn’t posessed by anything… If it isn’t Derek I think it’s Isaac or even maybe Danny xD

  9. Allison P says:

    I keep wondering if they’d kill off one of the twins. It would be interesting to see Ethan figure things out without Aiden or vice versa. It would suck for the actors, though, if one twin was still on the show while the other is not…

  10. michelle says:

    You mean the Allison Argent prayer circle. Because homegirl looks like shes getting fridged :(

  11. Danielle says:

    Nahhhh, I’m pretty sure Dylan has confirmed he will be there for season 4

  12. SARAH says:


  13. nene says:

    Please I think we should all protest….stiles is teen wolf,if he dies….am going to cry like it’s real and I won’t even watch the show again. He’s the reason y am watching this show.