Glee Recap: Nationals, Treasured

511GLEE_Ep511-Sc29_085Raise your hand if you weren’t emotionally prepared for what went down on tonight’s installment of Glee.

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In the spirit of complete honesty, I didn’t think I’d feel particularly wistful when New Directions took the stage for their final competitive performance at Nationals, and I didn’t care that much if they lost to the thrilling (albeit cocky) Throat Explosion. (“Mr. Roboto” was inarguably amazing, no?)

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But what I hadn’t counted on, of course, was Romy Rosemont breathing palpable pain and regret into her brief scenes as Carole Hudson, mother of former glee-club star and erstwhile glee-club adviser Finn Hudson, a character who, like the actor portraying him, left us much too soon. When Carole pondered aloud that the McKinley High kids’ final show-choir moments felt “like the last of [Finn] leaving, too,” I could feel a lump forming in my throat. And by the time New Directions launched into their set-closing cover of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” — interspersed with scenes of the late Cory Monteith as the show’s gentle, goofy, musical quarterback — I had to reach for the Kleenex.

Cynics might argue that footage of Monteith provided a cheap and easy shortcut to the bittersweet moment the show was trying to achieve, but I like to think of it as a fitting tribute to an actor and a character whose shadows still loom large over Fox’s high-school musical.

If you were too busy shopping for a Fauxhuahua to catch the episode, here’s what you missed on Glee:

NATIONALS! | New Directions faced stiff competition from Throat Explosion — led by Pitch Perfect‘s Skylar Astin as the charismatically awful Jean-Baptiste. Mr. Schue deputized Sam as the glee club’s leader — it’s got to be “a real dude” who takes up the cause, of course (ugh) — while Finn’s mom and stepded Burt and Carole agreed to chaperone the event. But despite almost getting psyched out by Jean-Baptiste’s treachery, New Directions pulled it together — after a pep talk from Burt and Carole that included the latter growling, “Go out and wipe the floor with the other team!” — and delivered terrific performances, even if they were only good enough for second place.

MERCEDES! | Ms. Jones (fresh off a writing deal due to connections with Kanye’s cleaning woman, Kanye himself, Kim K and Ryan Seacrest) showed up at Nationals (in her adopted city of Los Angeles) to offer support — and a little diva attitude — to the proceedings. When Ryder and Jake revealed to her that Marley was quitting glee club due to losses in several song-writing competitions, Mercedes intervened and convinced the fragile girl that she was too young and too talented to give up on her dreams — and also that she’s young enough to choose singledom over a hookup with Ryder and/or Jake.

THE SOFTER SIDE OF SUE | With New Directions failing to win at Nationals, Sue was forced to make good on her threat to pull the plug on the club’s funding — despite admitting she’d grown fond of Will and his merry band of misfits and was impressed by the group’s resolve and success (despite facing the “world’s biggest nemesis”). “You didn’t lose,” she told Will as she cut funding for the extracurricular activity that he loved the most. “The game’s just over.”

But is it, really? Next week’s 100th episode — a farewell to McKinley of sorts — will tell the tale. In the interim, let’s jump into grades for tonight’s musical performances:

And with that, let’s get to Letter Grades for Tonight’s Performances
Will and the New Directions guys: “I Love L.A.” – Grade: B
The Amazonians: “Vacation” – Grade: B-
Throat Explosion: “Mr. Roboto”/”Counting Stars” – Grade: A
New Directions: “More Than a Feeling” – Grade: B+
New Directions: “America” – Grade: B+
New Directions: “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” – Grade: A

What did you think of this week’s Glee? What was your favorite musical number? Take our poll below, then hit the comments and expand on your thoughts!

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  1. F says:

    I couldn’t care less what the haters and the leaders of the #NoSam #FireChord #NoSamInNY movement say but this was Chord Overstreet’s absolute BEST Glee episode since the breakup with Mercedes when she sang “I Will Always Love You.”
    The writing has failed him on many occasions but when he is given decent material, playing up his funny, charming, and soft side, it becomes an epic win. And he sounded great tonight.
    More thoughts on the rest of the episode later (a pretty stellar one from start to finish and a great way to end the Lima side of the things before the big goodbye) but just wanted to post that little compliment to Chord/Sam before he is torn apart as usual on here in 95 consecutive posts.
    Carry on…

    • aa says:

      Well said!

      • Zack Quinti says:

        Why is that fat guy in a dress?

        • O-Town says:

          We don’t ask why your mom where’s dresses that make her look like a hooker, so I don’t think it’s appropriate you question his choice in dresses. Though I admit, Unique should have worn a brighter shade of eye shadow and lipstick.

    • LOL! says:

      You would be more convincing about not carrying if you didn’t spend 3 paragraphs defending Chord lol!

    • kd86953 says:

      i want to marry this post. i couldn’t agree more.

    • RUCookie says:

      Count me among your +1’s. Chord’s voice is strong and tonight he killed it…and with his material tonight, he made me cry for the pain, pressure and stress of the event.

    • d. says:

      lmao @ the hashtags. So on point when it comes to the bitter haters on here. Let’s hope they don’t lie and actually mean what they say that they plan on quitting the show after it moves to NY. It would be a shame if they spent all this time saying they would only to watch anyways and then come on here and pollute the board with hate.

      • Good idea! says:

        Well if they do stop watching Glee will have about a 1 mil viewers left lol!

        • d. says:

          LMAO. Right, because the same people on here who post weekly with their hate are SO many that the show will automatically lose over a million viewers if they quit watching. My goodness at the lunacy.

          • Sandy says:

            I actually think they are the same 5-8 people who probably have nothing better to do with their lives and spreading hate is the only thing they seem to be capable of. Besides that they claim they don`t watch the show anymore, therefore talking about ratings is irrelevant in their case.

    • DMJ says:

      Oh look Glee Forum showed up lol! Sorry but trying to make Sam the New Finn is foul and totally disrespectful to Cory and his fans, especially using Finn to do it!

      • d. says:

        No Glee Forum. Sam and Chord fans are out there beyond a forum dedicated to Glee. And by reading your comment, it is obvious you didn’t even view the episode. And if you did, you didn’t get it. Or your ridiculous hate is blinding any common sense you might have. The whole point of the episode was that Sam isn’t the next Finn because he couldn’t lead the club to a victory. The point was that he tried to just do the best he could and to honor Finn. That’s what the show was going for and anyone watching with unbiased eyes could see that.

        • Nope says:

          Artie would have been better used in that role since he had a much stronger history with Finn. Instead they used Finn to build Sam up. Sorry didn’t work.

          • RUCookie says:

            WOW – you really have not been paying attention at all. The point was that Finn picked Sam (remember that) – he recruited him!!! Will recongized that. And when Sam left the group, it was Finn (and Rachel) that went to bring him back. Artie would have made so sense it that position.

      • Angela says:

        And you think you can speak for Cory or all his fans because…?

      • kd83954 says:

        please don’t lump everyone together. i don’t even know what glee forum is!

      • O-Town says:

        The writers wrote that Sam knows he can’t be Finn or fill Finn’s shoes. Rather than take it out on the actor who is just earning his salary, try finding something more constructive to do. Like, I dunno’ get a job or actually focus on your term paper you’re procrastinating on doing. Or better yet, ask the guy in front of you if he wants fries with his burger. He’s been waiting for you to finish your post.

    • Thea says:

      Exactly this! Tonight’s episode brought back everything I loved about Sam in season 2 and the Samcedes arc in 3. It will be so very painful when the writers dumb him down again next week. =\

      • Mena says:

        Agreed. I really liked Sam season 2. His relationship with Mercedes was wonderful. He was nice and cute when he was with Quinn. When he was dumbed down since then to be a clown he was not likable. I think that Finn had more of a mentor and friendship relationship role with Artie than Sam. Sam did fill the role of leader on the football team when Finn was kicked off the team. But, Sam and Finn were more frenemies then. But, IMO, No one could ever be a leader like Finn.

        • Frenemies says:

          Sam lost every time he challenged Finn so I agree with the Frenemies analogy. Still found him trying to be Finn ringing hollow. Finn was a leader from day 1 where as Sam was and has always been pretty shallow with his “you can cut glass on my abs” schtick. Kind of sad how Sam challenged Finn for leadership of the Glee Club when Finn was alive and lost and now that Finn is dead tries to take his place and still comes up short and fails. Sam will always be lacking when compared to Finn so they should just stop trying to make it happen. Finn selfless leader that wanted to be a teacher and give back to the community, and Sam a narcissistic wannabe model.

          • firenzix says:

            You do know this is only because the writers write Sam like that, right? I mean, really, the character Sam can’t do anything that isn’t written for him.

          • Angela says:

            @firenzix: It really is amazing how some people can’t seem to separate the character from the actor sometimes, isn’t it?

          • O-Town says:

            You also apparently didn’t watch it because it was Mr. Schue who asked Sam to step up and be the leader. Stop trying to make fetch happen, Gretchen!

    • Angela says:

      I’ll agree with this. The scene with him and Will was really sweet and touching.

    • Kaycee says:

      Chord was great at the start. But Blaine has been a consistently bad character.

      • soundscene says:

        Just had to get a Blaine dig in there, didn’t you? Even though the episode had nothing to do with him and neither did the comment you’re replying to.

      • Shazay says:

        I know exactly what Kaycee means, they’ve turned Blaine into a caracature of who he originally was.

        • soundscene says:

          That’s not what Kaycee said, though. Kaycee seems to believe that Blaine was always bad; hence, she said “consistently bad character.” If you want to be real, ALL of the characters on Glee are caricatures of who they originally were. That’s a product of a show that didn’t know what to do with its characters after their original storylines were resolved and they had to find something else for them to do.

          • Kaycee says:

            Blaine and Kurt had a beautiful relationship at the beginning, but as it progressed Blaine was shoved in our faces, the ridiculous “engagement” storyline and even Kurt himself became a shadow of his former self as a result.

    • Shazay says:

      I love Chord, and I love Sam, but I think you sound crazed. Leaders of a movement? You need to relax and allow readers to think and write what they feel. I’ve never heard of this movement you speak of, he’s not going anywhere, calm down.

    • Mindy says:

      Chord was in the episode? I thought his role had been taken over by a black hole.

      • LOL says:

        He has the same effect, sucks the light and life out of every scene he is in lol!

      • O-Town says:

        No, there were actually four black actors/dancers on the episode. Quit being so racist with your black hole comments. Not our fault Duck Dynasty didn’t have a new episode for you to watch tonight, Mindy dear.

  2. aa says:

    “Mr. Schue deputized Sam as the glee club’s leader — it’s got to be a straight male who takes up the cause, of course (ugh)”

    I’m sure you would have been THRILLED if Blaine had been the lead, Slezak.

  3. Throat Explosion! says:

    Boy the played the Finn card to hilt and while I was missing Finn terribly it didn’t make me root for ND’s at all. Sorry but this new version of ND is like a very low rent version of The Originals. They did even deserve to be at Regional’s much less Nationals. Also WAY too much Sam in this episode, he’s just not a good enough actor to carry that much of the load or the lead. Skylar Astin WAS FANTASTIC and highlighted the short comings of a BlamTina lead ND’s.

  4. karenb says:

    Sobs uncontrollably 😢

    Pass the tissues Sleazk

  5. Forever Finn! says:

    UGH! All those Finn flashbacks were so painful and it made me realize how far this show has fallen since the end of S3. The best of New Directions was when Finn was their leader, Rachel was the Star but Finn was the heart and all that is gone! I really didn’t buy into the Sam leader sell, poorly acted and very forced, the gap Finn left was gaping and no Sam couldn’t fill that role, San is no Finn and Chord is no Cory when it comes to acting talent.

    • TJ says:

      I agree, they are trying really hard to sell Chord as the new Cory and that will bring is EPIC FAIL and more lost viewers! Chord is not in Cory’s league!

    • Jenny says:

      Mr. Shue said it correctly about what other teams didn’t have. ND was the only team with a Finn. Finn wasn’t the best dancer or singer, but he always put a smile on your face.

    • will says:

      Okay, this is an opinion I need to voice, because it’s been digging at me the whole time. It’s sad that Cory passed away, but Finn as a character wasn’t the heart of anything, and for me, Cory was never talented enough as an actor or singer to ever actually do justice to what his role was supposed to be. Now, granted, I’ve been singing for 17 years now and acting is the profession I’m at school for, so my standards may be high, but from the very first episode, Cory could not fill the role the writers created for him, which was to be a leading man who could match Rachel in talent, and with Lea Michele at that helm, there was no way he was going to stack up. Even in the end, he often required more autotune than most others, and if I were asked to name the best songs the show has done, none of them would be Cory solos. He may have had roles in group numbers that were great, but his talent never lived up to the hype, and while it’s terrible that the actor had to pass in order for the character to leave the show, he has made a much, much larger impact in his absence than he ever did with his presence.

      Now that’s not to heap praise on other poor actors or vocalists on the show either, but as one of the two primary characters in the show, his presence up until his passing was always like a thorn in the side of the show, and the emotional driving force of his loss was the most positive thing about the show this entire season. The best episodes were the ones celebrating him, but it was always based on this grandiose idea of him that he didn’t actually fulfill as a character when he was still around, which I think is actually a stronger idea for the overall arc of his character – that his old glee club will always remember him as the hero he was meant to be, rather than the person he was – an average guy who would occasionally give a great pep talk.

      • karen says:

        /fortunately most people disagree with you. In the general audience Finn was the one that they related to. Why do you think that Glee had Cory interact with every character on the show. They put him in every heavy story. He may not be your cup of tea, but he was adored by many many people. Even haters who despised Finn and Finchel are starting to recognize that ratings may be down because there is no Finn and no Finchel. Fortunately, real tv reviewers have always recognized his talent and even James Lipton did too. So you have your opinion, but others who I trust know what they are talking about have theirs. But everyone is welcome to their opinion.

        • will says:

          And plenty of people view and remember both Finn and Cory as the people in the show do. They are completely free to think that, too.

          Though your comment would be more accurate if you left the “fortunately” off the beginning.

        • soundscene says:

          Ratings are down because the life cycle of the show is waning. They were going down prior to Cory’s unfortunate death. And, frankly, it’s a little odd to now be stating that Finn’s absence is the reason the ratings are down when the same folks expounding that theory were the ones blaming the newbies for the ratings plummet last year.
          Cory was not a great singer or dancer — even he admitted that much. I liked his character, though, much more so than Rachel who I am still pretty ambivalent about. But I agree that on the show Finn’s character has taken on a mythical grandeur that was never really there when he was alive. And frankly, it’s rather unfair to the show (the writers, the actors, the producers) when its remaining characters are discounted by certain of the show’s fans because the mythical version of Finn is taking up space that other characters are not allowed to inhabit. These fans aren’t allowing other characters to be great.

      • Christine says:

        Thank you!

      • CAM says:

        I found Cory to be extremely underrated as an actor, he had a subtly the fans really connected to and because he wasn’t the best dancer or the best singer fans could relate. Lea’s talent is 1 in a billion and everyone knows that, but Cory through Finn gave people hope that the average guy could succeed. At least until S4 when he became a Newbie prop. He was everyman as one article pointed out and his chemistry with Lea was out of this world. And yes the ratings did take a dive before he died but they took a HUGE dive in S5 and I really believe part of that is due to his loss. Newbies + Blam + Losing Cory = Glee down to 2.6 mil fans.

        • tim says:

          Well said.

        • Ail says:

          Absolutely. Every word I agree with.

          • JT says:

            Make that 2.3 mil viewers, they dropped to an all time series low, even lower then the holiday episodes. I think Glee has taken too many hits since graduating the Original Cast. Too much focus on Blam/Newbies and then losing Cory over the summer. Got to wonder if Fox will keep S6 a full 22 or shorten the season to 13 and I really wonder how low these rating will fall once the show becomes Blam NY

    • fr says:

      Finn and Rachel were the leaders. She never gets credit for it cause they wanted Finn to be the hero. She kept glee together when Shue left, she gave Finn a talking to after quitting glee, she got them to make a plan for Sectionals before Finn showed up and got the credit. Rachel was the one who stood up for glee when everyone else was scared in Mattress. Rachel even gave Finn the pep talk in season 4 to continue with glee after they lost Sectionals.

    • O-Town says:

      When you’re probably comparing Chord’s acting to schmucks on Teen Moms and the Kardashians, you can’t judge. And you probably don’t know the first thing that comes to acting other than, whichever actor tickles your girl parts is a pretty good actor. Rolls eyes.

  6. Jenny says:

    No matter how many times they try and tell me, Sam is not Finn.

    • Jamie says:

      PREACH! All its making do is not want to watch because Sam is headed to NY. He’s like the 3rd rate Finn and Glee is either too cheap to find a real leading man or too stupid to realize he can’t replace Finn/Cory

      • O-Town says:

        Let’s try not to get all ratchet up in here over Glee. No one’s telling us that Sam is Finn. If you believe this to be true, please get help. Those voices that you’re hearing aren’t real. They’ve tried finding leading men to plop into the show and we chased him off (remember Rachel’s first college bf?). The character of Sam was never intended to replace Finn, despite the delusions y’all trying to use as the basis for the haterade. It’s pathetic.

  7. Kelly says:

    This episode broke my heart. Excellent. I miss Cory so much.

  8. Glee died for me when Cory died.

    • will says:

      Spare the melodrama. It didn’t even end for his significant other when he died, so what could his death mean to you that it doesn’t mean for her? In fact, he lives on most IN Glee, so quit it.

      • tim says:

        Lea had a lot of pressure put on her shoulders. If she left , according to Ryan Murphy, they would have stopped Glee. We as an audience have a choice on whether we watch the show or not, some people are choosing not to watch it because there is no Finn, just like some chose not to watch it after Season 3 when their favorites left. I love Lea, but Glee is still a job, and like she said she has triggers in all aspects of her life that will always remind her of Cory. So staying home was no different than going to work.

    • dcl33 says:

      actually Glee died when season 4 started. With the end of season 3 the glee was facing uphill battle of horrible writing, new kids, the break ups and so so many stupid crap that was going on. While I think bulimia is a very serious condition, did we have to suffer through half of the season and then the other half of the season the catfishing… poor horrible stupid writing. And lets not mention Blam. Being forced to watch that. Being forced to watch 2 mediocre actors play leads for majority of the 4th season. Ughh. When Cory died, yes it was tragic, it made a big hole in the show, but the show was dead way before that.

  9. Alex says:

    Dear Glee writers, Sam is NO Finn and Chord is NO Cory so please stop shoving him down our throats as the NEW FINN and Cory replacement!

  10. Jean Baptiste! says:

    Skylar Astin! Holy WOW he was amazing! Can he go to NY instead of Sam/Blam? Love the Finn moments but that was about all I liked. Not a fan of this new group, they lack in everything.

  11. Kaybee says:

    Love the original glee club members, don’t really care about the newbies, really don’t care one iota about the random members that sang with them tonight. Finn’s mom was amazing and loved seeing her and Burt. Thought their song selection was silly until the last song I with the shots of Finn intertwined. Tears were streaming. I don’t really care what the reasons were for doing that. I found it touching.

    I still hope the series ends with a shot of everyone in the crowd during a standing ovation for Rachel in Funny Girl. The last shot should be of the playbill opened to Rachel thanking all of them, by name, ending with a special thank you to the live of her life, Finn.

    • Dan says:

      They’ve got to end with “Don’t Stop Believing” in the finale.

    • Daryl says:

      With the disbanding of the glee club and transition to New York full time, I’m fairly convinced that the new series ending that will “honor Finn” will entail Broadway star Rachel returning home to Lima to sponsor and coach a new glee club, ending with the same final line as the originally intended ending: “I’m home.”

      • rt says:

        Horrible. She can sponsor the club but she should not be the coach she should be a star like Finn wanted. Rachel does not want to coach glee club she would end up resenting it.

  12. Sean C. says:

    A well-deserved loss for New Directions.

    This episode highlighted once again how bad the show is when it doesn’t have the NYC segment, where all the good regular characters are currently located.

    • Will says:

      It highlighted how bad the show is when it’s focused on the Idiots know and Blam and Mr Medicority known as Sam! This is what you will get when Blam takes over NY. They have already written out Santana and dumped Hummelberry for Blam. So all NY will be is more focus on two of the shows biggest problems Blaine and Sam! NY will consist of Rachel, Kurt, Artie, Blaine and Sam with Merceeds for a few episodes. In other words Blam takes over NY Glee!

  13. Tom says:

    Ughhh why do people they want to make Sam the new Finn? Don’t you get tired of just complaining? That wasn’t the message of the episode, it goes beyond that! Sam misses Finn and payed tribuite to him, but its true that unfortunately, ND lost its lead. And nothing can be done about it. Tell me, can you? So, he just made this beautiful tribute and remembered everyone what Finn was to them and how he would have wanted to inspire them in Nationals. There’s ALWAYS something to complain about, isn’t it?

  14. Larry says:

    Finn’s Parents made this episode! Really heartbreaking moments surrounding Finn. Sue was also really good tonight! Sadly everyone else fell short for me except for the Jean guy. He was really good.

  15. Dan says:

    Wasn’t expecting to like this episode, but it was better than I thought it would be. Seeing Amber with flashbacks of Cory and “the originals” (along with Mike O’Malley and Rory Rosemark) really brought back the good old days of seasons 1 and 2. Looking forward to next week’s 100th episode and won’t be sorry to say goodbye to “the clones” as the show shifts to NYC full time. Not sure if I’ll stick with the show until the end, but willing to give it a try. It was actually nice to hear some dialogue from “the clones” as we get ready to bid them a fond farewell!

  16. Renee says:

    I was bored until the last 32 seconds when it was NY time. I will miss Santana/Naya terribly. Rachel needs a nemesis and Mercedes isn’t the one to fill that role. They can’t replace Finn and throwing the drumsticks at Sam and making him the leader just showcases how ill equipped Chord is to be a lead character. Though his singing was better than average tonight his acting is just over the top and I don’t think he knows it. He is a caricature not a character. I swear when Sam cries I burst out laughing every time. The music was sub par. The lip synching was not synced.
    I was bored pretty much the whole time. I love confident Mercedes but this diva Mercedes they’ve brought back is not my cup of tea.
    I will watch eps 100 & 101. If there’s no Santana then I am done with glee. The remaining characters are not enough to interest me and keep me watching.
    Ryan has always said this is the Rachel Berry show. Well by removing the lesbian, bisexual, Asian and any other diverse character you leave us with a neurotic diva, (white)2 gays (white males)a physically challenged (white male) and Sam the ex stripper. Also white male. So you basically give us Rachel’s boy toys. I’ve got better things to do. If I wanted to see that many white guys in one place I’d go to my local hole in the wall bar. No thanks.
    BTW I’m white so what does that tell you?
    Glee ceased to be glee when they graduated the best seniors at the end of season 3. We didn’t buy into the half Lima half NY because the 2.0 Lima newbies never caught on. HEMO leaving to have her son was also a blow to glee. She has a huge following despite what people think. Cory dying was so tragic but not the sole reason glee has become an epic fail. It’s because RIB lost sight of why we loved this show to begin with. The talented cast that showed us it’s ok to be different. The storylines that showed angst, love, strength and perseverence. We loved them because we could relate. The graduation ep cracked glees facade but the break up tore it apart. It became the producers against the fans. Although Ryan thinks he won a dismal 2.1 million viewers last week says otherwise. This show is on life support, if Naya leaves and there’s no more Brittana, Quick, Tike or Unholy Trinity pull the plug and put everyone out of their misery before season 6. Because at some point it costs more than it’s worth.

    • Rachel is a better lead thne any of the boys left for sure says:

      Yes Ryan has said the show is aobut Rachel’s journey but he sure hasn’t shown that the last two seaosn. It isn’t Rachel and her boys now. The new configuration seems more Like The Boys and Rachel.

    • Carmen says:

      Not a single Latino/a character or actor will be represented in the show when Santana/Naya goes. Despite her heavy stereotyping, that absence will be sad for me.

  17. AngieD says:

    I enjoyed this episode. I thought it was great that the senior’s were highlighted again – Jenna, Chord, Kevin and Darren deserved to take lead over the newbie’s.

    Absolutely loved Burt and Carole. Their presence ‘made’ the episode as Carole realized they were singing Finn’s favorite songs – that’s what brought the tears on – Romy Rosemont’s realistic portrayal of a mother still dealing with the loss of her son. It was her grief and appreciation of ND’s tribute that gave this episode ‘weight’.

    Did ND deserve to win? I do think that Throat Explosion beat them and that ND should’ve been 2nd, but not because they are 2nd rate.

    I too appreciated the writing for Chord this week. This is the Sam I remember returning to ND in time for Regionals during season 3. I don’t think he should be considered the 2nd Finn, but he makes a good friend. NOTE to Ryan Murphy – please don’t match Sam and Rachel.

    • NO Samchel! says:

      GOD PLEASE NO! Sam and Rachel will be the END of Glee for me! NO WAY IN H*** will I watch that paring happen! I HATED that Moving Out episode because of that interaction!

  18. Amber says:

    I am so sick of people complaining about Sam/Chord. I don’t think anyone who does realizes how absolutely rude/bitter/just plain stupid they sound. The same crap every single week. Stop watching if he bothers you so bad! Plus all this “Sam is no Finn” crap…Finn wouldn’t have been singing anyways because he had already graduated!

    I for one am looking forward to NY. Although I haven’t heard, is Matt Morrison and Jane Lynch still gonna be part of the show. Its hard to imagine the show without them

    • cc says:

      In case you haven’t noticed , about 3 million people have stopped watching. I don’t think they can really afford to have more people stop watching, do you?

    • Liz says:

      Maybe if Chord was a better actor there wouldn’t be so many complaints but giving the guy lead material when he is so far from lead talent is going to get complaints. Especially when they try making him the new “lead” and you have Chord going on National TV announcing his plans to step into Cory’s role on the show so soon after Cory died. He brought a lot of it on himself with that comment and turned off lots of fans.

    • Alli says:

      LOL Chord is a terrible actor, he’s not funny, he can’t handle the serious drama and if they keep trying to give him the bulk of episodes people will complain. And heaven help us of they are stupid enough to saddle poor Lea with trying to carry him. I liked him back in S3 when was a back ground character because that is about all he can handle, aside from his abs the guy has nothing!

    • So right! says:

      Good idea! Maybe if more stop watching Fox will pull the plug on S6 and we won’t have to worry about Rachel getting ruined by getting paired with Sam! I think they did like 2.5 mil viewers last week and they lose viewers each week since the start of S5 so at the current rate they will be down to about 2 mil maybe less by the end of the season. Fox just might wise up and end the misery!

  19. Renee says:

    Glee is hooked up to life support. Eps 100 & 101 should show some brain activity but after that I think it’s time to notify the audience so they can say their goodbyes.
    There’s no way despite Brad Falchuk saying new exciting things are in store for season 6 (we already bought that bridge with season 4) that glee will ever return to it’s glory days.
    And singing don’t stop believing without Cory is unacceptable. He was the lead on it and if they needed to do it again they should’ve sat everyone down in the auditorium and played a video. It won’t be the same and I’m disgusted they remade it without him. Show some damn respect to his memory. You preach at us what he meant to everyone but glee tramples over his legacy.

  20. CeCe says:

    Always love a competition episode that is loaded with performances. Totally caught off guard with the Finn tribute. Looking forward to next week.

  21. LOLOL!!! says:

    BLAM/SAM lead New Directions loses Nationals! Poetic Justice!

  22. 2 young 2B wise says:

    Did the producers really believe that the man playing Jean-Baptiste looked like a high schooler? Skylar Astin looked much too old to play that role. He sang well, just didn’t look the part.

    • JT says:

      Have you taken a good look at Chord? He has wrinkles that make him look like he is in his 30’s or a lifetime smoker, the guy looks used up with that long hair and looks less believable as a HS kid then Skylar did lol

  23. D says:

    Oh man, I am almost 47 years old but I watched glee with my daughter since the beginning. I am still so sad about Cory being gone. It just makes the show so different.

  24. Kara says:

    Well this episode just reminded me as to why I don’t want Sam in NY and why it will be time to stop watching after the 100th episode. If this is a sample of the amount of screen time Sam will get in NY NO THANKS!

  25. Amelia says:

    Im glad I did this for Cory and Finn.

  26. San is NO Finn! says:

    I found it very offensive they used Finn’s memory to build up Sam as the New Finn! Sam will NEVER be Finn and Chord can’t ever replace Cory! They need to give that idea up before they totally drive what few viewers they still have away!

  27. ronnie says:

    Week after week with the recaps, people come here to complain, complain, complain, and yet they are still watching. Your complaints about Chord and Darren and any other cast members you don’t like will have no influence on what the creators of the show want to do. The show is not going to be what it was, esp. since losing a key cast member. If Cory were alive, yes, the show would be different because his character proved to be the show’s heart and could not be replaced. The cast is doing the best they can with the material they are given and whether you hate how the storylines run, they nail all those musical numbers week after week. And all the new cast members are vocally strong, but they were never really given strong storylines to endear them the way the first season did for the original cast. As for tonight’s episode, it was very entertaining and wonderfully sentimental. Looking forward to the 100th!

    • Amy says:

      Don’t agree. The new cast members have a fraction of the talent and chemistry the original group did. Just the fact that RIB are treating them like moving furniture before giving them the boot seems to prove they were a massive failure. The original group had bad writing and SL’s but they sold it, unlike this current cast of replacements.

      • cc says:

        The new group were performers and not actors. Season 4 gave them plenty to do at the expense of Cory,Lea and Chris, who really were sidelined. People never took to them,and now that Cory is gone, the heart is missing. Not all the original cast were great actors either but they were able to sell the story. Finn and Rachel were the focus, once they veered off that focus and tried to tell too many stories Glee lost its way.

        • To little too late! says:

          I’m still angry Finn got stuck propping up the Newbies and Lima when he could have been in NY. Now they can’t fix the mess they made of Finchel all for nothing, Newbies failed and Lima is getting the axe and the NY side is finally getting its due a season too late and instead of Finchel it will be taken over by Blam!

  28. WOW says:

    Dang, the haters on here are actually just as scary as the Sterek people on tumblr. It does give me a chuckle though that they are spending an hour of their Tuesday night hating their tv viewing and then spending time documenting it on here.

    • LMAO says:

      And you are doing what tonight? Hi Pot this is the kettle lol

      • WOW says:

        You make no sense. I LOVED the episode and I am not raging on here about anything. I’m not wasting my time watching a show I hate and commenting about it to pass the time.

        • LOL says:

          No your just spending your time reading comments and raging on people that are raging on the show lol! No difference lol!

          • WOW says:

            Difference is, I’m legit laughing at the raging. I finished all my tv viewing for tonight and this is good therapy before bed- seeing over the top hate from people who continue to watch and comment on something they can’t stand.

  29. dan says:

    I really love watching Glee, but I found some things odd about the episode. Why did they suddenly have the new members? And it’s sad that Marley had no arc, I was sort of hoping she would perform a solo to redeem herself. But it was nice that they paid tribute to Finn.

    But I will miss Glee when it’s gone. I was hoping the new kids would keep the club going for a few more years.

    • Daryl says:

      They “suddenly had the new members” (the three Cheerios that Sam mentioned recruiting) for the same reason they always have several spares at a competition: less than the often-cited 12 members necessary to qualify for the competition. It’s one of two constants for the competition episodes: set list at the last moment and scaring up a few placeholder members. Would’ve been funny, though, in light of recent comments by characters about members of the glee club coming and going at random (and the “What happened to that guy?” comment about Rory at the top of the episode) had Joe, Sugar and Rory just wandered into the choir room and said, “Hi, there. We’re ready to go to Nationals.”

  30. No thanks! says:

    Sorry but this episode didn’t sell Sam for me. They can try all they want but he can’t be the new Finn! All they are doing is making me really despise Sam!

  31. Carol says:

    We need the Sam from “Hold On To Sixteen”! That was a Sam worth rooting for! Loved seeing Burt and Carol – they were amazing!

  32. Carol says:

    No matter who Glee tries to have fill Cory’s shoes I bet many of you would hate him because he’s not Cory/Finn! You need to get over it because Cory isn’t coming back and your attitude isn’t fair to the show!

    • Linda says:

      You can’t tell people when to stop grieving. That will happen when it happens and no one can dictate that. Lots of comments are a reflection of grief so maybe it’s you that needs to get over the fact some people haven’t gotten over losing Cory.

      • Carol says:

        Linda, you need to stop being so defensive! I didn’t tell people to stop grieving – I told them to get over their bad attitude where the show is concerned and give the other characters a chance. You can miss Cory and grieve for Cory without slamming the other characters for living! Or at least you should be able to if you have any degree of maturity!

  33. Queen Lea says:

    Sam/Chord wouldn’t be so hated if they hadn’t done the Samchel crap in Moving Out and weren’t trying to hard to make him the replacement Finn/Cory. And if they are stupid enough to do the Samchel paring except the hate to increase ten fold!

  34. Heh says:

    So, Marley. She’s barely sung a note since Glee returned. I thought for sure she would at least have a mini duet at Nationals like Kitty did. Always interesting to watch storylines change willy nilly on this show.

    • James says:

      Yeah she went from being the New Rachel to being a mute! All the Newbies have pretty much been relegated to non speaking extras this season. Biggest casting fail in the history of TV!

        • shagamu says:

          Did Melissa Benoist pee in the writers’ coffee pot or something? Even Kitty got to sing some solo parts, while she just danced in the background like the Cheerios that came out of nowhere. I mean, sidelining a strong voice like Marley’s in favor of the graduating seniors, only one of which is among the club’s best performers? It’s like they wanted to lose.

          I actually like the new kids, but the writers have done such a terrible job coming up with storylines for them (eating disorder, catfishing, cheating on your girlfriend because she won’t put out, etc.), it makes me sad to see them throw the baby out with the bathwater. I wish they’d just try out an all-new cast instead of relocating the whole show to New York, because the show won’t feel like Glee to me without the high school setting and the competitions.

  35. UGH! says:

    Only reason I stick around is Lea/Rachel but even she won’t get to me to watch the Blam show! And i sure am not up to Samchel happening so thank you Glee for ruining the only part of the show I still cared about!

  36. Too funny! says:

    So they spent a season and half making Sam The Village Idiot and now in one episode they give him a magical pair of Finn’s Drum Sticks and he is suddenly going to grow a brain and some leadership qualities and be the New Finn? Oh Glee just when I think you can’t sink any lower!

    • Dee says:

      LMAO! OMG the Village Idiot is the PERFECT description of Sam! He is not and will NEVER be Finn and the desperate attempts by Glee to make him so is making the show sink to new lows! Really sad the Finn tribute was tarnished by all the Sam is the New Finn garbage!

  37. AdamJ says:

    Enjoyed this episode as I was not expecting to have the old heart strings tugged over Cory again. I think a lot of people on here don’t realise that this show needs movement, the story has to progress, we are pushing on to a conclusion like it or not.

    The current kids at lima need to progress, graduate and say goodbye to us, just like some of the staff will. This show has always been about the music and the talents of the actors performing that music for us…it has succeeded every week in taking current hits and some classics and sculpting them into the story of many of us outside of TV lands daily lives.

    So chillax, its a TV show not rocket science…its entertainment, for better or worse we are attached to these characters and their lives because we see parts of our own lives in them.

    The ride will be over all to soon, so sit back, try a little less negativity, grab a glass of your favourite libation and enjoy what’s left of the ride.

    RIP Cory Monteith, we miss ya!

  38. Angela says:

    Oh, Carole…that woman knows how to tug at my heartstrings. Loved seeing her and Burt, the scenes involving them were incredibly moving and sweet. And the tribute to Cory/Finn was lovely (and yay for a U2 song in the setlist-the idea of that being Finn’s favorite song makes me smile). I definitely got emotional watching that.
    Kurt, Rachel, and Santana’s reactions upon realizing the glee club was done at the end said it all, too. It’s really bizarre to think that part of the show is over now. Also a sad thought.
    And though it would’ve been nice for New Directions to win, I really liked Throat Explosion’s performance, I have to say. The segue from “Mr. Roboto” into “Counting Stars” strangely worked.

    • netta says:

      It’s Carole’s job to tug at your heartstrings. And, through her reactions to ND and memories of Finn, to tell people who love Cory that they have to keep watching the show because otherwise we’re leaving him and his legacy behind. Not that the show remembered this legacy until now, of course.

  39. Merissa W. says:

    Yeah I’m all for the Glee club ending…I only watch for the NY storyline…however, tonight’s tribute turned me into a sopping heap of a person…even though I was reminded of the loss of C.M., I was also happy to have his character acknowledged at least one more time before the show ends (and I’m sure it’s not the last)

  40. Kalee says:

    I choked up during the Finn flashes.

    On another note, this year’s New Directions wouldn’t have won Sectional anyway and their win over Regionals is dumbfounded since their setlist and performance paled in comparison to Jessica Sanchez’s team, yet they got second place in Nationals against Throat Explosions’s barely 2 minute 30 seconds performance???

    I wasn’t expecting them to win for story purposes anyway, but against a rushed Throat Explosion set and a surprisingly strong outing of all three New Directions numbers vocally, choreography-wise, and song resonance, the show somehow made them a great team for a change this year and actually deserve the win this time… but nope.

  41. Carlos Alvarez says:

    So tired of all the Sam hate on here.., loved tonights episode and the Finn flashbacks…I have watched the show since the first episode and not once have ever talked trash about the show..its one of my favorite shows ever and will faithfully watch till the very end., I get so excited for a new episode to air and when I watch it brings me happiness

  42. marley says:

    Who’s the new girl?

  43. Trouty Mouth says:

    I can’t believe Amber was in that episode and did not sing. She is better than all of the current New Directions combined. Also the brief scene with Rachel made me want to punch her again (honey, no one is “stealing your dream”. Grow up and get over yourself). Can’t wait to see her get vocally assassinated by Mercedes next week.

    • Ok says:

      And you know Rachel is at fault by a 10 second clip? Kurt is also in the Diva off so what ever happens involves all 3 not just Rachel.

  44. igo says:

    Just end the show please and let lea chris naya have their own show and keep ryan murphy stay out of it. Just sick of sam and blaine try really hard to be the lead of the show

  45. lo says:

    We all have opinions and preferences, but what I think ultimately is that RIB & co have let all the characters down over the entire time. Each season brought more issues, and now I just think Murphy has lost complete interest in the show and does’t care.
    He seems to enjoy antonizing people and the more someone complains/hates, the more he continues the stick with, and blow up story lines / characters just to be spiteful.
    That will be his legacy with a show that was original and exciting to something that suffered poor writing, stale or repeated story lines, and background characters that should never have been front & centre in the first place. But I guess he has the satisfaction of basically saying FU to the fans.
    The Rachel show isn’t even interesting at this point and not sure she’ll be able to do much to save an unfortunate ship that sinks a bit more each week. Just my opinion, but glee is a shadow of it’s former seld- and that is sad- just my opinion and I’m sure otherness won’t like, but that’s okay. Can’t please everyone.

  46. greysfan says:

    Still wish they were keeping some of Lima around. New York as good as it is, i like the balance between both Lima and NY.

    I really think this was a pretty great episode. Teared up a bit tonight and Sue was genuinely sorry tonight towards Mr Shue but the bitchiness at the end of the episode with Rachel and Santana ruined a great episode. It was unneeded and was a sour way to end the episode. I actually think this whole bitchfest between them is pathetic. How can they go so far to only end up here again. Its like they have nothing else to do. Oh well. Maybe i am in the minority about it.

  47. D says:

    Actually, my daughter and I miss the outside characters like Mike Chang/Harry Shum Jr.

  48. Andrew Hass says:

    I thought it was good episode and i had no problem with the show using clips of Finn.I think it was one final tribute to both the character and the actor.Also i think New Directions losing Nationals was always the plan.As for other posters complaining they have the right to do thatHowever it won’t change anything in regards to what the show does.Plus i don’t think it’s fair to criticize the actors because they have no say in what the show has their characters do.

  49. Art says:

    I think they using Finn’s memory to build Sam as the New Finn really cheapened the Finn Tribute. It was pretty obvious it was a manipulation to get fans to support making Chord the new leading man which probably means pairing him with Lea. Only problem is it really highlighted Chords short comings as an actor getting lead material and really turned me off to the episode and Glee. They could have paid tribute to Finn without all the lets make Sam the hero crap they tried to shove at us.

  50. Fernanda says:

    Am I the only person who enjoyed the Rory reference at the beginning?

    • Carey says:

      Finn selfless leader with the heart of Gold. Sam shirtless shallow wonder boy defined by his six pack desperately trying to be The New Finn. Finn = Leader Sam = No Leader