The Bachelor Finale: Who 'Won'? Why Was Juan Pablo Glum? And Who's the New Bachelorette?

JUAN PABLO GALAVISSo you opted not to watch The Bachelor ever/this season/tonight? Good call!

That doesn’t mean you won’t want a little water-cooler ammo come Tuesday morning when the topic turns to who received Juan Pablo’s final rose; why, during a live “After the Final Rose” special, said woman looked about as happy as a bride who spills caberbet on her white gown moments before her wedding; and what made host Chris Harrison suggest that half of the show’s viewers were about to smash their TV sets in anger and frustration.

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Below, five  bullet points to help you achieve the minimum standard of literacy about the latest season finale/ATFR of ABC’s offering to the dark underlord reality dating franchise.

* In the regular Bachelor finale, the final two contestants — Clare and Nikki — meet Juan Pablo’s family, then get one final date with the former soccer player. After a helicopter ride with Clare, however, we get a pretty shocking twist. Juan Pablo describes their “flying above Saint Lucia” experience thusly: “Clare is very hot. She’s sexy. She’s cute. And she kisses…ay yi yi.” Clare, however, sees it another way. Let’s pass the mic to her, yes? “So as the helicopter is landing, we have a rare moment together — with no cameras, no audio, nobody there with us except the pilot. And Juan Pablo leaned over and whispered something to me. But what I thought was gonna be sweet, kind, loving words was not what came out of his mouth. And I’m just shocked,” she says. “It’s just something he said in that moment to me…it’s…I almost, I don’t have words for how I feel right now. He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear — that he really doesn’t know me, and some sexual thing I don’t even want to repeat. It was insulting. It was offensive. And it just made me feel awful. Every single woman deserves to be treated with respect. I’m not just an object. Maybe I have him all wrong. Maybe he’s not the man I thought he was.” Damn, and Juan Pablo thought a gay Bachelor would be “too pervert” for American viewing audiences? My husband of eight years and I would be insulted if we gave two shhhhhillings what this reality TV star thought of us!

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* So Clare doesn’t gather up her self respect, hop on the ‘copter and flee the scene. Instead she sheds some tears and probably has some Bachelor staffer hypnotize her into staying the course. Juan Pablo eventually boots Clare (of course!) and chooses Nikki, but the latter woman gets a shock of her own when he declines to put a ring on it, declines to tell her he loves her, and instead utters inanities like, “I love your honesty so much, so much, because you’re like me, very honest, very honest.” He also says she has “all the qualities” and how it’s been “a perfect time” every time he’s been with her. “Honestly, I have a ring here in my pocket, and I’m not gonna use it. I’m not 100 percent sure that I wanna propose to you, but at the same time, I’m 100 percent sure that I don’t want to let you go,” he grins, as Nikki’s face assumes the expression of your cat being taken to the vet for its annual round of shots. Juan Pablo offers her his “final rose” and she accepts — because she likes being on television?

* During the live “After the Final Rose” segment, Clare declines to spill the beans on what Juan Pablo said to her, only making his insult seem all the more scandalous. (Maybe it’s a bleepable comment?) When Juan Pablo and Nikki finally take their places in “the hot seat,” Juan Pablo gets petulant and refuses to say he loves Nikki. Host Chris Harrison asks Nikki, now grinning like she’s signing for a UPS delivery and trying not to pretend that her entire extended family is being held hostage in the living room by a terrorist cell, how long she’s willing to stay with a guy who won’t utter the “L” word, and she gives this damning response: “As long as it feels right, then I’ll give it that length of time. But once it doesn’t feel right, then I think I’m gonna be out.” Note her use of “once” as opposed to “if.” How many weeks ’til their Us Magazine breakup cover?

* Juan Pablo keeps insisting that, with the show ending its run, he and Nikki can “start today to be ourselves,” adding a weird sidebar about how the couples’ future plans changed due to information he received from show producers just a few weeks prior. (¡!) Juan Pablo pretends that his English-language skills are a barrier to understanding previous Bachelor winner Catherine’s comment not to “slap the hand that fed you,” and an exasperated Harrison almost snaps that he could understand Juan Pablo being cagey about his helicopter comments to Clare, but that his relationship with Nikki “is the happy stuff! Why not want to share that with all of these phenomenal people who have been on this journey? Casue that’s what we all signed up to watch — and that’s what you signed up to show.” When Juan Pablo still refuses to say the “L” word — bye-bye, year-end stock-options bonus — Harrison sighs at Juan Pablo and Nikki. “You guys have smiles, so good on ya!”

ANDI* Finally, Harrison announces that the new star of The Bachelorette is Andi Dorfman, an ADA for Fulton County, Ga., where she prosecutes gangs, the third-place finisher on Juan Pablo’s season, and the woman who called JP out for being a self-centered bubblehead after their night in the “fantasy suite.”

The Bachelorette premieres May 19 on ABC. Will you be watching?

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  1. Court says:

    The best part of the entire evening was when Clare stood up for herself and gave JP what he deserves. It was so rewarding. She handled the entire situation with such class.

    • B says:

      Juan Pablo is a complete self-centered jerk. I thought Clare should have been chosen for the next bachelorette.

      • MJ Warren says:

        He is confident and rightfully so He is a successful soccor player from another country Selfcentered maybe some but so what? By what I saw the man has a heart shows sinsitivity and shows compansion above all he is a hot blooded normal man more he is from South America Culture comphrension and family beliefs are much different than we fickle Americans of which I am born and raised I totally understand what he did and how he did it He believes in love and marriage for ever not here today gone tomorrow When he tells someone he loves them he is going to mean it and certainly not say it for a TV show. He has already been down that road so certainly he is going to be sure this time plus he has a daughter to think of with a very understanding X How come no one has given consideration to fact 4 girls walk off Two of which he was considering He had to flip flop fast feelings he had to others he may not have had Although I felt from 1st night of show he would pick Nikki Clare I doubt would have been last had the last two not walked Andy he talked all night about himself his way of eliminating her No other girl at end complained about how he just talked about himself LOL dumb people!! Clare is a spoiled maniplating get her way brat Baby of family are you kidding me? Did you see oldest sister busy body? and she was hell bent on winning no matter what and she gave her what up just a few shows in LOL Bet her family didn’t see that coming! She was a busy body picked a fight with Nikki Had it been me she was talking to I wouldn’t have been nice at all Nikki has class Clare wouldn’t have even been last of two had Sam not walked off but she thinks to much into everyting
        Clare tried to manipulate him that last night and he was smart enough to see it. Clare made those last remarks because she was imbarrassed felt stupid because she gave it up Like he said “glad he didn’t pick her” She also lied to his bro/cousen She would stick it out if things got bad what ever it takes”! Then she insults him cause she acted like a tramp and said after he made an insulting remark she should have walked then Yeah she would stick it right!!! He probably told her she was a good “sex” partner LOL again his way of letting her know it wasn’t her but she ignored cause she wanted her way He basically told Nikki that last night it was her when he said ” everything is going to be ok” I caught it I think Nikki did too! I think she may have known long before Who knows but for now they now have a chance to see if it will work out for them and I hope it does with all my heart I hope it does

      • MJ Warren says:

        Then it would become an X rated show on HMO LOL She isn’t mature enough Show could at least see that

    • Aimee says:

      So let me get this straight. Clare said a woman deserves to be treated with respect and is not an object and yet….she chose to go on a TV show where a bunch of women compete to “win” a marriage proposal from a man. *sigh*

      • Timmah says:

        In 8 weeks, no less.

      • And chose to have sex with him on television at her first opportunity.

        • Timmah says:

          I don’t get at all why she’s suddenly the hero. She was a drama queen the whole season and pretty much hated by the entire house, which likely means she wasn’t the greatest person. Then she goes on a tirade when she gets dumped, instead of handling it with class like every other second-place finisher.

        • Mary says:

          And you know they had sex because you were there, right? Or just maybe, you would just rather jump on the slut shaming band wagon and blame Clare instead of holding JP just as accountable?

          • NotTheSame says:

            Please, this whole show is dedicated to offering up women with desperate low self esteem act out like two dollar hos for our amusement and entertainment. This is OK as its does this the women’s complete and total buy-in. But lets not pretend that they women wouldn’t do anything they could to hang on to that chance for big old diamond and a few minutes of “fame” — after all, it’s a GAME. They’re the “contestants”, he’s the “prize”.

          • Mary says:

            I’m not disagreeing with you on those things – the people on these shows clearly know what they’re signing up for and it’s not “love” IMO. I’m just saying the general slut-shaming of Clare for what supposedly happened in the ocean is ridiculous when how Juan Pablo handled the situation was equally ridiculous.

          • MJ Warren says:

            She admitted it on TV and then played the “we need to talk card” after also done on TV Guess you missed that show Not saying others did or didn’t but she gave it up while cameras were rolling in the ocean at night Get off the JP accountable crap we all know what men will do but some of also know we women can either allow it or say NO Considering circumstances I’m sure a NO would have worked My opinion in her mind she figured she had one up on the rest She even told them later

          • Mary says:

            Actually she admitted to no such thing. People have inferred that she did admit to it because otherwise, why would she get so upset?

            And I’m no defender of the “contestants” and the “ladies” that go on these shows; but I do find it offensive when people feel free to slut shame Clare but somehow Juan Pablo gets a free pass. Give me a break.

          • Angela says:

            And I’m no defender of the “contestants” and the “ladies” that go on these shows; but I do find it offensive when people feel free to slut shame Clare but somehow Juan Pablo gets a free pass. Give me a break.
            Cannot argue with this.

        • MJ Warren says:

          That was her imature way of thinking if she gave it up she would have one up on the rest and he would for sure pick her LOLOLOL

      • MJ Warren says:

        Clare It couldn’t have been more obvious that, that gal is a very spoiled baby of the family used to getting her way Had he made the mistake to pick her There would have been problems between needs of attention Clare and Camile his daughter That is a fact I’m sure of She would have been crying everytime he had to leave home
        She ripped him because she lost she gave it up and of all people it was Nikki that won Remember she said early on Nikki was to imature and shouldn’t even be here Imature? I hope but doubt Clare will see herself and what she like by watching the show

    • NotTheSame says:

      LOL…you said “class” in relation to a Bachelor contestant….

    • MJ Warren says:

      OMG!!! Has everyone forgotten she gave it up about 3/4 weeks into the show? She didn’t stand up for herself she was reacting because she lost She was hurt and reacted by thinking she would hurt him She was imbarrassed she had sex on national TV LOL That is not standing up for oneself that’s showing how imature, spoiled she really is

  2. Jodi says:

    Have yet to watch the Bachelor/ette ever, but this dude sounds like the ass of the century. Like, so much of an ass even Satan wouldn’t claim him.
    Poor whoever he chose. She could probably do so much better if she practically wasn’t bound by contract to be with him for at least 3 more weeks.

  3. Marissa says:

    I’m still not sure what anyone ever saw in the guy in the first place. I didn’t watch him on The Bachelorette or on his own season, but he always came across as a douchebag to me. To be fair, my initial impressions of him came only from pictures and second-hand accounts on the internet, but I guess my intuition was right with him,

    As for “the winner”, if I recall, Jimmy Kimmel told Juan himself that his wife (Molly McNeary) predicted the “nurse from KC” won while Juan was making the media rounds months ago, and she did, correct? That’s Nikki, if I’m not mistaken.

  4. danin says:

    You should check out Reality Steve’s info on this guy

  5. Jon says:

    Kimmel totally uses realitysteve spoilers every season

  6. vdofan says:

    All of JP’s talk of wanting privacy… He seems to desperately want the status that comes along with being a celebrity. Celebrities want their privacy. Every time they release a statement, it’s “yada yada… please respect our privacy at this time.” or some semblance of that request. JP is not a celebrity, but he’s too much of a narcissist to see that!

  7. mike says:

    I believe juan is totally in lonve.Now with clair or nick but with his ex wife

  8. Et al says:

    Time to deport this pig.

    • Rob R says:

      He is American. Born in New York and raised in Venezuela.

      • MJ Warren says:

        And your point? There are many races here, born here and raised here but being raised keeping and instilling their heritage and culture values He on the other hand born here but raised where beliefs and culture of his heritage come natural He has quite an accent for an American for which isn’t Just saying

  9. Timmah says:

    Juan Pablo just didn’t play the game, so now everyone hates him. You’re supposed to pretend you’re in love, propose, and then six months later when no one is watching, break up, like 90% of the bachelors do.

    • I’m guessing the reason people don’t like him has a lot more to do with his narcissistic, homophobic, insensitive and hypocritical actions. It also sounds like he’s the one who’s perverted. Trust me, most people are thinking that the only thing he’s done right is not say the “L” word!

    • ellymay says:

      I agree…he was honest. He couldn’t fall in love with any of the girls so what could he do? The best he could do was fall in-like with Nikke. He is realistic because he knows these are not normal conditions and he has a child. He has to be sure who he tells his daughter he is going to marry…he has to be sure and a few months is not enough for most people. But he should not have assured Claire the way that he did on the last date with her.

      • MJ Warren says:

        I didn’t see that at all Clare shouldn’t have tried to manipulate like she did but then that is the way she is She also so shouldn’t have given it up a few weeks in right in front of everyone watching Then play the ” we need to talk” card Way way to imature

  10. Oregon girly girl says:

    Why is Hollywood so mislead about having to say “I love you..” the reality is, this “fairy tale” may last longer than the others as if they are truly taking their time – good for them…. I love the Bachelor show but give me a break – Chris Harrison was berating the couple and I felt so sorry for Juan Pablo and Nikki – for being “real” they are being criticized. Not sure I want to watch the bachelor anymore…is “being happy just as they are” not good enough? Should the get married next week and divorced a year later? Ridiculous…live and let live

    • DJ says:

      It’s not that he didn’t say ILY – it’s that he didn’t say anything of merit! Sure, “being happy” is enough, but if you’re talking in circles for the better part of an hour, we don’t where you stand. All he had to say was “I’m not in love yet” or “I’m could fall in love” and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I wish them well, but I haven’t been this worried since Jake & Vienna (and we know how that turned out).

    • Ann says:

      Amen! Chris Harris is the one that came across as a fool!

      • Timmah says:

        Yes, I lost a lot of respect for CH when he kept harping on JP to try and get him to say I love you. The show tries too hard to set up this contrived fairy-tale story which is ridiculous in the first place (which shows with the low success rate of couples staying together), and they got a little too adamant last night trying to create something that wasn’t there.

  11. Kat says:

    Chris Harrison was cracking me up the last hour. “I don’t even know what I’m looking at!” – Chris Harrison, you are kind of awesome.

  12. B says:

    He doesnt care about anyone but himself

  13. Ryan says:

    Seriously Juan Pablo can’t be blamed for coming off as an “asshole” or a “douchebag”. The man is just too honest to go on a reality show based around a corrupted joke of love. This column is laughably poorly written and comes off as simply a personal attack based on speculation and a jaded response to honest words however ugly they may be. It’s sad that this show controls so many minds and influences people to actually relate with the entertainment aspect of a few words instead of with an individual who simply was ignorant of the level of pathetic that most people have become.

    • Angela says:

      The man is just too honest to go on a reality show based around a corrupted joke of love.

    • Eurydice says:

      If he was too honest he wouldn’t have been on the show in the first place. But he signed a contract and took the money and all the publicity and the life style and all the women and then suddenly decided he was too honest.

  14. Leah says:

    The only Bachelor I’ve ever watched was the first Bachelorette. But after reading this I watched the after special. Don’t get me wrong, this guy hardly seems like a prize, but it sounded like he was pissed at how producers have been editing him, so he decided to give them the proverbial finger. Granted, he had to have given them a lot of material to work with if it was as bad as it sounded, so it’s not much of a defense. But I will give him credit for refusing to play along anymore — as long as I don’t see him announced on a future cast of DWTS.

  15. schmed says:

    What happened at the taping of “The Women Tell All”? Is that when he learned he wouldn’t be on DWTS? That wold explain a lot of the petulance. His “plans with Nikki” obviously included an extended stay in Hollywood.

  16. Britt says:

    I think JP didn’t want to talk because his mouth has already gotten him into trouble. Listening to him talk got frustrating, so I understood where Chris was coming from. Pretty much everyone was confused by what he was saying. I wanted him to just shut him and have them move on. I really wanted to hear more from the girls that he didn’t pick. I’m sure they are happy they dodged that bullet.

    I feel bad for Nikki. She looked so lost up there and looked like she didn’t believe anything she was saying.

  17. Angela says:

    Damn, and Juan Pablo thought a gay Bachelor would be “too pervert” for American viewing audiences? My husband of eight years and I would be insulted if we gave two shhhhhillings what this reality TV star thought of us!
    Ha. Seriously.
    “I love your honesty so much, so much, because you’re like me, very honest, very honest.”
    Wow. What a sweet talker. Sounds like a true love connection right there!
    Hee, I loved your snarky recap! Sounds like “The Soup” will have a field day with this one come Wednesday!

  18. Tom says:

    First, Chris Harrison looked like a complete jerk to try and brow beat Juan Pablo into saying he loves Nikki and then trying to say it for him to “sum up” their relationship. Second, Juan Pablo never spoke ill of Clare, the show or the other girls. The show forces the bachelor to continue to date women after he may have identified the one he wants. Did Juan Pablo say more than maybe he should have to Claire…maybe, but Clare doesn’t get to say “tell me how you feel so I can leave if you aren’t in love with me. That’s not how it works, but these controlling women can’t handle it. Third, Nikki supposedly shared a naked photo that Juan Pablo sent her with her friends and it went public. If that situation had been reversed, they would have been attacking the guy, but Juan Pablo didn’t say a mean word. He only said our plans have changed and we are now beginning our relationship.

    Be real. They dated for 2 months. How many people get engaged after 2 months? or even say “I love you.” It certainly hasn’t proven a successful formula for the other failed relationships from the Bachelor. On top of that, they have been separated for 4 months since then and you wanted to pressure him into saying I love you so the show can have a buttoned up happy ending?

    As for attacking him for feeling that there shouldn’t be a gay bachelor show on TV, if you don’t want to know the guys opinion, then don’t ask. How dare you ask his opinion and then jump all over him because he didn’t say what you wanted him to say. Hmmmm…….sounds like a pattern is emerging here. Only answer my questions the way I want you to answer. Looks like Juan Pablo is the only Bachelor to ever have enough self worth to hold his ground, not speak poorly of others, and attempt to find happiness.

    I also think Juan Pablo had to be forgiving of Nikki letting that photo out. If the situation had been reversed, he would have been demonized. In fact, in reverse a woman would probably have dropped him in 2 seconds.

    Perverted? Are you kidding me? In 2014, in a private message to the girl you are dating in an adult relationship? If there was a gay bachelor show, the internet would be filled with nothing but cock pics from the contestants. This guy has been under fire since his comments about a gay bachelor because the gay media has decided that it’s not Politically Correct. Oh well, it’s not PC.

    He’s not perfect and he never said he was. If he hadn’t been beaten up in the media so much, he might have been more open, but when every word you say is scrutinized, and everything you say can and will be used against you, you’re much better off saying less. Much easier to criticize him on the internet or in the safety of your own home as you watch from the couch. I wish him all the best….

    Remember, they mentioned that there were something like 600 hours that were edited down to 20. And it’s funny that Sharleen and Andy said they didn’t talk enough, but a conversation takes two. Why didn’t they volunteer information about themselves and introduce topics they felt were more significant? Can they not take responsibility for their own actions? Especially Andy. As an attorney, to attack someone after the fact instead of discussing things openly with the person at the time is completely indefensible. Where are the communication skills you should have been developing during law school, not to mention as an assistant district attorney. Andy comes across more as a street cop than a prosecutor, and I am probably not being fair to the many policeman I know you have much more finesse. Then again, her dad speaks and acts more like a guy on the Sopranos. I am sure it will make the next bachelorette more interesting to some but I have a feeling a lot of existing fans won’t watching.

    • Patricia says:

      Thumbs Up!

    • Angela says:

      As for attacking him for feeling that there shouldn’t be a gay bachelor show on TV, if you don’t want to know the guys opinion, then don’t ask. How dare you ask his opinion and then jump all over him because he didn’t say what you wanted him to say. Hmmmm…….sounds like a pattern is emerging here. Only answer my questions the way I want you to answer. Looks like Juan Pablo is the only Bachelor to ever have enough self worth to hold his ground, not speak poorly of others, and attempt to find happiness.
      1) Calling gay people perverted and insinuating Americans wouldn’t want to watch a show involving them finding love because of that IS speaking poorly of them.
      2) He has every right to express his opinion. But if it’s full of ignorance and hypocrisy (gay people are perverts! But he can date a whole bunch of women at once and that’s totally okay, no perversion there!), people are going to call him out on that, and they have that right as well.
      “Attempt to find happiness”-please. Very, VERY rarely do any of the relationships that happen on this show work out, and why? Because it’s a ridiculous way to try and find true love.
      If there was a gay bachelor show, the internet would be filled with nothing but cock pics from the contestants.
      …what? How on earth do you come to this conclusion?
      (Not to mention, you DO know straight men send cock pics to women all the time-Anthony Weiner ring a bell, genius?)
      This guy has been under fire since his comments about a gay bachelor because the gay media has decided that it’s not Politically Correct. Oh well, it’s not PC.
      You know, sometimes when people get attacked for their opinions, it has squat to do with being “politically correct” and more to do with the fact that they’re just sounding like hypocritical idiots.

    • MJ Warren says:

      Excellent statements I agree with all to the last word

    • Tom says:

      Did people not understand the premise of the show? Dating multiple women for 8 weeks? He can’t just send people home all at once and everyone has to play along. Claire knew that when she came on the show.

      As for the sexual chemistry with Claire, she played that card as much as he did. it’s a 2 way street. At least he was smart enough to keep it private. And he never bad mouthed her. She turned on him in a moment’s notice.

      Is no one getting the fact that Nikky sent out a naked photo of Juan Pablo? That’s what happened 2 weeks prior. He would have been trashed if the situation was reversed. If he did want to take the relationship further he probably took a huge step back with a loss of trust and decided to take it slow but not kick her to the curb. That shows compassion.

      Finally, after 8 weeks, dating 27 other women at the same time and then being separated for 4 months, then having your trust violated, why does he have to say he loves her just because she said it? What if he’s not ready? Does it just drop to whoever says it first? Grow up ABC!

  19. billybobbie22 says:

    No discount leather goods? Aw MAN!

    Anyway, I just HOPE that this FINALLY opens women’s (and gay men’s) eyes to the show.

  20. GS says:

    I’m not a Bachelor hater and have watched several seasons BUT I watched 10 minutes of the first show with this idiot and decided not to waste any brain cells on this season. He’s a total tool and I have no idea why any decent woman would want him. I really think this show needs to ride quietly into the night because it’s obvious no one goes on here to find “love” anymore. They go on to get 15 minutes and then they extend it as long as humanly possible. So over the fame whores who try to hide behind the “I’m here to find true love” crap. He was a waste of air time.

    • Mary says:

      Completely agree. I usually at least like to watch for fun but this season was a complete bust. I just read reality Steve for the snark but I can’t bring myself to give up valuable dvr time to the show.

  21. dee123 says:

    Bye Bitch. I mean JP.

  22. Boiler says:

    Dread to see what the ratings will be for this crap yet decent ABC scripted shows supposedly in trouble. Come on people wake up!! Sorry to comment on a show that I don’t watch but this is rather sickening to me

  23. Mark says:

    Thought the woman chosen looked kinda fat on a pic from another site (didn’t watch this season) however in that pic she looks good so maybe I’ll check out the bachelorette this season. I hated the last couple of bachelorettes that were chosen.

  24. sarah says:

    I did like Juan Pablo when he was on Des’s season. I was going to watch when I heard he was the Bachelor and ABC was saying he was the best choice they have had in a long time. However when I read some things before his season started I decided to not watch. I did read the reviews from time to time and read articles in the magazines. I know sometimes the stories they print are not true but it sure sounds like they were all right this time.
    I tuned in during commercials of another show I was watching and I had to laugh when Juan said he wants privacy, dude you did not do this show because you wanted privacy! He went on the show for fame and he seemed super smug yesterday during the parts I saw! Sorry but when a guy refuses to say I love you and when the girl says she will stay until it feels wrong that does not make a good relationship on any level.
    I will be interested to see what they have to say to People magazine.
    They need to just say they are done and get it over with!

  25. I know that based on the ratings I shouldn’t be shocked by the number of people making excuses for his horrible behavior, but I am. This guy has creep written all over him! I’m betting that both Nikki & ABC are just waiting until they can unload his pathetic butt.

  26. dtoughcritic says:

    My observations on this season’s BACHELOR: I could never understand how or why they picked Juan Pablo in the first place. He was next to being a dud when he first appeared on the show. Yes, he was average to good looking and for a while his accent was mildly charming, but to me there was nothing really interesting about him. Fast forward to the various date picks and dumps: The ones he picked to go further on the show are somewhat laughable. You know before he dumps them who they are going to be: There is the obligatory black gal, the nudie freak and the dufus with the dog, yet they get passed through to go on, why? Everyone knows none of these three had a chance.
    As the dating goes on it gets more ridiculous. The bachelor can’t or won’t tell any of them he is in love with them as the show moves on. Instead he makes each one of them think they may be the one until the shocker when he dumps them. Gals who go on this show fall into two groups: One, get the notoriety for a bigger or better job in media or show business. The second are unlucky in love types who are gambling on this show to finally find true love which seems ridiculous on the face of it. Fast forward to the final two, Clare and Nikki. Clare was the class act showing much more honesty and integrity as she dealt earlier with the catty Nikki and finally when she dumped the dumper on the Final Rose. Nikki proved to be an adolescent, petty and finally very stupid. She sat there on the sofa listening to the b.s. spewed by Juan Pablo looking like she would have loved to be anywhere else but on the show. As for Juan, he proved to be the jerk we all thought he would be. He’ll use her for a while and go on to another affair. Finally, the show needs to revamp its’ format drastically, both in the selection of the contestants and the way they interact with the bachelor/bachelorettes in the weeks they are together. As it is now the show can’t last another year.

  27. Tina B. says:

    This bachelor is a homophobic loser! That is all

  28. Julia says:

    The response to this season just shows how 99% of the people in America are idiots and love to hate on the next thing they can get their hands on! Look, in the real world, not everyone is super nice. Not every story has a happy ending. People are honest. Most people expect anyone on television to say and do the most perfect things, and if they don’t they suddenly are terrible “jerk faces”… Juan Pablo didn’t suck up to the camera like all of you wanted him to. All of you guys expected Juan Pablo to treat all 25 girls completely equal, yet why do you expect the man to be into every single one of them! That is impossible and totally unrealistic. Juan Pablo is only human and isn’t attracted to all of the woman, and Can’t you understand that he wouldn’t want to kiss EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Honestly, would you want to kiss a man you weren’t attracted to, when you know they aren’t one of your “top picks” anyway?! And he could have been honest and said,”I don’t like you as much as the other girls, so I am definitely not going to kiss you”. No, he tried to be nice and used the nicest excuse possible by saying he wants to wait for his daughter. It may not have been the smartest excuse and the girls could see right through it, but I’m sure you guys would be equally as angry if Juan told the women the real reason he would kiss all of them. We can’t expect Juan to kiss a girl that he clearly doesn’t want to kiss at all, just to make her and America happy, because then he would just be leading her on!!! Again, he isn’t the type of guy to suck up to the camera and try to please every single woman on the show, which would be pointless if he already knows who he likes more!

    And also, that one episode when he let Claire know that he didn’t like what they did in the ocean, he wasn’t shaming her! You guys need to calm down! He was simply stating that he doesn’t want to do what they did again, because he realizes it was wrong what they did in the water because he has a daughter. He wasn’t blaming her in any way. Yet somehow that makes him a douche because Claire takes it badly and starts crying. -___-

    Also, the fact that claire is now known as some strong empowered, independent woman is completely ridiculous. I will admit, Juan Pablo WAS a douche on their last one on one date. Whatever he said in the helicopter was totally inappropriate, and I don’t blame Claire for wanting to talk to him about it. BUT, Claire’s intentions weren’t on leaving the show that night, they were on “fixing” the relationship so it could work out. Claire was one of the most desperate girls on there and you guys don’t even realize it. Then, when Claire should have left Juan Pablo, she falls for his persuasive words and is once again “in love” with him. Smart girl you are Claire. She also said how now she knows she loves him and wants to get married with him and how she would be the happiest woman in the world when he picks her. Then, the next day, when Juan Pablo doesn’t pick Claire, she freaks out on him and says he is the worst man on the planet! Umm sorry you didn’t get your way for once Claire! And it pissed me off when all of America agreed with her! You guys DO REALIZE, that if Juan Pablo picked her instead and proposed to her, Claire would be all like “omg Juan Pablo I love you you are so amazing and I want to spend the rest of my life with you”, but just because she doesn’t get her way bc she is a spoiled younger sister of like 6 siblings, she suddenly claims that she never planned on picking him, would never marry him, and he is the worst guy on the planet. And then Claire fake cries and there were no tears at ALL. Claire is such a bitch and a liar.

    Also, so MAYBE Juan Pablo doesn’t love Nikki yet! So what! He can’t force his feelings, and maybe he isn’t comfortable declaring feelings he doesn’t even have in front of all of America! Chris Harrison was being a huge jerk, and making Juan Pablo seem like a horrible person for not declaring his love all romantically to Nikki in front of the whole world, like Harrison and the producers want him to. Again, Juan Pablo has no interest in sucking up to you, or the cameras. Deal with it. Harrison was making Nikki and Juan Pablo extremely uncomfortable and trying to get them to do something they weren’t ready to do, and it wasn’t right. I was surprised Harrison has even gone to the dark side.

    And in all honesty, I wouldn’t date Juan Pablo for my life. He doesn’t have qualities a lot of women look for in a man, but America needs to cool the hate they have for him, because a lot of it is unreasonable. And also, if you “love” Claire or have “respect” for her, I am judging you, because honestly, Claire is the biggest nutcase ever and the fact that you think she is great is just sad. K well sorry I just had to let that out. Give me your feedback.

    • Patricia says:

      I love your response… you said it better. I was so angry last night watching Chris Harrison be rude to Nikki and to Juan Pablo because he to quote Catherine “cut off the hand that fed you.”

      Yes, the network paid for all the fluff and frolic…. and for that they wanted what they wanted. It did not matter if he love a rock… just tell it … all for the cameras and for ratings! How low is that? I lost a bit of respect for Chris Harrison. I thought he was better and more supportive than that. He above all should be able to realize that some people don’t just throw I love you around like candy.

      I am not sure I could have sat there and taken it like Nikki and Juan Pablo did. Whether they get together or not, that is their issue. Let them try to have a good relationship and not toy with theirs or his daughter’s feelings.

    • MJ Warren says:

      Exellent You have Clare down as I do too! I can’t believe all that think and applaud her for standing up and not realize she reacted because she was rejected

  29. Patricia says:

    This is all awful!!! First of all the network is disappointed because he was:

    1. “Expected” to say I love you (whether he felt it or not)
    2. “Expected to propose (whether he was ready to or not… if he had it would have been only for TV and phony .. just for effect)
    3. Chris Harrison was FORCING him to say I Love You on TV for TV, which I would not have done so. It is personal and private. Because this man did not do as expected he is being tagged bad!
    4. One of the final 2 is always sent home…. so what is up with Claire being so bent out of shape…. just because she lost is no reason to blast somebody you claimed to be in love with That is not love.

    First of all … not all men say I Love You ……….. unless it is really meant. I married one of those guys. And like Nikki said, his actions show it .. you know it.

    This is all a setting for show. Juan Pablo is not allowed to have his own feelings. They own him when he becomes the Bachelor. They pay his way, send him gorgeous places, all expenses paid and he has to lie to make the show a great watch. This guy did not do that.

    I may not agree with his way of going about things, but he is from another country and we simply did not see everything that happened. Only what they wanted us to see. I think I would have had trouble with Juan Pablo and understanding what he was doing. But give it a chance…. how does anyone fall in love when they had less than a couple weeks, if that, together … to find out all the many things that make for a lasting, loving, relationship. He chose to pick one, find out, and maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. But you have to consider, he has a daughter and I for one would not have wanted my daughter to be played just for TV.

    There is a little wrong here. He did not play the game pure and simple.

  30. Jetting Benny says:

    The only one I liked was Renee. I thought JP as the bachelor would be awesome. Turned out he was a snoozefest. He had no personality whatsoever. It’s interesting now to figure out why Desiree sent him packing so early. He fooled many people. He had to have been THE most boring Bachelor in history. He may have his beliefs to be private but he’s a stubborn and I’m not sure I buy him for one minute. I feel bad for Nikki. Unless she’s somewhat of an actress seeking fame and fortune herself, then she’s in for a rude awakening.

  31. Jetting Benny says:

    Oh and Andi for the next Bachelorette…I think I may have to pass on her too. I do not like her father and some of the things she’s interested in are not my cuppa.

  32. Jo says:

    Players never want just one girl they want all of them and never settle down. When the guy knows that he is good looking and the girls are chasing him he will do the mind games. You never say I love you first, you want the guy to want you.

  33. Jauree says:

    Did anyone see at the end of an early episode, Juan Carlo do some strange motions of his head and some sort of clicking? He looked so weird. I have tried to see if there was any film of it anywhere and have not found it. If you know of any let me know. Or if you know what he was doing tell what it was.

  34. Kiki says:


  35. noster says:

    Who did pablo send home andi, clara or cute nikki

  36. charmaine says:

    Who won between Clare and Nikki?