Raising Hope Cancelled, to End Its Run in April

Raising Hope CancelledThe Chances have run out of chances.

Fox has announced that Raising Hope will end its run on April 4, with a one-hour finale.

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“On behalf of myself, Greg Garcia and Raising Hope‘s amazing cast and crew, I would like to thank our audience for tuning in and supporting us over the last four seasons,” executive producer Mike Mariano said in a statement. “We planned our Season 4 finale with this possibility in mind, and hope our loyal fans enjoy the way we’ve chosen to say goodbye to the Chances and to Natesville. Thanks again, and we’ll see you in syndication.”

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The hour-long series finale kicks off at 9/8c with “How I Met Your Mullet,” in which guest star Lesley Nicol (Downton Abbey) plays Jimmy and Sabrina’s new maid. Then, in “The Father Daughter Dance” (airing at 9:30), Virginia’s dad (returning guest star Jeffrey Tambor, Arrested Development) returns to Natesville with a big surprise for her and Burt — including a musical performance by Kenny Loggins.

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  1. Wes says:

    This was a show my entire family enjoyed watching. Very sad to see it go. Hopefully another network picks it up.

    • phoebe says:

      same for me. this was one of the best family comedy shows that we had, wish they had another season at least. the chance family were awesome. hope to see netflix or tbs pick this show up

  2. tazzy says:

    Totally. bummed.

  3. marc says:

    Would have at least liked a mini-season next year… Fox should re-think!!!

  4. Kat says:

    I knew it wouldn’t last, because it was funny. Stupid shows go on and on!! Also, knew it was inevitable when they moved it to Friday, and started showing double episodes, to hurry to finish playing them. It didn’t even begin to have a chance, (no pun intended) with it moving from its regular night, and to a Friday to boot !! Double whammy!! Certain death to any TV show !! Thanks FOX!! We’ll miss Hope, as well as the wonderful My name is Earl references as well as the guest appearances by Earl, Crabman, and Joy to mention a few!!! So, what network will you try next, Mr. Garcia? Been shafted by NBC, first, now FOX, hmmm, maybe ABC, or better yet, maybe one of the popular cable channels. Whatever you decide, please keep trying, we’ll always keep watching! Thank you for Earl and Hope!! A Super Fan

    • replayer says:

      Mr. Garcia already has another show, “The Millers,” on CBS this season.

      • Kat says:

        I know, I watch it, had a temporary blonde moment, and forgot! I like it, although not as much as Raising Hope. Maybe better luck with CBS, hopefully. He is a very talented guy. Thanks for the reminder!!

  5. Earl Hickey says:


    Totally Sucks that this has happened.

    Hoping Enlisted gets a reprieve and Dad’s gets cancelled soon.

  6. Jesslyn says:

    No MAW MAW? NO! This was a fantastic show, all the characters were great!! This sucks!!

  7. LM says:

    This just, once again, shows that the general viewing audience lacks taste. “Dancing with the St– people you may have heard of” gets a lot of viewers, and “Raising Hope” doesn’t?

    I would put up EVERY Best Actor and Supporting Actress in a Comedy nominee up against Garret Dillahunt and Cloris Leachman. That includes YOU, Academy voters.

  8. Funky says:

    Aw, I am going to miss the Chances. Bert and Virginia were the sweetest couple on TV.

  9. Bob Smith says:

    Yet they put on a POS show like Cosmos, just because it’s from “golden boy” Seth MacFarlane.

  10. JenInChicago. says:

    I am so very upset by this. This year was great – the Rear Window nod was excellent. This show is so smart and it seems that a lot of people are missing the satire. Burt and Virginia making the Burt bucks was also a great ep – as was this last week’s when the show tackled gmos and processed sugars…..It’s a smart show and it doesn’t get credit for being so.

  11. Bill says:

    One of my favorite sit-coms, but it jumped the shark twice. First, when Jimmy & Sabrina got together and settled down; second, when Maw-Maw became a caricature and stopped being a character.

    • MtKat says:

      yea, I think they changed some of the writers this past year (or two). I didnt like how they strayed away from regular everyday dopey problems, and interactions between the 4 of them.

  12. apvox1 says:


  13. phoebe says:

    wish that some other channels would buy it. BURT AND VIRGINIA were awesome in their roles. would have been really great to see this show for another season. might as well stop counting on fox for comedy shows

    • jim badabing says:

      Your so correct. It seems that every show I like gets cancelled, hopefully it will end up elsewhere but the odds are against it

  14. kate says:

    one of FOX’s best shows and it’s cancelled?? my friends and i made it a point to catch this show on fridays . want to see more of the Chance family

  15. Arctic Girl says:

    Too sad. I don’t want them to go, go, go uh, uh, oh, nooooooooooooo.
    It was one comedy my husband would watch with me because it was so goofy.

  16. teosari says:

    I’ll miss them :(. very, very bad.

  17. Jordan says:

    This saddens me terribly. Such a great show with such lovable characters, good humor and even a life lesson here and there. I’m really gonna miss the Chances! Wahhh!

  18. MtKat says:

    Boo! This show was unique in that it showed a life style that you dont see much of on TV. Just like “My Name is Earl,” these were people who struggled to make it each day, worked hard, and weren’t up on “fancy stuff.” Their dumb conclusions and sayings made us laugh at ourselves too. Mawmaw was dinky but loveable. The parents turned out to be the stars of the show after their son married and moved out. And the little girl, who was the story’s namesake, was oddly BLAH. This season the writers went into too many scenarios…instead of just every day life. I liked it when they stuck to everyday problems, like fixing their truck, or buying a birthday gift. (Thank goodness The Middle is still on!!)

  19. Rita says:

    We loved this show! So sorry to see it go. Good luck to the cast, I hope you find something even more amazing.

  20. bostongreekgirl says:

    I’m totally bummed that they canceled this show but not surprised since they moved it to the dreaded Friday night. I really liked this show but am glad we got to see a finale. I wish TBS or another cable channel would pick it up.

  21. Brennan Collins says:

    Just like my name is earl, gets cancelled after the 4th season. This show creator doesn’t like the number 5.

  22. Hellrazor says:

    to hell with fox

  23. Kim Michaels says:

    Music to my ears. I did a search for worst TV show ever, and what d’you know, Raising Hope came up. Absolute disaster.

  24. Angie says:

    Theirs at lot of fans who love to watch raiseing hope;it would be my birthday soon so I was woundering if you can make 2 or 3 more sessions of raiseing hope

  25. adam says:

    Im pissed…. Such a great show

  26. Riana says:

    very disappointed that they seasons of its ending and this show was one of the few that was really good and interesting.

  27. grindsmygears says:

    Seriously my name is earl now this?
    I loves both shows and hate where they left off, I love the comedy everything the story line, my name is earl is about karma, family and friends and some money, and raising hope is unplanned pregnancy at adult and teen age, love family.. and working your ass off to get what you need and want in life and lots of comedy in both this seriously grindsnygears

  28. Tyler says:

    So I can Still Catch the horrible acting of Two Broke girls on CBS but fox cuts the funniest show on regular television? I’m astounded with the stupidity of the obviously retarded fox employees and disappointed no one picked it up

  29. randy says:

    raising hope is a very good show so why is it getting killed??????????????I think its bs no total bs

  30. Lilly Whitehead says:

    Why would you cancel raising hope i was obsessed with it i could basically say the with out even watching it it was my fav tv series and now it’s gone

  31. Lilly Whitehead says:

    I love that ahow a d now its gone😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  32. Lilly Whitehead says:

    Raising hope killers

  33. U can not get rid of raising hope I really like that show..

  34. Itty Bitty says:

    You should do a sequel to the show like when hope is older and her family but now i have no show to watch bummer 😞

  35. Itty Bitty says:

    You should do one when Hope is older and has kids you can call it
    Raising Faith 😄but im am very sad😭

  36. ?? says:

    I mean why didn’t we see it coming Raising Hope was kind of sort of a little based on My Name Is Earl and that was cancelled so of course Raising Hope has to be cancelled I really love this show and it’s not fair for the cast members either they put so much effort and for what???

  37. Alex Hause says:

    I live the show I think they should make more seasons, but oh well. I think it would be awesom w to be on the show. I have always wanted to be an actor.

  38. Ivy green says:

    Raising Hope is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen I really love it sad it is over

  39. sheenwin says:

    found this show by accident will watch on netflix

  40. sheenwin says:

    will watch on netflix

  41. rashanna says:

    What!!!!!! i love this show dont cancel

  42. Samantha Masone says:

    So sad!!!! Didnt know what to do with myself after the last episode. Could of watched 20 seasons if they were available. Wish someone would consider bringing it back. At least to Netflix because it was such a good story line and awesome cast!!