HIMYM Recap: Marshall Uncovers Lily's Secret

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 RecapOn Monday’s How I Met Your Mother, the Mosby Boys got to the bottom of where Lily disappeared to after her big fight with Marshall — and the big secret she’s been keeping.

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When Marshall first finds out that Lily got into The Captain’s car, his mind immediately goes to the worst possible scenario: Something adulterous is going on between the two of them. But when Marshall, Ted, Barney & Co. arrive at The Captain’s home, they discover that he never actually saw Lily — and he’s now engaged to Robin’s former co-worker Becky (played by Laura Bell Bundy). (So now that’s two of The Captain’s girlfriends/wives that Ted has had sex with.) Lily simply used the car, made a stop at a store and then asked Becky if she could use the powder room.

Crack amateur detective Ted thinks he’s got the mystery all figured out. What does Lily do when Marshall’s been away for a while? She starts smoking again! She’s been antsy all weekend and she was chewing gum, he reasons. He gets the daisy plant from the bathroom and starts looking for the buried cigarette, but instead, he discovers a pregnancy test. And it’s positive! All this time, Linus has been bringing Lily non-alcoholic drinks.

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“I told you guys I could keep a secret,” Lily declares through tears back at the hotel.

Marshall is so happy, he’s all for moving to Italy. “You’re going to get your dream because you’re giving me mine. Again,” he tells her.

So the “Daisy” in the episode’s title turns out not to be The Mother’s name, as some have speculated, but that of Marshall and Lily’s daughter.

Elsewhere, Robin freaks out because all her mother’s stories about her dad sound a lot like Barney. She’s worried that she’s marrying her father. Her mother tries to reassure her that when you have someone you can depend on, it’ll all be OK. So does Robin have that person? The bride-to-be hesitates a little  — uh oh — before answering, “I do.”

HIMYM fans, are you happy to see Lily and Marshall in the family way (and happy again)? Do you think Robin just has cold feet? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Carm says:

    I did wonder if Robin meant Ted is the person she could depend on. Thought the episode was stupid at the beginning but it got better. Wish the mother had been in it though.

    • Chris says:

      I thought the same thing

    • Sergio says:

      I thought the same!!!!

    • Drewer says:

      I had the exact same reaction to this episode, I thought maybe the episodes coda would show the mother telling Ted she was pregnant instead, I really wanted her to be in it.

    • lariet50 says:

      It was stupid. The whole Italy part at the end was extra stupid. Ugh. I must admit, at one point during the episode, I told my husband, “You know, they could kill Ted right now and I wouldn’t even care.”

      • Ann says:

        I guess you missed the entire point of the ending with Marshall speaking in Italian and talking about Funyuns. It has to do with a joke from a few seasons ago, I think.

      • firenzix says:

        and the worst Italian possible. Find an Italian speaker, producers…just don’t put it into Google Translate.

        • Tookie Clothespin says:

          I think that was the part of the joke. They thought that they were speaking great Italian but, in reality it wasn’t that good.

        • Dr. Chameleon says:

          Jason Segal was so clearly reading from a cue card it felt like a Saturday Night Live sketch.

    • Jeez I Hope Not says:

      Ugh. If they go down that Robin/Ted road again, especially after that whole “let go” episode with Robin floating off into space, I’m going to be so irritated. The whole point of that episode was to show that both of them were moving on, so to go back with only 3 episodes to go will just seem like filler at best. Plus, it will negate the nice moments between Ted and Robin in that episode.

      • marty says:

        Didn’t they show a flash forward three years ahead of barney & robin in argentina waking up hung over in someone elses hotel room with a baby? She has to stay with barney

      • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

        I’m sorry, but please prepare yourself to be very irritated. The other storylines (Marshall-Lily, Barney-Robin, even Ted-Mother) are basically wrapped up now. We know how those end. There is one left to play itself out, and CT/CB are working on that now – Ted and Robin.

        Regarding the Ted/Robin road, Ted has let go [Sunrise] – now it’s Robin’s turn. Poor Ted? How about poor Robin? Ted’s in denial? I don’t think so. Robin couldn’t even include herself in Ted’s Top Five List’ in ‘Sunrise.’ Really Robin? Who is in denial? But that’s okay, because we (via Sunrise), and Ted and Robin know, there is no top five list. Just a top one. And Robin knows who is on that ‘top one’ list. She also knows [better than anyone] who she has and will depend upon in her life, whether she cares to admit it or not.

        She told Ted in Sunrise that she would never choose friendship over love and marriage – never, and she almost mocked Ted for choosing Robin’s friendship over his happiness with Victoria. She could *never* do that. What a fool Ted has been! Really Robin? Well, now Robin get’s to find out what Ted (good ‘ole, dumb, boring Ted) already knows – it is excruciatingly hard and painful to let go of someone you really care about, someone you needed in your life.

        How hard it is to let go of that ‘red balloon’. Only when Robin let’s go, will she understand what Ted has gone through, and why making these kind of life-altering decisions is painful, and fraught with uncertainty and regret.

        • Tom says:

          I absolutely love this analysis of Ted/Robin. I am a big believer in the Ted/Robin story and I never really bought into the Barney/Robin love story. I think the story of Barney/Robin is that sometimes in life timing is everything and the timing worked better for them than for Ted/Robin. I think Robin will soon figure that out and it’s going to take a lot of pain and suffering for Robin to let go of Ted. In the season 7 episode “Ducky Tie” it was revealed by Future Ted that the dynamic of Barney/Ted/Robin, which Ted originally believed would work, does in fact not work. We have yet to really see where their three way friendship doesn’t work and I think it comes from Robin still harboring feelings for Ted on the day of her wedding and ultimately letting him go as he has let her go. I think the end will reveal that the three of them didn’t remain as close as they originally thought because of this.

          Overall, what an incredibly thoughtful analysis from a POV that I have never seen before. I really appreciate it.

          • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

            Thank you – indeed, as you noted, the episode where Ted and Robin discuss ‘the timing’ of finding ‘the one’ is from ‘The Best Man’, ep 7.1.

            Robin joins Ted out on the porch of the reception of Punchy’s wedding, and they share cigars and commiserate – Ted, down on love at that point, Robin just ‘shot down’ from making her pitch to Barney by Noretta’s ill-timed phone call, something Ted witnessed.

            Ironically, it is Robin who tells Ted to hang in there, not to give up on love, and that ‘timing is everything.’ It is there that they renew (for the final time prior to ‘No Pressure’) their own vow to get together at 40 if they are both ‘free.’

            One of my favorite episodes. Bottom line – Robin and Barney have to go through with this wedding, and with Ted’s ‘shot-gun’ approach, they will. All will be fine.

            They’ll be fine, but you know, every time Robin and Barney have a fight in the future, Robin will catch herself saying – ‘why can’t you ever be more like Te…..’ And Barney will know that. I bet the same will happen with Ted and ‘The Mother’. That’s the ‘curse’ they will be haunted by from time to time, and are going to have to carry around with them. That’s the curse of having to let go of your ‘red balloon.’

          • Kevin says:

            I would not be surprised if right before the wedding, Robin tells Ted she still has feelings for him, and that she will never love Barney the way she loves Ted nor would Barney love her as much as Ted. Ted will reject her and say he has moved on, Robin will be ready to call off the wedding before Barney beats her to the punch agreeing that they’re not supposed to be together.

            Ted leaves, meets the mother at the train station (not sure how long after they start dating and eventually get married) they have kids, the mother is diagnosed with a fatal illness most likely cancer and Ted is stuck telling the story to his kids, who for no other reason sit through such a long story.

            Whether or not Ted and Rob eventually get back together is really unclear, but if the previous statement turns out to be right I would doubt very seriously that happening. But I think we can expect heartbreak on Robin’s part after she realizes she lost Ted forever, but finds some resolve in the fact that they will always be best of friends.

      • Kristen says:

        I definitely expected them to revisit the Robin/Ted relationship with Robin being the one who needs to let go. I read a synopsis of the Cheers finale, which the creators have referenced as sort of an inspiration for the HIMYM finale. In Cheers, Diane and Sam decide to give it another go and run away together, only to have them call it off and Sam return to the bar. My theory is that when Robin calls Ted into her room and says she can’t go through the wedding, she’s going to ask him to run away with her. He’ll consider – how could he not – but ultimately he’ll decide against the idea and tell Robin that she loves Barney and while Ted will always be there for her as a friend, Barney is the one she should marry. Ted realizes he has accepted their relationship and has let go the idea of ending up with Robin, and he decides to stay in New York, his home (someone told Sam they knew he would end up back at home, meaning either Boston or the bar).

        This doesn’t address The Mother or why Ted is telling the story now, of course, but that’s my theory on how they finally wrap up the Robin/Ted storyline.

        • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

          This^ I think you are very close to what will happen with Ted/Robin. Robin must go through with this wedding – must. She can’t do this to Barney, and everyone get’s some ‘cold feet’ prior to weddings – it’s perfectly natural. Ironically, Ted is the perfect person to help orchestrate the logistics of the wedding to ensure it goes off as best it can – he’s been there before himself (both w/Stella, and in part, with Victoria). He knows better than anyone what it would feel like to be left at the alter, and what it feels like to try to run off with the bride. He’s done both, and he knows the consequence, the damage it does.

          Ted will convince Robin to go forward with Barney – not only for the sake of his two friends, but perhaps because it will help reinforce Ted’s definition of ‘love’ – the ultimate sacrifice of one’s own happiness for someone else’s chance at happiness.

          A final point – I do wonder if somehow, someway, Ted did get that locket from ‘crazy Jeanette’ either before it hit the water, or after (by diving in). If Ted could give that locket to Robin, and convince her that Barney had found it and wanted her to have it, that would do the trick. A happy for bride, and groom. And, the best man finally gets to truly be ‘the best man.’

    • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

      I think we all know the answer to that question. In case we need a reminder – check out ‘Something Old’ from last season, and ‘Sunrise’, from a few weeks ago. We know the answer. Don’t worry, Barney and Robin are going to get married, and will live happily ever after, as will Ted and the Mother. But regarding who is the person Robin has, does and will depend upon, we know the answer, hook, line and sinker.

    • Ange says:

      She did tell Ted that when she was in the park looking for her locket. Either way, she marries Barney and Ted meets/marries the mother. Ted and the mother have two children. That has been confirmed in flash forwards and the basis of this entire story.

      Now the speculation that Lily is dying could have wings. Only because now they have a daughter and the flash forward of Marshall waiting to see if he won the elected office is untrue as at the time they were calling him Judge Erickson and we now know they moved to Italy.

      • Mary says:

        but we don’t know how long they stayed in Italy. So I do not know if it true to say that flash forward is false.

      • sd says:

        The job in Italy was only for a year. Which is why at first Marshall tried to ask if he could postpone the judgeship. I think he still becomes a judge it just takes a few more years now until another spot opens up.

    • Lulu says:

      I think Robin was thinking about Ted, but I feel like that moment of doubt is what will pave the way for her to meet the Mother. Being the charming and wise person that she is, the Mother will probably share some relevant personal experience and get Robin back on track to the altar. Robin’s talk with the Mother will probably close the ‘Ted/Robin’ chapter and she can fully move forward with Barney. Robin being the last person to meet the Mother has to be of some great significance. And personally I think its because the Mother symbolizes the end leading to new beginnings. She’ll end Ted’s feelings for Robin and vice versa, which will let the two begin new lives — Robin with Barney and Ted with the Mother.

  2. Stacie says:

    I thought Lily was pregnant in the beginning, then got a little tricked at the end, but once Ted went on and on about the smoking I thought Lily was pregnant. Very cute episode. Very old school. And I think the choice for Tracy Ullman to be Robin’s mom is incredible. Just brilliant casting.

    • Mandy says:

      I was thinking “no way, she can’t be pregnant- she’s been drinking heavily all season’ except… the only stuff she’s drunk is from Linus, and she hasn’t been acting drunk.
      Good play.

    • sd says:

      The main reason I thought she was pregnant and not smoking is because we know from “Last Cigarette Ever” that her last cigarette was when she began trying to get pregnant.

  3. Nick says:

    The episode was a little predictable for me. I mean, half way through I was shouting, “She’s pregnant again!” but it wasn’t predictable in a negative way. It just made the most sense. I’m really happy for Lily and Marshall.

  4. Em says:

    This episode would have made me really happy a week ago. I honestly just can’t get over the gigantic pall they just cast over the entire series.

    • Mike says:

      Feels like a mislead to me, a red herring

      • marissa says:

        actually after last night I thought Lily may be the one to be sick or dead. She may be the one to miss her daughter’s wedding.

        • Ashleah Youn says:

          Yeah, this is where my mind went, too when they confirmed Lily/Marshall were having a daughter. Both Ted and The Mother are very close to Lily, so they’d definitely be sad if they remembered she missed her daughter’s wedding.

        • ally says:

          agreed i definitely think this is where its going. which is awful but a better ending than the mother dying.

  5. Pinky says:

    Yup. I thought that too.

  6. Barry says:

    There must be no twist coming for the show. Also, I don’t understand why the writers like every character except Ted, but as a long time viewer, I hope the show ends on a happy note.

    • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

      Because the writers/creators of HIMYM (CT/CB) *are* Ted, and we are always hardest on ourselves. We await that pre-wedding meeting between the bride and Ted – that one will be — wait for it….

  7. Moody says:

    Did they set it up that Lily is the mother that misses her daughters wedding?

    • Kaylee says:

      That’s where my mind went too! Completely think it has to do with lily now.

    • Sarah says:

      I thought that too! It would naked sense that Ted would tear up if it was Lily. BUT they’ve shown Lily 2030 flash forwards and the scene with the mom was in 2024.

      If they do anothe Robin / Ted thing I’m going to puke.

      • Sarah says:

        *make, not *naked. Stupid devil thumb.

      • the girl says:

        But it could be the same thing with Lily that we’ve been suspecting with the Mother. At the time when Ted is tearing up, Lily is sick and it doesn’t look good. He could be tearing up out of fear that she might not make her daughter’s wedding. I totally wrote this somewhere on TVLine earlier today before tonight’s episode aired, and if this turns out to be true, I want my 250 TVLine points that I can’t use anywhere yet.

        • The other girl says:

          I completely agree with the possibility of your theory & would also add that Lily is the one that introduces Ted to the mother. Sort of rounding out the titular question of how Ted met the mother.

        • Caleb Jackson says:

          Maybe because Lily is sick that is what makes Marshall read her will on the one earlier episode in like season 3 where they are writing their letters and he reads it. She might get sick and recover. I totally think it’s her now too. That was my first thought when Marshall said “good morning.. Daisy”.

    • Nobody dies! says:

      But if Lily were dead, wouldn’t the mother be a little sad? I mean it looks like they became friends. Ted got all choked up and the mother was fine and said it was okay. That doesn’t seem like an appropriate reaction if they both lost a friend, even if Ted knew her longer. Why does someone have to be dead?

  8. Babybop says:

    NO to Robin and Ted. Come on HIMYM people. I’m supposed to be enjoying these last couple episodes, not being filled with anxiety!

  9. Mika02 says:

    From last season we knew the Robin thing was coming to a head they already showed it. I love this epi wen they showed Lily coming out the store I knew she was pregnant. And when he said baby Daisy’s name I teared up. A wonderful epi just missing the mother (I am surprised Lilly didn’t tell Teds wife though).

  10. Rc says:

    If she told mother she wouldn’t have kept a secret

  11. C.Jeria says:

    Lily actually did not kept the secret! She told Linus

  12. Fernanda says:

    I don’t care the other comments I will cry when the show is gone :(

  13. DarkDefender says:

    This episode completely sets up Robin asking to see Ted right before she walks down the aisle. Knew Lily was pregnant from the opening minutes.. Loved that they had Zabka speak intelligently and not just be a cameo (as past episodes this season).. Don’t get why Marshall would drop a Judgeship for Itlay so easily.. But if it keeps him and Lily together, so be it. Lots of red herrings with the “mother not at her daughter’s wedding” talk and “who can Robin count on” talk.. Kudos for keeping us all guessing until the end.. But my money is on the happily ever after (at least until 2030).

  14. D says:

    First, I thought Daisy was going to be the mom’s name but lily being pregnant was just as cool. Second, Barney or Robin is going to introduce Ted to the Mother by asking her Haaaaave You Met Ted? Or the whole gang is going to tell her she has to meet Ted but he’s at the Train Station.

  15. Maya says:

    Who was the woman at the end with Lilly’s dad? They played a laugh like we should know who she is.

  16. SJ says:

    Hmmm… something doesn’t add up here. OK, so I guess Marshall could become a judge a year later and still become the attorney general of NY as we saw in last week’s episode. But all the flash-forwards indicated that Marshall and Lily would only have one child. When Marvin is going off to college, future Lily screams “He’s finally gone!” and they go to the bar and get drunk. If they had a younger child, wouldn’t it make sense for her to still be living at home when her older brother goes off to college?

    Also, how the hell did they get a girl when it’s been said repeatedly that the Erikson men always produce boys? This show has usually done continuity well, but these are some glaring omissions here…

    • Arek says:

      Ok, you’re being a LITTLE strict here. Mr. Erikson claiming that they always have boys is hardly genetically assured. It’s literally impossible, so Lily and Marshall having a girl is hardly a continuity error.

      Also, your first point is easily explained by either Daisy going to college early, or Marvin going late.

      • Eric says:

        Also, you know… Daisy would be like 15 or 16, she could be staying home by herself or with relatives while her parents bring her brother to school. I don’t think there’s a rule that states that parents can only go out drinking once all of their children have moved out.

      • Sarah says:

        Total morbid speculation here, but maybe they kill off Daisy. That would explain why Marvin is the only one referenced by Bob Saget “Kids, your cousin Marvin…” AND would explain why Ted tears up about a mother missing a daughter’s wedding, because Lily’s daughter won’t have a wedding. And it would speak to Lily an Marshall getting blitzed once Marvin moves to college,
        since no one is at home. Sorry that theory is totally gross. Surely CB/CT wouldn’t bump off a kid.

    • Faster says:

      Good points, but I think the material is loose enough to incorporate a second kid here without a problem.

  17. Hugo says:

    Is it possible that somehow Robin and Ted end up together? She marries Barney, he marries the mother of his children. Years later, the mother dies. Ted tells the story to the kids and annouced them in the last episode that the grief process is done and he’s ready to move on with… Robin, who is not married to Barney anymore.

  18. Melly Mel says:

    How cute is it that both Lily and Daisy are flower names? I think it’s too cute! I also now think Lily is the mom who misses the daugthers wedding that makes Ted tear up. Remeber the whole Marshall asking Lily to leave him a nude photo in her dying letter to Marshall, and for what ever reason he opened it and was mad that she didnt?

  19. anonymous says:

    Maybe its Ted’s mom who dies, and misses Ted’s sister’s wedding.

    • Gerald says:

      That is a good theory. But why the sister and not his own wedding?

      • anonymous says:

        Who said Ted’s sister isn’t at Ted’s wedding… maybe Ted’s Mom died before Ted’s sister got married, and Ted is sad and dealing with it like when Marshall’s father died. And the Mother took him to the Farhampton Inn to cheer him up after his mom passes.

      • anonymous says:

        Because the mother says what mother would miss their _daughters_ wedding

  20. Gerald says:

    Linus was delivering NON-ALCOHOLIC drinks? That is a little disappointing. but funny while it lasted. Loved that she kept her secret. Loved that Marshal said she gave him his dream twice. And Loved that Barney hugged Robin’s mother and she said he is nothing like her father. Phew.
    Bravo writers.

  21. The Mother is dead and Ted is getting married to Robin…. such finale, much will be raging, very fans :D

  22. sd says:

    it makes a lot more sense now otherwise Lily definitely should have been more wasted.

  23. Mikael says:

    I still find it hard to believe that a sitcom would have such a morbid end. Whether the Mother is dead or Lily or anyone else, it’s supposed to be a comedy! If it were a drama, I could definitely seem them ending with the Mother being dead this whole time.

  24. Callum Mackintosh says:

    Everyone seems to think that either lily or the mother are dying. It’s probably going to be teds mother that dies and can’t make his wedding.