Do You Believe In NBC's Supernatural Drama?

Believe-NBC325In NBC’s latest drama, Believe, which premiered Monday night (10/9c), Jake McLaughlin (TV’s Crash) plays a wrongfully accused death row inmate named Tate who is given the task of protecting a young girl (newbie Johnny Sequoyah) with supernatural abilities.

But was Believe magical enough to conjure a loyal audience?

VIDEO | Fresh NBC Trailers: J.J. Abrams’ Believe and Crisis

Before you vote in the poll below, a brief recap. After her foster parents are killed in a car crash, young Bo is sent to the hospital. There, a group of bad guys are waiting to kidnap her because it turns out Bo is not your typical 10-year-old. Aside from singing super creepy songs in cars (a must for any good drama starring a young child), Bo seems to have some rather intriguing supernatural gifts, which include the ability to read minds, manipulate nature and possess pigeons.

Luckily for her, Bo’s got a pair of protectors looking out for her, including a man named Winter (Delroy Lindo, Kidnapped) and a woman named Channing (Once Upon a Time‘s Jamie Chung), both of whom are dedicated to keeping the young girl safe — so much so that they call upon Tate to help keep Bo from the evil clutches of Skouras (Kyle MacLachlan, Desperate Housewives), a mysterious mastermind who wants to capture the girl and study her abilities.

When Channing asks, “Why Tate?,” Winter reveals that Tate is actually Bo’s father. The episode ends with Tate and Bo escaping to Philadelphia.

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Co-created by Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity) and produced by J.J. Abrams (Lost, Fringe), Believe is an ambitious show that leaves us with many questions. For instance, what is with the blue butterfly? What exactly does Skouras want with Bo? Does Bo have other powers? And will Tate ever discover he is Bo’s father?

Note: Believe moves to its regular time slot on Sunday, March 16, at 9 pm.

Now, let’s hear what you have to say. Grade the new series via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Thought it was great. Bo/Tate dynamic is very real. That is going to be important to hold on to if this show goes in the fantastical direction I think it’s going in. I’ll be sure to tune in again.

    • justsaying says:

      I can’t stand movies/tv shows with children acting stupid in them. I’m supposed to care about this little girl because she’s “special”? So the eff what. She’s apparently so “special” that she doesn’t care about human lives. How many people died in this episode for her? It’s not like the people are going to kill her, they just want to use her. Frankly, the “good” guys would be better off killing the kid if they just don’t want her used against the world. She IS a brat. People are getting shot left and right but she goes after a toy. One that someone could have gone back for later. I was all on board this train until that scene. (well, they almost lost me when she got off the bus, too). I think something happens to some people when they have children. They assume that just because kids are little that they are allowed to be stupid and will be forgiven everything just because they’re young and small and cute and will tug at our heartstrings. Well, no. I don’t see why this little girl is worth a whole bunch of well meaning people losing their lives over. Especially when she neither appreciates it, nor tries to actively participate in saving herself. She’s callous about these people trying to save her, but oh-so-caring about trying to help the poor doctor’s career. Really? Because the fact that he’s sad is so much more important than, say, PEOPLE DYING?!?! The direction was great, but the writing sucked for the above reasons. I literally stopped watching the show just to come here and rant about this. Really not sure if I want to finish the last ten minutes…. Rant over.

      • jakesmom says:

        Agree! Didn’t like the main character and that’s not a good thing for a show. I kept thinking this kid is a pain in the a**! Oh, why didn’t they go back for the money once the coast was clear? Minor point, but still. Overall, I was left feeling “eh” about the whole thing.

      • JLK says:

        It’s not like that was just some random toy to the girl. It was the one and only thing she owned that her birth mother had given her. She was willing to die for it because of that. And we don’t overlook these things in children because they’re small and cute. We overlook them because they’re children who are still learning things like logical thought, consequences of actions, etc. We can’t expect them to think like adults and make good rational decisions all the time because their brains aren’t developed enough to think like adults yet. Geez….if you ever have children, I hope they have good teachers who won’t put unreasonable demands on them…because they’re clearly going to have unreasonable expectations at home.

        • Julie says:

          She is a child for goodness sake and that toy is her only link to her birth mother, she isnt acting stupid at all or callous can you even comprehend how scared she would be? She is acting like a CHILD they’re not rational or selfless these are learned as we get older they also have a knack for being brutally honest at the most inappropriate times, I can only begin to imagine how utterly perfect you were in all your selfless rationality at such a tender age and thank heavens you’ll have such perfect little specimens of your own who won’t act out or disappoint you at all or be overly attached to a teddy….oh to be a fly on the wall to see you as a parent it’s going to be interesting, awesome show can’t wait for next week.

      • MtKat says:

        I think you’re reading into this your feelings about kids…personal experiences perhaps. I had contrasting feelings — felt she was interesting, not obnoxious or precoious like many girl star actors, not overly concerned with her “extra-ordinary” skills. She and her caretaker are people I want to know more about and follow.

      • Mary says:

        I agree with most of what you said. I found the child to be incredibly annoying – even more so by the end of the 2nd episode. But what I mainly find ridiculous is how Milton’s crew evidently has the wherewithal to bust a death row inmate out of prison, fly him to wherever, arrange multiple (if one-night-only) “safe houses,” track the dad’s activity from their high tech computer centers, impersonate NJ State Police complete with NJSP vehicles — yet they don’t have any problem with making this oh-so-valuable child and her dad take public busses in the land of cell phone amber alerts without much more than a dime in their pockets so dad’s forced into theft just to put a hot dog in their stomachs. I can accept a 10 year old making a stupid move over that particular toy. What I can’t accept is the notion that they “lost” $30,000 or $300,000 or whatever it was in that first episode and apparently there’s NO more where that came from. Was Milton really never planning on being in contact with them ever again, that they’d just dump ALL the $$ on them right at the start and not meter it out as needed? Sorry Dad, you lost it, so now you have to pick pockets if you want to eat. It’s one of those shows that seems entertaining enough when you’re in the middle of the first episode, but as soon as you have 3 solid minutes to actually think about what they’re saying/doing, you realize the whole thing is insultingly implausible and poorly plotted. Personally, I’m praying for a quick cancellation.

      • Joanie says:

        I cannot stand when I can feel hate in people and their views. I absolutely love Bo and Believe. I guess I am lucky because I look for the wholesome shows that have substance. Every child can be a brat and I am sure that you were not an exception. The little that Bo is a brat just balances out her good nature and her wanting to help others, showing that she is human. I believe that this is a great father daughter story that can prove positive. Two Snaps and A Circle!!!! Love It!!!

      • brit says:

        you’re an asshole. get lost and jump off a bridge honestly you’re so stupid

  2. Adam Lenhardt says:

    Absolutely loved it. My favorite pilot in a long, long time. Even though I saw the twist at the end coming a mile away, it totally worked. Johnny Sequoyah and Jake McLaughlin play off each other brilliantly; their dynamic worked right from their first scene together.

    I hope subsequent episodes can keep delivering.

    • stillkate says:

      I feel exactly the same way. Favourite pilot in years.

    • gregk says:

      My wife and I enjoyed it although they need to work on the twists as you noted. I had a “psychic flash” that SENGA was spelling something backwards long before this little plot device came about. Maybe because I watched Lost (another JJ Abrams show) where one had to pay attention to such minor details. It is interesting that bad-ass/antihero women have been proliferating on some of my favorite dramas (Root and Shaw for example on Person of Interest; most of the women on The Americans). We have had men do this role in Breaking Bad and The Sopranos, so why not?

    • catch&release says:


    • jakesmom says:

      Did you not watch Sleepy Hollow? Or The Blacklist? If this is the best you’ve seen in a long time, I humbly suggest you expand your TV viewing.

  3. Evan says:

    I thought this was good, but maybe I was expecting a little more. Direction from Cuaron was great. As noted above and will be for almost every comment here, the chemistry between Tate and Bo was phenomenal, which is critical to the success of this show’s future. The kid playing the doctor was…oof. But it was a very good first episode and I’m excited for the show’s future. Personally, I enjoyed Resurrection more than this one, but I am excited to see both shows grow and hope they’re both hits with audiences since they seem to be coloring outside the lines of what we’ve grown to expect from TV nowadays.

  4. Tran 2.0 says:

    I give Believe an A. It was truly emotional. Can’t wait when the series is on its regular night and time Sundays at 9 p.m.

  5. Ron says:

    I’ll check it out again, but I’m not so sure about it yet. For a show called ‘Believe,’ there was so much disbelief that had to be suspended that it became grating (how in the hell does NO ONE in a hospital not realize that a huge fight with heads smashing room windows is happening in the hallway?!?!). I have no problem suspending disbelief — I do it with ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and it’s one of my favorite shows. I think the difference is that ‘Sleepy Hollow’ doesn’t take itself so seriously, whereas this show, I think, takes itself a little more seriously than it should. My grade: C

    • gmail says:

      Hubs and I laughed out loud when he lept up off the gurney as a security officer was passing by.

    • JLK says:

      I agree. There were just too many things that were annoying. Some of the fighting scenes seemed hokey with blows not even coming close to be delivered after a lot of flipping and spinning to wind up. Jumping off the gurney two seconds after he was wheeled in like he was perfectly fine was completely ridiculous. And I agree with you that there was just something in the tone of the show that tipped the scales from fun suspension of belief into cheesy and taking itself way too seriously.

  6. gmail says:

    I liked it, not enough to switch over from castle, but enough to read the recaps to see if I want to catch it on Hulu the next day.

    Also Jamie Chung will always be from RW: San Diego to me.

  7. Anna says:

    I liked it, especially Bo and Tate. I liked Resurrection better, but I’ll watch them both with one delayed. Crisis also starts Sunday, I think. Hope both shows do well for NBC.

  8. nate says:

    why the hell are they moving it??? leave it where it is

  9. JeffDJ says:

    Loved the premiere, but hate the regular timeslot. Why does everything have to be on Sunday at friggin’ 9???

    • Cassandra says:

      I have no idea why they thought putting it on Sunday at 9 was a good idea. The show is going to struggle against the other genre fare already taking up that slot, TWD, GoT, now Resurrection. Are they intentionally sabotaging Believe?

      • better than putting it with castle plus the black list has it’s home at monday night

        • bk says:

          Castle does a 1.8 demo Walking Dead gets 6.0+ GOT will get 3.0+ Ressurrection 2.0+

        • Cassandra says:

          Tuesdays at 9 would have been an excellent spot for it. The only real competition for a drama audience would have been NCIS: LA,and it would have The Voice as a lead in. Instead NBC decided to fight Fox with 2 new comedies which could have been put in their Thursday night lineup.

          • Ram510 says:

            I agree 100%! Tuesday would’ve been best. I don’t know what NBC would’ve done with About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher (Wednesday @ 8? Thursday @ 9?). But I don’t see why NBC would want to put Believe up against Resurrection which is basically the same show. But this will be interesting race to watch the race between the two. Right now I think ABC will be the one to come out on top on this one but I guess we will soon find out

      • zaza says:

        They should put it on Wednesday. I won’t have anything to watch that day when Psych finishes up.

  10. Tiffany says:

    Great show now I have to choose between Believe and Resurrection

    • bk says:

      Watch Game of Thrones instead

      • Mike R. says:

        I mean if you have a DVR/etc. Always watch Game of Thrones first at the very least, no commercials on cable, and GOT will be better anyway.

        • MtKat says:

          My DVR only records two shows, and I have COSMOS on the other one. So I had to chose betw. Believe and Resurrection. Loved both but Believe is far more intense and interesting. I hope they fix the competition (move it to Tuesday).

      • CountryQueen says:

        But Game of Thrones is on multiple times during the week – that’s the great thing about the cable shows – they’re on so much during the week.

    • Bob says:

      Have any of you heard of the “DVR”. I use it every day and hardly watch anything “live”.

  11. jh says:

    Jamie Chung is in it, that’s enough for me :)

  12. i liked it a lot
    & for those that don’t know the guy who plays tate is a real vet his unit was one of the first sent into iraq. his wikipedia says he was critically injured. i hope we can find out what his injuries were. he seems to have recovered well though

  13. webly3 says:

    I think it started off OK. The characterization of some of the character was a little confusing to the audience and the antagonistic female woman was just confusing. But the chemistry and intrigue was there and it will keep me watching at least for a few more weeks. Hopefully it gets better!

  14. Aeol says:

    I thought this was one of the worst hours of television I’ve seen in ages. Acting was wooden and stilted, the assassin girl’s stunts were completely laughable (when there wasn’t an obvious stunt stand-in), and the exposition was useless. What on earth was that scene with him jumping off the gurney and no one noticing in a packed waiting room? And people just standing around waiting to be shot in the warehouse? This was just awful. I’m embarassed for the actors in it.

    • bk says:

      Same here. Some people will just eat up anything the networks toss at them.

    • Eli says:

      Thank you so much for being a voice of reason here, I guess America (or at least TVline readers) really does love crap…

      • Patrick says:

        I have to believe that some of the immediate posters are plants from NBC/the people who make the show. TVline, like Deadline Hollywood, have become tastemakers for TV viewers. Especially the hardcore fans that shows need desperately. So, publicists know to come to sites like this to pump up the fan reviews and flood the comments section with positive statements.

        I thought it was OK. I gave it a C. I really don’t like scruffy looking males with long hair. That is a shallow way to judge, I admit, but it is just a visceral thing I can’t help. Based on previews, it seems like they cut his hair. But I thought the girl was annoying. She wanted to make these detours that seem dangerous. And she has no impulse control, which will get real old, real quick. Still, I am always willing to give original shows and sci-fi shows a chance. I will be back, but they have 2 more weeks to hook me.

        I have a horrible feeling that people will be pulling for Kyle McLachlan very soon (how great was HIMYM last night).

  15. Kay says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed it! Will be watching on Sundays.

  16. Mike R. says:

    I enjoyed it, but I have doubts it will last in its regular timeslot, which is a shame since I loved the characters, but against TWD for a few weeks than GOT and Mad Men, and that is not even including regular network competition.

  17. D says:

    Loved it. Thank god for DVR though. The one thing about it going up against TWD and GoT is that those shows are repeated. If I miss the “New” episode, I can always see it again at a different time.

  18. Cj says:

    Good pilot hopefully it expands just people them hpong people each week and gets into mythology and really pushes things. But the good guys were all well done so from a characters perspective they are off to a good start. Don’t get the no guns thing though that seems a little stupid and I don’t buy Tate not having one. Odds are the right wing nut jobs will be all over that.

  19. MP says:

    It reminded me of Touch with Kiefer Sutherland. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it. That assassin woman was terrible.

  20. James D says:

    I liked it a lot. it”s sort of an old plotline but the chemestry between the two was very natural and their is certainly enough their to keep me watching. i do think that the COW kind of thing where she uses her powers to help someone will get tiresome so my hope is they keep the over arching story in the forefront and the helping out strangers as the b-story.

  21. Dr. M says:

    I never thought I’d say it, but this feels like a ‘generic’ J.J. Abrams series. Kind of like they had to throw something together on short notice.
    Then again, I thought Fringe was pretty poor for most of the first season. I’ll give this a short leash.

  22. Kelly says:

    A. The pilot was amazing. Well written and acted. Visually beautiful. Great acting and chemistry by Johnny Sequoyah& Jake McLaughlin. Bo and Tate’s natural dynamic and connection has be hooked.

    • MtKat says:

      You did a good concise synposis! I agree with it all — amazing chemistry betw. girl and caretaker, and he was unusual from the normal hero in looks and actions and backstory. She wasn’t precocious (eg, obnoxious) as kid charcters often are in smart shows. I was surprised at how much I liked it, and was glued to the story.

  23. Kelly says:

    Bo&Tate are well on there way to joining Syd/Jack,Veronica/Keith,Peter/Walter as my fav child/parent relationships on TV

  24. jj says:

    Another terrible show from Abrams.

  25. catch&release says:

    Daddy boy seems very unstable, can’t wait to find what out what makes him so ANGRY!!!!

    • FatherOctavian says:

      Spending seven years on death row for a crime he didn’t commit probably has something to do with it.

  26. catch&release says:

    I enjoyed Delroy Lindo, he’s my reason for watching. Kyle Maclachlan never seems to age, he’s looking damn good! Love the scenes between Johnny & Jake, they easily pass as father/daughter.

  27. A girl named Bo with supernatural powers… hmm, sounds familiar.

  28. Tamim says:

    I have always like “on the run” shows, so I am very interested in how this will play out. I’m wondering if there will be a bit of “The Pretender” happening, since they can’t be themselves or Tate would end up back in jail and Bo would no longer be free. The supernatural “helper” aspect reminds me of “Touched by an Angel” and “Highway to Heaven”. I liked all of these shows and I don’t know if there is a happy travels show on air right now. Supernatural travels, but that show is dark. I am going to keep an open mind, but so far I don’t expect deep drama – but then again J.J. Abrams and Cuaron are involved, so who knows what they will eventually come up with…

  29. Sarahliz says:

    I enjoyed it. Then again, I’ll always give J.J Abrams a shot.

  30. Maxime Archambault-Chapleau says:

    Made me think of Touch by an angel ! And that is not a good thing.

  31. jakesmom says:

    Meh. i’ll give it two more episodes to see if it gets any better since I try to be a Abrams fan. Although at this point I think Alias is the only good thing he’s done.. I’m not a fan of on the run shows, and I didn’t care for the little girl character. Saw the end twist a mile away.

  32. Jacque Loveall says:

    I enjoyed the show immensely…but what is with the blue butterfly hovering around the kid all the time? It did not look real and was kind of creepy…hopefully that will be explained in future episodes?

  33. sogop says:

    Over-blown crap. Won’t last if the rest of the episodes are as bad as the pilot. Too many other excellent shows on TV to spend my time watching junk like this.

  34. Beryl says:

    Totally reminded me of Touch but a worse version. The storyline is so weak. Dont think will keep watching it.

  35. John Baker says:

    Bad writing. To get in the hospital why doesn’t he just walk in with a fake id and hospital clothes? They have to get fake EMT uniforms and an ambulance and bring him in as an accident victim? No one in the hospital is suspicious of him smelly and beat up, just getting up and walking around? The woman decides to fight him in the hospital hallway when she is carrying a gun with a silencer? Why not tell hospital security an escaped murderer is there trying to kidnap a child? Or pull the gun on him or just shoot him and run. A murderer escapes from prison then kidnaps a young girl from a hospital running from an armed woman yet no one recognizes them on a city bus or on the street? The escapee and girl can safely get on a bus and travel to another city undetected? They have a list of safe houses stored somewhere the bad guys can access and find them? Seriously, there is no place they can hide her? I guess you just have to suspend belief to watch this.

    • MtKat says:

      yes a couple of times I thought “why?” but I figured 99% of it was really well-written, so I’m willing to wait for it to be polished a bit over the weeks. — (Let’s hope the writers get your well-detailed list)

  36. MtKat says:

    What an exciting show! It has a little bit of everything in it; misjudged criminal on the run; estranged father and daughter relationship; Matrix like protectors; Nikita like assassins; mystery that are partially answered but make you want to come back for more; fast action like 24; and great, unique actors that are not cookie-cutter bland characters. The only thing missing is romance; but I guess great shows like Sherlock are doing ok without it. I especially like the criminal/protector/dad. he’s not your usual pretty-boy predictable hero. I can’t wait for the story and explanations to unravel. (Writers, just please be sure to give us SOME answers each week, and dont drag it all out too long)

  37. Initially I was not moved or disturbed by the first episode, but now that I have seen 3 episodes I just feel like this plot is not going to go anywhere, with them being constantly on the run and every episode always getting caught by the cops but than the black dude and his crew just happens to pop up at the right time, I wonder why even give him the duty of protecting her since they seem to do it much better, I understand the fact that’s her father but he will get caught shot or killed etc. I just hope it’s gets better if not I will just have to check out Resurrection….

  38. Baron says:

    The Sound Engineers/mixers must be determined to ruin this very engaging new series “Believe”. In many scenes actors voices were drowned out with overbearing background and music which detracts from the script flow, some confusion ensues, points in the story are lost. The actors lines should be clear and not in competition with a heavy handed mixer. I have seen many good shows fail for this reason alone. Will someone tell the director to close his eyes and listen to the final cut !! Keep the Magic going, don’t drown the actors.

  39. Brigid Kish. says:

    The concept of advanced psychokenises is always appealing and ‘Believe’ combines that with the innocence of a little girl who is at times unaware of the impact she has on those that want to use her power for whatever means. I like that it’s her real father helping to protect her and you can feel the poignancy in that Bo has never had a real family nor any kind of normal childhood as she’s been living in a medical testing facility all her life.
    The only criticism I have is that the chase and catch play is becoming monotonous. We need some more twists and turns. It would be nice if they could settle down somewhere for a while and Bo could experience some normality (whilst having a few episodes of course). Why are they not trying to disguise themselves at all?? Anyway…I for one will keep watching.

  40. rohayah says:

    we love this series and would like your the network to continue to next season

  41. Cares Howie says:

    So stupid you should have never dropped Believe

  42. Itisha says:

    I really love the show I can’t wait till it return.

  43. Itisha says:

    next season will be very interesting.I believe she’s going to have more powers . not just more but stronger, and of course face bigger and stronger forces.

  44. Michelle says:

    Please bring this show back it was awesome!!!!!!?