The Walking Dead Recap: Together Forever

The Walking Dead Season 4This week’s episode of The Walking Dead starts off with a flashback to before Bob was picked up by Team Jailhouse (may it rest in peace) — back when he was a pathetic Nyquil-swilling solo act. And frankly, it’s kind of annoying. (There are at least six characters with whom I — and, I bet, you — would rather be spending this kind of quality montage time.) But a funny thing happens on the way to the end of “Alone.” I start to really like the guy. Mind you, that won’t be what has you talking. Read on. We’ll get to that…

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IT TAKES TWO, POSSIBLY THREE | After we learn from Bob’s flashback that he had been in two ill-fated groups before Team Jailhouse, it’s easy to understand why — regardless of a near-miss attack by a pack of walkers on a foggy morning — he refuses to consider giving up Maggie or her search for Glenn. He does not want to be (see episode title) again. Sasha, on the other hand, is more than ready to abandon what she thinks of as their gal pal’s wild-goose chase and play house in the first suitable structure they happen upon. No way does she wanna haul ass to this Terminus in which Maggie’s sure Glenn would look for her! Unfortunately — oops! — Maggie overhears her traveling companions’ conversation and hits the road without them, leaving behind a note written in the mud: “Don’t risk your lives for me. Good luck.”

TWO FOR THE ROAD | Elsewhere, Daryl is teaching Beth how to track and wield a crossbow, and it’s pretty much the antithesis of his violent lesson last week! (Guess getting drunk and burning a house down with someone really bonds you!) The tough guy even gives Beth a piggyback ride, for heaven’s sake, after her ankle is injured! (“You’re heavier than you look,” he cracks.) Coming across a cemetery, Hershel’s daughter pauses at the grave of a “beloved father,” Daryl leaves a small bouquet of dandelions, and — hmm — they hold hands. (Somewhere, Carol’s Spidey senses must be tingling!) Inside the funeral home, the odd couple find some (dead-dead) walkers dressed for burial, and Beth suggests that the care someone showed them proves her theory that there remain good people in the world. Riiight

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SEPARATE WAYS | Chasing after Maggie, Bob explains to Sasha why he’s always smiling — he’s broken the streak. He’s stayed with his group. He didn’t let fear get the best of him. And, he says, she needs to conquer her fears as well and quit assuming the worst (that Glenn, Tyreese, everyone is dead). She won’t do it, though. Even when he plants a fairly smoldering kiss on her, she lets him walk off so that she can move into what she considers the perfect place. (And really, it IS a nice loft — exposed brick and everything!) But — what are the odds? — she’s checking out her penthouse view for the very first time when who does she see outside surrounded by walkers but Maggie! After some walker “demobilizing” — and the clever use of a No Parking sign as a lethal weapon — the women make peace and set off after Bob. When they find him, it’s pretty much his worst nightmare — he’s (see episode title) again on the path. So it’s an especially happy reunion — and one that marks the end of my ambivalence toward him… and perhaps yours, too? (Or was it just me who was ambivalent?)

DOGGONIT | Back at the funeral home, a poor, one-eyed dog shows up at the door but runs off before Daryl and Beth can offer it any hospitality. And if ever a place was gonna be hospitable, that would be the one — it’s spotless and well-stocked with pig’s feet and soda. Maybe Beth doesn’t have to leave its absent residents a thank-you note after all, Daryl says. Maybe they’ll stick around. Maybe whoever’s staying there is okay. “What changed your mind about good people” still existing? Beth asks. And, after Daryl hems and haws for a bit, his gaze makes it clear that the answer is her. (Gulp! Carol’s Spidey senses by now must be exploding!) Of course, the intensity of the moment is shattered almost as quickly as it is felt. When Daryl reopens the door for what he thinks will be the dog again, it’s a whole mess of walkers. (Yes, I jumped from the shock. Yes, even though I probably shouldn’t have been shocked.) He orders Beth to beat a hasty retreat, then narrowly escapes himself… too late to stop her from driving away! Then, although he runs what appears to be a marathon and a half in hopes of catching her, as the hour draws to a close, he’s (see episode title), exhausted and disconsolate. Briefly. Then, he’s stumbled upon by a buncha hooligans led by a real devil named Joe. How do we know he’s a real devil? Besides the number of weapons his crew points at Daryl, his motto is, “Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?” Charmed, I’m sure.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Now that we know from our brief peek at Glenn that he’s headed for Terminus, are you looking forward to his reunion with Maggie? Hit the comments!

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  1. Amy says:

    Did Beth drive off without Daryl? I assumed she was abducted. And the guys that surrounded Daryl are the same guys who took over the house that Rick was napping in. Maybe they are running Terminus and kidnapped Beth because she is young and pretty. Those guys were talking about dibs on the woman when they found Michonne’s shirt in the house

    • This is exactly what I thought happened.

    • Dani says:

      Me too. Beth would not have just left him. It seemed like she was abducted.

    • Katie says:

      Beth must’ve been abducted. She wouldn’t have left Darryl.

    • Pati says:

      That’s what I thought happened too. Beth would not leave him. I personally think that if he’s going to get with anyone it should be Beth and not Carol

      • Katie says:

        I like Daryl with Beth too

      • justsaying says:

        i didn’t like beth before. i hate her now. why? because she’s a “push the issue” chick. She’s not content that darryl’s being nicer and has a more positive outlook. she wants to force him to say it out loud. why? just bc she’s a b–. it serves no purpose other than giving her an opportunity to gloat. and then she has the nerve to act all wide eye surprised that he implies it’s due to her. i think my dislike of her might have to do with the fact that the actress is older and trying to play younger. i think her version of “younger” just comes off as bratty. And there’s no room for brats in the zombie apocalypse. be a badass or off with ye already. you serve no purpose other than zombie fodder. and it’s even more annoying when someone like that lives when much cooler characters are dying trying to protect them. why is carl more acceptable now? cause he stopped being so bratty and actually showed a use. Having an obnoxiously sunny disposition? not really a necessity in this world. and if you actually like her sunny personality? you might want to look in the mirror and realize that you’re probably one of these annoying people too. and if you wonder why people sometimes don’t want to be around you? well, there ya go. you’re welcome.

        • benis says:

          go outside. ride a bike or something.

        • Sophia B. says:

          I really gave no thought to Beth during the whole time she has been on the show. She has always been a back ground character and I liked it that way. Now that the writers have brought her to the front and with Daryl it makes no sense at all to ME. I do want Carol and Daryl together, but I am coming to terms that that will never happen. It really has nothing to do with that fact at all. Her voice now that she has more to say really gets on my nerves. I kept hoping that she would become zombie food during the show last night. So we have 3 episodes before this season ends, next week looks like the death of Carol, I do hope I am wrong. I really really hate to say this but season 4 has been a let down for ME. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up on TWD, I just miss the feel of the first 3 seasons.

        • Jenny says:

          Go be happy sweetie, it’s not so bad.

        • AD says:

          Honey, your judge of character (fictional- and probably in all reality) is completely wrong,if you’re going to actually think you have all the answers for everyone else’s life and that you even have the right to try and sit in judgment of others, I’d like to suggest you grow up more first. It is just a TV show. But your ignorance of hope and the people who are stronger for having it (you see,hardness of heart and apathy is really weakness) only makes some of us truly feel sorry for you, and it just makes you sound pathetic.

          • Sophia B. says:

            Pathetic? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! But are you not doing the same thing by judging justsaying? I think this is a good example of the pot calling the kettle black.

          • BlueMagnolia says:

            The fact of the matter is that the show has broached much more controversial issues and it’s picking up the slack in that department — and it’s about time. It’s touching on themes in the comics that were very big, like children murdering children and adults murdering children, rape, enslavement, etc. etc. People have no trouble with the idea of the dead eating the living, but they take issue with a relationship between a 19-year-old and a 35-year-old? Viewers who are bothered by people finding someone who they can be happy with at the end of the world have really lost track of the point of the show. It’s just going to keep getting more and more controversial as the series progresses, so if you have trouble with the good things that make the characters happy and gives them hope, then I don’t know how you’ll deal with the bad things to come and I would probably stop watching now.

          • Sophia B. says:

            May I ask, is your response to me Sophia B. or AD?

          • BlueMagnolia says:

            It was just a general statement to blanket anyone who is taking an overly conservative stance on the potential of a romance on the show– even one between characters of varying ages. Wasn’t specifically directed at anyone. I just hit the reply button in my email and I’m not sure who’s post I was responding after, but I read several comments where people just sort of lost the point of a character-driven show. You know?

    • Cassandra says:

      Her bag was left on the ground, so I have no doubt she was abducted.

      • Fido says:

        How was Daryl so certain she was in the car ? It could have been a random other person and by running after it Daryl left Beth all alone with her icky foot and those icky zombies.

    • K8 O'Gr8y says:

      Beth was abducted, her backpack was scattered on the ground. And I don’t think the guys that Daryl runs into later have anything to do with it. The car that drove away had a cross painted on the back window. I think it was the undertaker from the funeral home. I think he (or she, but probably he) was there the whole time Daryl and Beth were in the home and listening to them.

      • Sophia B. says:

        Yep, that could be. I also think the dog lived there and the person used it to get the zombies to the house. I just think it was really weird that Daryl would open the door with out checking. I could see the zombies through the slots of the wood on the window. See what Beth has done to him………….XD

        • Jenny says:

          Hahha so true… See what happens when you put your guard down……but it’s absolutely adorable, I like Daryl even more now that he has opened up a bit

          • Walkr says:

            I agree – he has a sweet personality that comes through – kind of childlike and that smile… he definitely let his guard down and that was no good!

    • Jack says:

      Of course she was abducted. She and Daryll had no car.

    • Walkr says:

      I think it makes more sense for Darryl to be with Beth than Carol in a post apocalyptic future because Beth can have children, Carol is a bit old for children. Beth also humanizes Darryl – he has had such a rough life and tends to be a loner… Beth restores his faith in humanity, which he really needs to make him alive, not just existing.

    • Your Lover says:

      Yeah @ Andy Patrick is foolish if he thinks Beth Drove away.
      That is incredibly stupid.

    • BlueMagnolia says:

      I feel awful that so many people dislike Beth at a character. I think she’s a remarkable character. It’s not her fault that the writers did her character such an injustice by not really exploring her more before this season. I think she’s proven herself to be exceptionally strong emotionally, holding to hope even in the face of everything terrible that happens to her and the others, and she’s very mature. Who else could talk to Daryl on such a even playing field. I certainly haven’t seen Carol manage the sort of deep conversation Beth and Daryl have managed; perhaps Rick is the only other person I’ve seen Daryl connect with that deeply, in a fraternal sense. I always wanted Beth’s character to be spotlighted and expanded upon, to have her character fleshed out and it’s finally happening, so I’m hoping that she’s around much longer. And, yes, I hope she and Daryl get to enjoy that spark they have between them once they reunite.

      • I agree ^^^^^^^ it’s NOT a large group tho,, it’s a fringe group and they are so mean. She is BY FAR THE MOST realistic character on TWD. I LOVE how Norman Reedus came out and defended her and shut the naysayers up. I hope they explore her and Daryl and her alone as well, and make her more prominent in S5 — their story is gorgeous and writers are doing an injustice to what they have built if they don’t keep building iit.


  2. Amber says:

    omg I seriously hope they arent stupid enough to put Daryl with that annoying child.
    And I could care less about Sasha and co.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Agreed. Daryl belongs with Carol!

      • Morganic says:

        I am genuinely impressed by how passionate you are about this pairing. No sarcasm involved. I totally ship Caryl too. And I agree that the Beth/Daryl pairing seems a little icky to me. But I do not have the internet guts to be so bold about it!

        • Ryan P says:

          Seems icky to me too – there’s at least a 20-year difference there. She’s barely legal! Not that this matters in the Zombie Apocalypse, I guess, but still…

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Do you think Daryl is pushing 40? I don’t think he’s that old. I’d say more around 30 :-)

          • I don’t think it is a 20 year gap. I would think more closer to 10. I have always felt he was much younger than Carol. I had always assumed he was in his 20’s.

          • Sophia B. says:

            He is actually 40 years old, Beth is still in her teens.

          • Meredith says:

            Well, the actor is forty, but the character might be younger. I don’t think they’ve ever pinpointed his age in the show, and I remember being really surprised Norman Reedus is as old as he is (Which is not to say that he’s old. I’m just a handful of years younger, but I would have guessed he was younger than me.) If he were, say 30, and Beth is 18 or 19, as she is is the show, I’d allow it without that many icky feelings. It’s actually a problem I have with the show in general. I think if the end of the world were upon us, there’d be a whole lot more shagging going on, because why not? ;-)

      • Your Lover says:

        Carol is super old and crazy. gross.

        Beth = 10/10
        Carol = 3/10

    • tsi431 says:

      She is 28 years old for crying out loud. Far from a child

      • xK says:

        The actress, yes. The character is 18, give or take.

        • benis says:

          there is no age of consent in a zombie apocalypse. daryl has been a hell of a gentlemen throughout this whole thing, just sayin.

          • CountryQueen says:

            So, from your post, I take it you would be in Jeff Kober’s group that picked up Daryl at the end. That’s a real skeevy thing to say that his group would love.

        • Your Lover says:

          18 is old enough in a non-zombie world.

      • pascal says:

        And if she’s old enough to run something of a brothel in CONCUSSION ( a movie with Robin Weigert ), she’s probably old enough to have a relationship with a man who wanders around with a crossbow

        • CountryQueen says:

          Apples and Oranges as she is playing a different character. Here she is 17. I think too young. And I’m not a Carol / Daryl shipper either. Can’t a guy and girl just be friends, ever, on a show?

          • Cheeky says:

            Oh I know! If you so much as suggest one of them doesn’t want to bone the other, it’s chaos! This goes for a many number of shows too.

          • Jenny says:

            I think she’s 19 or 20.

          • BlueMagnolia says:

            She was 17 over a year ago, when Axel was still alive. She’s more like 19 now, and I suspect Daryl is mid-30’s. It’s not a big deal age gap and I think the show should explore it. It was a huge theme in the first several comics with Andrea and Dale’s romance and 40-year age gap! I think Daryl and Beth make a much more attractive May-December couple and their ages are a lot more watered down, so it’s actually a very viable and feasible pairing romantically.

      • Luli says:

        The actress is 28?! Omg!! She looks so young!

    • Sophia B. says:

      I agree, there is 20 plus years between them, and the more she talks the more annoying I find her. It feels like the main characters have been watered down by the adding of the new people. I don’t care about them.

      • Joe says:

        If there’s 20+ years between any characters, it’s Daryl and Carol. She literally could be his mother. I’m sorry middle aged women of the world, but this panting week after week for Carol to get her groove back is sad and desperate. Daryl passes for 30 and Beth passes for a girl in her 20’s. It’s far more age appropriate and frankly makes more sense character wise in this show than what you all are desperately clamoring for.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          We know that Beth is 17, or maybe 18 by now but Daryl is not as old as some think he is :-)

        • Sophia B. says:

          What are you talking about? Yes, for your information I want Carol and Daryl together, but I know that the writers have other plans. In real life Norman is 40 and Melissa is 43 so no there is no mother and son going on there. I don’t like Beth because I don’t like Beth and it has nothing to do with anything other than that. And how in the world am I desperately clamoring for Carol and Daryl to be together. But the most important thing is THIS A TV SHOW!

          • betty says:

            The Actor that plays Daryl is Norman Reedus he is 45 and Carol Melissa Mcbride is 48. Look it up on IMDB.

          • Sophia B. says:

            Thank you, I stand corrected, still it is only 3 years diff.

          • Betty says:

            Don”t get me wrong I was completely against the Daryl/Carol thing but I would much rather him with Carol than Beth. I take everything back please let Daryl hook up with Carol, Beth looks like his baby sister. Its gross….

          • Sophia B. says:

            I’m not sure if you are joking or not. There is a lot of sarcasm on this site. I do want them Carol and Daryl together ever since the hunting for Sophia happened. But I don’t see it ever happening. I guess the only ones that are allowed to have a relationship is Glenn and Maggie, Andrea and the Governor, Lily and the Governor, Rick and Lori, Shane and Lori. Well you understand what I’m saying.

          • Betty says:

            No not at all. I hated the idea of Daryl/Carol but I would really rather that happen then the way they are headed with a Daryl/Beth thing. I was not much of a Carol fan but honestly when she showed back up i realized I missed her on the show. So yes I eat all my horrible words about Carol.

          • Sophia B. says:

            I screamed with happiness when she came back, my son who watches the show with me started laughing and said, “Mom calm down, I know you like her, but we are missing the show.” I keep seeing the commercial where Rick is telling the Governor “We have all done terrible things, but we can come back from them.” I’m paraphrasing of course. He never gave that kind of thought to Carol, even if it turns out she really did the killings and not covering for some one like the creepy little girl Lizzy. I am looking forward to the show coming and also dreading it. Not sure what will happen to Carol and that is where the dread is coming from. I just want them all back together dang it, well minus Beth and Daryl together holding hands or piggy back rides, that was just plan out weird to see. Also when he came in the kitchen carrying her……..I thought WTH.

          • Betty says:

            I have to believe that Carol will be ok, now on the other hand i’m hoping that Beth bites the bullet lol.

          • Sophia B. says:

            Yep yep.

  3. iamtheblurr says:

    I hope this is the beginning of the Cannibal arc. ksjfd;dsfl;asd
    I’m freakin’ excited for next week’s episode already..

    • Piet says:

      You mean the episode that will air in two weeks? Next week will be a whole buncha crappy minutes about Tyreese et al., whom I sill can not sympathize with.

  4. It’s obvious Beth was kidnapped. Why would she drive away from Daryl and ditch him? What the heck, Andy Patrick?

  5. Andrew Hass says:

    I thought it was a nice episode as some of the characters grew closer together away from the others.I don’t think Beth abd Daryl are going to be romantic involved but they are forming a bond and that could cause problems too.Plus if someone did kidnap Beth Daryl could feel guilty about it.

  6. Heidi H says:

    We also know he’s a real devil because that was the group that invaded the house where Rick, Michonne, and Carl were staying. The leader was the one on the porch eating from a can when the guy Rick killed in the bathroom turned.

  7. alistaircrane says:

    This episode was boring and offensive. Can’t wait for next week’s episode when Carol takes centrestage!

    • Brigitte says:

      Sorry, but offensive? I am not sure what you are referring to.

      • Offensive to walkers. @alistaircrane – you type well for a dead person ;)

      • Calling it how it is! says:

        This poster found it “offensive” because it is a known fact that s/he hates anything that would suggest Daryl would be with someone else besides Carol. S/he has gone so far as to flame other people for even discussing the relationship being developed between Daryl and Beth. Almost to the point of bullying. What s/he doesn’t realize is that just like she is entitled to her beliefs and opinions, everyone else is entitled to the same thing, and should not have to be judged of berated.

    • Sophia B. says:

      Yeah Carol is going to featured, but she will be on the Talking Dead after the episode it could mean that she has died……..I pray not. I get the episode was boring, but may I ask why it was offensive?

    • jessie says:

      you only find it offensive because daryl is getting really close to beth. its his choice who he wants right, besides he and carol had plenty of time and opportunity to get together and never did plus he knew carol wasnt at the prison when it was attacked and if he really cared bout carol he would be lookin 4 her and he’s not daryl hasnt even mentioned carol. he seems to be fallin for beth

  8. Jennifer says:

    Daryl finds Beth’s purse on the road, which is half spilled. We can assume she wasn’t planning on dropping it. And the car that we see driving away (that Beth is in) had a cross on the back. Which is why I think it’s pretty obvious that the owner of the car probably lived in and kept the funeral home. Daryl and Beth were being watched by whoever that was. And that person had to have been the one to set up the heard of zombies right to Beth and Daryl’s doorstep….all while having their escape car ready to flee the scene. I think that’s when Beth was trying to run away, the funeral home person saw her, and abducted her into the car (dropping her purse had she been resisting) racing away from daryl calling to Beth. (I highly doubt giving Beth’s “good nature” she could actually be a person to leave daryl behind had she been driving that car, especially after the moment they briefly had before the zombie bust in)

  9. Morganic says:

    Only slightly better than last week. It had more action but I guess I just have really high expectations for this show. Tonight’s episode was just “alright” to me. They can do better.

  10. Amber says:

    I don’t understand why all of the cast are saying these episodes this part of the season are the best they have ever done. Now I get that they have to sell the show, but come on. Unless these next few are just spectacular, then they are full of it

    • Amber says:

      I should add, that I mean I have seen much better episodes then these last few. I still enjoy the show and all, its just odd to me how hard they are pushing the greatness of these particular episodes

    • xK says:

      I think it has to do with the characterization. Previously there were complaints that we didn’t know the characters. Now they show the characters (along with some pretty great acting) but they run light on the action.

    • Sophia B. says:

      True. What the actors are saying and what I am seeing are to different things.

  11. Phil Holmes says:

    After what is now four seasons of this show, I don’t understand how anyone who continues to watch hasn’t come to the realization that they are NOT watching a show based on Resident Evil! The pace and the direction of the show is not going to drastically turn into some over the top, action themed spectacle! It is driven by character arcs and steady nuanced storytelling. If you want a slam bang action series, you are not going to find that with The Walking Dead. Period! So either decide to come to terms with that, or give up watching. I believe that this show’s entire production is deserving of Emmy consideration. It shouldn’t be overlooked simply because of it’s genre.

  12. azu says:

    I love that they are taking the time to do good storytelling. The actors must be pleased to be able to act highly nuanced scenes!! Where are my sweet richonne and Carl?!! It’s been too long*! I’ve missed them!!

  13. jessie says:

    im sorry allistaircrane but it looks like daryl is falling for beth. i also thought carol and daryl would get together and liked that ship, and i believe carol never killed anyone that she is covering for lizzie like u mentioned before. after watching these last couple episodes i think daryl and beth should get together he seems to be falling for her and daryl deserves to be happy so does beth

  14. Spencer says:

    I absolutely adore Beth and have for a while, and I also love Daryl, but the two together is no bueno for me. I really love the two as a brother-sister dynamic, anything more (ie, romantic) is just creepy for me.

    • Sophia B. says:

      I agree, just creepy creepy creepy. It looks very forced and not natural at all.

      • mynameis says:

        And to me the Carol/Daryl thing always seemed forced. This at least seems somewhat authentic with only the 2 of them left.
        If Carol and Daryl were separated from the group and were surviving together, I’d see the two of them as a possibility. But when the two were always a part of the larger group, I never thought of them as pairing off.

        • Sophia B. says:

          Well during the whole finding Sophia, that is when I saw them as maybe getting together. I felt they needed each other. It would make me happy if they got together. But I don’t see it happening any longer.

      • Kayt05 says:

        I actually thought it was one of the most natural things close to romance on the whole show. All over the web people are screaming about how they can’t believe how great the chemistry between these 2 actors were.

        Before I even noticed a hunch of romance between Daryl & Beth, I already seen the Caryl and Daryl ship sinking b/c they both have chose different paths for the ZA, honestly though when I finally caught on to the Beth and Daryl thing in “still” ( yes I know I was late to figure it out) I was like this is genius.

        • Sophia B. says:

          Yes, I wanted Carol and Daryl together. It started during the missing Sophia episodes. They both had a lot in common, both were abused by people that where suppose to have protected them. And I think Daryl took it to heart more than anybody else in the group. But I am nothing if not a realist and I except the fact that that will not happen. My dislike has nothing to do with my like for Carol and Daryl. I find it not at all realistic. I mean after 3+ season they just through them together. Plus the age difference is to great for ME. A friend of mine is a police officer he said it gave him the creeps also. He compared it to some to the horrible things he has seen and he is only 27 years old. So I am not alone in this at all. I really don’t care what others on the internet have to say about this pairing. It just feels all wrong to ME.

    • mynameis says:

      Who’s to say it isn’t brother/sister dynamic at play here? All they did was hold hands. I gather if a real brother and sister were at the grave of their dad, and one or the other was feeling particularly lost or sad at the time, they’d reach out to the other and touch/hold hands/hug/etc.

      Not pointing this at you but too many people here are too focused on the love story angles. Too many here are too invested on who they want to hook up.

      • jessie says:

        i do like thinking about the relationships and who may end up with who especially since the world has went to hell its nice to think people can still find love and happiness but im not invested in the relationships so much as i am invested in the characters and twd show in itself i love this show and its nice to see good things such as love or great friendships happen with all the bad and evil things going on all around them

  15. jessie says:

    i used to think daryl and carol should be 2gether but i now believe daryl has fallen for beth and they should be together. daryl deserves to be happy as does beth they have been through hell so i hope he finds her and they end up together

    • Richard says:

      I think Daryl has developed a way better bond with Beth than he had with Carol. (even though they are NOWHERE near the same age their personalities work well together). I do think the idea of Daryl and Beth being intimately and romantically involved is a bit gross because of the age difference. But I definitely think Daryl and Beth are a better match than Daryl and Carol.

  16. jessie says:

    it did seem creepy at first to me too but now watching them togethether it dont so much anymore in a zombie apocalypse grab a chance to be happy where ever you can, i sure would but if they continue as a good team and friends i think thats cool 2 as long as they dont lose each other now im happy

  17. omar says:

    Amazing episode. Love Maggie and Sasha! They know how to kill zombies! They were amazing. Bob, well… he can die and I will be fine. Beth and Daryl, those two are my favorite team! I think someone kidnapped Beth, she wouldn’t leave Daryl. When I saw Joe and his group I knew he was the guy from Ricks episode. I hope (and I think) next episode will focus on Tyresse, Carol, the girls and maybe Glenn’s group.

    Please don’t kill Micah. Carol will lose her mind. Or kind of.

  18. jessie says:

    i am dying to see how things are gonna work out on next weeks episode. carol with tyreese and the 3 girls looks like they are going to run into trouble. i hope carol and tyreese make it with mika and judith and that rick and carl get to see that judith is alive as for lizzie i dont know bout that girl. a few weeks ago when she tried to smother baby judith i wanted to crawl through the tv and wring her neck im afraid she will do something else to hurt her. twd is my favorite show on tv and i cant wait to see how it plays out by the season finale

  19. Alrisha says:

    I never was a big fan of Daryl/Carol pair. They both broken, not a good match, at least no romantic. Daryl/Beth is much better. Yes, she is young, but that not that quirky. And since is pretty much the end of the world, who care about that? The rules are different, and even in our society is very common to find mature men and young women making a good pair. To mentioning one famous, Paul Walker (R.I.P) got a long relationship with a girl much younger than him, and apparently they were happy. Also, if not like you got a lot of option, right?

    • jessie says:

      i agree with you on beth and daryl getting together, there is something there and they could be happy 2gether and they deserve it. i say in a zombie apocalypse find happiness where ever you can

    • Sophia B. says:

      Then how young is to young in the zombie world for you?

  20. jessie says:

    i wonder who it was that snatched beth and what they are going to do to her. i hope someone finds her or she gets away, i like her character and i dont want her to be killed off. i missed getting to see rick michonne and carl, there my favorite group i hope this next episode focuses on everyone eventhough ive liked seeing them all apart and learning new things about them i miss them as a whole. did anyone see the clip from next week on talking dead? what ya think thats gonna be all about?

    • omar says:

      On that clip you can see Lizzie playing with a zombie in the backyard. She needs helps. Crazy girl.

      • jessie says:

        i thought that was lizzie but i wasn’t sure. i agree that girls insane, someone needs to do something with that kid now before its too late i know that sounds bad but that fruit cake is gonna end up killing someone i think she killed karen and david

        • justsaying says:

          do something with her? you mean, leave her crazy ass behind? cause. yes. they should do that. and anyone who has a problem with that? you wouldn’t survive the zombie apocalypse, either. we have the luxury in our society to have all these soft warm fuzzies for other human beings especially ones weaker than ourselves. this just wouldn’t exist in TWD world. Which is why it’s ridiculous for anyone to like izzie or beth. all they do is put real survivors in danger. “But Daryl, you said there was a dog!” Man i want to smack her. It’s not cause she was excited about seeing a dog. But she’s such a wide eyed naive liability that she does not have the luxury of being able to see a dog. you want to see a dog? be bad ass enough that you can actually help defend the place instead of playing the damsel in distress like it’s frigging 1950! she’s a spoiled idiotic brat and i hope they kill her character off sooner than later.

          • jessie says:

            yeah i meant they should leave lizzies ass behind or kill her and i know beth can be annoying and childish but she is still young and she brings daryl happiness and she is the only one who has and in my opinion i dont think she should die or anything just because she is a bit dumb in the apocalptic world, she’ll learn if she has time. i think she is good for daryl eventhough she could get someone killed that world still needs people like her who have hope and faith

          • jessie says:

            any child would put people in danger and they cant help that

          • AD says:

            Just saying, you sound so sad, your bias against Beth is making you delusional, what show are you watching? Not the one I’m watching.

      • Dani says:

        I saw that clip to but I don’t think it’s Lizzie. I think it’s Beth being tortured by who ever nabbed her. Darryl’s going to be tested by being surrounded by people who are the way he used to be but Beth’s feeling that there are still good people in the world is going to be tested too and I think she will get the worst of it. Hopefully, the arc will be that Darryl finds her and brings her back from that the way she helped him. Personally, I love these 2 together even more than Glen & Maggie. They need each other.

    • Mackenzie Benzie says:

      FOr the life of me I could not figure out who those lil girls were from the talking dead clip it may be Lizze or Mika or maybe whoever took Beth that person was dressing the walkers up in suits n burying them so maybe they still see them as human someone was cooking in the kitchen if Im not mistaken next week Cm Punk n Yvette Nicole Brown will be on talking dead I love when they come on they give alot of thought to the episodes senequa n lauren were so much fun to watch last night too

  21. TVMAN says:

    Great episode. So far loving past couple episodes compared to slower prison episodes. We havnt had this much character development since season 2, so I’m glad their balancing killing and dialog nicely. Also enjoy how this constant moving keeps things unpredictable, because prison/barn got tiring after spending large amount of time in them. Cannot wait for final episodes!!

  22. HarryDresden says:

    I really enjoyed the episode. I started to like Medic Bob as well. I personally never saw Daryl and Carol as a couple, just a very deep friendship. But as with Beth, I think it is all in tone with what the show is about: Being a survivor of the apocalypse. Be it Daryl and Beth or Bob and Sasha, these people just cling to each other because actual human contact is scarce when you have to run for your life all the time. It doesn’t have to be physical. That would be understandable too, but basically, it’s just about not being (Episode title).

  23. Mackenzie Benzie says:

    I liked the episode I enjoyed watching both groups Bob has grown on me n I like the bond he has with sasha n maggie loved beth playing the piano n Daryl relaxing in the coffin I think their relationship will be platonic she was giving him the inspiration he needed to not just give up on life I think she was kidnapped for sure she wouldnt leave Daryl like that I miss Richonne n Carl n it looks like they wont be in next weeks episode also sigh love Rick Michonne and Carl

  24. TJ says:

    she was abducted.

  25. Fido says:

    Wait, so the bit at the start was NOT a flash FORWARD with Bob telling the two he killed one woman because she asked him to which made you wonder if it was Maggie who asked him to kill her, no, it was a flash BACK to before Bob had even met any of the main people ?! I thought it was a FORWARD thing and thus was kinda confused thru most of the ep, doh!

    • HarryDresden says:

      Me too! Wasn’t Bob with the woodbury people who came over to the prison?

    • Lyn12 says:

      I don’t think it could have been a flash forward — don’t think Daryl’s going to magically rediscover a motorcycle that’s just like his trusty old ride. I think the reviewer has it right: It was a flashback showing that what Bob wants even more than booze is to escape being along.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      it was a flashback to when Bob was alone and Daryl found him and brought him to the prison.

  26. April says:

    Anyone have any clue when the whole “prison group” will reunite? I miss seeing them all together.

    • jessie says:

      i believe they are going to unite at terminus it seems to be where everyone is getting pointed to. we already know that carol tyreese and the girls are headed there and rick michonne and carl and now maggie sasha and bob and at the end of the episode glen saw the terminus sign and i assume he was still with abraham eugene and the girls so yeah i believe it will be terminus i just wonder how daryl and beth are gonna get out of their situations and find there way there

  27. wrstlgirl says:

    Daryl and Beth are so cute. I love him together. Whether or not they get together as a couple doesn’t matter to me. She really brings out he best of him and I want to see more. But uh ohhhh, poor Daryl is now running with a bad crowd again. Hopefully he’s just gonna go along with them until he can get away. Rick saw that guy and knows he’s bad news. He’s not gonna like seeing Daryl with them. I’m guessing they will all come face to face in the finale’ at Terminus. Seems pretty predictable to me.

  28. xK says:

    I didn’t really view the Daryl/Beth scenes as romantic, but I can see how they were interpreted that way. Daryl has always been a man of few words. He wasn’t silent on the “you’re the one making me believe in people again” issue because he is in love with her; he just doesn’t know how to put those warm fuzzy feelings into words. I think he genuinely cares about her, and she certainly is his entire world right now, but I don’t think it’s a romantic kind of thing.

  29. Lu says:

    Love love loved this episode. The Beth/Daryl scenes were beautiful and full of glorious tension but at the same time lightheartedness.

  30. Abby says:

    Are we sure Beth drove away and wasn’t taken? She’d have waited for Daryl otherwise, because the car was not surrounded by walkers. I mean, at no point leading up to that car driving off did these two have access to a car at all. Did I miss the part where they suddenly got one she could drive away in? I thought for sure she was taken by those same creeps that surrounded Daryl…

  31. wrstlgirl says:

    I think peeps are aging Daryl. Have they ever said how old he is? Yes, he’s much older than Beth but I don’t think he’s 20 plus years older. I don’t know if there will ever be anything more than a respectful friendship or big brother relationship between them but Daryl was actually happy in last night’s episode. Have we ever seen him happy. I mean come on, hand holding, piggyback rides, etc. He even got a dog!! And then BAM, it’s all taken away. What ever happens between them I’m enjoying the hell out of it. I enjoyed his banter with Carol in earlier episodes too. But I feel like they are taking her character down a different path, a dark path. To be honest, I’m not sure Beth or Carol will survive this season but I hope they do.

    • jessie says:

      i dont think daryl is meant to be as old as people say either i’d say like 32 or 33, and i loved seeing him happy for once and since beth gives him happiness then they should be together whether its as close friends or a couple daryl deserves to be happy, i just hope he finds her

  32. jessie says:

    i wonder if carol is gonna lose the girls in this upcoming episode it didnt look too good for mika and i didnt see anyone with baby judith when mika was trapped in the wire. if any of those kids die it should be lizzie, she’s a lil pshyco killer. i really enjoyed this weeks episode, i even started to like bob better and the fact he doesnt want anyone to be alone like he was. i feel sorry for maggie she is so torn up over losing glenn and i admire that she wont give up on finding him, i’d never give up finding someone i love either, and poor daryl he was dealing with what happened at the prison and was happy with beth then boom she gets taken and he ends up with the kinda people he had finally gotten away from since he got with this group and now he is gonna have them tryin to tell him what to do like merle did, i hope he gets away from them or kills em cause they are bad news. i wonder if by the finale they will all end up at terminus

  33. Relaax says:

    Beth had to of been kidnapped n it would of been very hard for her to run after getting her foot cought in the trap thats why daryl was giving her a piggy back ride they didnt have a car maybe the new charecter gareth took her he still hasnt made his apperance n theres only three eps left I hope they hurry up n get to terminus I cant really root for carol she let ed sexually n physically abuse sophia its up to the writers who daryl ends up with if he even ends up with anyone he comes across as asexual to me

    • Sophia B. says:

      Your asexual comment reminded me of a dream I had. I was watching TV in my dream and this news guy said if you have ever wondered why Daryl has never hooked up with a women on TWD it has been revealed that next season the character Daryl will come out of the closet to say he is gay. When I woke up, I thought could be. So reading your asexual comment made me laugh. It’s the hair, right?

    • MGB says:

      Relaax, about your asexual comment, I get the same vibe from Daryl as well! Yes, he is a caring person and has shown on more than one occasion that he feels deeply for people (such as his brother Merle, Carol, Sophia, and Hershel). But I just can’t see Daryl forming any sort of romantic relationship with ANYONE. Everyone is saying that he deserves to be happy and find love, but I don’t think that is what will make him happy in the end. Daryl is a very independent person and can survive on his own, but he finds peace in companionship with his group. Hand holding and piggyback rides aside, friendship is all that I can see happening for him and Beth.

  34. Relaax says:

    Plus she admitted to killing karen n david n if shes covering for someone thats dumb bcuz that person was left with the group to kill again if its lizzie thats even dumber cuz she didnt even want lizzie to call her mom n the group would not of killed lizze if she did the killings so when daryl finds out n still ends up with carol thats on him really missing michonne rick n carl

  35. Relaax says:

    Sophie b its something about daryl were I feel he is fantasied by men or women but meant to be by himself hes just eye candy for the viewers someone that no one will ever get his purpose is to serve as a sexual myth to all the forever unattainable fruit the broken rebel beth disappered n he shed no tears he was sad but it was back to business he was put back in the glass case do not open until u need a fantasy lol

    • Sophia B. says:

      I like Norman/Daryl he is in my top two pick, but he is not a fantasy for me. Jim Caviezal/ John from POI, now that is my fantasy. The way Daryl is is the way the writers want him to be, he don’t need no stinking woman. I hate to say this but it is Sophia, not Sophie…yuck.

  36. ivy says:

    does anybody else think its strange Maggie only cares about Glenn not her own sister
    beth annoys me but her a daryl kinda work in a very strange way

    • jessie says:

      yeah i thought that its strange especially that she never even mentions beth much less wanting to find out what happened to her. beth misses maggie it seems to me maggie should at least wonder about beth if she cared at all for her sister

  37. Walkr says:

    I think it makes more sense for Darryl to be with Beth than Carol in a post apocalyptic future because Beth can have children, Carol is a bit old for children. Beth also humanizes Darryl – he has had such a rough life and tends to be a loner… Beth restores his faith in humanity, which he really needs to make him alive, not just existing.

  38. Babybop says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to admit… I think Beth and Daryl together is icky. She just plays SO young.

  39. Walkr says:

    I think Beth is around 19, but she was raised by a very strict father and is naïve. She acts young and innocent, but I think she is adult. She is the human factor… if there is no hope why life, that is why Beth is important to them all. Someone has to remind them about unicorns and rainbows and drinking games. Life cannot be all zombies and callousness. Not if they want to build a society again.

  40. jessie says:

    i would like to know who took beth and what they are going to do to her she is so innocent and if they dont kill her they could seriously screw up who she is depending on what they do to her. we need characters like her full of faith and hope. plus if she dies who will be the groups radio once they are back together

  41. Jen says:

    There are not enough words in the English language to convey how much I hate the idea of a Darryl/ Beth pairing (Deth). All these people who are trying to justify a massive age difference by saying, well she’s 28 in real life, are driving me crazy! She is 18 on the show. He is way too old for her on this show period. She is very childish and child-like. A pairing between these two is sick! I have never liked Beth and Darryl is my favorite character so these past several episodes have been painful. (I do like the Darryl Carol pairing btw so I am totally biased, I admit it). Either way I have disliked Beth since day one. She is annoyed and boring. Please let her be gone next. I hope Darryl comes out of whatever spell he is under to go back to normal because this storyline is just weird.

    • jessie says:

      for a while i figured daryl and carol would get 2gether and i was cool with that i know he had some feelings for her but all that time they were together at the prison daryl never tried to get with carol, and after the prison was attacked daryl knew carol wasn’t there when it happened so if he cared about her enough he would’ve wanted to go find her but he never even mentioned a word about her. i think he started having feelings 4 beth at the beginning of this season and when they got seperated from the group and it was just daryl and beth i think those feelings grew. the way he looks at her is like he has fallen. she is a good person full of faith and hope and although she can be annoying and kinda naieve she seems good for him and i dont think she should die off that’d really hurt daryl and he dont need that. love his character he should be happy as possible he has been through enough

    • Sophia B. says:

      I agree with all.

  42. Fawn says:

    Daryl is definitely falling for Beth.He and Carol got along well, but he never gazed at Carol the way he does at Beth…..Let’s face it,if those walkers hadn’t shown up there’s a good chance they would have ended up in that coffin together. Daryl is now a man on a mission…He’s deeply upset that something has happened to her and he’s going to find Beth if it Kills him….we’ll have to keep watching to see how it unfolds…

    • jessie says:

      thank you fawn now i know someone else saw what i saw in the past couple episodes. daryl has definately fallen for beth and i feel thats a good thing i just hope he gets her back. im not all about who should be with who in twd but i think its great that in that world love cam still happen. i love twd and i like all the characters except 4 lizzie, hate that kid, bob is even growing on me and tyreese won me over when he saved and took care of judith. i was so glad to see daryl happy eventhough it didnt last long and hope he gets away from that bad group and back to beth. cant wait 4 next weeks show

  43. azu says:

    I find Rick to be sexy as hell. His long, lean body and his tight butt:] and I never notice butts before!! And his character is so full of understanding and humanity. He’s tough when he needs to be and harsh even though he doesn’t enjoy being that way. As per Daryl and Beth, if you remember the first episode of the season after Zack died they both hugged eachother. And kirkman said that if you pay attention to the first few episodes, you’ll get answers to some of the things that might happen later. So maybe the Beth pairing is something the writers had in mind?

  44. Walkr says:

    In a post apocalyptic period age does not matter. We are putting our ideals and life choices on the characters. We must remember where they are in time and space. There are not a lot of real people left, and I agree… I really liked Darryl and Carol – they were both so broken together and made a good pairing – very copacetic. The Cherokee rose thing about broke my heart! BUT Darryl never looked at Carol the way he looked at Beth in last night’s episode, plus he was smiling and laughing – something he and Carol would never have done together. I think that men and women will have to find love in strange places in a post apocalyptic world and we should remember not to put our values from this time and space in them in the show. Soon hopefully they will all hook up somewhere and Beth and Carol and Darryl will all be in one place and we can see. Beth was taken but hopefully it was to protect her not to kidnap her for alternative reasons. The mortician, I hope, is a good guy. I am basing this on the fact that he was humanizing the walkers by making them look like they used to and keeping his house clean. It could also be a woman, not a man… we just don’t know. I hate waiting all week for Sunday! ACK

  45. Walkr says:

    Can I ask a question about an old episode? What is the consensus of who was feeding the walkers the rats and who (I assume it is the same person) was cutting open the rabbit in the prison before the Governor invaded? Any ideas?

    • Sophia B. says:

      Some think it was Bob and some think it was Lizzy. We just might find out this coming Sunday. But with they way things are going it may not be until next season. Personally I think it is the little girl Lizzy. She loves the zombies, she treated them like they were still a live. And was very upset that the group at the fence killing zombies killed her favorite zombie, I think the it’s name was Nick. But I could be wrong.

      • jessie says:

        i believe it was lizzie feeding the walkers rats and she was definately the one cutting up animals just look at what that lil freak did to them poor bunnies. i hope next week we get to find out some more bout lizzie and carol and mika and i pray baby judith and lil mika survive it, they r so vulnerable but lizzie needs to go b4 she kills one of them. i also think lizzie killed karen and david and i cant wait to see how tyreese will react when he finds out what lizzie has done

        • wrstlgirl says:

          They didn’t have Judith survive the prison attack just so she would die later. She will survive, for now. I think Lizzie was feeding the zombies too.

        • Sophia B. says:

          I would like to think it is Lizzy but you never know about anything that has to do with TWD. It would be great if Carol was redeemed. If it is Lizzy I’m sure Carol may feel very guilty having taught her and the other children how to take care of themselves, but I don’t think Carol knew she was crazy until afterwards. Well that is if that is how it went down.

          • jessie says:

            i dont think that carol could kill anybody, she just doesnt seem that way but she has changed alot lately so it may be possicble but i hope she didnt. at least her teaching the kids about weapons saved tyrees who saved judith and the girls and got them out of there. one thing i have been wondering though is what happened to that lil girl that was with lizzie mika and judith it never showed her again. id like to see carol redeemed as well. i think when they all find each other on there way to or at terminus rick is going to be so overjoyed and greatful that judith is alive and carol and tyreese have been caring for her that he will forgive carol and never tell tyreese that carol killed karen.

          • jessie says:

            i also wanted to add that i think rick sent carol away to protect her from tyreese. i dont think was ever really angry with carol

          • Walkr says:

            I think also that Lizzy killed Tyreese’s girlfriend Karen and Carol covered for her to protect her. I think when it all shakes out that Lizzy was bad from all the trauma and Carol teaching her didn’t make a difference, she was already off in the head.

          • Sophia B. says:

            Yes, I think Lizzy was out of her little mind already. But you know how Carol is, she will feel that she helped her in some way, maybe in showing her how to kill better. If it goes like the comic (twin boys Ben & Billy) Lizzy will kill her sister Mika and then some one will kill Lizzy. In the comic Ben killed Billy then Carl killed Ben. I’m not saying that this what will happen but some are saying that Lizzy and Mika are the comic’s Ben and Billy. I just love Carol and I’m hoping that the writers will keep her on the show.

  46. jessie says:

    i am really excited to see how these next 3 episodes are gonna play out and whats gonna make the season finale so interesting that all twd fans cant wait for ssn 5 to begin

  47. Mikael says:

    Sometimes I don’t understand how some walkers are slow and others are super fast. The ones that came charging into the funeral home were basically running. I have a feeling that everyone is going to eventually end up at Terminus. I know “certain people” flip out when people say this, but I like Daryl and Beth’s relationship (romantic or not) and I hope they find each other soon. Oh and I hope Lizzy dies VERY soon. She is clearly a sociopath.

  48. DarkKittee says:

    Daryl and Beth….DISGUSTING!!!! He’s 43 and she isn’t old enough to buy a beer legally. The thought of a middleaged man crawling all over a kid who has never even been with a boy her own age is grotesque. YES SHE IS A KID!!!! She has led an intensely protected life with her father and they shouldn’t be having Daryl take advantage of that childish innocence. That will totally destroy the honorable man they’ve spent the entire show building up. That would make him a dirtbag perv taking advantage of a scared kid. That IS NOT Daryl. Begh is boring, annoying, useless with the personality of a banana and ghe WHINING!! She’s worse than Lori and Andrea combined. Why would you want Daryl to be with a mega-whiner?!! Good riddance o Bdth hopefully.

    • Sophia B. says:

      Well said. It is DISGUSTING!!!!

    • Walkr says:

      Sheesh… it is a TV show. This is not the correct forum to discus some issues so I won’t digress and go into sexual-type details… but if I was 18 I would be first in line for Darryl! I don’t care how hold he is or I was… so sexy! There are not that many real people left, they care for each other, and have a bond. Besides, maybe it is more of a brother/sister thing anyway.

      Carol appears older because of her attitude and grey hair. Darryl and Carol would become caretakers of everyone. It would be an interesting way for them to go. If Darryl and Beth come together they would be more of a family than mom and dad to everyone.

    • Jen says:


    • AD says:

      Ignorance of your cultural bias aside you are so sad, poor you, you don’t know this show or Daryl (and all the other characters) at all do you? You only know what you think you want to know and plus you sound ridiculous and just bitter.

  49. DarkKittee says:

    Carol IS NOT old enough go be his mother!!!! He is not in his twenties or thirties. Go back to season 2 when he is injured and hallucinating Merle. Merle told him, “I spent 40 years tryin’ to make a man out of you.” Season 5 will be filming soon so he is going to be 43. Carol is only a couple of years older. For cripes sake, people….they would have been in high school together had they lived in the same town!!!! I can’t believe there are still numnuts out there who think she is old enough to be his mother!!!!

    • Sophia B. says:

      Norman Reedus is 45 and Melissa McBride is 48, so it is not humanly possible for Carol to be Daryl’s mother. I did go on netflix and Merl did say he spent 40 years trying to make him a man. So even if he is not 45 on the show he is still in his 40’s. I was really shocked when I heard that one. Just WOW! I think it is all the people who do not want Carol and Daryl together on the show. I do want them together but I have accepted that that will not happen.

    • Jen says:

      I don’t remember that line but thank you so much for pointing it out! Wish everyone trying to justify this AWFUL pairing would read that!

    • AD says:

      Get off the age thing! Bringing up age differnce in the ZA that’s what’s stupid! Study world history and world culture for goodness sakes, you are completely ignorant if you believe it’s wrong for a good man and a good woman to fall in love regardless of age or circumstance. You people who hate Beth just because she’s lovable are just making yourself look like the insecure judgemental Biotches.

      And all the crazy deluded Carol/Daryl shippers that fantasized (not really on the show) a deep relationship between them, I’d hate to imagine what Norman and Melissa probably really think of you psychos.

      • Sophia B. says:

        On The Talking Dead, Melissa McBride said that Carol and Daryl do have a deep relationship. So who would no best if not the actress that plays Carol. Yes, I want them together, but I know that will not happen the writers of the show have other plans in mind.

  50. jessie says:

    sophia have you noticed in this weeks comments about the last episode that everyone is freaking out about daryl and beth possibly getting together. in the episode it did seem to me like they were starting to really care for each other and although it is a lil icky with the age differences but if thats how it ends up it wont be so bad not if they r happy together. i personally always thought it’d be daryl and carol but i dont think thats gonna happen and i also figured beth n carl would end up with each other later on but who knows. i love the show the characters all of it, i really get into it when i’m watchin its like i’m right there and not many shows do that for me. what do you think about all of this relationship stuff. also i’ve heard talk of a negan character and canibals what do you know about that?

  51. Sophia B. says:

    hehehehe. Thank you.

  52. jessie says:

    sophia since you know some things about what happens in the comics would you happen to know in the comic what happens to judith? i would hate to see that baby die, i’d love it if rick n carl get to find out she is alive and see her again

  53. Sophia B. says:

    Sorry, baby Judith died in the prison attack along with Lori. But you know that the show doesn’t follow the comic. Daryl and his brother are not even in the comic. So who knows what will happen with the show.

  54. jessie says:

    thanks for the info, i’m glad that there’s a daryl in this show because i sure like him he is my favorite male character

  55. Sophia B. says:

    You are welcome. If you have a questions just Google name of character and the walking dead comic, each character has a bio. But be careful you may find stuff you don’t want to know. But like I said before the show doesn’t all ways follow the show. Or Dale would not of died when he did or how he did. It’s nice to have a conversation on this site where people are not belittling one another.

  56. jessie says:

    ok, thanks im kinda new to all this stuff on the websites, im 30 yrs old and just learning about this stuff. lol. i’ve watched the show from the begining but i just started getting on these sites and i agree with you that its nice to just have a good conversastion without everyone belittling each other and arguing with one another. i’ve been reading alot of posts and people are just awful to each other. its nice to know there are good decent people on this site

  57. Sophia B. says:

    Feel free to start a conversation with me any time. I will help as much as I can.

  58. jessie says:

    thanks, later after i get done with all i have gotta do 4 my 3 kids maybe we can talk i’d like to get your opinion on some things about twd

  59. Sophia B. says:


  60. jessie says:

    sophia i just posted to you but for some reason its up above the comments where we were talking before