Revenge Midseason Premiere Recap: Rated Ex

Revenge Season 3Although there was a lotta talk about how much racier Revenge would be in its new 10/9c timeslot, the sexiest thing that happens in the primetime soap’s midseason premiere is Blackout Emily trying (and failing) to seduce Aiden.

Which is not to say that “Payback” is without its pleasures. Besides being treated to a catfight by candlelight and Victoria and Patrick engaging in some lethal mother/son bonding, we learn that not only is Conrad’s first wife, Stevie, a force to be reckoned with, she’s also… Well, you’ll see. Keep reading.

PHOTOSRevenge Sneak Peek: Patrick Has a Knockout Talk With Nolan

SON OF A… | Very quickly, we find out that Patrick burned down the art gallery so that he could bring in Jimmy as the contractor. And then? “I’m gonna kill him,” he tells a horrified Victoria. But before he can arrange an accident to dispatch his mother’s rapist, Jimmy blathers on a bit about regret… and suddenly, Patrick is thinking maybe he’s not so bad after all.

Thing is, he is so bad. He is absolutely so bad, a point driven home when he mistakes Victoria’s look of disgust for one of arousal and tells her that he understands why, as the wife of the former governor, she needs to be discreet.

Later, overhearing Victoria and Patrick arguing about him, Jimmy finally – finally! – figures out who they are. An argument ensues – what did you expect? Group hug? – Victoria walks away, Jimmy grabs her, Patrick grabs him, and next thing you know, Jimmy’s bleeding all over the floor. “Relax, honey,” Victoria purrs, using against a helpless Jimmy the very words he spoke to her as he forced himself upon her all those years ago.

Needless to say, by morning, Jimmy’s a goner. (The official cause of death: a fall from his ladder.) We didn’t do anything wrong, Victoria assures Patrick. “We’re victims of our world.” Yet, even though he originally planned to murder his father, he now wonders if he can get past this. Come again?

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THE MORE YOU KNOW | While Emily is relieved to find out from South Fork security footage that she didn’t actually shtup Conrad, she is shocked to discover that, during her blackout, she phoned her father-in-law’s attorney ex-wife to represent her in a divorce from Daniel that she doesn’t actually want. (This, it turns out, is why Stevie has come to the Hamptons.)

It gets worse. During another blackout, Emily “Hulks out” on Nolan and tries to pull off a Buffy/Spike love scene with Aiden, who is, as anyone would be, thoroughly confused. At least, the erstwhile Amanda is able to get it together – and keep it together – long enough to rescue her former fiancé when he’s abducted by Niko. (And really, since Blackout Emily is the one who made sure Niko found the evidence that proved he killed her father, it’s kinda the least she can do, right? On a semi-related note, doesn’t Niko set a gorgeous scene for a murder? Mood lighting and everything!)

By the hour’s end, Niko has left, Emily has reiterated her reasons for breaking up with Aiden and Nolan has suggested the last thing his gal pal wants to hear: Since the swelling in her brain isn’t causing her strange behavior and blackouts, she could just be – like her mother before her – going crazy.

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STEVIE NICKED | When not ruffling Margaux’s feathers at Voulez, Conrad tries to make amends to Stevie by giving her a document she immediately tosses in the trash. “I’m happy now,” she tells him. “Give that time,” he replies. “That always changes.”

And it seems bound to. After a coupla visits to the Stowaway – and Jack hinting at the havoc Conrad’s wreaked on his family – Stevie decides to stick around. Hmm… She even reads the papers her ex gave her and reveals their contents just as Conrad and Victoria are finalizing their divorce. Turns out, he bought Grayson Manor before his split from Stevie was finalized, and while she didn’t get much money in their settlement, she did get the property — meaning she, not Victoria, is the joint’s rightful owner! (And yes, her first order of business is to kick the queen bee out.)

Next, Stevie returns yet again to the Stowaway and asks Jack to tell her everything Conrad did to him. That’s sorta none of your business, the barkeep says. It’s totally my business, she responds. “I’m your mother.” Didn’t see that coming!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that Stevie is Jack’s mother? Hit the comments!

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  1. Quang says:

    “Didn’t see that coming!”

    Really? I thought it was the most obvious twist in the world. From their very first scene together, I was crossing my fingers hoping she wouldn’t turn out to be his mother. Given that Sunil seems to be aware of the soapiness of the amnesia storyline, I think this could also turn out to be a fake-out.

  2. Agustin says:

    I think I am expecting too much from Revenge. Even though it was a good episode, these extended hiatuses so often throw me off!

    This has been my favorite drama, but is getting way too complicated. Thank God the Initiative is gone.

  3. para says:

    I might missed two episodes here because why aiden hate emily!!
    Team Aidily all the way

  4. nate says:

    that ending was everything

  5. nikki says:

    How is Stevie Jack’s mom? Can anyone explain? Is Conrad Jack’s dad or is it Carl? Why would anyone have an affair with Carl? Is Stevie also Declan’s mother? And most importantly, what the hell are the writers smoking?

    • DMC says:

      I think that she was with Carl first, it didn’t work out, she left him for Conrad and that didn’t work out. What it doesn’t explain is how in all this time, Jack or Declan have never mentioned it? It also doesn’t explain why Charlotte and Daniel don’t seem to know about it? Even it was a long time ago, I feel like they would know.

    • Muffy says:

      Do TPTB not understand that she cannot be both Jack and Declan’s mom? She hardly cannot be Jack’s mom and Carl’s wife. The math is way off. Ugh.

  6. RP says:

    I saw it coming with the longing glances she was giving to jack. Sort of predictable. I’m concerned how this will play out. Do they take away jacks lineage? The relationship he valued with his father? With deacon? Do they make him Conrad’s son? God no! I can see how it would add drama and a real reason for jack to be back in the mix of it all but I don’t see it being worth it long haul. And the whole emily may have her mom crazy genes? Really? I feel like this whole episode has been a misstep. Makes me worry long term for the creativity of the show. Please don’t end up like season 2!!! Don’t kill characters off and ruin relationships. Season 2 was a huge misstep character wise. And killing deacon off really has hurt the show in a lot of ways. He had character connections and now some characters are floating aimlessly in his absence. I was a revenge fan from day 1. I stuck it out and watched and hulu’d episodes that were horrible and now and I’m starting to lose faith once again.

    • Julie says:

      It’s Declan. And while I was for Jack and Charlotte when he was killed off, I really don’t miss him otherwise. I wish they hadn’t actually killed Amanda off but I guess now that Jack knows Who Emily actually is, she doesn’t really need to be around anymore.

    • Lorilei says:

      I have to agree. I’ve defended Revenge, even at its worst, but I thought this episode was more a throw back to season 2 than season 1. I hope the writers get it together. The first half of the season was incredible!

    • bigdede says:

      The only character floating aimlessly is Charlotte. That character has no direction. One minute she hates her dad, her mom, Emily, etc. Ever since Declan died, there has been no reason for Charlotte to still be around. Yeah she’s Emily’s bio sister but she’s pointless now. Also if she is Jack’s mother, that means Jack and Daniel share a brother since Conrad and Stevie has a son. That’s who should be on this show. Conrad oldest son needs to come back and help him take over.

  7. Scott says:

    I kind of got the impression that something was up with Stevie when she kept inquiring about Jack’s dad Carl and how she used to visit the bar

  8. Alichat says:

    Ok, the moment I woke up in Conrad’s bed…..or thinking I was in Conrad’s bed…..I’d have Nolan slap a tracking chip on me or something. Seriously, it works for my dog. At least Nolan would be able to find her when she Hulk’s out.

    • bigdede says:

      When she Hulk’ed out on Nolan, all I could think of was that storyline from that show Heroes where the woman would have blackouts and turn crazy during her blackouts. This is the same exact storyline!!

  9. Justin says:

    So does this mean that Conrad is Jacks father?

    • Bella says:

      I get the impression that she was with Jack’s father first, but that’s just a guess. Do we know much about Jack’s Mum?

    • Cheryl says:

      It sounds like she was with Carl, hence, why she was always at the Stowaway. She would have no reason to hang out at the Stowaway if Conrad was the father.

      • cami says:

        TBH this might be like the scene where we were meant to think Emily slept with Conrad,and get the explanation in next ep. Victoria hints to Stevie’s inebration, Stevie mentions sidecars but now sticks to water. Maybe she had a drinking problem way back and hung out at the Stowaway? For Stevie to first have been with Carl and had Jack, then Conrad – who is Declan’s mom then?? And wouldn’t Emily having researched the Graysons extensively have known all about this?

    • abz says:

      I seriously hope not. That would just be stupid and annoying.

  10. What says:

    This show is dead. Between daylight savings time, airing after a new (more than likely low rated drama) instead of OUAT, no promotion in the last few weeks (not a single promo during the OSCARS), and months off, the show has no shot. I foresee an anemic demo rating tomorrow morning (below 1.0) and the show will be cancelled at the end of the season. My ONLY hope is that ABC tells the show runners that episode 22 will be a series finale, so they can plan and write accordingly. No clue what episode they are filming now but if they have 5 or more left to write, they could come up with a fine ending in time.

    • Scott says:

      I doubt they cancel the show as moving back an hour should improve the ratings and ABC head people are fans of the show. Nobody knows how Resurrection is going to end up doing, but I thought it was interesting enough to keep me watching

      • What says:

        You really think the ABC heads are fans of this show? If they were, they would have given it, Oh, I don’t know, a 10-second spot during one of the most watched award shows of the season last week. They aired about 10 commercials for Resurrection, promoted Scandal, Modern Family, The Goldbergs. You can always tell how a network feels about their current slate of shows by what they promote during high profile events. They don’t care about Revenge anymore. If Resurrection is a success (big IF) and if any other dramas (Black Box?) end up doing decently, they will cut Revenge. People like to say the show is close to syndication so it will be saved but how well do people really think this is going to do in syndication. Desperate Housewives failed miserably in syndication and that was way more high profile than this. Heck, even Greys Anatomy failed in syndication.

        • Scott says:

          the ratings have actually been pretty good for what an ABC show normally gets

        • Jerry says:

          Syndication itself will be able to cover the costs of 4th season I think. Doesn’t matter whether it is failed syndication or low profit syndication. Ugly Betty Chuck and Fringe didn’t do well in syndication either but that got them 4th seasons too. And even if Revenge does not do well in syndication, just the fact that it is closer to syndication than another show with similar ratings , means it has an edge over a show like Nashville.

        • Julie says:

          How do you figur that GA failed in syndication? You think if it was failing it wouldn’t be on every day for two hours straight? There’s a lot of shows Lifetime could air between 2 and 3pm but it has stuck with Grey’s. I highly doubt Revenge will be cancelled this season. I think this season has been much improved from S2. Is it better than the first season? No but it’s back on track since the horrible a inpatient storyline.

    • Jerry says:

      Unlikely to happen. ABC has stated that it wants the show to go on for seasons and ABC is unlikely to cancel it as Revenge is so close to syndication. I am hoping for good ratings as it has gone up against The Golden Globes and AFC championship, outperforming both lead-in and lead-out.

    • Someone says:

      Except there was a promo during the Oscars. And several during OUAT. And during OUATIW.

    • Muffy says:

      “Resurrection” ratings were red hot last night!

  11. Bella says:

    Must admit the ending surprised me. The only thing I didn’t love about the episode was Aiden & Emily not being back together :(

  12. Ashbash says:

    Stevie is Jack’s Mother!!!!! Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the ground. That was probably the first time I can ever say that a show literally made my jaw drop!

  13. jerrired says:

    I do think the twist was obvious. The minute she met Jack and looked at him, I called it. I liked it a lot though. We never heard anything about Jack’s mom. So I’m curious now to learn more about how this will work. I think it was implied she had an affair with Carl and Jack is the product of that. And I guess it works her being Jack’s mom, because Conrad was married to Victoria by the time Daniel was born. Jack and Daniel are close in age, so she could have started her affair with Carl after Conrad divorced her. However, I don’t think it’ll make sense if she’s Declan’s mom too. By the time Declan was born, Jack should have memories of a mom. So I’m guessing Declan and him were half brothers, and whoever raised Jack lied to him and told him she was his mom too. It’s nice Jack will have some other family. The show kind of killed off his dad, brother and wife.

    • I don’t think it was obvious… I gasped in genuine shock when she said that. I feel that people kind of expect that twist and turn in a soapy drama like Revenge.
      They will obviously explain how it is possible… however your theory does make some sense. I just feel that everyone is jumping to conclusions too quickly.
      I miss Season 1 Revenge, it was dramatic, crafty edgy and brilliant. The plot was lost with season 2 and then everyone got nervous because of the loss in viewers. They are trying to fill it with stories they want us to watch…

      They need to get back to basics. Emily is loosing the plot majorly…. Bringing her mother’s illness on top of loosing her uterus is just plain mean.

  14. Scott says:

    I prefer the idea of Stevie being Jack’s mother than them having an affair and going behind Margaux’s back

    • abz says:

      I really don’t like Margaux. I think they should just get rid of the character

      • The Real Amanda Clarke says:

        Not gonna happen, they’ve already announced that Karine Vanasse has been promoted to series regular for season four. Also, Margaux’s father will soon be entering the show (played by Olivier Martinez) and Madeleine Stowe commented in a radio interview recently that Margaux is going to become a lot more of a central character. Good news for me because I love Karine but she’s not being given much to do at the I hope they’ll beef the character up and give her some juicier material to work with.

  15. Anna says:

    I like the episode, especially the scenes involving Emily, Aiden, Nolan and Niko. Although I’m a big fan of Aiden, it felt good to have a throwback to S1 with Emily having only Nolan by her side. I am not sure where the writers are going with bringing Conrad’s ex on board as a foe and Margaux’s father soon as another Graysons’s nemesis. However, I’m gonna trust them on this as long as they resume Emily and Nolan’s takedowns. I almost forgot: props to the writing team for the twist about Emily’s mental health. That, I didn’t see coming. I’m slightly sad since I don’t feel the character deserves that on top of everything she had already gone through but at the same time, it makes the story juicier. Too bad Aiden thinks it’s just an excuse :-(

  16. abz says:

    I was definitely shocked by that ending. Decent episode overall. Maybe they’re planning on bringing Jennifer Jason Leigh back again.
    Margaux and Aiden seriously need to go for good. Don’t like them at all.

  17. TV Gord says:

    Why are so many people talking about syndication? When was the last time an hour-long drama off-network show been a success in syndication? The only ones I see are the ones that air on Saturdays and Sundays in the middle of the night.

    • What says:

      Exactly. That’s why syndication isn’t going to save this show. I can’t even imagine a network willing to buy it. Lifetime tried with Housewives and Greys and failed. They won’t try again. I doubt TNT/TBS/USA will bite- they are more into buying syndicated procedurals because they do better.

    • Jerry says:

      But the last time a season 3 show with 66 episodes got cancelled is Veronica Mars in 2006. Body of Proof and Happy Endings reached Season 3 but they did not have over 60 episodes, so please don’t bring them in as counterexamples. I think there are quite a few bubble shows in season 3 that got renewed due to syndication. To be honest, either way, Revenge on ratings alone is at the very least a bubble show, not a dead show. With syndication, it would be in the safe range I think.

  18. Deion says:

    Hello. Continuity nut here. Jack’s father did mention in season 1 that their mother ran off. But Jack and Declan must have some mother, in Season 2, Jack and Amanda ran off somewhere and Jack said that Carl was with his grandmother. I need backstory. I will need it quickly. Stevie pregnant in the Hamptons and Conrad not know? I don’t see it.

    • Lorilei says:

      Lots of questions that I hope get explained. Jack is about 3 years older than Emily and Daniel is a year younger than Emily, so it was definitely a post Conrad hook-up. I thought that Conrad had a couple of kids with his first wife.

    • Ashley says:

      Yes, agreed! Baby Carl was with his grandmother, I had forgotten about that. And it’s not like Jack’s mom ran off as soon as she delivered him. Assuming he and Declan had the same mother, and she hasn’t had wild amounts of plastic surgery (which would be more soapy nonsense) then I’m pretty sure Jack would recognize his own mother. I hope this gets explained quickly.

      • Nosey says:

        So Fauxmily’s mother does not recognize her own daughter, Victoria does not recognize Fauxmily (also all the others in her live after her father was taken away), it is not shocking to me he does not recognize her, if no one recognizes Fauxmily. It truly amazes me how some are shocked Jack did not recognize Fauxmily or his mother, when I am actually shocked people who successfully framed David Clarke do not recognize his daughter.

  19. Merissa W. says:

    Yeah I totally saw the “mother twist” coming when Stevie was talking to Jack…kinda disappointed with this “blackout” development…first amnesia, now this? The show has always been a bit “soapy”, but now it’s getting to be a bit much…lets hope they up the ante a little bit in the next couple of eps and refocus to the titular “revenge”

  20. greysfan says:

    WTF? Are you kidding? I did not see that twist coming at all! WOW.

    • Robert says:

      I did not see that twist coming either! I do hope they explain next week how Conrad’s first wife is Jack’s mother. I figure Jack is older then Daniel and maybe Stevie was married to Carl first. Stevie could be a townie. Conrad could had pulled a Daniel and fell for a working class girl and convinced her to leave her husband and son.

  21. I’m sorry, but IMO this show is going off track AGAIN. There were a few plots I didn’t fully understand in the past episodes, because they were sloppy (how do you keep making someone believe they have a genetic disease? A degenerative disease would have been easier to handle. Genetics is no joke.) or total nonsense (emily playing the psycho part to go on with her plan; or her blackouts, just: why?) and so on. But I kept watching because I’ve loved this show since episode 1. But this episode was a total disappointment. I don’t like how they’re handling all the subplots, and this new Jack cliffhanger just doesn’t make sense. Hasn’t Jack been through enough? How are they gonna explain this?! More importantly, was this really necessary?!
    I think we all miss Revenge season 1, when every episode made you hold your breath for 40 minutes because of all the juicy twists and turns. Now all the episodes are slower and make me wonder if I’m watching “The Bold and The Beautiful” or Revenge.

  22. Jimmy says:

    I’m already tired of the blackout plot. Bring back strong, kick-ass Emily — that’s what made the show so much fun to watch. As for Stevie being Jack’s mom — yawn. That was straight out of a daytime soap plot.

  23. Katherine215 says:

    I’m sad to say the show is teetering on the edge of losing me. I’ve really enjoyed the show from day one, but this blackout/Emily’s-going-crazy storyline is awful. The thing I like best about Emily is how strong and kick ass she is. and now this? Come on, Revenge. I don’t mind the Jack storyline, as I’ve always liked him and it finally gives him something interesting to do other than hate the Graysons. But I can see there being continuity issues, as I think this was not the plan all along.

  24. Joe says:

    I always considerd Revenge as a “smart soap” it didn’t stoop to stupid storylines like blackouts or amnesia ,but it has changed, even though it’s much better than last year it’s no we’re as good as the first season

  25. Andrew Hass says:

    I thought it was a nice episode.As for Stevie been Jack’s mom i’m wondering if she was also Declan’s mother.If she is then i’m betting Stevie won’t be happy with Conrad’s role in her son’s death or that he was trying to kill one of her sons and the other died instead.However she could just be Jack’s mom and left him with Jack’s dad.Then Jack’s dad met Declan’s mom.As for Emily because of her amnesia and blackouts she could start to worry about becoming like her mom and that could cause her to speed up her plans for revenge when she still has time to do it.

  26. Daisy says:

    Just a tiny, tiny nit-pick. When two women fight (especially with swords involved) can we just call it a fight and not a “cat fight?” kthx

  27. Susan says:

    I am so done with Revenge! Waited all of this time to see if it would improve any before I made a decision to stop watching and what did they come back with after a long break? A filmed version of Days of Our Lives! Goodbye Revenge!

  28. jinx says:

    I don’t think anyone has address the issue with Emily not being able to have children. I think Victoria doctored the documents or paid someone to say that she could not have children.

  29. Lisa London says:

    Like a few people here, I am giving up on this show. The plot lines are becoming ridiculous: Emily has these blackouts and she doesn’t get Nolan to stay with her 24/7? Conrad’s ex-wife is Jack’s mom? Please. Victoria’s son kills someone (again!) and it’s supposed to be all right? This show used to be ‘soaptastic’ but now it’s gone off the rails due to terribly bad writing. See ya Revenge, it was nice knowing you.

  30. As unsurprisingly cliche as this show can be, I did NOT see that one coming LOL

  31. Lexy says:

    Good/bad/surprising/totally-saw-it-coming plot twist ending aside, I’d like to comment on how much Revenge has changed since the brilliant first season. I just so happened to watch an episode from the first season (one of the ones with the Tyler storyline) and I can’t help but miss the badass, revengy Emily and all her frequent takedowns. All the characters made sense, everyone got screen time, Emily wasn’t crazy. Feels like the writers don’t really know where to take the show, so they are just trying to milk loads of episodes on ridiculous, soapy storylines. I won’t be giving up just yet, I’ll finish this season at the very least.
    I just hope that they can get the show back on track by the end of S3, either with a major character death/permanent departure, or better yet, a Grayson takedown. Feels like there’s too much going on now with a wide array of useless characters. Sincerily hoping for a major shakedown, and soon.

    • Nosey says:

      S1 was flawless, every character had meaning. In season two, I was actually hoping others would find out her true identity on there own, like Tyler and Frank Stevens did in Season 1. That was what kept me watching to see how it would be handled. I think Mason and Jack finding out what have been better than her telling them. S2 was a different show, it did not pick up where S1 left off. Her mother trying to drown her storyline did not go anywhere, her foster brother storyline did not go anywhere, in S1 every subplot story went somewhere, timing of characters perfect, s2 just seemed like a totally different show.

  32. Nosey says:

    Before I saw the show I thought don’t tell me this is his mother, then as soon as Stevie asked Jack about his son, I said this must be his long lost mother. If she is Declan’s mom too, then they are make this show way too sad due to her timing. Maybe she will revenge on the Grayson. But the plus side is if Grayson manor is Stevie’s, then, Jack would inherit Grayson Manor.

  33. Bob F. says:

    How does Jack not know that his father & Conrad were married to the same person???

    That connection would have been in every news story when Declan was killed in Conrad’s explosion. Conrad is high profile, especially when he ran for govenor. My guess is another twist to this story will show up next week.

  34. N Michael says:

    What on earth were the writers thinking? This show has totally lost the plot! I actually loved season 1. The past two seasons have been horrible! Soap Opera much?! You can see the twists coming from a mile away, some characters don’t even know why they are around, the story is bland and the constant staring and glaring is getting tiring!! There is NO Revenge anymore!! Sigh! What a waste of a show that had so much potential!

  35. The plot line has become so lame – it’s laughable. I will not be watching this program any longer – too much inbreeding in the Hamptons – everyone is nuts!

  36. Ally Oop says:

    My theory is that Conrad was able to divorce Stevie, leaving her nothing in the divorce, because she was caught having an affair with Carl. After the affair, Stevie found out she was pregnant and Stevie left the baby with Carl. Carl got married and his wife raised Jack as her own.

    I’m wondering if the writers decided to change direction and decided to abandon the Conrad/Stevie son storyline in favour of making Jack Stevie’s kid.

  37. Mikael says:

    I find it hilarious that Patrick said he couldn’t get past murdering Jimmy, yet he did try to murder Conrad and came pretty close to electrocuting Jimmy in the first place. Bad writing. And I thought that Victoria got pregnant by her mother’s boyfriend? Was that Jimmy?