Exclusive Beauty and the Beast Winter Finale Sneak Peek: Cat. Gabe. Awkwardness!

There is mass carnage to prevent as The CW’s Beauty and the Beast serves up its winter finale Monday at 9/8c — but Catherine and Gabe should probably first address the elephant beast in the room, if only to stay focused.

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In the episode “About Last Night,” Cat & Co. endeavor to prevent Sam (guest star Tom Everett Scott) from destroying a large group of people, while possibly also gaining greater insight into his true agenda.

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In this exclusive clip, Cat and Gabe take stock of Rykers escapee Sam’s path of destruction — yet what Gabe recently witnessed between his lady love and her “ex” hangs a bit heavy in the air. The “worst” may be yet to come, however, seeing as VinCat are supposed to revisit a “special place” in this episode, prompting the pair to reconsider their feelings for one another.

Any predictions for the finale cliffie? Anyone but me think a Gabe scorned will grab himself some serum and revert to his beastly ways, to vanquish his rival once and for all?

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  1. monica says:

    Matt I too think Gabe will be out for revenge. I hope so because I like bad Gabe better.Cant wait to see what happens Monday.

    • Alichat says:

      Ever since his feelings for Cat were revealed to her, I figured they were going to go down the ‘rebeasting Gabe’ path. And all the jerkiness from him that has been rearing its head these last few episodes and the constant ‘he’s a beast, he’s a monster, he’ll never change’ arguments confirm it.

  2. Samson says:

    Thanks Matt & TVLine! So excited for Monday’s Beauty and the Beast episode! Ugh, enough Gabe CW! Wanted a VinCat clip. Cat & Vincent have explosive chemistry as seen by last episode when they couldn’t take their hands & lips off eachother. Hate Gabe – him & Cat don’t match. If they wanted to do a triangle get a hotter guy that KK has chemistry with to make it believable.

    Can’t want for About Last Night VinCat are soo going to be together again!

    • BB says:

      I hope they get rid of Gabe.I can’t stand him on the show anymore.Writers have pushed the love triangle too far,no chemistry at all between Catherine and Gabe.

      • Gabe is a creepy stalker that has been the one thing that ruined this season. He doesn’t work in any of the scenes he stole from JT, Tess and even Vincent…besides triangle can’t work in this show..which is about undying. Who believes that Cat would ever trust creepy Gabe again ..no less enter into a relationship with him…totally unbelievable

  3. Thanks for the sneak peak, Matt. I do think Gabe is the big bad and am sad that we are going to have to wait til May to find out for sure!

  4. Catherine just dump him he just wants to control you.Be with Vincent who truly makes you happy and the one you are so deeply in love with.Once Vincat reunite Gabe will be raging for revenge I am sure #BatB #BatBRoseCampaign

  5. Gilda Beck says:

    Os caminhos para VinCat estão se abrindo,e Gabe Beast ou não, ñ conseguira derrota-los

  6. Helena says:

    One of the most depressing chemistry-free pair ever seen on a Tv serie. As the show tries to push their relationship further and further, they become more and more ridiculous and boring . One of the reason why this season has been a total fiasco.

  7. Morgan says:

    My dream dialogue between Gabe and Vincent goes like this:

    Gabe: You’re a beast. You can’t control your actions and you’re no good for Katherine. I can offer her an actual life.
    Vincent: You keep throwing out the fact that I can’t control myself. If memory serves me right, you made the decision to let your girlfriend die instead of trying to save her. That was the man, not the beast. How does that make you the better guy?

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  9. angelaparaboschi says:

    i hate spring finale, #batb is a great show it’s no possible to wait May to know how ends and for renewal we want 3rd season Matt helps us. Batb is loved outside very much

  10. Dickens (@DickensHall) says:

    Hey Matt, I am with you hoping Gabe grabs some of the beast juice. I love Sendhil but prefer him a little more mysterious and on the edge if you know what I mean. This looks like a super fun episode. Thank you so much for all your support for this show.

  11. Sara says:

    I need BATB!!!! I want season 3,4,5,6…… I love this show and story! #Batb

  12. Adele says:

    Can’t wait to see this episode!! Season 2 has been an awesome roller coaster, the best ever!!! I love this show and want a season 3, otherwise I’m going to BEAST OUT if this show doesn’t get renewed. BATB deserves a season 3 without a doubt!!!

  13. Letizia says:

    I can not wait to see this episode!
    I hope Gabe stand aside is a character useless and uncomfortable as Tori and Alex.

  14. Arlene says:

    i can’t wait to see this episode! getting excited to know how it will goes with Cat n Vincent! Hopefully this time they get really back together and Cat realized that he really loves Vincent!! feel sorry for Gabe but he must just to move on and let Cat to her destined and loving Vincent!! hoping for Season 3 cause BatB deserved it!! its really a great show and we love it much!

  15. Anna says:


  16. Fuz says:

    Yeah will not take VinCat getting back together well, he’s to controlling and jealous

  17. Thanks Matt for your support of BATB. The spring finale looks to be “an on the edge of your seat” episode. I think Gabe is at the end of his tether. Don’t trust his motives and his pursuit of Catherine – he always seemed a bit shifty/shady to me. We have heard the cliffhanger is VinCat centric – I wonder if it will have something to do with her Cat’s power over beasts and her link to Rebecca Reynolds. Looking forward to episode 2:16

  18. Hmm says:

    I’m tired of listening to Gabe play his violin and act like the poor victim. He has done so much to both Vincent AND Catherine and nothing he says or does will make up for that. He says he’s better for Catherine because he’s human, but he can’t get out of his own way and is basically the reason Catherine will go back to Vincent. The more he presses the issue of VinCat, the more he reminds Catherine of her connection and feelings for Vincent. Gabe has singlehandedly destroyed his own relationship and will have nobody to blame but himself.

    And while we’re at it, shame on Tess for pushing Gabe towards Catherine, knowing damn well she still had unresolved feelings for Vincent. Whether or not Tess likes Vincent, Catherine is supposed to be her best friend. Trying to force another partner on Cat was not how to be a good friend. Plus, look at the damage that’s been done now.

    • BB says:

      Agreed!People need to remember how horrible Gabe was in season 1.That evil is still in there.Tess should not even try to push Catherine towards Gabe!

  19. LL624 says:

    Man, I wish this was a VinCat clip. It’s time to get rid of Gabe. Also, the winter finale was the episode when Cat shot Vincent. So I guess this is the spring finale.

  20. Jay says:

    Didn’t BATB already have a winter finale last December?

  21. Ugh! Mr GaGface! How Cat keeps going back to him is beyond me! I am so sick of him taking over my show! Yeah I’m hoping he gets Beastified again for sure ~ voluntarily or not I don’t care ~ just want him GONE ~ hopefully in a body bag so I don’t have to see him next season ~ TV Gods hear me now!!!

  22. i’m a italian beasties. The italian beasties want season 3 #BATB

  23. I really like #Batb I want S3

  24. Karen says:

    Sounds like this is going to be one hell of an episode! Such a shame we have to wait so long for the next one! We will keep roaring for a season three!

  25. Inger says:

    Maybe Catherine is afraid to admit her feelings for Vincent. She seems to have been “brainwashed” by Gabe.
    Surely the writers are putting us in the roller coaster and who knows where we´ll land.
    But Cat is not to be rekognized, I think. She used to be strong and independent. Hope to see more of that. And also more of her and Tess.
    More of JTnT too, in fact want to see more of everything.

  26. Astrid says:

    I cannot see any true chemistry going on between Cat & Gabe. It seems as if she just picked him to destract her from her true feelings for Vincent. Better take the smooth and boring Gabe than the attractive but unpredictable Vincent, but I doubt that she has got any deeper feelings for Gabe at all.
    That’s hardly fair to any of them, and Cat will not be her real self for as long as she keeps betraying herself by denying her true love. Thus, the classical dilemma between the head and the heart. Hope, she’ll recognize this soon enough and finally comes to her senses..

    Because I want my old #VinCat, Tess & JT #BATB team back in S3. Pleeeease!!!

  27. Sin Bella says:

    Thank you TV Line for the sneak peek.
    Gabe just needs to disappear now.
    Can’t wait for this episode, I’m sure you’ll be a wild roller coaster ride.
    Gosh how we do survive this very long hiatus….Its just depressing just thinking about.
    How is it possible to be addicted to a TV show like this? We can’t survive without our weekly #BATB fix!!

  28. Maryann says:

    Has everyone forgotten what a jerk was when he was still a beast, even when he was in human form? He acted quite the kidnapper / psychopath as I recall. How the writers could have CTherine forgive him and forget all that, much less be with him, is totally beyond me.

  29. Ashley says:

    Gabe and Cat have NO chemistry AT ALL. The chemistry b/t Cat & Vincent is OFF THE CHARTS!!!! Im excited to see Cat tell Gabe she loves Vincent then FINALLY see some VinCat lovin!

  30. maureen says:

    Thanks Matt-can’t wait for this episode. Hope it is satisfying and even though we know there is a huge VINCAT cliffhanger, at least if we go into it knowing they are somewhat together, it will be okay for me.. I guess what I cannot understand from a PR perspective is that the showrunner, etc knows that we are scrambling to improve ratings-especially this episode and we are still seeing Gabe front and center-he should be diminished to the back seat and an in your face VINCAT pic for us to hold on to and hope for!

  31. Türkan says:

    It was sooo sooo sooo good! Loved the episode, although Gabe is getting on my nerves! He had to break the good morning! I’m sure he turned Vincent in!!!!!

  32. Sasha says:

    Catherine should be with Gabe. Since he re-humanized, he is the better man. Vincent has been an unpredictable and selfish jerk the entire second season.

  33. Deb says:

    can’t wait for the next episode this week..glad batb will back in May… but why the break in programming? batb is a great series… keep it coming… really enjoying… season 3,4,5 & 6… look forward to it “every” week. thanks

  34. SL says:

    Still watching and hoping…
    I watched the show from the eighties on Netflix and that show made mistakes too by trying to go darker and attract more male viewers like female fandom wasn’t enough but they also lost the female lead. The current beauty and the beast show is making similar mistakes. I think Gave should still be secretly evil and have all the mythology and action and they could have addressed so many issues and questions this season and had great action and have cat and Vincent apart for different reasons. Instead they spent the majority of the season putting a wedge between them and then sort of moving on to all of sudden back towards each other. I just wished they did this season different and then could have had better stories. I am hoping they get a third season to rectify this season and improve on things and pay more attention to answering and asking questions then what they did with all this love triangle stuff. Please no more Vincent choosing a red head over Cat especially so easily after all the Cat has done. Please return Cat to her action independent confident yet vulnerable s elf . Please make J.T. not flip flop like Vincent with his advice and saying especially regarding his opinion on Vincent love life. The one character that I thought was consistent and also grew from last year was Tess…

  35. SL says:

    Also please make Gabe beast up again as he was much more entertaining and a good villain plus he was a better rival for Cat against Vincent as a beast who was also a D.A. and they should have had their fight more bloody last season….

  36. SL says:

    We know Vincent can sense Cat, but can Cat sense Vincent now because she kind of felt his pain when she shot him than the dream. Or is the dream of the past, premonition or Sam’s real agenda by creating a deadly female beast who looks like Cat. Will we learn more about cat and Vincent ancestry and the necklace and chain? There got to be a reason why Vincent survived all the beast stuff and can control things and doesn’t have most of the side effects of other beasts. I personally don’t like robo beast this season that is Vincent but liked Vincent when he feels and is a deadly beast but also is vulnerable and such like he needs to watch his adrenaline last year or risk beastly out…

  37. SL says:

    Please no more love triangle with anyone…
    If Vincent and cat need to be apart fine but do it by other means not love triangle or let them fight to be together through obstacles….
    There can be suspense without needing to resort to love triangles.. there are questions to be answered and things to be investigated and more questions to arise from season one and this season to create action, drama, suspense, romance etc…

  38. SL says:

    Interesting that neither corrected Vincent’s mentor regarding their relationship right away and after a pause it was Vincent not cat who corrected the assumption. I still like cat with Vincent even if he’s been an idiot almost all season.

  39. Mrs. Jimenez says:

    I think Gabe week more than likely resort to reverting, but what is up with all of these breaks? ABC just came back from a season finale….. What’s going on really???