American Idol Results Recap: Girls, Interrupted

_MB18201-2Wait a second: When exactly did Fox start airing episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Thursday nights?

OK, yeah, I know I just got done watching the American Idol Top 12 results telecast, but Harry Connick Jr. threw so much damn shade at “tastemaker”/”mentor” Randy Jackson, I momentarily mistook him for a giant oak, mmmkay?

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Seriously, though, as the newest member of Idol‘s judging panel was asked to defend his tough Wednesday-night critiques of Season 13’s Top 12 contestants, he made an important distinction: It’s not his job to be a mentor — although if he were, he’d be at the hotel every day ’til 5am helping these kids transform themselves into the superstars they’re supposed to be. If you read between the lines, you could hear the not-so-subtle question: “And what in the heck is Randy Jackson doing all day to lead the Idoloonie Nation to believe we could be on the precipice of one of Idol‘s worst seasons ever?”

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I dunno. When you think about the Dawg’s performance over the last 13 seasons, rehearsal feedback like “Go big or go home!” and “More! Sell it!” seems downright pointed and specific, no?

_MB17548Anyhow…let’s get back to the business at hand. We had Phillip Phillips doing a little dance and unveiling his rollicking new single “Raging Fire.” We had Randy introducing us to an Irish band whose angsty blandness had my hubby predicting they’d be a CW staple before the end of the TV season. And we had a second consecutive week featuring an all-female Bottom 3 — a trend that isn’t really all that troubling when you consider that none of the at-risk contestants this season could be accused of slaying it the night prior.

But let’s jump right to results, shall we?

Sent To Safety (in no particular order)
Ben Briley
Sam Woolf
Jessica Meuse
Dexter Roberts
Majesty Rose
Alex Preston
Caleb Johnson
C.J. Harris
Malaya Watson

Bottom 3 Vote-Getters
Emily Piriz
Jena Irene
M.K. Nobilette

Sent to Safety First
Jena Irene

Sent to Safety Second
M.K. Nobilette

Emily Piriz

Emily performed a rendition of Grace Potter’s “Stars” as her “Save Me” song, but unlike her Hollywood Week version, this one was not delivered at the piano — and underscored Emily’s problems with intonation when she’s not in full-on belting mode.

J.Lo tried her best to convince us she had a problem with the end result, but Harry made it clear: The “Save” was not in play, and Emily was out.

Next Week
The theme is “Soundtrack to our Lives,” with contestants covering hits from the movies. Thursday’s results show will feature performances by Harry Connick Jr. himself (with Randy Jackson on bass) and singer/songwriter Mali Music (even though it’s worth noting sensational Season 6 grad Melinda Doolittle has never been asked to return to the show that made her famous. Hrmmm).

A few other notes…

* The intro segment of the Top 12 contestants singing little bits of Phillip Phillips’ “Home” made me wonder if — somewhere behind the scenes — Idol’s powers that be are working on finding a song of similarly high quality for the Season 13 champ. And if that’s not the case, then WHY THE HELL NOT?

* I loved Jessica’s philosophical view of the judges’ brutal criticism of her “White Flag” cover: “The lightbulb wasn’t perfected in a day and Edison didn’t give up.”

* For those who didn’t like Harry’s subtle dig at Randy, remember the latter started it by suggesting the neophyte judge was being tough only because he had “a little indigestion.” Ugh.

* That said, when Harry says things like Season 13’s crop is the most talented since Season 1, it exposes that the New Orleans jazzman has zero grasp of Idol history. Sure, Kelly and Tamyra were great, but as a whole, the Season 1 finalists proved nowhere near the performance level of Seasons 8, 10, 7, 11, etc, etc, etc…

And with that, I turn it over to you…

What did you think of Season 13 Top 12 results night? Did the right contestant get the boot? If not, who should’ve been cut? And how did you feel seeing/hearing @Phillips back on the Idol stage? What about Kodaline? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kim R says:

    Although I enjoy the “Sue Heck-ness” of Malaya, I do not enjoy her tone when she goes for the big notes. It is a little screechy for me. I prefer Majesty’s voice by far. And does anyone else of a certain age ;) think Majesty looks like a young Mahalia Jackson? :)

  2. karenb says:

    Uh oh. Two Floridians sent home in a row. Watch out Sam-they could be coming for you next!

  3. Chris says:

    Jessica for the win of tag line of the night! Love it!
    “The lightbulb wasn’t perfected in a day and Edison didn’t give up.”

  4. HG says:

    There will always be those who want to rain on Phillip’s parade. But it can’t detract from the fact that he got a Standing Ovation from the judges – and Raging Fire is now #7 on ITunes and TWFTSOTM is now #40. It also can’t detract from the fact that Raging Fire has debuted at #50 on HAC in less than a week after it’s release!

  5. ChrissieK says:

    I haven’t read or looked at every single comment but am wondering why nothing has been said about how kind of loopy Phil was when Ryan chatted with him after that AWESOME performance (and I love watching the actions of his left leg!!) I couldn’t tell if PP was fooling around or what.
    And the outfit JLo had on last night and how she had to keep her hands on the sides of the top of her thighs because she just knew it was all gonna ride right up. Do they have to dress her like that? She looks like a tart, a street walker and there is no need for that.
    Other than the above? Carry on people, carry on.

  6. Name That Tune says:

    Can’t wait for them to cut results night to 30 minutes. I already catch the edited version online on Daily Motion. Takes about 3 minutes to get the information I want and I can return to my regularly scheduled programming.

  7. Doug Elm says:

    I don’t know what has happened this season but this is clearly the most unimpressive group in Idol history. Blame the judges for picking them? Did the producers actually direct the contestant picks looking for a younger vibe that they thought would boost falling ratings? If so, they missed the boat, big time. This group is absolutely dismal. There is not a single star in the bunch.
    Props for Harry calling out “mentor” Randy. I miss Simon’s honesty. I’m about ready to literally “pull the plug” on Idol this year.

  8. takatomon says:

    To me, it’s too early to deem worst or best season so far. I will admit that this Top 13 hasn’t exactly gotten off to a good start. Top 13 was fine but no breakouts and Top 12 was just…blah (and I can see why Harry went pretty critical). I do like that there will be some variety and won’t be the massive amount of ballads that were lingering of last season. I think J.Lo (shockingly) was correct in saying that they want a breakout performance.

    Still having high hopes for this season…

    • Simon says:

      THIS! All these contestants have potential to have great performances, just be patient. The first couple weeks were just for eliminating cannon fodder anyway.

  9. Ike says:

    I still cant believe how Austin Woolfe and Kenz Hall didnt make it over MK Malaya and KO. Big mistakes were made before the live shows began. Worst talent since season 9. Not even close to the talent in seasons 5 (still my favorite with Daughtry, Mcphee, Pickler, Yamin, most musically diverse finalist), season 10, or 11.

  10. James says:

    Never a good idea to say you have a boyfriend on Idol. You will lose a lot of votes that way.

  11. Joe Strummer says:

    When Harry said that this season’s crop is the most talented since season 1, I don’t think he meant that season 1’s crop was the most talented. I think he meant that this is the most talented group of kids since Idol began. I think you misunderstood him Michael.

  12. Mary says:

    Every year everyone goes “Worst season ever” but I think this a good group, who, except for a few haven’t done a big, big show. They need haircuts and get rid of the hats, but they are a group of good singers that need work. Definitely better than last year.

  13. Var says:

    Season 7 was the best: the two Davids, Brooke White, Carly Smithson, Michael Johns,and Jason Castro. What season matched this depth of talent?

    • Joe Strummer says:

      Season 8

    • Name This Tune says:

      Season 7 was Idol at its peak. 37 million viewers. It’s been on a decline since. It started the WGWG trend and Idol has never recovered from this.

      • Joe Strummer says:

        Except that Adam Lambert never played guitar.

        • Name That Tune says:

          Adam didn’t win his season. Kris Allen did. The cute white guy with the guitar and the blue eyes.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            And charming smile. And gorgeous wife. And voice that makes my day better. And now he has an adorable dog and baby.

          • tealeaves says:

            Does Kris Allen have blue eyes? Who knew. I think Scotty has blue eyes. I am not sure any of the other winners do. Maybe Kelly does?

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Kris actually has brown eyes. I have a picture of him that I bought at the Season 8 summer tour. I have one of Adam, too. Now there’s someone with gorgeous blue eyes.

        • tealeaves says:

          None of the wgwg complaints have ever applied to David Cook. He’s one of the most interesting contestants the show has ever had. He has crazy good vocals including being able to hit the high sustained notes that so many people go crazy over. He’s a dynamic and versatile performer. He was all over the Idol stage with great energy on some songs, and then could give another absolutely stunning vocal just standing at the mic. Cook pushed the envelope and took risks on the Idol stage as much as anyone else who has ever been on the show. He was one of the top ‘water cooler moment’ contestants of all 13 years of the show. He was not the “cute guy” his season. That was his cute teenage runner up, or Jason Castro, or Michael Johns. The wgwg complaints started years later. When he gets included, the term completely loses all meaning except, literally, that he is white, and a guy, and like many musical artists he plays guitar.

  14. Jim Welker says:

    Worst talent ever! Meuse and Alex were terrible! Meuse should have left! Phillip Phillips stinks! I never got the connection! Fantasia sounds like a screaming baby…terrible! Melinda Doolittle best Idol ever! My fab 4 from the start are still in it….Rose, Sam, Caleb, and MK! But my other 2 (6 total) were Briana Oakleg and Melanie Porras! Those 2 were better tgan these 12…by far! Porras left Hollywood without audition! She had best first audition of all! TERRIBLE TALENT!

  15. Jim Welker says:

    Sorry for 2 typos above! If Meuse or Alex wins, the show should be investigated…They truly stink and both are UG MUGS!

  16. SS says:

    Lol everyone on the AI Facebook page is saying P2 acted like he was on drugs… He was a lot more animated in the little interview piece shown before he sang and then afterward when he talked to Ryan than he ever was throughout his entire season! I didn’t really like him on his season, doesn’t anyone remember his rendition of “time of the season”? One of the worst idol performances ever! However I did like his song last night… I was really grabbed by the unusual instrumental arrangement right at the start even before he started singing. Then when he sang his voice matched the song so I actually really enjoyed it! I found myself curious and wondering though about what Harry thought of Phillip’s intonation, lol.

  17. Glenn says:

    Not sure anyone has mentioned this yet, but Mr. Slezak, we need your complete list of best idol seasons based on the contestants. I believe we can all agree that this season is ready to challenge seasons 12 and 9 as the worst.

  18. waterbug says:

    I can’t see anyone paying to see this bunch on tour…especially Dexter and CJ. But then, there were some who loved Lazaro, so who am I to guess to assume.

  19. Leticia Prado says:

    Couple of stuff:

    1. The concert that Philip Philips mentions in Brasil was Rock In Rio. I am from Brasil and I live here so I remember his show quite well, because it was aired live on TV and I have lo-o-o-ts of friends who don’t watch Idol and their first reaction was ” So… PP is Dave Mathews Next Generation?”, but by the end of the concert they were “it was better than I thought it would be, very energetic”.

    2. Isn´t it amazing how people react differently to music? Again, I am from Brasil and country music just doesn’t have space here. The first time I heard of Carrie Underwood was when Lauren Alaina did Flat on the Floor (first season I watched was 10). So, most part of the “laid back, real country” is just way over my head. I let the tv on, but usually do other stuff, because I cannot connect to it. And then the judges go “best performance / kudos / amazing” and I am “really? to me it felt so boring…” Plus, I pride myself on my comprehension of the English Language, but these guys’ enunciation makes me doubt myself.

    3. I am astounded by the judges not calling Jessica on the old favorite Who Are You As An Artist? I am happy about it too, because to me, people who allow different music styles to influence them have one definition: open-minded.

    4. Could someone explain to me the trending vote part?

    • Danny says:

      @Leticia- Welcome to our board. Unfortunately I can’t answer your trending question. It’s probably something to do with technology, and I’m not that tech savvy. It’s a real good question though, so if no one answers it for you, ya may want to repeat the question on Michael’s next blog. Get it in a little earlier though, because most of the responses are within a few hours of when the show airs.

  20. Lynn says:

    How is it that two attractive, pleasant-voiced contestants are sent packing while various shades of the strange and unusual (with a few exceptions who will probably wind up in the top 3 or 4) remain? No wonder AI’s ratings are in the toilet. There have been more train wrecks in the last two weeks than in the last two (maybe even three) seasons.Last year may have been the year of the boring ballad, but at least we had performers who could actually sing in tune. What I find completely ridiculous is two contestants who announced they were doing songs from their set lists and then managed two mediocre at best performances. Harry Connick Jr. lost all credibility with me when he said it was the best season since season 1.

    • tealeaves says:

      “How is it that two attractive, pleasant-voiced contestants are sent packing while various shades of the strange and unusual (with a few exceptions who will probably wind up in the top 3 or 4) remain? ”
      Because viewers vote on who should stay. Not a lot of people bother to vote for someone because they are attractive and pleasant-voiced. I don’t want to keep hearing the same bad song choices over and over from a contestant who has little to no chance of giving a great performance this year. Various shades of strange and unusual get votes! Of course they do! As long as they are not train wrecks. We want to hear more from them and look forward to what they might do next.

      • Lynn says:

        I don’t disagree that strange and unusual gets votes; however America doesn’t want to watch this type as evidenced by plummeting ratings. That was my point. Who was the last person who placed in top in top 3 wearing a backward cap, 70s retro clothing, high water pants or had streaks of color in their hair? And don’t say Adam Lambert because his performances were vocally spot on every single week, not one misstep. Singers with good vocal ability have been sent home (some without singing) and most of what we have now is one trick ponies with mildly interesting schticks. Season 8 had one of the best top 5 (the best in my opinion) and nobody wore weird clothes or their caps on backward, nobody made a big deal of their sexual preference. It’s all style over substance this year.

        • tealeaves says:

          I see what you are saying. But we are still early in the season. When we get to the top 5-7 we should have a good group. Majesty, Sam, and Caleb always have great vocals. Apparently Dexter does too, though he is the type of country singer that never grabs my attention. I see where people feel Jessica and Alex went off the rails this week, but it was not disastrous. I personally loved Jessica’s performance this week and I think Alex just needed to do something more interesting. Jena has great pipes and just needs to find another song she can really connect to.

  21. Lara says:

    Contestans are increasingly looking as a light-scared-mother-of-bambi-on-stage and it is so uncomfortable to watch. I don’t know what voice coaches or mentors are doing but their approach is not working. ALSO not working is Ryan interviewing them seconds before performing. As a singer I would guess you have to get “in the zone” right before singing. Imagine Haley Reinhart after enduring her piñata punching critique not having time to put herself together because she had to talk with Ryan instead. Pfuu… worst idea ever!!!

  22. katillac says:

    I must be the ONLY one who did not like Phillip Phillips’ performance. I thought he sounded off key, just like he always does when he performs live. And that new song sounded like a rip-off of Home…. just too similar to me, like they were trying to follow the same formula for it. Maybe I’ll like it better when I hear a studio version, but still, sounds too similar to Home.

  23. Jim Welker says:

    All are C rating except Rose, Sam, Caleb and MK which are B! MK is C Plus! My opinions! I would love to slap the 3 Stooges, Meuse, Alex and departed Briston! They are the Delusions…Awful!