The Tomorrow People Preview: Are Cara and John Over? -- Plus: Astrid Turns to Her New Friend

The Tomorrow People Season 1 SpoilersUltra is swarming The Tomorrow People‘s secret hideaway.

On this Wednesday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c), the enemy gets closer than ever to the superhumans’ underground digs, and it will fall upon dysfunctional former power couple John and Cara to protect their home.

But with their relationship in tatters — she kicked him out, and he didn’t come crawling back — that’s easier said than done. Plus: Is there competition for his affections from his new buddy Astrid?

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Below, executive producer Phil Klemmer previews this week’s “fantastic” hour, in which viewers will learn how the ex-lovebirds came together.

HERE COMES THE BIG BAD | Ultra will soon “know where [our heroes’] lair is, and they’ll be ready to invade,” reveals Klemmer. With their foes at their doorstep, the questions of “whether John and Cara can mend their personal relationship” and “whether they can actually protect this home that they founded” will become inextricably linked.

LOVE STORY IN REVERSE | John and Cara’s first meeting will be unveiled via flashbacks, and it’s “definitely not as romantic as you would expect,” teases Klemmer. “There’s a movie called Two for the Road, where you get to see the beginning of a relationship and the end of a relationship at the same time. It’s like that: You get to see the bitter end and the beginning.” Although John and Cara are going through a very rough patch right now, Klemmer adds, “Of course for that couple, if I said that there wasn’t the possibility of a future, I’d make a lot of fans unhappy. So there’s always hope for those two.”

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A NEW FRIENDSHIP | Unlikely pals John and Astrid will cross paths once again when she turns to him after being plagued by nightmares. But this time around, she’s in the supportive role. “It’s like the converse of the episode in which John saves Astrid’s life, when she’s targeted for death,” describes Klemmer. “Having been kicked out of the lair, she’ll return the favor by showing John what it’s like to live as a human.” As for the chemistry between the two characters, Klemmer is just as pleasantly surprised by their sweet interaction as viewers. “They were one of those pairings that we put in proximity, just experimentally, because we haven’t had them share scenes,” he says. “I know people always root for John and Cara, and they should, but there’s just a purity [to] the relationship that John and Astrid have. It’s such a relief to just see him smile and to see him get to experience human delight. And Astrid has lost a portion of her best friend. Stephen has so many other responsibilities, and she knows, even though she has feelings for Stephen, that his heart belongs to someone else. So there is this longing in Astrid, as well, and there should be some people rooting for Astrid and John.” Mission accomplished.

DEADLY INSTINCT | The fact that John can kill will become a big story point in Episode 17 (airing March 24), and someone will be after his special talent — but not in the way that you think. “John won’t be the only one seeking this so-called Annex Project,” hints Klemmer. “It’s something that one of our other characters is exploring for him or herself.”

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  1. Christine says:

    I’ve never rooted for John and Cara. I would love to see him and Astrid together! They would make a really sweet couple.

  2. I like John with Astrid, they have great chemistry together and i dont think Cara and John have look that good together he deserves beter..

  3. meah says:

    If the show gets S2,john should be the lead actor cos he’s way more interesting than stephen.yass at more John/astrid,their chemistry really surprised me..
    The writers should make cara more likable,am a girl so I really don’t like thrashing the few female characters on TV,but cara sucks!!They should write her in a better way,

    • Barb says:

      Part of the reason I stopped watching the show is because of the focus on Stephen. The leader (John is this case) was always the key person in the other versions of the show (e.g., UK and Australia).

    • Maryann says:

      I definitely prefer John to Stephen, and would prefer that the focus be on him as the lead character. I wish it could be something that the writers/showrunner would consider.

      As for Cara, she is going through a rough patch, but she is doing the best she can. I like her. But I do think she should be allowed to grow and learn in her abilities to lead.

    • Isobel says:

      Agree on both disliking Cara, and John being a more interesting character than Stephen, his backstory of working at Ultra and creating the tomorrow people hideout is way more interesting that Stephen’s more powerful than anyone else, totally safe from Jedikah really storyline

      • Gbemi says:

        Umm chill, it’s a tv programme and Jastrid rocks, your just being a hater, you are a Cara always hating on something good and age doesn’t matter if your in love

  4. Dmac says:

    Umm, the producers of this show keep forgetting that Astrid is in high school and John is on the far side of his 20’s… I am so sick of shippers dictating the relationships of shows this is just wrong.

    • Angelina says:

      Fan service at its worse! I hate it too. They are making John and Astrid a couple because many fans are rooting for them, even though John and Astrid don’t make any sense as a couple.

      • Eliza says:

        Agree. I have no interest in John & Astrid as a romantic couple. None. Zip. Zero. Hope it’s not forced just to please people.

  5. Angelina says:

    I don’t like John and Astrid. He’s at least 10 years older than her and they are from two different worlds and have nothing in common. I can see them as friends but not as a romantic couple. I also don’t see this chemistry everyone keeps banging on about. John and Cara were a great couple until TPTB ruined them.

    • Alichat says:

      I think it’s important to realize he didn’t say that they would make John and Astrid a romantic couple. Yes he said fans should root for Astrid and John, but he also said the same thing about John and Cara. I think he’s just trying to beef up the fandom. Everything he talked about, to me, sounded very much like the fostering of a close friendship. Needing someone to talk/vent with, someone to laugh with, experience things with, and missing your best friend. I hope they keep it in that zone. Just because they have good chemistry, doesn’t mean it should be romantic. I think it would be interesting to explore Stephen and Cara having to deal with someone else having their best friend’s ear and trust.

      • Angelina says:

        True that he didn’t mention any romance but I can guarantee you they will. Maybe not making them a proper couple but there will be some sort of romance between John and Astrid. They need to please the fans to keep the ratings up. There are some spoilers about the finale where Klemmer said that John and Astrid will have beautiful, heartbreaking bla bla bla moments. I doubt they would have made John and Astrid become close if that pizza scene in 109 hadn’t gotten such a big response from the shippers.

        I don’t ship any couple, I used to like John and Cara but the writers have ruined them as a couple. It just bothers me when the writers don’t stay true to the characters and the relationships between the characters just to please a certain group of the fans.

        • meah says:

          I get what u are saying about fan service,but the writers screwed this one up by themselves by making stephen and cara hookup thereby destroying the john/cara relationship.
          Most people didn’t like the stephen/cara stuff so the writers are now scrambling for which pairing the fans would like.And they actually got lucky with the john/astrid chemistry if not the show would not have had a couple that fans like
          So its not basically fan service alone,but the writers fault..

          • Angelina says:

            I see your point but take last night’s episode – John and Cara got back together and things are good between them right now. Stephen doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore and there is no point in ruining them yet again. If the writers still go ahead with John and Astrid (which I think they will) wouldn’t you say that that’s fan service then?

  6. Linda says:

    Stephen slept with Cara, so it is not far-fetched to think the writers may do the same with Astrid and John. BTW, I was not in favour of the Stephen-Cara pairing.

    • Dmac says:

      It was wrong when Cara slept with Stephan *shudder* and it is absolutely wrong if they go down tha road with Astrid and John. I am sick of the writers on this show forcing couples on us when they had John and Cara. I get this is a Julie Plec show and she thrives on triangles but this is too much. High School students shouldn’t sleep with 20 something’s period.

      • hallie says:

        I always find it funny when people go on that a pairing is a fan service because they don’t like a certain pairing the reality is that when the show started they wanted the john/cara/stephen triangle but unlike TVD nobody liked them. Cara is one of the most hated characters on the show and fans didn’t respond to cara/john at all. They throw astrid in and alot of fans responded which is why they changed gears. You say fan service but in reality people watch shows for two reasons action and pairings which is why tvd is one of the highest rated shows the cw has. I think if the show knew that cara/john or cara/stephen would have been such a miss with fans they probably would have not made stephen and astrid in high school. It seemed to work for tvd elana/damon elana high school student. Regardless the first this you should relise that if the writers had no intention of putting astrid with john romantically they wouldn’t keep putting them in scenes. They would just leave her in scene with stephen which means like it or not something will happen between the two but i doubt they will have them hookup the way cara/stephen did since that backfired on them.

        Funny thing is peyton list was the only actor i knew going into this show and i liked her but after seeing her as cara i stopped like her so much i think the show should have had more of a build up with her and stephen and delveloped the triangle a little more which is what there biggest mistake

  7. Angel says:

    John is 28 and Astrid is in high school… Too much of an age difference. It was weird enough when they had Cara and Stephen sleep together, since she’s at least mid-20s.

  8. Fran says:

    The fact that the producers think that people are rooting for John and Cara goes to show how out of touch they are with what viewers want. Putting so much emphasis around a love triangle involving Cara in the first few episodes is the reason they lost a lot of viewers. As for John and Astrid, I really like their friendship and given that they cast actors who look too old to be in high school, it’s hard for me to think of them as having that much of an age difference. Actually, the age difference seemed more apparent with Cara and Stephen, just because she tends to talk to him like he’s a child.

    • Dmac says:

      That is the whole point of this…people assuming they know what the viewers want when they are speaking for just themselves. Personally I like John and Cara together more so than Stephan. It pissed me off when he told her they were destined to be together, like she didn’t have a say in anything. At least when she is with John they work together like a team. I am sick of the Stephan The Chosen One storyline.

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  10. the TRUTH says:

    I prefer john/cara and stephen/astrid.
    I think stephen being d lead role is okay, but they might as well make both of them (john/stephen) a team filled with friendship and trust thereby reducing d emphasis on stephen alone

  11. Gbemi says:

    You people need to stop hating you don’t control the tv show they can do what they want with it I admit there is a massive age gap but come one you know they suit they are both sweet thoughtful kind and sensitive if you want to be a Cara be my guest but you don’t need to post it online

  12. anigurl says:

    actually even though Astrid and Stephen are in high school the actors have said that they are 18 which would make the possible pairings legal for the show. they just lack to say how old the characters actually are on the show so people get creeped out. but Robbie has said that Stephen is 18. I actually think they should have made them college kids. and I love astrid and john. they seem like a better pairing to me, but ur all entitled to ur opinion.

  13. Bridgette says:

    Hi! I love the show and I think that yes john and cara are awesome together but dude’s we can all see the chemistry btween cara and stephen…bye!

    • Jastrid x says:

      As much as I hate to admit it, there is chemistry between Cara and Stephen but this shows that Cara and John will never work EVER!

  14. Bridgette says:

    Wow the chemstry is just soooo nice between cara/stephen,and u know guys know how stephen said that astrid’s mind is “off limits” he just had to hear her say she’s in love with him which kinda made things awakward between the two…but i still would say I would like to see how thing’s turn out with astid/john mayb things r good on the other side ;) him not being just human like her

    • Jastrid x says:

      I agree I think that Astrid could help John see things from a human point of view and they suit each other so there.

  15. Jastrid x says:

    At first I rooted for John and Cara as a couple but she cheated on him, with Stephen of all people. Whereas Astrid has been nothing but kind to him and they would make a better couple. So get over jara and accept the fact that jastrid make a better couple

  16. Bridgette says:

    You guys are all saying that the Stephen/Cara thing is disgusting buit you do forget that John is not also that young u know :> did you think of that…besides if S/C have something no1 should stand in there way! I think thatAstrid should just back off more coz there’s trouble coming up her road…:p

  17. Jkay says:

    I wasn’t really surprised Astrid would have great chemistry with John (as well as Stephen) ‘cos I reckon she’s awesome. I love her character and I am hoping they develop it more so she is also ingrained in the plot – not just in a ‘oh, need to rescue her again’ way, but properly. I am not really a Cara fan, but maybe its just the way they’ve written her this season, who knows? I love the Jostrid angle, but I have a feeling it will be Stephen/Astrid (either friends or as a couple) endgame, and that’s fine by me too :)

  18. Bridgette says:

    I think that bcoz Stephen asked John to look after Astrid and he saved her life people have been wanting a relationship…it does not work like that DUH ;) i still vote for C/S they have something but she does not fit as a leader she’s like fire near to a gas tank. Put John back there

  19. John and Cara make are so sweet together and i hope they stay together and Astrid and John can just be friends. Cara and John all the way!!! :).

  20. Krissy says:

    I will die !! If astrid and john get togheter !!! I hate them !!!!!!! John and cara belong together

  21. Tasha says:

    ok I know that people may hate me for this but Cara and John have not been a solid couple for a while now. They love each other but that doesnt mean they should be together. They can be co-leaders and friends. Because they have grown and changed. I personally like John and Astrid and saw them chemistry from episode 9 when she was eyeing him & again in episode 15 when she got all rattled cuz he was shirtless. I honestly dont see the big deal with the age difference and furthermore the whole idea they are from different worlds thing is ridiculous. Stephen is her best friend n he has powers so unless they are going to end that friendship then she will be connected to TTP anyway. I could never see Stephan and Astrid together as a couple because they are more like siblings he is closer to her that he is to his own brother.

    My prediction is that if they get renewed Astrid and John will end up being friends because he will walk away so she can go live out the things on her bucket list. But as for the season finale, I read an article that says they are going to have a titanic moment so I kinda have a feeling one of them might die; Most likely Astrid. That would be a great way for John to totally hulk out and get his powers back and if stephan loses her and his father it will definately lead to him growing up. I hope they dont kill her though because these supernatural shows need at least one normal person to remind them of their humanity.

  22. lenah says:

    is TTP (as in The Tomorrow People) cancelled?

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  24. Brian Sotile says:

    Stephen definately tales Astrid for granted. She is his best match.