The Good Wife Mystery: New Promo Teases the 'Most Shocking Moment Ever'

OK, Good Wife, you’ve got our attention.

CBS has released a new promo ahead of the drama’s return this Sunday that touts a “three-episode event” that “will lead…. to The Good Wife‘s most shocking moment… EVER.”

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And I’m guessing they’re not referring to Cary and Kalinda doing the deed (as clearly depicted in the 30-second clip).

Press PLAY below and then hit the comments with your thoughts and theories!

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  1. Lucy says:

    Cary and Kalinda having sex ON SCREEN after only 5 years of teasing is quite shocking.

  2. Guy says:

    Vulture is reporting the season finale is March 30. Is that true!?

  3. EJ says:

    No, the “shocking” moment will probably appear at the end of the episode airiing on March 30th. There are at least five episodes airing after that. I’m thinking someone will die. I wish it was Alicia’s daughter Grace but that’s asking too much.

    • cindy says:

      Oh. no. I like Alicia children. And, though I’m old enough to be her grandmother (and I adore Peter’s crazy (not literally crazy — but quite a character and good opposite what’s his name whom I also adore, though I can’t at the moment remember his name–and I’d like to see him romantically involved with someone mom) –I think perhaps having the youngsters and their problems might bring in younger viewers. (I’m probably in the minority but the person I’d like to see gone is Will. I feel no chemistry between him and Alicia, though if he wants to hook up with someone else,o.k.–and he’s o.k. strictly as an attorney — but I have to leave the room when there are sex or romantic scenes with him and Alicia; I literally feel sick. OT: why do so few writers these days, of any show, know now how to write romance as opposed to sex? ( O.K. — apologies to the Good Wife writers who have created nice romantic scenes between (again I forget a name — Will’s partner and boss) — and her gun expert witness, and the scenes between Alicia and Peter are loving. And Kalinda and Cary’s relationship shows promise. Antd if Kalinda wants a lesbian relatonship, tha’s very aucourant, but a relationship can be loving without everybody “going all the way” (I’m showing my age” all the time :-)

      • guategal says:

        I’m a grandmother, too, Cindy. I just love the character role Will plays. I seldom see a more electric romantical connection than that between Will and Alicia of the Good Wife. Are you perhaps stuck in the mores of the 50’s we once lived through and thus can’t more past that Peter character?

        • Mario. says:

          I’m 35 and I like to believe that I am a bit far from being conservative, but I strongly agree with Cindy on this one. I just started watching the show from the very beginning (S1) this past weekend and I have never felt so distasted about an episode the way I was at the end of S2.
          Thank goodness for Eli Gold and Judge Abernathy getting me through S3. This has nothing to do with the mores of the 50s, and there is absolutely nothing electric about that connection… “IN MY OPINION”.

        • Will Gardener dies via a gunshot wound on 3/23/14. I can not believe it. He dies!!

    • woody says:

      Will gardener dies!! What!?

  4. When is Matthew Goode appearing on the Good Wife?

  5. kimpie says:

    Episode 16 airs on March 30th, and this is a 22 episode season. Stop spreading rumors.

    • abz says:

      I seriously hope they won’t be taking another long break after March 30th. This current break has already been way too long and this is must-see-night-of television for me. :)

  6. Babygate says:

    Eww, to Kalinda and Cary hooking up. They’re like cousins. He looks so much like a little boy scout that I can’t imagine him with someone as badass and intense as Kalinda. What happened to the hot cop she was hooking up with?

    • Dee says:

      You prefer the “hot cop” to Cary….so that explains a lot. And btw….Cary saved Kalinda from a shooting and was nearly killed by psycho Nick. He’s more than enough for Kalinda. I wish they would give Cary another love interest besides Kalinda. Someone with a future with him.

      • Lucy says:

        I also wish they would give Cary another love interest, that’s because I’m sure they won’t allow Kalinda and Cary to be more than a “dangerous liaison”. Cary and Kalinda are great together but those writers are stucked with that idea of love and passion like things doomed to be corrupted and screwed up for other things everytime. And after 5 seasons of personal and professional loneliness I wanted for Cary something else.

    • mc says:

      I agree Cary and Kalinda hooking up is EWWWW. They’re like cousins or siblings. But I don’t like the blonde cop either. They should have just kept Cary and Kalinda as good friends. Now every time I see them in a scene together I get a very negative reaction because the idea of them hooking up is very unappealing to me. They’ve ruined that friendship for me.

  7. stevie says:

    i hope they don’t kill off peter to get alicia & will back together or something like this. dealbreaker.

  8. Tom says:

    There has long been an inverse relationship between network hype and reality. The greater the hype, the less compelling the content. This promo has all the hallmarks of using a sensationalized, apocalyptic tone in an attempt to pump up viewership for an otherwise uninspired script. My guess, they’re going to throw Alicia in jail for some crazy reason. Of course, it will all be happily resolved by the second episode of the next season. I have to say I’m getting tired of these divisive plot twists to drum up ratings during a sweeps period. It makes me less inclined to watch. They’re not getting rid of the star of a successful show. Nor are they going to mess with a successful formula. So whatever happens over the next three episodes will be basically meaningless.

    • TV Gord says:

      This is just not true, especially with The Good Wife. When they say a shock is coming, it’s coming.

    • j says:

      Have you EVER watched this show? None of your comments make any sense. I specifically need to call out this one, though: “Nor are they going to mess with a successful formula,” because that’s EXACTLY what they did earlier this season when the central character left the main setting for the show. Seriously, get off the pipe.

    • abz says:

      Stop being so dramatic. This show keeps getting better and better each season. And they already messed with a successful formula like @j said during the past first half of this season.

    • xx says:

      No, the last episode they huge-hyped was “Hitting the Fan.” That refutes your claim that they wouldn’t “mess with a successful formula”-they broke the whole firm up! That’s insane! and the “inverse relationship between network hype and reality,” because that was the best TV ep I’ve seen in years.

  9. vera says:

    Cary and Kalinda onscreen sex is GROSS! They are like brother and sisters. I’m not looking forward to this episode. I liked them when they were friends, but the writers have ruined it for me. They should have just left them alone as just good friends. This is going too far.

    • Just saying says:

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure they are not like brother and sister, nor have these two ever “just” been friends. I honestly don’t understand this popular fandom expression. It’s like whenever someone doesn’t like a pairing (with obvious romantic undertones) they claim they’re like brother and sister. Um, no. I don’t understand why people can’t just say they don’t like the pairing or see the chemistry.

      • vera says:

        The brother and sister bit was implied by Robert and Michelle Kings a couple of years ago! Don’t blame the fans. The WRITERS themselves feel the same way. But for drama I guess they just had to have them have sex anyway.

        And yeah, I DON’T like the pairing as lovers. As just friends, yes.

      • abz says:

        I don’t recall the Kings saying that, but even so, I too don’t see the whole brother/sister comparison at all. Over the seasons, it’s been clear that there is some sort of sexual tension between the two that has built up over time and also it’s been obvious for quite some time that Cary really “likes” Kalinda and not just as a friend. There was also that thing a couple seasons ago where it was brought up about Cary’s preference for ethnic women during the time he was dating Dana Lodge.

        • Dee says:

          You got it totally correct. The sexual tension has been there all along. It was pointed out by the Director of some first season episodes. He could see what was happening on camera and suggested they take it further. Cary and Kalinda’s friendship has progressed ever since. They are totally believable together. But I would like to see their friendship continue but with Cary having a separate love interest in the long-term.

    • Dee says:

      What an absurd comment. Cary & Kalinda have great onscreen chemistry. Thinking they are like brother & sister is completely ridiculous.

      • vera says:

        The Kings themselves have mentioned in the past about their relationship having a brother and sister quality. It’s not ridiculous at all. They have good chemistry as friends. As lovers? It’s very unsettling.

        • Dee says:

          That was a long time ago. Relationships change and evolve. I do not want Cary & Kalinda in a long-term relationship. But them getting together is totally believable.

        • Lucy says:

          There’s nothing ridicolous about Cary and Kalinda like lovers. Kings said many things about Cary and Kalinda. They’ve always stated several times that they’re also sexually attracted to each other. And personally I’ve never felt any brother/sisters vibe from them.

  10. j says:

    I agree that it looks like it’ll be a death. They’ve never killed off a main character before. I’m guessing it’s either Peter or Will. I remember that they’ve had down-to-the-wire contract renewal drama with Josh Charles before… Just saying.

  11. Lucy says:

    Gross? Come on! Cary is the first decent person she had sex with. She had a lot of gross sex with people like Nick or Lana and the blonde cop who arrested her before to bedded her (that’s also gross). And “feelings” were never part of those relationships. Just sex. Now with Cary maybe we could be able to see something different but I fear those writers will just end up screwing up them for good.

    • vera says:

      It’s gross because they are better as friends. Nick was an entirely different kind of gross. Kalinda is way more appealing with women. Her chemistry with Lana was sizzling hot. Sophia and the cop were ok too.
      Kalinda is just using Cary. The Kings have made that pretty obvious.

    • Dee says:

      Agree with you about Cary & Kalinda. They have had great chemistry right from the start. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them hooking up. Just sex and friendship though. Cary sure deserves a serious relationship of his own.

  12. EJ says:

    Maybe Eli will take a bullet meant for Peter? Alan Cumming will be doing Cabaret on Broadway this spring, won’t he?

    • Lincoln says:

      True. I was kind of thinkinging this. Although, Cabaret will play in Manhattan (and he’s done the show before so he won’t need so much rehearsal time) and TGW shoots in Manhattan/Queens so I can see him doing both. He’s not an integral/main character on the show (unfortunately) so they can continue using him sparingly.

  13. thatgirlp says:

    Kalinda and Cary…yuck! She probably using him again to get over or find out some info. I lost all respect for K when they bought in that terrible husband storyline for her. Without a connection to Alicia, she’s not interesting. I’m inclined to not believe there will be anything really, REALLY shocking on the other end of the phone call for Alicia. It’s just how they are slicing up the preview for hype!

    • abz says:

      “Without a connection to Alicia, she’s not interesting.” –> lol this is just my opinion, but I think that is so untrue.
      I don’t get why so many people hated the husband storyline. Maybe it dragged out a little longer than it should have, but it wasn’t all that bad and it brought out the badass Kalinda that I always enjoyed watching. It was a portrayal of how destructive and unhealthy her marriage was and showed us somewhat part of what lead her to become who she currently was.

      • guategal says:

        I certainly disliked the husband story line due to that role paying for prostitutes and ???, due to his political “using” of his wife on the arm, due to his little time spent with the home front, and insisting that Alicia not continue her lawyer role., and being politically at the corruption wavering line. This and more is how Alicia character’s own personal and legal skills became stymied for too long a time.

        • abz says:

          I was referring to Kalinda’s husband storyline, not Alicia’s.

        • Mario. says:

          He paid 18 prostitutes. The “using” ?? You mean how she kept running back to prison to get tips on pitted/buried evidence, or how she wanted to keep her options open by not filing for divorce ? Spending time on the home front ? You mean Jackie ? Oh how I miss Don Corleone……

        • James Butler says:

          guategal, I can understand your dislike of a husband who strayed out of his marriage BUT there is nothing that Alicia has done to help him politically other than a few token appearances when he was campaigning. This man has gone from being a jailbird to Governor of Illinois and along the way has helped his wife succeed in her law practice while trying to reunite his family and set on the sideline while his wife is having an affair with her boss. Dislike his mistake but don’t overlook his successes. He spends time with his children and try to spend time with his wife. Let her divorce him if you like her with Will. Evidently that’s not what she wants.

  14. kate'shomesick says:

    I’d be happy if that was Kalinda and Cary…but are we sure about that…cause I can’t identify him in that second-snippet….

  15. barbara says:

    i wud rather see cary in bed with alicia kalinda a bit unsetteling. my guess will or peter will leave leave of course the way tv shows go they cud be too obvious

  16. thatgirlp says:

    Now that I think about it Alicia said that she and Diane will be getting closer in da second half of da season, so there must be a common cause or link…Will. Maybe something happens to Will. Sick or shot…

  17. Audrey says:

    My guess us that Diane will be joining Florrick/Agos as a partner – which would be awesome.

  18. EJ says:

    Michael J. Fox’ character must fit in here somewhere.

  19. Stacy says:

    If any show but GW was touting “the most shocking moment ever” I’d be rolling my eyes right now. Instead I’m twitching with anticipation. I’ve been waiting for the next big development since Hitting the Fan. Bring it on!

  20. Carol says:

    I want Alicia and Will to get together!

    • stevie says:

      oh god, i hope they don’t. i love florrick/agos, cary and alicia are awesome together. if this was a shonda show, alicia and will would be on/off and miserable all the time. diane would hire kurt as a contract killer to take out cary and kalinda would join some secret spy organisation with a weird acronym.

      • Walker says:

        So true!

      • guategal says:

        It seems to me Alicia and Will have been on/off earlier mainly due to the negative marriage scenario , because of the boss/office romance difficulties, and Alicia’s protection of children’s psyche determination.

  21. sara says:

    I hope whatever’s the shocking moment, it brings Alicia and Will closer.

  22. Alex says:

    I wish that was Alicia and Will instead of Cary and Kalinda in the promo.The creators are awful to Will/Alicia fans. We have been waiting since forever for a good scene between them.

    • abz says:

      Are you serious? What they have been currently doing with Alicia and Will is 100X better than if we were to just sit around and watch them be all lovey dovey with each other and sleeping together.

    • James Butler says:

      you Will/Alicia fans have had almost 4 season of that filth, it’s about time TGW spend some time with her husband and family and discard the “slut” image.

      • thatgirlp says:

        PLEASE, spare me with “good wife” image mess! Follow your heart Alicia and get with Will…THE MAN THAT YOU LOVE! Alicia has smokin hot sexy passion with Big Willy!

        • James Butler says:

          If Alicia wants to be with Will than she should DIVORCE her husband and sleep with whomever she wish but as long as she hangs on calling herself Mrs Florrick than her image as a slut remains.

          • Mario. says:

            Couldn’t have said it any, any better Mr. Butler ! I’m sick of this “clinging onto Peter” thing. Talk about independence…

  23. G_ashley23 says:

    the show is amazing, thank god this hiatus is over ! I’m loving the intense passion/hate/love between will and Alicia, cannot wait for it to explode between the two of them ! Hopefully it results in a good outcome, by that I mean – Alicia finally realises that she can’t keep running from Will, he is always going to be the one for her! I don’t hate Peter, but they have no spark between them. It is a marriage of convenience and that’s really it.

  24. Overthinking says:

    I wonder if this has to do with judge magnificient – or was this storyline dropped. I am still curious why he asked Alicia to go out for a drink.

  25. Maya says:

    Thats gotta be Cary with Kalinda, who else would Kalinda look at like that?

  26. GW says:

    The most shocking thing ever. Hmm, lets see, either Peter gets caught cheating again, Someone has proof of Alicia and Will in bed or it has something to do with Ely. I think it has something to do with Ely since his back was turned and/or Peter

    • James Butler says:

      Is there any fans out there who can see that Peter is the “good” guy in this equation. His mistake was in the 1st season and ever since the writers and fans are always hinting and/or hoping he does something wrong again. It’s not Peter that’s cheating,.his sins has past. Do you remember when Zack first reported he saw something he thought was wrong with the voting box? Will kept that information for just this kind of situation and I WISH his A– would go to jail but the show seems to favor the bad guys instead of the wood ones.

      • Mario. says:

        Absolutely :) I can’t stop fantasizing about Will receiving a package full of dead fish during one of his depositions ! Let your mind wander for a few seconds and enjoy the fantasy ;)

  27. moloch981 says:

    Cary & Kalinda together would be my dream come true. He seems to be the only one who truly cares for her well being, unlike that bunch of other male/female love interests from the past. She finally looks relaxed and confortable around him (she even smiles, hear hear!). Jenna the cop lady is no more than a stalker, following her around and interfering with Kalinda’s job (and she even thought she was being funny), pulling her over because K. doesn’t answer her calls… She needs to walk away into the sunset with her friend Damian and never come back.

  28. Ari says:

    Cary and Kalinda? No. Kalinda is better off dating just girls. Cary should have another love interest, probably Robyn. I don’t care as long as Cary and Kalinda stop. Just ew.

  29. So whoever doesn’t think Cary is “man” enough for Kalinda, just close your eyes during the scene and listen to him talk dirty to her with that sex on a stick voice. Ok?

  30. Carolyn says:

    Stop trying to guess the shocking event, and just enjoy watching the show! And by the way, the Country Music Awards are on April 6th, so no GW that night!

  31. David Thompson says:

    I guess peter will be written off the show just to have svu borrow the actor I guess?

    • James Butler says:

      The writers have just about written Peter out already. The only time he is mentioned is Negatively and continuely vilified and all the notices and posts about TGW depicts Alicia/Will together and Peter off to the side. I may be in the minority but I think our society has really gone to the dogs when a great many fans approve of a married woman sleeping with someone other then her spouse is acceptable. The title of the show is TGW and her choices for her relationship surely are not the ones a good wife would make.

  32. queerbec says:

    I had the sudden thought when Alicia got the supposedly shocking phone call, that it was something about Peter suddenly resigning as governor, caused by the threat that Will was going to be momentarily indicted. So who really sacrificed more for Alicia?

  33. Luis says:


  34. Sandy says:

    Good Wife a must see, not many good programs on TV these days.
    Questions remain on the ballot box issue, Peter being the father of Marilyn’s baby ?,
    and if Alicia and Will rekindle the romance ? Alicia is great, can’t read her at all when
    confronted by anything, in or out of court – I know it’s just the character but would be cool
    to be like that. Some of us wear our heart on our sleeve. Totally love this program and
    always leaves you hanging at the end of episodes and wondering what next ! This series
    was renewed for the next season, Yeah !

  35. Trebs says:

    They’re going to arrest Alicia

  36. dlferriola says:

    I have liked this season so far but I would like Will and Alicia to get back together and dump Peter. They chemistry is always there but they are dancing around it right now. Peter is probably going to jail again for voter fraud which he deserves since he gave Eli free rein with his election.

  37. thatgirlp says:

    Don’t be STUPID they are not killing Will, Josh Charles is directing the episode that they are currently shooting and HE is acting in it….DUH! Like episode 18 or 19!

  38. cher says:

    They killed Will. How could they do that…..

  39. janar says:

    Oh, my mistake, on the right side of the list at FutonCritic it says 22 episodes for season 5! So the season finale might not have been in the list because it might not have a projected date yet …