Nashville Recap: There's a Will, But There's Absolutely No Way

Nashville Season 2 RecapThe sheer volume of woes floating around Music City in this week’s Nashville could fill a Lucinda Williams box set.

To wit: Rayna has a hard time figuring out how to keep her label financially solvent. Deacon has a hard time being away from his lawyer girlfriend Megan, who in turn has a hard time staying faithful. Avery has a hard time with the idea that his girlfriend makes a ton more money than he does. And Will has… let’s call it a difficult time between the sheets with a laid-low Layla.

Read on as we review the major developments that take place in “Guilty Street.”

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IN OTHER NEWS, AVERY, THE SKY IS BLUE AND WATER IS WET | All the major mainstream labels want to sign Juliette, and their attempts to ply her take the form of fruit baskets and diamond earrings. Still, the country record companies are keeping their distance, which bothers Ms. Barnes.

Avery seems to suddenly realize that Juliette is a gazillionaire, and that knowledge galls him for the entire episode. (Dude, that jet of hers doesn’t run on rainbows and unicorn pellets, you know what I’m saying?) He makes a point of asking her out to dinner, but then gets nervous (when she orders a lot of fancy food) and angry (when she reassures him that she’ll pay the bill). Fortunately, Jeff’s there to distract both of them; when he sends a $10,000 bottle of Champagne to the table, Juliette takes great pleasure in shaking it up and popping it so it flows all over him and his date. “Enjoy every penny,” she snarks.

JEFF DOUBLES DOWN | But the Smirky Turtle won’t be denied, so he later shows up at Juliete’s house to offer her a pretty sweet deal: If she re-signs with Edgehill, he’ll not only publicly eat chicken-fried crow and help Nashville warm up to her again, he’ll throw in her own imprint and a $250,000 production contract for Avery. Juliette thinks it’s a great idea, but her enthusiasm cools when Avery reminds her (in Season-1-Avery insufferable fashion, I might add) that Jeff doesn’t respect her and never will.

At the last moment, Juliette decides to tear up the agreement – news that makes Avery happy. His opinion of her, she says, “matters a whole lot more” than anyone else’s. And while yes, I’m happy these two worked it out, I see Avery succumbing to the same affliction we’ve seen hit Gunnar and Deacon in the past: The now-I’m-awesome, now-I’m-not syndrome. I understand that people don’t always react the way we’d want them to, but I always find the big swings between devotion and d-baggery rather jarring. We don’t need guys like Deacon and Avery to be saints, Nashville, but they’d ring more realistic if their sins were more evenly distributed (or at least alluded to) throughout the season.

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IS HIGHWAY 65 ROADKILL? | When her fledgling label starts bouncing checks all over town, Rayna corners chief financial officer Tandy and yells a lot – then eventually kinda fires her after up-and-comers The Cadillac Three are scared away by H65’s bad financial buzz. Meanwhile, Scarlett and Liam continue to canoodle (and make a great song with “Come Find Me”) but get caught by an unamused Rayna.

Scarlett sees no problem with mixing business and hipster-shagging, citing Liam’s ability to bring out the best in her. “Yeah, he’s a great producer,” Rayna agrees flatly, Connie Britton reading the line as though Ray’s thinking, “He once ‘produced’ me five times in one night.” Later, the First Lady of Country Music has a message for the bearded one: Get outta town.

I get Rayna wanting to protect Scarlett as an artist, but her argument – that Deacon’s niece is “just a kid” – is irksome. Scarlett’s an adult, no? A naïve, fashion-challenged, gotta-be-taking-HGH-to-grow-that-hair adult, but an adult nonetheless… and perfectly capable of making the same terrible decisions about love that Rayna makes on a weekly basis. Regardless, Rayna fires Liam and orders him to dump Scarlett, which he does by ignoring her calls and taking off to Tokyo.

WHILE THE DEKE’S AWAY… | Deacon hits the road, playing some out-of-town bars where he repeatedly turns down booze and continually ices his sore wrist. When he calls Megan for a little comfort, she’s so engrossed in work that she barely hears and/or returns his “I love you.”

At an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Virginia, Deacon runs into Ruth, a back-up singer who toured with him and Rayna back in the day. (Side note: Please get me some of whatever Charlotte Ross is drinking/smearing on her skin/sacrificing to the gods, because that woman looks amazing. So natural and pretty.) They have a good time reminiscing over coffee, but he gently turns down her offer to bed at her place. He’s got someone at home, you see. Funny story…

Because at that moment, Megan and Teddy are answering the age-old question: If two characters we don’t really care about bump uglies in a car overlooking Nashville, do they make a sound? Sure, he’s distraught and drunk because he discovered Peggy faked the miscarriage. But you can’t convince me these two wouldn’t have found some reason to do this at some other time otherwise. And when Deke returns home, the lady lawyer pleads the fifth and holds her tongue about her pro-boner work.

THE OL’ COLLEGE TRY| Will’s career is doing well; his single is the most requested song on a local radio station, and he uses every public opportunity to help “girlfriend” Layla promote her struggling album. The singer turns one radio interview, in particular, into an opportunity to plug Layla hard. And that’s probably because he’s not (wait for it) plugging Layla hard.

Their awkward-looking romps in his bed might as well be accompanied by funeral dirges, a situation made even worse when she announces that before he swiftly de-Taylored her, she was planning on saving herself for marriage. She turns on the sex kitten act for a moment, asking what he likes, but because she’s probably not going to grow a beard and some other necessary equipment in the next few minutes, Will instead contents himself with reaching for the remote and turning on the television.

YOU KNEW THIS WAS COMING | At the end of the episode, Juliette visits Rayna at work with a question: “Do you respect me?” I had to laugh at Ray’s response: “In what context?” Let’s shorthand it: Ju needs a Nashville label, and Rayna needs a star. “I think I might be able to help you with that,” the redhead says. Careful what you wish for there, Rayna!

Now it’s your turn. Are you willing to put up with the fighting-band storyline if it means more great jams like the one Gunnar, Avery and Zoey sing in this episode? How long, do you think, before Deacon finds out about Megan’s hookup? And if he’s going to be around, can Luke sing a little more? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Riana says:

    I really felt bad for Layla. I don’t understand how she could crash so suddenly.

    • Emgee says:

      Because it just flat out happens sometimes. Remember a show called “Nashville Star”? The show brought us Miranda Lambert (a season 1 contestant) and Chris Young (winner of I think season 4), but beyond that, NEVER produced a star. And look at all the American Idol winners who’ve basically fallen by the wayside. Taylor Hicks, Kris Allen, Reuben Studdard.

    • Sharze Johnson says:

      I just have to say Nashville is one of my favorite series on TV.

  2. B says:

    The promo for next week looks so annoying. The show has been so good since Rayna and Juliet have learned to understand and have respect for one another. It looks like they’re going to be battling again with Juliet on the label, which really stinks because the characters have developed together so beautifully. Why go backward?

    • Shira says:

      I don’t think it’s a step backward at all. It’s not enemies or best friends. There can be a lot of in-between. Rayna and Juliette did gain respect for each other as members of the same community, but they’re not friends. It’s not because of a personal rivalry but simply because they are very different from each other. They have different views on life and certainly on the music business industry. Yes, they have common goals and they stand by each other when it’s needed but they can still annoy the hell of each other.

      I think it’s great they don’t just change on us the characters. It’s not realistic. Much more interesting to see how such different character can try to work together toward the same goal.

      When Deacon asked Avery to play with him the first time no one expected them to become best friends? Why do women are always supposed to be enemies or best friends? Rayna and Juliette are colleagues, and it’s just fine (and lots of fun in their case)

      • B says:

        See, I disagree. I think that they’re colleagues and friends. Juliet texted Rayna when Lamar died and did it because Juliet felt for Rayna. I think whether they like to admit it or not they are friends, but much like how I’m friends with past teachers I had. I know they’re not besties and I wouldn’t expect them to be. I just think that there’s too much mutual respect for one another for them to be acting in the promo for next week the same way they acted in the pilot. Just like I’d never expect Deacon to not like Avery like in the pilot. They’ve grown, for god’s sake.

        • Shira says:

          They have grown and it’s great, but they didn’t change who they are so it’s bound to cause conflict. Not to mention these are the 2 leading ladies of this show who are also the most stubborn ones. Juliette doesn’t handle authority well and Rayna has too much to lose to start to nurture her and put up with her crap.
          That conflict doesn’t erase the respect and the basic friendship but that’s life outside the workplace. Inside the workplace, they’ve got issues and it’ll be very interesting to see how they’ll handle it.
          Think that the fact they showed a part from the pilot doesn’t mean CatFight. What it means is that its been a long time since they we saw them together.
          Even when they toured together they had separate storylines most of the time, so it’s the first time the show fully explore the potential in this collaboration. I think that the combination between basic respect but also very different views on life is an exciting and interesting direction

    • Personally, I think the ABC promo monkeys are messing with us. I don’t believe Rayna and Julette are at each other’s throats again; I think the scenes next week were cut that way to make us think they will be. Not that this show is a bastion of logic, but they’ve been getting along so well I find it hard to believe that things would just go south that quickly, even with some of the questionable story choices the writers have made. If I’m wrong, well, you can say you told me so, but those scenes seemed yanked from a lot of different places, so that’s my prediction.

      And P.S. Writers, just get rid of Teddy and Megan already. PLEASE. I like both actors, but neither character adds anything to the story.

      • MA says:

        My guess is that they’ll have a fight about a musical direction or something, but will come to an understanding by the end of the episode.

      • Lorilei says:

        I agree with you. I think Rayna is talking about someone else when she rants about someone “ruining her label.”

  3. AlyssaG says:

    I really hope this Gunnar/Avery/Zoey band thing isn’t just a few episode arc. Their songs this week and last week are two of my favorites ever performed on the show. Tonight, for the first time watching the show, I thought to myself: I would totally buy their album. Hoping the band stays together!

    • Willowan says:

      I just see no chemistry with Rayna and Luke, their relationship is flat and forced to me. And I really cannot stand Megan, she and Deacon are the most boring couple, yet. And I thought Rayna and Teddy had that title!

    • Kelly says:

      I feel like they rushed the Gunnar and Zoey romance. Gunnar doesn’t even know Zoey’s dreams, and he loves her more than Scarlett. That one felt more forced than Rayna/Luke. Perhaps they don’t see each other much, but they live in the same world—they get each other. I think it makes sense.

    • the girl says:

      I like this band WAAYYY better than the band on Glee. For some reason (probably because at least Gunnar and Avery play instruments) this band makes way more sense (whose band needs five lead singers???) AND their music is awesome AND they sound amazing together.

  4. JJ says:

    Next week’s episode looked annoying to me too. At least give them a couple of weeks to work well together. Hopefully it’s a red herring promo and it’s just that we’re seeing things out of context.

    I cheered when Megan slept with Teddy, god I hope she’s gone soon. I love Deacon with Rayna but I even found myself rooting for him to sleep with Charlotte Ross in this episode. They have a lot more chemistry than he and Megan do. And I really don’t want to admit it, but Luke was real cute in this episode. Damn you show for making me kind of like him, it makes me feel like I’m cheating on Deacon and he’s had enough of that this week.

    • xomareen says:

      Could definitely see it as a red herring, especially considering how the Nashville promos pretty much always make things seem different from what they actually are. At least I hope so, I could see some clashing but don’t want the whole thing to immediately burn to the ground.

      • GeoDiva says:

        Agree that most of their promos are red herrings. We’ve all been waiting for Rayna and Juliette to really join forces. I hope the producers/writers at Nashville don’t disapoint us loyal viewers.

    • B says:

      I agree. Hoping for a red herring because that promo was not good whatsoever.

    • the girl says:

      Yeah I really was hoping he would get with Charlotte Ross. Their chemistry was lovely.

  5. SUSO says:

    Good episode, but does anyone else feel like this should have been episode six of the season, not eighteen (or whatever number we are on)?

    • JJ says:

      Yeah, the pacing of this season is all off. If there hadn’t been 10 filler episodes where barely anything happened this show probably wouldn’t be on the cancellation bubble.

  6. Carla Krae says:

    I like Luke. I liked Megan, until she cheated. Deacon’s finally in a healthy place and….argh. Will is going to have to confess. A young woman convinced she’s bad in bed….well, we saw what Buffy did with those thoughts back in the day. Not good for a girl’s confidence. Avery, I get. It’s natural for guys to chafe at being the kept boy for a much richer girlfriend or wife. He wants to be equals and take care of her, too. That’s sweet. I just hope they won’t keep arguing about it.

    • Willowan says:

      Deacon is trying to convince himself he’s happy, but, when he and Rayna are together, there is no denying the connection. I see no chemistry between he and Megan, and she is so incredibly boring. Besides, what do they have in common. They seem to have zero interest in each other’s careers.

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  9. Okay, let’s see if I can stop laughing at Kim’s recap long enough to get my thoughts together.
    Whatever little smidgeon of sympathy I may have had for Teddy is gone as soon as it was here. So, he cheated on Rayna with Peggy. (Whether they were on the outs or not, they were still together when Teddy slept with PeggyPorkBlood) So now he sleeps with his years long rivals girlfriend? Really? So again I ask, why is he still on the show? What little bit of usefulness is gone. He can go too.
    HolierThanThou Megan… oh my. There’s no excuse for this. NONE. Yes, I’ve always been in the camp that Megan and Deacon have 0 chemistry together. 0 0 0 0 0 0 However, I’m to believe that a grown woman doesn’t have control of herself enough to reign your hormones in to break it off with Deacon before you jump into bed with Teddy? How ridiculous. And then she went home and hopped into bed with Deacon. Totally done with this character. Done and done.
    What a lovely morning Luke and Rayna were having. Then they spent the day together and later cuddled into bed. Hmm… maybe while they were out they could have shopped somewhere for some chemistry? Again, there is none. And there is something about him that’s sending my “creepy” radar off. Maybe my love for Rayna/Deacon is making my radar malfunction… I don’t know. We’re really winding down this season (don’t they only have an order for 21 eps?) so some of these storylines need some wrapping up and soon. Having everyone tell the two of them (and of course, FORCE the point onto the audience) that it’s “So great to see them dating” and “How great they are together” is really making me want to change the channel. Their scenes either bore me to tears or make me want to take a shower because he’s CREEPY. And stop trying to FORCE me to love these two because I don’t. And I never will. Because you (the writers) gave me a taste of the pure MAGIC Deacon and Rayna have. I’m NOT going to accept or like them with anyone else. I’m just not. So don’t force feed these characters that Connie and Chip have ZERO chemistry with and try to tell me that I’m the weird one for NOT loving them.
    Juliette and Avery, I’m still enjoying these two. Yes, we saw shades of Season 1 Avery in this ep, but Juliette is the one impressing me. This is the most adult and giving we’ve ever seen her in a relationship. I seriously hope they don’t have Avery revert back to the clown he used to be.
    Leyla. Did her sudden “Woe is me” change give anyone else whiplash? Sorry child, you’ve already done too many nasty things. I’m done with you. Be gone.
    I really love Zoey, Avery and Gunner performing together. I hope we can move past these testosterone laced arguments and see these three break out. But… uh,,,,, wasn’t Avery and Juliette keeping it on the down low? Did Glen run around and blab so now everyone knows? Maybe I fell into a Rayna/Luke and Deacon/Megan induced nap and missed something.

    • Yes, Luke and Rayna are completely boring with no chemistry. They are not even trying to make us like them, the scenes are tame, but to me this is the whole point. This is Rayna wanting a very easy, unemotional relationship. Luke wants to be closer to her, but she is keeping her distance. With Deacon it was too complicated, too explosive, too much of everything and she is not ready for that again yet. But she will realize that that is what she really wants of course!

  10. Love me some Deacon! says:

    Loved seeing Juliette plant that bottle on Jeff’s table – and Avery’s reaction in the background. Perfect, all of it!

    When Luke was eyeing the portraits on the bedroom wall, I thought he was going to notice the difference in the girl’s faces and have a cow about Maddie being Deacon’s daughter. I can’t remember if he knows or not.

    I was ok with Avery getting a little bent out of shape about Gunnar taking over and being a little pushy about the band schedule, and also felt he was ok with the kept-man syndrome he was chafing at. He came out of it just fine. Juliette is really turning into a great person and I’m enjoying their relationship.

    Megan and Teddy – ewww. I liked how he got out of the car without a word. You have to wonder what they did say on the car ride back from ‘Inspiration Point’. And then Megan just jumped right back into bed with Deacon!! Dump her already – don’t let her do it to you.

    • JJ says:

      I thought the same thing about Luke and the paintings! I don’t think Rayna’s told him about Deacon being Maddie’s father. In fact, I don’t really think she shares much with Luke. Let’s be honest, she doesn’t really share much of anything with anyone but Deacon. She’s pretty emotionally closed off.

      • MA says:

        That’s what I thought too. I don’t think Luke knows, though I can’t swear to it. He doesn’t act like he knows. I also really liked how Deacon sidestepped both Maddie’s name and who her mother is when talking to Ruth. Rayna is a HUGE star, and they need to be careful who they tell. Both she and Maddie (and Deacon and Daphne) deserve as much discretion and privacy on this as is possible.

        • Winter says:

          I think very few people know about Maddie. In fact I’m pretty sure Daphne doesn’t even know.

          • MA says:

            Daphne knows. She and Maddie had a conversation about “I’m still your sister, right?” (Maddie said yes, of course.)

    • the girl says:

      I also don’t think this is a switcheroo on Avery’s character. He was a total d-bag all last season, so I was okay with seeing some of that sneak back out. Think about how he behaved when Scarlett got that songwriting deal; that’s why it’s realistic that he behaved the way he did to Juliette’s success and money. The man can’t be a saint, although I must admit, his behavior this season has erased a lot of that early hate I harbored for how he treated Scarlett.

      • Love me some Deacon! says:

        I couldn’t stand Avery last season! He truly was a d-bag, as you said. This year, I think he’s running a close second to Deacon in my tv-world affections! And he is super talented – I’d like to see someone notice hiim again as a musician or artist instead of just a producer.

  11. wrstlgirl says:

    Avery makes Juliette likable for me, I’m glad he didn’t fall into the money trap. Zoey, bleh, she’s just not necessary IMO. Teddy and Megan can join her in the scrap pile. Scarlett, I used to love you, please come home. Rayna is boring with ol’ what’s his name. Will and Layla, this is the most interesting story this show has going. Something really bad is gonna happen, we all know it :-)

  12. Ava says:

    Loved tonight’s episode!

  13. Luli101 says:

    Yes!! We need Luke singing, please! I really enjoyed the scenes with Deacon and Ruth. Really easy, fun, and genuine.

  14. MA says:

    Sure, technically Scarlett is an adult, legally and all that, but how old is she? 23…24? I’m 40 and would absolutely call her a kid. Rayna did the right thing.

  15. Winter says:

    Seriously I hate Teddy. What is his deal with Deacon’s women. First Rayna, then Maddie, and now the dumb lawyer chick. There is no way they will ever be able to have an even somewhat civil relationship after this and they share a daughter! Poor Maddie.

    • Ro says:

      “Seriously I hate Teddy. What is his deal with Deacon’s women.”

      His deal used to be called Sloppy Seconds. Funnily then Deke got his SS turn the next morning.
      Blech! Eric Close was once so cute years ago in Once and Again.
      Now he’s just a stiff-necked turd.

      Also: pro-boner!

  16. sladewilson says:

    Okay, here’s my hopes for future episodes: I hope Rayna walks in on Teddy and Megan and cold cocks the biatch right in her glass jaw and sees Teddy for the hater he truly is. You hate Deacon but here you are after another one of his loves, not the other way around, son. I hope Gunnar, Avery and Zoey become a real band and cut an album and get on Rayna’s label (imagine Avery and Co. opening for Jules and actually being her band once she takes the stage. So cool). Scarlett – stop whining. Please. And I like Luke which means I think we’re being set up because he’s WAY too chummy with Jeff. I smell set up.

    • Love me some Deacon! says:

      Glass jaw. heheheheh. ;) I still think Luke is going to end up being the owner of Edgehill and therefore Jeff’s boss.

  17. Honor says:

    Love me some Eric Close and he’s SO good at being bad. I don’t think Teddy has any real interest in Megan – I think he’s just using her to get back at Deacon. The look on his face as he walked away from the car….

  18. Allison says:

    Sadly, I missed the episode last night and since I don’t subscribe to any of the cable providers ABC offers for next day online viewing, I will not be able to watch the episode until not ever so I came here to read the recap. Can anyone tell me how Teddy found out Peggy faked the miscarriage? Please and thank you! :)

    Thanks for the recap, Kim! As always your recaps are hilarious, funny, and witty! I never grow tired of reading them.

    • Love me some Deacon! says:

      Teddy was cleaning out Peggy’s things and making sure the purses were empty. There was a pill bottle in one of them, presumably for a post-miscarriage med, and also presumably, the date must have been for before they were married. Later, he was drinking in his office witih a tear running down his face, whe Megan came in and he summarized that for her, then threw his wedding ring in his drink and went off with her to mope in her car overlooking the city of Nashville. Next thing you know, they’re touching pinkie fingers and next time we came back to them, they were naked in the back seat and it wasn’t a pleasant sight. ;) I mean, come on – it’s Teddy and Megan!

      If you missed this episode, then you also missed a close up of one of Luke’s eyes darting back and forth between the paintings in Rayna’s bedroom. And then more boring conversation between those two.

  19. Lisa says:

    I love this show… I was kind of disappointed in last night’s episode. I have been loving Avery and once again, like in season 1, I found him annoying. I didn’t like how he was acting with Zoey & Gunner either.. and the three of them together, just last week, made me so happy. I understand there has to be conflicts too… but it was too soon. Can’t stand Luke. At all. He is not appealing in any way. Deacon, on the other hand… lol. Love him. I have been so thrilled with the season so far, I hope last night was just an ‘ugh’ night for me and that I will be back in love with it again next week. ;)

  20. Ralph says:

    While I was watching the episode it was filled with audio comments that seemed like director comments. For example an early comment was “making pancakes”. Anyone lse get this

  21. Lisa says:

    Is Megan going to end up pregnant?

    • JJ says:

      I’ve been really worried about this, because that means they could end up dragging her storyline with Deacon out a whole additional season at least. If they’re going the super soapy route it would be the cliched thing to do. Megan gets pregnant and doesn’t tell Deacon it’s Teddy’s and in a reverse bit of irony Deacon ends up raising Teddy’s kid as his own with Megan, but that would mean that he and Rayna would never get back together, or at least not for another couple of seasons, which honestly would make me stop watching the show. I don’t think I could take another season of Christina Chang’s wooden expressions.

      • Judy Piette says:

        Loved last nights episode…singing at the Opary” ..but , I want to get on with the story line.’lets loose Luke, Teddy and may Megan never return. I am so bored with the commercial interruptions
        I record and then blot the buggers out so I can keep track of the story line. As for the story, I think Jeff and Cowboy will find a way to hit it off…like forever. I want Ray and Deacon to get back to business so we can get some energy flowing in the story. To many subplots for a really good show. Also, could Scarlett grow up and stop the mumbling…and the pills. please someone slap
        her. Did I say I love the show? I do.

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