Arrow Recap: Oliver and Slade's 'Ship Is Sunk

Arrow Recap The PromiseThis week on The CW’s Arrow, while Oliver labored to send a most uninvited guest home early, flashbacks to his island existence revealed the exact sequence of events that made Slade Wilson the veddy angry man he is today.

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Picking up where last week left off, Oliver is near-speechless — and privately seething — to see Slade not only alive and in Starling City, but in his own home, under the guise of a donor to Moira’s mayoral campaign. Throughout Slade’s stay, which gets extended when he coaxes Thea into offering a tour of the manse and its many antiquities, the guest deftly taunts Oliver with allusions to their shared, traumatic past — including the tragic death of Shado, whom Slade loved. At one point, Oliver goes for a kill (via ice pick), but his superstrong frenemy stops the attack in its tracks, rebuffing: “Not yet, kid.”

Oliver discreetly dials Felicity, who puts the overheard conversation on speakerphone for the rest of Team Arrow to hear — and Sara instantly recognizes Slade’s distinct voice, warning the others that this guy will kill Oliver and his entire family. Swinging into action, Sara and Roy casually “crash” the Queens’ gathering — the former trading knowing glares with Slade, the latter sharing a “particularly firm handshake” with Mr. Wilson. Oliver near-dares Slade, “So… what would you like to do now?,” and they agree to call it a night. Diggle is positioned outside with “the biggest gun” he’s got, ready to take a kill shot once Slade leaves — but before he can do so, one of Slade’s minions KO’s the would-be sniper. “Five years ago, I made you a promise…. Well, I’m here to fulfill it,” Slade warns Oliver before speeding off in a way-cool, gull-winged sports car.

But what gave birth to said nefarious “promise”?

In flashbacks — which fill most of the intense, hope-you-did-all-your-breathing-beforehand hour — Oliver, Slade and Sara set out to take the freighter commanded by Dr. Ivo (whom we later see share a sad radio conversation with his apparently addled, estranged wife Jessica). But first, they destroy — with Slade’s consent — the remaining Mirakuru, lest it fall into the wrong (or wronger) hands. They then use a bonfire to draw some of Ivo’s men to shore, where Oliver is promptly/purposefully captured. Once aboard the ship and shot up with “truth serum” by Ivo, Oliver “confesses” the location of his friends: They’re on the freighter.

As Ivo’s men scramble (and Sara/Slade parachute into the abandoned freighter deck), Oliver escapes and joins in the melee, where Slade — in the first-gen Deathstroke mask — makes mincemeat of a multitude while Sara frees the other prisoners (including the conspicuous Reverend Flynn and his pet rat Abraham…). When Oliver gets the drop on Ivo, he must decide whether to kill the not-so-good doctor in cold blood or risk that he’ll blab to Slade about the circumstances surrounding Shado’s death. Oops, too late — Slade was standing behind Ol the whole time. And now he’s quite cheesed off.

A wildly bobbing freighter allows Oliver escape, but just as he, Sara, the reverend and the Bratva prisoner are about to jump ship and return to the island, Slade pulls Oliver up and begins tossing him around like a rag doll. Oliver ends up locked in one of the cages, where he realizes that Slade pocketed the leftover Mirakuru, that the crate they burned was empty. The big guy’s plan for the “brother” who betrayed him? “You cannot die until you know complete despair,” Sade growls. “And you will. I promise.

As the hour closes, we see that Slade planted cameras all over the Queen home… which he’s monitoring with his one good eye and one quite empty socket.

Was “The Promise” everything you expected? Was it, perhaps, the ultimate episode of comic-book action brought to TV? And could Ivo be Felicity’s dad…?

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  1. Harry says:

    I don’t understand how this was meant to be such a game-changing episode when we already knew what the promise was, and could draw our own conclusions that the Shado/Sara scenario would set up why Slade wants to kill/punish/torture Oliver. It was such an unnecessary focus for a full episode. And does anyone else think that the “preacher boy” could be Felicity’s father?

    • Riana says:

      He was not that old. Brother, maybe, but Felicity is in her 20s.

    • Jlz says:

      They are pretty close in age, how could he be her father?

    • Alichat says:

      Have to agree about it not really being a game changer. It’s been apparent for weeks that Slade would find out about Shado’s death from Ivo. And with Felicity monitoring the house, I don’t understand how she didn’t read the signa suddenly coming from Oliver’s house once all those cameras came online. Or how Oliver could miss that Slade was bugging the house….as closely as he was watching him.

    • Tiana says:

      or the preacher boy is “Mouse” from the movement

  2. Robert says:

    Why do I have the dreadful feeling that Dr. Ivo and his wife are Felicity’s parents. In a earlier episode when Felicity was talking about her parents, her mother in particular, Felicity gave me the impression there was something wrong with her mother.

    • Alichat says:

      I had the same feeling after that phone call to his wife.

    • Amanda says:

      I had never thought about that. Wow, that would be crazy. Crazy good.

    • Jess Stratton says:

      Yes and also we know Felicity is jewish and Mirakuru was discovered right after WWII ended, so maybe Doctor Ivo found out about it doing research? Also Felicity has made a crack about the fact that she doesn’t like kangaroos, which could link her to the Australian intelligence that Slade worked for. Two completely *way* out there theories that may not be that way out there. :-)

    • kath says:

      Because if Ivo is Felicity’s father, then they could make that story all about Oliver and Sara too. That seems to be what they’re doing in the second half of the season, making everything about Oliver and Sara, and leaving the characters that I am interested in aside.

      At least Diggle gets his own episode next week. Hopefully with minimal time spent on the Oliver/Sara story.

  3. wonderwall says:

    I think that this episode was a great set up for the rest of the season! I agree that the plot moved a tad bit slowly, but it set a solid foundation for the episodes to come. I fully expect the upcoming episodes to move a lot faster now that we got the ‘orientation’ out of the way. However, I am a little bummed to see that people are hating on this episode because of the lack of Felicity scenes (I mean this show IS about more than one character)… Oh well, to each his own I guess! March 19th can’t come soon enough!

    • wonderwall says:

      Also, I’m 95% sure that Ivo is Felicity’s dad. The other 5% comes from the fact that when Felicity was describing her mother as, well, her /mother/, it made it sound like she was alive and well… Unlike how she was described in this episode. Maybe she’s cured of whatever she had?

      • Liz says:

        Agree now I’m leaning towards the Ivo being ms.smoaks father BUT I’m actually under the impression that if he was her dad felcity was the one who is sick NOT the mom. My crazy idea

        • tess says:

          I think it might be a red herring. If Ivo was Felicity’s dad, she or her mom would have been sick 5 years before, which would make Felicity as old as Sara on the island…which means she would have remembered her dad leaving a few years before that. She said her dad left when she was so young she could barely remember him, so unless whatever disease he was trying to cure takes over 10 years to advance, I don’t see how he could be the dad. Felicity would have been 5 or 6 at the oldest when her dad left for her not to be able to remember him (my first memories, I was 4).

        • janet says:

          It could easily be a Felicity’s sister who was sick or something…

      • kel says:

        Actually there was nothing Felicity said that meant something was wrong with her mother. If anything she sounded like her mother was in a very good place and health. Ivo isnt Felicity’s father either, his name is Anthony ivo not Anthony Smoak. And dont give me another ridiculous theory crap that its not his real name or whatever.

        Felicity fans are stretching, please just wait for the show to tell you the story.

        • wonderwall says:

          There’s nothing wrong in making theories, in fact, doing so makes me feel more excited for the next episode. I feel like Arrow writers were hinting that he probably IS the father, him or the priest guy. For arguments sake though, Felicity could’ve just kept her mother’s maiden name because her dad sorta did abandon her… Why would she WANT to keep his last name?

          • tess says:

            I’m pretty sure she retained her mom’s last name…her dad must have a completely different name. I’m confident they’re going to use her parents–one, or both–to tie her to the DC world.

  4. eddie says:

    i hope slade doesnt kill sara…… i think its coming. with all the mistakes that the executive producers made with developing the character of laurel, i think they believe that making her into the black canary will rectify all that and the only way they can do that is with the death of sara.

    • mary says:

      Well they are crazy if they think that. I haven’t seen anyone outside few Laurel fans who want her to replace Sara as Black Canary. I have no interest in watching stunt double doing all the action stuff when they have Caity doing all of it on her own. If they kill Sara, I’m done with the show.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Im not done with the show if they do, but im gonna have to lower my expectations a lot of im gonna be disappointed every episode. I think Katie got way more meat in the past episode or two and showed off some acting skills that im glad are there. The stuff with Laurel and Oliver fighting and Laurel realizing she needs AA etc.

        But its true, going from a actress like Caity who is fan loved, fantastic at the role, is the PERFECT Black Canary, and like Stephen her OBVIOUSLY doing all her own stunts and awesome moments like her doing the salmon ladder and fight training in the “cave”….that authenticity you cant get from a plain “actress”.

        It sure seems like they are setting up Slade to be the one who kills Sara to fulfill his promise of taking someone he loves away from Oliver so he feels what Slade felt…Laurel then finds out that Sara was Black Canary, and takes up her mantle as BC in order to get revenge or honor Sara. (A deeper theory, shes there when it happens and finds out that Sara is BC and that Oliver is the Arrow, everything clicks in her head, she takes up BC mantle and gets trained by Oliver).

        • James D says:

          Yup I agree with you I think that’s exactly how Laurel will become BC she’ll see it all go down and just click. while I agree it’s seems a waste to let Caity go, and I love her in the role, I think Katie shouldn’t be counted out yet i like to believe she will grow into the role and while she probably won’t do all her own stunts she will do a great deal of the physical stuff to make up for it. I guess I’m just optimistic.

          • sonic says:

            Katie Cassidy will never grow into the role, she isnt the role. You either the right casting or you arent, why does the show has to take the risk of casting someone with the hope they will grow into it instead of just going for the right person. Now they are going to let go of someone who was right for the role.

            They kill Caity Lotz/Sara and Im out, Im not gonna wait while Katie Cassidy destroys everything good that Caity did with the Black Canary role.

        • janet says:

          The part in this episode where Sarah scaled the Queen’s mansion was legit. The girl is a believable female superhero. I don’t feel the same way about Laurel. I really hope they keep Sarah because I really appreciate the talent and athleticism she brings to the show. One of the main themes for this series is realism, believability, and Sarah as BC strengthens that. The end scene is the foyer was great. Threatening looks being exchanged every-which way, Oliver was especially convincing in that scene. Great episode!

        • Claire says:

          I came on here to comment on your formatting! I am going to have to remember that dash thing in-between paragraphs — biggest pet peeve with this is that it doesn’t show PARAGRAPHS! LOL So thanks!

          But I will go ahead and comment on Sara. I said it down below, that I love her stunt capabilities and what she brings to the table as BC in that regard, but for me her acting is sub par — not thrilled with her delivery AT ALL. I don’t know what the show is going to do, but if they keep her, it should only be recurring as I feel she takes away from the story of Arrow and Team Arrow. I mean why keep Felicity and Diggle? It’s just too much for all the time. It is too top heavy and I really haven’t enjoyed the past few episodes as much as I have the those from the first part of the season. I enjoyed tonight’s due to the fact that Slade was fantastic!

          Loving this new formatting! Thanks! ;)

        • Mikael says:

          I’m actually hoping that Slade starts to think that Laurel is Oliver’s true love and kills her instead of Sara. Sara is just so good at being Canary! I still can’t get over that motorcycle scene from a few episodes ago!!! Felicity wasn’t originally supposed to have a such a huge part, but the fans loved her. Now she’s in it more than Laurel. I hope the same goes for Sara. Keep her and kill off Laurel. That way, Slade gets revenge on Oliver AND Sara.

    • Amanda says:

      I think you’re right, but it seems like the natural path for the show to follow. With Sara’s death, Laurel can rise as Black Canary. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sara and think she is a good character, but I think this kind of has to be her arc if they are going to keep Laurel.

  5. Cala Lilly says:

    Slade’s reason for wanting revenge is SO stupid! He and Shado weren’t even romantically involved! And it happened YEARS ago – LET IT GO!

    • M3rc Nate says:

      My issue is more so they had it happen wrong on screen. I mean he only knew her for what…a month or something? And for the majority of that time she and Oliver were obviously together, he only started falling for her in like the last week, she helped him when he was burnt…then she was killed.

      • Amanda says:

        I think he might have known her for about a year (I say this because Sara keeps saying that she spent a year with Ivo – so I’m thinking that’s also how long Oliver and Slade were on the island with Shado). Not that it means his vengence is legitimate, it seems far fetched yes, but I think he was in love with her for longer than a month.

      • Carla Krae says:

        it’s a little over a year.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        I asked Manu Bennett about just that — should the show have shown us more of Slade/Shado’s closeness? He explained that much of it was “a machination that was going on in Slade’s mind.”

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Thanks Matt! Yeah thats the answer i would expect, considering how crazy it is, he has to be in his head. It makes more sense now that i know it was a year…thats a long time to be on an island trying to survive. BUT…that just means its the shows fault for only showing a small amount of episodes and in them a small amount of screen time showing us them on the island for that year. (like you asked, they should have shown more OR they should have made it feel like its been a year for us the viewers).

          • Claire says:

            I am beginning to see a pattern here of having to get explanation of something that occurs on screen — they did this with Sara and Oliver, and I have yet to see anything on -screen that tells me they had this deep bond loving bond.

            I fully expected to see something the night before they stormed the freighter being that they themselves acknowledged they might not make it out alive. We got zip, zero, zilch. They stand in the same platonic camaraderie where they were prior to 2×13.

    • You’re telling a crazy person to let something go. Bad news: that just makes them angrier. I get the feeling Slade was sitting in a movie theatre flipping off the screen when Frozen’s famous song started playing.

    • Cool. says:

      Slade’s not right in the head because of the drug, and probably everything else he’s been through on that island. He’s a very, very, angry man, and that anger has centered on Oliver and Shado’s death was the trigger. It isn’t ONLY about her death though. That’s what Slade’s “I don’t care” responses were supposed to show when Oliver basically tried to reason as much with him on the freighter at the end of this episode.

      I’d have liked to see more of Slade pining for Shado before all this happened too, but I definitely buy it.

  6. aj says:

    If Ivo is Felicity’s Father… and Sarah and him had an affair… connect the dots here.. EW!

    • Jlz says:

      I’m trying to connect the dots but I’m getting nothing…

    • Claire says:

      I’m coming back to write more tomorrow, but I saw this and had to comment on the fact that ewwww, yes (seriously, what is with this show and these storylines? Sisters and now fathers?) but also having been with Ivo for a YEAR, would he not have mentioned his daughter (who would be the same age?). So my trust for Sara continues to decline — kill Ivo she says, and now just how much does she know about Ivo and fam?

    • thecatbastet says:

      They had a father/daughter vibe, there was nothing sexual at all in their scenes. Don’t know why people ignored that and just assumed bad guy = rapist. Ivo is a man of science, he doesn’t have time for base, irrelevant activities like rape.

  7. James D says:

    Good stuff. pretty intese not sure i would call it the best episode of the season but it certainly sets up some pretty epic possibilities for the last part of the season. I agree Ivo is probably Felicity’s dad it seems like the most logical explanation. For those of you who are Sara fans, which I am one, I’m sorry but it’s highly doubtful she will make it to season three. weather we like it or not Laural is destined to become BC and there is no chance Deathstroke will stop until Sara is gone we all saw the look he gave her. my guess is she will die saving Oliver and or Laurel.

  8. A says:

    Why didn’t they just reveal that Ivo is Felicity’s father? It makes it kind of anti-climatic going forward, unless it’s supposed to be misleading…

    • stella says:

      I think it’s misleading. I don’t see it. It would explain why he took Sara under his wing, though, if he had a daughter her age (Felicity and Sara are the same age, right?), but I don’t see what kind of disease he would have been trying to cure for 15 years…Felicity would have been 4 or 5 when he left for her not to remember him clearly, and she would have been about 20 when OIiver was on the island. It makes no sense for her to have been sick all that time, nor does it make sense for her to talk about her mother so negatively if it was her mother who was sick.

    • JC says:

      Maybe because he’s not her father? I’m not sure why everyone’s leaping to this conclusion – I didn’t see anything in this episode that would have led me to that assumption.

  9. Lea says:

    Amazing episode!!! Seriously, Deathstroke is freaking awesome!!

  10. Marc says:

    I know that Slade is a great villain and all, but I find his hatred and reasons for wanting to destroy Oliver taxing and stupid. He is seriously overreacting by blaming Oliver all these years and spending all this time and effort planning the demise of someone who he shared such a close friendship with because someone else spun this tale of how Oliver ‘chose’ Sara over Shado, a woman he loved from afar and more than likely didn’t return his feelings. I wonder/ hope that His plan of obliterating everyone close to Oliver is stemming from madness brought on by the effects of the mirakuru, if not I think his reasoning is just plain idiotic.

    • Brit says:

      I completely agree. Slade has clung on to this mission of revenge for so long that he is determined to see it through, even though he needs to just let it go. Ollie didn’t want Shado to die. It just happened because of an impossible position Ivo put him in. I fear Slade will kill Sara to get even with Ollie and then we’ll have to suffer through Laurel becoming Black Canary. Blarg! I mean in season 1 I was okay with Laurel, but then the execs introduced Sara and maybe they did too much of a good job with her casting and character development if they wanted her to be expendable for Laurel’s sake. I think we’re all too attached at this point to Sara/Caity as Black Canary to accept the idea of Laurel as Black Canary. And one last thought- it seems like Ivo is Felicity’s father, but could Robert be her father? Luke and Leia anyone? lol

      • JC says:

        Robert being her father would be beyond absurd, and would actually be a breaking point for me with this show. I don’t want her father to be anyone that we’ve met on the show to this point, whether that be Robert, Slade, or Ivo. I want Felicity to have her own story.

    • Isobel says:

      I think we saw from an earlier island scene that the mirikuru did effect Slade’s brain

    • DarkDefender says:

      It could be affecting his brain, but Ivo didn’t have to shoot either of them.. Blaming the death on Oliver’s “choice”.. Lame. I wish they would give us a better reason.

      Still this show is amazing.. And “The Promise” was as promised (no pun intended).. It was EPIC.

      • Rory Penland says:

        Why is everyone missing the fact that Slade is missing an eye now. He still had both eyes when he was taunting the crew of the ship in the finishing flashback scene. My guess, is Oliver is the one who took that eye (in a scene we haven’t seen yet) and THAT is another good reason to get his revenge on Ollie. Again — we haven’t seen the whole back story yet, folks. The last shot we saw is a pan in to the open eye socket hole in Slade’s face. There is a reason for that.

  11. Cala Lilly says:

    Marc, I completely agree! I don’t know how it was in the comics, but this is just STUPID and is seriously ruining my enjoyment!

  12. Luli says:

    Where and when did the theory of Ivo being Felicity’s father start?

    • thecatbastet says:

      People have been talking about that possibility since Ivo showed up, since producers and EBR had all mentioned that some family backstory was on the table for Felicity. Then it cycled through the Slade possibility, then Tockman, but the fandom was probably 70% betting on Ivo. He makes the most sense, looks like her, is a genius, etc.

  13. Melody Paris says:

    The island is interesting when in small bits, a whole episode meant no tension. We knew Slade would do nothing at the mansion, he has bigger plans. We already knew why he wants to hurt Oliver. This was just filling in the hows and whens. I bored.

  14. Pat says:

    Boy, Slade was always one step ahead of Oliver in this episode. I wonder how long this will continue and how will Oliver be able to catch up with him?

  15. Kevin says:

    Can anyone remind me how Slade ended up on the island?

  16. Kevin says:

    Slade meeting Oliver’s mother kinda reminds me of Jedekiah meeting Stephen’s mother in The Tomorrow People.

  17. TeamCharlieBrown says:

    I don’t know the story thats in the comics, just in the tv show but someone explain something to me please. From what I’ve seen on the show, Shado and Oli had a thing and feelings for each other. Shado didn’t feel the same towards Slade and his feelings for her were unrequited, yes? So when she dies, with him still loving her, he wants revenge?

    Is it solely the mirakiru at work here that gives Slade this incredible need for vengeance on Oliver? Because without that, all I imagine is Charlie Brown losing his mind and wanting blood-thirsty vengeance on Linus should he be around the little red haired girl if she were to die at the hands of a madman. Sorry for that example but unrequited love always makes me think of Charlie.

    I know something had to occur to cause this dire conflict between Oli and Slade and I know love is a powerful force but after what the 2 of them have been thru together on the island, this just feels kind of flimsy to me. Loved the episode though but this part of it has been nagging at me.

  18. Claire says:

    Last night’s Arrow was truly quite the cinematic production—all of that action on my television! Well done to the cast and crew for that gem. And James Bamford again pulls off some amazing stuff — where IS his EMMY? I am one who loves the action in a show, but I also like story to balance and while this managed to push the story forward, it seemed to end almost too abruptly — like there was something more to learn. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I have to wait until the 19th for the next installment. -_-

    I loved the feel of the tension throughout the episode. You had it in the house because Slade had finally revealed himself to Oliver in his family’s home, and then you had it back on the island anticipating the dissolution of a friendship. I think the island tension was far more palatable due to the fact that Slade and Oliver had this good friendship and brotherhood in arms camaraderie and it was all just going to fall apart.

    This is where my distrust of Sara continues to grow. I really liked her when she first made her appearance, but the trust has been crumbling over the past few episodes. The fact that she told Oliver not to tell Slade the truth does not sit well with me, and he BLINDLY went along with it even though HE is the one who had this friendship and shared history over the previous year. All of that dropped just like that! And then again last night at the fire, she again “whispers” in his ear that Oliver needs to kill Ivo in cold blood before he can spill the truth to Slade. Really? This is what their bond is? And again Oliver WAS going to do so, but thankfully did not. Now some would argue that Slade was unbalanced and he would have killed them in a rage, but the fact remains, we will NEVER KNOW that and instead are left with the impression that Sara is there telling Oliver to do things that DO have consequences. Is she a bad seed? I don’t think so, but I don’t think she makes the best choices, and is not the best of influences.

    Two stand out moments for me were Oliver missing the shot to light the fire with the arrow (because of a breeze), and the Russian sarcastically commenting on Oliver returning to “rescue them”. I have a feeling I am really going to like having this guy on the island. :)

    So, is Ivo really Felicity’s father? IF he is, will this give Slade a really good target in that she equates to taking out two in one blow? Revenge on Ivo (if he is still alive in present day) for killing Shado and revenge on Oliver for making the choice? Does Slade even know about her? o.O

    If the goal of this episode was to make me more sympathetic to Slade and Ivo, then it succeeded. LOL It’s interesting feeling sypathetic for the bad guys, but that’s what Arrow is really good at. Now if they could make me feel some sympathy for Oliver! LOL

    While this was a really good episode where Slade ruled to roost, I wish we had had just a tiny bit more closure on some of the MANY things that are hanging out there. But I will say that at least this episode focused on the Queen Mansion and the island ALONE. Last weeks episode was just ALL OVER THE PLACE and I hope that Suicide Squad doesn’t repeat that mistake — PLEASE! I think the Clock King was an excellent adversary for Felicity and I loved his portrayal, I just think they should have spent more time on it.

    Side notes:
    What’s up with the “Preacher”/mouse boy?

    And, I like Caity Lotz as BC, her parkour skills are top notch, but her line delivery falls flat. I’m not feeling it at all. I like action, but I also like story that delivers.

    Stephen Amell did a really good job of silently portraying a wealth of emotions that took place during the mansion lock down.

  19. stella says:

    I am in the minority here, but I feel like this episode was overhyped. I never liked the island flashback stuff, but I thought I’d have more information after this episode, and as far as I’m concerned, I learned nothing new that moves the plot forward or changes anything. I mean, I knew Slade would somehow find out about Shado and end up hating OIiver. I knew in present-day, he’d let Oliver know he was around…but nothing changed from last week beyond Oliver finding out that he was coming for revenge (and who didn’t see that coming at the end of the last episode?). Was the episode shot beautifully? Yeah, I guess. Were the action scenes good? Yep. Was it awesome that he called Felicity? It’s sad that’s my favorite part. I dislike Sara more and more every episode (I’m not a big fan of the acting…just the BC fighting stuff) because she was the one who convinced Oliver to lie to Slade in the first place…and that was just stupid. Oliver wanted to tell him, and should have told him. But that’s the thing with the Lance sisters: they bring unnecessary drama to the show.

    • Rick says:

      Him calling Felicity was cornily written. I know whenever I’ve been accidentally butt dialed when I’m around a group of people, I automatically decide to put the call on speaker phone so everyone can hear the call.
      I mean, I understand the gang all had to get there to back up Oliver but “oh look, Oli butt dialed me, lets all listen!” Weak.

      • tess says:

        I liked that he called her…I just hated how the rest of the scene unraveled after that. I wrote about it below: she should have tried to figure out WHY he called her instead of putting it on speaker. That was just stupid. If she had listened for awhile and he had given her a hint by referring to Slade by name, she would have gone, “OMG, did he just say Slade Wilson?” He called her cellphone…so for the plot to unravel the way it did, it would have depended on Sara hearing Slade’s voice…and that was just DUMB.

        • JC says:

          I don’t think it was her personal phone. Yes, I know it said Felicity on his screen, but I don’t think if it was really her personal phone she would have been all “Is anyone going to get that?” It seemed more like it was the Arrowcave line. And you can’t exactly put Secret Hideout in your contacts. ;)

          • grace says:

            I think it’s her phone. If you look at the picture, it’s the same pic that shows up when she calls him in an episode in Season 1. It doesn’t make sense, I agree, but he could have put something else there like “Verdant” or something like that.

          • JC says:

            Then why is she acting like someone else should have answered it?

    • Zathe says:

      LOL because Felicity doesnt bring her own drama.
      She is nothing but a leech all over Oliver so far, at least the lances have their own storylines from time to time.

      I wouldnt rate Emily bett’s acting high either

      • Allison says:

        EBR is only behind Susanna Thompson in the acting department.

        Lotz and Cassidy can’t carry drama to save their character’s lives. Lotz manages to excel at the action. If I had to choose I would pick Sara as Oliver’s sporadic back up. Laurel can take her disbarred career to a European cafe.

    • Allison says:

      I’m with you.

  20. Kat says:

    Could it be that the russian guy (friend of Oli) is Felicity’s father?

    • Kat says:

      I do hope that Slade is Felicitys father (because I’m a big optimist person and I like happy endings<<>>) but I hope he is and Oli and Slade will end this war. BTW that eye wassss creepy…..

  21. Willy says:

    I like Felicity and I like her character (for all you haters out there screw you!!!) she is a great girl, the only one in the team who didn’t kill anybody, who still has a simple life and I belive that in THE END Oliver is going to look for some one exacly like her. Probably they will not end togheter, but that dosent mean we can’t hope. :)

  22. booster says:

    Would be strange if laurel becomes the BC, she’s not very popular and it seems like they allready made the choice to give her less screentime this season. And how would they make it believable for her to be a strong fighter? I mean even with the best training it would take years for her to be of any use.

  23. tess says:

    Um…who assumes they’ve been butt dialed and then keeps listening AND puts the phone on speaker for the whole room to hear?

    Why couldn’t Felicity have listened first, and then figured out Oliver was trying to tell her something? If Oliver had used Slade’s name, like “Mr. Wilson, would you like some tea?” (okay, dumb example, but something like that), then it would have been such a smart move on Oliver’s part. As it stands, how did he know Felicity would be with Sara? Why would he call her and then not drop hints as to why? That scene relied on Sara being with Felicity at that exact time. If Oliver had said something to tip Felicity off, she could have gone, “Wait, did he just say Wilson…as in Slade Wilson? I thought he said he put an arrow in his eye…” The way it all unraveled was just so…STUPID.

    I saw the ratings drop. Sadly, I’m not surprised. I used to love Arrow and lately…I just don’t understand the story anymore. Oliver acted jealous in Blast Radius, and then SA gave an interview to say he wasn’t. Olicity was teased in the first half of the season, and then he lunges for Sara in Heir to the Demon. SA gives another interview to say Sara and Oliver have some romantic backstory, and then this episode airs and there’s…nothing. I. DON’T. GET. IT. Diggle, Felicity, and Oliver: That worked. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Focus and character development is a good thing, Arrow.

    Also, I agree: I don’t see how this episode is a game changer. I learned nothing new beyond that Felicity really isn’t that smart (butt dial=speaker phone=WHAT?!) and neither is Oliver (secret phone call=no hint as to why). Slade found out, which was obvious because he’s been planning his revenge for awhile now. Nothing’s changed…not for the good, anyway.

    • kath says:

      ” Diggle, Felicity, and Oliver: That worked. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Focus and character development is a good thing, Arrow.”

      Because that can’t be said enough.

  24. JC says:

    How do you solve the problem of an overhyped episode? Read a whole lot of negative reviews of the episode before watching it to lower your expectations. ;) So, expectations having been sufficiently lowered, I actually thought the episode was pretty good. Not best ever, for a couple of reasons. First, while the current antagonism between Slade and Oliver is fun to watch, the reason for the rift between them is so utterly contrived that it makes me want to scream. So points off for that. And secondly, I’m just never going to be quite as interested in what’s going on in the flashbacks as I am what’s going on in the present. I’m not saying the flashback portion wasn’t great – it was. But I still found myself more interested in the goings on in the present day at the mansion than I was in the story in the flashbacks. The mansion scenes with Slade – that was awesome. Also points for being a Laurel-free episode.
    I do hope that Ivo really isn’t Felicity’s father. I really don’t need this show to go down the OUAT route of everyone being connected. Just my two cents.

    • tess says:

      “I do hope that Ivo really isn’t Felicity’s father. I really don’t need this show to go down the OUAT route of everyone being connected. Just my two cents.”

      Never watched OUAT, but I couldn’t agree more. Ivo is a terrible choice.

  25. A says:

    I think Oliver knows that Ivo is Felicity’s father…

    • grace says:

      How would Oliver know that? I’m lost.

      • A says:

        If the simpler of two explanations is usually true then it seems more likely that Oliver found out about Felicity on the freighter with Ivo (which they are both currently being held prisoner on), and then purposely sought Felicity out; than for Oliver to have just met Ivo on the freighter and then accidentally made his daughter (Felicity) a member of Team Arrow.

        It makes sense in my head lol

        • JC says:

          That only works if you’re taking it as fact that Felicity is Ivo’s daughter. We don’t know that for fact. In FACT, there’s been nothing on the show so far to indicate that. It’s all just speculation at this point.

          • A says:

            True, we don’t know anything until it’s actually on screen. I just get bored waiting for Arrow to come back, there are too many hiatuses lol

  26. kath says:

    The action effects and stunts were amazing. Well done to Arrow’s technical crew.

    Other than that, it’s an episode I won’t watch again and spent most of it answering my e-mail or playing on my computer. Unlike The Odyssey last year, which gave us a lot of new information and brought Felicity onto the Team, basically nothing happened here that we didn’t know about. Good confrontation between Oliver and Slade in the present day, but every time they went back to the island, I went back to my computer or wondering about the competence of Moira’s cleaning staff because some of those cameras were very easy to spot, or why the rooms are locked up and she doesn’t have a key for them.

    I think it’s really interesting that most of the comments here are about Felicity and whether Ivo could be her father. This in an episode where she had all of 3 lines. The take-away message for the producers should be that people are interested what they are interested in, and if you don’t give it to them for too long (3 episodes now, and another 2 in which Felicity is barely there), they don’t buy what you’re selling.

    The decision to put Felicity’s back story off to next season seemed okay when she was still a major part of the show. Now she’s backburned and the ratings are dropping, and how many will still be watching when they finally get around to her story?

  27. Tiana says:

    Have NONE of you read The Movement? Even after the team was introduced???? For shame