American Idol Top 12 Performance Recap: Home Is Where the Art Is [Updated]

Jessica Meuse American Idol“Complete Honesty” (™ pending) infected the American Idol judging panel tonight in much the same way that backwards baseball caps (AKA Satan’s Prefered Haberdashery) infected the ranks of Season 13’s Top 12 contestants. (OK, only two singers wore ’em on stage, and another two during rehearsal, but that’s still a terrifying enough ratio to alert the CDC.)

And while it’s easy to start a slow clap on behalf of Harry Connick Jr. and His Inability to Spout Producer-isms Like “Best! Season! Ever!”, credit must also be paid to Jennifer “I’m Not Maleficent!” Lopez, who risked studio-audience booing and a brief/insignificant drop in her Q rating to speak her own, more gentle brand of truth to a group of singers on the precipice of greatness — but lacking the confidence that wings will appear once they take the big leap.

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Also of note tonight: J.Lo being forced to take a bite of a deviled egg delivered by Ryan Seacrest’s un-gloved hand (what would her nutritionist say!?!?), a litter of fresh-out-the-oven puppies being used as a get-out-the-vote tool for Dexter Robers (smart boy!), and a bafflingly awful decision to release “real-time” Facebook-driven voting totals despite the fact that the numbers trended against contestants who’d taken the stage mere seconds prior.

But hey, at least footage of in-house “mentor” (I’ll pause while you stifle your guffaws) Randy “now is the time!” Jackson were kept to a minimum. And with that happy fact in mind, let’s jump right to letter grades and reviews for tonight’s performances:

Jena Irene: KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See” — Grade: B- | I j’adore Jena’s voice — and suspect I’ll eventually purchase whatever she produces post-Idol — but unfortunately this second-tier “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” was not the right vehicle to showcase her rich, burnt-caramel tone. I liked that she smiled and stepped away from the mic without fear — whereas many of her rivals grimly clung to one spot on the stage like newborn impalas to their mommies — but ultimately, Jenna’s instrument doesn’t read “easy, breezy.” Instead, it’s dark and stormy and complicated — and if she can’t tap into that vibe in the next couple of weeks, she will be doomed to a midpack finish.

Alex Preston: Gavin DeGraw’s “I Don’t Want To Be” — Grade: C+ | I’m not even going to comment on Alex’s violently rolled pant leg — I’m probably too old to really understand such youthful folly — but musically, this was his weakest showing since his whiny twist on “Scream and Shout” during Hollywood Week. It didn’t help that his done-to-death-on-Idol song choice (which I’ve repeatedly railed against over the years) is the room-temperature oatmeal of reality-singing competition far. But as J.Lo noted, Alex’s peculiar rearrangement — reggae by way of a Norwegian Sun ad — left Alex’s voice sounding tight and straining at the top of his register.

Jessica Meuse: Dido’s “White Flag” — Grade: B+ | I don’t think I’ve disagreed as strongly with J.Lo and Harry all season as I did with their withering criticism of Jessica’s Dido cover. Where they heard sharp notes and a dispassionate delivery, I heard a smoldering vibrato and depth of feeling that gave me shades of Fleetwood Mac-era Stevie Nicks. Dido’s original is pure adult-contemporary heaven, with its midtempo electro groove and Dido’s cold, clipped delivery. Jessica’s more organic approach may have been jarring to fans of the original, but to me it was a huge plus — and an indicator that she’s the kind of contestant worth watching in a post-Idol setting. Oddly, Harry continued to pile on the criticism coming out of commercial and heading into Dexter’s number — a possibly producer-driven decision that ended with a closeup of an emotionally broken Jessica trying to maintain her composure in the Idol Lounge. I’m not one to root for sympathy votes, but in this instance, I’ll take whatever keeps the pink-haired rocker in the mix through next week.

Dexter Roberts: Montgomery Gentry’s “Lucky Man” — Grade: B- | I liked seeing Dexter take a more introstpective approach to song selection after last week’s party-down “Aw Naw” — a sign that he may understand how to move his Idol chess pieces better than some of his rivals. Still, there was something stilted about the country kid’s timing on the verses (and a weakness in his delivery in his lower register) that prevented me from joining the judges in their peculiar praise. I mean, seriously, Keith praising a possible missed lyric as showing “vulnerability”? Or J.Lo impying that Dexter hasn’t yet matched Season 11 champ Scotty McCreery’s penchant for surprise — then backing away and praising Dexter for it? Did someone invite Nigel back into the control room without telling me?

Emily Piriz: Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud” — Grade: C- | Harry’s reaction to Emily’s performance — a heavy, waterlogged sponge in a case where a featherduster was needed — was perhaps the most laser-focused moment of critique in Idol history. “Let’s Get Loud” is a “locomotive,” he noted, one where the audience feels a rush of energy before a single note is sung. Emily, on the flip side, never really drove the train, Connick noted, instead settling for a couple of shouted words in Spanish, a couple of half-hearted shimmys and a final string of runs that held up as well as filo dough in a toddler’s fist.  Sure, it probably hurt Emily that the show’s producers spent approximately 67% of her performance cutting to her parents, to her fellow contestants and a “feelin’ it!”  J.Lo doll, but maybe if girlfriend had exhibited a greater ownership of her circumstances, she’d have been the primary subject of her own two-minute documentary.

Caleb Johnson: Rush’s “Working Man” — Grade: B- | Harry was completely correct in calling Caleb the most consistent singer in the Top 12 — at least over the past two weeks — but that was just a bit of praise in the warmup to questuining whether dude has any of the tools or innovative ideas to advance the cause of modern-day rock-and-roll. (No pressure, Caleb, it’s just the future of rock music depends on you, OK?) Still, I get what he meant: Caleb’s like a bowl of chili at your local — meaty, filling and nothing to complain about. But if he wants to be taken seriously as a recording artist in 2014 — and not be thought of as a “free admission with two-drink minimum” fella — then the predictable song choices and delivery, the theatrics of collapsing in a heap on the final note, must be upgraded. And quickly.

M.K. Nobilette: Train’s “Drops Of Jupiter” — Grade: C | I liked that M.K infused her performance with some dancey-dancey physicality when the backrgound vocalists were belting out their part of the melody, but despite the amped-up stage presence, M.K. still hasn’t proven she has enough vocal firepower to exist outside a coffeehouse setting. There was a nervousness in M.K.’s expression — and a lack of breath support on most of her extended notes — that continued to plague me with questions like, “How exactly did she make it to the Top 30 over Tessa Kate, Sarina Joi Crowe, Paisley Van Patten and Nica Nashae?” And before you complain about my relentless shout-outs for the Ghosts of Recent Idol Past, let me provide a link to Mishavonna Henson’s vastly superior Season 8 semifinal rendition — which didn’t even score her a shot at the Wild Card. As long as reality-singing competition injustices exist, I will continue to rant about ’em. #kendrachantelle #uhhuhiwentthere

C.J. Harris: John Mayer’s “Waiting On The World To Change” — Grade: D+ |  I loved that Harry pointed out the frathouse ennui of John Mayer’s lyric — “It’s not that we don’t care, we just know that the fight ain’t fair/ So we keep on waiting, waiting on the world to change” — when J.Lo tried to advance C.J.’s position as an agent for social change through song choice. And dude, if you’re gonna completely misread the lyrics of the song you’re singing, at least try to land two out of every three notes, OK? I know, I know…I sound heartless, and C.J. seems like a sweetheart. But in three weeks of live performances, not only has he failed to live up to his Hollywood Round promise, he actually seems to be retreating from it.

Sam Woolf: Blind Pilot’s “Just One” — Grade: C+ | Things I liked: Sam choosing a song I’d never heard before, and thereby introducing me to new music. Sam’s brown-sugar-on-oatmeal tone, a rich source of good vibes and seven essential nutrients. Sam’s hat that wasn’t a backwards baseball cap — a step toward making my bald-patch-protecting summer fedora a little less tragique.) But Harry — steadfast in his commitment to critique in spite of screeching sorority girls in the audience — couldn’t have been more spot-on in questioning whether Sam possesses more than one musical setting (midtempo, acoustic, soft-rock sweetie). Even worse, though, was the fact that Sam got upstaged by the pit of perma-grinning, dead-eyed SwayBot(™) chicks in which he’d chosen to perfrom. The whole experience was akin to watching a Walking Dead hero surrounded by hungry zombies — and then not knowing which team you’re rooting for. Might I suggest something uptempo (Kris Allen’s “Alright With Me”) or a creatively daring rearrangement this time next week?

Malaya Watson: Tamala Mann’s “Take Me To The King” — Grade: C+ | I’ll admit it: When I think about Malaya’s week-to-week improvement over her catastrophic Top 13 cover of “Runaway Baby,” I wonder if I’m being too strident. But there’s that adjective again — strident — and it reminds me that when Malaya goes into full diva mode and tries to belt out the big notes, she sounds just a shade off the desired mark. She’s like a symphony orchestra while they’re tuning up: Eventually, something beautiful will come out of the pit, but in the moment, it’s not entirely pleasing to the ear. A bigger problem, though, is Malaya’s inability to fully convey adult emotions. Tamela Mann’s original is a lullabye for the weary — the woman is churched out, and she doesn’t even have the strength to lay herself out in front of her savior, for cryin’ out loud! — but that oomph was missing in Malaya’s rendition. My attention drifted the further she waded into the waters — even if the positive feedback from the judges ensures she’ll survive another week into the competition.

Ben Briley: David Nail’s “Turning Home” — Grade: C+ | Like Malaya, Ben shows spurts of potential in his performances, but when he cranks up the “growl and grit” dial, something in his voice tightens up and the tone veers into wince-inducing. As Harry noted — and damn, dude was doing his job tonight, even if it was to the detriment of America’s opinion of the Season 13 crop — the end result was a feeling of being shouted at, which pretty much gutted the meaning of the song. As if to help keep Ben’s country realness in the mix, though, Ryan brought out a platter of deviled eggs for the be-capped contestant to snack on — and then offered one to J.Lo. We saw La Lopez take a bite, but I wonder if — like one of my toddlers when they’re not digging a veggie — she eventually spat it into Keith’s hand with disdain?

Majesty Rose: Coldplay’s “Fix You” — Grade: B | I loved the way Majesty shook up Coldplay’s most overwrought number by giving it a Gospel chorus-esque arrangement, and the delicately optimistic approach she took on the verses. Yes, the judges were right write that things went a little sideways when Majesty didn’t quite reach the shelf continaining the tippy top notes of the chorus, but by that point, I was in mid-sway and feelin‘ it, so I can’t complain too bitterly. Next week, though, I’d love to see her press pause on the band, break out Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” and leave us all weeping into our Kleenex. You know she can do it. I know she can do it. Does Majesty know she can do it?

Should Be Bottom 3: C.J., Emily, M.K. (C.J. going home)
Will Be Bottom 3: C.J., Emily, Jena (C.J. going home)

And with that, I pass the mic to you.

What did you think of the Top 12? Who were your faves? Who’s in trouble? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. CG says:


    • LeahKittyS says:

      At this point, with how inconsistent everyone has been, I have no freaking idea.

    • Anna Dinter says:

      So far, I am still waiting for some coaching other than the constant critiquing. There are some strong voices in the group but no personal direction or coaching given to gain confidence. I prefer “The Voice” where there is conscious effort to strengthen the performance rather than demoralizing the artist. I am seriously considering canceling the recording of this because I find it lacking. I don’t need to watch aspiring artists be burned each week. I am sure they probably could do that in a less public forum.

      • Kay Gee says:

        Holy Moley. They better go back to the drawing board pronto. What if they just started fresh next week with 12 completely different people? And not say a single word. Just act like they were always there?

        • bobsaccamanna says:

          LOL kind of like George Costanza going back to work the weekend after he was fired and pretending like it didn’t happen. Was it just me or did I see a look of panic on all three judges as the night rolled on, a look that said”holy Sh*t we picked a horrible top 13. I know it’s only two weeks and I’m willing to hang in there and hope to see improvement, I do think the judges missed the boat though on Jessica, I heard what Michael heard, a Stevie Nicks like quality in her voice. I also think Jena would have sounded ok if I could hear her over the band, but she was kind of drowned out. And it boggle my mind that singers like Malaya, CJ, and Sam made the top 30.

          • Lola says:

            I think it is the “Randy Jackson effect”. If Jimmy was still the mentor all the contestants would be better prepared and would perform better.

          • Kay Gee says:

            YES…Pull a George !! It would be cruel to those there – but there has never been a crueler thing ever done on TV than when they told all those people “you’re going to Hollywood” only to send them to a hangar and then ship them back to the airport ! Not even a California cuisine dinner ! Can you imagine those poor schmucks? Packed for a week, told everyone they knew, probably got up at 3 am to fly, only to get sent home in record time?

            No…you are totally right. The judges can’t even muster enough fakeness which they are experts at to say these people are good.

            Did you notice though. When Malaya was screaming at the end of her braces make me sound like sh#t song….I say JLo actually cringe – physically taken aback. But, she forgot to get the memo about praising at least one of them. When “silly as sh%t” hair said she was great – JLo did too.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            @ KayGee. I couldn’t agree more, the show really started losing me as soon as they pulled the airport”put the hostages on the bus” stunt. That was one of the cruelest most uncomfortable things I had ever witnessed on one of these shows, that is up until the point when they invited 30 contestants to the live shows and then let only 20 of them actually sing live. At that point, for me anyhow, the show went completely off the rails, and now, no matter how you sugarcoat it, they are left with a mediocre group, none of who seem capable of providing one of those idol “moments” which is the reason I watch the show. Maybe Jessica, maybe Jena, maybe Majesty, and for the guys, maybe Alex. Caleb can sing, but, I think he will end up having a very predicatable sameness week after week, and I am really put off by contestants who act like they are already a star, two weeks into the season.
            But the show is like a bad habit, I always end up in front of the TV on Wednesday at 8pm, no matter how painful it is.

          • Heather Gallagher says:

            Common denominator is Randy Jackson! Theirs no way every contestant is normally this bad!

          • Kayk says:

            Add me to the list of those who are getting a Stevie Nicks flashback (in a GOOD way!) when Jessica sings! I was bummed by the judges’ negative reaction to her performance :(

          • Tom22 says:

            You guys are all way too negative. I’m really enjoying this season. I love it.. (almost) no sappy ballads ! Lots of songs I don’t know or at least don’t really know who’s songs they were if i just heard them playing in the background when I was out and a bout places. (which is super.. I watch to be exposed to more music among other reasons). Upbeat back storries.. neither about saving the world or about personal tradgedies.. thank you! Give us people with funny familiy stories or funny annectdotes about their hobbies and stay light on the one-legge- father-diagnosed-with-cancer falling-off-of-a-offshore-ocean-poluting-oilwell-that he was protesting to make a better world
            The kids have pretty good voices and they all are likeable and pleasant to look at in some way as their warm personalities radiate through their faces whether or not they’re blessed with special features… and that sort of thing will usually radiate through the heard music too. This group should be having better performances even if I think the ones we’ve been getting have been pretty enjoyable
            some things that . that can be quickly corrected.
            Tell the spiritual advisers to “fire up the kids” and “go out and give them hell” (or fire and brimstone etc) , maybe it’s their fault.. f the yoga and meditation…have them go for a 5 mile run in the mornings…ooops.. those tubby guys might not make it..)
            An entertainer can’t ever be holding back out of self consciousness concern that the audience would think they were full of one-selves. Being 100% ardent about what you are expressing doesn’t mean that you think you’re better than anyone else.. just absorbed in the thought (Keith’s singing example did a great job with that). Ardent doesn’t mean being a spastic mess like Joshua Ledet either … in fact a complete “all in” should make a song look effortless. Not all of them will have something to say though…thats the mark of who will have a shot in the future..not the divine voice which are dime a dozen but the unique take on the world they can bring with that divine ability to use it they’ve worked to develop….we can’t expect them all to have that but I don’t feel like we’ve seen all some of them have to say yet

        • Yvonne says:

          I couldn’t agree with you more. I have never missed a season of idol. Even if the contestants weren’t my particular flavor, I found someone to like. This year, there is no one at all. In my opinion no one is better than karaoke. I have officially erased the show from my dvr. I love reading the comments here though.

          • Tom22 says:

            I like this season more than quite a few.. and a lot more than if we saw the same of even the seasons I liked at the time. Even if I could tolerate the Ballads in the past..even enjoy them a little, they’re so over-done I couldn’t bear listen to another season with the glory-note centric crap of the past.

            I think the band has some continued adjustment to do.. they don’t understand that the current music has a lot more of a hip-hop bass underlying what seem to be traditional rock blues chords. (there are polyrhythms that the singer , with backups have to sing over an underlying track…listen carefully about what went wrong with the band on “happy”…but even some rock like Grace Potter pulls in some hip hop influences in the subtle way the clip the timing of chords in what on paper looks like a classic seventies rock song… the energy in these songs depends on a different sort of timing .

            Keep the damn audience from clapping too..they don’t have a clue and when a song depends so heavily on the rhytmic nuances it brings the performances down.

      • Heather Gallagher says:

        I agree 100%. I think Randy may be the problem. Somebody needs to put them in their place when it comes to choosing songs. Their is no direction. Somebody mentor these poor kids and fire Randy. He is obviously not qualified for the job!

        • Sugar says:

          At least give him a partner – maybe a different star each week? Heck, that is what they did with Jimmy, why not Randy? These poor kids need some real hands-on star advice – quick!

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            Why Sugar, you don’t think getting a fist bump from Randy is inspirational :). So far that seems to be his biggest contribution. “you need to slay this dawg” and then a fist it’s enough to give me the goosies

      • Barb Long says:

        Totally agree I’ve been watching the Voice and American Idol and prefer the Voice. This American Idol is the worst ever. I can’t watch anymore. I like the judges but come on, the singers are just not up to quality of where they should be on a show like that. See you American Idol, the Voice is now my fav show.

      • JoMarch says:

        I don’t understand the “less public forum” comment. Even your show “The Voice” shows the coaching on TV. The contestants signed up for a TV show. This isn’t AI’s first year; they know what the were signing up for. Simon Cowell as actually cruel and insulting, but thousands of people tried out for the show.

    • Rivka Simons says:

      It will be Caleb, as the lesser of live performing evils, but have to acknowledge that with a good producer and a great song any of those kids could pull something out of a studio. Live? This show contained all of the ingredients a deep DARK depression is made of. Jessica’s song choice hurt her-period. I am losing hope with this season.

      • Rivka Simons says:

        Momma is stuck between a beaver and a hard place on whether to even bother to dvr this show. Randy asked who is watching Idol tonight and I need a reason.

        • Disenchanted says:

          I agree. This season is the only one I have had absolutely no interest in. In my opinion none of the contestants is anything more than run of the mill, average , barely ok at singing. I happened to see The Voice this week for the first time and was blown away by the talent on that show. I may just flush Idol for the season and go with The Voice.

          • FoxFire says:

            Hopefully next week on their 3rd outing the contestant’s nerves and stage fright will start to ease and they will look more comfortable performing, or at least feel a little bit more comfortable performing. And as a long time view of Idol I’m sure this will happen as it has in the past. Not for everyone of course and those unfortunate ones will soon be cannon fodder. I’m enjoying watching the contestants grow from week to week. A longer Rush Week might be in order for next season to give these amateurs more performing experience before tossing them in front of millions of viewers.

      • Kay Gee says:

        OMG…”Lesser of performing evils” Just brilliant !

    • Mary says:

      Totally disagreed with Harry and JLo on Jessica because I thought she did a great job. Love the timbre in her voice. I want her to win, right now.

      • Jaszy says:

        I totally agree with you. I would LOVE for Jessica to win. I think Harry was truly exaggerating when he was talking about her being so sharp. Really Harry? She was not that sharp. He was making it out to be like it was the end of the world that she sang sharp. Yeah, there were sharp notes, but it wasn’t unbearable or distracting like he said it was. If anything, if she would’ve sang flat, that would’ve been more noticeable and thus I would start to show weird facial expressions. But I didn’t cringe at all during Jess’s performance. I, in fact, thought it was really good. There were some spots here and there that need work and I do hope that she works more on her stage presence because she’s too good to be leaving right now or in the next couple of weeks. I want her to stay as long as possible. I truly believe she has what it takes to win and what a great feeling it would be if she did. Such would be the classic case of an underdog fighting it’s way to the top. I feel Jessica’s a dark horse in this competition. If she can work on her stage presence and pick extremely good songs that showcase both vocal ability and emotion that is, in turn, conveyed to viewers, then this girl can possibly win.
        Harry was so wrong about Jessica, in my opinion. J-Lo needs to stop being a follower. The only one that made sense in regard to critiquing Jessica is Keith.
        I definitely voted for this girl! Love her!

        • Kevin D says:

          All right. I’m a Jessica fan, too, but I thought she sounded off from the first note. I even said, “Man, she was sharp for the while thing.”. And then moments later Harry said the same thing. Harry’s musical chops are so strong that if he critiques you on a technical point, he is almost certainly right. However, as Keith pointed out, technical faults can be compensated for by feeling and emotionality, dimensions that JLo and to a lesser degree Keith are paying more attention to. That all said, it was surprising for someone of Jessica’s experience to mess up that badly, and she didn’t even realize she did, which leads me back to a problem that has played the live rounds of Idol this season: the sound is terrible, probably all the way down to the in-ear monitors. I wonder how much of this disappointing season that would explain?

    • rb says:

      Sadly the worst season of the last 11 I watched. I occasionally recall having said some weeks in past seasons that they all are awful, but then the next week a handful would step it up and give great performances. Not so this year. Consistently abysmal. No one to root for or even look forward to hearing. No one close to Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez, Adam Lambert, Lee Dewyze, Joshua Ledet, Candice Glover ( I mean her rendition of “Lovesong” is in another universe compared to this year). I only wish they could declare no winner this year and preserve their integrity.

    • mno says:

      Worst season ever. Such a boring,flat, star-free group I don’t think I can watch anymore. A Real snore. What have they done? Are they giving the kids too much direction? Not enough? Spiritual counselors? REALLY?

    • Sara evans says:

      I have yet to see anyone i would waste my time calling to vote for….the judges keep saying this is the most talented group ever!!!!!! Really????? This must be their first competition to judge and we know that ain’t so…..i don’t know what the problem is, some could be that I dont known the songs they are singing….one thing for sure is their range sucks, none of them can compare to most of the past season contestants..I can see why the audience viewing is down…the show is boring, not entertaining like shows in the past….and it is not the judges, its the talent,its lacking so much compared to years past….too bad…..

  2. Timmah says:

    I hope tonight is not representative of how the season is going to go.

    • Gailer says:


    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Word. What the heck happened?

      • Tara says:

        Did I miss something? I haven’t watched yet as I had other commitments last night. I thought Ryan said the theme was Home. What do these songs have to do with home?

        • LeahKittyS says:

          The idea was for the contestants to pick songs that remind them of their home, family, or childhood.

          • marie says:

            In other words, a license to sing whatever they want. Which I applaud in theory – just unfortunate it didn’t work out better last night.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Ha! I said that two weeks ago when I stopped watching. Looks like I have missed very little. Any you recommend I watch on youtube?

      • LB says:

        Not really. No one stood out tonight.

      • ben says:

        Watch last weeks performances by Majesty Alex and Jess though.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Just listened to the three you recommended. Majesty and Alex are not my cup of tea. Jess actually has the potential to be great, but something super funky is going on with that vibrato. It’s not a natural sound. Sounds like she’s clenching her jaw or doing something else wrong to manufacture that sound instead of letting it happen. Not that hard to fix the problem and if she does fix it, I agree with you that she’s kind of awesome.

          • ben says:

            @Angie – re our convo below. If Majesty and Alex are not your cup of tea, I think the proof is complete – I fully understand why this is not the season for you.

        • Tom22 says:

          Those three are really good… and better than their accompaniment in a few places….”Happy” would have been a classic idol performance if the band, (espeically backups and keys) wasn’t MIA. But yeah.. if people like Evonn – Mariah etc type of music which to me was two decade desert-land in music.. they wouldn’t like a lot of this season. I didn’t like hardly any music made between 1985 and 2005 (Norah Jones was one exception and I’m sure there are others) but I seem to like over 50% of the music that is popular the last few years.

    • MAB says:

      No one stood out to me. One of my favorites was downright awful, Alex. I hated his performance. I am not even voting this week. Nobody moved me enough to even bother with the easy super vote.
      At least phillip Phillips will be singing his new single tomorrow, which is dynamite, or else this week would be a total bust.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        Yay! My Phillip! I can’t wait! I just hope people don’t think his new single sounds too much like his last two hits. It is somewhat similar to them.

        • Mary says:

          I think it sounds like a mixture of both songs leaning heavier on GGG. I am not sure I will watch the result show maybe tune in the last few minutes to see who got the boot. PP is not my favorite and to waste a hour don’t think so.

        • marie says:

          Phillip’s is one of the very few post-Idol albums I’ve actually enjoyed.

      • Julie Anderson says:

        Why wouldn’t you vote to keep Alex in so that you could hear other performances you’ll probably like? I totally admire that he took a risk – I even liked parts. Even if I hated it, he has been so interesting I NEED him to stay in. I want to hear what he’ll do. Who hits a homerun every time they’re up to bat?

    • The Beach says:

      Really a disappointing evening. I think Slezak’s grades were pretty much spot on.

      • Jeremiah says:

        I was actually really surprised by some of his grades tonight. Ben and Malaya both gave their best performances of the season so far, I thought. And a D+ for CJ seems far too harsh.

        • Lauren says:

          If that is the best Ben and Malaya can muster up, the sooner they are gone the better. lol. I do agree with you though that CJ was tolerable. That was actually one of the better performances on a terrible night.

          • Rivka Simons says:

            Malaya as a performer is an argument for child restraints. She has irritated me from her audition.

        • Foxfire says:

          I don’t understand what is going on with CJ. During auditions and Hollywood week he seemed so talented and I loved his blend of R&B and Country music, but his life performances have been lacking. I’m really hoping he can pull it together next week or he could be sent packing right after MK or Malaya.

      • S. says:

        No way did Caleb deserve a B-. Where were the vocal issues that would warrant that score? His vocal was arguably the best of the night. I get Harry’s criticism but how does that get Caleb below an A-/B+? Nobody gets an A tonight, it was not a good night in general. Harry wants an Adam Lambert type reimagining of songs while people like Scotty McCreery sing the same way every week and win the competition. Nothing wrong with staying in your lane. I’d like to see a song be made into Caleb’s style that wasn’t originally sung by a male rock singer, but it’s been 2 weeks, geez. Definite overrating of Jessica’s performance, and I adore her. I also like the song itself. That was not good. There’s a video of her covering “White Flag” on Youtube, and it was meh then too. It’s just not her song. I think the ‘should be in the bottom 3’ is the same as the ‘will be.’ I expect MK in the bottom again. I wish she wouldn’t be, but it’s gonna be difficult for her if she keeps doing what she’s doing. CJ seems to be giving up and that’s sad, he’s talented. Too many other people would’ve appreciated that spot. Side note: can we ban backwards baseball caps for everyone? I can’t take another one. PS. Poor Jena, even Michael slips and calls her Jenna sometimes.

        • Eric S says:

          I am with you on Caleb. I loved his performance. It was fantastic hearing Rush on Idol. I am going to take a wild guess and say that Michael S ain’t a Rush fan. I liked that he connected with the band as well. I get that Caleb will probably have to do a ballad one week, but I don’t mind him bringing the rock consistently. I am a huge hard rock/metal fan and he is the primary reason I tune in every week. I want him to represent rock. After the show I think Caleb will represent rock real well (unlike someone who was shown in the audience tonight).

          • Mary says:

            I think what Michael and Harry is trying to say, he gives great performances but he doesn’t stand out. I agree I enjoy his performances but he sounds like the cover band at a local bar.

          • LG says:

            I hope Caleb continues what he’s doing. At least his song choices so far are songs that haven’t been performed on Idol. He needs to tone down the rock star posing just a bit. I wonder what rock ballad he’s going to sing on a future show.

          • Tom22 says:

            The criticisms were on point but it was still a B+ performance at least in my opinion. That shouldn’t be enough to wind the show or anything but .. it was a little more than just a fine cover — incredible voice singing with full confidence -but not enough to really take it to a level of being something his own. Very hard with rock songs I agree, but rock songs are as much about the band and the singer who created the song than the singing themselves when the melody line is almost like rifts that can’t be changed without changing the melody more than poetry of words touched by a person caressing the syllables.

        • Trouty Mouth says:

          Or we could just let people wear whatever the hell they want. Some of us like wearing our hats backwards. Get over it.

      • Rivka Simons says:

        Slezak must have been sniffing his socks just prior to Jessica’s performance. He gave her altogether too much credit. That song trudged like an oxen team.

        • perfesser says:

          So agree with Rivka. During and after the performance I thought “no way even Slezak is going to like this,” and he still rated the bleating one highest!

        • joey says:

          I think Slezak has a Haley-type crush on Jessica. She can do no wrong. Her performance was sleepy, as were most of the performances tonight.
          I’m a Majesty, Sam and Alex fan, and yet I thought Caleb and Dexter gave the best performances tonight.

          • Jaszy says:

            I don’t agree. I loved Jessica’s performance. It was not sleepy at all. I love that song, so maybe I might be biased because I was singing along to it while Jessica sang. But, in my defense, I still went back and listened to her perform it again and she was good. Okay, it wasn’t great, but Jessica was one of the better ones of that lackluster night. I loved her tone and the little idiosyncrasies she did with the song. It was a different version. It was beautiful. And no, Harry, not every note has to be perfect. He should go back and listen to his performance that he gave last year, season 12. Like his voice is anything to praise. Jessica’s is way more interesting than his!
            Kudos if it is so that Slezak has a ‘Haley-type crush’ on Jessica. I loved Haley Reinhart during her season (I still think she should’ve won.) and I’m starting to fall in love with Jessica too. So Slezak, praise Jessica all you want. I don’t mind it! I encourage it. Jessica’s performance was GOOD!

            Majesty’s overrated. M.K. needs to go home. Malaya needs to go home.
            All the boys need to go home, except for Caleb and…perhaps Alex.

            The strongest girls are Jessica and Jena. I would put Emily as the third strongest. She truly has the potential to wow, but her issue is song choice. She also needs to stop ‘acting’ like she’s someone other than who she really is when she performs. She’s not sincere. But her voice is really good. She rarely ever sings badly. In fact, she’s never actually bombed a performance. The voice is there. She just needs to work on everything else.

            I love the girls. It never fails. I always want a girl to win. I would like for Jessica to win. Though, I really don’t see that happening, but hopefully she makes it extremely far.

            #pink hair(and I don’t even like pink)

    • BillyBob says:

      I agree… Out of TWELVE, Not one person BLEW me away. Jessica was traumatized by the judges going harsh on her.

      • valenciaburt98 says:

        The judges were certainly overly critical of Jessica as usual last night I thought. I believe she will be getting a lot of sympathy votes for that very reason. Jessica seems to be regressing a little under the harshness of the judges towards her and I wish at least one of them could be a little more positive when critiquing her performance. I really do love her voice and I hate to see her near tears over the judges harshness.

        • Mary says:

          I actually thought Keith was in his critique. I love Jessica but the truth is it was not a good performance. She was sharp on some notes and it sounded off. Did Harry need to keep going with it even after commercial break no, but I think if she watches the tape, she would agree.

    • Jen Johnson says:

      What a truly hideous night. Since I totally agreed with Harry about Jessica’s performance, I didn’t even have that positive takeaway. A few of the guys were decent but felt like cover bands. Majesty Rose started well but… And I felt like the backup singers were really off as well – definitely not helping.

    • marie says:

      You and me both, Timmah.

    • Joe says:

      I can’t even muster up a funny snarky recap this week. This group is the least ready I’ve ever seen for this. You take Majesty out of the 12 and it’s like watching a bad local talent show and she wasn’t amazing last night. Not sure what happened to these voices between Hollywood Weeks and here but they are all falling apart. CJ is awful. I thought he’d be a top 5. Emily is terrible. I thought she’d be a top 5. I don’t remember seeing people just slide backwards like this so soon before.

      • MamaLis says:

        So true, Joe! WHAT is going on over there?

        Also, I was onboard the MK train but I’m about to jump the rails. Could her “quiet storm” persona have been so misjudged when in reality she’s a blank slate? If the backwards baseball cap weren’t bad enough, now we have the mal-matched outfit with red bow tie and this lovely set of eyes just blankly staring into space as if she were being forced to perform in her school auditorium! It’s ridiculous!

        And Sam, also a favorite thus far, is similarly sporting the “blank gaze” look throughout his songs. I think Harry said it correctly in calling him a “one note” performer. (Or something to that effect.)

        Maybe it actually does have something to do with IDOL production and they’re really NOT preparing these kids appropriately. There’s just too many similarities across the board to think every performer suddenly sucks.

        • Joe says:

          MamaLis – They’re all too young. It’s bad this year. Last night I was sitting there wondering why I was watching bad singing when I could be doing 1000 other things. The only entertainment value at this point is seeing what Harry says and if J. Lo is going to offer any critique as Slezak mentioned. I think the goal to focus on young talent is backfiring here. They should raise the age level and get some of The Voice level talent. I think America can handle a 35 year old who can really sing looking for one last chance to turn their passion into a career. These contestants aren’t camera or pressure ready and it shows. There’s a winner in this group of 12, but it’s going to be a winner by default. Majesty is head and shoulders ahead of everyone and she was okay last night. Caleb is just auditioning each week for Rock of Ages on Broadway. It’s bad.

  3. Underwhelmed. That’s the word for the night. No performance really got me thinking “This was Amazing…This person can be the next American Idol”. Even standouts like Majesty, Alex and Caleb were not where they should be. Jessica and Emily tumbled from last week’s great week. MK and CJ didn’t really recover too well from last week, and MK is definitely in trouble. Ben and Jena stayed about the same as they have been. The only ones that did slightly better this week were Malaya, Dexter and Jena.

    • Danny says:

      I agree with nothing amazing, but I thought there were a lot of solid ones. I’m starting to think Majesty isn’t a standout. She was an early favorite of mine, but hasn’t done a whole lot in the 3 live shows. The same thing w/ Alex. Caleb I thought was pretty good. IMO he’s been the best these last 2 weeks and was in a tie for the best when the guys sang.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        @Danny. I agree. I am always happy to see Caleb bring the energy, but honestly, one more week of that same performance – and I’m gonna get bored. Majesty was just okay tonight – and that’s being nice. Insert sad face here.

        • Owen says:

          Agree about Caleb AND my Majesty.

        • The Beach says:

          Yep, Keith told Caleb last week that he needed to be more current or else he was going to come across too retro so what does he do? A Rush song (although the did it well).

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            LOL. Queen is next, I’m sure ;) If he wants to do these songs, he has to figure out how to re-arrange them to make them sound current. Like David or Daughtry or Lambert did. Just show he can extend himself beyond the original – in essence, showing who he really is, not that he can just do cool covers of cool songs.

          • Eric S says:

            I don’t get why retro is bad. One of the groups I just have gotten into is Orchid. They have a Sabbath from the early 70s feel to them and I love it. Winery Dogs also have that cool retro feel to them. Rush is his favorite group and this was “Home” week. Why not do Rush during this week because this may be his only shot. I personally don’t get the criticism. I wouldn’t mind hearing some rock with the retro feel to them. That would be cool. So much of the current rock is just plain garbage. I get that he will need to mix it up some with maybe a ballad or a mid tempo number. But I dig the rock that he brings. And I don’t recall Chris D ever veering away from rock in his choices, so there’s that. I personally would take Caleb’s rock over Alex’s indie rock stuff any day of the week.

      • ben says:

        @Danny – honestly, I have to say, and I know this is partly based on my own personal preference, but I think Majesty’s have stood out so far from the rest that there is no-one in her league. She is not a ‘power-singer’ like I guess many might have thought she might be, but that doesn’t feel like her vibe. Her Tightrope, from last week, has over the course of the week become something I can’t stop playing, and now is among my favourite performances ever – without it being ‘blow me away amazing’ in the moment.

        • Danny says:

          Ben- we’re all biased. That’s ok, that’s part of the fun. I’m partial to the rocker types. In between posts here I’ve listened to Deep Purple and Tom Petty. I also like the variety. I wouldn’t want them all to be rockers. For whatever reason Majesty just hasn’t rang a bell for me in the live shows. I liked something about her that she was an early favorite of mine.

          For what it’s worth I change my opinion based on how I think they did. I don’t pick Person A as my favorite and stick w/ em no matter how they do. The only 3 I’ve latched onto right away and stuck with them are Bo Bice, David Cook, and James Durbin. In James’ case I think Haley passed him, but he was still outstanding. I like pretty much all of them as people, so I want them to do well. When I say my favorite I mean it as in who I think is the best that particular week and overall.

          Back to the bias, I think Caleb has been the best these past few weeks. Is that biased? I don’t think so from my thinking, but it might be seen as biased by others. Ironically, Caleb wasn’t in my early favorites.

          I hope Majesty (and Alex for that matter) pick it back up. For you I know she’s never left. I mean it as in I hope she has a song that we’re both cheering for when she’s done.

    • AlyB says:

      I felt the same way. Totally underwhelmed. Everything was just kind of lackluster. I think we’re starting to see the ones drifting to the bottom of the pack and I do have some favorites that have potential but so far no one has actually broken out of the pack, just jostled their position in it. Someone needs to throw down the gauntlet and sing like they deserve to be the next Idol. It hasn’t happened yet.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Underwhelmed is the word that came to my mind last night as I was listening to the performances in my car. There is just one singer on that sinking ship called American Idol that gives me any kind of hope. Most of the rest of them needed to be sent home and told to come back in a year when they’ve learned how to perform.

  4. cogamimaje says:

    Half great half bad performances all throughout. Makes me sad.

  5. OhMy says:

    Well, this season isn’t off to a very good start. But you have to blame the judges — these can’t be the singers they heard (or if they are, AI isn’t attractive to contestants). The best of the group should be the bottom of the 12. Bt comparison to the rest, the top or 3 seem good, but it’s grading on a curve, I’m afraid.

    • OhMy says:

      Edit — these can’t be the BEST singers they heard.

      • Owen says:

        I think the judges and producers honestly did cast this with what they thought were the best (from probably a large list of good singers), Each one of these contestants had moments on their way to the Top 13. But things happen. Live shows are so different. These are mostly younger singers, untried but for a coffee house or school talent show. It happens to one or two each year, this time, its happening to more than half! I think Harry is having buyers remorse, that’s why he is being so hard on them. I can’t imagine him letting the producers talk him into anyone in that Top 30 he didn’t want. And, at least, there were no real train wrecks this week (I don’t agree CJ was a D+), There was a consistent mediocrity that at least bodes that they can improve…? Maybe…? I love a lot of these kids as people. I really want them to do better.

        • Jeremiah says:

          I agree with you about CJ. Was it the performance that he needed to make a comeback? No. But I can’t imagine what Michael disliked about it so much, that would consider it on par with Malaya’s “Runaway Baby” from last week (which actually was kind of a train wreck).

        • The Beach says:

          CJ was off key and sharp the entire performance.

          • Jeremiah says:

            I don’t have a great ear, so I guess that I can’t argue. But the pitch during CJ’s performance didn’t bother me at all – whereas it did during Jessica’s and Majesty’s performances. Not really sure why…

        • ben says:

          Owen, I agree. We could hear the auditions and Hollywood stuff with our own ears. There are contestants who were much better there than they have done so far live.

      • Rivka Simons says:

        All of the best singers got sent home.

    • Blame the judges? Really? The contestants have vocal coaches and an actual coach, none of whom have told them how “meh” they sound before they take the stage. Almost every contestant on the stage has sung a song or two beautifully and/or brilliantly throughout the audition process/Hollywood week. Song choice is everything and they are getting no guidance whatsoever.

      • Kiwi says:

        There might be a problem with the guidance *cough* randy *cough* …. I feel like we have seen that a lot of these contestants have potential, but they are still new to this. If the ‘guidance’ is failing them, then we may see more sub-par performances…

        • Heather Gallagher says:


          • The Beach says:

            Randy does a disservice to the word “mentor”. Making vapid suggestions like “Sing your heart out”, etc is not mentoring. It’s just screen time. I wonder how much he is being paid for this expert advice?

    • Shawn says:

      That comment made no sense…I’ve read it about 3 times and I still can’t wrap my head around what you’re trying to say.

      • OhMy says:

        I meant why did they pick them in the first place? And why did the whittle them down to this lackluster group? I do not blame the judges now (though exactly what Keith is listening to is unclear), but I blame them for their past decisions.

    • Musicfan5 says:

      I agree with you, choose your favorite 6 contestants from this Season’s Top 12 (it doesn’t matter which 6 you choose) and they would be *the bottom 6* in just about any other season. The guys are too similar…the only singers who are exciting live are Caleb, Jena, and Majesty. Thus far, this whole season is just so “meh.”

  6. Danny says:

    Wow, so many thoughts on tonight’s show. I thought overall it was a pretty good show. My top was Caleb, followed by Malaya (not just cuz I like her, I thought it was REALLY good). Malaya surprised me. I had thought she was in over her head last week. This week I felt she belonged. In seeing the voting, she was 5th out of the second group of 6. I think most of these contestants already have their fan base. It’s probably to late to get too many new people on your train now.
    I’m ok w/ the judging for the most part, but I’m wondering if Harry’s ever gonna be happy w/ something- He’s going overboard I think on critiques. Even though I didn’t think MK did very well, to say “it seems like you don’t wanna be here” is one of those defenseless arguments and puts the person in a no win position. I also wonder if Jessica’s gonna start getting the bee’s itch (read as one word) treatment. I also wish they’d quit talking to each other during the middle of people’s songs. They should pay more attention to the singing.

    So the best IMO were 1) Caleb 2) Malaya Then 3-5 in no real order Jena/Jessica/Dexter. The ones who I thought struggled were MK, Ben, and Majesty. Last week I had thought Dexter should have been in the bottom. This week I thought he did pretty well.

    I used a voting formula of giving anyone I wanted to stick around 50 votes. I don’t recall who suggested that, but it was a good idea. I had given my favorite 50, next fav 45 and so on. That doesn’t make sense until later in the competition. So good catch there. I gave my top 5 + CJ and Alex 50 votes each. Sam and Majesty were early favorites of mine, but they’ve tapered off some in the past few weeks.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      It was hard to vote this week b/c no one blew me away. So I kinda of voted on who I just want to give another chance to… I only really enjoyed Dexter though. I voted for Dexter, Malaya, Caleb and Majesty [b/c I don’t want her leave this way. This week was a bizarrely bad week for Ms. Rose.] I give everyone 50, just ’cause ;)

      • The Beach says:

        I think the judges were exactly right in telling Majesty she should have kept the song quiet instead of going for the bombastic but since she has been consistently good on the earlier live shows I’m going to cut her some slack. But I wasn’t near the fan of Malaya’s performance that many seem to be. I thought the second half veered out of control again just like last week. My boys Sam and Alex are starting to bore me…pick it up guys (hard to believe Sam isn’t even shaving yet LOL). Caleb’s vocals have been excellent each week and he seems very comfortable on stage and not affected by nerves like some others but I’m not big on his song choices.

        • Name That Tune says:

          I’m in agreement with you Beach. I hear one voice each week that simply blows the others away. But Caleb is 23 and he’s competing against a few children (Emily, Malaya, Sam, Alex). Would like to see these kids after they have has a chance to develop their skills.

          • Danny says:

            @Name- That I agree with. Generally a young adult is going to be better than a kid at pretty much anything (except maybe gymnastics or something like that). The only kids who I think have nailed it from AI are Allison and Jessica S (sorta) from Season 11. The Voice had Danielle last year and AGT had that opera singer who was pretty good. Other than that, I’m drawing a blank on any kid who I felt was outstanding.

    • ben says:

      I agree Danny that I felt it was overall a decent show. Noone did really amazing, but what I like about this season is that I am genuinely enjoying the ok performances, can’t even imagine how much I will love them if they really nail them.

      • ben says:

        Also I’ll say – I was not as enamoured with Jess or Emily last week as many were (I didn’t think either of them did well). This week, on other hand, I felt I that both improved on their last outing. Jess, in particular, seems to be actually coming a little out of her shell (a little) and growing in confidence. Dexter also way improved his performance from last week, as did Malaya, who was possibly my favourite of the night. Scrub that, she WAS my favourite of the night. I also really enjoyed Ben and Majesty, and have nothing to complain about when it comes to listening to Caleb.

        On the other hand, I was a little gutted by Alex’s performance as it was so much weaker than he had done previously. I still think what he has done in the past will keep him safe.

        I think CJ is, much like Kristen last week, the very obvious boot at this point. I really like CJ and really wanted him to be in this top 13, but he simply hasn’t shown he can go beyond ‘sweet’.

  7. kate'shomesick says:

    Jena C+ needs proper vocal training NOW, actually like the song choice, nice tone and energy
    Alex B- good musicality, vocally couple of glitches, horribly overdone song but different version
    Jessica C- the vibrato isn’t natural it’s bad technique, great song choice, energy under, sharp
    Dexter B- emotionally I bought it, solid but I’ve seen that at many a bar, most improved though
    Emily D+ overwhelmed by production, not enough charisma, dance moves, conviction or passion
    Caleb B+ it’s just good that’s what it is
    MK D- uncomfortable, just not a stage person and that’s ok, the „phrasing“ …ugh…
    CJ F such intonation problems are not acceptable, phrasing off…ugh
    Sam B – similar to PP- not the emotional type- that’s fine, horrible/distracting staging poor guy
    Malaya C- nice makeover, vocally highly questionable but I liked the idea of it, poor dynamics
    Ben B- it actually was a pretty clean belt (not shouting), knows his stuff vocally, believable
    Majesty C beginning breathy…ending horrific (vocal lessons NOW), wrong song for 90 sec

    if I was a harsher person those grades would have been way worse

    • kate'shomesick says:

      as for bottom three: should be- CJ, Emily, MK (going home: CJ)
      will be- MK, Emily, Jena ….(going home: MK)

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      LOL. I love your reviews. I think Sam is the female MK at this point. Stiff and so obviously shy it’s uncomfortable to watch. I think you gave some generosity points to Alex, Sam and Ben this week though ;)

      • kate'shomesick says:

        Thanks. Those three (plus Caleb) will always get the generosity points. They are the only real musicians. Sorry but it had to be said. I get what you’re saying about Sam…but unlike MK he delivers vocally and musically (and I just realized that he’s 17- that just is an awkward age for most guys).

    • JM says:

      These grades are more along the lines of what I’m thinking. I thought Alex Dexter, Caleb, Ben, Malaya and Majesty were the best tonight.

    • Jenny says:

      I have never been impressed with MK and couldn’t figure out how she made the live shows. Her voice is different but I did agree with Harry that it does seem like she doesn’t wasn’t to be there. I do think in her heart she wants to be there, but this point in the competition just expects more than she has to give and is just over whelmed. I don’t think you need to have big over the top performances to win. But you have to somehow you have to connect with the audience and she just doesn’t know how to do it. I don ‘t know if she has a lot of performing experience before this. But it does seem that maybe she just sings a lot for family and friends where someone convinced her to try out never expecting to get this far. She just seems like she wants yo be any place but the Idol stage.

      • Rivka Simons says:

        Androgeny is on trend, and MK is clearly the season’s example of being cool like that.

      • Mark says:

        I never understood all the love for MK either. She’s the musical equivalent of Ambien who doesn’t know how to wear a baseball cap. Now that her awkward lesbian shtick is wearing as thin as her voice, I don’t expect her to last more than another week–if she’s not gone tonight.

        • MamaLis says:

          I’ll agree with you but I’m gonna go Xanax instead of Ambien.

          I think the Judges thought she had a ton of depth behind that quiet persona and in reality, she’s one of these people you can SEE, think. NOT a quality one wants in a performer.

          She’s got between zero and 2 weeks to go.

  8. Jim says:

    i agree with every grade you gave everyone (with 1 exception). no one deserved an A today. total disappointment at this stage of the competition. Jess should have been a C+ though in my opinion she butchered one of my favorite songs and I would actually like to see her in the bottom 3.

    • GrumpyOl'Lady says:

      Totally agree.

    • Jaszy says:

      She didn’t butcher it. It was a different take. If she sang it like Dido, then you would be complaining that she didn’t do anything different with the song…
      she gave a good performance. it wasn’t her best, but it was still worthy of voting.

    • Tom22 says:

      While no one deserves an A I think the show as a whole deserved an A .. it was fun to watch.. the songs were much fresher, and I thought the judges kept adding a lot.
      Fun stories without any sob stories or much save-the-world-guilt to them.
      . Not too much hyboerbole over-selling crap like “best season ever’ or “in it to win it”
      Fun for me to watch..almost nothing belchworty. Yes the performances themselves could have been a notch better with better singer buy-in to the meaning of the songs and the right and responsibility of a peformer to unequivically deliver a message of time or place or thought embodied in a song for them.

      … actually, I would give Dexter an A- for his.. he was all in and has a very good voice.. not quite a unique enough tone even if he has his own unique stylizations but he can’t really do much about that unfortunately (wish Caleb had Dexter’s depth of character brought to his performances)

  9. Pati D says:

    Tonight did nothing for me honestly. The performances were either ok or meh. There was not a single performance that made me motivated to vote.

    • Terry says:

      I must have missed the ok ones, they were all either meh or dreadful to me. Woeful lack of talent this season, didn’t think they could do worse in that department than last season, but lo and behold.

  10. Rodrigo says:

    That was probably the weakest night from the last 3 seasons. It was hard to watch.

    • Owen says:

      Oh please. Half the girls and all of the guys gave worse performances CONSISTENTLY last year.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        Mmm, nah. I’m with Rodrigo on this one. This was the weakest night.

        • Danny says:

          I agree with Owen. This would have been one of the best 2 or 3 shows if it was on last year. It’s easy to recall how great something was. Memory often tends to make things better than they were. I thought todays show had some decent (not great) performances. I still think there’s 5 or 6 from this year who are better than Janelle- my #1 last year.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            No way, no how can any of these kids this year outsing Kree, Candice or Amber. Can you please pass over whatever you’re smoking, cuz I definitely want a hit of that!

          • Danny says:

            @Angie- I guess we’re just gonna have to agree to disagree. Kree, Candice, and Amber were decent, but far from great. Janelle was actually my #1 last year (another disagreement w/ ya I guess). I’ve been watching since Season 4. Janelle would be about #50 of all time Idols. Even with today, this year alone has 5 or 6 that I like more than Janelle. I didn’t think today was terrible though, just nothing outstanding.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            @Danny – To each his/her own. I thought Janelle was the weakest of the women! lol But it sounds like you like the more stylized singers, in which case this year would be better for you. I don’t mind the occasional Prince or Blondie, but give me Bruno Mars or Whitney Houston any day of the week over Prince or Blondie!

          • LeahKittyS says:

            I like Blondie and Bruno Mars. So what does that mean?

          • Danny says:

            @Angie- LOL!! ok, 1/2 agreement. I’ll take Prince over Bruno Mars any day but we agree on Whitney over Blondie- Though to break that down further, I don’t like a whole lot of Prince (though I appreciate that he’s very talented) but like both Whitney (actually REALLY like Whitney) and Blondie. Of those 4 I’d go 1) Whitney 2) Blondie 3) Prince 4) Bruno Mars.
            My favorite singes of any genre would be the Robert Plant, Ronnie James Dio, Roger Daltrey (The Who) types. Power rock singers. I also love Stevie Nick’s voice. Mannnn she drives me nuts when she sings- in a good way. I’m not sure if you’re a Haley lover or hater, but Haley’s singing would be up w/ those I mentioned above.

            If we argue enough we’ll find something to agree on. Cheers!

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            There was a reason the judges looked so disappointed at the end of the show tonight, and not just Harry, all 3 of them. They realized that there was not one stand out performance tonight. Last year was not a great year but every week at least one or two, if not more of the girls, gave a stand out performance. No one was close to that tonight. Here’s the problem, even during some of idols supposed bad seasons, by the end of the night there was always at least one or two performers who I would think”I can’t wait to see what they sing next week”
            There is not one person in this group who I feel that way about, at least not yet. Sitting and watching tonight I could feel Harry’s pain, I wanted someone to blow me away, and the thing is I thought there were some good song choices. I love Dido’s White Flag, and I love the Coldplay song that Majesty sang, if she had kept it slow like the judges said, that may have been the one really good performance tonight. And if I hear the word “goosies” one more time on this show I’m going to hand in my Randy Jackson Fan Club pin.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Not sure why everyone thinks the talent last year was bad. It was pretty good with one glaring exception (hint: its name rhymes with Mazaro). The only reason the perception was that the guys sucked is because the producers (through the judges) told us that they sucked when there was compelling evidence to the contrary. And even the worst woman last year is light years ahead of any of this year’s contestants.

        • LeahKittyS says:

          Agreed. I really liked last year’s cast. They were all great in the studio and on the tour (yes, even Lazaro). I’ll take Candice, Kree, or Angie over any of these guys. Heck, they should have pulled James Durbin and Casey Abrams out of the audience to perform; it would have been better. And I say this as a fan of Majesty, Jena, Jessica, Alex, Sam, and Caleb.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Where they screwed up big time last year was A) putting Mariah Carey and Nicki Garbaj on the judging panel, B) keeping Randy Jackson and C) severely interfering with a fair vote by telling us what gender we should be voting for. It wasn’t the talent that tanked the show last season; it was all the producer’s fault. Nigel very much deserved to get canned for what went down last year. Looking solely at the talent, it was an above-average year. Still waiting for Amber to release something, but I’ll make my peace with the fact that it probably won’t happen.

          • Danny says:

            @Leah- I disagree w/ ya about last years cast. Where I def agree w/ ya is on James Durbin. So far I like Caleb and Jessica the most this year. They’re not even close to James though.

        • Danny says:

          @Angie- Huge disagreement. The guys were bad. There were less than 5 decent performances from top 10 on down. Most of those were on the night Orianthi played guitar for em. Almost every song was some sleepy ballad, and not well done.

          • The Beach says:

            I do have to admit that it is a joy not to be overwhelmed with ballad after ballad after ballad like last year.

        • ben says:

          Interesting Angie, makes me perhaps appreciate why you don’t like the look of this year. I found last years cast boring and very average with the exception of Candice, Amber and Burnell (and maybe Devin). But I think its a style thing – people like Kree and Angie I really just don’t find fun or interesting (even though I know many others really like them), and there isn’t any of those types of singers this year.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Maybe, Ben. I’m a vocal purist, and pure talent wise, last year’s cast was — in my opinion — one of the strongest, if not the strongest, I’ve seen. It was a lot of ballads, but that’s what people who really know how to sing well will always gravitate towards because it’s where power singers usually sound best. If you’re looking for the next Billboard Top 100 artist, yeah, you’re right. Prob not going to find one from last season. But vocally they were an impressive group.

          • ben says:

            @Angie – fair nuff. I’m a musician, but I’m not always a vocal purist. I like to ‘hear something’ in the voice, and I tend to understand Harry’s comment to CJ in that I often will enjoy a performance which isn’t technically amazing but which just ‘has something’ that I’m looking for. For me, this season has quite a few of that kind of artist. Having said that, if technical strength comes with an interesting tone (Thia, Devin last year) I’ll forgive ‘boring’ too.

            And yeah, I guess for the most part I’m just not into ballads a lot, unless they are pulled off amazingly well (which to be fair, Candice was pretty much Idol’s best at, perhaps ever).

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            @Ben – Welcome, fellow musician. :) I’m a vocalist who has spent the majority of my life learning how to use my voice properly and am now finally reaping the benefits both artistically and financially. I know exactly what you (and Harry) are talking about, and I think that’s a perfectly valid reason to like someone’s voice. But for me personally, I rarely enjoy a voice if it’s not technical perfection because I have a hard time taking them seriously as musicians. For example, Kree had so many moments last year that nearly had me in tears they were so beautiful (actually once I did literally cry), which made me very confused when people said they were bored by her. I am never bored when a song is sung well, but I fully appreciate where you’re coming from.

          • DonB says:


            I always gravitate to great voices. I could listen to Linda Eder every moment until I die. Here’s the problem. The performances on Idol are at least 50% performance. It’s not just a voice one is listening to like on the radio or with MP3. What is clear is that from a performance standpoint – it’s acting really – the kids on AI are too young and have no acting experience. The judges are begging them to find a way to connect, to be actors and actresses but they don’t know how. (Imagine, JLo was asking them for a wow! moment at the end of the show, but in reality that is asking someone to run a five minute mile that has never trained for it. It doesn’t just happen.) When the performance becomes uncomfortable, as it was with MK and Emily last night, how the listener hears is adversely affected, much more so than if it is a believable performance. Taylor Hicks or Lee Dewyze may be the best examples of that. Kree was terrific vocally, but she was such a non-actress it was virtually impossible for an audience to connect in a performance setting. It’s is Candice’s problem also, so the final last year between the two was like listening to beautiful paint dry.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            @Don – I 100% agree with what you’re saying. Whereas the voting public of music-buying consumers may take all these variables you mention into account to make their decisions, I’m listening to the voice and the musicianship. I hear you why some people thought Kree and Candice were dull last year, but I was always at the edge of my seat waiting to hear what was going to happen next. Once I realized that this year was more an exercise in cringing and yelling “NO! NO! NO!” at my tv, I had to give up. There might be a superstar in this mix (doubtful), but if there is, I will not be buying his or her music.

        • MAB says:

          I think last year stunk and not because the judges told us the boys were bad but because they were. We were not hypnotized by a panel of stinky judges. The girls were okay but boring. It was ballad after ballad last year. Yes Candice and some of the other girls put out some really good performances but to me it was the worse season of Idol ever. The worse team of judges except for Keith and a boring bunch of contestants. I miss none of them and do not follow any of them. I did buy Candice’s album but played it once. It is not awful but It is not music that appeals to me and that I can listen to over and over again. I guess everyone hears things differently.

          • The Beach says:

            I previewed the songs on Candice’s album on iTunes and decided not to buy it. I think she is so very talented but the music was not what I was hoping for from her CD.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            But the boys weren’t really bad. You’ve been biased by the powers that be! Burnell and Devon kicked all these kids from Season 13’s collective booties. It was the most confusing thing ever when I would listen to Burnell and Devon sing and hear the judges say it sucked. But in all fairness, Burnell’s Bon Jovi cover was memorably bad! And the gospel singer who got booted first was also awesome (if a tad overwrought, which would be the understatement of the century).

          • LeahKittyS says:

            The gospel singer’s name was Curtis. And I appreciate you sticking up for last year’s gang.

          • MAB says:

            Angie_Overrated lets just agree to disagree. I did not enjoy any of the boys last year and was not influenced by the shows powers that be. I only enjoyed a couple of the girls performances. Season 11 I bought all the studios and played them over and over and still play many of them. Season 12 I also bought all the studios and guess what I never play any of them anymore. After last season I vowed I will not waste my money on the studios and only purchase if I really like something. The only song I still play is Love Song and still like it even better than anything she has done on her album. That performance won her the title and is one of the best idol performance ever. I really think Candice is really good and one of the best voices in Idol history but she is not a performer and I really do not like her genre of music. I can only listen to so much of it before getting a headache. Everyone has their own taste in music
            I absolutely adore Phillip Phillips. He is my all time favorite Idol. I can listen to him non stop day and night and never get tired of him. Two years now and I am still playing his idol performances and also bought everything he’s ever put out. There are many here who do not like him and I can’t convince them otherwise. I’ve actually been insulted and called all kinds of things when I praised him. To each there own. I am okay with that and you need to be too.

          • Mark says:

            That pretty much sums up my feelings on last year’s show. Bad boys and boring girls. It was a snooze fest.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            MAB, I’m not sure how you can possibly believe Burnell/Candice/Kree/Amber/Devon etc. are not better than any of the 13 finalists this year, but to each his/her own. I know folks with minimal vocal training who can outsing this year’s crop. It’s abysmal.

        • MC says:

          ITA. I don’t want to be mean, but even Angie herself was light years better than anyone on this year’s show. It might have been different if Kenzie and Austin Wolfe were in the mix, but somehow they weren’t good enough?! Jillian Jensen and Brandy Neelly were also pretty darn good. It just seems that there were some very promising singers who didn’t make the top 13 (add Savion Wright to the names I already mentioned). Majesty Rose, arguably the most talented vocalist this season, inexplicably forgot almost all of the words to “Stars” (a very well known song) during Hollywood week. The actual top 13 is a rather disappointing bunch. It seems to be full of people who are at least a few years away from ever making a dent in the music business.

      • ben says:

        Agree with you, Owen. This season far exceeds most of last seasons episodes on its worst nights.

        • bobsaccamanna says:

          Unfortunately Ben so fat this year, all we have seen are “worse nights” There is no one in this seasons top 12 that can hold a candle to Kree, Candice, Amber, Angie or even Janelle. If you remember last year Janelle sat down with her guitar and quietly played a Supremes song”You Keep me Hanging On” for me one of the highlights of the season. I can’t see anyone in this years group capable of a performance like that, or of Angie’s cover of the Jesse J song. I’m not a big fan of power ballads usually, but all 5 of those girls last year could really sing and I was interested in tuning in each week to see what they were going to perform.
          So far this year, not so much. At least not yet.

          • MC says:

            I applaud your courage in continuing to watch this season. I’m not a glutton for punishment. You’re right about last season, though. There were some exciting voices (even one or two among the males) and I was happy to watch it every week. Candice just slayed almost all of her songs and I was always curious to hear what Angie would do next (even her detractors have to admit she was a performer with artistic integrity and some real talent).

          • ben says:

            Well as I say, you can call that a ‘worse night’ (and I don’t really disagree) but I still enjoy it a ton more than I enjoyed most nights last year (certainly any night before top 5).

  11. Davey says:

    I just listened to Ben’s performance over again and he was much better than the judges said. Except for Jennifer who was right. I felt the song immediately and he knew what he was singing. But most of the other were off tonight.

    I was particularly not impressed by Malaya who seemed morose at the beginning of the song and screechy at the end. And what was interesting about Dexter? Nothing.

    I still like Alex but his song choice didn’t work. Majesty would have been fine but then she ruined her song at the end.

    Even Jessica who basically gave a good performance just let her song die at the end.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      OMG Ben was so bad I had to listen to him 4 times in a row…heartfelt grown-up music that had me from the start…followed by Dexter’s beautiful ballad…compare these two to Scott Macreary’s novelty country act and these guys really shine…did not understand the support for Malaya as her song devolved into being totally, obnoxiously out of tune…thought Emily made a wise choice with a JLo song (as ANYONE can sing better than JLo) but she messed it all up BYE BYE…loved Jessica and was picking up on the Stevie Nicks in her voice

      • SS says:

        I agree, Dexter and Ben were my favorites of the night. Dexter surprised me but I think Ben has been consistently good all along. Seems I am in the minority here on that but I think most here tend to agree with whoever Slezak’s favorites are.

        • The Beach says:

          I’ve liked Ben since that bluesy number he did a few weeks ago where he played (and shredded) the electric guitar. And don’t be fooled by his aw shucks country boy demeanor. The dude is sly as a fox.

  12. Gailer says:

    Why are we seeing so much of Randy?

  13. Owen says:

    Though I agree that this was a contestant week of B’s and C’s, I just sometimes don’t understand what Slezak is listening to. He rails so much at the judges supposedly following a scripted praise schedule for certain contestants, it’s hard for me to believe he is hypocritically doing the same thing. But Jessica getting the highest mark??? There is a difference in wanting a singer to do better than they really did, and then grading them on that want (and fanboy prejudice) instead of the actuality of the performance! Girl was singing so off-key I honestly thought “White Flag” was a different Dido song than what I thought it was at first. I didn’t recognize it! I agree Ben and Malaya weren’t fantastic–but they certainly weren’t a full grade below Jessica (and Dexter a B-???).

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Agree. I gave Jessica a D+. It was just a hot mess. I just wanted so much more from her after last week’s complete awesomeness.

    • SS says:

      Completely agree on the fanboy bias giving that a much better grade than deserved. I really wanted to like this song but her vocal tone wasn’t quite right. Normally she’s sounded better than that. She has reminded me of Stevie Nicks from the start. She did look really beautiful, better than I had seen her before, the stylists did an awesome job with her (and with Jena and Malaya as well).

  14. Teeny Bikini says:

    Meh. That show was a hot mess of jittering singers – for the most part. Dexter was actually my fave – and I can’t even believe I just typed that. But I thought he was great. With all due respect to Miss Lo… But Emily, if JLo can outsing you – it’s a problem. Michael – For me, the only B in the bunch was Dexter, the rest deserved a C or below. We can’t keep blaming the ear pieces for the lack of intonation – can we?

    • Danny says:

      I got a grin on your Emily/JLo comparison. I don’t think Emily was very good, don’t get me wrong. but at least she actually sang a JLo song without auto tune, which is something JLo has never done.

  15. RRM says:

    Tonight was verrryy disappointing. I don’t understand Harry’s diss on Jessica, thought she had the most solid performance of the night. I rank Jena as the second.
    Disappointed with Majesty, was digging the first half of her rendition of ‘Fix You’ till she fell face first to the floor with that ‘high note’ that crackled but props to her for not chocking when the whip came down hard ‘coz that was just so disappointing.

    MK’s nervousness and uncomfortable stage presence was highly palpable…do her a favor and send her home soon because I think another performance, she’s gonna soil herself on stage.

    Malaya was terrible yet again…vast improvement from last week’s performance but terrible overall…off key throughout and that high note was out right a scream. It’s impressive to see singers putting a lot of effort to reach a high-note and make it and it’s another thing to attempt and fail at it.

    Alex was fine…his performance was forgettable. Dexter opened his mouth for once but he sounds too country generic. Ben recovered from last week with some good notes, vast improvement. Emily was flat out FLAT and boring and karaoke. Have to agree with Harry on Caleb’s predictability…be a rockstar is fine and all but give something different, Caleb’s too pegged on being a rockstar its vexing. CJ improved but mweh. Sam was boring…he needs to stray off from overtly safe, limited range songs ‘coz his performance last week and tonights was utterly the same

    • GrumpyOl'Lady says:

      I disagree with you on Jessica; I didn’t like her spin on White Flag, and I didn’t like her tone. She sounded off-key much of the time. Also, I cringed when she said she’s been singing that song for years – and it sounded just as stale, as though it was “just another set number.” I don’t get the love for her.

      • RRM says:

        ok i respect you on that…but with tonight’s underwhelming performances, I just don’t know what’s going on…maybe they should bring back those wretched themes, might force the singers to do more than what they’re accustomed too? :P

      • Angela says:

        I agree with you on Jessica. That performance actually grated on me.
        Majesty and Caleb were probably the best ones tonight, but even then that’s not saying a whole lot. I fully agree with the sentiments here about Caleb stepping outside his comfort zone, and I get what the judges were saying about how jarring the switch was in the Coldplay song Majesty did-that it would’ve been better for her to stick with the quieter side of things. But honestly, I would’ve preferred she do the entire song in the more big, expansive style that it went into halfway through. I think that’s where she hit her stride. She sounded good with the quiet strummy guitar stuff, I won’t argue that…but there’s LOTS of musicians doing that style of music right now. It’d be nice to see her stand out from the pack a little bit in that regard.
        Otherwise, my feelings about the night seem to be summed up by everyone else here quite nicely. Meh. *Shrugs*

  16. Malaya is ranked way, way too low. She SANG that!

    • OhMy says:

      But, she didn’t sing it well.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        Agreed. I’m not a Gospel fan, but I can appreciate it when it’s done well. What Malaya did was not it.

        • MamaLis says:

          Lest we really shudder, think back to Season 12 at this time and what contestants like Joshua Ledet, Elise, and Colton Dixon were doing. I mean, my GOSH! Comparing last night (and a Malaya) to gospel-bred Joshua Ledet – and YIKES… not even in the same league!

          • Eric S says:

            Loved Joshua Ledet. I think he would have won this yr. Still waiting on an album from him. He deserves to put out something.

          • MAB says:

            He is more of a entertainer than a recording artist. I could barely tolerate his studios for season 11. Every song ended in a scream fest. It literally gave me a headache but he was fun to watch.

      • Timmah says:

        When she gets to the louder notes it sounds like someone’s strangling a cat.

    • RRM says:

      SANG it down the drain is more like it…off key and right off screamy. a few seconds into the song and you can already tell she was way off

      • I thought she soft at the beginning, kind of shaky near the end of the beginning, then when she got up from the piano she really showed us she has some PIPES! :) I can tell she’s gonna be a polarizing contestant already. The “shriek brigade” is on full patrol tonight.

        • RRM says:

          LOL ‘shriek patrol’…but if I were to chose between Malaya and MK, I’d chose Malaya. Kid has some pipes no doubt but she needs major coaching and fast like faster than ‘what’s your address while getting murdered’ 911 call fast ‘coz she tends to blast in every direction

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Okay, I’d pick MK over Malaya if I were choosing between those two, but you win the night with that 911 call comparison. Major LOL.

          • The Beach says:

            Yeah, that analogy was too funny!

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Oh Malaya, I see you are trying to the reign in the cray cray… um, nice hair. The rest? Inconsistent. When she hits notes, if often seems accidental to me. I don’t feel she has control of her voice.

  17. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    ANYBODY MISS KENZIE HALL?????? (like me) :(

    • Danny says:

      Yes and no. I just watched the Hollywood rounds again (yea, I’m a slappy). All these contestants were the ones people were high on back then. My thinking is if Kenzie (or Savion or just any of them) were here we’d be wishing for Jena (or Sam or just whoever).

      Something happens to these kids between the snippets we get and the live shows. My guess is they had a lot of mistakes back then too, but we only got to see 10 second snippets of when they were really good.

      • marie says:

        Danny, I think you have something there. These kids sounded so good on the edited shows, and now they’re falling to pieces. I’ve said it many times, you just can’t tell much from the edited shows. I think you’re absolutely right, if any of the contestants who seemed promising before the live shows were here instead of any who DID make it to the lives, it’s quite possible they might have turned out to be just as disappointing as these singers have been.

    • I thought she had one really good peformance, and the rest were nothing to brag about.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I miss George, Malcolm and Brittany.

    • MC says:

      Trust me. She didn’t just seem better than the ones they selected; Kenzie really was better. Ditto for Austin Wolfe. Pull up Kenzie Hall: Final Judgment on YouTube. Then think for a second that her reward for making the top 15 (and the judges were actually very happy to say that she made the top 15) was that she could never sing on the show again. Hmmm. That makes sense?

      • Cogamimaje says:


      • tvlover44 says:

        i totally agree about austin wolfe – she was one of my favorites throughout and i was very disappointed she didn’t sing during top 15 (and am even moreso having seen what we’re stuck with). i also very much miss malcolm – he should’ve been given a wild card and then he would’ve sung ‘i’m goin’ down’ and it would’ve been epic (again) and he would be here in the top 12. and yes, i’m missing loads of people from last year. not a good sign when the show makes us all long for folks from previous seasons or earlier in this one…

    • SS says:

      Not really, she was kind of boring to me. I’m not really into her style of music.

  18. Renee says:

    The Mediocre Dozen? Irked by tiresome kneejerk praise for Malaya’s shouty gospel song. (Calculated much lol.) I did like that Keith said Sam sounded like ‘buttah’ — mostly because Keith Urban said buttah but even if it was boring butter it wasn’t hot mess butter. And I like MK but first of all TRAIN? and second of all – badly performed Train? Not sure I knew that was possible. Are the judges or producers going to do anything to force them out of their comfort zones? Because this is dull and the vocals are not. good. (I mean maybe Dexter and his dawgs n truck but that’s not the sort of country music I enjoy so I don’t know). And I normally try not to let physical looks sway me but Alex’s ‘I smell something bad face’ with that outfit and the bad karaoke Gavin DeGraw made feel pain for him. That was not fun. I finally just wanted Ryan to pull Allison Iraheta over the wall for an impromptu palate cleansing song. (Better than pimping Randy’s ‘new discovery’) Sorry for all the negativity – that just left me cranky and wishing I’d watched Psych instead~~ (Mostly good judging I guess…)

    • The Beach says:

      I’m trying not to be a Negative Nancy either but your post pretty much summed up the night for me.

    • Kiki says:

      No one has mentioned this yet, but I have a feeling Alex might actually have an autism spectrum issue going on, and I don’t mean that as an insult.

      • Kieran says:

        Just to clarify, Alex’s extreme aversion to making eye contact is typical of people with Aspergers or other autism spectrum “differences.” The fact may be that he needs to focus inwardly as he performs to be able to make it through. I wish we could accept everyone’s unique gifts. I’m not trying to preach here, but I got more out of Alex’s performances when he was allowed to be comfortable.

        His unusual facial expression–what you call a rodent face–may be the result of having to confront too much stimuli at one time over the period of a lifetime. People with neurological differences–it’s like they never achieve their balance. The world is always at a tilt. Sensory overload is common, and definitely an expression like Alex’s–to which he seems oblivious (also typical)–could be an effect of how he compensates for that bombardment.

        Often these people are the most gifted in our society, walking around looking “weird,” acting “weird,” yet contributing immensely to the arts, sciences, and business. Look at Andy Warhol. Mozart, too, supposedly had Aspergers. Same with Bill Gates.

        Go, Alex. And whether you have any Aspergers in you or not–it can range from mild to severe–you’re a talented guy, and I hope you get to be yourself on this show.

    • SS says:

      Yes I find it so difficult to watch Alex with his face, shoulders, and arms all scrunched up like that. Although if it is some kind of physical disability I feel bad for saying that. But I think it’s just his posture and his lack of confidence in himself. He always reminds me of “Pat” from Saturday Night Live who had that same posture and mannerisms. Lol

      • matty says:

        oh no SS, now I’m going to see ‘Pat’ and hear that whiny voice whenever I see poor Alex lol. I think he’s really talented – esp out of this group – and usually sings well but the poor kid doesn’t have a disability, he def needs to get it together and figure out a way not to serve up hunched over rodent face.

  19. GrumpyOl'Lady says:

    Jessica with a B+??? She seemed off key at least half the time, and I hated what she did to that song. She made it seem boring to me. But then I’ve not been a fan of hers from the get-go.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Jessica was a little off-key in my ears, too. But her voice reminds me of Stevie Nicks, one of my all-time favorite singers, so I’m letting it slide. Not to mention she’s shown us how awesome she can be. (See: Top 13 “The Crow and the Butterfly.”)

      • Owen says:

        But that’s what Slezak does. He grades on PREVIOUS performances, not the one that we just saw. Or he’s merely double downing, as he knows Jessica is going to get mostly bad feedback on these here postings and from Melinda next week (Ms Doolittle is not a Jessica fan).

        • LeahKittyS says:

          I don’t mind that Mike does that. To me, it’s like saying, “I’m a really big fan of Jessica but tonight she was off.” I know that’s not what he’s saying, but if I were assigning letter grades, that’s how I’d justify it.

        • Mary says:

          It is possible that maybe to his ears he really enjoyed it. I love Jessica but for me it was off. I don’t think it was as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I liked it better than Malaya, I think her song went hay wire at the end and the judges all love it. Different strokes for different folks.

          • Jaszy says:

            Exactly! Jessica’s performance was not a D or even a C. I thought she did good. That equals B for me. It was truly not as bad as exaggerating Harry made it out to be. I really enjoyed the performance. YES! She was sharp! But it wasn’t distracting or grating. Come on people! Stop exaggerating!
            JESSICA, you better KILL it next week! (this is assuming she makes it to the next round, which I think she will)

      • BrazenSongBird says:

        I’m with you. I so love Stevie Nicks and Jessica could be her successor. As far as this performance goes, there were a few/some notes that were way sharp (more than a 1/4 step), but then she would come back to center and it was glorious. I think the real problem with this show right now is Randy Jackson in the resident mentor role. He doesn’t have any lead/solo singing experience so he has no idea how to help these kids carry a performance all the way through. Bring back Adam! Bring back Chris! Give these kids a fighting chance.

  20. Mel1602 says:

    Am I the only one who really liked CJ? He was in my top 3 for the night behind Dexter and Caleb. Malaya reminded from last week but isnt my cup of tea. I hope MK or Alex go home but am worried about CJ and Emily. Emily was better than judges said. Jessica I hope survives solely bc her performance last week was so good

    • The Beach says:

      I don’t know how many of you watch So You Think You Can Dance but several years ago they used that “Waiting for the World to Change” song with a piercing scream/wail at the end over and over. Each of their 10 or 12 dancers had to dance their interpretation of that song. By the time the show ended I hated that song and have detested it ever since. Couple that with CJ’s off-key rendition and it was like stabbing myself in the ear with a fork.

  21. MP says:

    This show is like mediocre karaoke.

  22. LizzieB says:

    It felt like tonight’s show would never end. It’d be a shame if this is how this season’s gonna pan out.

  23. Grace says:

    Jessica was AWFUL!!! I think Emily or Jena will go home

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Of the 2 – if it comes to that, I’d prefer Emily as she has no idea what kind of artist she wants to be. These “I wanna be sexy” songs are not working. She always comes off like a little girl wearing mommy’s clothes. Not authentic. Trying too hard. Anyhoo, I think MK is on her way out, unfortunately.

      • Mary says:

        I actually appreciate Emily for trying different things. Doesn’t always pull them off but her voice is there no denying it. My favorite of all of them is Jessica. I would buy her music. Majesty is good but if I am honest probably wouldn’t support her off the show. I also like Jena style of music but she needs to choose music that highlights her voice. The only guy I think is really gifted is Alex but saying that I wouldn’t see him in concert. He stage present is not there, but I would probably purchase music from him.

  24. Mark says:

    I haven’t watched tonight’s show yet, but from the tenor of these comments it doesn’t appear that I missed anything. Nobody seems happy.

    • Danny says:

      I didn’t think it was as bad as a lot of the rest of them. There were no performances to make ya go “wow!!” but there were some solid ones. It’s still miles ahead of anything we saw last year. Plus, sometimes it takes a bit to get warmed up. In Season 11 I thought it was going to be a brutal year from the first few weeks. Then from week 9 down to week 4, almost every performance was pretty good and IMO was the best season ever. So ya just never know.

      • The Beach says:

        “miles ahead of anything we saw last year”?? You’re kidding, right? I can name five performances by Candice alone that were better than anything I heard tonight.

        • Danny says:

          @Beach- I’m not joking. Where you can name 5 performances by Candice, she didn’t’ really do it for me. I can only remember 1. And even then I remember it more because Haley and Jordan did a better job on it. Candice did a good job on it, but Haley and Jordan did awesome jobs.
          For what it’s worth my #1 last year was Janelle, w/ Candice and Angela right behind her. I didn’t think any of the 3 were that great though. I remember less than 5 performances between all 3 of them combined. It was a mostly forgettable season last year. There were only 2 good weeks the whole year. Orianthi week and if memory serves me right, top 5 week.

          So I guess to be technical there were 2 weeks last year better than this week in Season 13. I should have said this season is still miles ahead of last year.

          • The Beach says:

            Hi Danny. I’m not trying to be argumentative here, really I’m not, and I realize everyone has different tastes in the music they prefer. I just don’t think a single performance tonight could touch Candice’s “Love Song”, “Don’t make me Over” and several others, Angie’s original song, Amber’s “Funny Valentine” (even if she didn’t understand the meaning) and Janelle’s Supremes song. Just my overblown opinion. :)

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            And let’s also not forget Kree’s “Here comes goodbye” and “Stronger.” I think that completes the list. :)

          • The Beach says:

            Duh…how could I forget Kree. She was one of my favorites.

          • Danny says:

            @Beach- I’m enjoying this. Respectful disagreements are fun. If everyone thought Person A was the best singer, or Season X was the best season, there’s not much to talk about. As long as ya don’t go stabbing yourself in the ear when all’s said and done, I’ll be fine.

    • Mark says:

      OK, now that I’ve had a chance to watch the performances, I can sort of see where the frustration is coming from. To tell you the truth, nobody sucked, but nobody stood out. If I had to give out letter grades, it would be Caleb B-, Jessica C+, Alex C+, Emily C-, MK D+, and everyone else a straight C. C is average, and this entire show muddled around that point. I think this cast is as talented as any previous year’s, but three episodes into the live rounds and nobody is consistently demonstrating star potential. I would have called Majesty the frontrunner before last night–but now she’s slipped back into the pack. Caleb is consistently a little better than average, but what real future is there for a classic rock solo singer? It’s not yet time to give up on this season–on average there are only about three or four “Idol Moments” in a season, so the fact that we haven’t seen one yet is not a cause for alarm. But somebody needs to do something outstanding or this season will become just another nail in Idol’s coffin.

  25. Ria says:

    Jeez, the judge’s are great the singer’s suck!!!! May I add “BIG TIME” WTFU!!

  26. tealeaves says:

    I am disappointed with the judges. Maybe it is just me, but it seemed the 3 contestants the judges had the most praise for were Emily, Dexter, and Malaya. Those would be my bottom 3.

  27. AlyB says:

    Yikes that was a rough night for way too many of them. None of them had a wow performance. Even the ones I really enjoyed were flawed in either performance or vocal. I liked Jessica a lot more than the judges did. She was probably my favorite tonight with Caleb right up there. Dexter and Sam both sang well enough. I really liked the front end of Majesty’s performance but the end just didn’t work well for her. I thought she should have sung the bits the background singers were doing. Malaya, Alex, Jena and MK all sounded like their throats were tight and they were trying to push through. They weren’t terrible, Malaya was actually much better than last week but none of them delivered any kind of rich beautiful sound. Alex was the best of that bunch but he still sounded closed up somehow. I thought the judges were actually kind to MK. That was not good. CJ was sharp all the way through and the vocal was all rasp, no sweetness so it actually got grating. I realized at the end of Ben’s song that I had stopped paying attention. I guess he wasn’t awful. Emily wasn’t a train wreck but more of a big nothing burger. I think we may see Emily, CJ and MK in the bottom three with CJ going home. Sad, because he was an early favorite of mine.

  28. sheba says:

    Last week was rough, but this was worse. Something must be seriously wrong with the production behind the scenes for every single contestant to be so off their game. The critiques were fair, but I felt bad for everyone involved. It can’t be much fun to go on national TV and not do your best and have all your shortcomings be pointed out by three famous, successful people, and then sit on stage and watch as all your castmates go through exactly the same thing. Probably will just vote for my faves based on past performances and for anyone who I think deserves to stay another week based on tonight’s performance.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      I was very impressed by the contestants last week, but other than that I totally agree with you. It’s weird; last year I felt like the problem was good/great contestants and bad judges. This year I think we have the opposite problem: excellent judges and average/above average contestants.

      • AlyB says:

        I think there’s potential there. Someone has just got to snap them out of this mediocrity and remind them that they’re on the Idol stage doing a national TV show, not at the local coffee shop or high school talent show. If it’s still jitters, it’s past time they push that aside and deliver. I’m just not ready to concede that every last one of them is incapable of rising to the occasion.

        • bobsaccamanna says:

          I also think that something might be wrong with the sound. I really like Jena, and I love that KT Tunstall song, but, at least on my TV, I could barely hear her over the band. And in all my years watching Idol I have never heard so many off key performances. I also think that it doesn’t help to have either Ryan or Randy right up in their face right up until its time for them to hit the stage, let them have a moment to get themselves up for the performance, alone and quietly. To me that seems like it must be distracting for the performers.

          • elizabeth3613431 says:

            I totally agree that there is something wrong with the sound. The beginning of the show now opens with this horrible driving beat–I can hardly stand it. And Jena was really hard to hear. I thought it was just my TV, but I guess not.

  29. Lauren says:

    Caleb easily had the most solid performance tonight. Best I can say for Dexter, CJ and Sam is that their mediocre performances were not so bad compared to the rest. My three favorites (Alex, Jessica and Majesty) all disappointed me in a big way. Alex lost everything I liked about him with that performance. His strong point is emotional connection and that song forbid it. I got the vibe Jessica was shooting for but she was off pitch and sounded shrill much of the time. Majesty started beautifully and then completely lost it. Still, a handful of others were way worse, especially Emily (really flat vocals the entire time), MK (who I usually also like but she NEEDS to loosen up like yesterday), Malaya (who sounded downright ghastly the moment she stepped from the piano) and Jena (poor song choice, weird and poor vocal delivery). This is one of the all-time worst Idol shows I’ve seen.

  30. Brandy says:

    Shoot, Kristen could’ve had a Janice to shine against weak performances this week. Oh well!

    I also don’t think cj will be in danger tomorrow. He was 1st in the real-time results.

  31. Glam Dixie says:

    Am I the only one who thought Malaya was awful? I was cringing.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      No, you’re not. She lost me with her mess of an “I Believe” in Hollywood and hasn’t quite won me back since. I voted for her to make the Top 13 only because she was the better half of the girls.

    • The Beach says:

      I’m still curious why she got a pass from all 3 judges. Maybe by that time Harry was just tired of getting booed.

    • Lauren says:

      Nope. I’d imagine that’s what a cat would sound like being forced down a garbage disposal.

      • Timmah says:

        Haha, that’s very close to what I just posted. I don’t get the love for her at all, she’s painful to my ears.

    • Mary says:

      No shouldn’t even be in the top 13. I have never liked one of her performances, sorry. She was voted in for personality not singing.

  32. tealeaves says:

    I really liked Jena at the start of her song, but then the lyrics just got repetitive. It was a good performance but I wish she had done something about the repeating lyrics.
    Alex’s song was a really bad choice. Too much of it is more speaking than singing.
    Jessica was my favorite tonight. I don’t care if there were individual parts that were off, there were other parts that were absolutely beautiful.
    Emily was a train wreck IMO. Her vocals are were much too meek for this song. The band over-powered her throughout.
    Caleb always sings well. His boy’s night song is his only performance I really loved, but he is a solid contestant.
    MK was very week this week. She needed to fight to stay out of the bottom 3 again and I don’t think she pulled it off.
    CJ had better vocals than he has had for the past couple of performances, but I have to agree with Keith that he did not do anything with the performance. Shame on JLo and Keith for not understanding that “Waiting for the World to Change” is not about changing the world… it is literally, as Harry pointed out, about not doing anything and just waiting for the world around you to change around you.
    Sam had one of my favorite performances from him. I get that his performances are too similar. But I don’t get how all the judges told him he needs to do more given the rest of the performances for the evening.
    Malaya started off interesting, but then got too loud.
    Ben sang a David Nail song that is not the current single which is co-written by David Cook. Does he not know what show he is on? lol. It was a good performance.
    Majesty is awesome but I have to agree with others that it would have been better if she had kept it intimate and not gone for high notes at the end.

  33. What the Deb? says:

    What do the judges expect when half the cast are introverts? Yes, the ones who come from the small venue/coffee houses perform without much fanfare. Maybe it’s time we bring in Tyra and Miss J to teach them how to smize.

    • Terry says:

      What do they need them for when they have Randy? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    • Mary says:

      I think that is what we all need to remember here. These are green singers, not like the voice who has experience and want a second chance. That is what AI was all about giving a singer a chance to grow and shine. I am hope full that after a few weeks they will be more comfortable on that stage and start to look like they belong. The band also needs to tone it down, they are overpowering them. We really do have some good singers they just need to find their balance.

    • Jaszy says:

      Yeah! That is so true. Jessica is shy. ( I adore her though. She’s my fave.) Alex is very shy. Majesty tries not to be shy, but she is. M.K.’s shy, she’s so uncomfortable on stage. Sam is extremely shy. I can see it. This is coming from a fellow shy person, I can see my people everywhere.

  34. Amy says:

    Now if we can just get them to stop making the audience clap to everything!! Fix You is not a clap along song!

    • Country J. says:

      The audience is usually over-hyped on everything, and are strongly encouraged to make noise and act like they are at a prized-ticket rock concert. Just like some of the game shows.

  35. Forwardad says:

    Slezak seriously a B+ for Jessica???? She absolutely ruined White Flag. I love Keith but he has to stop telling some of them they’ll be back next week and not too worry – people won’t vote for them.

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      Agree that’s so annoying. Keith needs to stop telling people they will be back next week, especially after they suck.

  36. Country J. says:

    I believe, from some history on Idol, that there was still a certain amount of “casting” that went into putting this top 13 together. There were a lot of people, from the auditions through Hollywood, that were never shown to the public viewer………………………

    They are not always looking for the best technical singer, the best pop singer, the best Country singer — but back stories and side stories to show a certain amount of various different interests that they hope may keep a wider audience interested. ………….

    I think Malaya and MK are both headed back to the bottom 3.

  37. Z says:

    After tonight’s performances I’ve accepted that this year’s top 12 are mediocre. There have just been too many vocal and stage performance issues with this lot. Their relative youthfulness and lack of experience is causing them to get overwhelmed by the moment and I fear the coaching comments, though justified, are making them even more nervous. Even some of the more self-assured performances (Caleb, Ben, maybe Jessica) are flawed. I don’t think it will help much to change up the themes or improve the song choices because the fundamentals are not solid. I don’t think this was as much of an issue at this stage of the competition last year, especially with the top 5.

    • danin says:

      Z, well said.And I was thinking the same thing.Plus,I wonder on the producers end, they are working out new formatting of the show on these kids.I wonder how their own inexperience w/new formatting leaves them not quite prepared to coach these kids or have enough time w/them? Caleb was his usual strong self tonight.And really thought Ben was good though the song was a little to hokey lyrically for me.I found Dexter jarring.There was no softness in his voice and he didn’t seem to be paying attention to that tender steel guitar accompanying him.I could go on a bout the others but it’d too difficult to type on this tiny keypaf.

  38. Grandma Jane says:

    This was my least favorite idol in memory. All the hometown back story was boring me to tears, and there wasn’t one performance that blew me away, and I liked a lot of them last week. Caleb has a super voice, but he sounds the same every week, and I’m losing interest. Majesty is my favorite, and her song started of well, but I agree with everybody that it didn’t end so well. I actually liked Ben the best. He’s got an interesting voice. I hear a little Willie Nelson, maybe.
    I wonder if it isn’t the mentoring that’s failing…And Candice was the best contestant EVER. Just sayin!

    • BobL says:

      Candice was great, but Melinda was the best ever. Her worst performance–and I don’t even know what one that would be–would have been by far the best of this season so far. As one of the judges said after one of MD’s songs, she came out every week and put on a master class. Always on perfect pitch, always artistic, almost every phrasing or embellishment decision spot-on, never sounded as if she was straining on the higher notes–which I can’t say about many contestants before or since. Go back and listen to her performances on youtube. I do that often, and I never get tired of them.

      • marie says:

        To this day, I have all of Melinda’s Idol performances and Idol studio recordings on my iPod. The thought of Melinda in comparison to this year’s crop is pretty funny.

  39. Tim says:

    I really liked MK during the auditions and Hollywood rounds, but now I’m beginning to think I like the idea of MK better than the actual MK.

    • Country J. says:

      Harry is helping to usher her out the door, by implying that she doesn’t want to be there. Bottom 3, if not gone..

    • marie says:

      Yes, MK has been disappointing. But then so have most of them. The only one I except from that is Caleb, who has been consistent.

  40. Zoey says:

    The fact that you didn’t give *anyone* an A grade should signify that tonight’s show was overall pretty weak.

  41. Tee says:

    Was quite disappointed tonight. Jessica is my favorite but she didn’t seem to have any conviction tonight. I want a moment from someone.

  42. spider3tattoo says:

    What the hell is going on with the sound? It’s terrible. Whoever is on the board needs to be fired, and the band being split isn’t helping. Awful.

  43. donie says:

    How disconcerting must it have been for Sam taking the stage to sing with that ring of goggle-eyed producer plants close enough to touch? Yikes. They should also hire an audience clap-leader to stop everybody clapping off the beat.

  44. darcy the slutty twin says:

    I wanted to rant about Jessica getting such a high grade, but realized it is Michael Slezak after all, and he’s pegged Jessica Meuse as this year’s Allison Iraheta/Amanda Overmyer.

    • marie says:

      Jessica is no Allison. Yes, Michael does tend to stick loyal to his early favorites, but I suspect even he is getting a little disillusioned with Jesse.

      • Mary says:

        I love Jessica and yes this was not her best performance but why would he get disillusion about her. She had and off night but it wasn’t any worst than some of the others. After reading some of the remarks here she probably won’t go far but for me she should be in the top three unless she really bombs on stage which she hasn’t yet. I don’t understand how ever one disses her when sorry Malaya and Mk were infinity worst than her. God even Majesty wasn’t great. In fact nobody really shined last night.

        • Jaszy says:

          Agree with you about Jessica and Malaya and M.K.
          I really don’t think Jessica could have a horrible night. She always sings good. It’s never bad.
          This is why it’s killing me to see so many people on here harp about how bad her performance was when in all actuality, she was really good.
          M.K., CJ, Ben, and Malaya all need to go…like…right NOW!

    • perfesser says:

      YES!!!! He likes the rough ones, then won’t let go.

    • Joe says:

      I think I know why Slezak’s pimping her despite bad performances. Watch her cover Adele’s “Someone Like You” & “To Make You Feel My Love” on Youtube. That said, I don’t think she’s ready for this stage. They picked a lot of singers this year who can apparently only perform in their bedrooms.

  45. BillyBob says:

    Idol is looking for the next Super Star? Good luck with this bunch of singers. I’m debating which is more exciting? Watching grass grow or 2 hours of this?

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Actually, watching grass grow can be quite entertaining on a nice day. You never know what you’ll find in the dirt, and you can watch little bugs go across. But maybe that’s just me.

  46. Country J. says:

    What kind of artist, you have to show us – but, that was a bad — step-it-up to a “wow” performance – put something into it — wait, quit shrieking, oh yes, the crowd loves those high notes — wait , you hollered through the whole thing — take our advise, we’re celebrities – but don’t do what I said last week — >>>you’re all making us judges look stupid, so we’ll blame you<<< ( oh well, it's all good, it will get better when some of the fodder is slowly eliminated and the show is more compact.)

  47. darcy the slutty twin says:

    To my untrained ears, I fail to grasp why MK’s performance would be considered better than CJ’s. Watching MK was like watching an uncomfortable kid forced to perform at a high school show. And, Caleb was and will always be, utterly karaoke.

  48. Viajero says:

    Tonight was really bad. No one stood out to me. Even the ones I thought were among the best tonight (or more accurately, the least bad), all did worse than they did last week. That includes Caleb, Majesty and Jessica. Alex and Emily did a lot worse than last week. At least in Emily’s case, I don’t think any of this group are really capable of pulling off a song with that much dancing around and she could have been a lot worse than she was (like Malaya was last week).

    The only ones who noticeably improved were Dexter and Mayala, but more due to how bad they were last week rather than because they did all that well tonight.

    Within all that mediocrity, I did think that MK was by far the worst of the night. That was a complete trainwreck. And to think she was one my favorites coming into the live shows. Either MK or CJ should be going home.

  49. twnkltoze says:

    Because of the past seasons where judges either sugarcoated or flat out lied continuously to please the producers or didn’t know enough about music to offer valid advice it’s hard to recognize that these judges (Harry is really forcing JLo and Keith to up their game)….for the first time EVER…. ARE offering honest, constructive criticism and very helpful advice AND props when they deserve it. So far, there are maybe two contestants that are measuring up to the hype such as Alex and Majesty while Sam and Jessica are choking big time. The Voice judges are good in their own way and quite different than Idol judges. Honestly, aside from Alex and Jessica, I think the others lack the maturity to really understand and really take in and use what the judges are offering. I’m overall disappointed in the judges choice of contestants which will result in one of the most lackluster seasons ever.

    • Angela says:

      Honestly, aside from Alex and Jessica, I think the others lack the maturity to really understand and really take in and use what the judges are offering.
      Not only that, but they also need to start learning that just because a song has special meaning to them, or is their favorite, or whatever, that doesn’t mean it’s a good song for them to sing. They need to start really focusing on what sorts of genres they might fit well into, what sorts of messages they want to share through their own music if they win/get a record deal, and when they’re looking at the themes for each week, they need to pick songs that say something about them as an artist, songs where you can tell they truly understand the lyrics they’re singing and the meaning they’re trying to convey. I’ve yet to get that sense from many of the contestants at all.
      But if I hear one more person say, “This is one of my favorite songs, so that’s why I picked it” I think I may well scream.

      • S. says:

        Amen amen amen. Can you just write an open letter to the Idol contestants and put that in it? Cuz they need to be taken to church on this issue. Songs you love to sing in the car or songs that are special to you and your mom are not necessarily songs that suit your voice. When people choose songs for that reason, it distresses me greatly because it’s a sign of poor judgment that I’ll have to endure in the future before they inevitably get voted off. Save those songs for covers that you’ll do as a special thing in your concert as a treat for the audience. Spare us hearing them on national television. Know what suits your voice and what you’re comfortable performing.

        • ben says:

          I understand the point the pair of you are making, but the theme of the week did lend itself particularly strongly to singing songs that you ‘like to sing in the car’. I wouldn’t be surprised to know if production went so far as to suggest that was the approach they took to the theme.

      • Mary says:

        I get what you are saying but lets be real here. Unfortunately if you win or get a record deal, which I am not sure if that is still part of the package, the record producers will change all that anyway. For example, Candice record for me does not represent what type of artist she is, if it does where did they pick these songs from.

        • Kay Gee says:

          In the past, with better musicians, picking their own songs was ok. But, with this crew of extreme amateurs (and I mean only singing in front of their family when they are all drunk) AI – pick some songs PLEASE

  50. Chip says:

    Hate to say it….. But this season is really horrible. I would not pay to hear any of these contestants sing, and what is with the backward hats??? MK surely needs to quit hiding underneath that hat. Not sure if I can stand watching another episode of this year contestants. The judges really missed the boat this year on GOOD talent.

    • MC says:

      That’s for sure, Lol. I agree that it is a good test if you ask yourself, “Would I pay to hear this person? Would I pay to hear him or her two years from now and after this season has faded from memory? Five years from now?