Pretty Little Liars Recap: Mommy Fearest

Pretty Little Liars RecapThis week’s Pretty Little Liars exposed the mother of all secrets… maybe.

Ezra handed his manuscript over to Aria, suggesting that it contained an answer she was looking for, and it turns out he thinks “A” is actually Alison’s mom! Normally, I’d advise the girls to ignore anything Ezra tells them — he’s a pedophile, etc. — but considering he’s been stalking their every move for years, I feel like he might be on to something.

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We did see her creeping in Spencer’s room at the end of the episode, after all — and nobody creeps like “A”! Plus, “A” was seen putting the finishing touches on a wedding dress, and who just so happens to be hosting a charity bridal expo next week?

I’ll give you one guess; her name rhymes with “Shmalison’s Mom.”

BETTER THAN EZRA | I might be in the minority here, but I loved every minute of Aria and Riley’s weekend fling. Not only does Lucy Hale have crazy chemistry with Nick Roux — I’m pretty sure I got pregnant just watching that bedroom scene — but oh boy, did Aria need this. I also love that he gave her a free “Beat Up A Jerk” pass. She needs that even more. Seriously, nothing gave me greater pleasure than watching Aria scream at Ezra and tell him to get out of her life forever. (We all know he won’t, but she put in a solid effort.)

DIGGING UP THE PAST | Spencer returned from her three-day rehab stint — which I would have loved to see, so I’m kind of disappointed it all happened off-screen — only to discover that withdrawal is the least of her worries. Having “mean Dean” (The Vampire Diaries‘ Nate Buzolic) as her new sober coach made life in Rosewood easier for her, but things got dicey when she suddenly remembered beating Ali with a shovel the night she went missing. We never figured out whether or not Spencer actually did that, but we all know Alison didn’t die… so what’s the big deal?

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DATE DISASTER | As always, Hanna spent the hour juggling the men in her life. While Gabe tried to get to the bottom of last week’s mysterious Ali note, Travis tried to get to the bottom… of Hanna. Sadly, Travis and Hanna’s first date was cut short — he even offered to pay — due to an emergency S.O.S. meeting at Emily’s. Travis looked really disappointed, but not as disappointed as he’s going to be when Caleb returns to Rosewood. (Come on, you know that has to happen eventually.)

pretty-little-liars-4-22-monaTHE SPY WHO LOVED MIKE | Tired of putting up with Paige’s nonsense, Emily shifted her focus to Mona this week, with surprising results. According to Mo, she figured out what Ezra was up to a while ago, then agreed to date Mike — and spy on Aria — in order to have Ezra remove portions about her from his book. (Now that Mike’s single, does this mean he’s going to disappear into the basement for another six months? Aria can’t afford to lose any more family members!)

Pretty Little Liars fans, do you think Ali’s mom is really “A,” or is Ezra trying to throw the girls off his trail? Should Emily dump Paige over that note? And how bummed are you that Riley was only on the show for one episode? Hit up the comments with your thoughts and theories.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Riana says:

    Can we please have Jason back? Can we start a kickstarter to buy out his devious maids contract?

    • Andy Swift says:

      He’ll be back soon! Next week, I believe. Definitely on the finale, at least.

      • Riana says:

        But he can’t be with Aria if he’s on another show. Those kind of relationships don’t work out. Hanna and Caleb didn’t even work on in the same universe.

        • Andy Swift says:

          Oh, you mean for Aria? I think she has enough guys on her plate right now. (See: Ezra, Jake, Riley, etc.)

          • Riana says:

            Jason is better than all of them. Jake should have never happened in the first place because she should have been with Jason instead.

    • Shazay says:

      I did like Ezra and Paige, but I’m liking them less now.
      Writing that note was so manipulative and backhanded of Paige. When Em finds out, it’s over, hopefully.
      I don’t know how Ezra can bounce back from this whole scenario at this point. Things don’t look too good for him even if he isn’t A.
      As far as A goes, I hope it’s not Jessica DiLaurentis. I kinda like not knowing who A is, save it for the series finale when that day comes – not everyone can be a savvy computer hacker/anonymous text sender.

      • hayley says:

        Caleb can hack n send anonymous texts. Not to mention, he lived in the air vents at school. When the found his stash spot in the library there was money, gloves, black hoodie etc. Thats when he entered into the picture. As a runaway orphan! Ur comment sparked an old suspicion in my head !! :) caleb is suspect as well as the long list of other characters .

    • Meredith says:

      Yes, thank you! I was just thinking bring in Jason to finish picking up the pieces. I’m not sure how much he’ll be filming with Devious Maids this season if his character is supposed to be in Africa or wherever. It could totally work!

  2. JJM says:

    Just have Ezra pick up Paige for a tutor session and then have his tire explode going 100 down the freeway and let them both die. Both annoying, boring and creepy.

  3. Dan says:

    I miss Lucas.

  4. C. says:

    Is Nick Roux’s character coming back, or was that just a one time thing? So over Ezra and Aria together!

  5. webly3 says:

    I guess I just didn’t pick up on the clues but Alison’s mom is clearly A here. She is so guilty once you actually think about ‘A’ messages and how A has been attacking the parents moreso this season. It makes perfect sense. But now, I’m really confused where Ezra stands. And even though Mrs. DiLaurentis is A, who is the big bad behind everything? I want to have a theory behind who Uber A is but I don’t.

  6. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    I don’t think Mrs. D is A. Ezra’s never right about anything. He couldn’t figure out Maggie’s kid wasn’t his but he can figure out who A is? Yeah, I don’t think so.

  7. Natalie says:

    Wel this memory of Spencers I doubt its really real coz if she did when she came back to the house to tell the girls alis gone she would have blood on her cloths n face n shes still wearing the same cloths as the memory hhmmmmmm interesting

    • That’s actually a great point, Natalie.
      I can’t wait for the reveal that Jessica D. was an awful mother to Alison, and that’s who she’s running from. But I doubt that’s the case. There are two more episodes, and the reveal that Mrs. D. is A is not gonna last too long. They need a season finale cliffhanger.

  8. A says:

    Loved the episode! Liked the new Aria guy. I gotta say I have never liked Aria more than the last two episodes. Have hated Ezra from day 1. He is disgusting even before this revelation about his extreme shadyness. Spencer be one of my most favorite characters on TV ever. Ali’s mom is so not A. Too obvious at this point right? But she sure is creepy- like the rest of the town. And how convienent was it that Spencer’s live in rehab dude is crazy hott? Not that I mind

  9. Violet says:

    I absolutely LOVE this show but I’m soooo over trying to figure out who A is! I don’t think I can do another season of NOT knowing! I don’t think Mrs.D is A cause at the end of every episode there is someone in the black hoodie and if you watch closely in each episode it’s guy jeans they are always wearing! so I think A is still a guy but I don’t think it’s Ezra! at the end of all this and we finally find out who A really is, I want to know why the girls have been tortured for years! you can tell that the girls are literally falling apart! does anyone know if this show has been picked up for another season ?!?!

  10. abz says:

    I don’t know what’s creepier, the thought of A being Ezra or a chance of it being Ali’s mom (she is extremely creepy though). Regardless, once again, I am left annoyed. Who wants to guess who the next person accused of being A will be? That officer who likes Hannah? Mike? Aria’s Dad or Mom? Wilden back from the dead? Hannah’s mom? The girl who sold Spencer the drugs? Dean? That guy that slept with Aria? Their school principal? Make up you minds!!

  11. Carol says:

    I Still Think Paige Has The Motive To Be A Because She’s The Only One Ali Is Actually Scared Of The Flashbacks Indicate She Was Never Scared Of Her Mother And This Is Someone She’s Trully Scared Of So I’m Saying Paige

  12. DougW says:

    I’ve read posts like this one that refer to Ezra as a pedophile. He is not. A pedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to prepubescents. No one in high school is under 13 years old. Ezra is guilty of having a sexual relationship with a girl who is under the legal age of consent – 18 in the US.

  13. meah says:

    Does Hannah prefer the officer dude to travis?Fan on my Timeline are expecting a spencer/her sober coach hookup soon..I marlene king really likes them with older guys dosent she?am not even mad about the age difference anymore cos its a waste of emotion.
    Aria/new dude were HOT!!!

  14. Sims says:

    I love Spencer however I fear her storyline may be rapidly becoming one of the worst ones on television. OT: Andy Swift I like that you respond in the comment section, kudos.

  15. Sara says:

    Well I still am on the Paige and Emily bandwagon. If my gf kept almost getting killed I would stop it too. If we break up, we break up but at least she would be alive.

  16. b says:

    Spencer probably did strike Ali but didn’t kill her. What I want to know is who’s body was under that gazebo?! So, Ezra thinks Ali’s mom, Mrs. D, is A. Does that mean she was the blonde that was at Radley with Toby’s mom? Or did she have twins and have one locked away at Radley? They need to answer who’s body that was, who’s A and why A is and has been tormenting Ali and her friends! This season has been really good and I have a feeling the finale is going to be mind blowing! I really hope Ezra and Aria work things out, that Caleb comes back to Hanna, and Toby and Spencer end the series together with the Ali thing behind. Stronger and smarter.

  17. kim says:

    Ok I love the show….but they need them to start answering some of the questions they leave us with. I swear after watching each wk I have more and more questions.

  18. xx says:

    Do not equate Paige and Ezra. Paige did one of the first sane things a PLL support person (family, bf/gf, etc.) has done in about half a season (basically since the last time Caleb did something to try to stop his gf’s crazy stalker) and Ezra is a two-time pedophile, including once a pedophile so that he could get information to write a book. These are not remotely on the same level.

    • Meredith says:

      I totally agree with this. While I didn’t like Paige bullying Emily into telling her what was going on I did appreciate that she went to the cops with what she learned. It’s about time someone did something rational. I think the thing that creeps me out the most about Ezra is that he’s known someone has been stalking/harassing/attempting to kill these girls this entire time and even has a suspect in mind and doesn’t do anything to stop/prevent it? To me that me makes him less than human.

      • Tasha says:

        Exactly! Whether or not he actually loved Aria, wouldn’t he not want a bunch of teenage girls to get hurt?

  19. Maraiana says:

    Did anyone notice that when Mrs D. showed up in Spencer´s room a light went on, on Ali´s house.

  20. Caillin Rowe says:

    And the twin thing I reckon could even be the mum when she was younger, and she was the crazy one, And the photo is of her mum and her auntie not her and her sister. And that’s why the dad left because she was a physco.

  21. queerbec says:

    Were’t they playing a song about “Sisters” over the final “A at Work” scene? Foreshadowing?

  22. KR says:

    I agree…”hey little sister” shotgun….. spensers sister is probably A.

  23. J says:

    I think Allison’s twin sister was in the mental institution, spencer killed allison, now the sister wants to come back but her and her mom are trying to get rid of spencer first

  24. Tobi says:

    I support Ezra’s claim that Alison’s mom is A bc in this episode, she dropped as hint about Spencer having a good nights sleep on “fresh clean sheets” after A dumped dirt and a note at the foot of her bed.