Teen Wolf Recap: Crouching Kira, Hidden Stiles

Teen Wolf Kira Stiles RecapRemember learning about Japanese internment camps in history class? According to this week’s Teen Wolf, our teachers left a key part out of their lesson plans — like, you know, the Nogistune.

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I’m not going to lie, this episode was a parade of insanity from start to finish, and it introduced more historical details than we probably needed to know. Even Wolf Watch host Jill Wagner kicked off the after-show by saying, “What’s going on with Stiles? I don’t know!”

(Gee, thanks for the help, Aunt Kate.)

HER-STORY LESSON | For starters, did you know Kira’s mom is actually 900 years old? She casually dropped that fact onto her daughter during a story about her experience at an Oak Creek internment camp in 1943 — which did exist, despite what the kiddos were previously told. Anyway, Kira’s mom had herself a handsome soldier boyfriend, with whom she uncovered the administration’s massive conspiracy to sell medicine on the black market, leaving the prisoners to die. Bringing this to her fellow prisoners’ attention led to a massive riot, which incited a bitten werewolf named Satomi.

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BIRTH OF EVIL | In the midst of the chaos, Kira’s mom’s boyfriend Reese was badly burned and brought to the brink of death. Fed up with all that noise, she summoned the Nogitsune to take over her body and make her enemies pay — only it didn’t possess her; it possessed Reese! With Satomi by her side and the Katana in hand, Kira’s mom defeated Reese and disposed of the body, though not very efficiently. She also buried the now-iconic fly under the Nemeton, so it’s kind of Scott’s pack’s fault that all these evil spirits have returned in the first place.

HAKUNA KATANA | Thanks to Kira’s mighty Pikachu Thunder Kitsune powers, she was able to piece the Katana back together — and damn, does she know how to wield that thing! Unfortunately, she intends to use it to defeat Stiles, just as her mom used it to defeat Reese back in 1943. (And we all know how well that turned out.)

ALLISON’S FAILING ECON?! | Considering everything she’s been through this season — or, at least, what her friends have been through — I’d say Allison was long overdue for an emotional breakdown. It finally came this week during an elevator ride with Sheriff Stilinski, who was more than happy to lend a sympathetic ear as she ranted about everything going wrong in her life: Isaac possibly dying, not knowing where she stands with Scott, and of course, the fact that she’s failing econ. (Honestly, I’m just stunned someone actually referenced schoolwork on this show.)

CHECKMATE | The very idea of Stiles playing chess boggles my mind — he seems like more of a checkers kinda guy — but lo and behold, the chess board we saw in his room tonight could bear serious significance in the fight against the Nogitsune. (As for Derek being the king piece on Stiles’ board, I think we can all agree that Teen Wolf is toying with Sterek shippers’ emotions yet again.)

Teen Wolf fans, is your brain still functioning after this week’s info-heavy episode? And do you think Scott will ever get on board with Operation: Stab Stiles? Drop a comment with your thoughts/confusion below.

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  1. Adam Lenhardt says:

    I love this show, but tonight’s episode needed some Lydia in the mix.

    She’s sort of like the Bonnie of this show, disappearing for whole episodes at a time and reappearing out of the blue with none of the other characters seeming to notice she’s gone.

  2. J says:

    What we need is more info on Reese.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I don’t know if we’re going to get any. I don’t think HE was as important as the grief/chaos/strife around him was. He may have just been an innocent victim, like Stiles.

    • Jamie says:

      I did some searching & Rhys (the character’s proper spelling) is played by Skyler Maxon. He is super hot.

  3. Lime says:

    I think Stiles playing chess is actually VERY plausible. He’s the tactician of the pack, able to work through complicated clues to figure out what is happening (see: the Darach’s sacrifices were actually worked out by Stiles as having a “lack of werewolfitude” in Season 3a; everyone else thought it was the Alpha Pack).

    Also, is TVLine finally recapping TW? Because YAY!

    • V says:

      I remember scenes of Stiles and his dad playing chess in season 1 I believe. So it’s not like it’s out of the blue.

  4. V says:

    Was I the only one who thought that this episode was a filler? A boring one at that? All that interment camp stuff could have been played out in 10 minutes, 15 tops. But alas, it takes up the whole episode and we only get 10 minutes of continuity of the storyline.

    • H says:

      My thoughts exactly I guess it helped with the background a lil. But I wanted more stiles story. That is the driving force of 3b and this whole flashback could just been a good two segments of the episode then focus back to main story. Hopefully this is the last filler leading to the Scott vs Stiles showdown. We know it has to be coming!!!

    • Scott says:

      Funny..I thought it was a very significant episode. We had the entire back story of the nogitsune, and how to (possibly) defeat it – even to the point of linking it back to the nemeton and the earlier part of the series. It closed off a lot of the questions that have been piling up along the way and acts as a clearing of the decks for the remaining three episodes. That’s a pretty big ask, and it surprised me we had as much of the main cast as we did.

      • I agree. I won’t say that this was the most exciting episode of Teen Wolf but I would hardly say it was a filler. It moved the plot further and provided good information about the nogitsune. It also contained some pretty big reveals about Kira and her family.

  5. Gia Rogers says:

    First of all, the title is EXTREMLEY racist, you should really modify it, and the entire episode was very offensive and twisted and completely unnecessary, and just awful writing

    • Tai says:

      How is the title racist? Also how was the episode offensive? I really feel like I watched a different episode if that’s what you took away from it. Internment camps happened. Was this the most accurate depiction, of course not. But I didn’t see how it was offensive or insulting to anyone.

    • Ray says:

      A reference is not racist just for being a reference, sorry. And no, there was nothing ‘offensive’ about the episode itself. Trying to pretend something didn’t happen, or acting like it’s racist to bring it up, that’s what is offensive.

    • Dan says:

      Some people thrive on being offended. Good luck with that particular lifestyle choice.

    • Weezy says:

      I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. With the constant race baiting in this country (yes it is a strategy people to keep everyone divided) I’d say 90%+ of the population have NO CLUE what racism really is…

    • Dr. M says:

      I was surprised by the title of the article too. It references a Chinese movie/book, but Teen Wolf’s current story line is based on Japanese history and myth. I suppose TVLine just can’t tell the difference.

  6. Ally Oop says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. One of my beefs with the show has been that they never stop to explain things and the plot lines get confusing but I’m glad for this long explanation. Plus I like history so another plus for me.

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  8. Anna says:

    “Kira’s mighty Pikachu Thunder” – what even?! This might be my favourite line in a recap this year (or ever?). Thanks Andy, for making my day!

    • Lizzie says:

      Right that was hilarious! Made Keira actually interesting. Seriously don’t see the point of her character besides an Allison rebound. But the Japanese story line could move without he. Plus the girl playing is really bad & at times I feel she plays her really childish. My opinion!

  9. name says:

    Again, silly plot devices (was it even a plot device?) trump any sense in character psychology – did Kira’s mum really need to be 900 instead of 90, especially if in the flashback they didn’t make her act 850, they made her act 18? Did this little fact serve ANY narrative function apart from sounding ominuous? Plus, boooy, do the writers have no clue how to employ flashback skillfully, reminds me of the Derek flashback from 3a – sure, we learned some things, but did we really have to lose almost the whole episode for a story that’s not even that engaging (or original)?

    • adam says:

      The reason it was 900, was because of the mom’s dagger objects which were her “tails”. She had 9 in total, in mythology a kitsune gains a tail every 100 years it lives. So since they already showed she had 9 they had to make her 900 years old

  10. Robert says:

    I love this episode mainly for the flashback storyline to what happened in the Japanese american Camp, which is another ugly part of American history. The actors telling the story as well as living it did a great job.

  11. sillyemmy says:

    So Kira’s mom is 900 years old. The internment camp hoopla happened 70 years ago. Whack off a zero from both of those numbers, that’s the equivalent seven years in a normal 90 year life span. So she went from looking 18 to looking mid-40s in – relatively speaking – seven years? Why? Guess some people just don’t age well…

    • Scott says:

      Kitsune are tricksters..they look like they want to look. Once she’s married with a child she needs to age or it becomes really obvious when she doesn’t.

    • name says:

      Maybe hwen she chose to marry Mr Kitsune and have a family with him, she began to age physically (and mentally, she might be over 800 yo at the camp, but she sure acts like a teenager and sees violence for the first time – wtf?)

      • Hmm says:

        Mr. Kitsune is not a kitsune. And poster Scott is right, kitsunes can take form of anything. That was explained, if I’m not mistaken, by cast and crew prior to 3b season airing.

  12. Sebastian says:

    That sword didn’t look like a stabber. That’s probably why it broke.

  13. Debra says:

    Was I the only one that saw Issac’s chess piece off the board? Not looking good for Issac, or is that to obvious.

    • Bill says:

      I noticed that too. I was thinking maybe because he’s hurt and out of the fight that’s why he was off the board, not necessarily dead.