HIMYM Recaplet: Here We Go Again With That Theory -- Plus: Robin's [Spoiler] Arrives!

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 RecapAny other How I Met Your Mother fans have a nervous feeling in the pit of their stomach…?

The CBS comedy added fuel to the The Mother Is Dead Theory with Monday night’s episode, as Ted and his wife spent time away from the kids at the Farhampton Inn (yet again) in the year 2024.

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Let’s go back and review the ominous, dread-inducing evidence:

♦ Ted and The Mother spend most of the half-hour sharing old stories — sad nostalgia alert! — and even though they’re enjoying reliving the past, she admits that she’s concerned about her hubby. “I love your yarns,” she says. “I hope you never stop spinning them. You’re the love of my life, pooh bear. I just worry about you. I don’t want you to be the guy who lives in his stories. Life only moves forward.” Gulp.

♦ The gang realizes that after Robin and Barney’s wedding day, they don’t know when they’ll be together again. It’s a heavy moment that leaves them all speechless because when something is too intense, Future Ted begins, it’s best to “leave it unspoken and just enjoy each other’s company,” The Mother finishes as they exchange a meaningful glance.

♦ The surprise appearance of Robin’s mom (played by Tracey Ullman!) is not such a big shock to Mrs. Mosby. After all, “What mother is going to miss her daughter’s wedding?” she asks as Future Ted looks like he’s about to burst into tears. Poor Penny.

In this January TVLine poll, 42 percent theorized that the reason Ted told the kids this story when he did — and there is a reason — is because The Mother is dead or sick/in surgery. But that was a huge five weeks ago. So…

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  1. partisan says:

    I sincerely hope they don’t “go there” this show is a comedy and to drop this on us at the last minute turns it into a tragedy. I have been feeling like the producers are angry they had to do a final season. They wanted to end it last year and so they are giving us a horrible season to punish us. Maybe killing the mom is just another way to piss us off. I can’t unwatch the last 8 years but I can say that if this is how they end it I will never watch the How I Met Your Father spinoff and will never be able to watch the syndicated reruns knowing that the whole story was a fake out.

    • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

      I don’t think they (CT/CB) are ‘taking it out on us’ – I think they are maybe beating themselves up a bit and are needing to exorcise some ghosts from their own past ; I think this ninth season has given them a chance to really dig a bit more into what makes Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily and Marshall ‘tick’. I think that’s a good thing. Dig a little deeper, get under the surface a bit more. Everyone always appears happy on the surface, but if you dig a bit more…. Some shows ask nothing of the audience – sit there quietly and take it in – no challenge, no questions – ‘happiness’ guaranteed. To their credit, CT/CB are asking just a little bit more from us, the audience. I’m happy to give them anything they need – this HIMYM trip is unique, and worth any ‘pain’ and jolt that may await us at the end of the series.

      The first part of this ninth season was a bit slow (I’m the first to admit that), but boy, these last few episodes have been some of the best in the entire series. It is not really about punishing us, it is about having to punish their [CB/CT] characters (T, R, B, L, M) a bit – life is wonderful, but can be cruel and punishing. This is the story of HIMYM.

      This show, this story, is not a fake out – believe me, Ted and Robin are not going to get together (ever). That, frankly would be the easy way out. No, we’re not taking the easy way out. The real punishment is for Ted and Robin to never get together, for who knows why, and then keep them around each other, watching each other’s lives slowly disappear right before their eyes. You two couldn’t make a go of this – fine, watch how everything you’ve ever loved is taken away from you, piece by piece. Now, that would be torture and punishment for Ted and Robin. I don’t believe CT/CB will go that far, but you know, we don’t know yet what CT/CB are trying to tell us with this story – we’ll know by March 31st.

    • court says:

      its a season finale, no matter what kind of show it”s best to leave everyone talking somehow. its still a great, intricate story if she does die. they did an amazing job and no matter what theyre guna be criticized for the way they end it. might as well go out w a bang and try to wow their viewers one last time

  2. DiverKlein says:

    wow..how ultra lame would that ending be??

  3. Gerald says:

    I thought Dead after this episode, but I like the in Surgery theory to which she BETTER survive!!!!

  4. Jarvin South Asian Side says:

    i think the mother has a some kind of a disease ? maybe cancer or so.. where she knows that she has only short amount of time left, and that’s maybe the reason why ted nearly broke to tears, yet a dying mother ending would be a great slapsgiving ending of a 9 year series. also ted has suffered enough , where he could not find the one, and when he thought he found the one, even in pain, he set her free for her and his friends happiness..
    Then the real “the one” came, and boom, she will die… Poor Ted.

  5. Sebastian says:

    Maybe it’s Ted who’s dead. That’s as stupid as the other option.

  6. Will benson says:

    I’m gonna go with the Ted is dying/dead…and that’s the reason the narrator is different. It’s a lawyer/uncle reading Teds letter to the kids. His one last story.

  7. I’m thinking the Mother died and Ted is telling his kids one last epic story (how he met their Mother) so he can do as the Mother wished and stop telling stories and move forward with his life.

  8. Mike says:

    I think Ted is someone who likes to tell stories, no one is dying.

  9. Sahand says:

    The reference about a mother not coming to her daughters wedding is obviously meant to hint that the Mother is dead.
    She couldn’t come to her daughters wedding (Teds daughter)
    Who cares about Teds Mom…plus Ted her mothers daughter..he is her son..so the assumptions that teds mom is dead can be discarded.
    some other things worth noting :
    1.Ted was much older than The mother in the flash forward.
    2.Pay attention to the song at the end of the episode
    3.Pay attention to the story that Robins grand mother tells.
    4.Pay attention to the snowy furniture at the end of the episode.
    all of the above points to the fact that the Mother is dead.

  10. Angela says:

    I have been a huge fan since season 1 and would be ok with the mother dying. Maybe he is telling them the story because he is going to move on with Robin. This is the ending I have always hoped for.

  11. timothyhm says:

    I’m still half-expecting a big reveal as to why future Ted is voiced by an unseen, uncredited Bob Saget.
    Part of me wonders if the flash forwards to Ted and The Mother are even reality. It’s possible that The Time Travellers revealed the way Ted’s hopes and fantasies work and that the flash forwards are now showing his fears (losing the one) as well as his well-established desire for a family.

  12. Ange says:

    I think the mother is dead and Ted remarries but to Victoria after Ted resolves that Robin is with Barney. Remember the only hang up between Victoria and Ted was Robin.

  13. Amanda9311 says:

    I don’t think the mother is dead. On the episode, “The Time Travelers,” Ted meets 20 years from now Ted. 20 years from now Ted tricks present Ted that he hasn’t gotten married, shows his ring, and acts all happy. This episode is set in 2013, which means 20 years from now Ted is from 2033. Ted is telling the kids this story in 2030.

  14. NJMark says:

    “Well, here’s another clue for you all: the walrus was Paul.”

    • Glass Onion says:

      Indeed, and if the rumor that ‘Ted is dead’ is true, then he might be the walrus. Wonder if Barney then is the ‘Eggman’? Marshall, the carpenter?

  15. Leonidas says:

    I think it is pretty much confirmed that the mother is somehow going to die. The Time Travellers episode was already kind of strange, why would Ted cry and hope for some extra days with the love of his life, if he could assume that they still have many years ahead of them? In addition it cannot be Ted’s mom, since the mother referred to a “daughter’s wedding”. It is also unlikely that Lily is going to die, cause there was a scene when Lily and Marshall visit Marvin in college, However, Visuvius was set in 2024 and it is unlikely (unless he is a second Sheldon Cooper) that Marvin would be at college by 2024. So I think that the facts (Ted hopes for more days, the mother does not want him to live in the past, move on and enjoy the time they have got) we have now clearly point to the fact that the mother is going to die, unless there will be some kind of wonder we do not know about yet. Finally I must say, that althoug it would be an dramatic end, it would create a whole knew genre of television series, some kind of drama comedy. Secondly, it would make sense from a writers point of view to given an suprising end to a tv show that suposedly would give away its ending in the titele “How i met your mother”.

    • NJMark says:

      So they’re keeping everything secret on one hand, but making it obvious on the other?

      • Leonidas says:

        Well there are just a few episodes to go, Given the clues the ongoing speculation creates a lot of tension. I see your point, why would they make the end soemhow obvious before the final episode is aired. But then again, letting a major character die, is a huge thing, you somehow have to prepare the audience.

        • NJMark says:

          What makes people so sure they want us to “crack the code” and spoil ourselves for the ending?

          It’s all misdirection, folks.

          • Leonidas says:

            Yeah, you are right. I mean there are some facts, but then again it could be a trap, considering that the writers know about this theory being discussed among fans. In a few weeks time we will know it, so we should just enjoy the last episodes.

    • BPR says:

      Ted’s mom dying is not necessarily disproved by the “daughter’s wedding” reference. Ted does have a sister, remember, and it could be her wedding their mom missed.

  16. O'Brien says:

    Here’s my theory. The title of the episode was “Vesuvius,” with no explanation whatsoever. The only other time the word “vesuvius” appears in HIMYM is when Ted is trying to do a crossword puzzle in “Coming Back.” He says, “Vesuvius…wait, that doesn’t fit.” So, my theory is that the notion that the Mother is dead is the “Vesuvius” – it’s the answer we think fits in the puzzle of why Ted is telling this story, but it’s not the right answer. The right answer is, instead, that he’s telling it because she’s “coming back,” probably from being ill.

    • Leonidas says:

      Well played, Sir!

      • O'Brien says:

        It’s a “ma’am,” but I appreciate the support nonetheless! I just kept thinking, “Why is this episode called ‘Vesuvius’?” Because the reasons for the episode names are usually fairly obvious, and this one had no context at all. I could be wrong; we shall see!

        • N tTVf says:

          Good point ma’am – I agree, I couldn’t figure out the choice in title either, but you’ve done the homework – you could be right.

  17. We have to remember that the ending was known before the series began. So the writers can’t react to current rumors.

  18. Azerty says:

    Nope I don’t buy it, not anymore they try too hard. If they really planned to kill the mother, they would keep the suprise to finish on a bang! Now they give too many hints in that direction only to show in the end that we were wrong. But if I’m right I hope they will have a good explanation about Ted’s behaviour.

  19. B says:

    I’m sorry, the meaning of the line was obvious. However, as another poster said, just because Ted thinks in 2024 that she might be dead when their daughter gets married, it doesn’t mean that she will die. That isn’t Ted from 2030 speaking in that moment.

    I never thought about it until this episode, but have Barney or Robin ever been shown in a story about the future? We see Lily and Marshall a lot and Robin and Barney are mentioned, but not in a way that explains their current relationship or whether or not they are still alive. At least not that I remember.

    • Leonidas says:

      I thin in one of the recent episodes was a flashforward, where Robin and Barney were shown havin a hangover in Argentina or something,.

  20. Liberty says:

    I don’t think the mother dies. Justin asked why else kids would stick around for the story. But if the mother *had* died, wouldn’t the kids be more interested in stories about her? HIMYM is clearly the story of Ted, not the story of the Mother.

  21. Bob Johnson says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Lots of people were pissed at David Chase for The Sopranos ending, too.

  22. cosmoman11 says:

    If they do kill the mother then they should forget about How I Met Your Father. Even though it is supposed to be all new characters there would be such a backlash that it would have no chance for success.

  23. Sophi says:

    I never thought of this before.. but it seems entirely likely. The writers of the show modelled their finale after the Cheers finale. And I thought that was also incredibly depressing.

    • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

      True, sad and perhaps depressing … but you never forget it. That’s the power of a melancholy ending to a series – as Cheers, The Wonder Years, Lost did. You never forget it. If CT/CB decide to go that route, I guarantee you, people will be talking about this HIMYM ending years from now – we’ll never forget it. How bad could that be?

  24. Luis says:

    I feel as though having the Mother be dead at the conclusion of this story would make the entire investment of time with this show almost worthless.

  25. Jo says:

    hate to say it but I am actually hoping that it is Robin who died and that’s why he is telling the story because without robin he wouldn’t have met the mother. And in the episode that they flash forward to them when they are old playing cards on the deck it is only ted, lily, Marshall and the mother (not in the shot but she’s in the house) there was No robin or Barney in that future story so robin could be dead. He could be telling the story to show the kids how imperative robin was to the story of how he met the mother. I know robin is alive in a bunch of flash forwards but if she died in 2030 then she could have still been around for those flash forwards because she would be close to 50 when she dies in 2030. I have always loved robin but I love ted the most and all I want is for him to get his happy ending. So I would actually be ok with robin dying as long as ted gets his happy ending with the mother

  26. Jo says:

    And the more I think about it the more I think it could be robin. Cobie smulders said that when she found out what was going to happen she had to leave the room and she cried and was upset. That sounds like a reasonable reaction to finding out that the character she has played for 9 years will be killed off in the end right? If they kill off robin I can say I would give the new show himyd a chance but if they kill off the mother I don’t think I would bother because after nine years of rooting for ted to find his true love and get his happy ending I don’t think I could commit to another show knowing that they could just destroy ted in the finale like that. I can’t see them ending HIMYM in such a way that would alienate so many fans if they expect to have a large following for the new series.

    • Mikael says:

      I don’t think Robin dies because Ted had said way back in season 1 or 2 when Robin said she hated kids, Ted said she later on changed her mind and they showed the kids’ drawings of “Aunt Robin.” So she obviously lives long enough for the kids to draw her.

  27. Patrick Rutherford says:

    Personally, I think that the mother isn’t going to die. It would just be such a depressing ending to such an amazing show which has taken up almost a decade of our lives. I think maybe the writers have made this whole ‘MOTHER WILL DIE’ thing so that the end really isn’t clear at all for any of us, which i guess represents Ted’s ‘journey’ towards the mother which he will meet in just a few Monday’s time. Given the evidence that she will/ has died; including the ’45 days from now’ speech and the episode last night where Ted started crying, I think it’s just a build up to a partly anticlimactic end (in that the mother will not die). You can’t deny, it’s obviously been a good way to keep viewers happy and excited, if not emotional about the end.

    In my favorite episode, ‘Farhampton’- the first episode of series 8, Klaus gives us yet another emotional speech, about the feeling you get when you meet the person you fall in love with, which I think is probably the best and most emotional parts of the whole programme (manly, right?). Anyway, the song in the background of this speech is ‘the funeral’, which may show the foreshadowing death to come in the TV series. I am sceptical about all this, and I doubt it means anything- it is also just a good song- but if she does die I’m going to be so sad!

  28. Elaine's says:

    Um, I. The Time Travelers 20 years from now Ted says he’s married. That would put the mother alive in 2033. Which means she is alive when Ted begins the story. even though it was in Teds head, I believe it to be true. I hope.

  29. shivank says:

    Hey, I remember Ted saying “TO THIS DAY day your mother lover\likes something*”. I don’t remember which episode it was but I clearly remember those words he said to his children. So this means the “mother” is alive in year 2030. And can’t die between 2024-2030.

  30. Piet says:

    Pardon me, but I think people here are completely misinterpreting the scene. It was the mother that said: “What kind if mother misses their own daughters’ wedding?” One more time: who said it? That’s right, the mother. While she is alive, and still Ted almost burst into tears. Again: SHE WAS ALIVE WHEN SHE MADE THE COMMENT AND TED ALMOST BURST INTO TEARS. Why would he cry? The mother is dead? NO! She is sitting beside him. So please don’t go writing recaplets to freak people out; it’s just not accurate. At all.

  31. Rich Abey says:

    The Mother is not dead..period!

  32. Martha says:

    I got to watch it again and see if snarky hotel guy ever looks or speaks to mom. If not, it may be the case and I would not like that one little bit.

    • applescruffs says:

      He calls them the Mosbys, so I guess he’s speaking to both.

      But he doesn’t age and is wearing the exact same shirt and tie in the present day as he is in the flash forward. Is that significant? I’m so overly invested.

  33. Chris says:

    Omg. Guys. What if she does die, and then years later, Ted is the father in How I Met Your Dad, connecting the shows?? Poor Ted =(

  34. Kate says:

    My first thought when I heard that comment was that the Mother’s mom purposely didn’t come to their wedding. The way she said it had this kind of wistful/sort of bitter tone behind it. Maybe she didn’t approve of Ted and he felt guilty, which is why he was so upset?

    • N tTVf says:

      Interesting theory – that might work. Heck, perhaps the Mother’s mom found out about Robin – that’s usually enough to wipe out any hope of Ted’s holding onto a fiancé.

  35. Pj says:

    She clearly is not dead because Ted was talkig to her and the hotel clerk spoke to her too. Ted was not telling that story to his kids that was the current time. Any other time he is talking to the kids.

  36. Mikael says:

    If she’s dead, that’s just such a morbid way to end a sitcom, especially one in which we’ve waited 9 years to find out how who she is only to find out she’s dead.

  37. Xan says:

    There are various pieces of evidence to suggest that the Mother isn’t dead.:
    1) Luke and Penny react to Ted’s story with boredom and disinterest, and they don’t seem in any way upset. So the Mother can’t have died recently. If she’d died some time prior to Ted starting to tell the story, this wouldn’t tie in with the producer’s comments that there’s a reason why Ted started telling the story when he did – unless it’s the anniversary of his wedding/the Mother’s death, but in either case, you’d think Luke and Penny would be more respectful of memories of their mother.
    2) Lynsey Forseca said she couldn’t remember the scenes they’d filmed in season 1 to insert in the series finale. She said the actor who plays Luke ‘thinks’ he remembers – if it was that the mother is dead, they’d both almost definitely remember.
    3) This week’s episode would serve zero purpose if the final episode ‘reveals’ that the Mother is dead. It was so clearly signposted here, that it must be a bate and switch. Otherwise they’ve just zapped all drama from the final moments of the series, and only a few weeks before they get there.

    The Mother didn’t seem to realise beforehand that her comment ‘what kind of mother would miss her daughter’s wedding’ would upset Ted. This implies it’s more of a tenuous link to that situation that’s upset Ted, or that there’s just the possibility that the Mother wouldn’t be at her daughter’s wedding. I’d go with the latter, in one of the following two forms:

    1) the Mother is waiting for a diagnosis/treatment for a life threatening illness, but pulls through or gets the all clear. She may eventually get the all clear and it’s confirmed to the kids at the end of Ted’s story in 2030. If they’ve been living with her illness for 6 years, they could plausibly be indifferent to hearing a story about her.
    2) the Mother is likely to be absent from her family for a prolonged period, for example if she’s awaiting trial (perhaps for some kind of Robin Hood scheme to fufill her life goal of ending poverty) and is likely to be incarerated for a long time. She may be locked up soon after 2024, and in 2030 they’re awaiting the results of her appeal, which is successful so the end is her being released.

    • Justin says:

      ok, this has to be said. I’ve been following this conversation and it really is fascinating to see how you guys are responding to what the last episode pretty much revealed.

      I mean everything from grossly misinterpreting the line “what kind of mother misses her daughters wedding” to mean everything from Robin dying (which there is countless evidence to the contrary) to Ted’s mom dying (which is odd since Ted is nobodies daughter).

      But so many people say “the mom can’t be dead, because it would be too obvious.”

      would it? would it really? I think maybe 2-3 people have actually admitted that it’s most likely the mom will die. EVERYONE ELSE has another theory and this post i’m responding to has all this “evidence” which is based on assumptions and being a little naive (like Ms.Fontane wasn’t coached on exactly what to say when people asked her about the scenes she filmed all those years ago, c’mon guys, this is hollywood. what did you expect her to say?).

      Especially since not just this show, but it’s a tried and true method of storytelling to use foreshadowing. and it’s because it DOES enhance the drama. Because all of you guys who say “the mom cant be dead, she just can’t be”. will literally be on pins and needles during the finale because you don’t want it to be true, and will be fighting it the whole way. and if/when it happens you will be blown away. you might respond badly after the fact, but you can’t deny the dramatic effect it will have on ALL of us who watch it, even if the obvious happens.

      and one more thing I have to add, because it seems to be the most obvious “sign post” of the entire episode. and yet it seems to be for the most part ignored. while people are warping and twisting the phrase “what kind of daughter misses her daughters wedding”.

      you leave out fully when the Mom looks at Ted (note: Ted, not his mom, not Robin, not the ghost of her own mother), and says “I worry about you, I don’t want you to be that guy who lives in his stories. Life only moves forward.”

      Does that sound like something somebody who is perfectly fine and will be by his side for the rest of his life would say? and when combined with the whole “what kind of mother misses her own daughters wedding”…….it almost puts the entire “controversy” or “debate” to bed fully.

      I understand why people don’t WANT it to happen, but the warping and twisting and threatening to the writers is bordering on the very sad. You think you have a connection to these characters, have you zero compassion for the people who LITERALLY created them? Do you think they enjoyed writing it if it does turn out the mom died?

      and your response, is to threaten, insult and boycott them? way to show appreciation to people who created characters and stories that you have loved for the last decade just because it didn’t end the way you want it to. that’s real nice, i hope they don’t read any of those. they don’t deserve that

      • Tom says:

        I actually kind of hope she is dying or dead. Does that make me Morbid. It would be the only thing making this last season worth watching.

        • Justin says:

          I don’t hope she dies. But thematically it fits. I mean the most obvious thing that strikes me, is that they have yet to name her. Think about that, the writers created this character, and now they have yet to name her. why would they do that? Is it common knowledge that once you give something it’s a name the connection becomes much deeper, the fact that they didn’t speaks volumes.

          but dramatically, I think it would be a great ending. Because it’s real, sometimes people die, that’s life. and at the end of the day, that’s how it is.

          I mean c’mon, the mothers fiance died, nobody said “hey, this is a sitcom, that’s kind of morbid” when that happened. When Ted got left at the altar nobody said, “geez, this is a sitcom, that’s too ‘real’ “.

          I think people are just lashing out like this isn’t something the show has always done, the show has been preparing you for this for 9 years. the fact that so many aren’t ready to accept this as a possibility, just shows they haven’t really been paying attention

          • Jo says:

            Justin – a lot of us have been paying attention and the biggest sign that tells me she isn’t dead is right from episode one with the kids. I just do not believe that Ted would raise children who would be such inconsiderate jerks where when he says I’m going to tell you the story of how I met your mother and they reply “are we being punished?” And “yeah is this going to take long?” And then roll their eyes at him and sit down on the couch if their mother is indeed dead. What kind of horrible people would his kids be if they did that? And also why would he tell a story to them that centers on him loving robin for all those years and only add the mother in here and there till the very end if she was dead? Wouldn’t he be telling them the story of how they met and fell in love and got married and the happy memories of them together? Because I would think that would be the story you would tell to your kids if their mother was dead and not the story of 9 years of banging every girl in New York while pining away for aunt robin. And for the robin must be alive because they know her as aunt robin comments yes she would have been alive until 2030 making her around 50 at the time he tells the story so she could very well have just passed away and he is telling the story before he tells them that she died – maybe on location in a war torn country where she was reporting live seeing as she is a reporter. Or maybe robin contracted a disease in one of those countries and they found out she was sick in 2024 and she dies of the disease in 2030. Who knows. But I really can’t see them having the mother die because 1 it’s too obvious why would they basically tell us with 5 episodes to go that she is dead? And 2 my earlier point about the kids being jerks about hearing the story.

          • Justin says:

            this is what i mean, you ignore all the facts to the contrary to make it fit what you want. and you point to children’s reactions from the first episode. that’s very weak evidence, no offense. We dont’ know how long after the mother passed that he told the kids that, what if it was years later (hence the different voice), so they had time to cope and move on, and then when Ted was finally ready, he sat them down to tell them. It’s just kids being kids, it doesn’t give any evidence that the mom doesn’t die.

            and again, you ignore all the evidence to the contrary. We know Robin doesn’t die because all you need to know is the Lilly/Robin mike tyson schtick to know that she is still around.

            that’s without getting into the last episode.

            “what kind of mother misses her daughters wedding” and “I worry about you,I don’t want you to be that guy who lives in his stories, life only moved forward”

            how does that point to Robin passing? she can’t have kids first of all, and why would Ted’s wife worry about Ted living in his stories and not moving forward when they are happily married because his friend who has presumably seen only once a year since her wedding.

            it makes literally no sense at all. your clinging onto little pieces of evidence just to justify your view, and are ignoring all the glaring signs that what you want to happen isn’t even likely.

            I understand why your doing it, I just think it’s odd how people are hanging onto all these random easily disproved pieces of evidence so hard, but then claim if the mom dies it wouldn’t be dramatic because they spelled it out.

            never taking into account that maybe the reason the writers are laying it all out for us, is because it IS a very heavy thing to do deal with. and they want us to be ready.

            of course, nobody thinks of that

          • Jo says:

            He tells them the story in 2030 not some random time someday in the eventual future when they have had time to deal with losing her and as I have said before robin was what 50 in the mike Tyson episode? No actual dates were on that episode it just said a few years later so she could have lived to 2030 and died then and still been in the mike Tyson story. Robin and Barney are not in most of the flash forwards. They talk about them but you almost never see them. The flash forward to the porch in their golden years is only lily Marshall ted and the mother (who is in the house) with no mention of Barney or robin. I get the there is a possibility of them having the mother die. It’s just a bad way to end the story especially if they expect to have the majority of viewers make the jump to the new series. If you end it in such a way that ted is again alone and miserable why would we as fans go and get invested in a new show about a “love story told in reverse” if we can expect such a downer of an ending? So they want us to root for ted to finally find his one true love and then they are going to kill her off so we can be reminded again that life sucks? And why replay a story they already told? The mother lost her “one true love” max to death so hey let’s give them another tragedy to deal with on this COMEDY about an epic love story? And I just don’t buy it that they would make it so obvious with 5 episodes to go. And all the people freaking out about the line about a mother missing her daughters wedding – maybe it is teds mom who died in 2024 and his sister is getting married and that’s why he is so upset when she says that. His mother is missing his sisters wedding and he’s upset. That would make sense as to why the mother isn’t as upset it’s more a sympathy thing for ted since he lost his mom. Because if I was dying and was going to miss my child wedding I would be way more upset then she was. I know it’s just a tv show but they deserve a happy ending and killing the mother would just ruin the whole series for me and a lot of other people. Ted deserves to get his happily ever after.

          • applescruffs says:

            Which episode was the one where they’re sitting on the front porch? I want to rewatch it!

          • Justin says:

            “I worry about you, I don’t want you to be that guy who lives in his stories. Life only moves forward”

            explain how that has ANYTHING to do with Robin or his mother passing away.

            literally, like anything at all. Explain how the Mother saying that directly to Ted points to Robin or his mother passing away.

            I get what your saying, and you have a right to that view. But it literally all falls apart when you put that statement into context. all of it.

            why would she say that if she is by his side all of his life? why would he say that about a friend he barely sees? why would she say that about his mother?

            it makes literally no logical sense at all

          • Mike says:

            Left at the alter and dying are too different things. Has nothing to do with paying attention, some thing are just too morbid and there would be nothing great about that ending.

          • Justin says:

            It was pretty devestating to Ted, and not the least bit funny. Nobody seems to care that Max died, that wasn’t morbid? Her fiance is killed and she never even gets to say goodbye.

            but that isn’t morbid? …..but it moves the story to how you want it to go, so you disregard it.

            the Mother dying does the same thing, it moves the story in the direction the writers want it to go. it’s literally the exact same thing thematically.

            there is nothing terrible about a romantic comedy ending badly. not to bang this drum consistently, but classic literature is literally full of examples of romantic comedies ending badly. …..CLASSIC literature. meaning stories that are remembered centuries later.

            happily ever after, is the most insulting and contrived kind of ending any complex story can really have. and in this situation, this particular story, happily ever after doesn’t fit.

          • Mike says:

            Agree to disagree happy ever after doesn’t fit, clearly we both interpret the show differently. That the beauty of TV.

          • Justin says:

            Fair enough. :)

            it just kind of irks me that people are fixating on the whole “what kind of MOTHER misses her DAUGHTER’S” wedding…..and are misinterpreting it and twisting it.

            and ignoring the most blatant piece of evidence in the show, that you can’t really explain or twist. “I worry about you. I don’t want you to be that guy who lives in his stories. Live only moves forward.”

            that’s all……but who knows how it will actually pan out.

      • Xan says:

        Justin, I didn’t threaten. ot insult anyone, or say I’d boycott anything. I just listed the evidence that leads me to believe the Mother won’t die, and gave my own theory as to what will happen. Obviously there’s also implications it could still happen, and I’ve enjoyed the comic and dramatic moments of this show, so I trust that whatever happens, it’ll be good TV. It’s just my opinion that everything that’s seemingly foreshadowing the Mother’s death is rather too heavy handed to be anything other than a bait and switch, indicating to me that there’s going to be some other final twist.

  38. Ann VerWiebe says:

    Why is it that sit-com writers feel the need to end their series with big bummers? It sure looks like dead mother is the path we’re walking (like Autism St. Elsewhere, dead Dan Roseanne, baby-killing Hawkeye MASH). I will always appreciate that Friends ended on an up note.

    • Mike says:

      Mash and St. Elsewhere were not sitcoms, most end on a positive note. I think this one will too. Two reasons why she won’t be dead, this is a romantic comedy so usually doesn’t happen and 2. bad business decision.

      • Justin says:

        explain that statement. it’s bad business to tell a tragic love story? yeah, tragic love stories usually kill writers careers. That Shakespeare guy died penniless and alone because having tragic love stories that are comedic are just TERRIBLE buisness moves.

        get real

        • Mike says:

          I’m, talking about current times,from an article on this. On a “Television Is A Business” note: I can’t imagine a studio being cool with such a downer of a finish, no matter how much Bays and Thomas might dress it up with some kind of “life is unpredictable, every day is a gift” message. For a lot of fans, such an ending would kill any desire to re-watch the show in syndication. For a program that clearly has a mind for longevity — a spin-off is in the works for this fall — this seems like the kind of idea that, if floated, would be shut down immediately by The Powers That Be at CBS.

          • Justin says:

            again, now your making HUGE jumps. You saying that classic literature rules don’t apply, not to mention that there are a number of shows that have ended the same if not worse.

            now your assuming that you know what CBS would do. you think that because you feel a certain way, that the people who do that for a living would obviously agree with you.

            despite the fact that 90% of people are not you, 90% of people will see “from the creators of How I met your mother” and will watch because they watched it on occassion and were never die hard about it.

            the die hard fans are the EXTREME minority. What matters is NAME/BRAND recognition.

            and NOTHING they do for the end of the show will do anything to change that. I don’t mean to invalidate your feelings, or that you will be upset if it ends how it looks like it will.

            But your opinion, is no one that is monumentally shared by the vast majority of people, nor will the ending have any negative effect on the spin off. the only people who are saying that, are those who are upset that the story they love might end in a way they don’t like, but in reality, once time passes, they will watch the spin off too, some won’t, but most will get over it. because at the end of the day they told a VERY good story, and let’s face it, there aren’t many of those on TV these days in the sitcom arena.

            you can be upset, but to think you know the inner workings of CBS or any studio, and that brand recognition isn’t huge, is just naive at best. Even though i know your heart is in the right place

        • Mike says:

          Also I meant for TV not Lit.

        • Mike says:

          Could she be dead sure, but not 100%. Are you open to the idea that she is not?

          • Justin says:

            of course, anything can happen. But all of the evidence points to her being dead, or at the best dying.

            but it’s TV, he could wake up in the finale and i could all be a dream…….who knows for sure?

  39. Ben says:

    That’s a really bad idea for a sitcom series finale.
    Hate that.

  40. Elmstreetchild says:

    Personally if they do go down the “mother has died” road that makes me dislike ted. If she dies why isn’t he telling stories about their life after they met? The good times they had together while she was alive. Instead it’s all about his life up until he met her. Seems kinda selfish to talk about yourself and you friends to your kids when it’s supposed to be about meeting their mother who is dead.

  41. braxxis0 says:

    My theory is that Teds Mother, Virginia, is dead. To me it seems like the most plausible theory and here’s why:
    1) Ted has a younger sister, Heather. It is quite possible that in Ted and the Mother are at there to attend her Wedding and that Ted is emotional because their Mother passed away recently and will not be there for it.
    2) The writers were very specific with their wording. They said “daughter” and not “child” for a reason.
    3) The Mother not reacting like Ted did when she realized what she said. It’s not her mother so she wouldn’t be as close with her.
    4) The kids have pretty nonchalant reactions when Ted begins the story in The Pilot. “Are we being punished for something?” “Is this gonna take a while?” Even teenagers aren’t heartless enough to show that much disdain over hearing a story about their deceased Mother.
    5) In episode 2, when the Mother can see Ted being “all show-boaty,” he shouts “Vesuvius! Oh wait, that doesn’t fit.” This is quite possibly a foreshadow to this Episode and the fact that the Mother being dead was already a theory since season 8’s “The Time Travelers.” As in her being dead “doesn’t fit” and this is simply a Red Herring for the theorists of the Mother being dead.
    6) Vesuvius is a town in Virginia. That is quite the coincidence that there is a foreshadowing of a character being dead in an episode with this title.
    Well, I hope you all enjoyed my theory, I guess we will see on the 31st!

  42. Thomas says:

    Did occure to anyone that Ted might be crying over the Mother’s mother’s death ? I mean think about it Ted clearly is the type of guy who could cry about his wife’s mother death.

  43. Hmmmmmmm says:

    Well, all this speculating is a little fun … good play Writers. We need a super himym geek (I almost said “major” geek, but wanted to avoid the inevitable “Major Geek” and salute comments) to answer this question – When 2030 Ted is speaking to his kids, were there times when he referred to her in the present? This is relevant because the writers said they worked out the ending when the series began.

    Having said that, I think that the arguments for the “Mother is dead” theory are out ranking the “it’s a plot twist” theory. I started out really sad about the prospect of her dying, but now i think there is poignant beauty to it …. unless he ends up with Robin. Even though I am a huge Robin fan, the whole on again off again plot went on WAY too long.

  44. Rog says:

    How about this…What if Ted died and the kids are watching a video that he left for them to watch so they would know about him and his life?

    • Nikky says:

      I definitely thought about that too……maybe both parents died & one of the other couples took them in & is showing them the video

  45. Goodbye Universe Guy says:

    A note to Applescruffs (up-thread), who asked which episode included the future-scene of Ted, Lily and Marshall siting on the front porch – I believe it was ‘The Front Porch’ [S4/ep. 17 – 3/16/09] that had ‘Karen’, Laura Prepon, as a guest star.

    The episode was about how Lily had to confess to Ted that she/Lily always put Ted’s girlfriends through ‘the front porch’ test, which meant each girlfriend had to be someone that Lily, Marshall and Ted would enjoy being around and talking to when the four were old and grey and chatting on the front porch. It turned out that Lily secretly wanted to see Ted and Karen break up because Karen failed Lily’s ‘front porch test’. That test turned out to be a correct assessment of Karen

    However, Karen was not the only significant ‘Ted-girlfriend’ who failed Lily’s front porch test – so did Robin.

    Now, there’s something to ponder as we wonder who survives past 2030 and who doesn’t, although I think Lily’s front-porch test was wrong on that one occasion regarding Robin. Hopefully we’ll see all six (T, B, R, L, M and Mother) on that front porch beyibd 2030. Of course, we also have to remember that Marshall still hasn’t paid Lily back for losing that bet of whether Ted would end up with Robin.

    Maybe that’s how the show should end – all six chatting on the front porch, Lily leaning over to Marshall and telling him to ‘finally pay up’, and Marshall looking over at the other four, and saying quietly to Lily – ‘not yet.’ ;)

  46. Alessandra says:

    I totally agree . The show made it really clear that she is gonna die. People, just stop being childish saying this is the worst ending. This is the perfect ending actually. Life is not happily ever after. Why everything has to be fairy tale ending? writers have to be audacious! Life is about the journey… Not the destination.

    It would be perfectly reasonable to put aunt robin and Ted together in the end.

    1) during the whole 9 seasons, they always came back with the ‘Ted still loves robin’ thing. Over and over. Even on the 18th episode where Ted tell the he still loves her but he needs to let her go.

    2) the writers decided and recorded the end a long time ago. Reason: show the kids without aging having some sort of interaction with someone they already have on the cast… Why not the step mom? It could be aunt robin or even veronica. Once by the time they havent choosen the mom actress yet… We know she will not be on the scene with the kids on the ending scene.

    Reinforcements to her death:

    1) the mom also loose someone she loves… Why would they bring this storyline to her? she ask to her dead ex boyfriend to move on… She knows the feeling of being years not getting over it.. Who is better than her to advice Ted to not live on the past?

    2) on the Vesuvius episode… Just look their eyes. They are so tearful! They are sad as hell, they both are about to break in tears. Its a sad goodbye weekend. By that we can see It’s not ted or the mothers mom who died, they are already sad with something that is happening, or else they wouldn’t be so tearful.

    3) The 45 days speech also tells a lot about it.

    4) 2020 they smoke marijuana with lily and marshal and ask where is the wife is. 2024 they have this nostalgic weekend. Dates fit.

    Now just pay attention on the 3 clue lines… They are so obvious:

    1) ” I love your yarns I hope you never stop spinning them “. .. “But?” ” You are the love of my life Pooh bear, I am just worried about you. I don’t want you to be the guy that live in his stories. Life only moves forwards” … Again! Who is better than her to give this advice?!

    2) ” And it’s fine. In a moment like that when what’s really happening is too intense to deal with, sometimes it’s best…” ” to leave it unspoken. And just enjoy each other’s company instead” – if this isn’t obvious for u guys… U have serious problems of denial.

    3) ” what kind of mother misses her daughters wedding” – Ted finally let his tears come down.. She doesn’t realize until she sees his reaction… And she holds his hand ” hey… No… Common” …

    People just need to be open minded and stop being such kids about sad endings. That’s life. Stop thinking of the sad finalle and see how finally Ted was happy with her on those years by her side.

    I hope the writers are audacious enough to pursue the ending that they are preparing us for, which would be sad but memorable.

  47. Fizixrules says:

    I hope this is correct. The Mother is sick in 2024… they think she may die. She worries about Ted living too much in his stories. He promises to live in the present, not the past, to enjoy his time with her…. and so he clings to the present. As a result he does not tell long drawn out stories about the past to his kids. The mother has cancer treatments, and in 2030 she has been cancer free for 5 years. Ted then feels safe enough, relaxes his grip on the present enough, to start telling their children his stories.

  48. samantha says:

    I think alzheimers is genetic or mabey its another genetic disease so it could be that in vesouvious teds mom was diagnosed and that’s why he was so upset by the what mother would miss her daughters wedding comment. And in 2030 teds diagnosed and that’s why he’s telling the story to his kids. In the back to the future episode its not just the mother ted misses and its his old desk and apartment .chatting with Marshel, lily and holding marvin. And listening to robin and barney fight. He wants more time with everyone. In my opinion it sounds more like a man nostalgic about what he’s loosing . And I think the last episode will be ted giving the kids the bad news.

  49. Marc says:

    I start to begin, that Lily could also be the one who is dying. I hope I missed something, that this can’t be true, but in my opinion it would be much sadder if Lily dies than the mother. Hints for the theory: In a flashforward to 2029 Marshall opens the letter Lily wrote him in “we’re not from here” according she is dead. However, she comes into the room then, but why should Marshall open the letter for another reason than Lily is going to die, but wait over 20 years to do so. Another hint could be Ted’s crying over the whole which mother would miss her own daughters wedding, to say Lily is going to die. It’s not as believable (and hopefully I write here some crap :)) as the mother’s dead, but could be possible.

  50. Nikky says:

    What if they are Robin & Barney’s kids…..And Robin died & Barney went crazy & Ted had to take custody of the kids