HIMYM Recaplet: Here We Go Again With That Theory -- Plus: Robin's [Spoiler] Arrives!

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 RecapAny other How I Met Your Mother fans have a nervous feeling in the pit of their stomach…?

The CBS comedy added fuel to the The Mother Is Dead Theory with Monday night’s episode, as Ted and his wife spent time away from the kids at the Farhampton Inn (yet again) in the year 2024.

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Let’s go back and review the ominous, dread-inducing evidence:

♦ Ted and The Mother spend most of the half-hour sharing old stories — sad nostalgia alert! — and even though they’re enjoying reliving the past, she admits that she’s concerned about her hubby. “I love your yarns,” she says. “I hope you never stop spinning them. You’re the love of my life, pooh bear. I just worry about you. I don’t want you to be the guy who lives in his stories. Life only moves forward.” Gulp.

♦ The gang realizes that after Robin and Barney’s wedding day, they don’t know when they’ll be together again. It’s a heavy moment that leaves them all speechless because when something is too intense, Future Ted begins, it’s best to “leave it unspoken and just enjoy each other’s company,” The Mother finishes as they exchange a meaningful glance.

♦ The surprise appearance of Robin’s mom (played by Tracey Ullman!) is not such a big shock to Mrs. Mosby. After all, “What mother is going to miss her daughter’s wedding?” she asks as Future Ted looks like he’s about to burst into tears. Poor Penny.

In this January TVLine poll, 42 percent theorized that the reason Ted told the kids this story when he did — and there is a reason — is because The Mother is dead or sick/in surgery. But that was a huge five weeks ago. So…

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  1. thatdude says:

    Yes i thought ted was choking up because of his mother. i could see Lily dying, never imagined Robin

  2. LM says:

    I know lots of people are sick of the color theory, but my friends and I got nervous tonight as soon as we noticed that both Ted and the mother were wearing shades of purple. We didn’t really comment on the sad nostalgia, but the purple did have us on edge before we got to the comment about something being left unspoken. Then we really started freaking out.

  3. Lisa dg says:

    My most hopeful theory is that while Ted is telling this story, the Mother is going through surgery. And Ted is telling them this long and winding story to distract them from the wait. And by the end we find out that she has survived, and we get a front porch fast forward.

    That is my best hope. If the mother is dead, I’m writing an angry strong worded letter. By post!

  4. ThermalBlade says:

    Timeline theory: I know this isn’t shown in the show, but perhaps the mother, after losing her first love that was revealed earlier this season, kind of turned to smoking . And she quit eventually, but it caused her lung cancer, which is why two weeks into Ted dating her she makes him stop smoking. Then she goes into the hospital in 2030, and Ted and the kids go home unsure about what the outcome of her surgery will be, and Ted helps them take their mind off it with the story of how he met their mother… Now I know that a 17 year stetch of lung cancer is a hard sell so maybe it was just lung disease which turned into lung cancer in 2029…

  5. Lara says:


  6. Mike V says:

    Great episode. Definitely a lot of material here for the “mother is dead” theorists and it certainly has me taking it more seriously. I’m going to lean on the optimistic side for now though. There’s still plenty of story to tell here before the end and this could be just one setback in their happily ever after. I like the idea that she was sick but recovered which allowed Ted to treasure every moment from then on and bringing new meaning to the scene from last season where he wanted to spend even the moments before they met with her.

    But, if the theory does turn out to be true and the kids’ reaction shots fall in line with this, it would certainly seem like they had this in mind since the early days of the show, and that would demand respect for sticking to their guns.

    Either way it’s been a great ride and I look forward to seeing how they envisioned ending the series!

  7. Sarah says:

    There is NO WAY they will kill the Mother. Not happening. As a show that loves it’s fans, I truly don’t believe they will do that.

  8. Sara says:

    i might just be an optimist, but if the mother was dead wouldn’t ted be telling the kids stories about the mother, and him and the mother—not 8 years worth of stories leading up to how he met the mother where “aunt robin” is the love interest for most of the time.

    • Sara says:

      and isnt there an episode where they flash forward to the college reunion, ted lily and marshall are eating sandwiches and ted says where is my wife?? that is definitely after 2030

  9. Matt says:

    It’s a red herring. As red as that red herring that they showed in the NCIS pun. They are using it to drive interest down the home stretch in a show that was seeming far to obvious. It’s a nod out to the internet nerds who have developed this theory, but much like the “coat check girl” or “Barney’s sister” and even “it’s actually Robin in the end” they raise it in order to kill it.

  10. Cogamimaje says:

    TED is dying. This makes much more sense.

    • NJMark says:

      Not to me. “Let me take some of my dying days to tell you about how I banged a lot of women in the decade before I met your mother.”

      • Will benson says:

        It would explain the different voice. Ted isn’t telling the story. Someone is reading it to the kids.

  11. Mario says:

    I’m going with the mother dying. Although it will be a depressing ending… it would also be poetic. It would tie in the reason why he’s telling the story… and one thing also to note is all the stories about the mother the mother looks the same age, and Ted is aging. I think while Ted is telling the story, he’s remembering the mother as how they met… and never sees her as old, or worse, dying of cancer. THAT all being said, the fact that they’re doing a spin-off may turn off audiences if they know the main character ends up dead… even if it is 20/30 years in the future. But I can totally see the series ending with Ted turning on a DVD and it’s the mother on video tape (taped before her death) saying to the kids “Let me tell you how I met your father”… and it fades to black.

    • Mario says:

      I did read a theory above where the father is using the story to distract the kids while the mother is having surgery… then the doctor comes out and says she recovered. I think it may give us a “happier” ending… but that may be a bigger cop-out than it being Ted that’s dying. The mother dying, as sad as it may be… based on tonight’s episode, is the way they should go.

  12. Anita says:

    Never believed the theory before but that line about a mother being at a daughter’s wedding to me is unambiguous. I 100% believe The Mother is dying. Whether she is in fact dead in 2030 I’m unsure…..but her mortality is definitely in jeopardy in 2024

  13. rae says:

    There was a flashforward where older Ted, Marshall and Lily were at (I presume) their college reunion. They were high and Ted asks where his wife is. Wasn’t that after he tells the kids his story?

    • jj says:

      How could he possibly be telling his kids about an event that hasn’t happened yet? Obviously, all events take place before he tells his kids his story

  14. Daniel says:

    I had this theory at the end of season 7 because I was wondering why he would be telling the story to his kids and this seemed like the only logical reason. I can’t wait to the season finally I know it’s truly gonna be amazing

  15. NJMark says:

    No way in hell did they film a final scene with the kids years ago (while they were still young), and go so far as to make people sign non-disclosure agreements, only to go and plant clues for us to be able to figure out the ending ahead of time.

    And I’ve never bought any theory that relies on semantics. The mother is the mother. Aunt Robin is Aunt Robin, not their step-mother.

  16. N tTVf says:

    I recall that on the Beatles Abbey Road album, fans were playing it backwards and claiming to hear the words ‘Paul is dead, Paul is dead, Paul is dead.’ Hence, for this HIMYM episode after reading this TVLine post, I VHS taped this HIMYM episode [out here on the west coast], played it backwards on my old VCR, but alas, didn’t hear ‘The Mother is dead, the Mother is dead’, although I thought I heard ‘Barney is awesome, Barney is awesome’, but that may have been my imagination, and I digress.

    Do note that on the Abbey Road album cover, where the Beatles are walking across the street via zebra crossing, there was a white VW auto parked on the street in the background of the album cover, and the license plate on that car reads ‘LMW28IF’ [“implying” that Paul would have been 28 yrs. old had he been alive]. A clue? (it turned out, luckily, not to be.)

    HIMYM recently posted a picture of the final taping of the show last week, (see link at the top of this post by V Gelman], and it shows Barney/NPH walking across the street towards director Pam Fryman. Just behind NPH is a parked car/Prius on the street with license plate number ‘6EPG208’. A clue? ;)

    • NJMark says:

      For years, I’ve been using the “cover of Sgt. Pepper” theory to refute the idea that the show was laced with clues, and that if only we’d put them together, we’d know what was going to happen.

      With all the secrecy, they’re not going to make the ending something we can easily predict.

  17. Angelcake says:

    Maybe its the Mother’s mom that’s gone so when Ted’s talking about Robin’s mom and she says “What mother would miss the wedding”..and tears up, its about her own wedding to Ted and her mom is gone?

  18. Goodbye Universe Guy says:

    Well, I have often said that what I like so much about HIMYM and CT/CB, is that they never take the easy way out – yes, this show is a comedy, but we know that it is much more than that. That’s why we are all here talking about it – this show does not take the easy way out.

    ‘Symphony of Illumination’, ‘No Pressure’, ‘The Best Man’, ‘The Last Page/pt2’, ‘Something Old’, and recently, ‘Sunrise.’ In my mind, these have been some of the best episodes of the series, and each of these episodes really has been more about drama than comedy. Some of the things that have happened to Ted and Robin over the years have bordered on cruelty, but that happens in life, and that’s the story CT/CB are trying to tell.

    I don’t know if ‘the Mother’ dies, or Robin dies, and I certainly hope neither is the case, but the end/finale of this series is going to be jolt. I’m not giving away anything here, so no spoiler alert, but CS is interviewed in the current issue of Esquire magazine (check it out – CS at her most lovely), and she mentions that when CT/CB told her the ending of the series, she lost it and had to leave the room.

    So, brace yourselves everyone – we’re in for a heck of a finish, but frankly, I wouldn’t want it any other way. This show is superior to most comedies past/present – and one reason is the rough treatment Ted and Robin have gotten in this series. I suspect something is coming, but I don’t believe it will be something that would damage the syndication storyline and future fan enjoyment of the series in rerun heaven. But that said, something is coming.

  19. Sara says:

    Having the Mother die or be sick would be an absolutely horrible way to not just end a show, but to end a COMEDY?! And how messed up is it that if the Mother is sick or dead that Ted has been telling his kids in mourning all about his past girlfriends?!

  20. Ross says:

    I really hope that isn’t the case. I mean yeah it’s certainly an emotional story, and a bold choice and everything, but for me this show has been magical and almost fairy tale like. It would be way too much of a downer for it to go out like that… Fairy tales should have happy endings. I really hope they don’t do that.

  21. Sean says:

    This is soooo sad. But it makes sense, unless it’s Ted’s mother who dies.

  22. Justin says:

    I think the response to this very real possibility is way off base. Going so far as saying people will no longer “trust” or watch anything the writers do moving forward.

    I don’t get it, it’s the journey, not the destination. the last 9 years are still the last 9 years no matter how the series ends. You think that giving you a carbon copy, “and they lived happily ever after”, is somehow great?

    If there is one thing that I have liked about this show, is that it does have a level of realism when it comes to Ted. You don’t always end up with who you think you will, no matter how long you hold on.

    And just because you think you found “the one” doesn’t mean it will always work out. Even if you do make it to the altar. Even if you do reconnect with that girl who you thought could be “the one” years later.(stella and veronica)

    and guess what? Even if you do get fortunate enough to find “the one”, nothing in this life lasts forever. Friendships end, families disconnect, people die. It happens, to say that the mom dying somehow invalidates the show is just sad.

    Does it make the story of how his children came to be meaningless? Does it make the stories of his best friends worthless? Because he only got 10 years with his “the one” (which for the record, is a lot more than the overwhelming majority of married couples EVER get in this world. .66% of 1st marriages last 10 years or more, for the record).

    You think that is cynical? That’s life. invalidating someone’s entire story, and all he went through and how he grew as a result of his life because who he married passed away.

    I can’t think of anything more cynical than that. This show is a great show, and had a great run. But c’mon, there is a reason that the writers haven’t told us the mother’s name. Do i really have to give an example of how not naming something makes it easier to let go of?

    I’m pretty sure that the mom will pass away, and I think that is a great way to end the story. It’s different, it’s harsh, it’s life. And it’s not like Ted has nothing if that happens, he has a beautiful family and a great group of friends. We should all be so lucky

    • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

      An interesting perspective on the series, and I tend to agree with you, and noted something similar up-thread.

      I’ve watched a good number of comedies over the years, and many have had the ‘blue-print’ happy ending – boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl. That won’t happen here. I don’t think HIMYM is that show – we found that out way back in episode 1. Ted didn’t get what he wanted, whom he wanted. The way Ted lost Stella (she invited Tony to the wedding as a way of getting back at Ted for inviting Robin). The way Ted lost Victoria (…’it’s Robin, Ted.’). This can’t have a happy ending – it can’t. Look at ‘Sunrise’ again – that episode is not a happy ending for Ted. He had to let go of that red balloon. That’s the end. All else after that is just ‘more of the same’ – love found, and love lost. For whatever reason, that’s Ted’s destiny, his fate. That’s the story CT/CB are telling us.

      It’s a different type of show, a different type of story, but one that I’m grateful for and lucky to have seen start to finish. If I wanted ‘more of the same’, I’d watch ‘New Girl’, or ‘Mixology’, or upcoming ‘Friends w/Better’ – shows where everyone eventually pairs up and gets exactly what they want and live happily ever after. Nothing is asked for or demanded from the audience. Want another happy ending? Fantastic, here it is on a silver plate. That’s not going to happen here with HIMYM. Those happy endings simply do not happen very often in real life. Some people in life get what they want, and the rest of us eventually have to let go of our red balloon. That’s the reality, and that’s what appears to be the direction CT/CB are taking us towards the end of this story. Somebody on this series – either Ted, or The Mother, or Robin, are not going to get that happy ending. And that’s how it has to be – Ted and Robin have been at this for far too long for there not to be some consequences: more hurt and cruelty of fate in their lives.

      • Sam says:

        Yeah but this time he finally does get his happy ending, after so much heartache is a way I think could go.

        Doesn’t have to be that someone has a sad ending.

        • Justin says:

          I don’t understand why it’s a sad ending. Sure losing his wife would suck, but he has his children, he has his friends, he has a lifetime worth of great stories and memories.

          what is sad about that?

          it’s not like he ends up homeless and poor and destitute. for all intents and purposes, he got everything he wanted. He just didn’t get to have it forever. if that is the expectation for happy endings, we are all in a lot of trouble.

          • murley says:

            Losing your wife and the love of your life more than just “sucks”. If this were real life that would be pretty dark and Ted, and his children, would be grieving that loss for the rest of their lives. Happy memories are really little comfort in the face of such a loss. And given the nature of sitcoms it would be very, very dark.

    • Larry says:

      You think that giving you a carbon copy, “and they lived happily ever after”, is somehow great?


    • Sam says:

      Its a sitcom not real life

      • Justin says:

        ok, well this show hasn’t been like other sitcoms for the last 9 years. so expecting it to end like other ones is unrealistic.

        not to say it won’t happen, but looking at the show, why would anyone think it would like the thousands that came before it?

        and the show has had lots of ‘real life’ things. like being left at the altar, that wasn’t very funny at all.

      • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

        True, it’s not real life, just a sitcom. But it is whatever CT/CB want it to be. We’ve all got our inner demons, things that we’re trying to work out, make sense of, exorcise. Maybe CT/CB are writing with that in mind – the show is semi-autobiographical. I’m actually not as worried about ‘The Mother’ – honestly, I don’t have as much invested in her character – we’ve really seen her for just a few episode, right? I’m more worried about what happens to the Ted and Robin characters. CT/CB are not ‘done’ with these two quite yet. Perhaps a couple more demons to exorcise.

        I don’t know if CT/CB are basing Robin on someone they have known in their past, but their treatment of Robin has always fascinated me. It’s a love-hate thing, I think. It’s like the old girlfriend (and we’ve all had them) who got away. You want her to be happy, want what’s best for her, but there is always something inside you that makes your stomach turn every time you think about her…. ‘I wasn’t good enough.’ You don’t think Ted will be haunted by that? Believe me, all guys are haunted by that, and that may be haunting CT/CB as well. It happens, and that may be influencing CT/CB – that’s what makes this show so good – there will be no easy way out, there never is.

  23. LB says:

    Although I felt signs pointing towards the mother being dead, I just don’t think it’d make sense with the first episode. I mean the kids ask how long it’s going to take and you’d think that if their mother was dead, they’d want to hear as much about her as possible?

  24. I think Ted’s mother passes away. I wouldn’t be surprised if before the wedding, Ted hears of his mother’s passing and that’s why he’s so depressed at the Farhapmton train station and the Mother consoles him. Given the mother’s caring personality it wouldn’t be that crazy. Also, remember they were at the Farhampton Inn for the anniversary. If that’s where Ted learned of his mother’s passing it’d be an emotional moment.

  25. Lindsey says:

    At first I also assumed it was Ted’s mom who had recently died, but I did wonder about the phrasing of saying a mother wouldn’t miss her daughter’s wedding. Plus the fact that they are already an “old married couple” means that if either one of their moms had missed their wedding, it probably wouldn’t result in such a strong response for him at the very mention of a mother missing a wedding. The way she comforted him does seem to lead to the possibility that he’s thinking about her missing their daughter’s wedding, and the statement she makes earlier in the episode does sound like she’s telling him to keep moving forward after she’s gone, but as it has been suggested, maybe that’s the point. Maybe they’re trying to mislead us to keep us guessing until the very end, because if that were actually what was going to happen, why would they make it so obvious with five episodes to go? It seems strange to build to that type of ending for several episodes, not to mention the fact that this is a comedy, and having such a sad ending to the series should be forbidden. (Here’s looking at you, CHUCK.) Anyway, I’m really hoping it’s Ted’s mom who has passed away, and perhaps the realization that he was going to, or just missed his younger sister’s wedding or something that made him so instantly upset. If this entire thing has been building up to her being dead in 2030, that would be really disappointing.

  26. edg1 says:

    I think they’re starting another Bad News Countdown. Notice the “5” on the 5 dollar bill which Ted gave to the Receptionist. It kind of looks like out of the ordinary…

    • fifiiii says:

      do you reckon that’s because it’s 5 episodes to go til the end?

      • N tTVf says:

        A nice theory – worth considering. However, when I saw Ted hand over the ‘Lincoln’, I just figured, jeez, poor Ted, doesn’t even have a ‘Jackson’, let alone a ‘Grant’ or a ‘Franklin.’ Living on the edge. No wonder Mosbius Designs went under!

  27. Justin says:

    I wonder, people keep on suggesting that the mom can’t be dying because it would be to obvious. But this suggests that if the mom ends up dying, people wouldn’t be shocked.

    if these comments are any indication, I don’t think that is the case. They have pulled no punched in laying it pretty clearly to you about her fate.

    But if she ended up dying at the end of the show, do you really think there would be no surprise? no shock? I think that if the mother does end up dying, it would be much more shocking and surprising and ultimately memorable ending if she did die.

    I mean what would be memorable about the ending otherwise?

    “and they all lived happily, ever after”? …….i don’t think so.

    it’s like telling someone you’re going to punch them in the face, they are still surprised when you actually do it. and it looks like the writers are rearing back for a pretty significant gut punch.and they are telling us they are doing it.

    • Larry says:

      Just because happy ending doesn’t meant not memorable, maybe there is big news but its positive.

      • Justin says:

        I can’t think of a single sitcom that ended with positive good big news. i’m sure it’s happened, but i don’t remember it.

        but i remember the seinfeld ending, and I barely even watched the show.


        • Sam says:

          Most of them do

        • N tTVf says:

          I have to disagree with you on this one – most sitcoms either end up with a wedding (HIMYM has one of these as well) or a birth or a ‘happy-ever-after’. Friends, Frasier, Raymond, Scrubs, 30 Rock, The Office, TBBT (will as well) – all the current successful, big-time comedies in syndication cycles, all have happy endings. One could argue that HIMYM is on that track as well with the Barney-Robin wedding.

          The only recent big-time comedy that may not have had the ‘standard’ happy ending was ‘Cheers.’ And I know CT/CB have stated that they were watching that final Cheers episode to get some inspiration on how to wrap up HIMYM.

          The question in my mind is: “what is going on in the minds of CT/CB?” Do they want both Ted and Robin to be ‘happy’, to have their happy endings? I know the show is called ‘How I Met Your Mother’, but I wonder what is really at the core of what CT/CB are trying to write, what they are [have been] trying to say with this series. If we look at the entire 9 year run, the one sad component that has just kept coming up over and over again Is the Ted-Robin dynamic. Can (should?) they let both Ted and Robin have happy endings? Is that possible after all that the two of these characters have endured (and that’s putting it mildly) over the course of this series.

    • D says:

      Like a SlapBet perhaps? More often than not Barney knew when those slaps were coming but it didn’t mean it hurt any less.

    • Larry says:

      Only show I’ve seen ended badly is Seinfeld.

      • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

        Yes, I forgot about Seinfeld, but I always felt that show was more ‘cartoon’ like (in a good way), and hence, the ending was fine – they eventually get out of jail and make the best (most) out of their time behind bars. It’s like the Wile Coyote and the Roadrunner. You know the Coyote is going to fall off that cliff, but he’ll get back up and try again – over and over. Seinfeld (in a good way) is the same thing – the characters never learn, they just keep at it, and that’s what makes that show so good, charming and timeless. So, IMHO, I see Seinfeld as having a happy ending, given the ‘we will learn nothing and not grow one bit’ theme of the show. We will make the best (most) of things thrown our way in life. Perfect ending.

        Cheers is the one that is different. It’s Cheers that I now believe CT/CB are trying to reach with the HIMYM ending. The end of Cheers is a bit sad and wistful, and in fact, the final few episodes of Cheers were setting us up for that. The story of Cheers is not just about ‘the bar gang’ – it is about an aging ladies man/lothario who is growing old and can’t keep up any longer, and at the end, he is alone. That’s a very melancholy way to end the series, but it’s a good ending – it stays with you.

        HIMYM could go that same route – it’s the story of ‘the bar gang’, but it is really the story of Ted, and if we go with the theory that Ted and Barney are really the same type of guy [I now believe that theory], going after the same things in life in different ways, then the Cheers/Sam Malone analogy may work for both Ted and Barney.

        I think CB/CT have certainly had that option with Barney – he is (in my mind) the next generation of Sam Malone, trying to stay young, chasing the ladies to fill a need/void, and coming to terms with his limits and what makes him truly happy. If (a big IF), CB/CT decide to go the ‘Cheers’ route in ending HIMYM, I’d be very happy. I think the ‘Cheers’ route would give the writers a good angle for wrapping up Ted’s, Robin’s, the Mother’s and possibly Barney’s storyline.

        So, I’ll throw this out there – I’m starting to think someone in the ‘gang’ is going to end up ‘alone’. It could be Ted, could be Barney (and by association, Robin). But someone is going to end up alone. That’s the ‘Sam Malone’ legacy – no matter how hard everyone in a gang tries to ‘keep up’, someone always ends up alone.

        • N tTVf says:

          Ahh, I got one – The Wonder Years. Finally, I knew I’d find one that had a sad ending. The Wonder Years is one of the best series of all time – granted, not your typical sitcom, and really more ‘dramedy’ in nature, but the Wonder Years had (in my mind) a ‘sad ending’, or maybe just a ‘Cheer’s like ending of life not always turning out the way you’d hoped. I won’t say more than that because I don’t want to give away the ending for anyone still waiting (and yes, we’re still waiting@$^*!!) for the DVD release of the Wonder Years.

          I remember when HIMYM first debuted – a reviewer noted that the show could be considered a mix of both The Wonder Years and Lost. At the time, I thought, wow, that’s a pretty nice comment and comparison. As it turned out, HIMYM did indeed meet those expectations, and perhaps CB/CT plan to end HIMYM in much the same fashion as Wonder and Cheers and Lost – with some heavy hearts, yearning and melancholy.

          PS- for those of us who are fans of the Wonder Years, good news – Danica McKellar is going to be one of the celebrity dancers on the show starting later this month. She’s got a good chance, I think, of really wowing the judges – she has danced a bit, a yoga wonder, in great shape.

          I stopped watching DWTS years ago, but looks like I’ll get pulled back in by Danica. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

  28. Chris says:

    Still cant get past when carter bays/craig thomas on one of the dvd extra commentaries said ” barney and ted are the same person” and the other replied “we werent supposed to tell them that yet” idk what it means but its always stuck with me. Mother cant die that is just too obvious with all the talk of a big twist

    • N tTVf says:

      They may be the ‘same person’ – a couple of guys who wanted the same thing, but went about it in different ways.

  29. Chris says:

    Still cant get past when carter bays/craig thomas on one of the dvd extra commentaries said ” barney and ted are the same person” and the other replied “we werent supposed to tell them that yet” idk what it means but its always stuck with me. Mother cant die that is just too obvious with all the talk of a big twist. Who knows maybe just wishful thinking

  30. George says:

    Robin is dying. The story is being said to the kids after aunt robin dies. So they don’t know at first how he met their mother ties to the events that passed… thus the snipped comments, then he tells them!

  31. My theory is that Robin dies before rhe wedding. That why robin mother actually missed her daughter wedding and that why the gang never gets to be reunited again. That what i think.

    • jax says:

      robin was alive in the future to tell Lily about Mike Tyson and the baby in a strip club so clearly robin can’t die before the end of the weekend.

    • Sara says:

      that theory may actually work—remember the episode where we find out robin cant have kids—they show pictures the kids drew for robin–but they are robin with the kids when they are about 5 or 6—and we never see robin in flashforwards that are more than 2 or 3 years ahead of where we are at now like we do with marshall, lily and ted like at marvin’s first day of college, marshall’s election to be a judge, on the front porch when they are old and gray, the college reunion thats been mentioned a bunch of times in this thread

  32. I just rememberes when he had to let robin go, and she went to the air or “heaven”. I really think Robin is the one that dies. That why ted is stuck in the past and so emotional.

  33. Anna says:

    The Mother has to either be dead or dying. Even though it’s been a theory for a few years, I hope the writers stick to it if it’s what they originally planned. I hate when shows(LOST) change course simply because fans have already guessed the twist in the story. Like it or not, it just makes sense.

  34. Jess says:

    @I agree that Ted might be dead. They could be watching recordings on TV. Since he doesn’t directly answer their questions.

    Or they could both be dead!

  35. Daisy says:

    I believe the mother dies because….
    1. The end has been planned from the beginning.
    2. The yellow umbrella could be symbolic of The Yellow Umbrella Foundation for cervical cancer.
    3. Ted crying at the thought of the mother not being at their daughters wedding.
    4. If someone else died or was going to die the mother would’ve broken down also. She seemed distantly sad like she’d reached acceptance and was trying to be strong for Ted.
    I think the red herring is the red herring…. They’re making it sooo obvious so no one will believe it. People will be expecting a shocker.
    I think the shocker will be that the mother and Lily are actually half sisters (same dad). A realization to be made after learning she’s sick.
    It will be a sad ending but as a triple negative breast cancer survivor diagnosed the day my daughter was born, if HIMYM is choosing a message of awareness more power to them…. I will watch, cry, and rewatch.

  36. crazy tv watcher says:

    Maybe Robin is the one dying/dead? Ted is telling the story to the kid because he is breaking the news that their Aunt is dying and how important she is to him, if it wasn’t for Robin he wouldn’t never met their mother thus they would never have been born. Robin dying also causes Ted to be stuck in the past and also appreciate what he has with his wife because he sees what heartache Barney is going through. Hearing “what mother won’t make it to their daughter wedding” made him emotional because Robin is like a second mother to his kids and to Marshall & Lilly son even though she couldn’t have kids of her own.

  37. jax says:

    i will be soooooo disappointed if the mother or ted are dead or dying. it will ruin the whole series for me.

  38. Jake says:

    Yeah I didn’t get any of that. I highly doubt that she’s dying, my only thought was that Ted’s mom didn’t make it to his wedding. If you guys remember, he said that marrying Clint was the best thing that ever happened to her, which may have something to do with it. Either she couldn’t make it or she passed away before it. It could just as easily be that as it could be everyone else’s idea of the mother dying.

  39. mayiread says:

    I was hoping she was on a book tour.
    Now I think she’s dead.

  40. Tomasawakadoodledo says:

    My prediction…this is a mislead. The mother will be fine. The one who is going to be gone in 2030 is Barney.

  41. Henry P says:

    I was thinking that Teds mom had died. Maybe I just refuse to see the obvious.

  42. Pat says:

    I just cannot believe, that the series finale of this comedy, would end on such a very serious note. If they do this, many of us will be so disappointed. This is a comedy and it should end on a high note. Yes we can all shed tears but only because the series is over not because of the death of a character that was just introduced to us this season. So I just hope that the writers and producers did not go down this road.

  43. I think the end song answers the wavering here, although I think it was pretty clear that she IS dying. It’s Bob Dylan’s If You See Her, Say Hello. And the part they played to close the episode is:

    If you see her, say hello, she might be in Tangier
    She left here last early Spring, is livin’ there, I hear
    Say for me that I’m all right though things get kind of slow
    She might think that I’ve forgotten her, don’t tell her it isn’t so

    And since they were in the Winter of 2024– it’s probably an indication she doesn’t live much longer than that. *weeps*

  44. Mememe says:

    I think the Mother is sick and Robin donates a kidney or something to make her better!

  45. SouthernBelle says:

    I don’t know, the mother dying seems way too obvious a scenario to be true. HIMYM has never been a dark comedy, and they love to throw twists and turns at us. I can’t believe they would end a series with us already knowing the outcome with four episodes to go.

  46. Karen says:

    No no NO! You actually find someone who is so credible and amazing as the Mother, and Ted’s happy ever after. Then you don’t have her then die way too prematurely! Hope this will have a happy ending for Ted, though I’m not really counting on it right now

  47. Andrew Hass says:

    I don’t think the mother is dead but maybe she or Ted is dying and that’s why Ted is telling the story to their kids.

  48. simon says:

    i’m sure its going to echo The Mother’s relationship with her previous boyfriend that died on the way to the bar that night in the last scene of the series. However, I’m hoping that they’ll offer a nice hopeful twist in HIMYM fashion and give the thing an uplifting ending.

  49. Rebecca says:

    Am I the only one who after that scene couldn’t stop thinking Pooh Bear???

  50. Fernanda says:

    there were two references for novel and movie The Notebook by Marshall and Ted. But that reference for me indicates that Ted will suffer Alzheimer and that is the reason he want to keep all his memories and tell the whole story to the kids.

    This new theory also bring new ones, the first one, the mother is alive, second one, Ted’s mother is dead, third one, mistakes in the episodes that could be corrected in the final episode. When Marshall says “That’s four” on the last slap I could imagine that scene was a mistake on purpose and all Ted’s friends tell the real stories behind Ted’s.

    Future Ted also had mistakes telling stories in the Goat party, Barney and Lily’s fight, the Bla Bla girl and imagine new mistakes that we never have seen before.

    If this is the final journey I say.. BRAVO for Craig and Carter.