Arrow Photos: The Suicide Squad Assembles! Plus: Why Is Oliver Queen Packing Heat?

As recently teased on The CW’s Arrow, A.R.G.U.S. boss lady Amanda Waller (played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson) is putting together a “squad” — and we’ve got a flurry of photos from the episode that unleashes her elite group, in force.

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In the March 19 episode “Suicide Squad,” Arrow costar David Ramsey told TVLine, in addition to flashing back to a Diggle/Lila/Afghanistan adventure alluded to during Season 1, “There’s a bigger story with the Suicide Squad and … their involvement perhaps with Team Arrow in the future. There’s a lot of set-up for the season finale…. Big stuff.”

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Flip through the slideshow below for a look at this mod squad, which includes Michael Jai White as Ben Turner (aka “Bronze Tiger”), Sean Maher as Mark Scheffer (“Shrapnel”) and Michael Rowe as Floyd Lawton (“Deadshot”). Arrow continues Season 2 this Wednesday at 8/7c.

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  1. Christina says:

    Picture 16. <3

    • Ross says:

      Yes picture 16

      Bye laurel.

      I wonder why this squad is being set up, seems strange they are villains in it working with heroes.

  2. Bill says:

    I wish the Suicide Squad had more members.

  3. Dreamrose says:

    I got to Picture 18, and all I could think was: The Observers… they’re here!

  4. Alan says:

    only a week behind the rest of the internet tvline.
    im liking the set up of this suicide squad, its got some classic members from the comics while still fitting into what has been done on the show.
    why no mention of ben browder being back as ted gaynor tvline?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Thanks for the heads-up, Alan — I see now that a comic-book site released a few of the photographs last week. I have thusly revised our headline. I apologize for any anguish caused.

  5. M3rc Nate says:

    Looks great, but i cant get behind “Bronze Tiger”…when i see him with his weapon all i can think is “Wolverine Ripoff”…dont get me wrong i know those actually exist (prolly LONG before comics were first created) and all that..but still…the three blades coming from the hand area…Wolverine has that so down on lock that anything similar just looks like a ripoff.

    • sladewilson says:

      What’s sad is that Bronze Tiger was out way before Wolvie. He just wasn’t a major player – he got upgraded when the Suicide Squad was created…

    • Rich Abey says:

      Given that Wolverine won’t be popping by Starling City any time soon, at least enjoy the next best thing to a 3-clawed-man.

  6. Lysh says:

    Sean Maher is a little cutie that could blow ish up.
    I’m sure Oliver’s handled a gun before, but I can’t remember and it’s weird him not holding his weapon of choice.

  7. The man in the gun shot with Oliver is his Bratva contact, yes? So he’s getting involved with them again, or has to use their connections for something. I’m looking forward to the Suicide Squad! I wish there weren’t so many limitations as far as Arrow being about Oliver?Green Arrow, because I’d like to explore them further. I can’t say I’m thrilled with the Oliver/Sara romance. I was never going to be pro that relationship, just based on how it started before the island. So far it seems superfluous, and Sara could be involved without it.

  8. snarknotsnarf says:

    Still wish they didnt kill off count vertigo so this could be one of his iterations of the squad…couldve been great even had poison ivys involvement

  9. Ella says:

    UGH. Laurel deserves way better than what Oliver and Sarah are doing to her. I don’t get the Laurel hatred, I really don’t. If the fans who hate on her had a sister and a boyfriend who did what these two did to her, they’d react EXACTLY the same way. They’ve character assassinated Laurel/ the real Black Canary for a supporting character. Ridiculous.

    • Agreed. I hope Oliver’s completely awful behavior last episode convinced her to move on from him for good. She deserves better.

      • Awful behavior? Dude the exact thing Laurel needed to get out of her downward spiral and as we’ve seen it worked pretty well. I’m rooting for the recovery of her character because I like her, but Oliver was completely in the right.

        • No, he wasn’t. I agree Laurel needs help, but Oliver had absolutely ZERO right to treat her the way he did. He showed up at HER apartment with HER sister, who he cheated on HER with, and had the audacity to yell and judge her when she reacted in a legitimate way. Even if that was ALL he did, the point would stand. But it isn’t. Oliver made that moment about HIM. HE didn’t want to be blamed, she didn’t know what was going on in HIS life. It was selfish. Bringing up Tommy (which he knows she blames herself for, because he heard her say it after the Dollmaker incident) and then telling her to go get drunk was disgusting. I’m sick of seeing people say that it was tough love, and oh look! it worked!, because NO. Oliver got lucky that Laurel has the strength and sense to get help. Laurel deserves 100% better than that. I don’t dislike Oliver, but he was not in the right in that situation.

      • Alan says:

        awful behaviour? oliver called her out on being a selfish, spoiled brat, something everyone has avoided doing up to now because they dont want to hurt poor fragile laurel. it was long overdue.

    • Zathe says:

      What is there not to get about Laurel hate?.

      She is a boring character
      Played by one of the worst actresses ever, who doesnt have chemistry with anyone.

      Sara & Oliver are very flawed, but still interesting characters.

      • Laurel isn’t boring, she’s normal. She’s a normal person, who isn’t mixed up (knowingly) in any of the intrigue or secrets on the show. That makes her seem less interesting, but she isn’t. Also, there is a difference between thinking a character is boring, and the hate that is directed at the character. Laurel is brave, and smart, and caring. How are those traits that anyone would hate? Laurel feels real to me, in a show where everything is (or tries to be) larger than life. You don’t have to love her, but hate? Yeah, I don’t get that. (As for the actress, I’ve been pretty impressed with her on several occasions. I think she does the best she can with what they give her. And she had chemistry with Tommy/Colin, in my opinion.)

  10. azu says:

    Laurel dated Tommy. It is not cast in Stone that Oliver should end up with her. She’s boring and annoying and the greatest miscast on the show. Seems like this second half of the season is reverting to the arrow I didn’t fancy in season 1 when their main focus was about relationships. Yucky yuck!!

  11. NAT FRITZ HUSON says:

    hello Cynthia this your cousin Nat Huson. Ask your mum about me. I feel very proud to have a sister on screen in the states. Carry on with the good work.