Save the Dates: 70+ March Premieres and Finales

TV Calendar March 2014March is coming in like a lion, offering consumers of TV many happy returns as well as some sad farewells. Calendar, anyone?

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We present more than 70 season/series premieres and finales for you to consider — including the returns of Once Upon a Time, Revenge and Suits, fresh hell over at the Bates Motel, Bones in a “new” old home and fond farewells to How I Met Your Mother, Psych and Army Wives.

And as an added bonus, there’s a tinted box previewing some discerningly curated April dates to save.

Premieres/specials are in BOLD. Click on the thumbnail below, and save the dates.
TV Calendar 2014
Preemptive P.S. My calendar-making skills have never been infallible, so if you spot something that is (theoretically) missing, drop a polite note in Comments and I will (possibly) include it in an update.

P.P.S. No, I did not include March 1, because ghastly asymmetry.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dan says:

    Hell’s Kitchen seems to be missing.

  2. H.Houston says:

    The Writer’s Room starts April 2nd.
    March is going to be a weird month because so many shows end. It feels like May.

  3. Cassandra says:

    Still no word on when Beauty and the Beast will return?

  4. Stacie says:

    The Good Wife returns March 9th right?

  5. Chavonne says:

    Technically not a premiere but The Good Wife is returning 03/09 after a 2 month hiatus.

  6. TV Gord says:

    Is Mr. Selfridge on the 30th the season finale? I didn’t realize the season was so short.

    • Skippy says:

      Per PBS: Mr. Selfridge airs Sundays, March 31 through May 19, 2013 at 9pm ET (check local listings) on PBS’ MASTERPIECE Classic. — Love that show!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Season premiere, on PBS. Doesn’t finale until May.

      • TV Gord says:

        Thanks. I saw it was starting tonight and assumed it was the new season, but I just checked and they’re rerunning season one. On the one hand, I feel scammed by PBS, but on the other, I’m happy to have two hours less to watch on a Sunday night! ;-)

        By the way, thanks again for these calendars. They are incredibly helpful and useful! You’re the best!

  7. Tran 2.0 says:

    Looking forward to watch Believe & Crisis on NBC’s new Sunday night line-up.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I’m two episodes into CRISIS and am digging it. Just a matter of accepting Dermot Mulroney’s hair.

      • TV Gord says:

        I’ve seen the first episode, and I agree. I’ve been salivating since August for episode two. I hope it holds up where too many others (most recently, Hostages) have not.

  8. Dave says:

    i love that you put the Veronica Mars movie on there! :o)))))

  9. Liz says:

    Thanks you for this. I always appreciate these calendars!

  10. Bubba922 says:

    I know Rizzoli & Isles breaks their season into 2, but 4 episodes before it’s on break again?

    • rflairfan1 says:

      Yeah these 4 are the end of Season 4. My guess Season 5 will be in Sept/Oct and the first episodes without Frost.

      • Brandy says:

        Rizzoli usually starts the season in summer in June so I think that’ll be the case again.Though I don’t know if the change of runner and Lees death effected production schedule so much that they had to push it all the way back to fall.Cable shows get better ratings in summer.

        • rflairfan1 says:

          True. Wiki has it starting in Summer but I think that was before Lee’s death. Either way we are getting a 5th season. I can wait. At least we aren’t waiting on news of a renewal.

  11. Liliana Bárcia says:

    Hello from Portugal!

    Thank tou só much for this calendar. We have a group with 130 people that love TV shows, we also manager 62 portuguese pages about TV shows and we know that this kind of work is very hard, so… thanks from APS Portugal

  12. Dave says:

    Where is Hell’S Kitchen?

  13. Ginger says:

    Thank you for including the momentous occasion of the Veronica Mars Movie on March 14th. That is all.

  14. Hey Matt, do you have any idea when “the night shift” premieres?

  15. Eric7740 says:

    Matt, any date for the Cougar Town season finale?

  16. Sarahliz says:

    You spelt Wahlburgers wrong.

    Also, anyone else notice that the CW sent Hart of Dixie to it’s 9PM Friday timeslot to die just like Nikita did? RIP Hart of Dixie.

    • Brandy says:

      It’s not going there to die,it’s going to await syndication like Nikita did.HoD will,be renewed most Likley ,for syndication.Also,HoD has a stable steady loyal audience that I believe will follow it.Nikita didn’t.The lower ratings expectations on fri helped keep Nikita on so long,they’ll help HoD stick around for another season.Whose Line repeats are getting 0.4-0.5 ,they’ll help HoD have better ratings too I think & hope.

      • Sarahliz says:

        Nikita never hit sync numbers. Not even close. 73 eps. They got a pity order for a 6 episode 3rd season to wrap up the story. They had a very loyal fanbase, but after being sent to Friday nights, it died. And HOD is headed in the same direction ratings eise, so they’re doing the same thing to that as they did to Nikita. Hart of Dixie won’t even be at 60 eps at the end of this season, which means that even a 4th won’t put it near sync numbers. It would need solid ratings so it could pull a 5th, and at a 5th it may barely make it to 88. It’s just not gonna happen. The show got stale, bled viewers, and is not likely to continue. One more season at the most.

        • Sarahliz says:

          I meant to say a 5th would put it at 88, but that’s the least it would need for sync is 2 more season orders.

          • Brandy says:

            Yeah I just checked imbd and they say the next new HoD episode is #19 but it’s actually #14. So theyre wrong.Anyway a lot of shows get renewed for fourth or fifth seasons before they get a syndication deal, in fact I think Good Wife is an example and Nikita it was renewed for a fourth season.I think when CW renewed Nikita for season three ,they expected it to be renewd for two more full seasons but then it’s ratings collapsed and the showrunner had a new show but he and WB were pushing for a full fourth season but it didn’t have a syndication deal.Gossip Girl didn’t get a syndication deal til after season five,so not every show renewed for a fourth or fifth season have a syndication deal in place before hand.90210 was renewed for seasons four and five without a syndication deal.

        • Brandy says:

          HoD has aired 57 episodes so far with nine remaing to air this season putting it at exactly 66 episodes.Nikita didn’t have a loyal enough audience to follow it to Fri,it lost more than half it’s audience during season one ending with 0.7,,started season with 0.6 demo & ended with 0.4 demo then started season three with 0.3 demo, Nikita lost half it’s audience during seasons and between season so clearly it’s audience wasn’t that loya since they didnt keep with it even when it moved to fri.Nikita had 76 episodes episodes btw not 73. has had steadier and better ratings in season two and three than Nikita did.Plus,HoD has had two and half seasons on a non Fri to get a fanbase not just one like Nikita and Nikita didn’t have a deccent rated show as a lead in.For the episode count,I checked Wikipedia.BTW Nikita had a short final six episode fourth season not third.Please know what you’re talking about next time.

          • Brandy says:

            Apperantley Wikipedia edited Nikita’s episode order from 76 to 73 since I looked earlier.

          • Sarahliz says:

            I apologize, the 3 was a typo, I meant 4th season. I pulled my info from imdb, not Wikipedia. We both know neither are incredibly reliable.

            And the view from your high horse must be fantastic. Unfortunately all the rest of us down here can see of you is your ass.

        • Brandy says:

          HoD dosent and won’t need a fifth season or two more seasons to get to to 88 ,just a full fourth.Did you believe HoD had shorter seasons? I’m curious as to why you said it wouldn’t be At 60 episodes this season and needing a fifth season to make to 88?Im not up on high horse,I just hate it when people don’t do thier research and know thier facts before acting they know everything then someone can and does prove them wrong when it’s not hard to google and get facts straight before posting.

          • Sarahliz says:

            Like I said, imdb was listing 59 eps total for the actors. They usually list all eps till the end of the season that’s currently airing when calculating that total. I made a mistake on that total, you made a mistake on Nikita’s total. Big deal. You also have to have someone willing to air synced eps, so renewal to get to magic 88 is worth nothing if there isn’t going to be another network willing to air the eps in syndication.

  17. Andrew says:

    Any word on finale of Episodes? Seems like it should end in March maybe?

  18. Amanda says:

    I don’t think I see it on the calendar, but Call the Midwife Season 3 premieres on PBS on March 30th.

    I’m also beyond excited for the Veronica Mars movie!!!

  19. Diz says:

    Thanks for this. I love the calendars. Why only 4 episodes of Perception? I must have missed something.

  20. jonathon says:

    When is the finale for Justified? I know its coming up but how many more weeks?

    • Katie_Mead says:

      The Justified 5th (penultimate) season finale is currently expected to drop on 2014-Apr-08. Episodes 08-13 remain to air, so 6 more weeks unless the usually straight run gets another hiatus week thrown in at the last minute as happened with E07’s expected air-date (okay, so it was a couple of days beforehand, rather than minutes).

  21. Jetting Benny says:

    You never answered my question about a pilot called “Bosch” but I recently found out it’s one of series. Other than the return of Hot In Cleveland nothing interests me. So many good shows not on the agenda. Franklin and Bash. King and Maxwell. Hell’s Kitchen. Motive. Just a bunch of silly comedies and other shows that I have no interest in. Bates Motel? Really? Just not my cuppa.

    Oh well.

    • Ro says:

      I watched Bosch, too! Liked it and found it fairly true to the detective novel series, which I have also enjoyed. Good production of it by Amazon, even thought these experimentations are leading to my Prime membership going up.

  22. Dee says:

    Hey Matt you forgot Call the Midwife it premieres the same day as Mr. Selfridge on PBS. I really enjoy it. People should check it out if they haven’t watched it.

  23. Alexandra says:

    Any update on when Defiance premieres?

  24. Matt M. says:

    Excited for RESURRECTION!

  25. murley says:

    The Brooklyn 99 finale is in March? So soon! It is the best new comedy of the season.

  26. tvwatcher says:

    Why don’t you ever have the black shows? The Game starts tomorrow.

  27. Lucy says:

    Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s midseason premiere is March 4th :)

  28. Toni says:

    Matt, when is Spoiler Alert’s return date? ;)

  29. jp2 says:

    thanks for the calendar Matt!

  30. Alias627 says:

    Bar Rescue comes back 3/9 on SpikeTV followed by the premiere of Catch a Contractor – gotta say I’m excited about this one!

  31. PJ says:

    What about the finales of Showtimes shows (Episodes, House of Lies and Shameless)?

  32. arnulfo says:

    I believe that on march 18th an SyFy Special called “Foxy & Co” is on scheduel

  33. Emma Woodhouse says:

    Any word on if/when Fox will burn off Us & Them?

  34. sarah says:

    Jane and Grayson tell about the Death of old Deb, Grayson asked Jane out on first date next Sunday night.

  35. bobbie says:

    I just noticed that March 26 says series finale for Psych! Oh noooooooooooos
    How did they sneak that in?

  36. Ken says:

    April calendar?

  37. Debbie says:

    When is the air date for season 3 of Call the midwife in Canada ? I have looked everywhere to try and, find a date.

  38. gail says:

    Printed out the March calander and then noticed it was for 2014. How do I get the March calander for 2015. Please reply