The Walking Dead Recap: Unhappy Hour

The Walking Dead Season 4 RecapIn this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Beth becomes so stressed out by living on the run, sleeping in car trunks and getting the silent treatment from Daryl that she sets off in search of not just a drink but her first-ever drink. (Honey, it’s the zompacalypse — I know Hershel was an alcoholic, but what took you so long?) Of course, what she finds is much more than a buzz. So pour yourself a stiff one and keep reading. I’ll tell you all about it…

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THE ODD COUPLE | Since Daryl goes almost 10 minutes of “Still” without saying a word — that’s overnight and then some on screen —  you can’t really blame Beth for being frustrated with her traveling companion. He’s so stoic, even after all that they’ve been through, even after all of the losses that they’ve suffered… He just sits by their campfire and eats his “snake jerky” with the enviable detachment of a walker. And she freakin’ can’t take it. “Do you feel ANYTHING?” she hollers.

SWINGERS | Determined to get her drink on, Beth is thrilled when she and Daryl happen upon a country club. (“Golfers like to booze it up, right?”) Unfortunately, she’s no sooner discovered a bottle of wine than she’s forced to use it as a weapon against a walker in a polo shirt and plaid pants. (Note: may not literally be a polo shirt and plaid pants.) After that, she discovers that the only liquor still left in the joint is peach schnapps and, like anyone would if faced with the prospect of a dirty glassful of schnapps, cries. And, as cranky as Daryl is, he “ain’t gonna have [her] first drink be no damn peach schnapps.” So he smashes the bottle, and off they go…

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“SHOTS” FIRED | Heading back to a shack that he discovered months earlier with Michonne — a depressing “home” that he says resembles the one in which he grew up — Daryl finds a stash of moonshine and pours Beth a cup of the, erm, good stuff. Which is, as you’d expect, horrible. But the “second round’s better,” she notes. Alas, a few slugs and a game of “I never” later, and Daryl’s pissed in every sense of the word, giving Beth a rough crossbow lesson with a live (well, semi-live) walker for a target and just generally raging against her. To her credit, though, she doesn’t run from the fight. “I know you look at me, and you just see another dead girl,” she yells. “I’m not Michonne. I’m not Carol. I’m not Maggie… but I made it!”

LIVE AND BURN | Their two-actor play continuing, Daryl — veins a-poppin’ — shouts at Beth that they’re never going to see Rick or Maggie or any of them again. And, at last, out it comes. When the Governor attacked, “maybe I could have done something,” he says, breaking down and allowing her to hug him from behind while he sobs. That night, still quietly soused, Daryl talks for the first time, really, about his existence before the end of the world. (He just went wherever Merle did, wandering from brawl to brawl, high to high.) Beth, in turn, forces him to reconsider his impression that she’s a happy drunk by revealing her shattered dream for a quiet death for her father and her certainty that she hasn’t changed enough to survive. “You ain’t a happy drunk at all,” he decides. To round out the hour, they (wastefully!) pour moonshine all over the shack and use a wad of cash that Daryl lifted from the country club to set it on fire. (Note: not with them in it. That would be almost as crazy as wasting the last moonshine on earth!)

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you afraid — or hoping — Daryl and Beth would kiss? Hit the comments!

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  1. Linda says:

    OMG is all you got out of that EP Darryl – Beth, Really all I was thinking was where and when is this Big Bad something that most of the cast and writers etc have hinted at going to happen, I was watching thinking are they going to Kill off Darryl cause some kid wanted a drink really I think they are setting up a future development that we haven’t seen coming who would have thought that many of the beloved characters we have lost over the seasons would go yet off they go and 9 out of 10 times we don’t see it coming and I have to say my gut says they are going to kill Darryl ( I hope i’m wrong)

  2. AD says:

    I was going to post that Norman and Emily did an awesome job for this truly great episode. I was going to add that I too am now shipping Bethyl pretty hard now, since I kinda started to think they should get friendly in season 3. I love the obvious chemistry between Daryl and Beth, but I wonder if it might be because Norman and Emily have it plenty. They are so good together. This episode is so wonderfully done by the whole crew that made it, but Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney really shine with their performance. He is not too old for her, they would make a kick – butt couple so I hope that there are some romantically charged scenes ahead for Bethyl (wait, what am I saying of course there is didn’t “Still” just prove that, oh hell yeah)!
    But now what I really want to post is that IMHO -AlistairCrane seems pretty bitter and crazy, they must not be watching the same show that we are, because Carol never even came close to a non – platonic anything with Daryl. Daryl only ever saw Carol as a friend, even if Carol had wanted more from him. Daryl needs Beth! Daryl loves Beth, he just doesn’t realize it yet because he has never let someone (not even Carol) in before, until now, until Beth! I love slow burning attractions culminating in a fiery passion that can’t be stopped, but it’s the Z.A. so they shouldn’t waste time with the build up, we want the passionate embraces and kisses NOW! Thank you AMC’s TWD for making Bethyl canon! YaY! I can’t wait til next week, and they better not die, or I just might!

    • Hey AD, I wanted to second your post. For me, jumping on the Bethyl ship happened gradually, when I went back to repeated viewings of “Alone” and “Still”. I want to say that throughout season 2 and part of season 3, I was a Caryl shipper, but given how Carol has developed as a character, I concede that that ship has sailed. I think where you and I disagree is how slow the slow burn should be. I’m not much of a romantic, so I think I would take it a tad slower than you would, even in the ZA. I’d say give it a season to a season and a half before they consummate their relationship. Rather than going from A to Z in such quick succession, Glaggie style, I’d start with more little touches like they had in these two episodes and then some tender embraces and shy kisses, so it happens in a more natural fashion for someone like Daryl, who–let’s face it–probably equates touching with pain. The last thing I want to say is that this season’s writers are very cunning indeed. They knew they were going to create a buzz with the Bethyl, and the more I search the web (including Youtube), the more evidence of this I see. I hypothesize that they dropped this kernel beginning with the hug in episode 1, and really pushed it in episodes 12 and 13 to see if we would bite. Verdict? Yep, a lot of us have. WTG, you sly dogs!

  3. Tom says:

    When is this site going to get rid of Alastaircrane? All he/she/it does is repetitively spam about what love interests should be in this show, Sleepy Hollow, etc. Nothing of substance, just the same crap 100 times in a thread. I like this site becuase it is relatively troll free.

  4. Linds says:

    If Daryl and Beth dont hook up soon i’m gonna be pissed the sexual tension was like whoa!!!! Lol poor daryl deserves some lovin he hasn’t had anyone!

  5. tvlover says:

    Too bad some viewers are so obsessed by a possible future romance with Carol that they can’t recognize a well written, insightful episode in which both actors were excellent. I feel like I know both characters better now, and it was even more interesting because it was such an unexpected pairing of survivors. Great job!

  6. william says:

    you have taken rick out of the show ,don,t put a lot wannbes in the show /rick is were the action is.

  7. I know this ain’t gonna amount to anything… But let me put my two cents in here… Totally different atmosphere, but Ross and Rachel on Friends were one of the biggest couples on television. Ross dated other people. Rachel dated other people. But in the end, they ended up together, like they should be. Do I want Daryl and Beth to be a couple? No…Not exactly. But you have a man and a woman on their own trying to survive in an apocalyptic world. Is it out of the question for tension to lead them to hook up? No… Not at all. We’re all human. The writers know that the fans want Daryl and Carol… They aren’t stupid. It will happen when it’s supposed to and you will all love it. Just give it time and enjoy the show. SHEESH. ;)

  8. Rachel says:

    I thought the episode was incredible! Seeing Daryl become a loud, angry drunk was unexpected and kinda sexy! I was all for a Daryl and Carol relationship, but I gotta say, Beth would be great also. She is a light in his dark world. If nothing romantic comes out of it, they will have a deep bond for the rest of the show. I think all the characters are amazing and contribute a lot to the show! Best season so far!

  9. V2David says:

    I love Daryl. I love Beth. But this was the worst episode of the entire series. Putrid!

  10. Late post, but a question I’ve not seen anyone ask: Why do TWD episodes seem to be either action OR character development, but not both?
    Absolutely TWD fans want to know more about the characters, but why do there have to be these “It’s All About (fill in character names)” episodes? Like in “Still”, focus on Darryl an Beth”, but there’s no reason they can’t toss in a few other cast members as well. Give up a few minutes with Rick, a couple of minutes to see what’s going on with Tyrese. It CAN’T be that difficult to write!

  11. sxooobs says:

    Boring episode. Waste of time. They should stick to the plot… getting side tracked too much.

  12. Cland says:

    Daryl and Beth need to boink. to hell with carol fans.

  13. coty says:

    daryl will make sure that beth will get to experience things a girl her age should. her first alcoholic drink, the oppurtunity to feel in control and eventually they will agree to make love. it wouldnt be right for her to die without these normal life experiences. it may turn into romance, maybe not.

  14. azu says:

    You guys are so baaaad!!!!stop trying to frustrate Alistair crane, she’s hilarious!!! I think I’m beginning to like him/her. She’s just so tenaciously shipping carol and Daryl. It’s so funny to see peoples reactions to the shipping comments. Rotfl

  15. walter white says:

    Wow…I have been very disappointed with the last 3 episodes. The story has gotten so disjointed here and the plot feels like it is inching forward at best. The writers should be focusing on all of the characters or most throughout each episode while moving the plot along. The appeal of this show was always the group. Now they are trying to develop each character and the writing and acting is just to weak to support the new format. They are going to have a tough time pulling everything together by the end of the season. Based on the relatively weak writing I am not sure they will succeed. I REALLY hope it gets better!

    • Hm. Interesting. I rather saw it as Tolkein-esque, where everyone starts at point A, the prison, and then we get to see everyone’s journey’s during the same time period. We get to see what happened to Rick, Carl and Michonne in one subset, Tyreese, the girls, Judith and Carol in another subset, Maggie, Sasha and Bob in a third subset, Glenn and Tara in a fourth subset, and finally Beth and Daryl in a subset. AND they wove it together so well. For example, the smoke from the moonshine cabin that Beth and Daryl burn down at the end of episode 13 can be seen by both Maggie’s and Glenn’s group, which, come on, signifies that they will have a reunion since they both are looking at the same thing. And that’s just one example. It was very intricate and I feel, well thought-out. I think if you re-watch the back-half of the season as a whole, that will become more clear to you.

  16. Lila says:

    I think they would definitely be good together, I feel like Beth could teach Daryl a thing or two. Age is but a number.

  17. walkingdeadluvr says:

    I was really hoping daryl and beth ended up kissing in this episode. Carol is too old for daryl. I mean yes beth is a little young. But age is just a number! I loved this episode. They would be a great couple. :) Cant wait to see the what happens next!! In the end, i really do hope they end up together!

  18. Trixie says:

    I would be interested to see how fans of Beth and Daryl, vs Carol and Daryl break down by age. My guess is that if you are a teen or twenty-something woman and a fan of Daryl. you will more likely be a fan of a potential Beth/Daryl relationship. I think men of any age will chose Beth/Daryl for obvious reasons.
    I found the episode boring, but then again I have never liked the Beth character. She decides she needs to go out and look for alcohol for her first drink–in the middle of a zombie apocalypse- freaking ridiculous. She may be a nice girl but her immaturity is pretty obvious. Then when she gives the finger toward the burning building- I laughed out loud, She looked so stupid. I don’t think Kinney is a very good actress compared to the rest of the cast.

    • Trixie says:

      But then again, maybe I didn’t think she was much of an actress in this, because I thought the episode was bad. So maybe it was just how the writers wrote for the character not the actress.

    • Trixie, I always love to respond to these types of comments because I am a 43 year old woman who completely relates to DARYL, NOT BETH. I mean I am much more like Daryl than Beth. So when I watch these episodes, I see things through Daryl’s eyes, if that makes sense. So I think, “Who would *I* want to be with in the ZA? Someone that I don’t recognize anymore (Carol), or someone who lets me open up safely (Beth)?” And I keep coming up with the same answer, so, yes, I think if they are going to ship Daryl with anyone at this point, it should be Beth. Yes, she’s a little crunchy and chewy at times, but so was I at that age. That stuff is just surface though. To me, underneath, she is a lot more like Hershel than even her older sister is. She’s got some kind of wisdom under there. So, yes, I am a Bethyl shipper, and it really irks me that people always assume I am either a woman around Beth’s age, or a man around Daryl’s. I am neither. I just recognize kindred spirits (or soul mates if you want to take it that far) when I see them, and I definitely saw them with these two throughout season 4, even if it took me repeated viewings to really confirm that’s what I was actually seeing. Have a good day.

  19. Jp says:

    I hate Beth…she is so pathetic…she can’t handle someone like Daryl…she is just so corny and fake…

  20. orientaltigger says:

    The physical attraction aside, look at how the individual relationships have evolved to this point. Carol was just fine with the “old Daryl” and didn’t really seem all that interested in what made him tick; whereas Beth purposefully draws Daryl out and encourages him to embrace a better version of himself.

  21. anam nufreesboro says:

    Didn’t even finish watching this episode and fast forwarded through a good portion of the latest episode. Boring. Bad characters. Bad writing.

  22. Ayanna Costa says:

    In all honesty I have just been bored with the Walking Dead this season, the one or two episodes that actually stood out to me were the first and third with Michonne, Rick and Carl, also Abraham other than that it’s dead (no pun intended). I quit watching after Beth went on a suicide mission for booze I realize this season was turning into Season 2. Does anyone remember that? I’m sure not. I feel this show has be inconsistent since Season 2 but picked up by 3 and earlier 4 but anytime I watch in and out it’s time to turn the channel for good. No more Twd for me and I don’t want to watch a show with obsessed fangirls/fanboys anyway. If I had to ship Daryl with someone it would be Michonne aka Dixonne she’s strong, black and doesn’t push people to the brink but still brings them back around and she can save his life not endanger it like the white girl Beth. The only reason why people ship this is pure racism and the idea that blonde is better even if it’s stupid.

  23. Dom says:

    I don’t agree that the episodes ‘Still’ and ‘Alone’ where Beth and Daryl were mostly featured, is a waste of time. I think that those episodes are one of the best in season 4. It might be slow or boring because there weren’t much zombie killing but it doesn’t mean it was bad. It was really good. We got to look who Beth is. She wasn’t an ‘active’ character in the show, she always with Judith, with Herschel, doing ‘household chores’. But now we know that she has more of what we think she is capable of. She has this capability to give hope to others. To believe that there is still something good out there. That their family is still alive. Also, we got to hear Daryl’s story about his life before and how he felt when Herschel died. I don’t think that we would see that kind of reaction if Daryl was alone or with other members of the prison family. However, I do agree that Beth’s reaction to the alcohol wasn’t good. I think that people found these episodes not good because Beth is not the person we thought Daryl will end up with after the attack and someone Daryl will open up. Their age difference is huge but I don’t think it should matter whether they end up being close like in the verge that they will be romantically close. It is more about the connection and emotion than that. And based on what I watched, there is not enough proof to say that Daryl love her already. One thing is for sure tho, he likes her which can lead into something deeper if ever Daryl finds Beth alive not a zombie. I really hope he does ‘coz I don’t want any characters to die anymore in this season. Herschel’s dead is so painful. I don’t want them to lose another family because it will greatly devastate them. Beth may be an 18 yrs.old teenage girl who ended up with a hot redneck, this doesn’t mean that she will seduce Daryl. Yes she may have a crush on him but I don’t think she is stupid to do something that will make her lose a good man. She won’t risk to destroy their friendship. And people who ships them together don’t necessarily mean that they are shipping for them because they find it hot if Daryl goes with a teen. You can clearly see the reason why they ship both of them. They have a connection. They have chemistry together. They balance each other. They learn from each other. And because they find hope to move on together.

  24. Robinski says:

    I think Beth would be good for Daryl. She is showing him a softer side of the world. I think that’s something he craves, something he has never had. And Beth needs him. He is a protector. It just works.

    However, that said, I’m pretty sure Beth will be killed. Just to torture poor Daryl..

    “You’re gonna miss me so bad when I’m gone, Daryl Dixon.”

  25. Scabbers says:

    Beth belongs with Daryl. They are so good together. The age gap I really irrelevant. Their in a zombie apocalypse. The rules of a normal society do not apply especially when it come to a possibility of finding love.

    I don’t get the Carol and Daryl romance idea at all. She is a mentor to Daryl.. He obviously only sees her as a motherly type that he wants to protect and learn from. He already turned her down when she made a play for him. I think its obvious he doesn’t see her that way.

    He has never looked at Carol the way he looked at Beth that night, right before they were attacked. It was amazing!

  26. RandomUser says:

    Beth is too young, Daryl isn’t some creepy perv so why portray him as one? Give him an age appropriate relationship or keep him single!

  27. Megan17 says:

    Daryl and Carol are only a few years apart; she’s certainly not “too old” for him. I’d love a Caryl relationship at some point. I could handle Dixonne or Rickyl.

    A Daryl/Beth romantic connection would completely ruin the show for me personally.

  28. Megan17 says:

    AC seriously can’t believe some peoples’ comments, both on this article and others I’ve read. Call me naive, but until I got into TWD I really, truly didn’t know that so many people were so hung up on stereotypical beauty.

    Is that truly what everyone wants, just to find a partner wholly based on their outward appearance? Seriously?! I’ve known some truly beautiful people in my day who weren’t good people. They were not kind, not funny, not smart.

    As a woman I’m disgusted with the way women on both sides of the shipping wars are behaving and the things they are saying about Emily/Beth and Melissa/Carol. Beth is not a skank and Carol is not ugly.

    I want Caryl to happen in a big way because I believe that there is a deep connection between Carol and Daryl. I couldn’t less what either of them LOOK like ( though for the record I think both Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus are fascinating to look at.)

    I feel really bad for the teen girls who are saying things like “Carol isn’t even pretty” “she has gray hair”, etc. You’ll most likely have gray hair someday too, as I probably will. Will that make you less of a person or less worthy of love? Don’t you have anyone in your life who loves you for who you ARE, not what you look like? God, what a lot of pressure to put on yourself.

    • That’s funny. Your comments to me almost read like a flip side of the attractiveness scale. I almost feel like you’re saying Beth can’t have any substance because she is attractive in a conventional way. Personally, I have never had a thing for blondes (I’m a bi woman), but I feel strongly that what you are saying about the deep connection between Daryl and Carol bodes equally well for the one that has developed over this season between Daryl and Beth. For me, I am going beyond what ANY of them LOOK like (and for the record, I am only a year younger than Norman Reedus, so conventional wisdom says I should prefer the Caryl pairing because I am closer to Melissa McBride’s age than Emily Kinney’s). I think that in season 2, or even part of season 3, Caryl would have made a lot of sense…BUT I think that Daryl and Carol are both too damaged in the same way for it to be a healthy, long-lasting ROMANTIC relationship. I think they are better platonically. And, given the direction Carol has gone, it seems like she has left Daryl behind in a lot of ways. Her focus this season was teaching those kids about knives, and taking care of business when illness threatened the prison (i.e. burning Karen’s and David’s bodies), as well as maintaining the water supply. I see all her flirtations with Daryl as a way to try out her sea legs once she was rid of Ned. This often happens when someone is suddenly free to explore a side to themselves that they couldn’t when they were in an abusive relationship. She looked around for an available man, and at that time and place, Daryl was the most available man in the vicinity. But she has moved on from that. She has outgrown it. She knows that her job now is to be the pragmatic one in the group. Daryl OTOH is, in a lot of ways, just beginning his emotional journey. On the run with Beth, with no other duties to perform other than to keep her safe and find food for the two of them, he is free of the many distractions of constant safe-guarding and reinforcement of the prison fences and frequent runs to gather supplies. This is the perfect time to break free of his steady bad*ss*ry and really become introspective. Beth challenges him to do just that by the activities she chooses (i.e. the ‘I never’ drinking game, taking the dead woman down at the country club, and outright confronting him, as well as their talk on the porch of the moonshine cabin and the subsequent torching of it). NONE of this has to do with how attractive she is, and has every bit to do with the legacy Hershel left behind in her. So do I ship Bethyl? You bet your sweet behind I do!

  29. Guest says:

    I couldn’t see Daryl in a relationship at all during seasons 1-3. That just wasn’t his character. Especially not with carol. I love MMB, and I know they shared a bond, but there was nothing romantic about it in the slightest. Friends? Sure. Lovers? Definitely not. They just didn’t work.
    Enter season 4 ep 1 and the conversation that Daryl and Beth had at her cell and Beth giving him that hug,…and I was immediately drawn to them as a possible couple.
    Then their characters got even closer with ‘Still’ and ‘Alone’ and now I just can’t see anything BUT a romantic relationship between them. Their chemistry is amazing and they are great for each other. They make each other better and stronger. NR even said himself that Beth is the light at the end of the tunnel for Daryl. That’s pretty much all I need to know. ….
    I can see endless possibilities for the show with bringing
    Daryl and Beth together as a couple. There are so many exciting things the writers could do with that. Unfortunately carol has gone down a darker path. No fault of her own…just the world they live in. But still….she’s moved on.
    And yes…my age group is a lot closer to carols than to
    Beth’s…..but I still think Daryl and Beth are absolutely perfect.

  30. Mena says:

    The truth is i don’t think that daryl should be with either of them. Lets face it he is awesome, best character on the show, Beth and Carol may have come out of their shells, but he is still too good for both of them, they need to bring in someone new altogether, that is as awesome as him, cause neither of the other girls cut it.

  31. idontcareeitherway says:

    Sorry Carylers,, but this battle should have gone since season 4.

    I don’t wanna take sides as much as possible but,,,,

    Look it up at episode 1 of season 4,, the latter part of that episode suggests the “lovers” scene. After their mission to get supplies and meds and when they return to prison, it was shown Tyreese and Karen,, Maggie and Glenn, then finally Daryl and Beth (well to tell Beth that Zach has died).

    I firmly believe that Bethyl will happen, it’s just a matter of i dunno what season. Carol,, i can see her as the new Andrea,, I can also see her as a sacrificial character because she’s gone a lot stronger now,, she’s always someone who’s on the look for everybody, like that rescue thing at Terminus,, finding a car for getaway in case trouble at the church comes along.

    Don’t get mad at me but as TWD says, no matter what they do,, they’re not gonna please the fans out there. Sooo I think Bethyl will happen,, it’s just one of them will still probably die maybe in season 6 or 7,, who knows,, I mean come on look at the scenario…

    Tyreese,, well Karen is dead. Rick,,, Lori already dead. Now Bob and Sasha, I’m afraid Bob is gonna leave this season. Maggie or Glenn? I think one of them too,, but sounds Glenn to me because the gay character Tara might hook up with Maggie.

    OK enough said to all bitterness out there.

  32. Nancy says:

    Daryl ran all night and day to catch up with that car, if that’s not love, I don’t know what it is.