Oscars 2014: Rate the Performances -- Idina's 'Frozen' Anthem, Pink's 'Wizard' Tribute and More

It was a big year for songs in movies, and the Academy Awards paid to tribute to (almost) each and every one of them.

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Ditching his red-carpet tuxedo shorts for his trademark hat of ridiculousness, Pharrell got things started with Despicable Me 2‘s “Happy.” There were big lights, there were tiny dancers and there was so much shimmying from Meryl Streep.

Next up was Karen O with a far more low-key performance of “The Moon Song” from Her. Not only did Ms. O sound great, but she also went barefoot, which is a bold move for anyone at The Oscars.

Bono and his colorful glasses (and those others guys from U2) then took the stage for an acoustic performance of Mandela‘s “Ordinary Lives.” The song was met with a standing ovation, led by Jared Leto.

Not related to any of this year’s nominees, but still worthy of a spot in this post, was Pink’s cover of The Wizard of Oz‘s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” We weren’t surprised that Pink sounded great, but we were surprised she remained on the ground the entire time.

Another performance unrelated to any of this year’s films was Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings,” which she sang following the “In Memoriam” portion of the Oscars.

Lastly, and perhaps definitely most highly anticipated, Frozen star Idina Menzel belted out an unforgettable rendition of “Let It Go.” (And yes, her name is Idina Menzel, regardless of however John Travolta chose to introduce her. Seriously, what did he say?)

Which Oscars performance was your favorite? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with more of your thoughts.

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  1. Kaycee says:

    All of the performances have been amazing! It’s a shame Idina’s earpiece had difficulties towards the end. She was still stellar.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Love Pharrell and Pink! All of it was good.

      • Jim says:

        In regards to Pink’s lauded performance at the Oscars…

        In 1939, a 16 year old Judy Garland delivered a performance of “Over the Rainbow” that remains undiminished in spite of the passing of 75 years. Her performance was filled with nuance and character, with a chilling depth and truthful beauty… a performance that masterfully enveloped the scope of human emotions… so carefully phrased – each line bathed in the vast warmth and colors of her tone, each breath an event, each note a novel of life experience belying the age of the artist. With the tools of her artistry as a singer, Judy Garland transformed the well-crafted song far beyond bluebirds and rainbows into an indelible moment that has been realized by all walks of life in every generation since; an anthem for that within each of us that dares to dream beyond our circumstances.

        In 2014, Pink performed “Over the Rainbow” at the Oscars. She was loud and sang many of the correct notes…”mainly” in tune. Her phrasing abilities were beneath those of someone unfamiliar with the language. In place of depth of interpretation, we got a plunging neckline. She possessed the ability to make Harold Arlen’s melody seem vapid and Harburg’s lyrics banal. And she sang loudly.

        In 2089, guess who’s version of “Over the Rainbow” they’ll still be mesmerized by?

        • Justin says:

          Shut up Jim… You doin’ too dadgum much. I mean really- they didn’t ask you to write a novel.

        • Rick says:

          You got it exactly right Jim!

        • vincent rico says:

          Agree. It’s a song about the very tragic “despair” of the young singer – “there’s a place that i heard of once…”. Really it’s a blank slate for interesting renditions, and that definitely wasn’t it. I don’t know much about Pink but I thought she sounded awful, like Vanessa Williams!

        • bob says:

          Dead on Jim. Since when is it fine art to breathe in the middle of words for God’s sake, let alone the middle of a phrase. NO MORE UNTRAINED POP SINGERS!

        • Melody Scott says:

          Well said! I am a bit of a Pink fan, but she needs to stay in her niche or take some training.

        • Arya says:

          Does anyone here actually know how to sing?! Has anyone ever taken singing lessons?! Because I have an academic degree in music and I can’t believe the stuff you’ve been writing here. I hate it when people speak of things they know nothing about. You say Pink was “mainly” in tune, Jim?! Are you for real?! Do you have too much cerumen in your ears? She did NOT MISS a note, and yes, it IS ok to breathe in the middle of the phrase, Bob, because this is HER rendition of the song, and her phrasing was perfect, Jim (you again); English isn’t my first language and I had absolutely no trouble understanding her. Yup, Judy’s rendition was amazing… 75 years ago! It’s 2014, people, Garland’s song is an OLDIE and Pink’s version is contemporary, it’s sharp, it’s deep and it’s perfect for the time we live in. I wonder, do you believe Judy’s kids were crying at the end of Pink’s performance because she massacred their mother’s song? Or were they crying because she did the song justice and honoured their mother the best way possible? I know what I think! And as for your comment about her plunging neckline, Jim – oh, dear Lord man, wake up! Women can wear pants now and short skirts if they choose to do so, and we can vote also and have careers of our own and be mothers at the same time. Shocked? You must be, since apparently you’ve been living in middle ages…

          My professional opinion (I wonder how many of you can say these words and mean them) is Pink’s performance was amazing and she looked and sounded absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Mile says:

    Idina Menzel WAS AMAZING!

    • Misilin says:

      She was the worst singer tonight, I hate her voice, she was not singing on pitch. Pharrell was phenomenal.

    • Meredith says:

      She has a great voice, but this performance was terrible. I was looking forward to this more than anything else, but at the end of the song, Idina looked like she was going to burst into tears. I felt really bad for her.

      • Amen to this! I was ready to burst into tears for her by the end of the song. I love her and she is such a phenomenal singer but this was a horrific performance. Halfway through she was shaking she was so upset. I’m sure it didn’t help that she was following Bette Midler’s beautiful performance and that John Travolta butchered her name.

    • Justin says:

      It was TOO forced. I didn’t like it at all- and was like “THIS is what people are going crazy over? No thanks”

    • Ademm says:

      It’s a horrible song though. Simply horrible.

    • charli says:

      I Love Idina but this was by far her worst performance. She was off key and her voice sounded very strained

    • Victoria Iris says:

      I am a big fan of Idina Menzel and will see her in If/Then, however, this performance was far from her best. She did not hit her EB note at the end, had a voice crack, was pushing throughout the song. Maybe nerves or maybe back to her voice teacher for proper air placement. Somtimes great singers pick up some bad habits not even known to themselves when they pull too far away from the voice teacher they trust. She knows it believe me. Can’t wait to see her again in better form. Also a live performance is very different from a sound booth where pitch can be regulated. Song should have been lowered a bit so it was not forced.

  3. Jss0058 says:

    I’m sorry Idina was “pitchy” that last big note was way off…pink all the way!

    • abz says:

      I noticed that last note too but I still thought she was great and it’s still an amazing song. P!nk was great as well

    • Amie says:

      I thought she was pretty awful from beginning to end. And especially the beginning, where she was all mumbly and impossible to understand. I was like, well, maybe there’s another singer named Adele Dazim who stepped in and took over at the last minute. Because Idina Menzel can SING, and this chick apparently cannot. (There is now a Twitter account for Adele Dazim, by the way. I guess that’s what more than one person thought John Travolta said.) Sorry, Idina. That did not sound good to me AT ALL.

      • Angela says:

        Thanks for the comment! I agree she was ghastly. Nervous, pitchy, and wasn’t on time. She had great moments. But let’s not praise her just for being Idina.

        • Can you relly blame her? In one of the biggest moments of her career an idiot calls her the wrong name. Is like… Should I sign ow should I yell at this piece of garbage??

          • Plaster says:

            The orchestra drowned her out and rushed the song along; the song is 4 minutes but this performance was 2.5; the orchestra got faster and faster like it was some race and it was, since they were running over. Idina had the shortest performance of the night for the song that won that goddamn Oscar. They could have done away with the pizza schtick and just let Idina sing.

    • jlwhybrew says:

      Agreed.. Her voice was cracking on that last note, and every singer knows that if you miss that last note, the song pretty much stinks because that’s the last thing the audience remembers. I think a lot of people overlook that due to their love for her and the song, but if we are speaking strictly about best Oscar performance I’d say Hands down to Happy by Pharrell.

    • dee123 says:

      Yes. A lot of people around here need to get their hearing tested.

    • Rose says:

      Agreed about Idina’s performance–she can do SOOOO much better. As for Pink, I loved the dress, but I would have chosen somebody else to sing that song. I like Pink, but this just wasn’t her best performance either.

      • Idina Fan says:

        Idina-lovers like us were cringing throughout the song – not good timing to lay an egg like that.

        Pink was pretty bad, too – this piece did not play to her strengths. Strange choice of song for her, or strange choice of singer for that song. Too bad!

  4. Idina then Bette, the others didn’t exist next to them

    • Ava says:

      Better hasn’t lost her voice, she sounded fantastic and I totally enjoyed her out singing again. Getting older and not singing much hasn’t hurt Bette’s voice at all!

      • Margart says:

        I agree with you. I thought the way she sand this was inspirational and brought me to tears. She was overcome at the end and I felt she was singing for those that were gone and paying them at extremely touching song….She had the mood for what she had been asked to do.
        She is now a 68 lady and looking like she might be having health issues that I’m not aware of but she did look to me to be a bit frail. I love her and thought she was termendous!

  5. Kristen says:

    Idina rocked it. And John Travolta wins moron of the night award.

    • wonderwall says:

      John Travolta is dyslexic which is why he messed up her name. Your comment is uncalled for.

      • Lincoln says:

        OK I’m going to have to side w/ Kristen here. In spite of his dyslexia, John Travolta is an idiot. There are rehearsals before every Oscar show. Presenters are supposed to rehearse and they already know what they’re going to present beforehand. He knew he was going to present Idina. He knew that was why he was there at the show in the first place. He wasn’t just scooped up from the audience and asked to present at the last minute. He should have been prepared. He should have known her name. There’s no excuse for it. He’s a moron for that. His dyslexia doesn’t make him a moron. His flub makes him a moron. You just don’t do that. especially to someone who’s performing at the Oscars for the first time ever. Have some respect. It’s just so sloppy and I feel no ounce of sympathy for him. It wasn’t cute whatsoever.

  6. Samantha says:

    Yeah, as much as I love Idina, you could tell she was nervous. She was speeding it up a bit, and had some problems with the last big note. Overall though, all of the performances were great.

    • S. says:

      They probably made her speed it up. Sounded like there were some edits made. Oscars producers don’t always let you just sing the thing as is. There was a weird chord choice made by the orchestra at the end. Dunno what that was. Should’ve dropped them out when Idina sang “the cold never bothered me anyway.” I don’t think the way things went was entirely up to her. Idina can sing well live, we already know that. She is glorious in all things.

      • Pete Oliva says:

        The song was unfairly edited down, unnecessarily sped up by the orchestra, and had some weird harmonic quirks added in by the musicians. Why did she get treated like this? The song needs its second verse to build energy and even lyrical meaning. Why would they force a cut to the biggest song of the night, when some other less necessary songs ran much longer? The whole thing was just weird and it felt like she was really treated unfairly, the least thing being her name being butchered.

        • Moon says:

          What is up with you guys blaming the orchestra? Idina sped up first and the orchestra was just trying to catch up with her.

  7. San says:

    I was looking forward to Idina’s performance all night and was disappointed at the outcome. You can tell she was nervous and was pitchy too. As a broadway fanatic and I know she can do so much better, I was wondering what the hell happened. I blame John Travolta lol!

  8. Jamie says:

    Idina screamed the whole time. I thought it was the worst.

  9. JW says:

    There was little memorable about that Frozen song, other than Menzel working incredibly hard to sing it. The other three songs were far superior, far more memorable, and worth listening to again. And those winning songwriters are idiots. Karen O, Pharrell, and U2 actually ARE rock stars.

    • S. says:

      You might want to get your hearing checked. The only one with a shot of being remembered, replayed, or covered by many people is gonna be “Let It Go.” The melodies of the other songs are long gone out of my and most people’s heads and we JUST heard them on tv. It shouldn’t be that way and wouldn’t be if the other songs were that great. There’ve been stronger Best Original Song years, but “Let It Go” is catchy.

      • abz says:

        Agreed. Let It Go has even gone global. There’s even a video on Youtube of it being sung I think in 25+ languages. The song and movie is a massive success. Like @S. I’ve barely heard or remembered the songs from the other films.

      • Delirious says:

        What does hearing have to do with anything?

        Plus, being from outside the US, I can tell you that “Happy” is FAR more popular everywhere that isn’t America, just like Pharrell is much more known than Idina. And far more recognized, too. Honestly, if “Happy” is out of your head already, maybe, just maybe, JW isn’t the one who has to get something checked. And I could say the same thing with the chorus of the U2 song, whose popularity I won’t even bother mentioning.

        • G says:

          I’m from outside USA and everyone I know here young and old sing “Let it Go” like ti’s their national anthem lol. And even all my friends in Europe too. I was even late to appreciate it to think I’m a singer too

  10. Rebecca Nader says:

    You’re all crazy!! U2 nailed it, they were the BEST of the evening. Look up the lyrics. Listen to the melody. It is pure genius and blew all the others out of the water.

  11. Anon says:

    Demi Lovato’s version of Let It Go was better.

    • Kaycee says:

      Said by … Oh, just you!

      • S. says:

        Amen. Demi’s was fine, but there’s a reason Idina’s is the bigger seller.

        • Jake says:

          Demi cannot sing her way out of a paper bag. Idina could blow her out of the water anytime. Demi wishes she had an ounce of the talent Idina has. Sorry!

          • . (@ilddl_) says:

            Are you kidding me, Demi can sing her ass off. and she kills this song live too. i’ve also heard her hits all the notes idina hits in this song, in her own songs LIVE. demi’s an amazing vocalist.. a very different type of vocalist than idina, though. you can’t even compare.

          • . (@ilddl_) says:

            And don’t even say you’ve heard demi sing live and sucked, because just like how idina can have off nights, so can demi. i’ve seen that hypocrisy with you idina fans/bandwagoners.

          • Jake says:

            I totally disagree. Demi sounds like she is gasping for air half the time she sings. I cannot stand her and comparing her to Idina is like comparing Fast food to Gourmet. But more power to ya, if you like that auto tuned, studio produced crap.

          • Carrie says:

            I am glad they chose Idina over Demi. Demi is just another studio produced, auto-tuned singer. I agree with Jake, everything I hear from her sounds like she is gasping for air.

    • abz says:

      Demi’s is a good version, but there is something extra special about Idina’s version. Although with Demi’s version I do like the part with the lyric change. That was a nice addition to the song

    • Misilin says:

      I agree with you, after so much buzz about her version I thought she’ll blow my mind I don’t why people are lying that Idina’s voice is better maybe because she’s a Tony winner. I fast forwarded after few seconds.

    • Jayce says:

      Not even close. You must seriously be the only one who thinks that.

  12. Deb K says:

    Best song of the night goes to Adela Dazeem!

    • S. says:

      Ha. Seriously. What WAS that? Travolta’s had some of the pot brownies that Harrison Ford and Kim Novak were eating.

  13. Angela says:

    Big U2 fan, thought they sounded fantastic tonight :). Karen O’s song was lovely, too.
    And Pink. Wow. She was amazing. I actually got a bit choked up during her performance.
    (Also, her dress was gorgeous and I want it!)

  14. Austin says:

    I didn’t think any performance was really that bad tonight. :) But I enjoyed Idina Menzel’s the most.

  15. Amie says:

    Pharrell’s was the only performance I thought actually worked. Love Bette, but she didn’t sound great. Pink was not the world’s best choice for Over the Rainbow. The whispery, barefoot girl was beyond terrible. I must’ve been on a break when U2 sang because I have no recollection of that at all. So that leaves Pharrell, who I enjoyed a lot. He had energy and tiny dancers. WOOT!

    • Delirious says:

      Agreed, completely. I’ll just add that U2 didn’t exactly succeed choosing an acousting rendition of the song, which quite possibly helped that feeling of not having watched them perform.

  16. Emily says:

    Loved Idina Menzel! Yes, she was nervous! But, she was singing at the oscars for the first time! yes, she sings on Broadway, but not to a crowd like who is at the Oscars. Who wouldn’t be nervous! But, I thought she still did incredibly well. She is an amazing talented singer! And Bette Midler is ridiculously amazing!!! Loved them both!

  17. erin says:

    Idina all the way! But Pink was seriously fantastic as always, I am going to put that on my iPod for sure. Pharrell was also great, and the most visually exciting performance. The others were….meh. Even Bono sounded off tonight.

  18. MC says:

    I love Pink, but you don’t breathe in the middle of a word. Some*breath*where Over The Rainbow. Phrasing is important. Indina was going fast, but I blame the orchestra, they started at a ridiculous tempo. And last year John Travolta butchered Les Miserables, so can we just not have him present again?

    • Miked says:

      Totally dead on. The broken phrasing killed the song and definitely worked to rob the song of its flow. The rhythm was stilted and the performance on a whole wasn’t moving.

    • googly eyes says:

      Did I write the above comment in my dreams? It was exactly what I thought! I don’t know why singers think it’s okay to breathe in the middle of a word. And I love Pink too, but that’s a big no no.

    • Alice says:

      That is the audition song for what, 60% of musicals. Everyone knows you don’t breathe in the middle of the word “somewhere”. Pink had good tone, but she doesn’t have the lungs to phrase the song correctly- which got annoying.

    • JustBreathe says:

      Damn folks – really showing hour age here – Pink gave a contemporary performance of a very old song IN HER OWN STYLE – her “breathing” and phrasing is part of said style. If you didn’t like it, that’s fine, but who died and made you guys the rulers of when to freaking breathe?

      • Nicole says:

        No. No no no. “Contemporary” performance or not, there is such a thing as vocal technique, which Pink showed very little of in this instance. A good singer with good breath support simply does not need to breathe in the middle of words. And she did it repeatedly, every time she came to the chorus in the exact same spots. She should’ve rehearsed it with the breaths in different places, with extra catch breaths worked into account for nerves, etc. She simply didn’t have good technique on this iconic song, though her voice is lovely.

        • Chris says:

          Nicole, you talk the talk, but let’s see you get up there and sing it. 5 bucks says you can’t even make it past the first word.

    • G says:

      I do love Pink too, but that’s my very first reaction too. Why breathe after only just one word?

    • CTaylor says:

      I completely agree regarding Pink’s performance. She breathed in all the wrong places and in the middle of words! Definitely needs singing lessons.

      • Chris says:

        And where your record contract or sold out world tour? Yeah that’s what I thought. You get your butt up there and try to even get one note out. Stupid bint

  19. Thea says:

    Not a single performance was bad. My favorite, which I didn’t expect, was Pink. Not to say I don’t expect Pink to be good, but I didn’t even know she was singing tonight and I’d never in a million years expect that song. Best of the night, imo. Idina was the one I was waiting for the whole night and while her intonation on that climatic note wasn’t her best, I wasn’t left disappointed. Pharrel got me dancing, Karen O sounded lovely and Bono is living proof that if you take care of it, your voice can last forever. The one thing I would’ve changed is that horrible backing track in Wind Beneath My Wings. It was tacky in the 80s and it was still tacky tonight. The orchestra should have accompanied Midler.

  20. MissMel says:

    I love Idina Menzel but I do agree something was off about her performance. I don’t think it was her fault though, because the song sounded really fast to me. It should start off slow and then build, but from the start it felt like she was rushing the words to keep up with the orchestra. I voted for Pink because I felt like her performance was understated and beautful and really showcased her voice as more than just a rocker.

  21. Cat says:

    I actually thought the best performance was Pharrell and I HATE to say it because I was really hoping for it to be Frozen (I play that song constantly!) I was incensed for Idina because it was clear that they had chopped up the song and the orchestra changed chords in a really weird way a couple of times, and John Travolta screwed up her name! Any one of those is enough to put a performer off, but at the Oscars? Whoo, it is lucky she was only pitchy! Bette Midler did not do well (which is beyond weird) and I didn’t think Pink was a good choice for Over the Rainbow. Karen O was solid, but it wasn’t really an Oscar performance. U2 kind of went the way of Karen O and made the entire performance seem small and the Oscars need small but in a BIG way.
    This is of course just my opinion! :-)

  22. William says:

    Something was going on with Idina’s voice tonight. I really hope she doesn’t have nodes. That last high note just wasn’t healthy and it broke due to either sickness or fatigue or both. I can’t fathom that she would have had that same note in rehearsal. Very gutsy performance nonetheless. People are blaming the orchestra, but that tempo was pretty close to the studio version, and I doubt the cut to the bridge threw her much, if at all. For me, it was a tossup between Idina and Pink.

    • Elisabeth says:

      Well, in regards to the orchestra for Idina, I don’t think they where she could hear them. They were somewhere else altogether, and it looked like her earpiece wasn’t working. So, those two things were not working in her favor. But, she still sang amazing and killed it despite not being able to hear the orchestra.

  23. Kent says:

    Is it me or did Idina look very unhappy at the end of the performance…like she didn’t even know what just happened. I was looking forward to her because on the red carpet she said she had been working on the song really hard for tonight. Sadly, it wasn’t her best. The last note was cringeworthy. I think her nerves got the better of her.

    Pink was awesome.

  24. The Beach says:

    I’ll bet as soon as Idina finished singing she ran backstage and snatched that ugly wig right off Travolta’s head. :)

  25. Chechab says:

    I loved Idina! Maybe she was a little pitchy or a little rushed, but she was really nervous and it’s a very challenging song (have to take that in consideration when comparing to Pharrel’s performance). I think she did great anyway.

  26. Ethan says:

    Lana Del Rey….. Oh wait.

  27. Eva says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Misilin. I respect Idina Menzel as a performer and everything she has done in broadway but the truth is she is NOT a trained singer and you can tell in this performance especially. She does not sing healthily, this is clear at the end of the song. it is inevitable that if she keeps singing like that, she is going to hurt herself. (again? I think she has before) Also, i think people need to get off of this frozen kick. Yes, it is good. I saw it, I liked it, I moved on. There were better performances at the oscars, people are just to ignorant and stubborn to accept that.

    • MissMel says:

      Would you like a cookie or a gold star? Clearly you have triumphed over mere mortals by “moving on” from Frozen. God forbid people acutally enjoy something fun and uplifting in this increasingly negative world. How dare they be so ignorant and stubborn as to find something pleasurable in life and enjoy it for more than 2 hours?

  28. WireDream says:

    Seriously. You “Wicked” fanboys and fangirls need to get your ears de-waxed. Menzel was awful – as usual. Off key, wobbly-voiced, shrieky. Stop blaming ear-pieces and nerves and Travolta. She sounds like this always. Everyone knows she won the Tony as a consolation prize (“Avenue Q” won everything everyone assumed would go to the heinous “Wicked,” but the committee got it right and couldn’t let the #1 show on Broadway go empty handed.) so don’t throw that around. It’s a feeble defense.
    Also, kinda ironic that the hideous “Let It Go” was written by the same guy who beat “Wicked” in every category. Hah.

  29. lake says:

    From “Less Misera-blez” of last year to Travolta’s slaughter of Idina Menzel’s name, why is he allowed on stage? Isn’t he briefed on pronunciation….or is he just quite stupid?

  30. Padraig says:

    Firstly, the orchestra did throw her off as they played it faster than usual – and it was probably down to the Oscar producers. Although, Idina is a broadway performer – I also work in theatre – and you have to adjust and follow the orchestra. I was expecting more from Idina as a fellow performer. However, she was still above par in most of the song but that last note was horrendous when her voice cracked. She sang ‘Defying Gravity’ I thought she would of had the vocal capability to perform that song.

  31. Mapledream says:

    Cut Idina some slack! Maybe it was rushed cause they told her to rush it to save time. And she didn’t mumble, her notes were just lower cause that’s how the song is sung, the beginning of that song is never loud. And the last note is hard to hit, her voice cracked maybe cause she was nervous. I loved her performance and she got a standing ovation. I love her and happy was very upbeat and fun but I love let it go more

  32. Kaycee says:

    Idina Menzel is a well respected performer, she can sing these notes in her sleep. Obviously she may have been training too hard, or nerves but it sounds to me like it’s most likely problems with the earpiece from my experience. Either way, she was fantastic.

  33. Anthea Manibog-Schulze, Bb. Pilipinas says:

    Pink’s interpretation of Somewhere Over the Rainbow was pure art. The best!

    • Agreed. I’m a vocalist and a huge Bette fan so I was expecting to like her the most. But Pink blew me away! Beautiful contemporary version. It was classy and a really great tribute.

      As for the people complaining about Bette, I wish they would realize that it wad a different arrangement than they are used to. It’s not the same version she recorded for Beaches. It was actually a play on the original arrangement. Did she play it a little safe? Sure. But it’s not an easy song to sing Ib the first place, let alone at the Oscars. And add in the emotional aspect of singing in memory of peers… good luck doing half as good as the Divine Miss M.

  34. Drama mama says:

    Idina Menzel clearly is a phenomenal singer. When you are Live on stage and consider all of the Technical aspects that can go wrong including the wrong Introduction, it’s a wonder she she kept it together. Let us not forget how difficult it must be At the OSCARS. Was it her best performance? Probably not. But to criticize? Shame on you. Kudos ms Menzel for not smacking mr. Travolta on the back of the head as you exited the stage.

  35. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Idina sounded like she was singing through her nose and we cannot lie.

  36. John says:

    I am no Idina Menzel fan, and she was clearly very nervous, but sounded fine until the end. And let’s face it, that song was not written to be performed by an actual human being outside of a studio anyway. Good luck to whatever poor soul ends up having to carry it off 8 times a week on Broadway…

  37. sladewilson says:

    Pure performance – Pharrell bodied it. That song became a movement….

  38. Plaster says:

    I was annoyed that the orchestra drowned out Idina, plus they didn’t let her sing the whole song, so she never got to let the song build up to all it’s fabulousness. They rushed Idina through the song and stuck it so far back in the night. I love Pink and Bette but c’mon; that was 10 minutes of show that could have gone to letting Idina sing her 4 minute song.

  39. Kaycee says:

    The Orchestra was just terrible during Idina’s performance. Due to time restraints they cut her song short at the last minute, while she would’ve prepared the full song to sing like everyone else did, she wouldn’t have rehearsed the shorter version and the Orchestra sped up the song way to much. So it caught her off guard.

    • Pete Oliva says:

      This is exactly what happened. Few performers, even sharp professionals, could handle late edits to a song this challenging, and then have the band do a shoddy job of backing you by playing too fast and with chord alterations. And shame on people who criticize so harshly from behind their computer screens.

  40. Jay says:

    Are you kidding?! Menzel was screeching her way through the performance. She was awful! Pink stole the show.

  41. LoloCurray says:

    I felt bad about Idina’s performance. She’s a phenomenal performer and her song was (probably last second) sped up from 4 minutes to two and a half. Enough to throw anyone off. But kudos to Ellen for repeating her name correctly after the performance. And it’s a hard song so I like to see all the people being so critical of her try to do as well as her.
    Ps. Pitchy isn’t an actual musical term. It’s what critical people who don’t know what they’re talking about say. She was either off key or sang some wrong notes. And at the end even though her voice was cracking she was still technically at the note

    • Carrie says:

      The performances were cut. I have a close relative that works in the industry and she has told me that they have to take into account commercial breaks etc and live events are hell because of it. Sponsors pay to get their product advertised etc….

      • Then they need to cut out stupid pizza jokes and totally unnecessary songs like Pink’s and Bette’s so that the people actually nominated can sing the entire song. Not that I didn’t enjoy both of their performances but I’ve been looking forward to Idina’s performance for months and I was horribly disappointed. I think a lot of her nerves would have been taken out had she had the whole song to perform.

        • Lisa says:

          I agree Lauren. I wonder if her earpiece was working properly? It appeared to me like the Orchestra started and she wasn’t expecting it, so she rushed to catch up which in return made the song sound rushed as well. Who knows, perhaps she had a cold or just worked herself up into a nervous bundle. Personally, I don’t care. I have seen her sing numerous times and even live and she is amazing. I also have to agree with a previous post…Thank god, they let her singing it and not over-rated Lovato.

    • Brian says:

      Technically she both cracked the note and was flat (yes it was off pitch). I feel sorry for her too, but a seasoned broadway star should not have that poor technique. In fact there are MANY fine talented singers that could not only *hit* the note, but *sing* it. It’s only an Ef5 which should be easily attainable for any mezzo. She is clearly an alto trying to belt into territory beyond her range. This is why it comes across as screaming. As far as others, Demi Lavato (don’t like her embellishments though) has much better control on her voice through all ranges and doesn’t push too much through her nose. I think the bottom line is people who aren’t trained in voice like Idina for her roles in Rent and Wicked (for which she was appropriately cast). But when I heard her in the 2009 Chess in Concert, I knew she was not chosen for her voice but her name. I’m not saying you can’t belt and sound good, I just don’t think Idina does. Here is someone I think does the belt sound very good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WbjpqVFgy0 Especially at 2:25. That’s an Ab5, much higher than Idina’s note and it sounds great.

  42. I agree this was not her best performance, but it was not her worst. She was probably nervous, I mean who wouldn’t be espeically when its your first time performing at the Oscars and millions of people across the world are watching- its nerve wracking. When you are nervous, obvsiously you are not going to do your best.

  43. Denise San says:

    Idina was still the best voice there and let it go is one of best songs of I have evef heard may be the best even . The performance was not bAd but it was rushed , very fast , musice was loud and it was super short , that was frustrating . I watched ithe whole oscars with my daughter just for that song and idina and it lasted two minutes . Idina might be nervous or may be upset about the music being super fast and loud or about the name . I cant blame her . Most people watch the show for her like me . She was still super super great. I used to be in music business so I know what I am saying . She hAs such and effective emotional voice . I listened to her performance today again and again from you tube and suprisingly the more. i listen the more i liked . Its rushed but kind of more rock and rebel in it . I dont particularyike rock but this is really good . There will be alwys haters when someone is this sucessful this happens . It s easy to try to find faults but who are we kidding she has a terrific voice , the color of her voice is rare . I wish i could sing like that wouldnt you ?

  44. B says:

    I don’t think you can blame the orchestra or tea volts or the weather… Every performer knew that they were getting 2 or 2.5 min, they were told beforehand how much time they were getting. All the songs were edited for that. Idina herself told the huffington post or some other publication a week or two ago that they were working in a special oscar arrangement and that she was working with her teacher on that… If she couldn’t sing her song it was her own fault or whoever did the arrangement (the lopezes?).

  45. CW says:

    Who the heck was she, this Idina? No one will know her in a couple of years, most don’t now! Let it go, who cares really? Or about Kim Novak,or any of it so not important, thought the whole show was lousy really!

  46. mopcambm says:

    I’ve read a lot of people nitpicking on Idina’s performance, but I could enjoy listening to her 20 more times. I’m also a singer, but nowhere near her level. Even on her slightly ‘not at her best’ performance, she was amazing. I’ve re-watched her performance and I honestly don’t know what some people are expecting. Everyone of you who are saying negative comments–I hope that you are judged as harshly. She deserved her standing ovation.

  47. John says:

    dyslexia doesn’t care what your doing it makes life a bitch 24/7 so shut up with ya dammm moaning wow he got a name wrong I don’t see her crying and winging about it like your doing do you no I thought so plus me I’m a demi fan but I also like idina you all should appreciate the fact that they all put on the show for us the fans our entertainment instead of negative comments let’s see some positive ones for a change