Stana Katic Previews Castle's Darkest Hour Ever -- and the Deeply Romantic Moment Within

Castle Spoilers Beckett UndercoverThis Monday on Castle (ABC, 10/9c), Beckett is abruptly called on to help the NYPD’s narcotics division with a seemingly simple sting, by posing as a low-level drug courier to reel in a bigger fish. But when things don’t go at all as planned, suffice it to say she won’t be home in time for dinner with Rick, as promised.

Stana Katic shared with TVLine a preview of what she calls Castle‘s darkest hour, yet one that in turn offers “really special” insight into bride-to-be Kate’s mindset. Also, the actress’ thoughts on Kate and Alexis’ recent heart-to-heart and whether we are truly heading for a wedding. (Note: Mild, thematic spoilers are touched on.)

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TVLINE | “In the Belly of the Beast” is quite a departure for the show. Did you get any kind of a heads up that it was coming down the pike?
There was a teeny tiny bit of a heads up, just that they were going to do something that’ll be a little bit more intense on my character, that the workload was going to get a little heavy as well.

TVLINE | And what was your reaction as you actually went through the script?
I was glad…. The show always kind of lies somewhere in between comedy and drama, and being that this is as dark as the show can go, it was extraordinary to do that dance with some of the core group, like Rob Bowman who is one of our executive producers but also a regular director and one of the main elements in the editing suite. And to work on a script by Andrew [W. Marlowe], who of course is the creator and exec producer, along with David Amann, who is one of our exec producers and a collaborator with Andrew…. It’s just really cool.

TVLINE | The end result is very atmospheric. Like, if you told me this was some piece of German cinema, I would almost believe you.
[Laughs] That’s Rob. This was a chance to play with someone who’s excited about features and loves filmmaking, and Bowman always pushes himself and the whole crew, and we love it. We’re inspired by working with him. There’s nothing better than dancing in filmmaking with someone that is willing to go all in, and he’s definitely one of those creatives.

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TVLINE | To be clear, though you and I playfully talk bout “badass Beckett,” this is not about her being fierce in the way of, you know, hand-to-hand combat or pistols blazing. This is a different kind of intensity happening to her.
It is, yeah. She gets in over her head, in many ways. She starts off the episode thinking that she’s going to help another law enforcement branch out by going undercover, that it’s going to be done within a few hours and then she’ll be back home. And it gets a lot darker, very quickly. We had some really wonderful guest cast. Kenny Johnson (The Shield) is phenomenal; I had a blast working with him. He delivered something physical to me all the time…. It felt like everyone was committed in a way like, “This is a one-and-done experience, so let’s give it our all.”

Watch a sneak peek, then read on for much more:

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TVLINE | One thing I found myself asking as I watched was: Do you think Season 1 Beckett could have pulled this off? Could she have endured this?
No way. I think that she maybe had the physical stamina to get through some of it, but — and this is a part of her evolution over the past six years — at some point she became less reactive, less emotional. Triggers aren’t the same any more. She’s more lethal because she’s able to contain those emotions and look at things a little bit more objectively. Of course, there’s a breaking point in this episode with [spoiler]. But you know what? She’s chasing death no matter what, so she’s going to fight for her last breath.

TVLINE | What I found interesting is that although Rick and Kate are physically separated for a good chunk of the hour, this episode probably has one or two of the most deeply romantic moments for them. For one, I’m thinking about the letter Kate writes…. Do you agree?
Yeah. I do. I do. I mean, nothing makes better love story stuff than facing your immortality, right? Nothing gives you better sex scenes than facing your own mortality. [Laughs]

TVLINE | The letter in particular is nice because they could have easily just skipped that beat. But the fact that they showed her sitting down to write it… was pretty powerful.
I think so, too, because we don’t always get a chance to have an eye on Beckett’s inner monologue. Castle has his mom, and his daughter sometimes… there are opportunities for him to some of his inner monologue. At one time we had Beckett’s psychologist, but we don’t really have that at this point. [Kate and Rick] now kind of use each other to express their inner monologues, and we’ve done a really sweet kind of thing of using the regular relationship blocks to look at our lifetimes and our happenings in the past few episodes, but we’ve never had a moment to understand the depths of that affection — especially for Kate, who I believe is complex and is capable of extremely deep emotion. She says that in one of the earlier seasons, “No, I’m the one-and-done type,” so committing herself to someone like Rick means that she’s all in. Having a chance to express that on-screen through that inner monologue and the letter was really special.

TVLINE | Now looking back Castle Weddingon the season-to-date: Have you enjoyed playing the bits of wedding planning, seeing the characters’ future slowly crystallize?
I have. I enjoy it because it also showcases another element of our relationship, the sweetness. And I think it’s very relatable for a lot of people that have had to go through the wedding planning rigmarole. Also, it’s outside of the whole procedural element of our story, so it’s nice to kind of branch into a different field. Castle, of course, gets to be in storytelling mode all the time, but Beckett has to be a bit more on point when she gets to work. So this lets us see the other side of that relationship at play, at home or when they’re off campus.

TVLINE | Kate seems to have her wedding dress, she and Rick seem to have “their song” picked out, but some the fans are thinking that maybe that’s misdirection — that if and when the big day comes there might be a different dress, that it won’t necessarily be that song. Do you think Johanna maybe left a gift behind?
Wouldn’t that be beautiful? What if Jim came in with a box…. Maybe!

TVLINE | You Castle_KateAlexispreviously told me having Kate and Alexis kind of address their relationship wasn’t necessarily mandatory. Nonetheless, were you glad to touch on it in last week’s episode?
You know, I didn’t think, “Oh, this has to be addressed.” But I can see why the writers thought it might be something that they needed to look into. And I could see why audiences probably felt like it needed to be looked into. I’ve always felt that Alexis is a grown woman and she has an amazing mom that we’ve met a number of times, so Kate’s relationship with her always has to be just very respectful and understanding, because Alexis is the No. 1 girl in Castle’s life. That’s his daughter, and that’s a special place, so it doesn’t matter what happens in life, children come first. Kate, being the kind of character that she is, has a strong respect for that kind of family dynamic and would never want to interfere. If she can be a friend, if she can offer maybe another perspective at times, just like any friend would, I think that that’s great — and that’s maybe the role she can hold if any in that relationship, to just be a sounding board, be a bud. Just like Lanie is for Kate, you know?

TVLINE | And before we go, I pretty much have to ask: What would you say the current Vegas odds are on the wedding actually happening this season? After all, they did move up their timetable to possibly as early as “spring”….
I don’t know…. But I think it’s going to happen. It’s got to!

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  1. Kate says:

    Love her! She’s always talks so elegantly about her character. You can tell she really cares about the show and about Beckett. I’m SO excited for this episode!

    • Just one thing says:

      I really enjoy her perspective into the characters and their relationships. And I hope people tune into the episode, since ABC seems to think every other show on their slate EXCEPT Castle deserves promotion.
      Seriously, of their top scripted veteran shows – including Greys, Scandal, Modern Family and NOT including OUAT and Revenge – Castle is the most likely to get the shaft every time. It’s rather bizarre.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Exactly. It’s hard to find actors these days genuinely involved with& caring for their shows & characters, given the multiple projects they are contracted to. So Stana’s interviews regarding Castle are always refreshing.

  2. jay says:

    Stanas interviews are always insightful and thought out when it comes to the characters mindsets as well as what her opinion is on it all. I feel like you get more from her interviews alone than anyone elses. Love, love, LOVE her interviews.

    • CastleFan36 says:

      I agree! I love her interviews more than the rest of the cast. And I love this entire cast! Castle continues to deliver some great stories to entertain us!!!

      I can’t wait to see this episode!!!!

  3. Abby says:

    Writing a letter while facing her mortality? Oh where oh where have I seen this? Oh that’s right, BONES. Another ripoff. Wow, be original.

    • Really says:

      who cares? not everyone watches Bones, you know?

    • iammusic says:

      oh my gosh, god forbid two leading characters from different shows write a letter to a loved one when facing death! What a ripoff.

      Or it’s something that people do in real life. Seriously, this Bones comparison needs to stop. It’s ridiculous and childish. I watch both, and this didn’t even occur to me. Someone died on Castle this week, is that ripping off Bones, too? Or should we complain that it’s ripping off other shows, as well?

    • Blanca says:

      Right. Like no other has done it before.

    • Danyelle says:

      The similar show that’s been on 4 years longer has done things before? Really?

    • CastleFan36 says:

      Abby… Castle did their Xfiles episode before Bones did theirs… does that mean Bones was copying Castle? What is wrong with people?? Caatle and Bones are templates to past shows and what Bones does has been done before as well. Bones isn’t the master of creating everything on tv like their fans think. I watch both shows and think comparing the two is ridiculous. I think Castle is the better written show anyways. With that being said Brennan wrote her letter and then it took damn hear 6 to 7 season later for us to find out what was in it, so how is this similar when we’re going to know what Beckett’s writing to Castle??! Abby, you should feel like an a$$

      • sofia says:

        I, too, watch both shows and although I agree with what you’ve said you can’t say that Bones did their “X-Files” episode after Castle because that is not true. Bones did theirs almost a year earlier.

    • I doubt this will be anything but a Bone’s ripoff! It will instead shed a new light on Beckett’s emotions like we have never seen! We will see a depth of feeling we have never been allowed to see in her before that will be nothing like any other show. The writers will make sure of that! Oh ye of little faith…you do not know Andrew Marlowe at all!

      • RBA says:

        I hate to say it, but I do think this was a Bones ripoff. This episode was written at roughly the same time the Bones wedding episode aired, and I’m sure Marlowe saw how the Bones fandom ate up Brennan’s letter that he decided Beckett needed something similar. I mean Brennan’s letter to Booth provided an insight into how Brennan back then really felt about Rick, and this letter has a similar purpose.

        I do agree with those that say that Bones was not the first to do something like this, but the problem is that both shows are doing it on the same year. Bones did it first, and Castle is following months later with something similar.

        It would have been ideal to avoid such a similarity in the story.

        • Sam says:

          Wow. Do you know how many shows/films have done the letter when dying to a loved one bit?


          Not everyone watches Bones. This is no more a Bones ripoff than any other tv show or movies that has done it before.

          What is your problem?

          Go to a Bones forum. My goodness.

          I highly doubt Marlowe is copying this letter from Bones especially since he’s delivering it to the audience completely different than what too place on Bones.

          Walking Dead episode from last night was called Still.

          Oh no! They must be biting off of Castle!

          Ridiculous. What a fan you are.

          • RBA says:

            Obviously you missed were I said “Bones was not the first to do something like this”. What I am critical off is that this comes in the heals of the Bones wedding where Hart finally reveal the contents of the Brennan letter from a few years back, so it could be seen as he is borrowing from Bones.

            Heck if I really wanted to be critical I could say that Kate being torture is a ripoff of this year’s premiere of SVU where Mariska’s character is humiliated and torture by her captor. Every show borrows from something, but my main problem with this episode is that it will have no consequences beyond this episode. Everything about it will be forgotten.

            Also you say I am spreading venom on the Castle boards.. which ones? I only post at the ABC boards as RBA to discuss Castle.

            Oh.. you say I should go to a bones forum to discuss Bones got news for you I already do, and when Hart pulled the stuns Marlowe is doing now with Castle I was also very critical..

        • Sam says:

          The problem is you need to gove up Castle.

          They solve a case each week. Oh no. They sre biting off of Bones.

          They use the interrogation room. Oh no. They are biting off of Bones.

          They’re planning their wedding. Oh no. They are biting off of Bones.

          These perceived problems are coming from someone who is fed up with the show, so of course we all must suffer because the show betrayed you in some way.

          Bones is much better than Castle. Now will that make you happy?

          You continue to spread venom all over the Castle boards after every article and every episode. Why?

          Did Hart send you this way to promote his show and trash all things Castle?

          • RBA says:

            Please when have I or anyone that has been critical ever said those things? I get it you are trying to defend the show by blaming the person that is critical for disliking the show, but what you are not doing is holding the show to the standard it set for itself early on when it managed to tell interesting COTW, used humor when appropriate, showed a believable relationship between a caring father and daughter, and used the chemistry of the leading couple to make you care about their future as a possible would be couple.

            The show is no longer doing that in most instances. It introduced a Jar Jar binks type character to create angst between the father and daughter, but it did it so superficially that no one cared for Pi, Alexis, or the issues confronting Alexis. It managed for over an eight week period to have a supposedly in love couple not even touch or kiss for those eight weeks…. It has made the Epso character one dimensional that most of his scenes now days can be summarized as “YO”.

        • beckstle says:

          ROFL! Honey, The writers of these shows don’t really have time to be studying other shows in the middle of their own productions and these are not original ideas that can be stolen. Hell, Marlowe knew at the end of season three that he wanted them together at by the end of four and that the engagement question would be at the end of season five. He’s meticulous like that.

          Then of course there’s the obvious. In a love story, certain events occur along a certain timeline. Right before getting married providing a means to reveal the deeper feelings of the couple is a standard love story trope. It has nothing to do with copying anything. It’s where they are in their own time-lines.

          As saying it would be ideal to not have these things in the same year, that’s ridiculous. Castle would have to be paying attention to the other show in the first place in order to avoid similarities. Seriously, it is more normal for similar ideas to come out independently within a similar time frame than not. There is an actual term for it. “multiple independent discovery.” Ever notice how movie ideas seem to come out in clusters? Case in point, last year’s films, “The Huntsman” and “Mirror Mirror” – two different writers at different studios, got an idea to rework Snow White. These writers weren’t talking to each other.

          Why do Bones fans spend so much time trying to attach itself to Castle anyway? Like, I never read about what’s going on with Bones because I don’t watch it. If you enjoy Bones, why not just enjoy it?

          • RBA says:

            Are u the same Beckstle from the Castles old haunt forum? If you are, I remember u when u use to call yourself joybrennan at theAby and the the founding fathers.

        • I think they all are prone to “Borrow” off one another occasionally, but I don’t think it bothers the fans that much, especially if the episodes were memorable.

    • As says:

      No comparison, Castle doesn’t need to borrow from other shows. Superior talent supports itself. Thanks.

      • Mary says:

        Exactly! I watch both shows (I like Bones, I love Castle) – for my liking, Castle is better, particulary in the acting (NF is much better actor than DB and SK is wayyy better than ED, imo). Every show uses things already seen in another one, it´s the way things are developed that matters – hell some shows even use same titles!
        And I seriously doubt Marlowe saw that Bones episode – I´m sure he´s very busy with his own:)

    • Rich Abey says:

      All I’m gonna say is watch the dam show or not. Shows can hardly be original in every aspect given the thousands of shows preceding it. So stuff is bound to come that have been used in previous shows.

    • Patricia says:

      While I appreciate anyone who has a favorite show…like Bones….the “I’m going to die here is a letter telling you how much I love you!”…did not originate with Bones. And if you care to look deeper at all the shows out there…there really isn’t any idea that is original…it’s the characters and storylines that make the show “original” to the fans.

    • tashavick says:

      Rob Bowman-X Files. X Files was 20 years ago. Scully writes a letter to Mulder when she thinks she’s dying of cancer, when she’s facing, in her opinion, certain death. Granted, it’s not an ”I’ll love you forever” kind of letter, (we know how edgy they were about that particular romacne hitting the screen)but the idea is there. So, please, anyone who says Castle is ripping off Bones is out of their depth. Rob Bowman, director of both Castle and the iconic classic – the X Files, knows what he’s doing. Castle in no way compares to Bones. Get real.

  4. Really says:

    I’m so ready for this episode. Caskett’s darkest hour ever sounds enticing.

  5. Liz says:

    OMG this interview is pure gold, I loved how she express herself she is really eloquent and pretty smart.

  6. Blanca says:

    I haven’t been this excited for an episode in months!

  7. Apples says:

    Nice interview but really, Johanna Beckett’s dress? That’s a) tedious and b) ghoulish.
    Love her take on the Alexis/Beckett relationship, and exploring Beckett’s depths. Just hope the writing doesn’t have too many plot holes, as many of the more dramatic Castle eps tend to.

    • Lena says:

      Honestly that’s pretty certain we won’t have the whole wedding stuff, there will never be three “In my veins” scene …

      The good thing is that maybe we won’t see that dress. But I’m not a fan of Johanna’s old dress either. Just a beautiful simple wedding dress, like Monica in Friends for example would be perfect.

      • Krithika says:

        I’m sorry but ANY dress, whether a) tedious or b) ghoulish is in my opinion, far FAR better than the current dreck imposed upon Kate.
        Seriously Luke and Andrew what WERE you thinking?!

  8. Lily says:

    Lovely how she cares about Beckett!!

  9. Allie says:

    Great interview! Stana always delivers great insight into her character and the creative process behind making Castle. This episode has me excited. I love when Stana is given the chance to show her range of skills. I suspect the reveal of what she writes in that letter will be highlight of the season.

  10. Alex says:

    I’ve seen the Castle I love for the last few episodes, hope it will continue, even Nathan seemed to be more concerned.
    Can’t wait for 6×17, even more after this interview :)

    • He is probably concerned as they could just as well call the show Beckett. When was the last time Castle had a great emotional high stakes eps of his own. I want more Rick on my screen.

      • frb says:

        Not me. Keep focusing on Beckett (Stana). Her acting chops hold my attention. That’s a rare thing for me. I had practically given up on good TV viewing until , Along Comes Beckett!!! Keep up the excellent work Stana. Also demand a big raise in salary. You listening ABC?

  11. Onche says:

    Her hair’s extension look better in this episode from what I saw, It didn’t make very natural until then. I don’t understand why she can’t have her hair shorter in the show, she looked amazing like this yesterday.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      We’re talking about her hair?

      • Onche says:

        Yep ! I like hair.

      • LL624 says:

        Ha. Stana/Beckett’s hair is always up for discussion. But I’m glad they don’t have Beckett in Stana’s shorter hair. I like it long, real or extensions.

      • CastleFanForLife says:

        Right?! *serious eyerolling here*

        I just read this interview because I wanted to go into the episode spoilerfree this time and it was beyond amazing! Everyone brought their A-game but especially Stana was just AMAZEBALLS! So much love for her and her acting skills! And her interviews are always so very insightful and eloquent. I love listening to her and how invested she is in her character. She always brings everything to the table and it shows – in her acting and her interviews!

        Simply an amazing and smart woman and very much down to earth from what I can see!

  12. Annahaha says:

    Rrr why did I read this interview ? I didn’t want spoilers :'(

  13. a says:

    Great itw, thanks a lot !

  14. JC says:

    I’m fairly sure the Castle fandom will be completely unable to emotionally handle a Beckett goodbye letter. (In the good way.) Can’t wait for this episode!

  15. I love her answers, they are always large. And I love how she meets her character.
    She looks like a real shipper.
    The conversation with Alexis was necessary, I think. And I really hope to see her in Johanna’s dress (In Jim we trust – and Marlowe).
    Thank you for deleting some spoilers ;)
    I’m very excited to watch this episode and to watch how Stana is amazing on it.
    Thanks for the interview!

  16. I watch CASTLE mainly because of STANA….a class act; awesome and amazing talent!!!
    And even after CASTLE, I will follow her career and projects because of her excellent work….More power to you Ms.KATIC_____You’re MY BEST,!!

  17. K says:

    Stana is so well spoken I always love her interviews. Stana conveys so much with her face and no words. She’s always in the moment. Kate Beckett is my favorite character on castle.

  18. Kelsey Tape says:

    Reblogged this on Live. Laugh. Watch TV. and commented:
    I’m dying for tomorrow’s all-new episode of Castle. Until then, read this great interview with Stana Katic, who plays Det. Kate Beckett.

  19. Elena says:

    Stana Katic is such a class act and consistently gives insightful interviews. She is so committed to the role of Kate Beckett and knows this character so well. I am so glad that we have seen her put front and center more and more as the years have gone by. To me, she is the heart and soul of this show. Every member of the cast is wonderful and I love them all dearly, I really do, but for me Stana is the one who pulls it all together. “In the Belly of the Beast” is certain to be an outstanding episode and yet another reason why Stana Katic deserves to be recognized and nominated for an Emmy.

  20. Guesto says:

    I just hope they can give a decent explanation as why Beckett would ever be a suitable candidate for undercover work, because quite frankly it seems pretty ridiculous.

    It is not as if she has been in magazine articles, featured in the paper for her shooting, featured in the paper for her engagement to Castle or the simple fact she has been a homicide detective in New York for years and will have interacted with thousands of people who could recognise her.

    I mean really…

    • Shante says:

      I mean, really? That’s why it’s called fiction. You watch a show about a writer who has been following NY Detectives around for 5 years and in some of the most dangerous situations, and you can’t effing suspend your disbelief for ONE damn episode to allow the writers a chance to entertain us. Get off your own soap box.

      And to make it realistic… I don’t even read the newspaper, most magazines, and hardly ever watch the news, so forgive me if I don’t know every thing and everybody in my city.

      Do some fans hear themselves?

      If it’s that ridiculous, turn the dam* channel. Ugh.

      • Shipper says:

        It’s also ridiculous that we don’t see the characters use the bathroom, pass gas, or eat that often, either, but guess what? They do. HaHa! Some fans are crazy.

      • Jein says:

        Do you know what’s /more/ ridiculous? That these characters don’t EVER sleep? How dare they not explain how these characters can even function normally without sleeping for the past 6yrs! So contrived!

      • CARBONA says:

        Let me guess, you’re between 14 & 20 years old a huge Stana fan & you hate Nathan Fillion? Ugh!!

    • Shipper says:

      I forgot to mention….

      I love how you think criminals are reading engagement announcements. Because trust me. My brother doesn’t read the newspaper at all. He did some time in prison and all he talks about is the people who are getting engaged in my town lol…

      Every criminal in NY should know Beckett according to this fan. Whatever!

      I bet this is a poster from the ABC Board who do nothing but complain all the time about everything on the show and are never satisfied. Here’s hoping that board is shut down one day. Those people aren’t even close to being fans since nothing Marlowe and the cast do is good enough.

    • AfanofCastle says:

      You are right, and Gates should have thought about this for the sake of Beckett’s safety. I also felt this way when Beckett sent the boys to check out an abandoned warehouse by themselves with an arsonist on the loose during Under Fire. P.S. fans criticizing other fans for checking reality need a reality check themselves. It’s called free speech and this fandom has been nothing but nasty towards others who express disappointment. This season has had so many weak episodes due to the boring nature of the cases and predictable outcomes. But I forgot, I’m not a real fan because I continue to watch hoping for a better story. Plus I still support Stana Katic and hopefully good material will come her way outside this series. Boom, your welcome haters.

      • RBA says:

        Couldn’t agree with more… So far I can only say that of the 16 episodes that have aired I only enjoyed two.. The rest for the most part have been very week or very boring.

        • Sam says:

          I’ve enjoyed all 16 episodes, so Marlowe is still entertaining me. You can always turn the channel if all the episodes are boring and weak. He’s not forcing you to watch and freedom of speech doesn’t mean it’s ok to always be negative and nasty towards the show. You’re still watching, so you must enjoy something. A lot of the complaints i’ve read tend to be more selfish about what you want to see, how much and how long the kisses should be, wanting to see a sex scene/kissing, all the time or how you want the charactrers to behave and I must say i’m so glad none of you write for the show.

          RBA i’ve seen your comments before and you don’t even seem to like anything about Castle, so why even bother. Go watch another show.

          • RBA says:

            I always give a show a season before I turned them off. I did the same for Bones during its crappy season 6, and I turned off the show on season 7. Recently I came back to Bones because I always cared about the secondary characters and Hart managed to turn things around. All this season I been hoping for Marlowe to turn things around for the show, but each week I see the show not delivering. In fact I would characterize most episodes this season in which there has been hardly any memorable case (other than Disciple or NOF) as an example of the Castle crew just phoning it in…. The episodes have been mostly check the box type episodes with regards to Caskett and the wedding while the COTW is all but ignore.

          • Kim says:

            ^This! All of this. Thank you, Sam. You said it much better than I would have. I especially agree with your last paragraph. It’s getting ridiculous now. I’ve learned to just skip certain people’s comments because they complain about the same things over and over and over again. Life is too short to watch a TV show that you think is weak or boring. It’s simple: watch a different show. I don’t get people sometimes. But again, thank you. :)

          • Sam says:

            I disagree RBA, but to each their own. Castle is a better written series than Bones, imo. I watch both shows and even a weak episode of Castle is better than Bones these days.

            And who cares about Bones? I am discussing Castle. I don’t talk about all the other shows I watch when discussing the topic, which is Castle.

            Go watch Bones if Castle is so terrible. I think Castle consistently delivers and isn’t so terrible that this season is a trainwreck. I’m so glad the other millions who watch keep tuning in and don’t nitpick everything like some of the so-called fans in this fandom does.

            Season 6 is just as good as the other seasons and I don’t see anyone phoning in. Perhaps it’s your tastes that have changed. Ever thought of that? Maybe you need to look for something else to watch.

            And S6 of Castle is WAYYYYYY better than S6 of Bones. I don’t see Castle changing things soooooo much from the past to warrant such negativity towards it, but to each their own.

    • RBA says:

      Exactly…. This is just dumb. Does Marlowe not recall that Beckett’s face was splattered on all the NY papers when she was shot. Heck in most towns when a police officer is shot their face is all over the television…

      • Sam says:

        This is a weak argument. So all the criminals read the papers? Maybe. Gasp. They don’t know her. You pay more attention to the crimes than the cops involved in the story. And when she eas shot who’s to say they saw the paper?

        What is wrong with some of you? It’s tv. Not real life. Get over yourselves.

        And for all any of you know BECAUSE she’s been in the papers that’s why her cover is blown because someone recognizes her, but through all your bitching and complaining that never occured to you.

        I hate fans who nitpick everything.

        Why watch a show about a writer shadowing cops for 5 years and involved in a lot of life and death situations? A civilian would ever be allowed to do what Castle does. Wow. Some fans.

        • RBA says:

          It is call continuity, and it is something that has to be addressed. Ask yourself why would someone in the NYPD consider sending someone as undercover operative when they know that person has some notoriety (her engagement to a famous writer or the press coverage of her shooting). Any sane detective would know this and would not jeopardize the operation…

          IMO this episode is nothing more than a one of shot to give Stana something dramatic to do that will have no repercussions whatsoever going forward. If you think that is not the case, I’m still waiting for Marlowe to follow up why Kate reacted to the song the way she did in Disciple… That is right that scene has not been mention again, and I’m sure whatever trauma Kate goes through this week will be forgotten the following week….

          • Kim says:

            …and I’m sure that you should probably find another show to watch if this one isn’t entertaining you anymore. No need to wait a whole season and apparently torture yourself. I’m sure it’d be better for you and everyone else here. That way you won’t have to waste time commenting on every single article concerning the show about how weak and boring it is, or how much you hate it. So feel free to move on. No one is going to stop you.

          • Sam says:

            RBA. Seriously.

            This show has pretty decent continuity. It isn’t 24 or Alias. It brings details back later into the story, not immediately following an episode. The song could’ve simply been about the lyrics and not necessarily about how they reacted to the song. Maybe it is about their reactions, but it won’t be addressed at all until they deal with 3xK again, so again, your argument is weak.

            What is wrong with you?

            Suspend your disbelief or turn the channel. It’s simple.

            Who is to say all criminals read the papers? She’s engaged to a celeb, but he’s not Brad Pitt famous, so it’s possible they don’t recognize her.

            Why is this such a sticking point? It’s tv. Some things won’t make sense. There will be plot holes. Things won’t always be perfect, but if it’s bothering you SOOOOO much and the Castle writers are SOOOOO bad, then give up the show. Why bitch and moan week after week after week about everything bad with the show?

            You like 2 out of 16 episodes this season and think Bones is doing better than Castle these days, so turn to Bones.

            I don’t know why the thought hasn’t crossed your mind that someone WILL recognize Kate and her cover will be blown.

            Also, Gates told Kate it wasn’t homicide’s place on a narcotics bust and gave her an out, but Kate being Kate is up to any challenge.

            There’s a reason why Castle is being left out because you know he’d be against her going undercover.

            All I can say to you and other stuck on the newspaper/engagement announcement, is you guys are just nitpicking away and act like the show and other shows don’t require a suspension of disbelief, but since the show sucks to all of you, you just have to continue to rip it apart weekly. The sh!t gets old.

            I wish you and the 10 other posters at ABC that like to hear themselves complaim found another show to invest in. Your comments are hardly ever constructive. They’re destructive and runs people away. I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone complaining all the time about everything.

          • Sam says:

            I agree, Kim.

            It’s beyond ridiculous how RBA week after week complains about Castle and praises Bones. I watch both and trust me when I say Castle is no worse than that show for cases and the leading relationship. RBA states Hart turned Bones around, but i’ve yet to see Marlowe wreck his ship as badly as Hart did in S6 and Castle still has interesting cases, imo, and cases not so different than what we’re used to getting. I prefer cases back in the earlier seasons, but I still find this season to have some decent cases.

            When RBA and his ABC clique complain about what they want to see and Marlowe gives it to them, they just find something else to complain about. There’s no pleasing them, so I find myself putting a lot lf them on ignore. I rarely go there these days because of all the complaining.

            He’s one of the ring leaders there who trash the show week after week. And doesn’t like to give Marlowe credit for anything. When Marlowe does deliver what they want they say it’ because of damage control.

            How about maybe it was Marlowe’s plan all along?

            Not everyone thinks the show is terrible, but they do and think Marlowe only does good to respond to their complaints.

            Whatever. It’s amazing how Marlowe had the time to read all their complaints and fixes things because of them.

            How laughable.

          • Kim says:

            Sam, to be honest, I stopped watching Bones a few seasons ago. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I did watch one episode this season; the one when they finally took down Pelant. And I was reminded why I stopped watching. I don’t regret walking away from Bones. It’s allowed me to find other shows I like better.


            I know taste is subjective and everyone is allowed to have an opinion and express it. I just fail to understand why someone would continue to watch a show when they clearly don’t like anything at all about it and then comment on every article regarding the show about how much they hate it. It just seems like such a waste of everyone’s time. There has to be something better to watch out there for them. And, like you said, the criticism is anything but constructive. It’s just complaining. Have I loved every single thing about Castle? No. Some plot lines and characters have irked me. But I love far more about the show than I’ve disliked. So, yes, share your opinions. But if you’re sharing the same opinion (that you hate the show and everything about it) over and over and over again, then you aren’t doing yourself or anyone else any favors. Maybe it’s time to move on and let go of the things you hate about the show and find something you love. Life is too short for this kind of thing. Choose to be happy. It’s not that difficult of a choice to make.

          • Sam says:

            I agree, Kim. That’s why I mentioned every show has flaws, but like you, I just don’t understand all the negativity. You’d think this was the worse show ever. I don’t get it. I am all for constructive criticism, but that isn’t what I see when I read some of the comments on TvLine re: Castle.

            As for Bones I continue to watch it, but it’s not as good as it used to be and still has some good moments, but when I see RBA always going on and on and on about it, it baffles me how he thinks Bones is sooooo good and Castle is sooo terrible, but again, he has a right to his opinion. I just wish he’d give up Castle instead of constantly complaining about everything all the time. I doubt Marlowe will ever turn the show around for him and the others ABC. Nothing seems to satisfy some of them. I don’t get it, but oh well.

          • Kim says:

            From the one episode of Bones that I watched, I agree that Castle is better. But that’s personal preference. I just think it’s pretty easy to see that it might be time to walk away from a show when we’re sixteen episodes into the season and you’ve only liked two of them. I doubt the show it going change trajectory enough to make certain viewers happy. So why torture themselves? Especially when they complain about the show week after week and can’t find one single thing they like about it. I mean, to each their own. I just don’t get it. And like you, I would prefer those that can’t find anything about they show they like to find something they can like and move on to commenting about their new show. I’m all about discussing the show in a constructive manner. I won’t agree with everyone and not everyone will agree with me. Personal preference. I just try to skip over the commenters who constantly complain about the show (without offering anything constructive or being able to say they liked one thing) week after week. It doesn’t always happen, as evidenced by this evening, but I do try. It can be volatile around here at times. Mostly, I try to stay away. But there are a few people who comment on this site that I know I can constructively discuss the show with. So I pop on here for them, generally. Castle and Bones are two different shows and they should be treated as such. All shows have minute similarities. It happens in a competitive market. And all shows have flaws. Nothing is perfect. But flaws and all, I still love Castle. It’s still entertaining to me. But if it’s not to some viewers, if they can’t find something about the show they like or enjoy (even if it’s just one thing), then maybe they should walk away. I don’t understand hanging on to something you don’t like. But again, to each their own.

          • RBA says:

            Two years ago when people were beating up on Marlowe and Castle at the ABC board, I was there defending the show and Marlowe. What I realized this year is that the critics from two years ago were right and that Marlowe is a one trick pony.

            He can’t do character development without putting the life of a character at risk, and so far this season we have had Castle, Epso, Ryan’s life on the line. Marlowe also can not tell a complex story involving the whole cast. It is why this years experiment with an ensemble show has failed. The secondary characters lack development and depth, so Castle fans are not invested in stories about Alexis, Espo, or Ryan. In most of his story telling he focuses on one character and one story per episode, and he excludes the rest as though they do not exist. This episode will be about Beckett, and I will not be surprise that when the next episode comes in there will be no mention of the events that transpire on this episode. It is as thought those events did not occur. What more than likely will happen is that next week he will focus on the next character and exclude following up on what Beckett went through and how did that affect Castle.

            There is no complexity in the story, and everything that is being done this season is just a fill the box on a checklist of things to do for the wedding.

            Season 6 is more than likely the last season I watched this show because as it stands now I do not believe Marlowe has any more to tell. What I do expect is that next season the apologist will be screaming for the Caskett baby, and next season will be a season of do they or wont they have a baby…

          • Kim says:

            RBA, you’re also a one-trick pony. You’ve said all of this before numerous times. Nothing that you’ve posted here is any news to anyone else. You’ve expressed the same issues you have with the show over and over again. It’s time to move on. You’ve more than made your point. Find another show and choose to be happy. There is clearly nothing you like about this show and it doesn’t look like that is going to change. So stop punishing yourself and everyone else here and move on. You won’t regret it. And neither will anyone else. Seriously, enough is enough already.

          • Sam says:

            I agree, Kim.

            This RBA person clearly hates the show and why waste all your time and energy ranting about what the problems are on this show?Go find another show to watch and ruin all discussion by repeatedly barking about what is wrong with it.

            Marlowe is far from a one-trick pony. It’s his show. He’s not forcing any of us to watch.

          • Kim says:

            Sam, it’s like talking to a wall. I can’t. I need to go and choose to be happy by watching Jared Leto’s Oscar acceptance speech again. Or google unicorns and rainbows. Because this is seriously frustrating me to no end. I feel like an after school PSA because I’ve said “just walk away” so many times. Just say no to things that don’t make you happy. Sam, it’s been great talking with you. Hopefully, I’ll see you around here again. Have a wonderful week! :)

          • RBA says:


            Right… I hate the show… If you only knew. You can probably go to the Bones forums and search my posts about Castle on those forums urging Bones fans to watch Castle as early as season 1. Heck you can go to the Delphi’s The Lab forum and read the Castle thread and read me defending the show like you are doing now.

            What happen for me is that the finale arc of season 5 and the opening arc this season caused me to question Marlowe’s ability to do right by the show. As the season has progressed I have only grown more cynical on Marlowe’s ability to do right by the characters he created.

            This season began with Kate’s trip to DC taking a job she never expressed an interest in, and we were told by Marlowe and Stana that the reason she did was that it was her dream job and it was something a modern woman would do. Quickly though the sojourn to DC became a mistake so much so that Kate nor anyone else has ever mention the events of DC and what led her to take that job. That was followed by a foolish attempt to create drama by taking a beloved character who was shown to be wise beyond her years and hooking her up with Jar Jar Binks. To what end. Was Pi not a mistake? Was not turning Alexis to a brat a mistake? What of Castle and Beckett? For eight weeks nothing much happens to develop the relationship, and it got to such a point that people began to wonder if the lack of intimacy in the show was due to Nathan and Stana not getting alone. Why did Marlowe believe that the relationship of this newly engage couple became so unbelievable for some that they began to wonder if the leading actors hated each other. It shouldn’t have happen. Marlowe then says that this season he wants to have a more ensemble show. What does that mean? I seen ensemble shows, but I never seen one where the story of one of the secondary characters takes such precedence that it excludes the other characters on the show.

            Clearly I have issues with the show this season, and it is because I seen the show excel that it pisses me off when I see the show meandering through a season…

          • Kim says:

            RBA, I never said that you’ve always hated the show. My point is that you clearly don’t like it now. Especially when you come on here every week after every episode and after every article written about the show, to regurgitate the same complaints. You’ve repeated yourself numerous times in this one comment thread alone. When you’ve only liked two episodes out of sixteen that you found boring and weak, I don’t think it’s a leap to see that you are no longer enjoying the show. it doesn’t matter if you did two seasons ago, or three seasons ago. You don’t like it now. So why torture yourself by watching? You want to give it a whole season, be my guest. It’s unnecessary, considering everything you’ve stated about why you don’t like the show. You could find another, better show to watch and discuss that show with other fans on other forums. You’d be happier, and people here wouldn’t have to skip over your regurgitated comments all of the time. To be honest, I read the first sentence of the comment you posted before mine and that was it. Because I knew what you were going to say. Because you feel the need to keep saying it ad nauseum. I’m all about having an opinion. It just gets old when it’s the exact same opinion over and over and over again. The only person you have to blame for not liking the show is you, since you’re still watching it even though you’re far from enjoying it anymore. Maybe your tastes had changed and you need something new. I encourage you to let go of the things you hate and find the things you love. I think you’ll be a much happier person if you do. This is all I’m going to say on the matter. I’m done discussing this with you and will refrain from engaging in any other discussion with you. It’s not worth my time or effort. I’m sure you’ll have more of the same old complaints to say. Just don’t expect me to waste any more of time with them. See? This is what walking away from something that is no longer enjoyable looks like. You should try it sometime.

          • JU57M3 says:

            Wow. This poster RBA really annoys me. Just reading what he posted, and I quote:
            “What happen for me is that the finale arc of season 5 and the opening arc this season caused me to question Marlowe’s ability to do right by the show. As the season has progressed I have only grown more cynical on Marlowe’s ability to do right by the characters he created.”
            Reminds me of those people… they usually say the following about anyone undertaking something:
            (1) Are you sure? Lots of competition. Who knows. It´s difficult. Has been done before. Why risk it. Then, when the undertaker starts having success, (2) they keep telling that creator HOW to run his show and finally, when the undertaker makes his way, these kind of folks end up saying (3) I always knew he was a genious… (right now, RBA is at this point with this Bones creator).
            I used to go to the abc forum. Not anymore, just because of this bones addict and some others who just keep complaining in a destructive manner week after week.
            RBA should write and produce and bring up his own show (if he thinks he can do it so much better) instead of bashing Marlowe all the time.
            I love Castle and do NOT care about Bones one bit.
            I´m very excited about the eppi tonight.

          • Sam says:

            Thanks Ju57M3 for your comments about RBA.

            Fans like him reminds me of the sports fans who only support their team when they’re winning, but not when they’re losing. Fairweather fans. Those are some of the worst.

          • RBA says:

            Fairweather fans? that is a laugh… I been a fan since day one, and I defended the show and Marlowe in previous seasons when I am sure many of you newbies didn’t even now what Castle was. Heck I was even a member of Lisa Caputo’s Castle forum, and if you know anything about the Castle fandom you know Lisa is one of the biggest Castle apologists. If I been overtly critical is that I see a showrunner who is being lazy in the way he is approaching the story telling and being gimmicky. It is because I saw great potential on this show in previous seasons that it annoys me when the product is putting out seems like something quickly put together without any thought as to how it effects the characters or the overall continuity. Frankly it is fans like you who do not demand or expect the show to continue to deliver to its potential which ultimately causes the producers to continue to produce low quality product.

            Castle in its previous four season’s and even on its fifth season produced some great television, but what has aired lately has been nothing more than pandering to the shipper community and the stanics.

            Martha, Alexis, Lanie, Ryan, and Espo have been sideline that there have been too many episodes this season where you don’t see them.

            Some of the best Castle material happen when you saw Castle, Alexis, and Martha together as a family, and Marlowe could have easily incorporated Kate to those scenes. Instead entire episodes have aired where neither Alexis or Martha is there to share with Castle and his fiance a touching moment.

            What of Gates or Lanie? Where have they been? What has happen to the Coroner’s scenes with Lanie or the talks between Lanie and Kate. Lanie for all intents makes Cameo’s. The same holds true for Gates.

            Where do you live the Espo.character whose only lines are sometime “Yo Castle” or “Yo Beckett”. What do you know of him or his background? I’m guessing you don’t care as long as you have a Bad Ass Beckett or some scene having to do with the wedding.

            Character development is what is missing, and it is something Andrew has always promised to do but fails to do each time. Each year he promises to peel the Castle onion, but when has he done that?

            The only character that apparently he has time for is Beckett, and for some of you that is enough. For me, however, I would like to see depth added to all the characters.

          • JU57M3 says:

            RBA… Ok .. Show the world you can do better.

            Don’t like, agree with the character development? Turn off your tv. Read a book. Write your own characters. Take a walk. Bake a cake. Sing a song. Do something else.

            But all this complaining? What for?

      • JU57M3 says:

        Well, Sam, thanks. This RecoveredBonesAddict (RBA) is so entrenched with his wisdom about how things should be done. He knows so much about continuity and about realism and humor and lack thereof, that I really just recommend him to write his own show (which of course he will never do).

        Good, serious criticism is something different.

  21. Phoebe says:

    Matt, you little sneak… I see what you did there asking about a “different” dress and also about the wedding actually happening. ;) Thank you for this interview, it was great!

  22. Teri says:

    Great questions and as always, thanks for anything. Stana. She resonates the love of her character, Beckett, and that is why so many people adore Stana. I am truly mesmerized by not only her acting talents, but by her personality and the way she treats others. You never hear a bad word about Stana because she is just so genuine, real, and Authentic. I hope ABC takes notice of all things Stana and all things Castle. They have a real gem in both of these. I cannot wait to see how the Caskett journey continues to unfold

  23. Caskett Crazy says:

    Love, Love, Love Stana. She is so insightful about her character. I also love that she is the ultimate Caskett shipper. I was hoping that they would be so affected by what happens to Beckett that they would just call in a favor from Castle’s friend the mayor and take everyone to the swings in the park for a impromptu ceremony there. No dress, no song, and the perfect venue. Sigh, I guess not. But I can’t wait for the episode tomorrow.

  24. Jein says:

    Good questions, Matt! Love how you tried to ask about another dress and whether the wedding out actually happen — questions fans are actually wanting answers to! And as always, it’s always been a great pleasure to read Stana’s interviews. She’s so eloquent and it shows how much love/respect she has for the show, her co-workers, and especially her character Beckett.

  25. Heat says:

    Awww. Really wished I skipped the “letter” details. Now I’m partly spoiled. Boo. But I’m still extremely excited for this. Always love these dramatic episodes that focus on Beckett. Also, Stana’s interviews are always the best. They’re really insightful.

  26. S says:

    A wonderful interview, but then again all Stana interviews are. She carries herself so well, soft spoken and well mannered, and keeps her private life private. Respect that about her. This episode looks phenomenal, and Stana blows me away with the dramatic scenes. Understand we wont be getting much caskett, but im completely fine with Beckett front and centre. Love the character and love Stana’s portrayal of such a complex leading lady. Also she has great insights on Alexis and Kates relationship and character. Its nice that she recognizes Meredith as an amazing mom. May not be entirely true, lol, but hey she recognizes that mother daughter relationship, and even if it isnt perfect, its still important. Beautifully said Stana!

    Btw she looked fantastic at the Spirit Awards with her mom. Best of luck to her and her bf/husband…they look lovely together.

  27. Curious as to why no one has reacted to the “*** scene” comment. I mean it’s not like it’s something fan have been waiting for for years or anything…

    • sophiakhan6 says:

      I think its because Stana was just joking, hence the laughs at the end of the sentence. I think she was just trying to equivocate how beautiful and real that letter scene is, that its as great or even better than a passionate sex scene. And as well, those who screened the ep already mentioned how casket light the episode is and that they were no such romantic moments.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      ‘Twas not meant literally.

  28. Lisa says:

    And I would bet Castle never sees the letter. It will be for our benefit only. Honestly I am ok with that.

  29. Just one thing says:

    Great interview, as always. Thanks for the Castle coverage, Matt & TVLine.
    After watching what will likely be one of the highest rated Oscars in a while, where ABC chose to promote The Goldbergs and Mixology over Castle, I’m kind of counting the days for when I can see Katic on another network.
    I appreciate that she likes to play, explore and give 100%. And I appreciate that she has carried more than her share of the screen time weight the last few episodes. (If this episode pans out like 6×15 and 6×16, she’ll be in every scene but two or three.) But this glaring lack of support from the network is just too annoying to ignore.
    You’re going to release a screener, but not air a promo during ANY of the Oscars program? You’re going to release sneak peeks in the middle of the evening?
    Your twitter and FB accounts for the show are going to direct casual viewers to the wrong date? After two weak episodes opposite the Olympics and The Blacklist, you’re going to lead into this big, dark episodes with one of the most critically panned series since “Work It?”
    It’s getting to the point where I wonder why they even bother.

    • Kim says:

      JOT- I’m going to try to tone down the snark. Not that any of it would be aimed at you. I agree completely with everything you said. I’ve just been going back and forth with another commenter further up in the thread and my frustration level is rising. Just give me a moment to appreciate the wonder that is Jared Leto before I really comment.


      Ok, I’m better now. I believe ABC did the same thing last year during the Oscars. Their lack of promoting Castle is appalling. And it shows that Castle is kind of “The Little Show That Could” since ABC is reporting that this is the best season to date and they barely promote it at all. The whole cast is stellar. I’d watch them in pretty much anything. Especially Nathan and Stana. And it really is a bit of a slap in the face to not only the actors, but to everyone involved with the show to not give it the attention it deserves. I’ve read tweets from the writers and crew members that have shown their distaste with ABC over how they promote Castle. It’s ridiculous. I loved the last two episodes, but the ratings were definitely down. Clearly the Olympics played a role in that, but the lack of support from ABC also figures in. This episode does promise to be big, intense, and dark. And I am totally looking forward to it. But casual viewers might miss it since ABC hasn’t really done anything to promote it. Screeners are great. I love getting some tidbits about the episodes. But not every viewer goes on social media or entertainment websites. I really just don’t get it. It looks like it’s going to be a great episode (assuming viewers can suspend a molecule of disbelief here and there), and I’m sure Stana will knock it out of the park.

      • Just one thing says:

        Yes. Based on what I’ve seen this weekend, the screeners will likely have zero ROI in terms of capturing new or super casual viewers, who might not otherwise give Castle a shot. I’m 99.9% certain that the only viewers who give a damn about Castle screeners are people who were already going to watch the show in the first place.
        Considering 90% of the Oscar nominated films were dark dramas, this was absolutely the perfect time to showcase their drama airing tomorrow. Instead, they decided to make a faux-dramatic promo for The Goldbergs, promote an already demo-strong Scandal, promote BEYOND D-O-freaking-A Mind Games. They pretty much just stopped short of airing a promo for The Blacklist.
        I’m personally pretty pissed, so I can only imagine how those actually involved with the show must feel. Or maybe they’ve come to terms with it. Like I said, counting the days. I’ll continue to be entertained by Castle, and I’ll always root for it. But the last few days have been some Grade-A foooockery to the nth degree over at ABC.
        But at least I now have below zero expectations for how the eventual wedding episode will be promoted and executed. That’s probably best.

    • Carla Krae says:

      ABC is going to promote their new shows because those shows need eyeballs. Castle is in its 6th season with a pretty stable about of viewers overall. It goes without heavy promo because people aren’t know about it. That’s the difference – the Castle fandom tunes in without ABC’s intervention.

      • Just one thing says:

        I understand promoting Resurrection, but like I said Mind Games is DOA, as is Mixology. As for vets, they promoted their already popular Scandal multiple times, Modern Family, Revenge and OUAT. These are all shows that have existing campaigns on the network throughout the week. Castle can barely get promos on Thursdays.
        Promoting the show is one of the few ways the network can publicly validate the cast and crew’s hard work. It basically says, “We like what you did here and we want viewers to want to see it.”
        I’ve never believer ABC was sabotaging Castle, but it doesn’t look pretty. There’s the usual taking for granted treatment they’ve gotten for three years, and then there’s whatever ths last few days have been.

    • frb says:

      Agreed. why the lack of adequate promotion. It’s becoming obvious. Think I’ll inquire to the suits at ABC. They got lucky with the casting of Stana. Yet they are not embracing that luck. What’s up? The entire cast, producers, crew members deserve more. And to add insult to injury, they decided to air ITBOTB after that foolishness, Mixology.

  30. Apples says:

    I don’t blame ABC for promoting their new shows over a sixth season show with a steady audience (which is building from it’s success in syndication), tbf.

    • Mary says:

      For promoting NEW shows no, I don´t blame them…BUT for promoting Scandal again? That I blame, particulary because that show doesn´t even air the day after the Oscars!

  31. lkh says:

    Is it the weather? has winter been here too long? folks seem a little tense to me…

    btw, those fans who want Beckett to wear her engagement ring to work, raise your hands or just step forward… we’ll be revisiting this after the episode airs.

  32. Kiki says:

    How this turned to be a fight between Bones and Castle fans?! But, okay! I watch both shows and I find Castle is better written show and have to say a show with a better actors. David is hotter than Nathan but let’s face it Nate’s acting is a way better than David’s. Stana on the other hand is even cuter AND brings better acting than Emily.
    When Castle started I admit I’ve said – I don’t wanna watch a lame copy of Bones. Still regret for what I’ve said. Yes it has two lead characters in love, yes it’s dramedy, yes it’s procedural. But guess what! Bones is not the first show with all these things you think Castle has copied.
    For me Castle is the show with a soul and to be honest the only reason I continued to watch Bones after 5×16 is that I like to finish what I start. Little Christine is the only reason I can’t see Booth and Bones as brother and sister to eah other.
    Castle’s writers haven’t miss the oportunity at the and of the season 4. This show is not going to have 10 seasons but at least there is gonna be seven or eight strong seasons without a lame stories!
    Stana is going to nailed this episode as she always do! Can’t wait to see it!

  33. Rich Abey says:

    So excited for this episode! And Matt we can’t thank you enough for another exclusive Stana Katic interview, especially one focusing on her beloved character Kate Beckett. Judging by previous ‘dark’ Castle episodes, we can expect a roller coaster ride of emotions for sure & given that all the major players BTS at Castle are involved, we can expect a high quality ride too. Knockout, Knockdown, Countdown, Always, etc to name a few were some of the ‘darkest’ but also some of the highest quality episodes to date.

  34. Mia says:

    So Andrew Marlowe penned it and Rob Bowman directed – nice! So stoked about this episode for many reasons – the intensity of the promo and now the romantic moments you mentioned are definitely two biggies. Thanks, Matt.

  35. Dianne says:

    Can’t wait to watch this episode tonight. I love dark episodes that are focused on Beckett. Great interview!

  36. JU57M3 says:

    Wow. This poster RBA really annoys me. Just reading what he posted, and I quote:

    “What happen for me is that the finale arc of season 5 and the opening arc this season caused me to question Marlowe’s ability to do right by the show. As the season has progressed I have only grown more cynical on Marlowe’s ability to do right by the characters he created.”

    Reminds me of those people… they usually say the following about anyone undertaking something:

    (1) Are you sure? Lots of competition. Who knows. It´s difficult. Has been done before. Why risk it. Then, when the undertaker starts having success, (2) they keep telling that creator HOW to run his show and finally, when the undertaker makes his way, these kind of folks end up saying (3) I always knew he was a genious… (right now, RBA is at this point with this Bones creator).

    I used to go to the abc forum. Not anymore, just because of this bones addict and some others who just keep complaining in a destructive manner week after week.

    RBA should write and produce and bring up his own show (if he thinks he can do it so much better) instead of bashing Marlowe all the time.

    I love Castle and do NOT care about Bones one bit.

    I´m very excited about the eppi tonight.

  37. lauralie says:

    Hi everyone…. I’m french from Paris… I don’t like thrillers shows except Castle !!! I would love more romance love and funny jokes in the dialogue…
    Stana is so amazing and always good looking !!!

  38. karkar says:

    How could anyone not enjoy CASTLE? Why complain? Just sit back and enjoy the show. It’s fun to put in your 2 cents, but why be so critical? I so enjoy Nathan and Stana’s acting,they amaze me. Keep the episodes coming Mr. Marlowe!

  39. mary says:

    Well done Rob Bowman! His episodes are always special and this time was no exception. Stana did a wonderful job. I was impressed when I read that she didn’t want stunt double for waterboarding scenes, gotta love her work ethic. Hopefully, when Castle ends next year she’ll find a good role on some cable show where she’ll have good writers behind her. She’s grown so much as an actress and you can tell she loves playing Beckett but sometimes that’s not enough. Script for this episode was bad and I’m not suprised Marlowe wrote it.

  40. Dusty says:

    What is in the wind? That last statement from Stana in the interview could be viewed as having a double meaning… interesting, interesting indeed!?! I am not going to put a spoiler into play, but I have batted very close to 90% for six years. All I can say, is go for it! I will have my popcorn ready.

  41. Rick says:

    RBA has some good points in all his negativity. The end of S5 and the beginning of S6 in DC were low points for me, but I have enjoyed the rest of the season. If I only liked 2 out of 16 shows, I would just watch some thing else and certainly not bother reading or responding on tvline. Of course people may have different things they like or don’t like about the show I certainly do. The Caskett relationships comes across as more real then any other show I am aware of. I watched Bones for 5 seasons, but could never be convinced that there was any thing real in their relationship or that there was a sexual nature to it. So I stopped watching it since I no longer believed in the plots and story line.
    I can’t believe that Beckett would be sent into the undercover role on the latest show. The Cop in charge should have been demoted for what was a poorly thought out and highly risky attempted sting. Whether or not criminals read newspapers or magazines their girlfriends certainly do and Beckett would have had a strong chance of being recognized.
    However, the beginning and the letter certainly were strong emotive parts of the strengthening Caskett relationship.
    By the way ABC pushing a show seems to be the kiss of death. If they leave Castle along we might even get a season 8.

  42. I have no idea who these “positive” folks are, but after Season 8, episodes 1-3, trusts between Castle and Beckett is lost ( or certainly should be: would they be happy if their wife left home or only vague reasons, ran around with another guy at night? I think not.
    You are losing the show to writers who have to be “Libbers”. with no morals available that common folks can relate to. Might as well call the show “Beckett” , Castle has turned out to be a bumbling guy in “heat”!