Which Grey's Doc Griped? Who Had the Best CW Tats? Mixology's Worst Shot? And More Qs!

House of CardsWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Teen Wolf, How I Met Your Mother, Arrow and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Spoiler alert for House of Cards Season 2, Episode 9: After listening to Freddy describe in graphic detail the inhumane (and illegal) methods he uses to procure his ribs, did anyone really shed a tear when his BBQ was shuttered?

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2 | Why on earth did Downton Abbey spend all season building up the Charles/Mary/Tony love triangle, only to backburner it in the finale?

3 | We’re with The Walking Dead’s Rick — how nice (and kinda bittersweet) was it to hear Carl laughing with Michonne over breakfast?

4 | Does Shameless even need Frank as an antagonist anymore? He’s barely even conscious this season!

5 | On a scale of Very to Yikes, how delusional did Tonya Harding sound during NBC’s Nancy and Tonya special?

How I Met Your Mother6 | Why did How I Met Your Mother‘s Lily look older in 2020 than when she was sending her son off to college in 2030? And was that Barney-and-Robin-have-a-kid bait-and-switch just cruel? Also, did you think maybe it was going to be the story of how Robin became a bullfighter?

7 | Is Teen Wolf‘s Ms. Morrell some kind of omnipotent being? She went from guidance counselor to French teacher to working at an insane asylum — all jobs that happened to connect directly to the core characters. Bonus Q: How did she survive her encounter with the evil Alphas last season? The last time we saw her, they were literally impaling her.

8 | How did The Following‘s Joe go from drugged-into-unconsciousness to full alertness with just one whiff of Emma’s homemade smelling salts? And Max and Mike are totally going to hook up this season, aren’t they?

9 | How did Dallas‘ Christopher grow a beard during the “12 hours later” time jump? And what are the odds that at this very (OK, any) instant, John Ross and Emma are somewhere doing the horizontal two-step? Come up for air, kids!

10 | Considering the dress that got Kelly Mantle eliminated from RuPaul’s Drag Race, should we give up saying that “everything’s better with bacon”?

11 | How do we feel about Christina Grimmie — an artist with almost 2.5 million YouTube subscribers, 393,000 Twitter followers and a recent gig opening for Selena Gomez — competing on Season 6 of The Voice?

The Originals The Vampire Diaries12 | Who wins when it comes to magical tattoo shirtlessness: The Originals or The Vampire Diaries? And sorry, “witch bitches,” but can we get Davina back instead?

13 | We get that Supernatural‘s Sam is upset with Dean, but slamming his door? Really?

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14 | Whether or not you loved or hated Rachel and Santana’s sudden and incredibly nasty feud on Glee, didn’t both Lea Michele and Naya Rivera make the flood of toxicity and bad feelings absolutely palpable? And speaking of the NYC-based arcs, can we make Adam Lambert a permanent part of the cast going forward?

15 | What was more hilariously wrong on this week’s New Girl: The Abby-Schmidt kitchen-counter hog-tying experience (pictured) or Abby “giving Schmidt a special” at the dinner table?

New Girl16 | Which of you Arrow fans caught the Batman nod, in that William Tockman suffers from MacGregor’s Syndrome, which also famously afflicted Mr. Freeze’s wife?

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17 | Despite all the talk of a Modern Family “slump,” wasn’t this week’s “The Feud” — with Claire’s lice crisis, Gloria’s skin outbreak and Jay and Phil’s bond over their mutual contempt for Gil Thorpe (and his dad) — on par with the show’s all-time funniest installments?

18 | How many of you gave up on Mixology after the writers dropped in a rape joke three minutes in? Or was it the female character cooing, “If I talked like that to Don Draper, he would smack me in the mouth — that is a man” at the 12-minute mark? Leave your deal-breaker moment in the comments!

19 | Why did American Idol opens its Season 13 finals with its five absolute worst performances? Was there no one on the production staff who thought viewers might get fed up and tune out after not hearing a single solid contestant for almost 45 minutes?

20 | Can Nashville‘s Avery, Gunnar and Zoe please form a band ASAP? And is there any way that Scarlett and Liam hooking up won’t end in complete disaster?

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21 | Where do you currently stand on Scandal‘s Quinn, now that she has added child abduction to her resume?TESSA FERRER, JERRIKA HINTON

22 | Did Grey’s Anatomy residents Stephanie (jilted by Jackson) and Leah (eager to see the hospital socked with a lawsuit) suddenly become 10 percent more interesting? Also, wasn’t Meredith a little too cool with the fact that her husband has been secretly providing financial support for a disabled high school classmate for the entire length of their marriage and then some? Bonus: Poll!

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23 | Do you miss the narration during Reign‘s opening sequence? And which forces conspired to get rid of it? (Our guess: forces of the heart.)

24 | Big Bang Theory‘s TV-remote magic wand: Organically integrated geek gadget or slightly conspicuous promotion for a Warner Bros. product?

25 | Can someone please create a Kickstarter campaign to get Late Night With Seth Meyers some decent furniture? (Or furniture period?)

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kim says:

    They aren’t interns anymore, they are residents on Grey’s.

  2. D. says:

    I miss Davina too. I really hope they bring her back permanently.

  3. vdofan says:

    #22 I think that because of Jackson’s immediate thoughts that it’s Stephanie and about what happened, that that is the least likely scenario to play out. I was leaning toward Shane just because of Cristina’s talk with him. “You’ve made some bad choices, start making good ones” or something along those lines…

    I’ll admit, I FFW’d through the Stephanie/Leah scene so if Leah commented about suing the hospital, I didn’t see it. I guess Leah could go after Arizona for their little fling, and then Arizona’s treatment of her afterward…

    • Julie says:

      I despise Leah.

    • SharksFan says:

      Leah initiated her affair and now she wants to play victim? Stephanie, too, willingly slept with Jackson knowing deep down he loved April and Shane deserves all he has coming. Leah’s self-righteous “oh we’re such victims” whine made me laugh.

  4. Meredith says:

    I think Meredith was really cold hearted when Derek told her about Michael, she could show some empathy or even being mad would be better, she just didn’t care at all about what her husband was saying.

  5. Melanie says:

    I think that 3 different residents filed the suit! Leah, Stephanie, and Ross

  6. Allison says:

    6. I totally had the same thought about Lily on HIMYM. I also had the thought that Ted and the mother hadn’t aged at all and they had two small children- putting it at 2020ish and that was the same year that Lily and Marshall looked “middle aged”.
    25. I definitely agree that Seth Meyers needs to do some work on that set….
    18. I didn’t give up on Mixology actually. While joking about rape is completely inappropriate, it is completely keeping in character with how they wrote the guy that said it. And the Mad Men comment was pretty spot-on as well. I did think it was disjointed, but that seems to be the premise…. the whole season or however long they get is spread out over one night.

    • jc says:

      I can understand the mother not aging as much, she is 6 years younger than Ted. But yeah, in 2020, Ted, Lily and Marshall would all be 42. Ted looked like he was still mid 30s, while lily and marshal looked closer to their 50s. Running for office will certainly age a person more drastically, but come on make-up department. You’re just as bad as whomever decided on the age makeup for the Harry Potter characters in the epilogue….

  7. Emma says:

    #11 – I had never heard of her before so I guess it depends on whether or not all of her followers tune in to The Voice and actually vote. She’s talented, unlike the idol finalists, so I have no problem with it.

  8. Anna says:

    YES PLEASE, I need a Avery, Gunnar and Zoe band – I’ve needed it for weeks now! We should totally think about a name though. Maybe “Scarlett’s Ex’s”. Or something.
    Also, I’d pay money for Seth Meyers to get some furniture. He really needs some, the studio looks so sad.

  9. Suz says:

    I want to know how Derek went from saying he was a geeky saxophone playing marching band member in season 2 to being a hockey player in high school. I thought he didn’t really changed until college.

  10. Tom Charles says:

    6 | Why did How I Met Your Mother‘s Lily look older in 2020 than when she was sending her son off to college in 2030? And was that Barney-and-Robin-have-a-kid bait-and-switch just cruel? Also, did you think maybe it was going to be the story of how Robin became a bullfighter?
    Campaigns are stressful. Look what happened to Marshall.
    17 | Despite all the talk of a Modern Family “slump,” wasn’t this week’s “The Feud” — with Claire’s lice crisis, Gloria’s skin outbreak and Jay and Phil’s bond over their mutual contempt for Gil Thorpe (and his dad) — on par with the show’s all-time funniest installments?
    It had its moments sure but I continue to fail to see how it’s the best comedy on TV. It’s got a great cast and some decent writers sure, but really, what does it do that’s so original/outrageous?
    18 | How many of you gave up on Mixology after the writers dropped in a rape joke three minutes in? Or was it the female character cooing, “If I talked like that to Don Draper, he would smack me in the mouth — that is a man” at the 12-minute mark? Leave your deal-breaker moment in the comments!
    Not really knowing anyone but the girl that played Sugar on Glee was a part of it, and there’s also a certain je ne sais quoi as to not being thrilled about the setting.

    • Jon says:

      It doesn’t have to be original to be the best, all the great sitcoms borrow from one another, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. To me its the best one on tV.

  11. sarah says:

    12)Hottie Daniel Gilles hands down! Yes I too want Davina back.
    17)Modern Family was very funny.
    20)My prediction for Nashville by seasons end is they will become the Lady A type band and Rayna will sign them to her label. Juliette too. I also predict that Liam and Scarlett will end badly and she will lose her recording contract. They will all move forward and she will move backwards.
    22)I am still not a fan of any of the interns on Grey’s except for Jo. I think it was Stephanie but the talk of Leah being the one may be true.

  12. ibjbyron says:

    I think Seth’s set is purposefully small and cheap-looking for two reasons: 1 – in homage to Dave’s set when the show started, and; 2 – as contrast to Jimmy’s lavish and expensive-looking new set. Maybe?

  13. Jon says:

    #25 Somewhat related: Can someone please get Jimmy Fallon new curtains for his opening monologue instead of that old man looking shades of blue gray thing?

  14. knd says:

    #4 – Frank needs to go. They’ve completely exhausted all storylines for him. This season he’s just gross.

  15. CJ says:

    About Christina Grimmie and The Voice:

    She is a lovely, talented girl. And she is far from the first contestant on that show to already have a sizeable following. It seems to be almost a rule on The Voice that the contestants have previously been signed to a label or have enjoyed some measure of success, so I see no reason to single her out for that.

  16. notyourmama says:

    The Seth Myers set reminds me of the old Church Lady skits from SNL.

    Leah has got to go. The stupid “I am so intense I’m either in love or ready to sue” act is the worst. I’d rather see Dead Denny than watch any more of her.

  17. I think it was Shane that filed the complaint on Grey’s. It would be totally in keeping with the selfish nature of his character. He’s always been after whatever gave him a leg up, regardless of who he hurt. It’s why Christina was attracted to him. He’s just like her.

  18. Amy says:

    #20: They DID form a band. At the end of the episode Gunnar, and Zoe, ask Avery if he’d like to do it more often and Avery says something like ‘like form/be a band’? Yup, they’re in a band together! And boy do we like it.
    And just when you thought Scarlett couldn’t get any worse, she did. Blegh. I used to love Scarlett, but now I wouldn’t even care if they killed her of. Sorry Clare Bowen, really love you though. I really hope this thing with Liam, which is definitely heading for disaster, is a wake-up call for her.

    • MiaB says:

      Their band is awesome. And even though I’ve never been a Scarlett fan (I always thought she was too whiny and whimpy), I felt for her looking in that window and seeing her uncle performing with all the people she feels like stabbed her in the back.

  19. Liza says:

    Jeremy is a fine young man on TVD, but Elijah on The Originals? OMG! Hands down, the winner.

  20. Azerty says:

    16 Arrow: I did’nt get that nod, but they were talking about a Korde device (or something). Do you think it was a nod to Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle?

    24 Big Bang Theory: I don’t know, but I do know I want one of these tv remote magic wand!!

  21. Melissa says:

    I dont care who filed the suit, can we just get rid of Stephanie, Leah and Shane. How could casting and writing have gone so wrong on this show! They have never been interesting or likable, especially Leah, she has never contributed anything to the show besides being a whiny brat. I don’t mind Jo only because of her Karev storyline. Focus more on the people we like…George, Lexi, Sloane…..oh wait ;)

    Watching past seasons of Grey’s makes me miss how it used to be. I will say I like Bailey being back to normal and happy and snarky and being cute with her husband, it’s good to have one character acting likable right now. Meredith could at least understand why Derek would want to work with the freaking President of the United States. I know it wasn’t their plan but plans change and I would hope if the tables were turned he would be acting more mature than she is right now!

  22. MiaB says:

    17 Is the Modern Family slump over? I didn’t think the episode was that funny, although the scene where Claire started to body slam Mitchell when her client’s back was turned was hilarious. Did anybody else notice the Golden Globes joke? I think Cam said, “You win an Oscar. You buy a Golden Globe.” I guess they aren’t thrilled about losing Best Comedy to Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

  23. dude says:

    21. Love her.
    23. ABSOLUTELY! It was such a good opening! Why mess with it?

  24. julio says:

    7.Didn’t think about it until i read it right now but yeah how did she escape the alphas?
    11.Haven’t watched the voice since season 2 and probably won’t watch again but considering the fact that the show hasn’t made any successful artists maybe this time if she wins she can go on to be successful and be the first voice successful winner?
    12.Jeremy difinitely wins he’s delicious. But was surprised about Elijiah hadn’t thought of him much in regards to hotness factor until this episode.
    16.Love arrow. Can’t wait for the flash.
    17.Modern family’s downward spiral in regards to it being funny has made me stop watching the show. I will probably continue to Cam and Gloria have both really become annoying in my opinion.
    19.Why sis Spencer have to go? Oh well Ssam is my top choice of the moment. Hopefully the show show ends after this season not as good as it used to be.
    23.Yes i noticed. It was okay without it I’m just glad it has an opening theme unlike other shows.

  25. RUCookie says:

    3) TWD – Yes, good to hear laughter. Sad that their “safety” is over before it really started. And is anyone else (that doesn’r read the comics) worried that this new town will be like Woodbury. No more crazy Govenors PLEASE!
    9) Dallas – As they advertise, he is testostrome on a stick, he grows his facial hair fast… right?
    13) Supernatural – Sam needs to get off his high horse. And don’t hurt the damn car!
    17) Modern Family – Slump? What Slump? I think some people just got impatient that they were winning all the awards and were waiting like vultures for anything to grab onto. I have been laughing this season… I can name a few comedies I stopped watching or refuse to watch that are repulsive, insulting or flat DOA (Mixology is one)
    20) Nashville – Scarlett/Liam has hot mess written all over it. If Liam wanted another shot with Rayna, he just lost it!
    21) Scandal – Quinn of old is gone. There is no coming back from this crazy town.
    22) Greys – I really dislike Leah, so I want to think it is her. I started out liking Brooks, then he modeled Christina (after Derek rejected him) and he lost it. And Stephanie – well I only learned her name recently. I don’t like the suing storyline, but if it transitions as a way to get a few of them to leave, then it is good for me. (But pushed, I vote Leah did it)

  26. Forwardad says:

    Shane sued.

  27. Pat says:

    Leah and Shane need to go, on Grey’s. It is a major waste for this show to continue their characters. Modern Family was very funny last night. I laughed so hard when Cam was trying to keep Lily as far away from him as he could. It reminded me of when my kids were in school and mind you, they never had lice, but when that dreaded letter came home from school about a child having lice, it never failed, I started to read the letter saw the word lice and sure enough I started scratching my head and was freaking out at the same time. Funny, funny episode!

  28. Gabby says:

    #22 I think its Shane and that will lead to how Christina leaves the show.

  29. kimmas says:

    #12 The Originals. And, I’d trade the witch bitches for Davina too
    #22 I think it was Leah.

  30. Lore says:

    #2 Downton Abbey, i know, im team pig, i like Charles more than Tony
    #12 The Originals, well, i love Jeremy, but damn Elijah is a grown man, and he is hot and nice and have and accent, so he wins, and yes please, i cant stand that bitches, sorry witches anymore, i want Lavina back
    #23 Reign, yes i miss the narration

  31. Illii says:

    Ben filed the conplaint on Grey’s. He doesn’t like the gossip and sees all the drama. Wants to focus in work!

  32. ninergrl6 says:

    #23 Do you miss the narration during Reign‘s opening sequence? // Not at all. It’s much more dramatic without the talking. Love the music too.

    • Margaret says:

      same! i almost didn’t even notice, though I did like the narration, i like it more than the Lumineers’ awesome theme gets a chance to shine.

  33. enuff said says:

    #13 Really Matt?! Did you have to go there? Now the comments section will be nothing but Sam haters vs. Dean haters.

  34. A says:

    12) Dang Elijah! Im going to go watch that episode asap now

  35. Babygate says:

    On Glee: this week’s episode is the first one I enjoyed in… wow, years? Santana and Rachel are explosive together. By far the most interesting dynamic at the moment. And yes, please make Adam a regular.
    On Nashville, yes please. Gunnar, Avery and Zoe are phenomenal together. Juliette and Avery are also awesome together. Still upset that ABC is not releasing the single of their street duet.
    On Greys, it wasn’t an option available but my money is on both Leah and Stephanie being the culprits. Leah still hasn’t gotten over Arizona and Stephanie is obviously still angry.

    • Margaret says:

      according to wikipedia they’re not releasing “i ain’t leaving without your love either”?? if that’s true, boo on that, they rocked that song, I’d put it on my ipod in a flash!

  36. A says:

    16) I have a question: Can Felicity and Sara be BFFs?

  37. cjeffery7 says:

    22 – i think we’re meant to believe Leah did it, but i dont think Leah has the follow through or as legitimate of a case as –Stephanie–. (Brooks would never be such an annoying ghost)

  38. Aussie says:

    I believe it was Stephanie after Leah’s little speech it pushed her into doing it. Also if you see the already released sneak peek of the meeting about co workers/co habitation being taboo watch Leah sideways look at Stephanie in a what have you done expression as Jo storms off.

  39. JustJulie says:

    5) On that scale, I’d say she was off the charts Scary Borderline Psychotic. Jesus, girl, if you’re not going to admit it then don’t say anything. Implying there were conspiracies against her?! That’s just crazy talk!

    And here’s my own TV Question: Did you not LOL when she said that her job landscaping kept her in shape? I loved when they cut to her big self clad in a spaghetti-string top walking through the woods with a chainsaw. Priceless.

  40. Cara says:

    I actually think it was Bailey’s husband who filed the suit. After watching the episode I realized how he spent pretty much the whole time watching everything go down. The look on his face was a dead giveaway. I would not be surprised if it was him.

    • Kristi says:

      Oh now that would be a plot twist – and since now that he is a resident he might be trying to take control of the other residents getting rid of all the drama – or not.

  41. Anita says:

    1. I feel like I need to defend Freddy. He went to that specific slaughter house ONCE to get his meat (I think it was for the season premiere) and then said he would never go back because it wasn’t humane. So no, I want Freddy’s BBQ to live on :(

  42. Kristi says:

    #14 – yes to Adam Lambert never thought of him as an “actor” but he is definitely holding his own and love his singing and interaction with Chris’s character.
    #20 – I was glad that Avery, Gunnar and Zoe decided to form a band they are awesome together! Please don’t let Deacons love hook up with Rayna’s ex!!! I have a feeling that is on the horizon :(

  43. Marcy Horvat says:

    My husband and I are 70 years old and our hearing isn’t that great anymore. I can’t understand why on earth you have to play the music so loud over what they’re saying. We have such a hard time hearing them talk. Everyone I ask about this say the same thing. Can you lower the music so we could hear what they’re saying. I’m actually thinking of just sto watching but I’ve been a fan for so long, I hate the thought of doing that. Thank you, Marcy Horvat, Rillton, Pa.